hatch figured as much but haven't looked yet00:03
huwshimihatch: https://codereview.appspot.com/12494043/ if you want to review00:08
huwshimihatch: Thanks!00:11
hatchno probs00:13
hatchhuwshimi: being a css guy I figured you might be interested in my latest blog post http://fromanegg.com/post/57464448123/css-selectors-the-next-level00:14
hatchlemme know what you think (or if I have any errors ;) )00:14
huwshimihatch: Nice.00:16
huwshimihatch: I think the second code example should be ".dog::first-letter"00:17
hatch:) thanks00:18
huwshimiOther than that it's a handy guide00:18
hatchthanks, glad you like it :)00:19
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antdillongary_poster, Morning just landed a branch with updated zoom slider styles: lp:~ya-bo-ng/juju-gui/zoom-slider-update11:26
rick_hantdillon: do you need help getting this into review and such then?11:30
=== schwuk is now known as schwuk_away
antdillonrick_h, Not sure Gary wanted me sending stuff for review11:42
antdillonrick_h, But I just do  lbox propose -cr right?11:42
=== antdillon is now known as ant-lunch
rick_hant-lunch:  https://codereview.appspot.com/1252304311:48
rick_hant-lunch: added a card to the board. Will get it reviewed and such.11:49
rick_hant-lunch: comment/question on the images in the code review for you https://codereview.appspot.com/12523043/11:55
=== ant-lunch is now known as antdillon
antdillonrick_h, Will sprite them now12:33
rick_hantdillon: thanks12:33
antdillonrick_h, Done, want me to do a mp?13:08
rick_hantdillon: do just push an update to your branch and I'll pull it down and resync it with the code review in progress 13:08
antdillonrick_h, Thanks13:09
rick_horangesquad, is there a way to check for errors on a charm? https://jujucharms.com/sidebar/~pavel-pachkovskij/precise/rack-4/ shows no readme but there is one in the source. 13:10
abentleyrick_h: You can look at the ingest logs.13:10
abentleyorangesqad, bac or benji: Could you please review https://code.launchpad.net/~abentley/charmworld/restore-questions/+merge/178753 ?13:27
bacabentley: sure13:27
benjiabentley: I'll take a look.13:27
=== schwuk_away is now known as schwuk
benjior not if bac is dying to do it (abently: do you need one or two reviews?)13:27
abentleybac: Thanks.  benji, I don't need two reviews.13:28
abentleybenji: But thanks anyway.13:28
* benji and bac thumb wrestle; bac wins.13:28
* bac hops up and down, rocky style13:29
bacabentley, benji: how did gary's demo go yesterday?13:29
abentleybac: The server was down, but he said it went well anyway.13:30
benjinon-esistent; the server was down so he did the "demo" with hand waves13:30
rick_hantdillon: sorry, think we had a miscommunication there13:33
rick_hantdillon: any png in the assets/images directory is turned into a sprite automatically. we can use that with the css "sprite filename". 13:33
rick_hantdillon: if you look around you can see it used in a bunch of places13:34
rick_hantdillon: so I was more just looking for the css styles to be onthe divs you used vs the image links themselves. 13:34
antdillonrick_h, Ah ok, on it13:34
rick_hantdillon: sorry, didn't mean to make you sprite up the images you added on their own. 13:34
antdillonrick_h, I've put the images as backgrounds of the divs instead of images13:34
rick_hantdillon: it's why we've got that 'non-sprites' directory. For images that don't need ot go into the auto-sprite13:35
rick_hantdillon: right, and that's what the sprite tooling in place does13:35
bacabentley: the text in iter_categories() is user-visible i assume.  did you grab that from somewhere else or make it up?  i ask because there are some grammar issues but i don' t want to spend a lot of time on them if they are not user visible nor under our control.13:37
abentleybac: I grabbed it from the original migration that produced the questions.  It is user-visible.13:37
abentleybac: The original: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~juju-jitsu/charmworld/trunk/view/243/migrations/versions/001_load_qa_questions.py13:39
bacabentley: ok, some just look clunky but perhaps read correctly in context.13:40
bacabentley: and 'user' is only members of ~charmers, right?13:40
bacas in 'user visible'13:41
abentleybac: The user is anyone who looks at the QA ratings.13:41
bacoh, ok13:41
abentleybac: There are definitely grammar problems.  Some questions refer to the subject as singular "passes tests...", while others refer to it as plural "Contain a suite..."13:44
bacabentley: done13:44
bacabentley: if you could make a pass at those it would be nice.13:44
antdillonrick_h, Ok to keep the button and hover images together? Or should I separate them all and change the background image13:45
rick_hantdillon: no, split them up back like they were. Just don't link directly to them. Use the sprite css classes to load them into the backgroud of your divs13:45
antdillonrick_h, Got ya13:45
abentleybac: The content of those questions is the ~charmers' choice AIUI.  We can certainly point out the issues.13:46
rick_hantdillon: run  `bzr grep "sprite "` to get an idea of uses there13:47
antdillonrick_h, Cheers13:49
hatchfrankban: looks like you fixed CI :)14:07
frankbanguihelp: we ignored that poor jenkins guy for so long... but (for) now he's back to sanity!14:07
hatchthanks for doing that :)14:07
bacyay, frankban14:07
teknicofrankban: he's such a jenk, you know ;-)14:08
gary_posteryay, frankban, thanks!14:08
gary_posterjujugui, fwiw, I'm going to work on Huw's proposed branch for a break. :-)14:09
hatchgary_poster: this one https://codereview.appspot.com/12506044/ ?14:09
gary_posterhatch yeah14:09
hatchok I'm also in the process of reviewing14:09
bacteknico: doing your 2nd review14:09
gary_posterhatch oh ok.  you do it then.  did you already fix the destroy service duplication and the expose issues?14:10
gary_posterhatch, if not I'll do it :-)14:10
teknicobac: thanks, you may want to hold off qa though, I'll fix the problem frankban pointed out first14:10
hatchgary_poster: so far the main issue I've found is that he moves the viewlet-manager-footer into the service-configuration.partial14:11
gary_posterhatch, that's per request14:11
hatchwhich isn't really semantically correct14:11
gary_posterhatch oh14:11
hatchI know the button should move...just that we should keep the footer class in the wrapper :)14:11
rick_habentley: got a sec to help me debug what's up with this charm please?14:12
gary_postergot it.  hatch, may I work on the expose issues and the destroy issue duplication?  :-) I need a little fun14:12
hatchhaha you bet14:12
abentleyrick_h: Sure.  Is it the one you mentioned earlier?14:12
gary_poster:-) thanks14:12
hatchhow was the flight?14:13
gary_postervery long hatch, three legs. :-/14:13
gary_posterbut fine otherwise14:13
hatchI suppose that's the best you can hope for :)14:13
rick_habentley: yea, I finally setup my ssh to get into staging. On staging I'm seeing http://paste.mitechie.com/show/994/ in the logs a ton in app.log14:13
rick_habentley: but having a hard time seeing where this error comes from. The log line says "update_charm" but update_charm doesn't do a warning, and the error format has "error" in the name so it's from elsewhere and trying to chase it. 14:14
abentleyrick_h: The exception is being raised by Bazaar.14:14
rick_habentley: greeping for part of that message comes up with no results so guessing it's coming out of something else? 14:14
abentleyrick_h: It looks like the user uncommitted that revision, because I can't see it on the Launchpad branch.14:18
rick_habentley: ah, ok. /me didn't realize you could uncommit a revision14:18
rick_habentley: what's the way I can suggest he moves forward? Can he get back the uncommitted revision and move forward from there? 14:19
abentleyrick_h: So, the uncommitted revision is actually on Launchpad, but because it's not part of the current history, it's not being fetched.  He's just committed a new revision, so we should stop caring about the old one soon if we haven't already.14:21
rick_habentley: yea, I thought maybe he was hitting the proof error of no revision file so he pushed an updated version with a revision file and we waited for ingest to pick it up14:21
abentleyrick_h: The new revision is from 48 minutes ago.  Do you have any errors more recently than 30 minutes ago?14:22
rick_habentley: m.j.c. pulled the revision enough that the changelog is updated, but the config/readme and other files seem stuck pre this issue http://manage.jujucharms.com/~pavel-pachkovskij/precise/rack14:22
rick_habentley: yes, latest is from 3min ago14:23
rick_habentley: looks like this error is hit every ingest cycle14:23
abentleyrick_h: m.j.c is on revno 5.14:23
rick_hlog files is spammed to death14:23
rick_habentley: well app.log14:24
abentleyrick_h: Okay, so I guess the charm store is slow.14:24
rick_habentley: yea, that's the latest rev in bzr. he went from r4 to r5 today as part of working this out14:24
teknicobac: bug fixed, qa may proceed, thanks again :-)14:24
antdillonrick_h, Do you need to use js to add the hovered class to display the hovered image?14:25
rick_hantdillon: I'd assume we could use a :hover css selector?14:25
rick_hantdillon: oh wait, so there's a hover on the sprite image?14:25
rick_hantdillon: if so then yes, we'd need to change the css class on mouse in/out14:26
antdillonrick_h, I think I will because changing the background pos isnt working14:26
abentleyrick_h: So, the charm store still is using pavel.pachkovskij@altoros.com-20130301074156-vkto1nnhg3pujiyq.  Once it updates, we'll update: https://store.juju.ubuntu.com/charm-info?charms=cs:~pavel-pachkovskij/precise/rack-414:26
rick_habentley: ok, will tell him to hold on and keep an eye on it. Thanks for the help14:27
rick_habentley: and I'll check with him about the uncommit usage to verify that's what caused it to become a mess14:27
abentleyrick_h: Technically, that URL should be https://store.juju.ubuntu.com/charm-info?charms=cs:~pavel-pachkovskij/precise/rack so it tracks head.14:27
rick_habentley: ok14:28
antdillonrick_h, Unless I can plus or minus from current bk pos :)14:28
rick_hantdillon: huh? I'm not following. 14:28
rick_hantdillon: what are we hovering?14:28
antdillonrick_h, So the sprite system is putting the sprites in the middle sprite sheet so I can't use hover to move the bk to the corrent hover pos. I'll add classes with js14:30
antdillonrick_h, Hovering the plus and minus buttons on the zoom14:30
rick_hantdillon: ok, right. We'd have to use js to change the css class to the hover image title 14:31
rick_hantdillon: it's a good idea anyway to avoid flicker while the hover image is loaded on the first runs14:31
hatchgary_poster: there is one other issue in https://codereview.appspot.com/12506044/ that you could also fix ;) The inspector height is always the full allowable height regardless of the content14:37
gary_posterack hatch, thanks, will discuss with luca et al. Wondering about interaction with charm panel.14:37
rick_hgary_poster: I *thought* we set both the height of the left breakout along with the inspector height in the 'recalculateHeight' method 14:38
rick_hgary_poster: so they should be kept in sync 14:38
* rick_h reads link to catch up14:38
gary_posterrick_h, right.  the question is whether the desire to have a nice full charm side panel overrides the desire to have a short charm panel when needed.14:39
hatchgary_poster: ahh right I forgot about that change14:39
hatchfrankban: teknico do either of you live here? https://plus.google.com/u/0/103804991882843552936/posts/5SANwPcSYrG :D14:48
hatchgary_poster: how do we respond to the jujugui documentation doc?14:52
frankbanhatch: no we don't. that's near Naples, there are beautiful places in that area.14:54
hatchyeah - I would imagine expensive to live there too?14:54
bcsalleranyone have a few minutes to help me diagnose some test failures, it looks like I have a crossed wire. lp:~bcsaller/juju-gui/conflict-ux/14:56
hatchbcsaller: you bet14:56
frankbanhatch: well, I guess buying an house there is more expensive than the average in Itay, and the average here is ... expensive.14:56
bcsallerthank you, this thing is driving me crazy, hopefully shallow with another set of eyes14:56
hatchbcsaller: it's because you're up to early14:57
hatchyou should sleep in for another hour14:57
bcsalleroh, this is from yesterday too though14:57
hatchfrankban: haha yeah? what's the avg per square foot?14:57
gary_posterhatch, jujugui documentation doc: could comment on it?14:58
hatchgary_poster: ok can do - I just wasn't sure if there was a discussion thread somewhere or not14:58
frankbanhatch: you are asking too many unit conversions here ;-)14:58
hatchfrankban: oh right...sorry per sq/m :)14:59
gary_posterhatch, nope.  some verbal discussions here, but nick is out this week14:59
hatchbcsaller: first issue.... :8084/test/test_conflict_ux.js 404 (Not Found)15:00
bcsallerhatch: added, sorry and pushed15:00
bcsallerthose tests are not the one with the issue though15:00
bcsallerwait till you see this one... :-/15:01
* hatch needs faster computer15:01
* hatch starts indigogo campaign for new MBP15:01
bcsallerhttp:// is the short cut in this case15:01
hatch5 failures so far15:02
bcsalleroh, I only get 4 in that module15:02
hatchallllmost doneeee15:02
hatchand done15:02
hatchoh man haha15:02
hatchit's 50s slower in the console15:02
hatcher faster15:03
hatchok investigating now15:03
hatchI get the 4 errors you speak of, and an error in Inspector Conflict UX15:04
hatchshould indicate conflict and allow resolution of constraints15:04
hatchif you were wondering what the other error was15:04
frankbanhatch: http://www.immobiliare.it/Salerno/casa-Positano.html it's in italian but you can easily find the important bits of info, e.g. € 680.000  | 85 m² ;-)15:04
bcsallerhatch: oh, that last test is new, I'll add a skip, was trying to figure out what happened with the rest15:05
hatchbcsaller: oh ok cool15:05
hatchfrankban: haha yep that's expensive :D15:05
hatchbcsaller: your asserts are backwards15:07
hatchjust fyi15:07
bcsallerhatch: I didn't write those, but I agree15:07
hatchexpected is the second param15:07
hatchconfusing...I know15:07
bcsallerexisting tests that now break 15:08
bcsallerbut in such a strange way15:08
hatchyeah I see that15:08
bcsallersubscribers seem to be getting crossed15:08
hatchok grabbing my coffee then I'll dig in deeper15:08
bcsalleroh me too, me too15:08
rick_hbcsaller: so I got failures on that section when I had left over dom elements from an earlier test15:08
rick_hbcsaller: when I did proper html cleanup it went away15:09
rick_hbcsaller: so I'd start out with debugger; in there before those tests run and peek at Y.one('body').get('innerHTML')15:09
bcsallerrick_h: thats good to know, but even running them in isolation seems to cause it15:09
bcsallerrick_h: container seems to populate alright and I made selection of the nodes in the callbacks goto the viewlet container rather than the viewlet-manager container (its ancestor)15:10
rick_hbcsaller: by isolation you mean with a .only? or by commenting out the rest of the test files?15:10
bcsallerrick_h: with only/grep15:10
rick_hbcsaller: I only figured this out after commenting out the actual index.html references and going through them debugging. 15:10
rick_hbcsaller: ah ok15:11
teknicohatch: I've been there, it's as steep as it looks like :-)15:11
bcsallerrick_h: maybe I'll give that a quick try15:11
Makyojujugui call in 10, kanban now15:20
hatchoh yeah it's Tuesday thanks Makyo15:20
* hatch goes to review board15:20
* Makyo on autopilot15:21
=== teknico1 is now known as teknico
Makyojujugui call in 115:29
hatchteknico: guichat now15:31
hatchbcsaller: so somehow button.save-constraints was hitting button.confirm ....I'm a little concerned here :)15:49
rick_hugh, bug trackers, where idea go to die. 15:51
hatchrick_h: heh not ALL bug trackers15:52
bcsallerhatch: yeah, me too, we should have that talk at some point, the distance is definition and invocation of callbacks is all messed up15:52
hatchsure - can we bench it until after the chat with Gary?15:53
bcsallerabsolutely, thats why I said at some point15:53
hatchbcsaller: do you need another review?15:56
bcsallerhatch: you have looked at this branch before, but if you have bandwidth another look would be good15:56
rick_hantdillon: how are we doing? Need a hand with it?15:56
antdillonrick_h, Almost there, just trying to workout how to get the sprites.css to have the hover styles after the normal style15:57
rick_hantdillon: k, going to do this user testing call and afterwards I'll ping you and we can do a hangout and get it straightened out if that's cool?15:58
antdillonrick_h, Cool, let me know15:58
adeuringabentley: could you please have a look here https://code.launchpad.net/~adeuring/charmworld/etag-for-charm-api-view/+merge/178792 ?15:58
abentleyadeuring: Sure thing.15:59
hatchgary_poster: call now?15:59
antdillonrick_h, Done it, just updated my branch16:00
rick_hantdillon: ok, will pull down after this call and check it out. Thanks for working through it16:02
antdillonrick_h, Thanks16:02
bacgary_poster: meeting?16:04
abentleyadeuring: This approach to hashing doesn't seem to distinguish between a list with ['a', 'b'] and a dict with {'a': 'b'}.16:06
adeuringabentley: oh, good catch.16:07
abentleyadeuring: Maybe just serialize to json and hash that?16:07
adeuringabentley: nice idea, simple and reliable. I'll do this16:07
abentleyadeuring: Cool.  You'll want to specify sort_keys=True.  Other than that, I think it's a stable representation.16:08
adeuringabentley: right16:08
abentleyadeuring: Also, you can simplfy "if x in y: del[x]" as "y.pop(x, None)"16:10
adeuringabentley: ah, right16:10
gary_posterjujugui, sorry I was pulled away.  can we start the call in 5 minutes, at 25 after the hour?16:19
hatchwe are already in it haha16:19
gary_poster:-) ok cool.  will join then16:20
abentleyadeuring: I think it's reasonable to call _charm_result(Charm(charm_data)) rather than _charm_results([charm_data])[0]16:22
adeuringabentley: yeah, I thought too that thisa bit more complicated than necessary, but did not want to change existing stuuf...16:23
abentleyadeuring: Cool.16:23
hatchgary_poster: so it looks like your laptop has a very directional mic - when luca was talking we could barely hear him if it wasn't pointed at him17:09
hatchthat's pretty cool17:09
bcsallerhatch: we still need to have that other event selector call but I could use a break from video for a bit17:09
bcsallerhatch: sounds good17:11
benjiabentley: any hints as to why "bin/migrations upgrade --init" would generate this exception?  migrations.migrate.MissingExodusIndex: Exodus index "charms_pending_010" does not exist.17:11
rick_hbenji: pyc file left around?17:12
benjirick_h: It's a fresh branch (I don't colocate dev branches, they are all unique snowflakes that deserve their own HD space)17:13
gary_posterhatch, ack will try to remember17:14
hatchgary_poster: oh and one more thing - are you going to be landing huw's branch or am I taking over at some point (just because it's getting late there already)17:14
rick_hjujugui can I help get a second review for ant's branch? https://codereview.appspot.com/1252304317:21
hatchyou forgot a G in your lgtm :)17:21
rick_hhatch: hah17:22
rick_hugh, and he's gone17:23
hatchrick_h: so now that we are pulling the CSS into our own stylesheet we can drop the yui3-skin-sam and just go with the .yui3-slider-y17:23
rick_hhatch: but I thought the sam skin was put on a container of the slider17:23
rick_hso we need to match the specific-ness to override the default 17:23
rick_hhatch: oh hmm, not on the slider then. 17:24
hatchwell yeah we could now stop loading the yui css and then just rely on our own styling17:25
hatchrick_h: done - w/QA17:29
rick_hhatch: cool17:30
bcsallerhatch: whenever you want to have that chat17:36
=== schwuk is now known as schwuk_away
hatchrick_h: with all of those styles being overridden it probably isn't much of a stretch to copy over the remaining required styles and then stop loading the yui css for the slider17:37
hatchbcsaller: ok guichat?17:37
rick_hhatch: yes, we've had this discussion. However, I've lost my day to helping land this branch and chasing a charm bug. At this point, I'm letting this go, not making anything worse in the current app, and letting there remain the todo to clean up skin-sam to another day. 17:44
abentleybenji: Sounds like you didn't run prepare-upgrade first.17:46
benjiahh; let me try that17:47
benjiabentley: that worked.  Thanks!17:48
abentleybenji: np17:50
hatchrick_h: alright - I'd like to create a task/card to go through the app and remove all of the yui css entirely18:09
hatchrick_h: you landed the branch without the user select classes :/18:10
rick_hhatch: ? /me goes to look again18:10
hatchunless I'm on the wrong diff18:11
rick_hhatch: it's here, /me checks the diff18:11
hatchoh woops18:11
hatchI was on the wrong diff18:11
hatchmy bad18:11
rick_hhatch: ah ok. cool. Had me nervous I was editing and submitting two different things :/18:12
rick_hhatch: card added18:12
* benji takes a really late lunch.18:59
hatchrick_h: bcsaller jcsackett thought you guys would find this interesting https://github.com/yui/yui3/pull/106319:37
jcsacketthatch: that is fantastic.19:39
hatchyeah could really help simplify some of our routing19:39
bcsalleryeah, not bad, function or regex makes sense to me there, but regex is a good start19:47
hatchbcsaller: yeah - his argument against supporting functions was that at that point you should use middleware19:48
hatchwhich I suppose is valid19:48
rick_hhmm, I guess it can help clean up our 3 different view route points, but at the expense of complicating up the routes themselves19:50
rick_hso 1/2 one and 1/2 another imo19:50
hatchyeah I actually think that the subapp routes can be distilled into a cascading series of routes instead of how it's currently done19:53
hatch(which is how they are supposed to work)19:53
hatcheven a bunch of our primary routes could do the same19:53
hatchwell I suppose we are removing like 90% of our primary routes haha19:53
rick_hyea, if we could verify we hit once and only hit the first matching route we'd be in good shape, but those aren't the rules19:58
hatchwell how routes are 'supposed' to work is that they are supposed to cascade19:58
hatchso you 'build up' your data set as you step through routes and then show the UI on the final one19:59
hatchI've never successfully developed that system from the start of an app20:00
hatchbut always ends up being where they logically progress to in the end20:00
bacabentley: on friday you had a bundle ingested to staging from launchpad, correct?  i'm trying to view the json but get no_such_bundle20:10
bacabentley: is it still there?  shouldn't this be the url:20:11
abentleybac: Yes.  You are missing the revision.  http://staging.jujucharms.com/api/2/bundle/~abentley/wiki-bundle-1/wiki20:11
bacworse, i was missing the fact it wasn't promulgated!20:12
hatchbcsaller: so it appears that nested describes execute the code in their parents even when run in .only() mode.....very interesting20:21
* hatch is trying to organize tests like you do20:21
abentleyorangesquad, bac or benji: Could you please review https://code.launchpad.net/~abentley/charmworld/separate-qa/+merge/178841 ?20:26
benjiabentley: I'll take a look20:27
abentleybenji: Thanks.20:27
bcsallerhatch: I tend to do that to reuse test code where I think it makes sense, but I like the simple hierarchy  by itself20:27
hatchyeah I like how it can say these are the ghosts tests and these are the sections to which it's testing20:27
hatchmake them easier to find/organize20:28
benjiabentley: your branch looks good20:56
abentleybenji: Thanks.20:57
bacbenji or abentley: Branch for review for bug 1208035 -- should be quick.  https://code.launchpad.net/~bac/charmworld/bug-1208035/+merge/17884920:57
_mup_Bug #1208035: TypeError Bundle takes exactly 2 arguments <charmworld:In Progress by bac> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1208035>20:57
abentleybac: I'll get it.20:57
bacabentley: thanks for the help earlier.  i am able to access staging now.20:58
abentleybac: Why are there two test_no_paths?20:59
bacone charms one bundles20:59
abentleybac: r=me.20:59
bacthanks abentley21:00
hatchI get nervous when a tests doesn't fail21:02
hatchrick_h: somehow the slider sprites got broked http://comingsoon.jujucharms.com/21:06
hatchjust realized it's past your EOD too :)21:07
hatchjujugui anyone available for a review? https://codereview.appspot.com/12567043/21:36
bcsallerhatch: I'll look21:36
hatchwb gary_poster21:36
hatchisn't it reeeaaaal late there? :)21:37
gary_posterhey hatch :-)21:37
gary_poster10:37 :-)21:37
hatchoh ok so not too bad21:37
hatchbcsaller: the ghost_inspector file changes only add a describe wrapper21:39
hatchbut bzr doesn't handle indentation changes well21:40
hatchbcsaller: thanks for the review - re-sending the commands at scale - did you mean env should throttle these or core should accept a list?21:53
bcsallerhatch: it could take a list, which at scale is still a race, or it could support things like 'retry units in state x' as a server side operation21:54
bcsallerI think that style API makes more sense when you have 1k units that need replacing for example21:54
hatchyeah I'd like to offload the list to the server, but we can batch the requests to the server right now to get around that in the mean time21:55
hatchif you think it's necessary21:56
hatchI think I'll make a ticket regardless21:56
gary_posterbcsaller, hatch, +1 on fixing the bug you emailed me about.  However, I'd like it to happen after the conflict resolution and scale up/down work.  We could then carve out a few days with a strong expectation that tests and docs for these things would be significantly improved during that time.  Then bcsaller and/or Makyo could work on the charmbrowser bundle code (or prototype) and then bcsaller could help luca prototype the dragging thing.22:00
hatchthat sounds like a plan - today ended up getting bogged down with some reviews/discussions and whatnot so I'm behind anyways :/22:01
gary_posterack hatch22:01
hatchgary_poster: you may also have input on this https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-gui/+bug/120901522:02
_mup_Bug #1209015: Unit action buttons could lock up the UI at scale <juju-gui:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1209015>22:02
bcsallergary_poster: that sounds like what we expected, thanks 22:04
gary_posterhatch, thanks.  I don't think it is a burning issue, but will be one to chip away at in the coming months.  Thanks for highlighting it.22:04
hatchbcsaller: actually caught it :)22:04
bcsallernick complete made that read funny :)22:05
hatchhaha woops22:05
hatchI have filed 26 bugs since I started....look at me go22:07
hatchabout to be 2722:07
_mup_Bug #1209016: Right hand zoom slider handles sprited improperly <juju-gui:Triaged by rharding> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1209016>22:09
hatchjujugui need one more review on https://codereview.appspot.com/12567043/22:09
gary_posterhey hatch, what should I do to fix viewlet-manager-footer in huwshimi's branch?  Can you give me a quick patch?22:14
hatchone sec22:14
gary_posterhatch should I just dupe the style and give it a new class name?  that looks like the heart of your issue IIUC22:15
hatchyeah the footer style should be reverted and it moved back to where it was in the wrapper22:16
hatchthen a new styles on that element22:16
gary_postercool, on it hatch, thanks22:16
benjilater all22:16
hatchsorry I broke my client22:17
hatchdid you get my last msg about reverting the style?22:18
hatchoh valuechange event why won't you fire for me22:41
bcsaller hatch I had to deal with that as well22:43
bcsallerhatch: there is a work-around on the tests of my branch22:44
bcsallerthat took me a while to figure out as well22:44
hatchwell it works fine in chrome but not in phantom for some reason22:45
hatchlooking at your branch22:45
hatchahhhh simulate focus22:45
hatchI was .focus()22:45
hatchthat has to be a bug with YUI22:46
hatchthanks for figuring that out22:48
gary_posterhatch, https://codereview.appspot.com/12506044/ has my comments to Huw.  review if you get a chance, otherwise np.  I want to review your branch, but it needs qa, and I really should get to bed.22:51
gary_posterso will leave it for someone tomorrow. Sorry :-/22:51
hatchsure np :) have a good night22:51
gary_posterttyl, all22:51
gary_posterthanks :-)22:51
hatchbcsaller: so setting the id of the ghost automatically updates the element in the DOM in the app, but it's not updating the DOM in the tests22:54
hatchthe callback is being called22:54
hatchthe value is being set on the ghost inspector22:55
hatchi mean22:55
bcsallerhatch: is it in a textarea?22:55
hatchnope it's an input but the change callback is being called and setting the id on the ghostService instance22:55
hatchso whatever is listening to that change event isn't connecting22:56
hatchdo you know where that's listening?22:56
hatchmorning huw23:02

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