snap-lI have no scientific basis for this theory, but I think my computer video runs faster over HDMI11:40
snap-lIt just feels snappier today11:41
rick_hvs vga?11:41
snap-lI also attribute this to a phenominon I noticed whenever listening to remastered audio11:42
snap-lI'd suddenly hear things, and think " wow, this remaster is really making things pop"11:42
snap-lonly to listen to the old version and realize it was there all along, I was just listening more carefully11:42
snap-lcould be the card as well not having to do something or other11:44
snap-lAgain, nothing in reality to base this assertion11:46
snap-lI <3 crashes related to video drivers.13:34
snap-lMaking me think twice about the AMD card.13:35
rick_hhow does one know that it's related to the video card?13:35
brouschIntel or DIAF13:35
snap-lOne sees segfaults in chrome, X server, compiz, etc.13:35
snap-lIntel can DIAF13:35
rick_hheh, intel or bust on laptops13:36
rick_hbut I'm enjoying my 3 monitor hookup on my nvidia on the desktop13:36
snap-lYeah, Intel is great if you don't care about graphics13:36
rick_hbut care about battery life and crashing :P13:36
snap-lI have a beta driver installed now13:37
snap-lPrice I pay for a newer card13:37
snap-lDidn't have as much problem with the 5450, but it's a slow-mo-fo13:37
snap-l7750 is proving crashy13:37
rick_h660ti works no problems :)13:38
snap-lBut that said, I'm overall pretty pleased13:38
snap-lYeah, I'll bet. If I spent as much on my video card as I did on my past 3 computers I'd be happy too. ;)13:38
snap-lActually 660ti is not as expensive as I thought13:39
rick_hyou buy $70 computers13:39
snap-lWell, I did buy two RasPis13:39
rick_hoh now that's cheating and you know it13:39
snap-lI thought it was a more expensive card13:40
snap-ldamn model numbers13:40
rick_hyea, I mean I didn't shoot the moon on graphics, just the rest of it13:40
rick_hthough it does appear to be 2x the ati one. Figured it'd be closer13:41
snap-lThat's the one that I have13:43
snap-lWanted something without a fan on it13:43
snap-lNot like the rest of the computer is silent or anything, but for some reason I have this thumb-sucking idea that I needed a silent video card. :)13:45
brouschGot a survey call from the "HP Mirosoft Team". I totally destroyed their scripted questions13:53
rick_hat least it wasn't the HP Microsoft Oracle team :P13:54
brouschI love questions about my datacenter. It's 2 dell server towers and a Synology NAS13:58
brouschAnd my network infrastructure is a single 48 port 100mbps switch13:59
brouschMy database infrastructure is Access97 and Postgres14:09
rick_hgentlemen! start your linters! http://www.logilab.org/blogentry/16329215:19
snap-lInteresting listening to a song about the 1990s gulf war twenty years later18:13
snap-l(Hexx - Fire Mushrooms in case anyone is wondering)18:14
greg-gsnap-l: always interesting to hear those old songs saying things people didn't want to believe were true, and now we know they are18:35
* greg-g doesn't know that song18:35
greg-gbut in general18:35
jrwrenis that anything like listening ot songs about the 92 riots 21yrs later?18:42
greg-gjrwren: nice18:43
brouschDamn this celery queue on Windows is annoying to set up. I need celery which needs rabbitmq which needs erlang18:51
rick_hcelery works with redis, or a database even18:51
brouschredis has some unsupported windows port18:51
rick_hI just got through changing the bookie celery use from db to redis which is what I'm working on landing soon18:51
brouschFor database I'm stuck with sqlite or I have to install a real DB18:51
rick_hright now, bmark.us uses postgresql for it18:51
rick_hbut it can use sqlite (single worker though :/) or mysql18:52
brouschIt seems like a lot of work for a queue18:52
rick_hand the celery back end can be on a different machine18:52
rick_hbrousch: it can also use amazon's SQS, though there was a bug when I tried it a couple of years ago18:52
rick_hshoot, there are redis as a service places18:53
brouschI'm going for more compact, not more spread out18:53
rick_hyou can host it on linux somewhere else and talk to it from windows18:53
brouschI want something I can install and run localhost18:53
rick_hpostgres has a nice windows install these days?18:53
rick_hor keep having fun trying to get erlang/rabbitmq on windows18:54
rick_hfeels a bit "damn I can't get this hemi to fit into my go-kart" to me :P18:54
brouschThe instructions aren't bad, but it's a lot of stuff to keep track of between dev and prod18:54
jrwrenbrousch: i hate to suggest mysql18:55
brouschmaybe i should put rabbit/redis on a linux vm18:55
jrwrenbut it really is easy to run out of process, but still uninstalled on windows.18:55
Blazeixi ran redis on windows a while back, seemed fairly painless19:01
brouschSame amount of pain as rabbitmq on Windows, but less supported19:02
Blazeixeven had c# code talking to it19:02
Blazeixoh, well i don't know about the support, but it was trivial to connect to it and start storing data19:02
Blazeixthis was for local development, and maybe ~20 concurrent users19:02
Blazeixso not a seriously hammered app19:03
brouschI won't have more than 20 users in this19:03
brouschActually I can only use 1 worker for this, so sqlite might be good enough19:06
greg-goh god: https://github.com/kennethreitz/autoenv19:07
rick_hgreg-g: yea, that came up at pyohio19:07
brouschIf it's not enough, I'll set up rabbit on linux19:07
greg-grick_h: in a "never ever ever do this" kind of way?19:08
rick_hgreg-g: as in some guy was "I love this autoenv thing, I just wish it would do XX" and Kenneth was there going "I've thought about that"19:08
rick_hFollowed by "...you wrote it?"19:08
rick_hgotta love conferences19:09
greg-g:) yep19:09
brouschThat was funny19:09
rick_hbut yea, it's not my cup of tea19:09
brouschJace got all wide-eyed19:09
greg-gI came across it via http://richardhartmann.de/blog/posts/2013/08/06-High_security/19:09
rick_hI'm pretty much anti-magic19:09
rick_hyea, I think Jace had a good time at the conference.19:10
rick_hwas fun to hang out with a first-timer19:10
brouschHe had a lot of good questions19:16
brouschUsing Django with Python3.3 in my newest application20:40
snap-lany particular reason for this? :)20:59
brouschBecause I am awesome21:01
brouschI need this to stick around for a few years without having to re-write it for PYthon321:01
snap-lBe careful what you wish for. :)21:10

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