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halfthingi installed ubuntu studio and have found that most of it talks to me in english but one or two applications (such as qjackctl and clementine) appear in german. how can i set this to english for all applications?02:22
user42How can I use two headphones in ubuntu studio? Im using jack and ardour and have two separate headphones hooked to the PC a set of turtle beach usb headphones and some standard 3.5 mm headphones. I want to monitor my friend in real time as he records ...02:45
user42the usb headphones show up under jack output selection as hw:2 Turtle Beach PX21 Headset and one shows up as hw:0 HDA Nvidia02:48
user42I want the vocalist to hear the effects I'm applying in real time and want myself to be able to hear as well02:49
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user42 I NEED SOME HELP **  how can I use two headphones at the same time? I want to record a friend in Ardour using jack and to be able to both hear the sound at the same time using two separate headphones...06:17
Sakrecoeris there a reason as to why there is no SVN in ubuntustudio?17:48
Sakrecoeris there any known conflict with the software installed by default?17:48
Sakrecoeri'm just asking because i'm a noob ...17:48
Sakrecoernah well... i took the risk :) lets what happens :D18:07
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