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MooDoomorning all05:59
MartijnVdS\o MooDoo06:49
MooDooalways me n you MartijnVdS at this time of the morning eh!06:51
MartijnVdSyeah, early birds :)06:55
* MartijnVdS gets another worm06:55
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DJonesAnybody using hangouts instead of gtalk on android, have you found a way to only show online contacts instead of everybody regardless of status, I can't find one & googling suggests there isn't a way, resorted to removing hangouts & going back to gtalk on a usability basis08:50
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MooDooDJones: there doesn't seem to be an option08:56
DJonesYeah, that was my conclusion as well08:57
DJonesAh well, I'll stick with gtalk08:57
DJonesI hadn't realised how annoying hangouts was until last night spending 6 hours in A&E and not being able to tell if people were online to let them know08:58
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BigRedS Yeah, I think Hangouts is Google's attempt at BBM09:06
BigRedSwhich, in the process, breaks it being a Jabber system09:06
BigRedSIt also seems impossible to uninstall09:06
mgdmThe Chrome extension on the desktop is a sure-fire way to turn any computer into a space heater09:07
mgdm'cos when it's running, the only thing it will do is make heat and nothing else o note09:07
DJonesBigRedS: Its easy to uninstall, just go to application manager, find hangouts and remove updates, that's reverted back to GTalk, then set the phone not to update automatically to stop it being upgraded09:07
brobostigongood morning evryone,09:09
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BigRedSDJones: Ah! Didn't think of that. I got a new phone instead :)09:24
BigRedSwell, not quite instead, but about two days after installing hangouts09:24
DJonesHah, maybe not the most cost effective method09:24
andylockranHey guys - my apache memory usage spiked at 8:30 this morning, what could the apache logs tell me about which request it was that caused memory to spike?09:27
SuperMattit could only tell you what was being accessed at that time09:29
SuperMattmaybe if you had any errors it might be in the error log, but that all depends how your php/whatever is coded09:29
andylockranyeah, there were no errors to speak of09:30
andylockranjust looking at my munin/newrelic graphs memory started spiking in apache at 8.4009:30
SuperMattthen it can't really help you09:30
BigRedSYou'd need your app to be doing the logging, really, to tell why that is09:38
BigRedSall Apache's done is pass the request off to PHP or whatever and waited for the output09:38
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mungbeanah thats better10:02
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davmor2Morning all10:03
MooDoomorning davmor210:03
SuperMattwould anyone in here be intested in an irc app for ubuntu touch?10:10
MooDooanyone in here got ubuntu touch?10:11
SuperMattsome people do10:11
SuperMattI don't10:11
SuperMattbut I'm interested in using the SDK to create an irc app10:11
SuperMattit's not overly complicated10:11
SuperMattgood place to start learning10:11
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)10:13
SuperMatthooble doop woop bigcalm10:18
AlanBellSuperMatt: yeah, that would be an important application for me, but I am not sure I will get an Ubuntu Touch device10:19
andylockranphew - glad I had newrelic and nagios monitoring the systems.10:32
mgdmIf you have New Relic will it not quite probably have a stack trace of whatever went on?10:34
MooDoodvrr: hello11:19
dvrrhi how  are you11:20
MooDoofine thans11:21
neurodoo doo doo11:22
neurocome on and do the conga11:22
* neuro just had the biggest bowl of cheerios, ever, so a sugar rush is on11:23
* MooDoo slaps neuro with a kipper, calm down young man11:23
MooDoothe wonderful thing about neuro is neuro is wonderful thing ;)11:24
neurojust got an email from the lottery just now, telling me the tickets are going up to £2/line from 5th October11:24
neuroi'd heard mutterings about it, but didn't think they'd actually do it11:24
MooDoobring it in line with the euromillions11:24
neuro3 matches = £2511:25
neuro4 matches = £10011:25
neuro5 = £100011:25
neuro5 + bonus = £50,00011:25
neuro6 balls = £2.5m wed, £5m sat11:25
dvrrMooDoo :  samba server i face  very difficult11:25
neurooh and 5 and 5 + bonus are down from £1500 and £100,000 respectively11:26
MooDoodvrr: what you're trying to setup a samba server?11:26
neuroit's apt-get installable, piece of cake11:26
MooDoodvrr: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/samba-fileserver.html11:26
dvrri  configured samba server  i given sharing also11:26
neurounless you're doing crazy stuff with WINS or domain controllers11:26
MooDoothere are hundreds of tutorials on the net11:27
dvrrbut user permissions read & write11:27
MooDoodvrr: as long as read only = no in the conf file it should be ok11:28
neurofilesystem permissions?11:28
dvrr20  mini back  delete some one  how to find client ip address11:29
neurolook in /var/log/samba/11:29
dvrr20 minutes  back  deleted  samba   share  folder   files  someone how to find11:32
MooDoodvrr: hello11:33
neuroyou should shutdown the system immediately and use extundelete from a live cd11:33
dvrrhow to find  client ip address11:33
neuroif you're using an ext3 or ext4 fs11:33
dvrrext4 fs11:33
MooDoodvrr: if they are at their machine get them to visit http://www.whatsmyip.org/ and i'll show you what it is at top of page11:34
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neuroMooDoo: only useful if the client is not on the same LAN :)11:35
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neurodvrr: what do you mean by "find client ip address", do you mean of a samba client computer? someone accessing a samba share?11:36
dvrrclient same  LAN  only 30 members users11:36
MooDoodvrr: what os do they use11:36
neuroso like i said about 8 minutes ago11:36
neurolook in /var/log/samba/11:37
neuroon the samba server11:37
neuroyou'll see the details of all users accessing shares11:37
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dvrrneuro: i have  only one user11:41
neuroso it should be easy to check the logs under /var/log/samba/ and find the user's details :)11:42
neuroor you could do this: netstat -an | grep ^udp | grep -e :137 -e :13811:43
MartijnVdSneuro: netstat -anu11:43
neurowhich would show you any connections to the samba ports11:43
neuromeh :)11:43
MartijnVdSneuro: which should filter UDP for you ;)11:43
neuroit should indeed11:43
MartijnVdSalso, 445?11:43
neuronetstat -an | grep -e :137 -e :138 -e :44511:44
MartijnVdSgrep -e ':13[78]|445' ?11:44
MartijnVdSgrep -e ':(13[78]|445)' ?11:44
neurotoo early in the morning for those kinds of shenanigans11:44
MooDoocrikey just run ipconfig on the machine that's trying to connect and grep the logs for it's IP lol11:45
MooDoosorry did I sound frustrated there?11:50
neuroa smidge11:50
MooDooooops ;)11:50
neurodon't worry, i do that all the time11:50
MooDooI wasn't lol11:51
MooDoogoogle is your friend :D11:51
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arc__hello i can't get back into ubuntu13:26
arc__i can't do grub-install for somereason13:26
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arc__it ask's if /dev is mounted13:29
arc__help plz13:30
Seeker`arc__: if you don't get a response here, it might be better to ask in #ubuntu (the official support channel)13:30
brobostigonwe need more information, simply saying that, doesnt say much.13:31
arc__ok but i will ask here cuz you guys nomaly help anyway13:31
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arc__how do i use grub-install14:01
MooDoohttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing this help arc__ ?14:02
arc__ok it is cuz when i do grub-install /dev/sda is says is /dev monuted14:04
MooDoonot sure have a read around of that page i sent you, there are other options you can look at14:06
arc__ok but that should work it did before but i did a xp install14:07
directhex... *is* /dev mounted?14:20
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bigcalmczajkowski: ping14:38
czajkowskibigcalm: semi kinda pong14:47
* AlanBell pre-orders a phone14:54
AzelphurAlanBell: whatcha getting? :)14:54
Azelphurcool :)14:55
Azelphurhttp://www.vps.me/order might interest people, they are giving away free VPS's, never seen that before o.O14:57
AzelphurI don't think you get a dedicated ipv4 address, but still not bad14:57
* dwatkins wonders how much bandwidth his irssi session uses a month15:01
davmor2czajkowski: prod15:05
czajkowskidavmor2: stabs15:05
davmor2czajkowski: prod15:05
czajkowskidavmor2: stabs15:06
davmor2czajkowski: prod15:06
czajkowskidavmor2: *glares*15:06
davmor2czajkowski: hows the hens settling in now, how's you, how's Jon, how's the new job?15:06
czajkowskihens are good15:09
czajkowskinew house arrived for them today15:09
czajkowskijon is good recovered from his surprise trip to Disney last week15:09
czajkowskijob is excelent :)15:09
AzelphurDoes anyone know if TalkTalk has native ipv6 support?15:14
davmor2czajkowski: nice15:14
czajkowskidavmor2: aye it was a laugh15:15
davmor2neuro: No I haven't had a catch up with czajkowski for a bit :)15:17
DJonesAzelphur: After experience with talk talk at work, I'd be surprised if they had two carrier pidgeons never mind anything involving transmission of electrical signals down wires15:18
DJonesWe moved some lines from BT to Talk Talk and they completely messed (swear filter correction) that up, internet line went down inside a week and took 48 hours to fix15:21
AzelphurDJones: atm I have talktalk continually sending out engineers to disconnect my phone line :)15:22
AzelphurI have to run outside and tell them to gtfo15:22
DJonesHeh, that doesn't surprise me, if they disconnect it, they don't have to fix it15:22
DJonesI thought you were with Sky Broadband15:22
AzelphurI was a while back15:23
Azelphurwhen I got fibre I went with talktalk since they were significantly cheaper15:23
Azelphurnot the greatest of moves15:23
DJonesI may be the only person to be happy with them, but I can't say I've ever had any issues that they couldn't resolve15:23
Azelphuryea, they have resolved all my problems15:25
AzelphurI hate the P2P throttling though, VERY aggressive15:25
DJonesMy parents are with BT at the minute but thinking about going to Sky, I keep explaining to them that moving to Sky won't improve much, they'll still be using the same copper cable to the same long distance exchange15:25
AzelphurDJones: you get some difference, Sky is unbundled everywhere now15:25
Azelphurand BTs hardware was a bit crap last I checked15:26
DJonesYeah, but its not going to improve much above the 3.5Mb they get at the minute with BT15:26
AzelphurDJones: you'd be surprised, I got a second line in my parents house on sky, so same stuff, same house, same everything15:27
Azelphurmy dads enta.net connection pulled about 2-4mbit15:27
Azelphurmine did 1615:27
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DJonesLjL: Thats not a bad improvement, Sky speed checker says about the same speed though for them15:28
neuroAzelphur: sky unbundled everywhere? don't think so :(15:28
neurolook at all those red dots15:28
Azelphurneuro: oh, thought we had 100% unbundled now15:28
neurosadly not15:28
neuroi keep hearing about people on talktalk getting lines disconnected by accident15:29
neuromy boss got hit with that, he was fuming15:29
Azelphurneuro: happened to me /twice/ only been living here a few months15:30
neuroDJones: the only way they'll see a speed boost is to switch to VDSL or cable15:30
neuroAzelphur: really? jeez :(15:30
Azelphursecond time they did it I caught the engineer doing it and told him to plug me back in.15:30
Azelphurneuro: yea, seems they are trying to disconnect a different flat that isn't me, but they have my phone number.15:30
Azelphurso they think my number corresponds to a different flat15:31
neuroi'd put money on them being kelly comms guys rather than openreach15:31
DJonesneuro: Cable is a pipe dream where they live, a few miles from any exchange on a road between villages, with no chance of cable being installed15:31
Azelphurneuro: kelly comms?15:31
neurovdsl/"fibre", then?15:31
Azelphuryea, "fibre"15:31
neuroAzelphur: openreach outsource some of their work to Kelly Communications15:31
neurothey seem to be a bit ... flaky15:32
DJonesFibre.... Lol, more likely to get asbestos fibres than BT Fibre :)15:32
neurodepends how far they are from their cab15:32
neuroi keep typing 'bzip' instead of 'bzip2' and i get this mahoosive reminder of what packages provide the thing i'm probably trying to type :)17:01
neurodid you mean jzip?17:02
neuroso, this should be interesting ...17:03
Haiku_debutantI'm trying out HaikuOS - it's actually kinda usable now. It's still a long way behind Ubuntu - a decade at least - but still I'm impressed17:20
brobostigonwoop :D17:21
neuroipv6 graaaaaar17:22
brobostigonhaiku had ipv6.17:22
brobostigonhaiku has ipv6.17:22
Haiku_debutantI can't try that cos my ISP's router doesn't support it17:23
slvrHaiku_debutant: how's writing software for Haiku? I might give it a whirl17:24
neurofinally, sorted.17:24
neurobeen meaning to sort out ipv6 irc for ages17:24
Haiku_debutantIt seems hard to grasp, but I lack experience slvr17:25
brobostigonit is more or less based on c++ and the BeOS then Haiku api.17:25
neurohad to do like 3 levels of certification on he.net in 5 minutes to get it working properly (they block outbound irc and smtp by default on their ipv6 tunnels unless you do their online certification)17:25
Haiku_debutantDo any British ISPs give out ipv6 routers? I haven't come across any17:26
slvrah, very BeOS-like? can't be too hard then.17:26
* neuro makes woot noises: http://ipv6.he.net/certification/scoresheet.php?pass_name=neuro17:26
Haiku_debutantIt's supposed to be based on Beos code from the little i've read17:26
slvrthe old BeOS handbooks were *excellent* references back in the day17:27
brobostigonHaiku_debutant: only the deskbar and tracker, which was released as OSS from beos is equal, in system, the rest is compatible but inspired by. and enhanced.17:27
neurowas just about to type that17:28
neurobrobostigon: jinx17:28
brobostigonneuro: :)17:28
neurodoubt the current owners would ever give away the code17:29
brobostigonneuro: tracker and deskbar were opensourced by BE before they went bust, but i would agreed as the BeOS source as a whole.17:30
Haiku_debutantI never used Beos. A lot of people came across it as an early example of a live CD; is that right?17:30
neuroyeah, i was meaning the lower level stuff17:30
brobostigonHaiku_debutant: not just that, but installing a running a system from a system image, and booting off that.17:31
* neuro loved it17:31
brobostigonHaiku_debutant: directly off that FS image.17:31
neuroi had R3 running on a dual pentium pro with 256MB RAM17:31
Haiku_debutantHaiku was easy to install - though I did have to read the instructions - it's along time since I had to do that with any Linux system17:32
slvrthe BeBox was the shiz.17:32
neurooh how i wanted one17:32
* brobostigon puts his hand up proudly. :)17:33
Haiku_debutantI'm runing it on a P4 1.5 with 512Ram17:33
neurojeez, that cpu was a glint in Intel's eye when I was running it :)17:33
neurobah, search ebay for bebox and it says "0 results found for bebox, so we searched for bebo" and it's all womens shoes :P17:33
brobostigonagreed, those who have one, keep hold of it, and will almost never sell it.17:34
davmor2neuro: Suit you sir, womens shoes, sir, suit you sir17:34
Haiku_debutantHow much would one expect to pay for a bebox if it could be found? Is it collectable?17:34
neuroit's rare as hens teeth17:34
Haiku_debutantI'm out then :(17:34
brobostigonHaiku_debutant: very collectable, i wouldnt sell mine for less than 4 figures.17:35
neuroi'll give you a fiver17:35
neuroplus a fiver17:35
neuroplus a fiver (you see where this is going)17:35
brobostigonnot a chance.17:35
neurowhat speed is yours?17:35
brobostigonquad 333mhz.17:36
neurodid you swap out the 603s or something?17:36
brobostigonlook it up, they made very few of the model.17:37
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neuroaccording to le wiki, they never got past the 66 and 133 models with dual 603s17:37
Haiku_debutantSo that would be in the region of 486s or not comparable?17:38
neuroprototype quad 604 which "never saw the light of day"17:38
davmor2Man I want a prototype version just to be able to say I have a hobbit powering my machine :017:39
neurotwo hobbits!17:39
brobostigonneuro: yep, those, i was lucky, to get my hands on one, as i was in nda with BE as doing some planned design.17:39
neuroHaiku_debutant: powerpc 603 is probably close to a low-end pentium in terms of capability17:40
Haiku_debutantI don't own anything rare, except may a Dreamcast (200 quid at most probably)17:40
neuroif you had a massive bundle of games and accessories, maybe17:41
neurosomeone is selling one with 10 games and two joypads for 35 quid on ebay right now17:41
brobostigonthe issue is, so few come on the market, that that adds immense price to them, when they do.17:41
neurowell yeah17:41
neurolike i said, hens teeth :)17:42
brobostigonyep :)17:42
neuroi really should dig out my dreamcast from my Pile of Stuff and play it again17:42
neuroVMU batteries are probably long dea17:42
neurobut i have a vga adapter and the ethernet adapter :)17:43
Haiku_debutantI don't really understand why the Dreamcast failed so badly. It was as good as anything else at that time17:44
brobostigonHaiku_debutant: remeber the betamax ?17:44
Haiku_debutantGood point17:44
neuroHaiku_debutant: read this: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/dreamcast-a-forensic-retrospective-article17:45
neurothe saturn was the real issue17:46
neurono-one had confidence in sega after that17:46
daftykinsthat thing was a battleship of noise17:50
neuroquieter than an xbox 360 though :)17:50
neurolooking at that second pic, i forgot how much STUFF i had!17:51
daftykinsmaybe a launch model17:51
daftykinsoh yeah if i could go back and stop myself with some crazy purchases17:52
daftykinsbut eh, i suppose it was fun17:52
neurodreamcast, gamecube, ps2, xbox (long since sold), saturn, psone, tivo (also long since sold) ...17:52
neurothe psone and ps2 were both the fault of the duty free Dixons at edinburgh airport17:52
neuroi paid for, and signed the preorder form for my ps2 while getting last called to the gate :P17:53
daftykinspressure moment17:58
daftykins'BUT GADGETS!'17:58
diddledangadgets always beats cattleclass air travel18:47
diddledanit's like rock paper scissors in that respect18:47
diddledanalthough technically gadgets is the trump-all18:48
diddledannothing can beat gadgets18:48
shaunoI found my weakness in Atlanta, gadget vending machines18:48
diddledanshauno: :-o18:48
MartijnVdSshauno: don't go to Japan then.. beer vending machines18:48
diddledangadget vending machines? as in you don't have to "win" them?18:49
MartijnVdSput in your CC, an ipod pops out?18:49
diddledanthey have those machines here that pretend to be a skill-based game18:49
diddledanand when you win, you look at the box and realise it's an android 2.smth clamshell laptop with 8inch screen18:50
shaunohm, a beer vending machine would come in handy right now18:51
diddledanheh, google just announced in my inbox (perverts) that you can use git to deploy direct to appengine (seriously, perverts!)18:53
mgdmthat's pretty common among PaaS providers18:53
diddledanit's new to google tho18:54
diddledan"introducting the google cloud console" ooh yeah baby "the google cloud console provides a _unified_ console for managing your google cloud platform services, including all google apis" *gasm*18:55
diddledanwhy do google make product announcements sound sexual?18:57
diddledanor is it just me that notices it?18:57
diddledanwe've reached the 0.25 stage on indiegogo tho, which _is_ sexual18:58
diddledanWHART?! ubuntu edge is cheaper than an apple ipwn?! and people still aren't buying into the scheme in their droves?? that's nucking futs!19:00
diddledanthe ubu-touch mailing list has been alive with argument over how canonical "should" have run the campaign to ensure it succeeds. it's carnage.19:02
MartijnVdSwe have a saying in Dutch:19:02
MartijnVdS"De beste stuurlui staan aan wal"19:02
MooDoodiddledan: glad i'm not on that mailing list then :D19:03
diddledanMartijnVdS: dare I ask?19:04
MartijnVdSdiddledan: stuurlui = boatsmen, "aan wal" = on shore/at the docks19:04
diddledanthe best sailors are those that stay ashore?19:05
MartijnVdSdiddledan: well no, you have to imagine people shouting "NO LEFT" "NO THE OTHER LEFT" from shore, while the guy doing the actual work is doing his best19:05
MartijnVdSdiddledan: so they seem to be the best, but they're not actually19:05
MartijnVdS"the best coaches are always in the sands" seems to be people translate it?19:06
diddledanwe have that when someone's reversing a car "left hand down a bit.. left hand down a bit"19:06
diddledan*crunch* "left hand down a bit"19:07
MartijnVdSAlternatively, someone suggests: "bachelor's wives and maiden's children are well taught"19:07
MartijnVdSstrange language blogs 8-)19:07
diddledanreally, every language is strange except your own19:08
MartijnVdSThat's true.19:08
shaunonah, my language is strange too.  english is full-on psychotic in places19:08
diddledanshauno: heck yes19:09
MartijnVdSthough I learned basic English at such a young age, I don't even remember learning it19:09
MartijnVdSshauno: but that's the great thing about it :)19:09
diddledanMartijnVdS: I wish foreign languages had been taught to me at an earlier age than they were19:10
MartijnVdSInfinite punning is a great feature of English :) (though apparently, French has this ability as well)19:10
daftykinswhat determines whether KMS is enabled or not?19:10
diddledanhad to wait until I was 13(?)19:10
MartijnVdSdiddledan: I still hate French and German because I could never get the articles right19:10
MartijnVdSdiddledan: 12-13 here for French/German19:10
diddledanI never understood German, but French kinda made sense to me19:10
diddledanexcept knowing whether it's feminine or masculine for a noun19:11
MartijnVdS9-10 for English, but I had a computer so it's more like 5-6 (and my grandmother watched a lot of BBC)19:11
diddledancomputer ftw19:11
MartijnVdSdiddledan: I can read German fine, and French ok-ish.. Spanish is usually a bit easier.19:11
diddledandaftykins: I believe it's always enabled for any driver that supports it unless specifically turned off on the kernel commandline19:12
shaunoI think exposure's the big thing.  computer/internet for one, countries that don't dub TV/movies, etc19:12
MartijnVdSshauno: yeah we get subtitles19:12
diddledansubtitles are much better than dubbing19:12
diddledanimagine the whole slew of foreigners who don't know how Homer Simpson really sounds?!19:12
shaunoI think the other catch we face is that we're taught that impersonating someone's accent = making fun of them.  it's not striving for accuracy, it's fawlty towers19:13
shaunoer, /s/face/fact19:13
MartijnVdSdiddledan: D'oh!19:13
shaunodiddledan: I've watched the simpsons in czech.  it was funny for all the wrong reasons19:14
MartijnVdSI've watched a marathon on US TV around christmas19:14
MartijnVdSwell a week before19:14
MartijnVdSthat was weird.. 24h of Simpsons :)19:14
diddledanphoo, tiring19:14
daftykinsdiddledan: this guys got a 13.04 install on a macbook where the liveCD boots but the install doesn't after trying bumblebee once (and reinstalling)19:15
diddledanI've given up trying to stay awake 24 hours straight. I just can't do it19:15
daftykinsdiddledan: the xorg.conf from the LiveCD (well USB) shows KMS enabled and carries on booting with nouveau, whilst the installed version flags KMS disabled and doesn't pick nouveau19:15
daftykinsoops not xorg.conf. Xorg.0.log19:16
diddledanI would guess there's vestiges of the nvidia-driver still on the system19:16
daftykinsit's a clean install19:16
diddledanthat really doesn't make sense then19:16
daftykinsit all broke after bumblebee so he wiped it19:16
daftykinshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5955910/ <--working LiveCD19:16
daftykinshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5955911/ <-- broken install19:17
daftykinscurious bit after line 24119:17
daftykins(in both)19:17
diddledanline 153 says it's still trying the nvidia driver19:18
diddledanin the second19:18
diddledanmaybe the installer detected the presence of nvidia hardware and included the nvidia driver as part of the post-install cleanup when it downloads mp3 etc.19:19
daftykinsboth bits are in both19:20
diddledanoh, you're right. I overlooked that19:20
diddledandonno then :-p19:20
daftykinshmm does it really put additional drivers on from install these days 0o19:20
daftykinsi got him to boot the original kernel in case it was an update thing19:20
daftykinsbut no change apparently19:21
diddledancan he paste dmesg output?19:21
diddledanrats >.<19:22
daftykinsyeah :(19:22
diddledandmesg is the mother of all diagnosis tools for broken hardware :-)19:22
daftykinsodd that KMS is somehow on in one and off in another19:23
daftykinsi doubt there's anything during install that'd auto add 'nomodeset' to the boot param? because that would do it wouldn't it?19:23
diddledanmight be worth checking the grub.conf in case19:24
diddledanin the broken install - line 7: Kernel command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-3.8.0-27-generic root=UUID=7854a770-a291-47ca-ba3d-10a1d6ac2d8f ro nomodeset19:25
diddledanso yeah, it looks like something's playing silly with grub19:25
daftykinsoh deary me19:25
daftykinsgood call, sir19:25
daftykinssadly he was a web chat user and is gone :'(19:25
diddledanwell if he comes back we know his problem and the solution now :-)19:26
daftykinshow in the 'eck did that get there19:26
diddledanno idea19:26
daftykinsperhaps his reinstall wasn't a true nuke-from-orbit19:26
diddledanis nuke from orbit really the best option these days with death stars available?19:27
MartijnVdSdiddledan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDL0KAm9Cbs19:28
diddledansurely five-into-one laser beams from orbit are better than nukes :-p19:28
diddledangrr, it won't play without flash >.<19:28
diddledandamned youtube19:28
MartijnVdSdiddledan: youtube-dl19:28
diddledanaha, that's a nice tool19:32
MartijnVdSalso works on several non-youtube video sites19:35
daftykinsdiddledan: thanks btw!19:36
daftykinsmajor delay ^19:37
diddledannp :-)19:37
MartijnVdSwoo! my patch made it into OpenWRT trunk19:38
daftykinswhat does it do? :o19:39
MartijnVdSdiddledan: it enables the CoA/DAE server, so you can send "Disconnect-Request" packets19:39
MartijnVdSdaftykins: (which force-disconnect an authenticated (using WPA-Enterprise) client)19:40
brobostigonwoop, cool. congrats MartijnVdS19:40
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: the server was there, I just added a way to configure (and thus enable) it19:40
brobostigonMartijnVdS: ah, :)19:41
neurothe well thought out campaign continues apace: http://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/1jqyas/submit_your_ubuntu_edge_campaign_perk_ideas_here/19:45
daftykinsMartijnVdS: good work sir.19:46
MooDooneuro: well thought out spelt, make it up as you go along?20:07
shaunoare they still doing the thing where the price keeps going up?20:07
MooDoonot sure, think they're up yto 13434234234 different perks now20:07
Guest61585don't the iphone and galaxy actually exist? unfair to compare them20:10
=== Guest61585 is now known as mungbean
MooDooI think the ubuntu one exists, at least a couple in prototype20:11
=== mungbean is now known as Guest57010
Guest57010in light of that, 630£ would be about right20:11
directhexunless something absolutely pants-on-head insane happens, e.g. "price drop to compete with nexus 4!", edge is not getting made.20:12
MooDoochrist I'm never paying that much for a phone20:12
neuroif you buy a subsidised phone on a contract, then you *are* paying that much for a phone20:14
neuroyou're just deferring the cost20:14
shaunokinda.  the contract doesn't get cheaper if you're not offsetting a phone here20:18
AzelphurI decided to do some science http://youtu.be/40SonajRmgk \o/20:18
directhexneuro, i like how o2 are now upfront about this, down to having two direct debits - one for phone service and one for phone purchase loan20:20
neuroyeah, i saw that20:20
neuroproblem with that is that it's o2 :)20:21
diddledanAzelphur: that's ay maze zing!20:22
Azelphurdiddledan: ty :D20:22
daftykinsAzelphur: O_O20:22
daftykinsAzelphur: impressive, what's doing the voice translation?20:22
diddledanAzelphur: where's the speach recog done?20:22
Azelphurdaftykins: google20:22
diddledanaah, google play api thingy?20:23
Azelphurdiddledan: tasker can call googles speech API20:23
daftykinsAzelphur: so it basically does speech to text then you do some magic on the text as a command?20:23
Azelphurdaftykins: exactly, it does speech to text and then just HTTP GETS what I said to my python webserver20:23
Azelphurand then the python webserver calls XBMC API20:23
shaunoironman 3?  tsk tsk tsk20:24
daftykinsi think i have a mate who would love your WOL method20:24
Azelphurshauno: XD20:24
neuroshauno: haha was about to point that out :)20:24
daftykinshah yeah there's only that dirty hack of a 'rip' of IM3 out right now...20:24
daftykinsdespicable ;)20:24
neuroAzelphur: nice views from your windows20:25
Azelphurit said it was a 1080p BRRip when I downloaded it, did they lie to me? :<20:25
Azelphurneuro: ty :)20:25
daftykinsi dunno though i still would rather use my remote / the XBMC remote app XD20:25
shaunoneed to ducttape all those blue LEDs though20:25
neurolooks a bit brightony/hovey but i assume tis not20:25
Azelphurneuro: margate20:25
daftykinsAzelphur: if it was in the last couple of days mayhaps20:25
Azelphuronly problem with the WoL is that it's playing up a bit20:25
daftykinsi hear it can be a pain20:26
Azelphurfor some reason, WoL only works if it's in Suspend (if it's shutdown it doesn't work)20:26
Azelphurand for some reason, after a few minutes in suspend, it turns itself back on again (?!?)20:26
neurothis is why i don't futz with WoL :)20:26
daftykinsAzelphur: what was the IM3 rel group? :)20:26
Azelphurdaftykins: dunno, it gets moved into XBMC and renamed automatically20:27
neuroiron man 3 bd, 9th sep ... star trek bd, 2nd sep ...20:28
Azelphurdaftykins: whatever was top on tpb ;)20:28
daftykinsah sickbeard20:28
daftykinsyeah i see no real iron man 3 releases atm20:28
neurothere won't be for at least a week or two20:28
daftykinsyeah i'm a tad familiar with the scene20:29
neuroyou're an odd one, aren't you20:29
daftykinssure am20:29
neurolooks like it's the uk that'll feed the first rips anyway20:30
neuroUS doesn't get IM3 until the 24th20:30
daftykinswowzer UK getting something first O_O20:30
* neuro sits patiently waiting for certain things to appear in matroska containers with 720p x264 video and dts audio ...20:31
daftykinsmm-hmm, DTS ftw20:31
daftykins1080p though fo sho ;)20:32
=== Guest57010 is now known as pass
neurotoo large20:32
=== pass is now known as mungojerry
diddledanok, here's a challenge for pi+xbmc addicts: make it so I can use the pi to watch video bought off google play :-p20:32
=== mungojerry is now known as mungbean_
daftykinsneuro: the 200GB free on my 5TB array may agree with you :(20:33
mungbean_£20pm * 2 years != 800 quid20:33
mungbean_woops sorry, was still scrolled up...old convo20:33
diddledanmungbean_: you can't get an iphone 5 on that price/month20:33
mungbean_samsung galaxy i think is £22pm20:34
diddledaniphone5 = 47/mo20:34
mungbean_thats the mug tax though20:34
mungbean_saumsung my work mate got that £22 deal20:34
neurothree -> 16GB iPhone 5, £29 one off, £29/mo20:34
neuroall you can eat data (no tethering tho), 500 minutes, 5000 texts20:35
ali1234oh, this old chestnut20:35
diddledanthat totals 1421 in costs over 2 years20:35
diddledanhalve it and you have £710 each for the handset and the network20:35
neurois this some new kind of maths i'm not aware of?20:36
diddledanI'm using 48 months = 2 years >.< d'oh20:36
ali1234the "maths" normally involves ignoring the cost of a sim only contract when "proving" that subsidized phones are more expensive20:36
neuro(29 * 24) + 29 = 72520:36
AlanBelldepending on what planet you select, that could be right20:36
mgdmdirecthex: is there a recommended way to make my own apt repo I can fire onto S3 or similar static storage?20:36
mgdmdirecthex: (I figured you'd know...)20:37
neuroso the actual phone calls and stuff bit is a shade under 200 quid20:37
mungbean_i'mk on giffgaff but if i need a new phone ever, i'm gonna have to do sums for a nexus4 type phone v carefully20:37
neuroalmost comparable sim only contract (200 mins vs 500), £12.90/mo20:37
AlanBellI just moved to a sim only contract for the first time, and will be purchasing a handset20:37
mungbean_a contract might be cheaper, even though my monthly fee is 7.50 atm20:37
ali1234since you can't link to G+ comments, here is a pastebin of it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5956369/20:38
* neuro is on something daft like 45 quid a month20:38
ali1234tl;dr subsidized phone on contract is 15% cheaper20:38
AlanBellmungbean_: for £7.50 you can get a 24 month contract on a huawei Y300 which is rather good20:38
Azelphur+1 for the Y300, they are only £70 on payg too20:38
AlanBellI was on £47/month up to today, for a galaxy S2 plus insurance20:39
neuroyou'd be better off buying a sim only deal and plugging the sim into a potato20:39
neurorather than a huawhauhahhuhuwahuhauuauhwuhuhuahuawiiieiiiiii20:39
AlanBellwhich to be fair, I did use when christel pushed me in a paddling pool20:39
ali1234a chinese army potato20:39
neuroyup, one of those20:39
ali1234if you want a dumb phone, get a nokia. nobody makes better dumb phones than nokia20:39
neuro^ This.20:40
AlanBellend of September I should get a Peak+ with firefox OS20:40
neurogood luck!20:40
AlanBellI am quite looking forward to it, I never did anything interesting with Android at all20:41
neurowill be interesting to see how firefox OS plays out20:41
diddledanwas that </non-sarcasm> tinged with a hint of sarcasm? :-p20:41
mgdmdirecthex: never mind, found reprepo :)20:41
AlanBellinstalled the SDK, did the hello world thing, never got beyond that20:41
* neuro is mired in iOS now20:41
ali1234so what?20:41
ali1234what do you want to do with firefoxOS that you can't do with android?20:41
neuroyou can pick up the phone, but you can never leave^W^Wput it down20:42
diddledanI want sugically-implanted computer ships already20:42
neuroand ships?20:42
neurooh ok20:42
neuroone shouldn't have to have a local anaesthetic to change a battery20:43
diddledanI totally want "convergence" to mean that I do everything in VR inside my own head :-p20:43
neuroAR, surely20:43
AlanBellI don't know really, there is all this stuff to tinker with https://wiki.mozilla.org/WebAPI#APIs20:43
neuroor do you plan to have the world re-rendered for you? :)20:43
shaunoI really don't want the NSA logging my brain.  I've seen what goes on in there20:44
neuro"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe ..."20:44
ali1234well, at least firefoxOS has an API...20:45
diddledanwhat's that film where they ran out of advertising space so they implanted the adverts via a surgically implanted chip into your mind?20:45
diddledancomplete with behavioural modification to enforce the purchase/theft of the advertised item20:45
diddledanyes, they considered theft as a valid outcome20:46
ali1234isn't that... lawnmowerman 2?20:46
ali1234hmm... give us a clue... how old is it?20:46
ali1234it's lawnmowerman 2 i'm telling you!20:46
diddledanno, really it isn't20:46
ali1234maybe it happened in that too20:46
mungbean_ali1234: is the only person to have seen LM220:47
mungbean_total recall?20:47
ali1234no, not unless it's in the remake20:47
mungbean_is it a side plot?20:47
ali1234i've seen total recall about 100 times. it's not robocop either20:47
diddledanlawnmowerman2 was where jobe wanted control of a superduper do anything chip that enabled some kind of superpower over the internet20:47
mungbean_ He discovers that this chip also constantly sends advertisements until either the person obtains the product, or they go insane20:48
diddledancompletely fudged the timescale20:48
ali1234i think lawnmower man 2 isn't even the movie i was thinking of20:48
mungbean_i googled film plot implant adverts20:49
mungbean_also similar to final cut20:49
mungbean_Set in a world with memory implants, Robin Williams plays a cutter, someone with the power of final edit over people's recorded histories. His latest assignment is one that puts him in danger.20:49
diddledannot heard of that one20:50
mungbean_that cos the implant man removed the memory20:50
ali1234high-concept sci-fi. they make a couple of them every year20:50
diddledanI really need to install an adblocker20:51
ali1234well, a couple of big ones, and loads and loads of terrible low budget ones20:51
diddledantpb is evil with ads20:51
mungbean_amazingly, 4 baby bottles purchased 3.5 yrs ago all failed in the same week20:56
daftykinsspeaking of Michael Ironside21:11
daftykinsdid you hear he got kicked off Splinter Cell's latest release? :(21:11
daftykins'not young enough to do combined motion capture and dialogue' :(21:11
Intuitionjoin #morphos21:13
diddledanyou know, I like mir - it fixes vnc connections to a unity-enabled desktop which have been broken for over a year now21:26
diddledanvnc connections using the in-built "screen-sharing" app21:26

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