robert_ancellRAOF, lightdm.log - http://paste.ubuntu.com/5953288/, X log - http://paste.ubuntu.com/5953289/. Tried with a rebuilt Xorg, but no change00:41
robert_ancellRAOF, any ideas?00:41
robert_ancellalso, any thoughts on bug 1206744?00:41
ubot5bug 1206744 in XMir "black screen on nvidia gt640 with system-compositor-testing ppa" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120674400:41
RAOFHm. My guess is that X is spinning in a loop somewhere; attaching gdb might be fruitful.00:42
RAOFrobert_ancell: Ah, I should respond on that bug, even though my current response is going to be "huh?"00:43
RAOFrobert_ancell: Oh - does XMir start against mir_demo_server_shell? That's easier to test while keeping an active session.00:53
robert_ancellRAOF, I'll try that in a few mins00:53
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RAOFHm. I'm not sure this powerpc build of xf86-video-ati is actually going to start.01:23
dufluI assume it ignores the package name for starters ;)01:28
RAOFWhat do you mean? There's plenty of PPC hardware with radeon chips.01:40
dufluRAOF: "86"01:51
RAOFYeah, that's been wrong since forever.01:57
robert_ancellRAOF, yeah, so I can't run X in mir_demo_server - any debugging ideas? Can you reproduce?04:04
RAOFrobert_ancell: I couldn't on radeon; I'll try again on intel.04:05
RAOFrobert_ancell: There's a new set of drivers in ppa:mir-team/staging which you might want to try, too.04:05
robert_ancellRAOF, I have the drivers from main, which seem to be the latest04:09
RAOFAh, yeah. For intel that's true.04:11
RAOFAh, yes. I really, truly, can't reproduce with current stuff on radeon.04:15
* RAOF reboots to turn on his intel card04:25
RAOFHuh. I can't reproduce the hang, but I *can* reproduce a segfault04:37
robert_ancellRAOF, in XMir?04:43
RAOFIn the intel driver.04:43
RAOFWhich you might not be hitting, because it's in the gen7 accel pathways.04:43
RAOFHm. Although that's clearly a bug in xmir's damage code *somewhere*04:47
RAOFHuh. Yes, that might also be the cause of the unity blankness.05:00
robert_ancellRAOF, so it's only in the new driver? Should I try the old one?05:06
RAOFIt looks like it might be an interaction of the new driver with the new xmir.05:06
RAOFI'm just testing an xserver patch05:07
RAOFYup, that works for intel.05:10
robert_ancellRAOF, the xserver patch? I downgraded the -intel driver and no change here05:10
RAOFYeah, xserver patch.05:11
robert_ancellRAOF, so new xserver release needed?05:11
RAOFLooks like it. Checking that it doesn't break !intel05:11
robert_ancellRAOF, ok, I'll open a bug and file it to you. Should we file bugs against ubuntu/xorg-server or xmir?05:12
robert_ancell(given we're now in main)05:12
RAOFFeel free to tag with xmir.05:12
tvossgood morning05:13
tvossrobert_ancell, RAOF I noticed yesterday that mir from the archive (usc rebuilt on top of it) fails to start with ^Flinker^@linker.c:1095| ERROR: Library '/system/lib/libGLESv2.so' not found05:15
RAOFThis would be on the phone, right?05:16
tvossRAOF, nope, on the desktop :) a bit surprising, isn't it?05:17
tvossdoko_, ping05:17
RAOFYes indeed.05:17
RAOFAh, yes. That does indeed break radeon.05:22
tvossRAOF, for me it happens on Intel05:25
RAOFtvoss: Blank screen?05:25
tvossRAOF, no, fallback to X05:26
RAOFOh, the failure to start.05:26
RAOFThat's a super odd one; is your /etc/ld.conf correct?05:26
tvossRAOF, what am I looking for?05:27
RAOFShould only contain a pointer to ld.so.conf.d/*; that should just contain obvious bits.05:29
tvossRAOF, /etc/ld.so.conf includes files from /etc/ld.so.conf.d05:29
RAOFParticularly, should not contain /system/lib/* anywhere :)05:29
tvossRAOF, i386-linux-gnu_EGL.conf  i386-linux-gnu_GL.conf  i686-linux-gnu.conf  libc.conf  x86_64-linux-gnu.conf  x86_64-linux-gnu_EGL.conf  x86_64-linux-gnu_GL.conf05:29
tvossthat's the ld.so.conf.d contents05:29
RAOFAll looks sane.05:29
RAOFI need to help with Zoë for five minutes; I'll think more.05:30
tvossRAOF, tried the mir_demo_server_shell, hangs my system05:33
duflutvoss: I don't think we support multiple simultaneous servers yet, so demo_server* won't work if you're running USC...05:34
tvossduflu, I'm _not_ running USC :)05:35
tvoss_RAOF, how do we release new xserver and drivers? Is that somehow guarded/gated or do we just push to the archive?05:38
RAOFtvoss_: We just push to the archive.05:43
tvoss_RAOF, I wonder if we should gate that, too. Especially as multiple people could push to the archive05:45
RAOFWell, it's gated in -proposed.05:45
RAOFLike everything else.05:45
tvoss_RAOF, what tests are run in proposed?05:46
RAOFOn the Xserver? None at the moment.05:47
RAOFBut I think we run a full pass of every other component before promoting out of proposed.05:47
RAOFSpeak of the devil!05:47
RAOF'tis didrocks!05:47
tvoss_didrocks, good morning :)05:47
didrockshey RAOF, tvoss_!05:48
* didrocks overslept, not sure if it's because of the UK delay05:48
didrocksRAOF: thanks for -ati, -nouveau!05:49
didrocksok, the mirslave failed the same way apparently05:51
didrocksnow, we need to wait for all dailies to finish to be able to relaunch it05:51
didrocksargh, ati machine down again05:51
RAOFAha! *That's* what was going wrong!05:51
didrocksRAOF: what?05:51
didrocksthomi: around?05:51
RAOFOh, just tracking down some damage stupidity in the xmir/xmir-ddxen.05:52
didrocksRAOF: tvoss_: did you reproduce the issue I was mentionned with latest mir+xorg from distro and u-s-c from daily-build ppa?05:53
tvoss_didrocks, yup, usc fails with  ^Flinker^@linker.c:1095| ERROR: Library '/system/lib/libGLESv2.so' not found05:53
tvoss_didrocks, on my laptop :)05:53
didrocksinteresting, should we blame RAOF and the mesa upload then? :)05:54
didrocksor something else in the linking is looking for it somewhere else?05:55
didrockslike a RPATH05:55
RAOFThat's a tremendously odd lib path.05:55
tvoss_RAOF, which one?06:02
RAOF /system/lib/06:02
tvoss_RAOF, indeed06:05
tvoss_RAOF, seems like mir is compiled for armhf06:05
RAOFYeah, that's what it looks like.06:05
tvoss_didrocks, ^06:11
didrockstvoss_: debian/rules still makes sense though06:12
tvoss_didrocks, right. there is http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/trunk/revision/922 though, not sure, how that might interfere06:13
didrocksit doesn't have the -D<…> specific to android06:13
didrockstvoss_: no, shouldn't06:13
tvoss_didrocks, the one thing that is interesting: if I do an apt-get source on libmirserver0 and try to build locally, the build fails06:13
didrocks$ ldd /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libmirserver.so.0 | grep libGL06:14
didrockslibGLESv2.so.2 => /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libhybris-egl/libGLESv2.so.2 (0x00007f8e46144000)06:14
didrocksafter removing libhybris:06:15
didrockslibGLESv2.so.2 => /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/mesa-egl/libGLESv2.so.2 (0x00007f080cd74000)06:15
didrocksnot sure you are seeing the same issue then06:16
RAOFrobert_ancell: There's a shiny new xserver in mir-team/staging.06:21
tvoss_RAOF, how can we solve that ld issue?06:32
tvoss_RAOF, can we dictate an order for resolving to the linker? seems to me it is alphabetical06:33
RAOFUm. Why is libhybris installed at all?06:33
tvoss_RAOF, it is installed by the platform api, checking why that is the case for non armhf targets06:36
RAOFSo, the problem is that libhybris has claimed the EGL alternative.06:37
RAOFWhich is correct, actually; you *want* it to.06:38
RAOFExcept it makes no sense when not running on an android system.06:38
tvoss_RAOF, right, and that's the case in the archive, too06:39
RAOFSo - is there any particular reason why libhybris should be built on any architecture other than armhf?06:40
RAOFBecause “apt-cache rdepends libhybris” shows there to be a large number of ways for me to accidentally break my system.06:41
tvoss_RAOF, nope, looking at the same output06:42
tvoss_RAOF, either we fix all of the rdepends, or we find a creative way to trick the alternatives mechanism in taking into account the platform it is running on06:43
RAOFWe fix all the rdepends, and not build libhybris on i386 and amd6406:44
tvoss_RAOF, working on the platform api right now06:44
RAOFUnless we're targetting some crazy i386 android hardware it is never correct to have libhybris installed on i386 or amd64.06:44
tvoss_RAOF, right06:45
* RAOF heads to the shops to get dinnerables.06:51
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dokotvoss_, hi06:52
tvoss_doko, hey there :) cancel that ping06:52
tvoss_didrocks, can I filter rdepends by architecture?07:06
didrockstvoss_: not easily, it's better to apt-cache policy07:07
tvoss_didrocks, ack ...07:07
dholbachgood morning07:10
RAOFrobert_ancell: Been able to test with that X server?07:13
robert_ancellRAOF, I'll test nw07:29
robert_ancellRAOF, no, still spins at 100% CPU07:32
RAOFI'll check again locally.07:33
robert_ancellRAOF, Does XMir show a background? Or is a black background what I'd expect to see on success?07:38
RAOFIf you pass -retro you'll get to party like it's 1989 to the eye-bending X root weave.07:38
RAOFOtherwise, yeah. Black background with no cursor is your success criterion.07:39
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robert_ancellRAOF, ah, I still have the cursor so it must not work07:39
RAOFWhich cursor?07:39
robert_ancellRAOF, the Mir cursor07:40
robert_ancellTried with -retro, definitely no background07:40
RAOFGrr. It all works just fine here. Could you run X from gdb and see where it's spinning?07:41
robert_ancellRAOF, yep07:43
robert_ancellRAOF, hmm, I seem to have stopped the X mouse working - any way to reset it?07:48
robert_ancelli.e. my existing X session, so can't copy the output I want to show you :)07:49
robert_ancellRAOF, Weirdly, when I run X from inside Unity it works, and not when I run it from a VT07:51
RAOFThat *is* weird.07:52
RAOFrobert_ancell: ‘sudo modprobe -r psmouse; sudo modprobe psmouse’ might work.07:52
RAOFTo get your mouse back :)07:52
robert_ancellRAOF, nice!07:53
RAOFWhen all else fails, remove the device and retrigger hotplug :)07:53
robert_ancellRAOF, when running it inside Unity under gdb I got a segfault, but not sure if that07:53
robert_ancell's related07:53
robert_ancellRAOF, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5954185/ is the backtrace07:54
robert_ancellbug 120871507:55
ubot5bug 1208715 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "XMir fails to start on intel" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120871507:55
robert_ancellRAOF, were you running X from a VT?07:56
robert_ancellRAOF, so, when I run from a VT stopping X with ctrl+Z stops in a variety of places07:57
RAOFI've never seen that crash before :)07:57
robert_ancellRAOF, first one is main -> InitOutput -> xf86DeleteDriver07:58
RAOFUrgh. Spinning in DeleteDriver again? But why doesn't that occur here?07:58
robert_ancellRAOF, actually, always in InitOuput07:58
robert_ancellGuessing that should have completed..07:58
RAOFCorrect, that should have completed.08:00
RAOFCould you pastebin your xorg log?08:00
robert_ancellRAOF, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5954194/08:01
RAOFUrgh. It's going to be your crazy hybrid laptop again, isn't it.08:03
robert_ancellRAOF, yep, haven't changed hardware here08:03
robert_ancellAt least I seem to hit these problems before other people ;)08:03
robert_ancelldidrocks, hey, the Mir daily landing automatically goes to main now right? I checked the job and it seemed to have gone through without a manual step08:04
robert_ancellRAOF, anything else I can do from this end?08:05
RAOFrobert_ancell: Not unless you particularly feel like getting your elbows into xf86DeleteDriver08:06
robert_ancellRAOF, not particularly, at least not at the end of a night :)08:06
didrocksrobert_ancell: there was a manual publication because of a packaging change today08:07
didrocksrobert_ancell: but yeah, otherwise, it goes straight to main08:07
robert_ancelldidrocks, ta08:07
didrocksno u-s-c running successfully yet though :/08:07
didrocks(see my emails)08:07
robert_ancelldidrocks, yeah, I checked the job there :(08:08
tvoss_didrocks, in a *.install file, can I restrict installation of a file to an architecture?08:09
robert_ancelltvoss_, sounds unlikely!08:10
didrockstvoss_: no, you need to play a silly dance like .install.in -> .install08:10
tvoss_didrocks, do you have an example for that handy?08:10
RAOFdidrocks: Actually, you can have an install.$arch08:10
didrocksRAOF: right, but you duplicate everything08:10
didrockstvoss_: depends on how long your list is ^08:10
RAOFThat is true08:10
robert_ancellok, gtg. Later all!08:11
tvoss_RAOF, didrocks so I would have *.install for everything and a special *.install.armhf for armhf installs?08:11
tvoss_robert_ancell, g'night08:11
didrockssee you robert_ancell08:11
robert_ancellRAOF, please update the bug if you find anything08:11
didrockstvoss_: no, .install will be used if it doesn't find a .install.armhf08:11
tvoss_didrocks, okay, that's why the list length is important :)08:12
didrocksso you need to cp .install .install.armhf08:12
didrocksright ;)08:12
didrocksthink to symlink a .install.arm64 to .install.armhf as well08:12
didrocks(as it's incoming)08:12
tvoss_didrocks, alternatively: can I restrict a binary package in debian/control to an architecture?08:13
didrockstvoss_: yeah, just change "any" in Architectures:08:13
didrocksto "armhf amd64"08:13
didrockstvoss_: for hybris though, check with ricardo, IIRC, they wanted to build on i386/amd64 for some reason08:13
tvoss_didrocks, arm64 it is, right?08:13
tvoss_didrocks, sure, I'm taking care of that right now08:14
* RAOF hits Zoë evening time08:15
didrockstvoss_: right, arm6408:16
tvoss_RAOF, can you give me a quick handover when you are back?08:16
tvoss_duflu, ping08:22
duflutvoss_, pong08:22
tvoss_duflu, hey there. I was wondering if boost::circular_buffer might be of use to you08:23
duflutvoss_: Not sure. I would have to have a good reason to rewrite things and add more dependencies on boost tho08:23
dufluDon't have any such reasons08:23
tvoss_duflu, well, the best reason is that it is tested and in production for some years from my pov08:24
duflutvoss_: My current implementation without boost is much better tested than with boost. :)08:24
alan_gGood morning hikiko08:26
tvoss_duflu, I don't want to discuss this to death, but my pov is that we shouldn't reimplement circular buffers on our own :)08:26
hikikowhen I build mir trunk I get this error: [ 29%] Building CXX object src/shared/input/CMakeFiles/mirsharedinput.dir/android/android_input_receiver.cpp.o08:27
hikiko/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libc_nonshared.a(stack_chk_fail_local.oS): In function `__stack_chk_fail_local':08:27
hikiko(.text+0x10): undefined reference to `__stack_chk_fail' collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status08:27
hikikoany idea what I am missing? (sorry the paste was longer than I expected)08:27
alan_ghikiko: You've probably got out-of-date binaries that make fails to rebuild08:28
duflutvoss_: The case used in my new code is quite different. It is a sequence of three queues in a single ring. Generic circular queues don't handle that08:28
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tvoss_duflu, that just depends on the template parameter then, right?08:28
alan_ghikiko: first try: make clean&&!make08:29
duflutvoss_: No, regardless of parameter it's insuffucient. Boost assumes one head and tail. I need three08:29
hikikoalan_g, it was in a fresh build, I am dist-upgrading to see if I still get it08:29
tvoss_duflu, fair, just saying :)08:30
hikikoalan_g, sorry I hadnt see the ! what does !make do?08:36
hikikoit didn't fix it but it's the first time I see it :)08:36
alan_gIt runs your most recent command starting with "make"08:36
alan_ghikiko: second try: rm -rf * && cmake .. && make08:39
hikikoalan_g, I tried but it didn't fix it... I am waiting dist-upgrade to finish because I might have outdated libraries used by mir :s08:41
hikikobut it was compiling until yesterday08:41
alan_ghikiko: in the same directory?08:43
hikikoyou mean to try cmake in the root dir?08:45
hikikoalan_g, I did the same things I do everytime to compile mir08:46
alan_gI mean was yesterday in the same directory as today?08:46
alan_gIs today a fresh checkout>08:47
hikikoyesterday it was on staging/mir today in staging/trunk08:47
hikikoand the trunk is a fresh checkout08:47
alan_gIf you update to yesterday's revision does it still fail?08:48
hikikolet me check08:49
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hikikoin 928 I get the same error trying 927 now08:54
tvoss_didrocks, related question to *.install: can I have architecture specific symbol files?08:56
didrockstvoss_: yeah, same rule, *.symbol.armhf08:56
tvoss_didrocks, thanks08:56
didrocksyw ;)08:56
didrocksit's a pain to update though, people needs to update both before merging08:57
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tvoss_didrocks, fair, but at least we force people to be conscious09:03
hikikoalan_g, I don't get it in 92509:06
hikikobut I get it in r 926-92909:07
alan_ghikiko: so there's something about -c 926 that disagrees with your system?09:08
alan_gMine is happy, as are the CI platforms.09:09
alan_gWhat does "uname -a" give?09:09
hikikoLinux qubby 3.10.0-5-generic #15-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jul 24 19:44:23 UTC 2013 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux09:09
alan_gyou're 32bit?09:10
* alan_g doesn't know why that would be a problem, but it is an obvious difference09:11
hikikolet's see what's the change in 92609:12
mlankhorstany funny mir bugs for me to look at? :P09:14
hikikoalan_g, do you think I have to fill a bug report?09:15
alan_ghikiko: if you feel like it.09:17
hikikowell if I don't find a way to fix it +send  a patch I will submit one :)09:19
alan_ghikiko: OK. (I think I've got a 32bit VM set up - but it probably needs updating as I only use it for tax purposes)09:22
alan_galf__: can you have quick look over -c 926? hikiko finds it FTBS on her *32bit* system.09:28
alf__alan_g: sure09:30
alan_gHmm, http[s] traffic is timing out. Is chat working?09:38
alf__alan_g: I can read your message09:39
* alan_g decides to restart router before calling ISP09:39
hikikoalan_g https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/120877409:44
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1208774 in Mir "`__stack_chk_fail' error in 926 and later revisions (i386)" [Undecided,New]09:44
tvoss_greyback, ping09:47
greybacktvoss_: pong09:47
tvoss_greyback, hey there :) quick question: which symbols from the platform api do you/unity-mir consume?09:48
alf__hikiko: what does 'objdump -T /lib/i386-linux-gnu/libc.so.6 | grep __stack' say?09:48
hikiko$ objdump -T /lib/i386-linux-gnu/libc.so.6 | grep __stack09:49
hikiko00106b70 g    DF .text0000001a  GLIBC_2.4   __stack_chk_fail09:49
hikikoI ve seen the http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5090881/libgcc-s-so-undefined-reference-to-stack-chk-failglibc-2-4 as well09:50
greybacktvoss_: from platform api, only ua_ui_mirserver_init & ua_ui_mirserver_finish09:50
tvoss_greyback, ack09:51
greybackthat's all that unity-mir & unity8 needs. qtubuntu naturally uses more09:51
alf__hikiko: can you pastebin flags.make and link.txt from build/src/shared/input/CMakeFiles/mirsharedinput.dir/09:53
alf__hikiko: btw, are you building with make -jX ?09:54
alf__hikiko: ok09:54
hikikojust make or make all09:54
hikikoalf__, ^09:57
alf__hikiko: thanks09:57
hikikosomeone in stack overflow says that: add -fno-stack-protector when linking for a similar problem09:58
hikikobut if that was the problem shouldn't we get the error in amd-64 as well?09:58
* alan_g is back via a mobile connection09:58
alf__hikiko: the pastes look normal10:00
alf__hikiko: has dist-upgrade finished?10:01
hikikobefore I build 925 and 92610:02
hikikolet me reboot just in case10:02
smartboyhwalf__, BTW I saw a cmake message10:12
smartboyhwYou have called ADD_LIBRARY for library 3rd_party without any source files. This typically indicates a problem with your CMakeLists.txt file10:12
hikikoi rebooted and got  the error again10:14
alf__smartboyhw: it's ok, just ignore this10:14
alan_ghikiko: any progress?10:48
alf__alan_g: hikiko: I have managed to reproduce this in a i686 chroot. I have found that explicitly linking against libc (-lc) fixes the build issue, but I haven't figured out why we need this.10:53
alan_galf__: thanks, I guess that's enough for hikiko to work around it?10:56
hikikoalf__, thanks cool :D10:56
hikikocould you pls submit the fix?10:57
alf__hikiko: it's a workaround, feel free to use it until we figure why this happens, I don't think it should end up in trunk just yet10:58
hikikook so I just add a -lc in linker flags?10:58
alf__hikiko: yes, in src/platform/graphics/CMakeLists.txt10:59
hikikothank you! :)10:59
alf__hikiko: yw10:59
alan_galf__: My broadband is intermittent at best, so I'm working on laptop/mobile (so I don't want to download 32bit saucy just now). But if you want to assign me the bug I'll pursue it once service is resumed.11:02
alf__alan_g: Sure, feel free to assign the bug to yourself when the networking issues are fixed. In the meantime I will continue investigation.11:04
duflualf__: How badly do we need to block on the lazy allocation optimization?  Reimplementing it has taken 10 hours of my time so far and still not quite done11:09
dufluI mean, it's almost done, and I thought fully covered by tests, but I just discovered a strange bug where a client might get stuck at 40Hz. What is 40Hz?... :)11:14
dufluOh. 40Hz would be a problem with every third frame, of course11:17
tvoss_duflu, which might hint to triple buffering ;)11:19
duflutvoss_: It is. I know11:19
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mlankhorstpushed a bugfix for the xf86DeleteDriver infinite loop11:39
alf__duflu: I am OK with not blocking the current MP for it, as long as it's going to be done soon enough.11:47
duflualf__: That's good. I'm past thinking straight for today anyway11:48
alf__duflu: although, if we don't have this, we can't really test how the new swapper/bundle behaves with double-buffering.11:51
duflualf__: What do you mean? The tests cover double buffering.11:52
alf__duflu: I mean from a visual fluidity perspective, not so much from a correctness one11:52
duflualf__: Yes I know. I have some additional timing tests in mind to add11:53
alf__duflu: e.g. will multi-monitor use cases continue to work as well with strict double-buffering?11:55
duflualf__: Should do...11:55
duflualf__: But again, I'm past thinking straight11:55
alan_galf__: I spotted a mistake in -c 926 - can't see it causing the link problem, but mentioning it: lp:~alan-griffiths/mir/remove-spurious-link-options12:00
alf__alan_g: ok, trying in the chroot12:00
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alf__alan_g|lunch: no difference12:01
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chihchunjust wondering do we have a contributor agreement before submit?13:02
mlankhorsthow do I find matching versions of mir/usc/xorg-server ?13:04
mlankhorsti seem to repeatedly get mismatched versions when trying13:05
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hikikoI am writing the nested display and at some point I need to create a mir surface13:37
hikikoIn the examples we call: MirSurfaceParameters const request_params =13:38
hikiko        {__PRETTY_FUNCTION__, 640, 480, pixel_format, mir_buffer_usage_hardware};13:38
hikikoso, I wonder what size we need instead of 640, 480: the full virtual screen size, something else I have to get from the nested mir? 640, 480 for the moment?13:39
hikikofrom native mir*13:39
hikikoalan_g, alf__ any ideas?13:39
alf__hikiko: Ideally you would need one surface per output I think13:41
hikikowhich means?13:41
alf__hikiko: that you should read the display configuration and create the surfaces accordingly13:42
hikikois it similar to what you do in the gbm display?13:43
=== alan_g_ is now known as alan_g
alf__hikiko: In its final form it should be something like that. Perhaps as a first step just support one surface covering the full virtual screen size as you mention.13:45
mptchihchun, the contributor agreement is linked from here. http://www.canonical.com/contributors13:46
kgunndidrocks: just sanity check my thinking.....i should have everything i need in main except u-s-c13:46
kgunndidrocks: so if i am up to date13:46
kgunni should just be able to rebuild local u-s-c- & install....13:47
kgunnto test right ?13:47
alan_ghikiko: you only need to create a surface when your client asks for one - doesn't that request supply everything?13:47
hikikoalan_g, I am not talking about an egl surface but for the MirSurface I ve seen that we use in mir_demo_client_accelerated13:48
hikikoI guess I have to create such a MirSurface at the nested_display initialization13:49
hikikoisn't it?13:49
hikikoand then initialize egl create the egl surface et c13:49
alan_ghikiko: surely all you need to do is forward the requests coming from a client?13:50
alan_gDoesn't the client do the rest?13:51
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hikikoyes sounds reasonable.. but I am a bit comfused I have to think it a bit more to clarify what is done in the client and what in the server13:53
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=== alan_g|afk is now known as alan_g
alan_ghikiko: Just fill in the unimplemented functions in NestedPlatform?13:58
hikikoalan_g, that's what I started doing: I started from create_display and then added all the display functions to be able to call the constructor13:59
hikikobut maybe it's better to just add an exception there13:59
hikikoand move to the rest of the functions13:59
alan_gAn exception where?14:00
hikikoin the NestedDisplay constructor14:01
hikikomm no14:01
hikikoI have to finish with the display before filling the rest of the NestedPlatform functions14:01
alan_ghikiko: Doesn't the NestedDisplay constructor just need to initialize a pointer to the NativeDisplay?14:02
alan_gWhy should it throw?14:02
hikikoand do nothing more?14:02
alan_gWhat else does it need to do?14:02
hikikothe nested display will just forward every request to the native display?14:03
alan_gI don't know - I don't remember your spike well enough14:03
alan_gBut mostly, yes14:04
kgunndidrocks: ping14:07
hikikoalan_g, what does spike mean?14:09
alan_gThe version you wrote by changing the code at compile time14:10
hikikooh, there I used to initialize egl in the display constructor14:11
hikikobecause that's what every display was doing (and the clients were doing the same) and then yes I was using the native code for the rest14:11
hikikoI was creating a full screen mirsurface14:12
alan_ghikiko: I don't see a need to do anything (e.g. create a surface) that the client doesn't ask for.14:14
* alan_g doesn't know everything14:15
hikikoit sounds reasonable14:15
hikikoI will try what you said14:15
hikikoand if it doesn't work I'll check why initialize egl is necessary14:15
didrockskgunn: take drivers and Mir from distro14:28
didrockskgunn: and u-s-c from the daily-build ppa14:28
alf__alan_g: hikiko: @creating a surface, I think hikiko is referring to the surface(s) acting as screen framebuffers, which the nested compositor needs to get from the system compositor14:29
kgunndidrocks: but i still think u-s-c would need to be rebuilt14:30
didrockskgunn: rebuild from when?14:30
didrockskgunn: u-s-c is rebuilt everyday14:30
kgunndidrocks: oh sorry....you said daily-build ppa14:30
didrocksit was today at 5am utc14:30
kgunnmy bad14:30
kgunndidrocks:  still..i could rebuild....which is what i just tried....after all my updates....interesting it says14:31
kgunnPackage xserver-xorg-xmir is not installed14:31
kgunndidrocks: ^14:31
didrockskgunn: TBH, let's try to tackle one thing at a time14:32
didrocksso, as told in yesterday's email, let's use what we provide in the distro to users14:32
didrockswhich is right now, mir + xorg from distro14:32
didrocks(which has xserver-xorg-xmir)14:32
didrocksand the u-s-c from daily-build ppa14:32
kgunndidrocks: please...its just a test14:34
didrockswhat do you want me to do?14:34
kgunndidrocks: i am trying to understand if i purged/unpinned....updated/dist-upgraded....so i'm totally out of distro14:36
kgunndidrocks: then i built u-s-c.....and it complains no xorg-xmir why ?14:36
didrocksbecause you didn't install u-s-c build-deps?14:36
kgunndidrocks: no, but i did14:36
didrocksapt-cache policy libmirserver-dev14:37
kgunnonly deps were libboost-all-dev & libmirserver-dev14:38
kgunnlemm check14:38
didrockskgunn: I'm interested in the version14:38
didrocksxserver-xorg-xmir is a runtime dep, pulled by unity-system-compositor pacakge14:39
didrocksit's not a build-dep14:39
kgunn  Installed: 0.0.8+13.10.20130806-0ubuntu114:43
kgunn  Candidate: 0.0.8+13.10.20130806-0ubuntu114:43
kgunndidrocks: ^14:43
didrocksok, sounds good14:43
didrocksso, what's your issue? if you install the unity-system-compositor package14:43
didrocks(even the one built locally)14:43
didrocksit should ask xserver-xorg-xmir as a runtime dep14:43
kgunndidrocks: maybe my lack of experience...its complaining on dpkg -i u-s-c.deb about xorg-xmir ....but maybe it installed just fine ?14:48
didrockskgunn: it's normal, dpkg doesn't know about deps and how to install them14:48
didrocksso either you install the dep manually14:48
didrockswith apt-get install14:49
didrocksor you add the daily-build ppa14:49
didrocksand install u-s-c14:49
hikikoalf__, I think so, those are the only surfaces I create (during the initialization) and then I leave the control to the native platform14:49
hikikodo you think I should leave it as it is (I mean do the fixes but as a general design)14:49
alan_galf__, hikiko : I see, that does make sense. Somehow (at least to me) "surface" meant something that the end client requested, not an FB. But I was wrong.14:51
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kdubracarr ping16:52
=== greyback|food is now known as greyback
racarrkdub: pong17:04
kdubracarr, i'm finding i need to restructure the focus mechanism  a bit for having the display configuraiton follow the focus17:05
kdubbasically, i'm going to move all the focus logic out of SessionManager, and into DefaultFocusMechanism17:06
kdubI /could/ use SessionListener... but that looks like something the shell ows/is using currently?17:07
kdublike, i have this feeling that if i override SessionListener, i'll break shell things (or my features)17:07
kdubso i'll try not to use that17:07
racarryes. I think moving things out of17:07
racarrsession manager is the right idea though17:07
kdubright, just wanted to run the plan by you make sure it makes sense :)17:08
bschaeferkgunn, intel working for me, what version of xorg intel do you have?17:15
kgunnbschaefer: lemme check17:15
bschaefer  Installed: 2:2.21.9+xmir15871-2~saucy117:16
kgunnInstalled: 2:2.21.12-1ubuntu117:17
kgunnbschaefer: are you on staging ppa ?17:17
bschaeferhmm strange, thats the highest version you can get?17:17
* bschaefer double checks17:17
bschaeferkdub, hmm no its all commented out17:18
kdubkdub <-> kgunn confusion? :)17:18
kgunnyeah :)17:18
bschaeferkgunn, have you pinned your ppa?17:19
racarrkdub: Didn't you hear you are manager now17:19
* bschaefer shows that version you have is above mine17:19
kgunnbschaefer: no, i'm unpinned17:19
racarryou have a meeting from 10:30 to september 3rd.17:19
kdubhaha :P17:19
bschaeferkgunn, should we have it pinned or not at this pont?17:19
bschaeferracarr, thats a long meeting17:20
kgunnbschaefer: my understanding is that our goal should be to "make it work" for the following....main mir+xorg-xmir along with u-s-c from dialy-next ppa17:20
kgunndidrocks: ^ right ?17:20
didrockskgunn: right!17:21
bschaeferkgunn, welll let me unpin, as this could be why things were working for me yesterday as the ppa was pinned in both the ati/nvidia machine...17:21
kgunnin theory once we get this to boot & run on all hw (intel/nvidia/amd) then we turn on u-s-c (xmir basically)17:21
bschaeferright, it everything should just work :)17:21
racarrstill stuck on surface-configurator. bler17:23
kgunnbschaefer: right :)....so in order of desired "make it work"....its main mir+main xorg-xmir+usc from daily-next ppa....then any other use of staging is sort of secondary (e.g. it would only help in terms of bisecting to what the heck went wrong)17:24
bschaefersounds good!17:24
* bschaefer restarts lightdm17:27
bschaeferkgunn, u-s-c was removed due to a dependency issue, needs libmirserver from the ppa, not main17:29
bschaefer unity-system-compositor : Depends: libmirserver0 (= 0.0.8+13.10.20130730bzr898saucy0) but 0.0.8+13.10.20130806-0ubuntu1 is to be installed17:30
olli_kgunn, do you have a link to the kernel patch we need for radeon support?17:30
olli_kdub, you might know as well, hence ^17:31
* bschaefer downgrades libmirserver17:31
kgunnbschaefer: so this was when you purged ?17:31
bschaeferkgunn, hmm I just unpinned, I thought I was still using u-s-c but nope sorry17:31
kgunnbschaefer: alternatively i think you can just rebuild u-s-c from trunk....17:31
kgunnno matter what....from ppa or rebuild...you always have to install usc17:31
bschaeferyup, ill purge the ppa and just use main17:32
kgunnolli_: sorry...more context ?17:32
bschaeferand install it u-s-c my self17:32
kgunnbschaefer: i am slightly suspicious of u-s-c from daily-build-next...because mir is older in that ppa than it is in main17:32
kgunndidrocks: ^ does my suspicion make any sense ?17:33
bschaeferkgunn, well u-s-c isn't in main17:33
didrockskgunn: you shouldn't look at daily-build-next17:33
didrocksyou should look at daily-build17:33
bschaeferbut yeah, libmirserver in main is very new17:33
didrocksyou will see a build from Mir today17:33
didrockspushed to distro17:33
didrocksand then, a build of u-s-c17:33
kgunndidrocks: arrgggg.....i'm in ppa hell then...17:33
didrocksbuild just after Mir17:33
bschaefercool, well ill just build u-s-c with main with no ppas17:34
didrocks(remember my diagram daily-build-next -> next ; daily-build -> distro)17:34
bschaeferdidrocks, I wasn't sent a diagram!17:34
kgunnolli_: ^ this is why we should avoid ppa propogation :)17:34
didrockskgunn: this isn't propagation17:34
didrocksthis is the base of daily release, there are 2 sets of ppa17:34
didrocksremember what I drew at the IoM,17:35
didrocksbschaefer: you weren't there :)17:35
bschaeferhaha :)17:35
kgunndidrocks: sorry if i am particularly thick skulled....but why is xorg/xdrivers not also in the "daily-build" ppa ?17:43
didrockskgunn: because it's in distro and we don't daily-release them?17:43
seb128kgunn, did I just read you want to become upstream and put those under tests and you daily release? ;-)17:43
seb128kgunn, just sign there ->17:43
bschaeferkgunn, fun no screen error17:50
* bschaefer attempts daily next ppa17:50
arssonDoes my saucy explode if i install usc from here https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-unity/+archive/daily-build ? I don't have any other ppa.17:54
olli_seb128, regarding kgunn's signature... we might have to do something like that though18:13
olli_seb128, with my wicked view of the world, we just updated various bits and pieces of the stack and broke things18:13
olli_and need to come up with something to avoid that18:14
olli_I acknowledge that reality is more difficult & complex ;)18:14
bschaeferkgunn, hey, sooo i get the no screen available error if I have uxa enabled, and with sna enabled intel crashes :(18:23
bschaeferalso with the daily build next ppa, I still get a dependency error when trying to install u-s-c18:26
* bschaefer downgrades libmirserver018:26
kgunnbschaefer: careful....daily-build not daily-build-next (https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-unity/+archive/daily-build)18:29
bschaeferkgunn, well that explains that :)18:29
* kgunn made the same mistake before lunch18:30
bschaeferwell hopefully this will lead to the correct packages18:30
seb128olli_, well, as long as you do the work/have the resources to do it18:40
seb128olli_, but e.g today issues were not due to that18:40
seb128olli_, there are due to a non alignement of the priority/things you focus on and of what is happening outside for that group (e.g some people are so focussed on touch and the phone that they forget that we still support things out of that)18:41
racarrDoes anyone anticipate needing me for anything in the afternoon? If not I am going to swap 12-5 for 8-1 or so18:49
racarrI don't think I am going to make any progress on surface-configuration-interface or client-focus-notifications until I can talk to australites  + europe18:50
kgunnracarr: go for it....see you tonight (hopefully)18:50
* kgunn lost a lot of sleep on the IOM18:51
kdubracarr, is focus per session or per surface?18:56
racarrkdub: There is application focus and surface focus19:00
racarrkdub: Believe it or not it's actually in design documents somewhere19:00
kdubare they tied together always?19:00
racarrno ;) not necessarily19:00
racarrthey can be for now19:00
racarrbut for example, I guess if you are using some app19:01
racarrand you pop up some sort of input utility indow19:01
racarrthen the input utility window should be a type of session that 'can't take application focus'19:01
racarrand the app should keep it19:01
racarrand things like the menu bar, etc19:01
racarrshould still reflect the focused app19:01
kdubyeah, i think though right now, the two are tied together19:01
racarryeah the focused session is just the session of the focused surface19:03
racarrthe shell just needs to be able to see it somehow19:03
tvoss_racarr, input methods are partly handled by the shell, the app can requeest one from mir19:06
tvoss_that's it19:06
racarrtvoss_: Ok19:09
racarrat some points we have discussed, various sorts of utility windows from magnifying glasses to screen rulers to color palletes, etc19:09
racarrso I am just imagining one of them might show up one day19:10
bschaeferkgunn, so im getting a black screen, with the error that there are no screens detected19:10
=== grenadecx||AFK is now known as grenadecx-Ascend
* bschaefer checks lightdm logs19:10
bschaefer[    25.733] (EE) intel(0): [drm] failed to set drm interface version.19:13
bschaefer[    25.733] (EE) intel(0): Failed to become DRM master.19:13
bschaeferkgunn, those are errors i've not seen before, also are you using SNA or UXA?19:13
racarrok, off for a while. back in ~8 hours19:17
kgunnbschaefer: sna19:29
kgunnbschaefer: i can try uxa in a bit19:30
bschaeferkgunn, hmm sna causes my intel driver to die :(19:34
* bschaefer goes back to eating lunch19:35
kgunnbschaefer: ok...gonna try uxa real quick19:43
kdubracarr, i feel like all the focus problems are melting away19:48
racarrkdub: :D well that's good19:53
tvoss_bschaefer, what are you testing right now?19:55
bschaefertvoss_, im testing daily build ppa + u-s-c on intel19:56
bschaefertvoss_, get black screen, with:19:56
bschaefer[    25.733] (EE) intel(0): [drm] failed to set drm interface version.19:56
bschaefer [    25.733] (EE) intel(0): Failed to become DRM master19:56
bschaeferwhen using UXA, and with SNA i get an intel driver crash19:56
bschaefertvoss_, also with UXA, i get the screens found, but not one we can use kind of error19:57
kgunnbschaefer: ...my uxa segfaulting as well20:24
bschaeferkgunn, hmm segfaulting? My SNA is seg faulting, could you paste bin your x log?20:25
kgunnbschaefer: ^20:27
bschaeferkgunn, awesome, thanks20:27
bschaeferkgunn, weeird, thats the seg fault I get running SNA20:28
bschaeferkgunn, and with SNA you get xmir working fine?20:29
kgunnbschaefer: nope...i am segfaulting consistently with sna and uxa20:29
bschaeferkgunn, hmm strange, well possibly this crash is the real problem20:30
bschaeferas this is new to me in an intel crash:20:30
bschaefer[    25.323] (EE) 5: /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libxmir.so (xmir_screen_for_each_damaged_window+0x3c) [0x7f495b3f7e9c]20:30
bschaefersoo possibly  a new push to damage has caused a crash?20:30
bschaefertvoss_, also if you get a chance to look at the pastebin, this is the crash I was getting as well20:31
bschaeferbut its already 10:30 there! Geez, you can look at it tomorrow as well :)20:31
* bschaefer looks at libmir for new changes to damage windows20:33
kgunnbschaefer: yeah...i had to double check a few times...i am certain i am  running the right config...and its damn reliable now....always the same segfault20:35
kgunnbschaefer: good to know you see the same (at least on sna)20:35
bschaeferkgunn, awesome, and I get that crash on SNA, I think my UXA might be config wrong? Or something strange is happening20:35
bschaefersoo ill look into the backtrace and see what that function is doing20:35
kgunnbschaefer: disturbing is the "waitforsomething"20:36
bschaeferkgunn, well its an abstract name :)20:36
bschaeferbut thats in X20:36
kgunn:) i know....just the name makes me anxious20:36
bschaeferhaha yeah20:36
kgunnwait for what ? "something"20:36
kgunnvery helpful20:37
bschaeferit would be nice if it were WaitForEvent at lease, or something20:37
bschaeferbut it could block on any number of things...20:37
* bschaefer wonders if thats part of our xmir patches20:37
bschaeferkgunn, robotfuel are we seeing this crash on an ati/nvidia machines?20:37
bschaefernot the intel bit, but the damage screen in libxmir?20:38
bschaeferif so, we'll at lease know its not the driver :)20:38
robotfuelbschaefer: yes the gt640 on nvidia20:38
bschaeferrobotfuel, very strange!20:38
bschaeferrobotfuel, thanks20:38
bschaeferhmm must be something in the xserver then (possibly?)20:38
kgunntvoss_: ^20:41
kgunnoh sorry you were rebooting20:41
kgunntvoss_: https://pastebin.canonical.com/95525/20:42
* bschaefer wonders what xmir/xserver is doing that is causing different drives to seg fault20:44
tvosskgunn, I have got the crash too, even with the latest intel from mir-team staging20:47
kgunntvoss: same crash? (related to window damage)20:48
tvosskgunn, yeah20:48
bschaeferstrange, tvoss its also on a nvidia machine20:49
bschaefersoo it looks like the problem is coming from xserver or libxmir20:49
* bschaefer thinks at lease20:49
tvossmlankhorst, there is an xserver in mir-team staging. Is that supposed to fix the crash with xmir?20:50
mlankhorstmeh I was working on some fixes, I'll push what I have so far :P20:53
tvossmlankhorst, ack and thx20:55
mlankhorstthere pushed a fix for hybrid shutdown in xmir4.20:57
mlankhorstnot 100% sure if the change for the -dbg is correct, too tired to check.20:58
kgunnrobert_ancell: hey morning!21:05
robert_ancellkgunn, hello21:05
robert_ancellno movement on the intel problem :(21:05
kgunnwell....after most of used the wrong ppa for u-s-c :)21:05
kgunnand finally got it sorted21:05
kgunne.g. to use daily-build not daily-build-next21:05
kgunnwe do have very consistent segfault for everyone21:06
robert_ancellThis is the segfault you mentioned in my bug?21:06
kgunn....repro'd by me, tvoss, bschaefer  using main mir, main xorg-xmir, main xorg-drivers + usc from diaaily-build ppa21:06
bschaeferrobert_ancell, also reports seeing it on a nvidia machine21:06
bschaeferrobert_ancell, robotfuel21:07
* bschaefer needs to dig those logs up though21:07
robert_ancellkgunn, why using the PPA and not just main?21:07
bschaeferu-s-c isn't in main yet21:07
* kgunn now gets to play like didrocks21:07
robert_ancelloh, I see - just the u-s-c from main21:08
bschaeferbuilding u-s-c from trunk I was getting a no usable screen IIRC21:08
kgunndang it.. bschaefer beat me to it21:08
bschaeferthough I need to test that again :)21:08
robert_ancellI think that's a different issue to the one I'm getting, but more severe21:08
bschaeferwell Im getting 2 different errors, when I enable UXA, I get [    25.733] (EE) intel(0): [drm] failed to set drm interface version.21:09
bschaefer[    25.733] (EE) intel(0): Failed to become DRM master21:09
bschaeferand the fact that no usable screen is found21:09
* bschaefer just pushes log to pastebin21:09
bschaeferwhen im using SNA i get that damage seg fault21:09
robert_ancellTo clarify - this is xorg-server 1.14.2-0ubuntu821:09
bschaeferhmm my policy is saying just xorg-xserver:   Installed: 1:7.7+1ubuntu521:10
bschaeferrobert_ancell, but the mir one is: xorg-server-1.14.2$21:11
bschaefersoo yeah21:11
robert_ancellbut is it -0ubuntu8 (the one from main) or -0ubuntu9 (the one from staging). RAOF made a change in the staging version for X damage which is mentioned in your stacktrace21:11
bschaefer  Installed: 2:1.14.2-0ubuntu821:12
bschaeferhmm well I just pulled the source of it as well, and its in the deb patch21:12
robert_ancellbschaefer, can you try -0ubuntu8 from staging?21:12
bschaeferrobert_ancell, sure21:12
robert_ancellubuntu9 rather21:12
robotfuelthis is what I get on ati on the s-c-t ppa, I am writing a bug now https://pastebin.canonical.com/95527/21:12
bschaeferrobotfuel, hmm that should have been fixed by disabling the input to u-s-c21:14
bschaeferrobotfuel, would you be able to look at /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/10*conf?21:14
bschaefererr, well I suppose if it can't open the driver it can't open a GBM device21:14
kgunnrobert_ancell: how come staging is different than main ?...e.g.xorg version ubuntu8 vs ubuntu921:17
* bschaefer would think things get pushed to staging first21:17
kgunnshouldn't we only have main21:17
robert_ancellkgunn, RAOF wanted to test the X damage patch first21:17
robert_ancellkgunn, since X is not managed by daily landing it's really the only way to test "trunk"21:17
* kgunn just wants less ppa's & variables21:17
robert_ancellme too :)21:17
bschaeferkgunn, i do as well21:17
robotfuelbschaefer: that machine is running utah stress tests again, because of a new version of utah I'll download the package to check21:19
bschaeferrobotfuel, alright, well i don't think its the same problem...as it really should be able to load the radeon drivers :)21:19
bschaefer(that seems like the real problem)21:19
bschaeferrobert_ancell, this is what I have in staging:      2:1.14.2-0ubuntu8+xmir3 021:20
* bschaefer goes to install it21:20
bschaeferit removes u-s-c though, but I suppose I can just compile that my self21:20
robert_ancellbschaefer, oh, mlankhorst has overwritten -0ubuntu921:21
robert_ancellI'm not sure what his package contains21:21
robert_ancellbschaefer, yes21:21
kgunnrobert_ancell: was curious about what brandon's testing....so what would be the right combo ?....mir main, xorg staging, local built usc ?21:21
bschaeferrobert_ancell, yeah, I think he just pushed xmir4?21:21
robert_ancellsays 16 mins ago21:21
bschaeferwell ill test xmir3 out first with SNA21:22
robert_ancellkgunn, should be mir main, xorg main, local built usc21:22
robert_ancellAnd usc main soon21:22
robert_ancellUnless there's a specific version of X to test21:22
robert_ancellmlankhorst, around?21:22
bschaefermy libmirs had to be updated to install this ... sooo im no longer running main libmir21:22
bschaeferrobert_ancell, he just went to sleep21:22
bschaefer~5-10 min before you got on :(21:23
robert_ancellbschaefer, you shouldn't need to change libmir - X just requires libmirclient and that's API/ABI stable21:23
robert_ancellhe must have known :)21:23
robert_ancellI wonder why he didn't upload those changes to main21:23
bschaeferright, i am still using main21:24
* bschaefer restarts lightdm21:24
bschaeferrobert_ancell, kgunn running xmir :)21:28
robert_ancellbschaefer, so mlankhorst's change seems to fix the bug?21:29
bschaeferrobert_ancell, well I don't think thats built yey?21:29
* bschaefer double checks nothing else go upgraded to staging21:29
bschaeferrobert_ancell, hmm it looks like my libmirclient1 was updated to staging as well when upgrade xserver21:30
* bschaefer attempts a downgrade21:31
bschaeferdowngrading removes these:21:32
bschaefer  libegl1-mesa-dev libegl1-mesa-drivers libgles2-mesa-dev libmirclient-dev unity-system-compositor xorg-dev xserver-xorg-dev xserver-xorg-xmir21:32
bschaeferor will remove them hmm21:32
* bschaefer update/upgrades to the xmir4 xserver21:35
bschaeferxmir4 is working as well...hmm21:42
bschaeferrobert_ancell, are we able to push these packages into main?21:42
robert_ancellbschaefer, I'll ask RAOF when he comes online21:43
bschaeferrobert_ancell, cool, sounds good21:43
bschaeferrobert_ancell, also mlankhorst said this before leaving:21:43
bschaefer<mlankhorst> there pushed a fix for hybrid shutdown in xmir4.21:43
* bschaefer also assumes there is a change log with that mentioned in there21:44
kgunnrobert_ancell: maybe one thing that would help....when RAOF (or you...whomever is last) end their day....could you send a mail out to the primary stakeholders on what your understanding of what's where....21:53
kgunnjust thinking....i never woulve thot xorg from staging was the key21:53
kgunnand didrocks certainly didn;t know either21:54
robert_ancellkgunn, ok21:54
kgunndoes it make sense? or am i insane ?21:54
robert_ancellkgunn, do you have anyone in particular in mind?21:54
tvoss_robert_ancell, perhaps just a handover mail to mircosmonauts would help21:54
kgunnmlankhorst, bschaefer, me, tvoss_  etc21:54
robert_ancellkgunn, An email to clarify where things come from is good21:55
robert_ancellI don't think we need to wait for EOD for that, or are you referring to broken Xorg cases?21:55
kgunnyeah...it will cut down on didrocks desire to murder someone21:55
robert_ancellthat would be... nice :)21:55
robert_ancellkgunn, hey, just reading about xorg and armhf - we shouldn't be bringing in xserver-xorg-xmir in these cases as I understood it21:57
kgunnrobert_ancell: well...then i got an earful about how we support arm non-android forever...21:57
kgunnbut i think tvoss_ might have solved it with some help21:58
tvoss_robert_ancell, rsalveti will split up hybris, and only the -egl portion of it will install the alternative21:58
robert_ancelltvoss_, sounds good - but is there a widespread problem? libhybris only gets pulled in if you install libmirclient and that's only if you install xserver-xorg-xmir afaict21:59
robert_ancellaha, it seems libhybris is a dependency on compiz-plugins22:00
robert_ancellbut only on armhf22:00
tvoss_robert_ancell, right, but libmirclient depends on libhybris on armhf, as we take the architecture as trigger for: building for utouch (armhf + android bits)22:00
robert_ancellseb128 said "installing xorg on armhf brings in libybris" which I think is untrue22:01
kgunnrobert_ancell: uh....so xorg ubuntu9 is only for raring in staging ?22:01
rsalvetionly if something depends on libmirclient22:01
robert_ancellkgunn, mlankhorst overwrote the saucy version. I don't know why22:01
rsalvetiwhat I'm changing is creating a different libhardware package to be used instead22:01
robert_ancellrsalveti, right, which is not xorg22:01
seb128robert_ancell, installing xorg libs bring in libmirclient1 that brings in libhybris22:02
robert_ancellseb128, only xserver-xorg-xmir depends on libmirclient22:02
seb128robert_ancell, lie22:02
seb128robert_ancell, http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/germinate-output/ubuntu.saucy/rdepends/mir/libmirclient122:02
robert_ancellseb128, ah, libegl1-mesa-dev depends on it..22:03
seb128robert_ancell, yes ;-)22:03
robert_ancellso mesa depends on libmirclient22:03
seb128robert_ancell, which is a build-depends of qt stuff22:03
robert_ancelland pretty much everything graphical22:03
tvoss_robert_ancell, ideally, we would adjust mesa to support multiple vendor-specific egl implementations installed at the same time (we need that anyway)22:04
robert_ancelltvoss_, yeah22:04
tvoss_but the hybris-fix is useful, too, and easier to do right now22:05
tvoss_robert_ancell, egl_hybris would be just another vendor then :)22:05
tvoss_robert_ancell, kgunn the xserver from staging really fixes the startup22:08
kgunncool...so we can actually update our system-compositor-testing ppa as well22:10
bschaefertvoss_, yup!22:10
kgunntvoss_: to be clear...was that with xorg ubuntu9 for saucy that just got overwritten :)22:11
bschaefertvoss_, the version before xmir4 was also working, xmir322:11
tvoss_bschaefer, kgunn it's the one from staging for saucy22:13
bschaefertvoss_, mir staging right?22:13
tvoss_bschaefer, exactly22:13
bschaefertvoss_, yup, i was just mentioning that xmir3 was working before xmir4 was pushed ~1 hour ago22:14
tvoss_bschaefer, ah22:14
tvoss_so what is the difference to the archive then?22:14
tvoss_robert_ancell, ^, can you check with RAOF?22:14
bschaeferthis is the real question :)22:15
bschaeferto what was the problem...22:15
tvoss_interestingly, the slowness is fixed for me with the new xserver :)22:15
robert_ancelltvoss_, yes, we'22:15
robert_ancellre waiting for RAOF and then he can upload changes if they're good22:15
tvoss_or better: with the new versions22:15
tvoss_robert_ancell, \o/22:15
robert_ancellI imagine he'll be here in 45 mins22:15
tvoss_robert_ancell, if we don't meet in the morning, please drop me an email :)22:15
* tvoss_ is hopefully asleep then :)22:15
robert_ancelltvoss_, what do you want in the email?22:16
robert_ancelli.e. why not just check the archive when you wake up?22:16
robert_ancellor subscribe to the bug report?22:16
tvoss_robert_ancell, if it's good, even better :) if not: open issues and what you want the europeans to do22:16
robert_ancellsee you guys in 8 hours :)22:17
robert_ancellwe have team meeting today22:17
tvoss_robert_ancell, right, see you in a bit22:17
olli_RAOF, ping22:24
olli_or is it still too early?22:24
* olli_ needs a world clock applet22:24
tvoss_robert_ancell, is vt switching supposed to work?22:38
robert_ancellolli_, the clock indicator22:39
robert_ancelltvoss_, yes22:39
robert_ancellolli_, I think another 20 mins22:39
tvoss_robert_ancell, not working here22:40
robert_ancelltvoss_, locks up?22:41
tvoss_robert_ancell, yeah, screen just stays as it is, cursor not moving anymore. Switching back to vt6 unfreezes22:41
tvoss_robert_ancell, do I need input support in usc for vt switching?22:42
robert_ancelltvoss_, oh, that is probably fixed by https://code.launchpad.net/~mlankhorst/mir/setsid/+merge/17780022:42
tvoss_robert_ancell, do you find time today to babysit those branches to trunk? I can do reviews tomorrow, too22:44
robert_ancelltvoss_, that's what I'm doing :) The main one is getting the alt+ctrl+backspace fix in. Past all the arguing about how to make it perfect :)22:44
tvoss_robert_ancell, great, I will catch up with the reviews and comments tomorrow my morning. I'm braindead right now22:46
robert_ancelltvoss_, sleep!22:46
tvoss_robert_ancell, ack ;)22:47
kdubracarr, ping again :)22:47
racarrkdub: pong22:53
kdubracarr, so i'm sort of finding myself tempted to put the FocusSetter in the SessionMediator22:54
kdubi think i'll resist htat though, keep SessionManager more of our generic 'handle all sessions' class22:54
kdubis the shell team overriding the SessionManager?22:55
racarrkdub: No. they aren't22:57
kdubah, good :)22:57
racarrI don't think FocusSetter belongs in SessionMediator but I can understand the temptation22:58
racarrbut I think, some component in msh::/the shell, should see that a new surface has been created and contain the policy to focus a new surface on creation22:59
racarrrather than that be part of the 'create surface' request from the frontend22:59
racarrunity will have to customize the policy as things go on, i.e. for focus stealing prevention on desktop23:00
kdubracarr, right... thats how I'm leaning too23:01
kdubkeep that out of the frontend so the behavior is more customizable23:01
thomiracarr: any progress with the mir stress test failing bug?23:12
racarrthomi: No. Kind of freaking out about feature work mostly :)23:15
thomiracarr: OK, you should be aware that this will block XMir from being switched on by default in 13.1023:16
thomi(if you weren't already)23:16
racarrso will client-focus-notifications :(23:17
thomialso, I'm about to start working on getting the stress tests to gate merges to trunk. I doubt it'll happeen in the next week or so, but when that lands no one will be able to merge anything to trunk unless that test passes, so...23:17
thomirobert_ancell: perhaps we can shuffle some people around so this gets fixes?23:17
thomierr, i mean "fixed"23:18
racarrthomi: I understand23:18
robert_ancellthomi, ah, I'll see if we have any shuffling space23:18
racarri am hoping to resolve the rest of my feature work or at least get a solid plan23:19
racarraroun the team meeting tonight23:19
racarrso maybe I will be able to go back to23:19
racarrthe mir-stress bug soon if everything goes well23:19
racarrI dunno23:19
racarrwe need to talk about some things in the meeting23:19
racarrbecause the first part of the stress-test bug fix was rejected on the grounds that we should complete this 'scenegraph' etc23:20
racarrbut it feels to me like the odds of this happening before feature freeze are effectively23:20
thomiat this point in time, I'd recommend the pragmatic approach23:21
RAOFolli_: 8:30 is sometimes too early, sometimes not :)23:24
olli_RAOF, gm :)23:27
RAOFAnd on a shiny new laptop, too!23:27
olli_hey, hlh was curious whether the times you had provided us 2 weeks ago are still valid23:28
RAOFolli_: Yup.23:28
olli_the call didn't get scheduled so far and we just want to make sure it doesn't conflict with vacation or so23:28
olli_RAOF, thx!23:28
kdubRAOF, the multimonitor api for mir has landed...23:28
RAOFolli_: Oh, I could additionally do the same times on Monday and Tuesday, if either of those is easier.23:29
kdubstill hooking up bits serverside, but if you want to get a head start on xmir multimonitor backend, shouldn't change much from this point out23:29
RAOFkdub: Woot!23:30

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