dholbachgood morning07:10
josehey dholbach!07:11
benonsoftwareAfternoon dholbach07:13
dholbachhi jose, hi benonsoftware07:14
josehow's life? :)07:14
dholbachgood good - how about you?07:14
joseall great, enjoying what's left of my vacations07:14
josejust wanted to touchbase with you about the ubuntuonair django webpage and the summit things you were supposed to ask07:15
dholbachjose, I pinged cjohnston and mhall119 about the changes required in summit - I can forward you the mail exchange - it's still not quite clear to me what's required07:29
josedholbach: if you could please that would be great, I can talk to them later today so I can find out what can we do07:29
joseI'm jose@ubuntu.com now07:30
dholbachmails sent07:30
josedholbach: thanks a lot! :)07:31
dholbachde nada07:31
joseapart from chris' response, did you get any other emails? looks like I'm missing something07:33
dholbach3 mails07:33
dholbachdaniel - chris - daniel07:33
dholbachthat's it07:33
joseweird thing, I'll ping them later today07:34
dpmgood morning all07:44
josehello, dpm :)07:58
dpmhola jose08:03
smartboyhwHey jose dholbach08:04
josehello, smartboyhw :)08:05
smartboyhwjose, why will Testdrive Hackfest crash with Ubuntu on Air?08:05
josesmartboyhw: didn't say it crashed, but instead that I would like it to be on. I'd like to see all G+ hangouts in one channel and don't send people to multiple places to search08:05
smartboyhwjose, what do you mean?08:06
josesmartboyhw: I want it to be at ubuntuonair because it's easier to find08:06
smartboyhwjose, yeah08:06
smartboyhwWe want it to08:06
josedid Nick talk to you?08:06
smartboyhwjose, he did08:07
smartboyhwI'm not doing the Hangout, since my webcam broke:(08:07
joseoh, ok08:07
smartboyhwAnd my mother doesn't allow me to buy a replacement08:07
smartboyhwjose, you should talk to Noskcaj08:07
smartboyhw(a.k.a. Jackson Doak)08:07
joseI'd love to help you guys with this, but I'll be in a Model United Nations and can't be live at that time08:07
joseI will later on, 3am here and need to go and sleep for a while08:07
smartboyhwjose, OK08:08
josetalk to you later!08:08
smartboyhwjose, sure:)08:09
dholbachhi smartboyhw, hi dpm08:21
smartboyhwdholbach, so, how do you think you can get 24m within 16 days~!?08:22
dholbachgood question :)08:24
dholbachI thought it was great that mhall119 set up the reddit thrad08:24
cjohnstonjose: dholbach if you guys want to use a new instance, you can. You setup admins to do the scheduling work and such, allow people to propose sessions. I don't really understand what other info is needed.10:59
dholbachcjohnston, what I said in my last mail:11:00
dholbach - show hosts (maybe controlled by a team?) add sessions11:00
dholbach - viewers can see a schedule11:00
dholbach - viewers can suggest sessions(?)11:00
dholbach - etherpad integration would not be necessary11:00
dholbach - a clear indication if a session is live or recorded would help11:00
dholbachto me it looks like summit would need some changes?11:00
cjohnstonwhat is meant by show hosts? someone to start the hangout? that has nothing to do with summit. the admins/schedulers would be able to add/schedule sessions. it has a visible schedule, the same thing we use for UDS. it has the ability to propose sessions. etherpad integration already exists. The last one, the only indication would be the time11:02
dholbachjose, anything else you can see? ^11:02
dholbachetherpad would not be required, but maybe that could be done through defining a "session type" or something11:03
cjohnstonya, if you didn't want it, you would have to remove it.. or put some sort of other url in its place11:04
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* dholbach relocates, brb12:15
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
josedholbach: it's basically it, but I'd like to have a more... user-friendly and simple interface15:07
dholbachjose, can you have a chat with cjohnston (and maybe mhall119 too) about this? I'm a bit maxed out right now15:08
josedholbach: no worries, take care15:08
cjohnstonjose: then it sounds like summit is too 'advanced' for what you want15:08
josehas too many things which we won't be using15:09
jose(btw, you have a MP on queue)15:09
cjohnstonI saw..15:09
smartboyhwjose, good morning15:09
cjohnstonWill have to switch gears at some point today15:09
josehello, smartboyhw15:09
smartboyhwFor you at least:P15:09
josesmartboyhw: mind a PM?15:09
smartboyhwjose, sure15:09
josecjohnston: so, how much code you think we can borrow from Summit to be used in a new app?15:10
cjohnstondepends on what all you want to take away... I'm pretty much thinking not alot. I don't think removing parts of summit will be good15:10
cjohnstonjose: https://github.com/llazzaro/django-scheduler15:11
cjohnstonmay want to look at that15:11
* jose checks15:11
josewhat we basically want is have something like the page we have now but in django15:11
cjohnstonwhat page do you have now, and why in django15:11
josebecause it's in wordpress and people delete code15:12
cjohnstondelete code?15:12
joseso, to update the video they have to edit HTML15:12
cjohnstonhard code the templates15:13
joseand sometimes they... delete a bit of HTML they shouldn't15:13
cjohnstonlook at 'uds-project' for an example15:13
joseI'm taking a look at it right now15:15
josecjohnston: it's... php15:17
cjohnstonit would be the easiest I think for you to do what you want15:17
cjohnstonit would just hard code most of the html so that people can only change the url or whatever it is that you need15:18
joseand how would I change that?15:18
cjohnstonchange what?15:18
josethe URL15:18
joselet's say15:18
cjohnstonthe same way you did now15:18
cjohnstonthrough wp-admin15:18
josehmm, ok15:19
joseI'll take a look at this and the other project in a while, thanks for the suggestions!15:19
cjohnstonnp.. I think that would probably be the easiest thing to do15:19
cjohnstonmhall119: thoughts?15:19
* mhall119 has no thoughts15:23
mhall119they make my brain hurt15:23
* jose gives mhall119 a cookie15:24
josewhy don't we print render.py and literally burn it in fire?15:24
* smartboyhw gives mhall119 a thought machine15:24
pleia2looking forward to the part where I don't get trolled for testing XMir on Xubuntu, stunning amount of FUD out there and people delighted to spread it17:00
elfypleia2: you got a moment? you'll have to have 2 heads on at the same time17:00
pleia2elfy: I guess :)17:01
elfypleia2: PMs17:03
josedholbach: I'll get airbot working in a minute17:17
dholbachthanks jose17:18
josedholbach: it's up and running17:28
josehey pleia2, how do I add jose as an airbot admin?17:31
pleia2jose: I think you edit the script and then reload it, let me doublecheck17:32
joseif that's it then I'll do it after the current session17:32
pleia2jose: actually, it's in the .irssi/config17:33
pleia2classroom_admins = "nhandler, cjohnston, pleia2, nigelb, JoseeAntonioR";17:33
pleia2edit that, then /reload17:33
pleia2not sure if the script will auto pick it up17:34
josewould that make it disconnect for a moment?17:34
joseok, thanks17:35
josedholbach: is the weekly session replacing the development hangouts?17:46
joseI just want it to be in calendar for airbot to work automatically17:46
dholbachjose, jono's usually running the weekly sessions17:47
dholbachjose, for now it's safe to remove the dev hangouts17:47
josedholbach: ok, these are running at 17 UTC, right?17:48
josegreat, /me adds it to the cal17:48
dholbachall rightie17:49
bkerensamhall119: you said moz should use summit for their summit but it looks like they have one... http://summit.mozilla.org19:40
mhall119bkerensa: looks like they've contracted out to use some company's event management19:45
bkerensamhall119: sure but they do have a platform19:46
bkerensamhall119: they use sha and ch events to manage all their summits and camps because of the scale they cant do it in house19:46
mhall119right, I knew they had *something*19:47
bkerensamhall119: it handles schedules/books travel/books hotel/manages room mates19:47
bkerensaall in one platform19:47
bkerensapretty nifty19:47
bkerensaand it asks if you speak Vulcan19:47
mhall119as long as it works for them19:47

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