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linux-user-web-dВсем привет!07:01
linux-user-web-dI am use git, php. mysql, nginx, debian, jEdit, gnome-3 classic desktop, firefox, gedit, mysql client for queries...07:04
xmppwokkiHi! I'm currently searching for a new distro to install. My main goals are newest software and kernel updates and gnome 3 experience. So ubuntu gnome seems much my needs. :-) I have a free questions about updates, installation and future support off this distro.10:28
xmppwokkiWhat it's the difference in updates between u/gnome and original ubuntu? Does automatic update offers kernel update? I suppose u/gnome uses ubuntu repositories, will one have different or the same result if just add gnome to classic ubuntu this way: www.itworld.com/software/358051/install-gnome-shell-38-linux-mint-1510:40
xmppwokkiSorry for missprints, I'm using swype on android. much*match free*few 10:44
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homeHi I have an issue and, to be honest, I am not entirely sure where to ask it. So, I would love whatever advice I can get even if it is to try another channel. --I have installed a couple of games from the repos and they all have a tendency to move the cursor/character to the top left of the screen as if i was pressing the <left> and <up> keys20:10
homethe games affected so far are Tumiki Fighters, Alex the Alligator, Frogatto and Titanion20:12
homeother games I have installed are not affected and it doesn't seem to happen in any other app. any ideas?20:12
homeif this doesn't sound like a ubuntu-gnome issue what channel should i ask on?20:23
homei think i just started ibus, is that a problem?20:27
jbichahome: I don't know, there are a lot more people in #ubuntu and you could try http://askubuntu.com/21:12

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