mwhudsonit seems that building eglibc does not respect DEB_CFLAGS_APPEND01:43
mwhudsonam i on crack?01:43
infinityIt very much doesn't use dpkg-buildflags, no.  It can't.01:44
infinityWhat were you hoping to do?01:44
mwhudsoninfinity: i guessed it might be special01:44
mwhudsoninfinity: build with -fno-omit-frame-pointer01:45
infinityOn which arch?01:45
mwhudsoninfinity: armhf01:45
infinitymwhudson: debian/sysdeps/armhf.mk01:46
infinitymwhudson: libc_CC = $(CC) -fno-omit-frame-pointer01:46
infinitymwhudson: Something like that should do.01:46
mwhudsoninfinity: add that line?01:47
infinitymwhudson: Yeah.01:48
infinitymwhudson: I thought that was the default on all but ix86 anyway?01:48
infinityThen the manpage lies. :P01:49
infinityOr, misleads.01:49
infinityThough, I'm curious what you're trying to solve.01:49
mwhudsoninfinity: i want perf record -g to do something useful01:49
mwhudsonif frame pointers were mandatory on arm then stack unwinding would be a LOT less full of crack :)01:50
mwhudson(they are mandatory on arm64 i hear)01:50
mwhudsoninfinity: seems to be working, thanks:01:51
mwhudson$ grep no-omit-frame-pointer -c eglibc_2.17-0ubuntu5_armhf.build01:51
mwhudsonnow, i have a benchmark running that's going to take a few hours, this build is going to take a few hours01:52
mwhudsonand it's 2pm01:52
mwhudsontoo early to start drinking?01:52
infinityI dunno, but it's 3am here, might be bedtime.01:52
mwhudsonit's possible01:53
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Taggghello, is branch merging officially discussed anywhere other than launchpad? e.g. mailing lists?03:34
ScottKTaggg: You may want https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-distributed-devel03:40
TagggScottK: that list looks pretty low volume03:41
ScottKIt is.03:41
ScottKUDD is essentially unmaintained.03:41
TagggScottK: is that another way of saying that if i fix a bug and propose a merge, it will likely not be merged?03:42
ScottKNo, as long as the branch isn't out of date, it'll probably be sponsored.  What it means is that it's unlikely that if a branch isn't imported because of a bug, it'll get fixed anytime soon.03:45
TagggScottK: cool, any way for me to gauge how long a fix would take to be merged?03:47
ScottKNot really.03:47
ScottKAlternately, you can make a debdiff of the fix, attach it to the relevant bug in LP and subscribe ubuntu-sponsors to the bug.03:47
TagggScottK: what's the advantage of a debdiff over a fixed branch?03:48
TagggScottK: the fix is a fast-forward from the dev branch03:49
ScottKNot everyone deals with merge proposals.04:05
ScottKThere may be people who don't deal with debdiffs when sponsoring, but I don't know of it.04:06
TagggScottK: alright thanks04:43
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dholbachgood morning07:10
dpmgood morning seb128, didrocks. Could one of you help me with this? -> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-archive/2013-July/046578.html07:55
didrocksdpm: opening a tab, will get to it before EOD if seb128 doesn't beat me :)07:57
dpmthanks didrocks!07:57
didrocksyw ;)07:57
seb128didrocks, thanks, I probably won't, I still have some desktopish review to do in the queue ... I was hopping infinity or others would pick up a bit of NEW review but that doesn't seem to happen07:58
didrocksseb128: yeah, we are NEWing a lot between you and me this cycle :)07:59
cjwatsondarkxst: LP-PPA-* sounds ambiguous; either the owner or the PPA name might contain "-".  I'd suggest finding some different source of input ...08:10
darkxstcjwatson, I know, but there is no other source (this is from the Dependencies.txt on crash reports)08:23
darkxstright now I am just trying all the options until I find a valid combo08:24
ev@pilot in08:27
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evapw: did we ever come up with a signature for suspend/resume failures? Would what apport is using for the title field here (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1117792) be sufficient, or do you think there's a better set of concatenated fields we can key against?08:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1117792 in linux (Ubuntu) "[Hewlett-Packard HP EliteBook 8460p] suspend/resume failure" [Medium,Incomplete]08:55
evapw: we should be seeing other types of kernel OOPSes (ones with OopsText set) with RT 63730, but looking at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=apport-kerneloops&orderby=-id there don't appear to be many of those.08:56
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evjodh: does this look vaguely sensible: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5954467/ ? I presume I cannot use the setuid stanza because I need to first obtain the uid from stat'ing the crash file.09:42
evjodh: trying to mimic what apport does in /usr/share/upstart/sessions/update-notifier-crash.conf, only running apport with elevated privileges if we're dealing with a report from a "system" user (uid < 500)09:43
pete-woodsdidrocks: hi! I've forgotten who I'm supposed to talk to to get launchpad projects into CI - something tells me it's you, but then maybe my brain is broken?09:43
evthough perhaps we could just always run it as the user, never running as root09:43
didrockspete-woods: for upstream merge, it's fginther09:44
didrockspete-woods: for getting to distro, it's me :)09:44
pete-woodsdidrocks: I'd like to get into distro :)09:44
didrockspete-woods: is upstream merger already configured?09:44
pete-woodsdidrocks: I could only say no, as I don't really know what that is09:45
pete-woodsguessing it pushes stuff into debian somehow09:45
pete-woodsbasically I've set up 3 new launchpad projects, and checked they build with a recipe in my own private PPA09:45
didrockspete-woods: no, it's what is taking a MP and merging to trunk09:45
pete-woodsdidrocks: then no, I've literally just created projects and branches myself09:46
didrockspete-woods: ok, can you get that done first? then, we can talk about distro ;)09:46
pete-woodsdidrocks: is that something I can set up myself? or do I ping someone else?09:47
didrockspete-woods: you need to ping fginther09:47
pete-woodsokay, cool, will do that then - thanks! :)09:47
didrockspete-woods: do you have the project links so that I can already prepare what's needed?09:47
pete-woodsdidrocks: https://launchpad.net/libqtdbustest https://launchpad.net/libqtdbusmock https://launchpad.net/indicator-network-prompt09:48
pete-woodsdidrocks: they depend on each other in that order, too09:49
didrockspete-woods: thanks!09:49
jodhev: looks ok. I'd be tempted to quote all occurences of $MATCH though. If the stat fails, the job will exit too, but I guess that's probably desirable behaviour anyway.09:50
evjodh: ah, good catch. Will do09:51
dokodidrocks, seb128, sil2100: ping10:54
didrocks(context would be great)10:54
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pete-woodsfginther: good morning! - when you get chance, would you be able to set some more projects up to do CI for me?12:36
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fgintherpete-woods, morning! No problem. Can you ping me again in 30 minutes if I don't get back to you first?12:56
pete-woodsfginther: of course! :)12:56
tseliotstgraber: are you around?13:29
stgrabertseliot: yep13:36
fgintherpete-woods, I have some time now13:49
pete-woodsfginther: cool, basically it's 3 new launchpad projects13:50
pete-woodsfginther: https://launchpad.net/libqtdbustest https://launchpad.net/libqtdbusmock https://launchpad.net/indicator-network-prompt13:50
pete-woodsfginther: I've set up recipies that build to my own PPA to verify the first two should build already13:51
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fgintherpete-woods, are all three indictor related?13:52
pete-woodsfginther: only the last one, the first two are general purpose for anyone using at and dbus who wants to write tests13:52
pete-woods*at -> qt13:52
fgintherpete-woods, thanks. I'll ping you when I have them setup13:56
pete-woodsfginther: awesome, thanks :)13:56
fgintherpete-woods, has indicator-network-prompt been reviewed by the integration team for daily-release?13:57
pete-woodsfginther: no reviews have been done yet, I just wanted to have my tests running on Jenkins for that really13:57
fgintherpete-woods, not a problem,13:58
pete-woodsfginther: at the moment it won't even produce a deb file most likely :p13:58
fgintherpete-woods, ack13:58
seb128diwic, hey14:03
tedgcjwatson, Is there any issue with the main inclusion of click, or is it just a TODO and paperwork?14:09
cjwatsonJust paperwork I think14:09
cjwatsontedg: I don't think there'll be any particular issue; jdstrand et al might want to take the opportunity to do an updated code review, I suppose14:14
tedgcjwatson, Okay, cool.  I was just being asked by the Unity team about it, making sure there wasn't any blockers.14:14
tedgI need to update to click 0.3 as well.14:15
cjwatsonAre you OK with that extension I added?  I realise it's not quite everything you asked for, but I think it should do the job ...14:15
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tedgYes, I think that it's fine.  I'm still a bit worried about having a section called "hooks" in the manifest, but it's a semantic argument at this point not a technical one.14:16
cjwatsonYeah, I thought you might mention that.  I might rename that at some point, but backward-compatibly14:16
jdstrandcjwatson: does click-apparmor need to be adjusted to use Hook-Name?14:19
jdstrandcjwatson: or changed in some other way for 0.3.014:20
cjwatsonjdstrand: Not if you're already calling it apparmor.hook; and AFAIK there's only really one consumer of apparmor so I don't see the point14:20
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diwicseb128, oh sh* missed the meeting :-(14:52
diwicseb128, terribly sorry14:53
diwicseb128, it fell out of my head completely :-(14:53
seb128diwic, no worry, we settled for doing things the simple way in a first iteration14:53
seb128diwic, lool took notes and updated https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/touch-silent-mode14:53
seb128diwic, we are going to just teach the phone/messaging/notification services to respect a gsettings key at first14:54
seb128diwic, then we can work on a better solution later as resources permit14:54
seb128diwic, we can have another meeting about the better solution later if needed14:54
diwicseb128, okay, that sounds reasonable14:55
looldiwic: Ah, and I looked for you on another irc channel, I should have checked here too15:01
seb128lool, I pinged him here at the start of the meeting, he just replied15:01
seb128lool, e.g wouldn't have make a difference15:01
seb128lool, so don't blame yourself about it ;-)15:01
diwicall blame on me15:03
loolcan do!15:05
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tseliotslangasek: sorry to bother you again, are you back for the sprint and up for reviewing an SRU?15:50
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slangasektseliot: I am back - which SRU, the fglrx one still?16:03
tseliotslangasek: bug 119894216:04
ubottubug 1198942 in nvidia-prime (Ubuntu) "Hybrid Graphics and general enablement for fglrx and nvidia in Precise for 12.04.3" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119894216:04
slangasektseliot: right16:04
tseliotslangasek: thanks16:04
jamespagedoko, any plans around re-merging distribute/setuptools?16:23
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ev@pilot out16:31
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dokojamespage, go ahead if you want =)16:40
dokomaybe the delta can be dropped now. didn't check16:41
jamespagedoko, I guess thats a 'no plans' then16:41
jamespagedoko, distribute re-merged into setuptools AFAICT16:41
dokojamespage, yes, that too. didn't find time for that. just updated debian to the last distribute version16:42
jamespagedoko, I'll take a look and see then16:42
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mitya57jamespage: you may want to coordinate that with barry — he posted some thoughts about that @ https://lists.debian.org/debian-python/2013/05/msg00104.html17:35
jamespagemitya57, thanks for the pointer -will do17:35
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dokomitya57, jamespage: well, I would like to see the current one first in testing / saucy, then update18:10
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slangasekYokoZar: can you rebuild your ppa wine packages for the gphoto transition?22:16
slangasekYokoZar: also, why is saucy still at wine1.4?22:16
Ghoul_Hi. I built a custom 3.8.0 kernel because I need to use my own DSDT. I followed instructions for copying the config over from the stock kernel and then built the kernel using `make deb-pkg` and installed it. When I boot I get dropped into grub shell and theres no drive devices under /dev/. The command line params being passed to the custom kernel are the23:02
Ghoul_same as the stock kernel. Stock kernel continues to boot fine.23:02
Ghoul_Any ideas?23:02
sarnoldGhoul_: did you make / update the initramfs / initrd?23:03
Ghoul_I tried to, but I may not have done it correctly23:03
Ghoul_I certainly did the initramfs but I don't remember doing initrd23:04
sarnoldtwo different names and technologies for what's essentially the same thing. if you did one, you're probably fine..23:05
Ghoul_I just ran it again, I'll quickly reboot and see if that fixes anything23:07

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