dolphin-mantomorrow i have to go to work06:27
dolphin-manim so afraid06:27
dolphin-mani always count down the hours until i can go home06:27
dolphin-mani want nothing more than just to stay home06:28
dolphin-manafter the long weekend i feel truly at peace06:28
dolphin-manbut i feel the harbinger of something horrible to come06:28
dolphin-mani am not afraid of my work06:28
dolphin-manits not too bad06:28
dolphin-manbut the employees are horrible06:28
dolphin-manmean, spiteful people06:28
dolphin-manwho say awful things about you behind your back06:28
dolphin-manand insul you when you have headphones on06:29
dolphin-manwhy are they so cruel and aggressive06:31
dolphin-manmaybe im imagining things?06:31
dolphin-manpereceiving insults or slights where none exist?06:31
dolphin-manbu i know better06:31
josedolphin-man: this is not the right channel.06:34
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