didrockshey Mirv!05:56
Mirvmorning didrocks05:59
didrocksMirv: I just pinged the QA team as you can see the autopilot ati machine is down05:59
didrocksnot sure if you tried to ping them already05:59
Mirvdidrocks: not yet, I saw connection problems but wasn't sure if it was random so tried again. thanks for pinging.06:00
Hargardfor those ubuntu developers out there am in college and ave decided to give it a go06:55
Hargardhow do i go about it ??06:55
MirvHargard: http://www.ubuntu.com/download should get you started07:11
jibelgood morning07:25
didrockssalut jibel!07:41
Mirvdidrocks: ack for removal of libgles2-mesa-dev dependency? seemingly not needed because a successful build happened07:41
didrocksça va?07:41
Mirvno explanation in the merge request though07:41
didrocksjibel: thanks for restarting the ati machine btw :)07:41
jibelSalut didrocks , ça va et toi? plus reposé qu'hier?07:42
jibeldidrocks, de rien07:42
didrocksMirv: ok, let's trust then :) +107:42
didrocksjibel: un peu mieux et un moins chaud!07:42
jibeldidrocks, I still don't get why this machine and only this one goes down07:42
didrocksjibel: right, that's weird. I guess there is no way to have something able to restart it from magners?07:43
jibeldidrocks, and each time when it starts the platform stack07:44
jibeldidrocks, is there anything special with this stack?07:44
didrocksthe only think I can see is that libhybris is installed and have opengles android drivers07:44
jibeldidrocks, I can add a nagios check with an autorestart07:44
didrocksbut it would be a 100% reproduceable if it was that one making everything failing07:45
jibelbut I don't really fancy systems that tries to automatically fix themselves07:45
didrocksjibel: just give me a way to restart it at least ;)07:45
jibeldidrocks, connect to the CDU and electrically reboot it :)07:46
didrocksjibel: I have no idea how to do that TBH ;)07:46
didrocksan email would help07:46
jibeldidrocks, honestly the qa prod team should do that, I'll send them an email07:50
Mirvdidrocks: indicator-network and mir would need acking as well + - should mir archs be just07:51
didrocksjibel: thanks! I tried to ping them this morning, but we have been stuck for 2 hours07:51
didrocksMirv: +1 on both (your end of sentence have been cut though)07:52
Mirvdidrocks: ah.. it was "should mir archs be just 'any' as well?"07:52
didrocksMirv: no, we don't build Mir on powerpc on purpose07:53
didrocks(hence the lenghty list)07:53
Mirvdidrocks: ok07:53
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Mirvdidrocks: the SDK team is now doing a separate source for non-build-needing Ubuntu Qt Creator plugin data files. does that (qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu-data) sound ok to you? or should we anticipate the hopeful combination of the plugin code into it in the name of this new source package? (still not possible at the moment)08:13
didrocksMirv: hum -data is confonding08:14
didrocksMirv: I would expect assets08:14
didrocksqtcreator-plugin-ubuntu isn't possible?08:14
didrockseven if we ship a qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu-data binary package08:14
didrocks(so that the day we can have real binary plugin code, we just skip to the same package)08:15
Mirvdidrocks: it would be possible, although sligthly confusing as qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu binary package would still come from qtcreator source package, so far08:15
didrocksMirv: I can if you add a comment in debian/control, that's good enough08:15
didrocksmaybe qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu-common for the binary package btw08:16
Mirvok, sounds good to me, the end goal is to have it truly separate08:16
Mirvcommon makes sense08:16
didrocksright ;)08:16
didrocksthanks Mirv08:16
Mirvthanks for consultance08:16
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didrocksseb128: team meeting reminder btw :)08:36
seb128didrocks, thanks08:39
didrocksyw ;)08:40
didrocksam I the only one with my sd card being in read only now?09:06
didrocks/dev/mmcblk0p1 on /media/didrocks/BE2C-ED51 type vfat (ro,nosuid,nodev,uid=1000,gid=1000,shortname=mixed,dmask=0077,utf8=1,showexec,flush,uhelper=udisks2)09:07
seb128didrocks, is that a desktop config?09:24
didrocksseb128: I'm on my desktop, yeah09:25
didrockscan't remount it rw09:25
seb128didrocks, wfm, I just put an sd in the laptop reader and it's rw for me09:26
didrocks$ ls -l /dev/mmcblk009:26
seb128the other options are the same as yours09:26
didrocksbrw-rw----+ 1 root disk 179, 8 août   6 11:25 /dev/mmcblk009:26
didrocksI would need a pitti… :/09:26
seb128$ ls -l /dev/mmcblk0p109:26
seb128brw-rw----+ 1 root disk 179, 1 août   6 11:25 /dev/mmcblk0p109:26
didrocksok, it's something else probably09:26
seb128you are sure you didn't toggle the security on the sdcard by accident?09:27
seb128the small plastic piece on the side09:27
didrocksI don't have that toggle09:27
didrocksit's a micro-sd09:27
didrocksah, but the adapater has one!09:27
didrocksseb128: ok, never noticed that switch, working now :)09:29
seb128didrocks, great ;-)09:29
didrocks(it seems that there is nothing blocking it anymore, so it's floating)09:29
seb128Mirv, hey09:36
seb128Mirv, are you looking at the stacks while sil2100 is on holidays?09:36
seb128Mirv, is there any problem with settings (it's still not published from what I can see)?09:37
Mirvseb128: hey, yes, I'm not sure what's it truly is about, but armhf fails repeatibly https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-system-settings/+bug/120872009:50
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1208720 in ubuntu-system-settings "FTBFS on armhf: Library '/system/lib/libGLESv2.so' not found (Segmentation fault)" [Undecided,New]09:50
Mirvwas meaning to ping you as well09:50
seb128it's a mir fallout I'm pretty sure09:52
seb128didrocks, !!!!09:52
seb128RAOF, ^ does that ring a bell?09:52
didrocksit's what tvoss_ and RAOF are working on AFAIK09:52
* ogra_ doesnt think thats easily solvable unless you have a mesa package that provides that file in that place 09:53
Mirvpowerd dropped libgles dev dependency just09:53
tvoss_seb128, is that on armhf?09:53
* ogra_ would just add such a link to libgles2-mesa-dev09:54
Mirvtvoss_: yes09:54
seb128tvoss_, yes09:55
tvoss_Mirv, why do you access the libgles at build time?09:55
seb128Mirv, is that the only component hitting that issue?09:56
Mirvseb128: so far yes09:56
seb128tvoss_, we don't, we just use qt5 stuff09:57
seb128tvoss_, something in the qt stack is bringing it for us...09:57
tvoss_seb128, so you are running a test or something at build time, right?09:57
tvoss_seb128, /system/lib/libGLESv2.so lives on the android side of things09:57
ogra_and is totally device specific09:58
seb128tvoss_, yes, that's in the tests (running the ui under xfvb-run)09:58
ogra_for all Xorg gles builds we use mesa ... if you really need such a thing, we should have a meas lib that provides the stubs you need09:58
seb128tvoss_, that was working until yesterday09:58
tvoss_seb128, the problem is that libhybris is installed ...09:58
seb128ogra_, well, I don't, it's a qt5 UI ran under xvfb-run09:59
seb128tvoss_, right, we build-depends on it because we use it to access device infos (serial number)09:59
ogra_well, even that should have a runtime mesa fallback then09:59
ogra_seb128, that wont work without having a full android counterpart in place10:00
tvoss_seb128, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5954397/ is the list of rdepends10:00
tvoss_seb128, why do you use it naked?10:00
seb128tvoss_, well, as said we directly build-depends on it10:00
tvoss_seb128, which function do you use?10:00
seb128#include <hybris/properties/properties.h>10:01
seb128        property_get("ro.serialno", serialBuffer, "");10:01
seb128tvoss_, ^10:01
ogra_that cant work10:01
seb128tvoss_, that can go away the day we have an Ubuntu backend for qtsystems10:01
seb128ogra_, yet it does ;-)10:01
tvoss_seb128, I think you need android-properties, too10:01
ogra_it cant ...10:01
ogra_(at build time i mean)10:02
seb128ogra_, go to system settings, about and look at "serial number"10:02
tvoss_ogra_, the hybris author was working on making it work10:02
seb128ogra_, it's rsalveti who told me to do that, and it has been working until today10:02
ogra_seb128, i mean in a package build or runtime test of a package build10:02
ogra_unless you actually build on a phone10:02
seb128ogra_, why? libhybris is there on amd64 and i38610:02
seb128why wouldn't it build?10:03
seb128sure it's not going to work10:03
ogra_there is no backend or properties system10:03
seb128by libhybris just return the fallback value on a desktop10:03
seb128that's the 3rd argument of the function10:03
tvoss_seb128, it tries to resolve the libraries at startup time10:03
RAOFseb128: libhybris should not be built on i386 or amd64, because it can't ever work there.10:03
ogra_RAOF, wrong10:04
ogra_RAOF, there are pleny x86 based android devices10:04
seb128RAOF, you can have android on i386 ;-)10:04
ogra_and the plan is to support them10:04
RAOFAh, fair enough. We *are* planning to support the crazy x86 android :)10:04
seb128well, that's orthogonal anyway10:04
* ogra_ just had the same discussion with tvoss_ in #ubuntu-phablet ::) )10:04
seb128that's just an include, even if the function is not implemented on !armhf10:04
seb128things build10:05
seb128and runtime is doing the right thing10:05
seb128it returns a fallback value if there is no backend10:05
seb128not sure why we are arguing over that10:05
* RAOF suspects that we actually want a new arch; android-i386, android-amd64, android-armhf.10:05
seb128the problem is the libegles build issue10:05
ogra_RAOF, that wouldnt gain you anything since the android side isnt packaged10:05
seb128and that's new from today10:05
RAOFAnd the libgles runtime issue, as installing libhybris breaks mesa10:05
tvoss_ogra_, I think it was, slangasek mentioned that to me last week10:06
seb128RAOF, why wasn't it breaking it before today?10:06
RAOFIt probably *was*, just that nothing was depending on libhybris?10:06
seb128RAOF, and can we go back to not breaking it?10:06
ogra_tvoss_, we have an android package we use ... it contains exactly the img files yoou find on cdimage10:06
seb128RAOF, no, system settings didn't change, we have been doing that for > 1 month10:06
ogra_tvoss_, we will never have it "properly" packaged or usable by a build system10:06
RAOFseb128: Not really; hybris' egl alternate needs to beat mesa's egl alternate on the phone.10:07
RAOFogra_: Even without the base packaged, android-i386 would be useful; we could build-depend on libhybris [android-any]10:07
ogra_tvoss_, every binary in these packages would be fully device specific10:07
ogra_RAOF, that would mean a complete new arch10:08
RAOFThen android-i386 builds would get the correct dependencies, and i386 builds wouldn't pull in libhybris and break everything10:08
RAOFogra_: Partial arch, surely?10:08
ogra_RAOF, hire 20 new devs and we can talk again10:08
tvoss_ogra_, sure10:08
* ogra_ points to the pain lpia was10:08
tvoss_ogra_, what is your proposal to solve this then?10:08
seb128RAOF, we have been pulling it libhybris in for a month with daily builds every day and didn't get any issue10:09
ogra_tvoss_, have a porper mesa package providing that file linked10:09
ogra_everything else would be 100% HW specific10:09
tvoss_ogra_, the interesting bit is: it's not only gl10:09
seb128RAOF, something changed somewhere starting today10:09
ogra_(as android simply is 100% HW specific ... its an embedded build)10:09
seb128RAOF, don't make me spend the day tracking to down to the recent xorg/mesa uploads :p10:10
ogra_tvoss_, so we need other packages like that for the other purposes10:10
RAOFseb128: :)10:10
tvoss_seb128, when did you start pulling in hybris?10:10
seb128tvoss_, early july10:10
seb128tvoss_, RAOF: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-system-settings/0.1+13.10.20130712-0ubuntu110:11
seb128and things have been working smoothly since, until today10:11
tvoss_seb128, so you could happily run your tests at build time until today?10:11
tvoss_RAOF, the last package installing either mesa or hybris would win, right?10:12
RAOFtvoss_: No; mesa's alternate is priority 500, hybris' is 1000. Hybris always wins10:12
seb128tvoss_, RAOF: that's yesterday's build:10:12
seb128"xvfb-run -a ./tst_plugins10:12
seb128libEGL warning: GLX/DRI2 is not supported10:12
seb128libEGL warning: DRI2: failed to create any config10:12
seb128libEGL warning: GLX: failed to load GLX"10:12
seb128we had those warnings10:12
seb128but not libgles error10:13
* ogra_ bets it is platform-api, not hybris 10:13
tvoss_ogra_, then it is more likely to be qtubuntu10:13
tvoss_in this specific scenario10:13
ogra_or that, yeah10:13
ogra_just not hybris ... it didnt change in a while10:14
RAOFseb128: You didn't have libhybris installed during that build.10:14
ogra_qtubuntu changed sat, though10:14
RAOFseb128: So, now that something's pulling libhybris into your build environment, it's breaking it.10:14
seb128what happened to that build-depends10:15
seb128and why is it not failing to build earlier since one the header is not installed10:15
RAOFMysteries of the ages.10:16
seb128RAOF, tvoss_: so what do you recommend doing? should whatever is bringing hybris in be fixed to not do that?10:17
tvoss_seb128, that was my proposal, but ogra is opposed to binding it to the architecture10:17
RAOFWell, I guess there's two options. Make libhybris not break everything when there isn't an underlying android system to delegate to, or not install libhybris unless there's an underlying android system to delegate to.10:18
ogra_i'm not opposed to fixing it :)10:18
RAOFThe former seems simpler ;)10:18
ogra_i'm just opposed to break x86 android on purpose10:18
RAOFGah. I meant the latter "don't install libhybris unless there's an android system"10:18
tvoss_RAOF, right :)10:18
tvoss_RAOF, as installation of hybris breaks things right now ...10:19
ogra_RAOF, thast what i was suggesting to tvoss_10:19
* seb128 tries to figure out what is brining hybris in10:19
tvoss_ogra_, the trigger for "an underlying android system" is a bit difficult to model right now10:19
ogra_well, as long as the android container bits arent installed in your root you dont have android and should use a fallabck method10:20
tvoss_ogra_, how to detect that at package build time if not tying to the architecture then?10:20
ogra_at build time you *never* have any android in place10:21
ogra_and *always* need to use the fallback10:21
czajkowskigood morning my favourite people :)10:22
czajkowskithis bug, isn't against saucy, but has happened at least 4 times today https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bamf/+bug/1107926  wondering is there anything I can do to help10:22
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1107926 in bamf (Ubuntu) "bamfdaemon crashed with signal 5 in _XReply()" [Medium,Confirmed]10:22
seb128czajkowski, hey, try talking to Trevinho10:23
Trevinhoczajkowski: see if you have debug symbols10:23
tvoss_ogra_, so effectively you are saying that no one should link against hybris for example, but dlopen/dlsym at runtime then10:23
Trevinhoczajkowski: I mean, it would be nice if you could install them and get a better stacktrace10:23
ogra_tvoss_, no, i'm saying we need something like mesa to provide what you need at build time, like we do since armhf exists (we cant link against GLES stuff on arm, mesa provides a generic way for buildign GL and GLES stuff)10:24
czajkowskiTrevinho: debug symbols?10:24
Trevinhoczajkowski: yes, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash...10:25
Trevinhoczajkowski: however I see there are some stack traces on the bug, let me check them first10:25
czajkowskiTrevinho: cheers10:25
ogra_tvoss_, if you link against hybris, hybris-dev sneeds to provide the right stubs10:25
ogra_or use some other dep that does10:25
tvoss_ogra_, it does provide the stubs right now, perhaps we just need to be more clever in there and not trying to resolve symbols at load time automatically10:26
ogra_or enhance the stubs :)10:26
tvoss_seb128, why do you run the tests at buildtime on an armhf target if not on phone?10:26
tvoss_ogra_, I did the lazy loading trick in the platform api, working fine there10:26
tvoss_ogra_, that still leaves us with overriding the defaults issue though10:27
ogra_"the lazy loading trick" ?10:27
tvoss_ogra_, not resolve symbols from the android side automatically when the program starts but only on demand10:27
seb128tvoss_, those tests are from mardy, I'm not sure ... would you recommend those to be rather autopilot/CI tests?10:27
ogra_if they are HW dependent they have to10:28
tvoss_seb128, yup10:28
seb128ogra_, they are not10:28
seb128it's only a qt5 ui10:28
seb128we don't test backend code in those10:28
ogra_well, the data you collect is10:28
seb128well, those tests only test the UI bits10:28
seb128they don't depend on having a working backends or datas10:29
tvoss_seb128, but qou won't have a ui on armhf anyways10:29
Mirvdidrocks: ack request for friends migration to UnityActions API
seb128tvoss_, why not?10:30
tvoss_seb128, how would they if not running on a device?10:30
seb128tvoss_, well, the main UI is only qt stuff, it's building a grid of icons for the available plugins10:30
seb128it can run anywhere where qt5 is working10:31
seb128then the panels are not going to work, sure10:31
ogra_the bug is definitely that the qt stuff tries to attach to something completely HW specific then10:31
seb128ogra_, well, the thing is that libhybris being in just breaks qt/gles10:31
ogra_which brings me back to my mesa like statement :)10:31
ogra_hybris needs to fall back to meas gles or something similar10:32
didrocksMirv: +110:32
tvoss_ogra_, or we split hybris into core and something like hybris-egl, hybris-gles etc10:33
tvoss_ogra_, you could then runtime depend on it, but not build-time depend on it10:33
ogra_rvr, how would that solve the issue ?10:33
ogra_if the UI needs gles it still would fail10:33
ogra_it fails at runtime10:33
ogra_during a runtime test ... no ?10:34
Trevinhoseb128: do you know if something changed in gdk_error_trap_{pop,push} recently?10:34
seb128Trevinho, "recently"?10:34
Trevinhoseb128: let's say raring/saucy cycle...10:34
seb128Trevinho, not that I know of, we have been on gtk 3.8 for over a month10:34
tvoss_ogra_, nope, the runtime depends are actually different than the build depends, we could make lxc-andoroid-config runtime depend on -egl -gles etc. and only bring in that dependency very selectively10:34
Trevinhoseb128: as that crash should be handled by gdk, without crashing actually..10:35
ogra_tvoss_, no, that would be wrong10:35
tvoss_ogra_, why is that?10:35
ogra_lxc-anroid-config is lower than UI level10:35
ogra_thats like making udev depend on some xserver stuff10:35
seb128Trevinho, hum, I don't know ... maybe ask on #gtk+?10:35
Trevinhoseb128: ok...10:36
Trevinhoseb128: also if I do a new release of libwnck can you import that in archives?10:36
ogra_tvoss_, again, i think we need hybris to fall back to mesa10:36
seb128Trevinho, sure10:36
ogra_and have a mesa package that provides the bits that are expected10:36
Trevinhoseb128: cool10:36
tvoss_ogra_, again, I do agree with you but it's a significant amount of work and would result us in implementing "allow for multiple egl, gles vendor specific implementations" in mesa10:37
tvoss_ogra_, that's not something we can do easily right now10:37
ogra_tvoss_, i dont think it is so significant10:37
ogra_tvoss_, mesa already ships libGLESv2.so .... just not in the place the code expects it10:38
tvoss_ogra_, you cannot easily just symlink, the moment you open the so again, you risk running all of the global ctors again and such10:38
ogra_all you need is some links ... and for cleanness probanly a separate package so you dont mess up desktop10:38
tvoss_ogra_, I don't think that it is that easy, that's why I'm trying to find another solution10:39
ogra_LD_PRELOAD during build then ?10:40
seb128tvoss_, ogra_, RAOF: ok, so libmirclient1 is what brings libhybris on the builder10:43
* seb128 scratches head on what to do next10:44
ogra_seb128, awesome so tvoss_ just needs to fix bug 111890310:44
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1118903 in Mir "Mir lacks a software rendering backend" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111890310:44
tvoss_just (tm)10:44
seb128tvoss_, so your suggestion is to move those tests from build time to CI right?10:45
tvoss_seb128, if that's easily possible ... yes10:45
seb128didrocks, Mirv: is the CI for ubuntu-system-settings/armhf done on machines that have an android side?10:45
ogra_thats definitely planned10:46
ogra_(not sure if it is there yet)10:46
seb128planned != today10:46
seb128I need system settings to keep landing10:46
didrocksseb128: if it's autopilot tests, right10:46
seb128I can't just say "we are not going to land updates until that happens"10:46
seb128didrocks, well, atm those tests are run at build time, I need to move them to be run somewhere that has an android side10:47
didrocksseb128: yeah, convert them to autopilot tests10:47
ogra_and move them to CI later once CI happens on actual target devices10:48
seb128didrocks, can I just make them autopkgtests? ;-) that's a "make test" in the build tree, not really autopilot material10:48
didrocksseb128: I don't think autopkgtests run on android hw10:48
seb128ogra_, you suggested earlier to LD_PRELOAD libgles right? I might just try that in the package build...10:50
ogra_no idea if that works though :) but i imagine it could10:50
MirvI ran a build on my N4 and obviously it succeeded since there was the android side10:50
ogra_to test without android on a phone, remove /data, /system and /factory from fstab ... and echo manual >/etc/init/lxc-android-config.override  (and pbviously reboot)10:52
seb128ogra_, tvoss_, RAOF: thinking about it, I don't think it's something I can fix on system settings side ... if I understand correctly the problem, libmir is going to bring libhybris in on any armhf build, and we a load of packages, in the archive, running make check under xfvb-run that is going to hit that issue10:57
ogra_libmir is broken here10:58
* didrocks didn't follow the whole discussion10:58
ogra_and the only proper fix is to fix the bug above10:58
didrocksbut theorically, all !armhf are broken too, right?10:58
didrockslike everything that will use opengles?10:59
ogra_didrocks, nope, it will just fall back to mesa as it should if libhybris isnt pulled in10:59
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seb128didrocks, well, libmirclient1 doesn't depends on libhyrbris on !armhf I think10:59
didrocksok, but if you install it10:59
ogra_(at least i would assume this)10:59
didrocksyou are screwed? ;)10:59
seb128I guess10:59
* seb128 tries10:59
tvoss_ogra_, that's not true, it comes down to supporting installing mutliple vendor-specific gl implementations10:59
ogra_didrocks, right10:59
ogra_tvoss_, which you cant di at build time11:00
tvoss_ogra_, only if mesa supports it11:00
ogra_else you end up with HW specific binaries11:00
didrockstvoss_: I don't think the u-s-c issue is that one though, we don't pull libhybris in it11:01
ogra_libmirclient1 needs a "libhybris | libmesa-gles-dev" or something like that .... and your environemnt needs to brovide the latter so that dep is fulfilled11:01
Trevinhoseb128: so I've just released libwnck 3.4.6 (hopefully it will be here soon http://download.gnome.org/sources/libwnck/3.4/libwnck-3.4.6.tar.xz), it would be nice if you could put in archives as well... Let me know if you need a bug for tracking it11:18
seb128Trevinho, ok, will do11:18
seb128Trevinho, did you figure out the issue/change with gtk?11:18
seb128tvoss_, ogra_, RAOF: unity CI is broken as well:11:35
seb128linkerlinker.c:1095| ERROR: Library '/system/lib/libGLESv2.so' not found11:35
seb128Segmentation fault11:35
ogra_see above :)11:35
seb128ogra_, the alternative depends is not going to fix that11:35
ogra_<didrocks> seb128: yeah, convert them to autopilot tests11:35
ogra_<ogra_> and move them to CI later once CI happens on actual target devices11:35
ogra_seb128, no, fixing bug 1118903 will11:36
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1118903 in Mir "Mir lacks a software rendering backend" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111890311:36
seb128ogra_, well, that's not going to happen this week for sure11:36
ogra_(which would result in some alternate depends)11:36
ogra_seb128, right, so go with autopilot for now11:36
seb128ogra_, I'm not converting half of the ubuntu archive to drop make check tests and use autopilot11:37
seb128let me email ubuntu-devel@ as a fyi meanwhile11:37
seb128in case others wonder what's going on11:37
Trevinhoseb128: about the gdk change, no idea.. I've tried to one thing in libwnck, let's see if that fixes the problem11:38
Mirvdidrocks: unity managed to get its tests passed finally, there'd be libunity version bump / symbol add change to ack:
didrocksMirv: ah sweet! looking good, +1 :)12:02
Mirvthanks again12:02
didrocksthanks to you!12:02
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rsalvetiseb128: sorry, trying to understand the long backlog, did you find out what was bringing libhybris as build-dep for ubuntu-system-settings?14:15
rsalvetiseb128: ogra_: yeah, just the property system is fine, as that doesn't depend on hybris itself14:15
rsalvetiit's a separated library14:15
ogra_rsalveti, the dep on libmirclient14:16
rsalvetioh, and it all started there :-)14:16
rsalvetiyeah, forcing 'android' == 'armhf' is a big and annoying issue14:17
seb128rsalveti, xorg is14:17
rsalvetias it'll cause all these weird build-depends just for armhf14:17
seb128rsalveti, xorg depends on mir and libmirclient1 depends on libhybris on armhf14:17
seb128rsalveti, and we build-depends on qt, which brings in xorg, which brings in mir, which brings in libhybris14:17
rsalvetioh, the joy14:18
* rsalveti looks for coffee 14:18
kenvandineseb128, can you do an easy review for me?  it's going to block getting some ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts fixed14:59
seb128kenvandine, not sure, you don't do my easy reviews, why should I do yours :p14:59
* seb128 is looking14:59
kenvandine :-D14:59
seb128kenvandine, https://code.launchpad.net/~seb128/telephony-service/sounds-events-from-gsettings/+merge/178344 btw ;-)15:00
kenvandinethe accounts plugin is no longer getting loaded, since the path changed15:00
kenvandineand i uncovered the pkgconfig file is broken :)15:00
seb128kenvandine, https://code.launchpad.net/~seb128/ubuntu-system-settings/sound-improve-display-name/+merge/178587 I meant15:00
kenvandineoh... i looked at that yesterday and forgot to give it an ack15:01
asacseb128: can you sit tight on not uploading new X without checking with olli?15:02
asacand kgunn?15:02
asacseb128: in general, please always coordinate any upload yuou do :)15:02
asacwith them15:02
seb128asac, sure, can we do that the other way around too? they just broke armhf with their Mir work :p15:02
seb128asac, which broke unity7 and system settings (and other stuff)15:03
asacseb128: if you can phrase what you want from them, then yes15:03
asacso yeah15:03
asacseb128: was that the initial landing?15:03
seb128asac, yes15:03
asacright. for initial landing they shlould also have reached out to you :)15:03
asacbut having both sides trying, will ensure that at least one side will do it15:03
seb128asac, when you say "new X", is that for new versions, or any upload (like trivial patches, bug fixes, etc)15:04
kgunnseb128: asac ack15:04
kgunnseb128: i think we just need a xmir smoke test added to whatever tests you currently run for uploading new x changes15:05
kgunnmake sense ?15:05
asacseb128: any upload... just coordinate with your MIR friends :)15:05
seb128kgunn, asac: yep, that makes sense15:06
seb128kgunn, do you have any wiki/documentation on "how to test xmir"?15:06
kgunnseb128: right now ...smoke test is boot, make sure unity-system-compositor is running & unity7 is up (on free drivers that is)15:06
kgunnseb128: http://unity.ubuntu.com/mir/15:07
seb128kgunn, unity-system-compositor is not installed by default in saucy, does it mean th... thanks, that website has the infos I wanted ;-)15:07
seb128kgunn, asac: I will make sure we test xmir and let you know in advance of coming uploads so you have time to test as well15:08
seb128mlankhorst, ^15:08
kgunnseb128: yeah...today you have to install u-s-c15:08
seb128mlankhorst, before any xorg upload, please make sure to test xmir and check with the Mir guys that everything is ok for upload15:08
mlankhorstyeah was fun to find out from saucy-changes that xmir was uploaded :P15:08
kgunnbut thats the hump we are trying to get over15:08
mlankhorstand a bit annoyed that a random snapshot of xxv-ati.git was uploaded to enable xmir support on, but I'm going to correct that by tagging a release of a random git snapshot of upstream xxv-ati.git :P15:12
kgunnmlankhorst: by random, you mean out of synch & not necessarily tested in the non-xmir config ?15:15
kgunnthats a good point15:15
mlankhorstyeah and by basing on a release it means other distros will support the same thing too15:16
kgunnRAOF: ^15:16
mlankhorstbut I'm doing a release of xxv-ati shortly, it's just a lot of work :P15:16
mlankhorsttesting if make distcheck passes, testing the unpatched debian, testing patched ubuntu, sending out release mail15:17
kgunnmlankhorst: i assume same applies to nouveau & intel15:17
kgunnor are we better coordinated on intel ?15:18
mlankhorstintel has someone doing regular releases, so it's less harmful15:18
mlankhorston nouveau there isn't much development, so it stays closer to upstream already15:18
kgunnstill we should have gone to the trouble right before the push into main to get on your git tag15:20
mlankhorstbut yes I was hoping you at least tested it on the same hw without mir :P15:20
kgunnmlankhorst: we do test fallback....15:21
kgunnbut not extensively...more like...it booted ? yea, good15:21
mlankhorstbut I was hitting a crash on stopping xserver with mir + intel sna15:21
mlankhorstand didn't see a -dbg package for xmir, so valgrind on x becomes less useful15:22
seb128oh, it's meeting time15:30
seb128qengho, mlankhorst, tkamppeter, attente, (desrt?), (larsu?): hey, it's meeting time15:31
seb128short list this week with people in holidays and those are confs15:31
seb128I hope everybody is fine15:31
seb128let's get started15:31
seb128qengho, hey15:31
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seb128ok, no qengho15:33
seb128mlankhorst, hey15:33
seb128going to be a short meeting it seems :p15:34
seb128tkamppeter, hey15:34
tkamppeter- Make sure cups-browsed always sets and removes queues on the local CUPS daemon, not on a remote one where client.conf is pointing to.15:35
tkamppeter - GSoC 2013: Midterm evaluations.15:35
tkamppeter - Bugs15:35
tkamppeter - test installation of Ubuntu Touch on Nexus 715:35
seb128tkamppeter, thanks15:36
seb128attente, hey15:36
attenteseb128, hey15:36
attentedebugging ibus-anthy not working with ibus 1.515:36
attentecleaned up i-keyboard and have a working version under lightdm, plan is to distro-patch accountsservice for the time-being15:36
attentei-keyboard tests failing, no idea why15:36
seb128do you have a merge request for the lightdm indicator?15:37
attenteseb128, not yet, i'd have to do one for the accountsservice patch first15:38
seb128do you have an url for the failing test?15:38
attentecyphermox posted this yesterday: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5952631/15:39
cyphermoxyeah, that's the best I could get from sbuild15:39
attentethinking about it a bit more, i guess it's not related to missing ibus15:39
seb128seems like an XDG_RUNTIME_DIR issue maybe?15:39
seb128does it happen in a pbuilder? how can I reproduce?15:40
cyphermoxit does fail in my PPA; I'll hack the rule file to cat that test log too so we know for sure whether it's the same thing15:40
seb128cyphermox, thanks15:40
seb128let me know when you get a log15:40
cyphermoxseb128: apparently it doesn't fail in pbuilder15:40
attenteyep, no problems using pbuilder on my end15:41
seb128ok, weird15:41
seb128let's wait for the ppa build log15:41
seb128attente, thanks15:41
seb128cyphermox, thanks as well ;-)15:41
attentethanks seb12815:41
seb128desrt, larsu: any of you around/wanting to do a status update (next week once you are back from GUADEC is fine too)?15:42
larsuseb128: I am, I think desrt is in a discussion15:42
larsuso here I go...15:42
larsu- GUADEC!15:42
larsu- indicator-messages: gave a branch to dednick that uses the new architecture15:42
larsu- indicator-sound: make it use the new MPRIS watching code I wrote (waiting for review)15:42
larsu- gsettings-qt: fix occasional crash on x8615:42
seb128larsu, I hope GUADEC was/is good ;-)15:43
seb128thank for the gsettings-qt fix, that was driving me crazy15:43
seb128the settings app kept hitting it for me15:43
larsuseb128: thanks!15:44
seb128some days I think people just break i386 to make me move to a 64bits install :p15:44
larsuseb128: GUADEC was awesome, yes15:44
seb128larsu, thanks15:45
seb128so, me15:45
seb128* system settings:15:45
seb128- some UI tweaks and bug fixes15:45
seb128- implemented the dash privacy option15:45
seb128- made the sound capplet write a real config (and read it/restore state), sent a merge request for the phone app to use those (waiting for review)15:46
seb128- reviews15:46
seb128* updated poppler to the new version (adding qt5 support), spent some time daily with the soname change/transition15:46
seb128* quite some settings backend discussions: silent mode/greeter config/file picker/reset15:47
seb128* spent at least a day going over the current missing feature and the things that block us/are missing, talking to people about those and filing bugs15:47
seb128* spent most of the day today in discussions about xmir/libhybris/armhf issues (breaking some of the build and CI), that's being resolved15:48
larsuwow, quick meeting today :)15:49
seb128thanks everyone15:49
seb128didrocks, ^ your turn now or in 11 minutes, as you wish15:49
didrockslet's wait for the right time :)15:49
didrocksthanks seb128!15:49
seb128(did anyone had comments/questions/things to discussion meanwhile)15:49
seb128didrocks, yw15:49
kenvandineseb128, oh... maybe that is what is breaking the systems settings build on armhf15:49
kenvandinelinker errors15:50
seb128kenvandine, it is, see my email to the ue list15:50
seb128it's also breaking unity7 CI15:50
jasoncwarner__hey everyone15:53
seb128kenvandine, well, hopefully that's fixed today, we can turn off the build tests otherwise if needed15:53
seb128jasoncwarner__, hey, how are you?15:53
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seb128jasoncwarner, welcome back!15:53
jasoncwarnerhey seb128 good, thanks. now that I'm (finally) home ;)15:53
kenvandinelanding the fixes for the accounts panel depends on getting systems settings published... grrr15:53
kenvandinehey jasoncwarner!15:53
jasoncwarnerhey kenvandine !15:54
seb128kenvandine, yeah, where would be the fun if we were not stucked on stuff like that15:54
kenvandineseb128, indeed...15:54
kenvandineseb128, so question for you15:54
seb128kenvandine, turn off the build tests if you really want to land the fix...15:55
kenvandinemardy has a branch for uss-online-accounts that adds a new clients API, so accounts plugins can build qml-plugins... etc15:55
Mirvkenvandine: FYI I pinged renato about the phone stack AP problem but didn't get reply https://bugs.launchpad.net/address-book-app/+bug/120834315:55
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1208343 in address-book-app "AP test address_book_app.tests.test_contactlist.TestContactList.test_contact_list failing" [Undecided,New]15:55
robrujasoncwarner attending a meeting? what??? ;-)15:55
kenvandinethat also adds an OnlineAccountsPlugin.pc file to the uss-online-accounts package15:56
kenvandineso the clients can get paths, etc15:56
kenvandinei'd hate to add a -dev package just for that file :)15:56
kenvandineseb128, how do you feel about that being in the uss-online-accounts binary?15:57
kenvandineMirv, thanks15:57
Mirvrobru: how's your trip going?15:58
jasoncwarnerhey robru !15:58
robruMirv, GUADEC is amazing, thanks. so many cool people here. but the heat is a bit more than I can bear.15:58
robrujasoncwarner, hey!15:59
Mirvhey jason as well15:59
seb128kenvandine, that's fine, that package is not a lib15:59
kenvandinegood :)15:59
Mirvrobru: great, I'll be glad to read any GUADEC reports :)15:59
robruMirv, actually I *just* sent one to warthogs ;-)16:00
kenvandineseb128, between mardy's changes and mine that are pending for the accounts plugin, we have a huge diff16:00
kenvandine 48 files changed, 3380 insertions(+), 127 deletions(-)16:00
Mirvrobru: ooh!16:00
Mirvok :0016:00
didrocksgood morning robru, Mirv, kenvandine, cyphermox! metting time :)16:00
seb128kenvandine, quite some diff indeed!16:00
robrudidrocks, *yawn*, good morning, ooooh soo early ;-)16:01
* kenvandine waves16:01
didrocksrobru: ahah, don't fake it! still in Europe right? :p16:01
kenvandineseb128, i hate to turn off the tests... but damn... i gotta land this!16:01
robrudidrocks, lol, yeah. 6PM here in Brno... I could get used to having meetings at this time ;-)16:01
didrockshey cyphermox! welcome back from holidays ;)16:01
didrockssil2100 is probably enjoying some sun and sand (or rather, enjoying unpacking his boxes for his new accomodation)16:02
robrudidrocks, wait, no timo or lukasz?16:02
didrocks18:01:13           Mirv | \o16:02
didrocksI see a timo :)16:02
robruwait, Mirv is timo?16:02
Mirvrobru: yeah I just deduplicated myself16:02
Mirvit'd be nice of course if there'd be both Timo and me16:03
cyphermoxoh, ah, perhaps I should say that I'll re-enable indicator-network tests in head/indicators, I noticed they are still disabled16:03
didrocksI see robru's world collapsing :)16:03
Mirvrobru: :D16:03
didrockscyphermox: excellent \o/16:03
robruMirv, terribly sorry, this whole time I've had no idea who you were.16:03
Mirvrobru: hahaha :)16:03
didrockslet's start with Mirv thus!16:03
didrocksMirv: any update? I see you are getting quite a lot of work on the spreadsheet :)16:04
Mirvyeah, a lot of stuff ongoing, maybe slightly too much to get everything done quickly enough. the latest is Qt Creator update I'm now working on, and there's also Qt 5.1 work that's not on the list like I updated qtmultimedia16:04
didrocksMirv: should we take some load from you then?16:05
Mirvtwo items that'd be ready for review is u1db-qt MP to get it to sdk stack and qt3d sponsoring, for didrocks16:05
didrocks(I'm thinking a bout the new packages I added)16:05
didrockscan someone help on u1db-qt?16:05
Mirvdidrocks: I'd welcome that, I don't see myself getting that far on the list immediately16:05
didrocksI'll look at qt3d16:05
robrudidrocks, please assign me some work. I've had very little on my plate all week.16:05
didrocksrobru: you were at GUADEC, that's why :)16:06
didrocksrobru: are you back right now in crazy timezone?16:06
didrocksor wait for eow?16:06
Mirvdidrocks: I mean, those two are ready, and seb reviewed u1db-qt, the only part missing is acceptance of the addition to the stack config16:06
robrudidrocks, yeah, but I see desrt and larsu getting work done. GUADEC isn't a vacation ;-)16:06
robrudidrocks, I fly home on friday.16:06
didrocks(like, can we assign you some work NOW that needs to be done urgently)16:06
didrocksah excellent16:06
didrocksso, let me reshuffle a little bit the spreadsheet16:06
robrudidrocks, how urgently? I need to run a couple errands after this meeting but I can do some work later tonight (within a few hours)16:07
didrocksrobru: not that urgent :p16:07
didrocksrobru: before eow16:07
robrudidrocks, yeah, for sure, assign me some stuff for EOW please.16:07
Mirvthank you16:07
didrocksrobru: so, I assign to you the u1db-qt review, the 3 new packages and indicator-keyboard to help cyphermox on it16:07
didrocksor rather, ubuntu-settings-components16:08
didrocksrobru: sounds good? (look at the spreadsheet, just updated)16:08
robrudidrocks, ok, put it in the spreadsheet and I'll look at it soon16:08
didrocksgreat :)16:08
robrudidrocks, ok, great16:08
didrocksthanks robru16:08
didrockshope that can help the poor Mirv ;)16:08
cyphermoxindicator-keyboard will be done before eow16:08
didrockscyphermox: good! and you think you can tackle the libcolumbus ABI transitioN?16:09
didrocksI CCed you on the email IIRC, right?16:09
cyphermoxI might not have seen it if it landed yesterday16:09
didrocksyeah, it was yesterday16:09
didrocksstill on email catchup? ;)16:09
cyphermoxI got it16:09
cyphermoxI don't keep my nose in email, it's too distracting16:10
cyphermoxI only check a couple of times a day16:10
didrocksI think that's enough for now, I'd probably have still new packages this week and will ping you directly16:10
cyphermoxshould I do my update, if robru is done?16:10
didrocksI think so, please do yours :)16:10
didrocks- suburn because of ETOOMUCHSUN16:11
didrockswhat else? :)16:11
cyphermoxattente was waiting for a clearer logs for the failing tests in indicator-keyboard16:11
cyphermoxattente: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/146919005/buildlog_ubuntu-saucy-amd64.indicator-keyboard_0.0.0-0ubuntu1~mtrudel2_UPLOADING.txt.gz16:11
cyphermoxthe tests fail, we need to fix those, then I'll be able to enable indicator-keyboard and add it for the autopilot testing and all, assuming it has tests :)16:11
cyphermox^ despite the above, it really is a failed build16:12
cyphermoxdid some work reviewing indicator-network16:12
didrocksis it enabled for dailies?16:12
attentecyphermox, thanks16:12
cyphermoxgetting that ready to land on Touch asap, to cut down on delta on a bunch of things16:12
didrocks(I think it is, right?)16:12
cyphermoxdidrocks: indicator-keyboard? no16:12
qenghoseb128: sorry! Wonky saucy breakage and I didn't see message.  From me:  1) another chromium version released.  2) Upstream released another. Testing. 3) In progress: Reenabling launchpad translation migration in and out.16:12
didrockscyphermox: "indicator-network"16:12
cyphermoxindicator-network yes16:12
seb128qengho, thanks16:12
cyphermoxit landed this morning16:13
didrocksok, nice to see finally an indicator for it! :)16:13
cyphermoxwe have a new nicer indicator-network that kind of works :)16:13
didrocksshould we switch to it on desktop?16:13
didrocksor it's still just "kind" being "please don't"? ;)16:13
cyphermoxlet me get back up from the floor16:13
didrocksI take that as a no :p16:13
cyphermoxsoon :)16:14
didrockssweet! nice progress :)16:14
didrockslet's catch up on those new components, I'm fearing more are coming, so let's get us tight :)16:14
didrocks(also, please help reviewing each other and don't wait for me, i'm already under ETOOMANYTHINGS ;))16:14
didrockskenvandine: I see you are on the phone autopilot failures?16:15
robrudidrocks, alright, will do.16:15
didrocksthanks robru, you may get some more pings during the week (and I'll ensure the spreadsheet is up to date)16:15
kenvandinedidrocks, i was looking, but Mirv beat me to filing a bug :)16:15
Mirvif needed put some links to the spreadsheet others can click and review16:15
didrockskenvandine: please poke as well upstream to get that fixed16:16
kenvandinei'm also trying to get settings published16:16
kenvandineit has fixes that are needed to land accounts stuff16:16
didrocksI was about to ask you that :)16:16
didrocksand cordova-qt, does it need landing soon?16:16
kenvandinebuilds broke because of the linker problem16:16
didrocksyeah, funny mir-related thing :)16:17
kenvandineannoying... :=D16:17
robrudidrocks, victor already asked me to do some packaging for cordova... I have a couple branches in progress there, at least for cordovamobilespec16:17
kenvandineother than that, i've been doing all settings work16:17
kenvandinecellular stuff with ofono-qt16:17
kenvandineand accounts panel16:18
didrocksrobru: please keep kenvandine in the loop on that so that you don't duplicate. And file the spreadsheet so that when I receive a request, I know that it's already handled :)16:18
robrudidrocks, ok, updating now16:18
didrocksgreat kenvandine!16:18
kenvandinei'm not really paying attention to the cordova stuff16:18
kenvandinethat was just while i was filling in for sdk16:18
didrockskenvandine: so it's in robru's hand now? :)16:18
kenvandinei guess :)16:18
didrocksmy turn now16:18
didrocksso, I've spent a crazy amount of time on Mir16:19
didrocksMir is default now, xorg is building on it16:19
didrockslike the drivers16:19
didrocksbut it's not activated16:19
didrockswe need unity-system-compositor for that16:19
didrocksand once again a last minute issue appeared16:19
didrocksdefined as well some criterias for it being default, and for it staying on the release16:19
didrockson a more fun side, I've drafted the first version of the ui for system update16:20
didrocksand helping barry to define the API16:20
didrocks(we did a demo at the IoM)16:20
didrocksunity8 is now landed in the distro16:20
didrocksand finally, some warnings16:20
didrocksa little bit of reshuffling that I just pushed around dailies16:21
didrocksthe goal is to prepare to have dailies every 3h16:21
didrocksbut it also means:16:21
didrocks- as long as a stack isn't really building, you can still be able to do some manual publication16:21
didrocks- if you publish manually a stack, all reverse dependant stack that was waiting for this one to be published will be automatically published16:22
didrocks(to avoid having too many push buttons)16:22
didrocksI think we'll need to have a hangout about it if you don't mind16:22
didrocksmaybe this week as robru is in a sane timezone finally? ;)16:22
robrudidrocks, hah! I was going to ask if we can wait until I'm back home ;-)16:22
didrocksrobru: as you wish, do you feel your connexion won't be enough?16:22
robrudidrocks, no, connection is ok, just unbearably hot here, will feel more comfortable at home16:23
robrufor video chatting ;-)16:23
didrocksok, so I propose that we switch next week meeting for a hangout?16:23
didrocksrobru: Mirv: kenvandine: cyphermox: wdyt? ^16:23
robrudidrocks, ok16:23
didrocksat least, same hour, no need to stay late and so on16:23
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didrocksok, let's plan for it! ;)16:24
didrocksplease think about marking your items as done, I'll archive in a few16:24
didrocksthanks everyone, have a good week!16:24
robrudidrocks, great, thanks! bye bye for now!16:24
didrocks(and if you see daily-release being broken by my change today, a kind email is appreciated for my tomorrow's coffee time)16:24
Mirvthanks to you16:24
didrockssee you robru, Mirv ;)16:25
kenvandinedidrocks, robru: can one of you review this https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/cupstream2distro-config/remove_dupe_from_phone/+merge/17857016:52
didrockskenvandine: trusting you :)16:52
didrockskenvandine: if you deploy, ensure you merge trunk first16:52
didrocksvery important, dangerous changes in :)16:53
kgunnmlankhorst: wrt mir....do you get something similar to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/120871516:53
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1208715 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "XMir fails to start on intel" [Undecided,New]16:53
kenvandineok, i actually deployed this change yesterday :)16:53
kgunnmlankhorst: at least my recent comments16:53
kgunnbschaefer: ^16:53
* bschaefer looks at bug16:54
bschaeferkgunn, hmm, well I can update my laptop here to test that16:54
didrockskenvandine: ah, I probably remove it then16:55
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didrockskenvandine: I deployed from trunk 1h ago16:55
kgunnbschaefer: seems -testing ppa is fine....now the goal is to stabilize what's in main....not sure if xorg moved (or maybe we screwed up by not using what  was already in main, e.g. rebase xorg patches)16:56
kgunnbschaefer: would be good to have another data point - but i  suspect RAOF will need to have a look when he gets on16:56
bschaeferkgunn, alright, well it can never hurt to test main saucy with the testing ppa on intel, which I hope I don't get those intel errors16:57
bschaeferusually bad: intel_drv.so undefined symbol xmir_get_drm_info16:57
* bschaefer restart lightdm16:57
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