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bencerhi guys. how you can report spam comments on launchpad? i just saw https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm/+bug/577477/comments/2608:51
ubot5Ubuntu bug 577477 in gdm (Ubuntu) "gdm fails to start sitting on plymouth boot" [Low,Fix released]08:51
cjwatsonbencer: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad08:58
shadeslayerhi, I'm getting a OOPS when copying packages09:12
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shadeslayercopying the "homerun-kickstarter" source from https://launchpad.net/~blue-shell/+archive/homerun to https://launchpad.net/~netrunner-os/+archive/enigma-1306-updates/+packages09:13
shadeslayerwgrant: ^^09:17
cjwatsonThere was a previous PackageDiff for that pair of SPRs, with requester==None.  I wonder how that happened ...09:29
wgrantcjwatson: PackageDiff.requester used to always be SPR.creator, but that became dangerous when it started being used as Job.requester, which can get emailed on failure09:32
wgrantSo now it can be None when there is no obvious person to blame for the diff09:33
wgrantI thought StevenK checked that nothing actually used requester, but apparently somewhere was missed..09:33
wgrantIt's odd that that case had no requester, though.09:34
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stubI'm going to need to make the test runner unset the OS_* openstack environment variables so tests don't attempt to connect to random Swift servers if they happen to be set.11:00
stubI'll probably need the same change to 'make run'11:00
stubAny other problems I'm going to hit? Or should I not use the standard OS_* environment for Swift configuration and move it somewhere else?11:01
stubDealing with secrets, so best not launchpad.conf I think11:01
stubI can put in a flag in the launchpad.conf (or a featureflag if you prefer) to not use Swift at all.11:02
lifelessstub: so the OS_* variables are really suited for command line tool usage; most libraries don't use them (because in part of the above, also because setting environment variables on daemon start up is a little icky)11:05
lifelessstub: also, ECHANNEL, perhaps #launchpad-dev ? :)11:05
shadeslayerwgrant: should I file a bug on launchpad regarding that issue?12:09
wgrantshadeslayer: It's fixed in trunk. Let me just QA and deploy it.12:13
shadeslayerack, would be super nice to have it deployed :)12:13
toabctlhow long does it take before a package appears in launchpad when I uploaded a package to my ppa? minutes?hours?12:37
Ampelbeintoabctl: minutes. You'll get an email when it's processed.12:40
toabctlAmpelbein: I'm not sure if I can receive the mail. is there any other method to get the possible reason why an upload fails?12:40
Ampelbeintoabctl: That I do not know. Is your pgp key imported to launchpad? correct distribution set in debian/changelog? Correct signatures on the source package?12:41
toabctlAmpelbein: yes12:42
wgranttoabctl: Why can't you receive an email?12:46
wgranttoabctl: But you should receive an email within 5 minutes if you signed the package properly.12:47
wgrantI'm not seeing any successul or failed uploads to your PPA today.12:49
shadeslayerwgrant: fix deployed?12:49
wgrantshadeslayer: Waiting for the deployment to be kicked off.12:50
shadeslayerah okay12:50
toabctlwgrant: my ppa?12:53
wgranttoabctl: Yes12:53
toabctlwgrant: I uploaded to the ~telekomcloud ppa12:55
toabctlwgrant: the ppa is called testing12:55
wgranttoabctl: 'Signing key C870D1F099D654756D227716767142C5A7C75548 not registered in launchpad.'12:55
toabctlwgrant: ~telekomcloud is a team. can a team register a key?12:58
toabctlwgrant: forget it. I have to validate the key. missed to validation mail.12:59
wgranttoabctl: Only people have keys, not teams. So you'd associate it with your personal account.12:59
toabctlwgrant: and the mails for the failure go to my primary email address?13:00
toabctlwgrant: or to the address mentioned in debian/changelog?13:00
* czajkowski peers at wgrant 13:01
wgranttoabctl: They'll go to the primary email address of the Launchpad account to which the signing key is registered.13:01
wgrantBut only if the signing key is known to Launchpad.13:02
toabctlwgrant: ah.ok. so without a known signing key, the user doesn't get an email.13:03
wgrantWe can't trust Maintainer or Changed-By13:03
wgrantSo we can't safely email anyone if the signature can't be verified.13:03
toabctlwgrant: do you see an upload now?13:06
wgranttoabctl: You have mail.13:08
wgrantYou need to build with debuild -S -sa, not just debuild -S13:08
toabctlwgrant: what is -sa for?13:11
wgranttoabctl: It includes the orig.tar.gz13:13
wgrantIn the changes file13:13
toabctlwgrant: ok. thanks!13:14
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jf_Hi, I don't have any access to my proprietary project: https://launchpad.net/iller : the commercial subscription has expired. I bought a new subscription, but can't link it to the project. Could you help me ? Thanks.14:19
czajkowskijf_: if you look under https://launchpad.net/~/+vouchers14:26
czajkowskiyou'll see your voucher so you can apply it14:26
czajkowskiif your project has expired14:26
czajkowskiyou';ll need an admin to make it unexpired in order to apply the voucher14:26
jf_czajkowski, and where can I find an admin ?14:26
czajkowskijf_: maybe not around at this hour of the day, you'll need to file a answer on lp - https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion14:28
jf_czajkowski, ok I'll try, thanks.14:28
wgrantjf_: I've revived the project.14:30
wgrantYou should be able to apply the voucher now.14:30
wgrantshadeslayer: That copy should work now.14:31
shadeslayerLaunchpad encountered an internal error during the following operation: copying a package.  It was logged with id OOPS-89b73987b42084f729cac479dfd3eb62.  Sorry for the inconvenience.14:31
shadeslayerthough I used a script to do it14:31
jf_wgrant, it works, many thanks.14:32
czajkowskiwgrant: thanks :)14:32
shadeslayerwgrant: same thing from the webui14:34
shadeslayerOOPS-df5803a99f82e519a2d75b6cbc5f28a8 from webui14:34
wgrantshadeslayer: Missed something. Can you try again now?14:34
wgrantOr another job is :)14:35
wgrantIt worked.14:35
shadeslayeryep :)14:35
shadeslayerthanks wgrant14:35
wgrantnp, sorry about the glitch14:35
shadeslayerwgrant: did that affect all repos?14:38
wgrantshadeslayer: It only affected certain packages for which we couldn't determine the uploader when generating the diff. It's a rare situation, and I don't yet know why it affected that particular package.14:39
wgrantI worked it out half way through that last sentence, though.14:39
shadeslayerrecipe builds?14:39
shadeslayeryeah thought so :)14:40
shadeslayerI am pretty certain I have copied recipe builds before14:40
wgrantIt only broke last week14:40
wgrantAnd recipe builds are copied infrequently enough that it's only shown up a few times since then.14:41
shadeslayerah that probably explains why :)14:41
dobeyhow can i get an mbox or maildir or something of a mailing list archive on lp?15:01
shadeslayerIIRC you create a team15:02
shadeslayerand then you get a mailing list for free?15:02
shadeslayeryou want an archive of old posts15:03
shadeslayerhttps://lists.launchpad.net/team_name/ ?15:03
dobeyyeah, i don't want more mailing lists15:03
dobeyyes i can see the archive. i don't want to read it on the web. i want to import it into evolution so i can reply to stuff properly15:04
dobeytypical mailman setups have a "download a tarball of this month" or "download an mbox of this message" thing. lp seems to not expose that15:05
shadeslayerahhh nope, not that I know of15:05
czajkowskidobey: nope cant be done, there can be a once off dump if needed15:10
dobeycan i do it, or does someone with more duck powers than i, have to do it?15:11
czajkowskidobey: you'd need to file a lp Q and webops do it for you15:13
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elfyis there anyone about that could guide me in part of creating a team page - in particular how I can make a NEW team page be owned by  this teamhttps://launchpad.net/~forum-council16:54
elfyI need to create a team page similar to https://launchpad.net/~ubuntuforums-staff but for a slightly different group of people16:55
elfyor do I need to get the communiyt council to do it and make the FC admins16:55
cjwatsonCreating a team is done here: https://launchpad.net/people/+newteam16:56
saiarcot895elfy: I can't guide you here, but I think you have to create a team page from the Launchpad home page with either Moderated or Restricted permissions, and request to be considered as a subteam of the forum-council team16:56
elfycjwatson: yea I know that - there doesn't appear to be anywhere to specify an owner though16:57
cjwatsonIf you own the team you can go to "Change details" on the team page, then "Change owner"16:57
elfycjwatson: aaah - ok :)16:57
cjwatson(or https://launchpad.net/~TEAM/+reassign)16:57
cjwatsonPermissions don't matter16:58
elfyso just forge ahead and build it with restricted and then reassign - thanks :)16:58
cjwatsonWell, not for ownership at any rate16:58
elfythis is one of the last bits of the forum saga ...16:58
elfywhich I will be pleased to see the back off16:58
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elfycjwatson: thank you - all done :)17:37
* Uni sighs17:42
Uniirc is hard17:42
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