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AskUbuntuBootstrapping Juju 1.13 to private OpenStack | http://askubuntu.com/q/32919806:31
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bbcmicrocomputerfo0bar: ircd-charybdis promulgated..thanks for your work :)07:33
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stubHas anyone running trunk (not) seen missing log messages from juju-log? Per https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+source/postgresql/+bug/1205082/comments/409:16
_mup_Bug #1205082: Relation errors when deploying two units <postgresql (Juju Charms Collection):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1205082>09:16
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pavelpachkovskijguys, can I deploy charm from my custom launchpad repo?12:42
ahasenackpavelpachkovskij: you will have to branch it locally first, then use --repository and the local: prefix12:49
pavelpachkovskijthat's quite clear12:50
pavelpachkovskijI thought there could be a way to do this remotely12:50
ahasenackno, the charm store syntax doesn't allow for custom charm stores12:51
rick_hpavelpachkovskij: I think if the branch is the right format it'll be available from the store: see https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/authors-charm-store.html12:53
rick_hpavelpachkovskij: and you can see others like this in the new charms section of jujucharms.com12:53
rick_hthen you can deploy the long charm name. cs:~matsubara/precise/tarmac-jenkins-012:54
rick_hfor instance12:54
rick_hpavelpachkovskij: see https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/charms-deploying.html for some notes on those urls and the local option12:55
pavelpachkovskijrick_h, I'm trying to deploy this way, but get an error12:56
pavelpachkovskijjuju deploy --config ~/projects/charms/precise/rack.yml cs:~pavel-pachkovskij/precise/rack-4  discourse12:56
pavelpachkovskijerror: unknown option "repo"12:56
pavelpachkovskijbut you can see here http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~pavel-pachkovskij/charms/precise/rack/trunk/view/head:/config.yaml12:57
pavelpachkovskijthat there is this option12:57
pavelpachkovskijand if I do bzr branch it works well12:57
ahasenackthe store has a table which tells it which bzr branch to use for a specific charm13:01
ahasenackthe cs: prefix doesn't work for random branches, the store has to know about it13:02
rick_hpavelpachkovskij: k, I see your charm here https://jujucharms.com/sidebar/~pavel-pachkovskij/precise/rack-4/13:02
rick_hahasenack: so it should be deployable I thought. We don't ingest charms into the gui that aren't in the juju go store.13:03
pavelpachkovskijrick_h, but it contains an old `Configuration`13:03
ahasenackrick_h: it's a matter of being deployable with the cs:~ syntax or not13:03
pavelpachkovskijrick_h, since then it had changed significantly13:04
pavelpachkovskijrick_h, and for some reasons 'Readme' is blank13:04
rick_hahasenack: ok, haven't tried it, but had thought that if it's in the gui it can be deployed from the 'store'. Otherwise there's no point in showing it.13:08
ahasenackrick_h: the guy might just make a local copy and then deploy, I don't know13:08
pavelpachkovskijrick_h, exactly, but looks like it doesn't update update config from the branch13:08
rick_hpavelpachkovskij: looking into it. I'll file a bug on the missing readme. There might be an issue with the charm13:08
pavelpachkovskijrick_h, this is my charm and there is a readme13:09
rick_hpavelpachkovskij: yes, I see the readme, but store says it's not there so I'll look into it/file a bug as I said ^^13:09
pavelpachkovskijrick_h, so as it doesn't try to parse new config.yaml13:10
pavelpachkovskijrick_h, so as metadata.yaml13:10
rick_hpavelpachkovskij: so basically whenever you submit a new branch of the charm our back end pulls the changes and updates things. If there's a problem it can't update and serves out the old data.13:12
rick_hpavelpachkovskij: I've got to look into what the problem might have been.13:13
rick_hpavelpachkovskij: so yes, I see you've updated the charm and such and that we don't have the latest data. I'll take a bit to figure out why that is.13:13
pavelpachkovskijrick_h, I see... How can I find what's the issue with it?13:13
rick_hpavelpachkovskij: did you run the charm proof tool against the charm?13:13
pavelpachkovskijrick_h, on first revision13:13
rick_hpavelpachkovskij: that usually catches most things from what I understand13:13
pavelpachkovskijrick_h, I'll rerun now13:13
pavelpachkovskij➜  precise  charm proof rack13:14
pavelpachkovskijW: Maintainer address should contain a real-name and email only. [Altoros]13:14
pavelpachkovskijW: No icon.svg file.13:14
pavelpachkovskij➜  precise  charm proof rack13:14
pavelpachkovskijW: Maintainer address should contain a real-name and email only. [Altoros]13:14
pavelpachkovskijW: No icon.svg file.13:14
pavelpachkovskijE: revision file in root of charm is required13:14
pavelpachkovskijcould the last error be the issue?13:14
pavelpachkovskijIn one of charmers meetings Marco told that revision file is no more required13:15
rick_hpavelpachkovskij: yea, that would do it13:15
rick_hpavelpachkovskij: make sure the proof tool is up to date maybe? /me checks that13:15
pavelpachkovskijcharm-tools is already the newest version.13:16
pavelpachkovskijrick_h, I can try to push revision file and see if this is the issue13:18
rick_hpavelpachkovskij: yea, give that a shot please. I'll work on seeing if I can get access to the server and check the logs13:27
pavelpachkovskijrick_h, how long it takes to fetch data?13:29
rick_hpavelpachkovskij: should be aroud 15-20min usually13:30
rick_hpavelpachkovskij: can see here http://manage.jujucharms.com/~pavel-pachkovskij/precise/rack13:30
pavelpachkovskijrick_h, ok, waiting13:31
pavelpachkovskijrick_h, nope, stays the same http://manage.jujucharms.com/~pavel-pachkovskij/precise/rack13:50
rick_hpavelpachkovskij: yea, looking13:52
rick_hpavelpachkovskij: so I'm running a script to pull it in locally and trying to find my notes on getting into the server logs. I'll ping back with what I find but will be a few.13:55
pavelpachkovskijrick_h, thanks13:56
jcastro_marcoceppi, I could have sworn we updated charmtools to not check for a revision file? ^^14:28
rick_hand he's gone...ugh14:28
marcoceppijcastro_: Yeah, it should be fixed14:31
* marcoceppi checks14:31
rick_hjcastro_: marcoceppi yea let us know and if there's a new version please file a bug on charmworld to update what version we're using in our proofing as well14:32
rick_hhe said he had the latest but didn't verify14:32
rick_hissue was way beyond that14:32
marcoceppirick_h: jcastro_: I see what I did. I fixed it in the wrong branch. Let me see if I can pop that change over to the current branch and kick off a package re-build14:33
rick_hmarcoceppi: ah cool14:34
aimatthello, I have juju bootstrapped, but a charm is stuck as pending14:40
aimattit's mysql14:40
marcoceppiaimatt: what version of juju and what cloud environment are you using?14:41
aimattmarcoceppi: openstack14:41
aimattchecking version14:41
aimattmarcoceppi: it's the mac client version14:42
marcoceppiaimatt: Can you confirm that there are two running intances in the openstack dashboard?14:43
marcoceppiHow long has it been pending?14:43
aimatt14 hours14:45
juju 8-)14:46
aimattmarcoceppi: the second instance never launched, it was always pending14:46
marcoceppiaimatt: Okay, typically it takes at most 10 minutes for the MySQL charm to come up (on even the slowest of providers) so there's something not quite right. Can you see two machines running in the dashboard? What does the machine state for machine 1 say?14:46
marcoceppiaimatt: okay, well that's the problem. What I'd do is `juju destroy-environment` bootstrap again, then deploy. If you're waiting more than 10 mins and the machine hasn't launched yet something went wrong.14:47
jujuyou are typing to fast14:47
bryanmoylesI've bootstrapped a few times over and I still ran into the same issue14:47
marcoceppibryanmoyles: Are you also on the mac client?14:47
marcoceppibryanmoyles aimatt when you're running your commands, can you use the `-v` flag to get more verbose output?14:48
bryanmoyleswhen running juju deploy mysql?14:49
marcoceppideploy, bootstrap, etc14:49
bryanmoylesbootstrap works just fine, machine-0 gets launched and is active, it's the deploy that breaks, even though juju said command finished14:49
bryanmoylesI'm in the process of wiping my env so I can't give you the exact output14:50
jujucan you people meet me at aimatt14:50
aimattjuju spammer?14:50
marcoceppibryanmoyles: that's fine, if you do run it again with -v I'd be interested in the output. Barring that /var/log/juju/* on the bootstrap node would be good to look at for possible reasons why it didn't launch14:51
marcoceppiaimatt: I'm not sure who juju is, but they appear to be just spamming the channel at this point.14:51
aimattserver moorcock.freenode.net14:52
aimattk, Bryan will try verbose flags14:52
jujuyou are anoyen14:52
bryanmoyleswell here's the question marcoceppi , I'm running the client on my local machine connecting externally to the private cloud, would the log files be on the hosted server or my local machine?14:53
juju :@14:53
marcoceppibryanmoyles: when you run juju commands, they connect to the bootstrap to relay the information. That's why the commands finish so quickly. The bootstrap node does all the orchestration. So the logs as to why machines failed to launch would be on the bootstrap node14:53
bryanmoylesand my ssh key should grant me access to that node? The problem I had with that earlier is that juju is creating an eth1 device on the physical server, that maps to the bootstrap node's local IP, hello recursion when i try sshing into the bootstrap node14:54
bryanmoylesdid I miss something, my client is baaaad14:55
marcoceppibryanmoyles: not yet14:56
marcoceppibryanmoyles: SSH Key should be on the node, the eth1 device loop back thing is really odd though. It might explain why you're not getting any nodes to launch though.14:56
bryanmoylesso how do I prevent juju from creating it?14:57
bryanmoylesshould I just tear it down after juju bootstraps?14:57
bryanmoylesJust out of curiosity, is it IRC proper to always include the name of the person we're talking to so you get pinged?14:57
marcoceppibryanmoyles: my understanding is juju shouldn't be creating that, as it's not juju's job from my understanding, to mess with host as such. That's typically based on the image and cloud provider14:58
bryanmoyleswell let me ensure that it is, one sec14:58
marcoceppibryanmoyles: uh, probably. I do it out of habbit as I'm not always watching IRC14:58
bryanmoylesmarcoceppi: alright, so right now ifconfig doesn't show an eth1 device, I'm almost at the point where I can just bootstrap again14:59
mgzbryanmoyles: it's probably useful to pastebin the config you're actually using15:00
mgzyup, unless it's trivial15:01
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bryanmoylesI'll start with the output first15:01
mgzthat url is a redirect loop15:03
bryanmoylesSomeone should also think to factor in a default constraint for juju bootstrap, it defaults to 64 MB of ram which runs out of memory -.-15:03
marcoceppimgz: loaded for me15:03
mgzah, borked with cookies disabled15:03
mgzgo poor webserver coding15:03
marcoceppibryanmoyles: it shouldn't, but you can use --constraints to set mem=1024, etc15:03
marcoceppiI really need to look in to the defaults because it seems recently a lot of people have been having this problem15:04
bryanmoylesI know, I just forget to and then it leads to head scratching15:04
bryanmoylesPS: I'm not all knowing, you just told me that yesterday lol15:04
marcoceppibryanmoyles: also, you said you're using the mac version, what does `juju version` say for your local client?15:04
marcoceppiBecause this is bootstraping/deploying 1.10.0, latest stable mac is 1.12.015:05
marcoceppiwhich, iirc, had a bunch of openstack fixes in it15:05
bryanmoylesjuju version is: 1.11.2-unknown-amd6415:05
bryanmoylesoh what the funk, all of my devices in ifconfig just went away?15:07
bryanmoylesall but 315:07
marcoceppibryanmoyles: try running `juju bootstrap --upload-tools` that should upload the most recent version of juju15:07
bryanmoylesI get a go error when I do that15:08
bryanmoylesone sec, sync-tools is running15:08
bryanmoyles2013-08-06 15:08:40 ERROR juju supercommand.go:234 command failed: build command "go" failed: exit status 1; can't load package: package launchpad.net/juju-core/cmd/jujud: cannot find package "launchpad.net/juju-core/cmd/jujud" in any of:15:08
bryanmoyles/usr/local/go/src/pkg/launchpad.net/juju-core/cmd/jujud (from $GOROOT)15:08
bryanmoyles($GOPATH not set)15:08
bryanmoyleserror: build command "go" failed: exit status 1; can't load package: package launchpad.net/juju-core/cmd/jujud: cannot find package "launchpad.net/juju-core/cmd/jujud" in any of:15:08
bryanmoyles/usr/local/go/src/pkg/launchpad.net/juju-core/cmd/jujud (from $GOROOT)15:08
bryanmoyles($GOPATH not set)15:08
marcoceppibryanmoyles: Do you have go-lang installed on your machine?15:09
bryanmoylesthought I did, new-host-8:TrapCall_v2 bryanmoyles$ go15:09
bryanmoylesgo      godoc   gofmt   gotour15:09
bryanmoylesnew-host-8:TrapCall_v2 bryanmoyles$ which go15:09
bryanmoyles /usr/local/go/bin/go15:10
marcoceppihum, this is a bit out of my leauge. I don't have a mac machine at my disposal15:10
jujuhi my friands15:11
bryanmoyleswant me to hop on my ubuntu machine and work from there?15:12
mgzmarcoceppi: we shouldn't be suggesting --upload-tools15:13
marcoceppimgz: well, why is 1.12 client using 1.10 tools?15:13
mgzthat's a dev option for building juju locally and using a trunk version15:13
marcoceppiHow do you get the right tools on an openstack install?15:14
bryanmoylesjuju sync-tools15:14
* marcoceppi smacks head15:14
marcoceppiI need to stop running trunk for a while15:14
mgzthat doesn't answer the question of why the 1.12 tools are not being selected15:15
bryanmoylesis there a flag I can set for that?15:16
mgzno, but the -v output of sync-tools may be informative15:18
bryanmoylesI might add that sync-tools is the one actually uploading 1.10*15:18
mgzbootstrap is claiming 1.10 is the newest version15:18
bryanmoylesnew-host-8:TrapCall_v2 bryanmoyles$ juju sync-tools15:18
bryanmoyleslisting the source bucket15:18
bryanmoylesfound 6 tools15:18
bryanmoylesfound 6 recent tools (version 1.10.0)15:18
mgzwhih implies the 1.12 tools weren't uploaded15:18
bryanmoyleslisting target bucket15:18
bryanmoylesfound 0 tools in target; 6 tools to be copied15:18
bryanmoylescopying tools/juju-1.10.0-precise-amd64.tgz, download 2205kB, uploading15:18
bryanmoylescopying tools/juju-1.10.0-precise-i386.tgz, download 2306kB, uploading15:18
bryanmoylescopying tools/juju-1.10.0-quantal-amd64.tgz, download 2209kB, uploading15:18
bryanmoylescopying tools/juju-1.10.0-quantal-i386.tgz, download 2311kB, uploading15:18
bryanmoylescopying tools/juju-1.10.0-raring-amd64.tgz, download 2208kB, uploading15:18
bryanmoylescopying tools/juju-1.10.0-raring-i386.tgz, download 2312kB, uploading15:18
bryanmoylescopied 6 tools15:18
bryanmoylesright, but I'm not sure how I would15:18
mgzbryanmoyles: try the --dev flag on sync-tools15:20
mgzI bet that will get you 1.1315:20
rick_hdoes anyone know the timeline for the store.juju.ubuntu.com picking up revisions? It's been a bit over an hour and it's not picked up r5 from earlier https://store.juju.ubuntu.com/charm-info?charms=cs:~pavel-pachkovskij/precise/rack15:20
bryanmoylesyessir it did15:20
mgzwell, that will do.15:21
rick_hand wondering if I should be patient or go bug filing15:21
marcoceppirick_h: I have no idea the timeline for syncing. I suspected it was like 15 mins but I appear to be wrong in that assumption15:21
rick_hmarcoceppi: so charmworld is 15min, but charmworld (manage.jujucharms.com) checks in with store.juju.ubuntu.com for info and it's not catching up15:22
marcoceppirick_h: ah, that's where I got the 15 mins from15:22
rick_hmarcoceppi: yea, you're not completely crazy :)15:22
marcoceppirick_h: hazmat might know15:22
rick_hyea, I figured I'd see if anyone knew around before I bugged hazmat as I imagine he's sprinting off in IoM15:23
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bryanmoylescloud-init start-local running: Tue, 06 Aug 2013 15:25:02 +0000. up 6.65 seconds15:25
bryanmoylesno instance data found in start-local15:25
bryanmoylescloud-init-nonet waiting 120 seconds for a network device.15:25
bryanmoylesI wasn't getting networking timeouts before :(15:25
mgzbryanmoyles: I suspect an issue with your openstack setup more than juju here....15:26
mgzcan you `nova boot` with some custom cloud init successfully?15:26
bryanmoylesI'm wiping again and scripting my setup process, after 10 times I think it's about that time lol15:45
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jujuis same body here17:27
sarnold12 seconds. that's gotta be some kind of record. :)17:28
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* hazmat backlogs20:55
hazmatrick_h, i thought it was an hrly pull or less re store, looks like the charm is there, its out of dev hands atm20:56
hazmatie. log access only20:56
marcoceppiApparently my IRC bouncer is offline21:11

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