antarusdid someone futz with the precise netboot images recently?00:24
antaruswe are seeing this weird problem:00:29
antarus08/05 14:47:45 INFO |logging_ma:0560| 2013-08-05T21:30:55-07:00 anna[4924]: WARNING **: no packages matching running kernel 3.2.0-50-generic in archive00:29
antarususually this just means our mirroring is b0rked00:29
antarusbut we checked and it appears to be working00:29
antarusthe linux kernel is, but d-i only has modules00:30
* antarus is still likely to blame mirroring somewhere00:30
antarussorry, to be clear, the netboot kernel is 50, but our mirror only has modules for 5100:39
antarushence anna being angry00:39
infinityantarus: Yeah, -50 never hit updates, but the d-i did.  A bit of a screwup, will be fixing first thing when I wake up.01:06
antarusinfinity: ok thx01:07
antarusinfinity: I was going to file a bug, but I figured I'd ask in here, seeing as if it was on your end, you'd know already ;)01:07
infinityMeh, maybe I'll just upload against the current -updates kernels now, and then re-do it for the .3 kernels later.01:14
infinityantarus: Should be fixed in -updates in a few hours.  Tis building right now.  I didn't realize how broken it was when Colin brought it up earlier today, sorry.01:21
antarusno worries01:24
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gaalderingGood afternoon :)14:07
gaalderingI want to create a preseed partman expert recipe with the following layout: /dev/sda with bootable lvm, ext4 on /, /dev/sdab with lvm, swap14:08
gaalderingThis works fine if i set it up by hand, but im having a hard time doing this with partman-auto in Precise14:08
gaalderingSo, 2 disks, both with their own lvm...14:09
gaalderingIs this possible that anyone knows?14:09
cjwatsonxnox: ^- could you help gaaldering out?14:14
cjwatson(on the phone)14:14
xnoxgaaldering: what's /dev/sdab ? second drive? or it all just a single one.14:34
xnoxgaaldering: it sounds like you can just do partman-auto-lvm, if you need to tweak sizes an example recipe from http://www.gasid.org.uk/2012/06/debianubuntu-preseed-lvm-and-expert_recipe/ should do it.14:35
xnoxgaaldering: note the separate /boot partition though.14:35
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gaalderingxnonx: sorry got pulled away into some meetings as well15:17
gaalderingxnox: i made a type, so i have 2 disks, sda and sdb, on sda i want a bootable / in lvm, on sdb i want swap in lvm15:18
xnoxgaaldering: i see.15:18
gaalderingright now im getting 1 volume group, a free ext2 /boot, and some more madness :(15:18
gaalderingis it possible to partition 2 disks in precise preseed?15:18
xnoxgaaldering: yeah, then above advice doesn't apply. Let me figure this out.15:18
xnoxgaaldering: yes, it should be possible to partition 2 disks in precise preseed.15:19
gaalderingand, does partman understand it if i want to have 1 / partition ext4 in lvm, and boot from that?15:19
gaalderingto me it seems partman really wants a /boot partition somehow15:20
gaalderingbut grub 2 can boot lvm just fine15:20
xnoxgaaldering: whilst grub 2 can boot of lvm, the installer and grub2 package isn't configured to allow that in precise.15:21
xnoxgaaldering: thus you will need a separate /boot partition.15:21
gaalderingyou mean in preseed?15:22
gaalderingif i do this by hand this works just fine :)15:22
xnoxgaaldering: yes, it will be part of the expert recipe. as expert recipe defines everything.15:22
gaalderingok, so what your saying is that partman does not support a bootable lvm ? :)15:22
gaalderingor let me rephrase it15:23
gaalderingits not supports by the preseed answers....15:23
gaalderingthats too bad :(15:23
xnoxgaaldering: hm =) I didn't think it did, but if no warning showed up, it should fine. (the warning - critical d-i error "no bootable /boot defined" or something like that)15:23
gaalderingxnox im surpressing that notice15:23
xnoxah, ok.15:23
gaalderingthe weird thing right now is, that partman gives me a free ext2 /boot partition, and its nowhere to be found in my expert string15:24
xnoxgaaldering: do you want both drives in a single VG or one VG per drive?15:25
gaaldering1 vg per drive15:25
xnoxgaaldering: in that case i'd deploy hacks. Assume that your recipe formats just the /dev/sda (without swap, as you want)15:28
xnoxe.g.: partman-auto/method string lvm; d-i partman-auto/disk string /dev/sda;15:29
xnox(or with a recipe)15:29
xnoxand then in either:15:29
gaalderingi did that 2 years ago :) thought this would be fixed maybe by now :))15:29
gaalderingwhat i did back then is break out of the installer, do a shell script, and go back in the installer15:29
gaalderingsimply because partman doesnt support things that are possible by hand15:29
xnoxin late_command or partman/early_command: setup lvm, vg, lv, format as swap and activate & add to fstab.15:29
gaalderingsomething like that yes :)15:29
xnoxgaaldering: if one specifies: d-i partman-auto/disk string /dev/sda /dev/sdb. With lvm method, both drives will be added as PV into a single VG, and then your LVs will be across both of them.15:30
xnox(with no way to control mirroring/stripping)15:30
xnox(or which LV goes on to which PV)15:31
gaalderingxnox: do you know why partman is not supporting these options? :)15:31
xnoxgaaldering: because I didn't write them yet?! =)15:31
gaalderingxnox: cant we do that ? :)15:31
xnoxgaaldering: so far there hasn't been a pressing need for those. We give users ability to break out into shell and do anything, and that seems to be sufficient so far =)15:32
xnoxgaaldering: UX designers are pressing to remove options =)15:33
gaalderingxnox: those UX designers never tried booting from LVM :)15:33
gaalderingxnox: partman needs more options :) easy15:34
gaalderingxnox: maybe we need better documentation though :)15:34
xnoxgaaldering: when I explained what lvm is, they said - kill all partitioning screens and force use lvm across all drives by default and then we can ignore all partitioning issues.15:34
xnox... until i pointed out that windows/mac dual-boot can't read LVM2 volumes. they got very sad at that point.15:35
xnoxgaaldering: http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/amd64/apbs04.html.en#preseed-partman is very thorough.15:35
xnoxgaaldering: together with ubuntu equivalent, documenting some of the ubuntu specific options.15:36
gaalderingxnox: are you the (partly) author of partman ?15:36
xnoxgaaldering: no, i'm just a minion. =) i have a few patches here and there, and commit access to d-i, but I'm still only a contributor.15:37
gaalderingxnox: partman could use some love :)15:37
gaalderingxnox: you should check dispicable me engineer on youtube :)15:37
gaalderingmini movie15:37
gaalderingxnox: it seems that partman does things by itself which im not telling it to do15:38
* xnox <3 despicable me15:38
gaalderingbut, what your suggesting is break out of the installer because partman recipes do not support booting from lvm15:38
xnoxgaaldering: you can preseed breaking out.15:40
gaalderingim fan of preseed15:40
gaalderingi was hoping to do this native :)15:40
xnoxit can be automated.15:40
gaalderinginstead of shell scripts15:40
gaalderingxnox: is partman hard to dive into?15:41
gaalderingxnox: and make this possible?15:41
gaalderingkickstart supports these things as far as i could find15:41
xnoxgaaldering: no, it's easy. it's all mostly shell scripts =) + debconf (for asking questions, driving logic, preseeding)15:41
gaalderingso but what those ux designers want is not really feasable is it?15:42
xnoxgaaldering: here is an example of using " d-i partman/early_command" to execute a shell snippet to drive things dynamically. http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/amd64/apbs05.html.en15:42
gaalderingxnox: i build that 2 years ago for another custom partioning15:42
gaalderingxnox: raw formatting on disks15:43
gaalderingmkfs.xfs /dev/sda15:43
gaalderingworks like a charm in a vm15:43
gaalderingneeds a grubinstall --force though15:43
xnoxgaaldering: ha =) partman has xfs support these days.15:43
gaalderingtook me 2 weeks of struggling15:43
gaalderingim doing ext4 now15:43
gaalderingi dont get it15:43
gaalderingwhy isnt partman being15:43
gaalderingxnox: say, id take 1 disk with lvm, could i boot from LVM then ?16:08
gaalderingxnox: partman keeps surprising me that what i do by hand does not seem to be possible with partman recipes :)16:11
gaalderingxnox: early_command seems like a workaround to me to get something to work that is not supported16:12
xnoxgaaldering: pre-existing lvm on the disk? recently reuse methods were added to partman ( and i even think it's been ported back to precise)16:15
xnoxgaaldering: sure there is always stuff one can do more, but partman does a good job for an impressive variety of systems/configurations that are suitable for many use-cases.16:16
xnoxthe disparity between interractive vs preseed does intrigue me as well. but i'm not sure how that can be solved.16:17
gaalderingxnox: yeah you are totally right16:19
gaalderinginterface vs preseed incompatability makes it strange16:19
gaalderingif its possible to do it interactively, then why not via preseed :)16:20
gaalderingxnox: could you point me where i should look for the sourcecode of partman ? is that a partman.udeb ?:16:48
xnoxgaaldering: https://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/CheckOut16:49
xnoxis the debian one.16:49
xnoxgaaldering: there are a few ubuntu patches/forks for some of the projects. Those can be found as bzr branches at:16:49
xnoxe.g.: lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/apt-setup/ubuntu for ubuntu fork of apt-setup.16:50
gaalderingim glad everything is in git16:50
xnoxgaaldering: translations are in svn, ubuntu forks are in bzr, debian upstream is in git.16:50
gaalderinglol :)16:51
gaalderinghow do you guys keep this stuff working16:51
xnoxgaaldering: well we have automatic git -> bzr imports on launchpad e.g. lp:apt-setup is the debian-git import, which we merge into lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/ owned branches and upload into the archive....16:52
gaalderingwhy is launchpad using bzr instead of git?16:52
gaalderinghistorical reasons?16:52
cjwatsonCanonical wrote bzr16:52
cjwatsonBefore git existed16:52
gaalderingCool :)16:53
xnoxit's not as bad as it sounds, all of the multiple projects are fairly standartised.16:53
gaalderingit took me some time to kind of master git :)16:53
gaalderingim at least going to try and look in the source how it looks like, and why its doing things that i dont want it to do :)16:54
gaalderingim curious16:54
xnoxgaaldering: bzr is easy. all svn commands map to direct equivalents in bzr + one needs to know "push" and "pull", which by default does sensible things with pushing/pulling tags unlike git.16:54
gaalderingxnox: but the part i want to look in is partman right?16:58
cjwatsonProbably partman-lvm or partman-auto-lvm16:58
gaalderingin regards to the stuff we spoke about16:58
cjwatsonIt'll use facilities from partman-base and partman-auto16:58
gaalderingbut the debian installer actually downloads the partman udebs right?17:02
gaalderingor is that build-in like net-retriever17:02
xnoxgaaldering: depends on the type of the build. can be either.17:03
gaalderingxnox: im mainly interested in partman-auto-lvm and partman-lvm17:03
xnoxgaaldering: server/desktop has them built-in, mini and pxe boot download them.17:03
gaalderingim using pxe network preseed installs17:03
gaalderingautolvm.sh :)17:08
gaalderingxnox: is almost everything in partman written in shell?17:09
xnoxgaaldering: yes.17:10
gaalderingcool :)17:11
xnoxgaaldering: there are things that are not shell, busybox ( to provide /bin/sh ), various filesystem unitilies, partman-server itself, and a few other helper tools for networking and some-such.17:11
xnoxgaaldering: but all of the installer and partman logic is in shell.17:11
gaalderingi think in my case i dont have to go into that much detail17:11
xnoxyeah =)17:11
gaalderingthanks a lot17:12
gaalderingfor pointing things out to me17:12
xnoxno problem =)17:12
gaalderingmy servers are installing in 3 minutes now :)17:13
gaalderingfrom start to prompt17:14
gaalderingnow some nice disk recipe which i can use so resizing vm disks will be easy and im good to go :)17:15
gaalderingdinner time :) thanks again!17:15

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