scottrigbydedi: so00:03
scottrigbyas a non-ubuntu-os user, i was just looking at the docs here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Irssi00:03
scottrigbyah. Sudo :)00:04
KyleYankanscottrigby: "sudo !!" is a great bash command. !! repeats your last command.00:10
scottrigbyKyleYankan: bang bang FTW!00:10
scottrigbyi just am unfamiliar with ubuntu OS (use ubuntu servers a lot)00:11
scottrigbyJonathanD: so… IRSSI is in the terminal?00:11
jedijfwhere are the winners play00:11
TheLordOfTimejedijf:  i typically only run the other releases to test nginx builds00:11
TheLordOfTimejedijf:  for what I use the other releases for, i really only need to be able to test server packages00:11
TheLordOfTimesince that's where my focus lies00:11
TheLordOfTime(responding to scrollbacks!)00:12
jedijfscottrigby: terminal yes -00:12
scottrigbylol that was the 'user friendly' suggestion00:13
jedijfdepends on the users you ask ;)00:13
scottrigbywhat about automatic connection to a bouncer?00:14
jedijfsome do bouncer - most you know do screen+irssi00:15
jedijfgeneral info ^^^00:17
scottrigbyi set up a bouncer for him a few mins ago… but it's loosing the connection after establishing… for some reason :p00:21
TheLordOfTimescottrigby:  which end is losing connection?00:22
TheLordOfTimethe bouncer to the IRC network, or the client to the bouncer?00:22
scottrigbyTheLordOfTime: good question :p how can we tell?00:23
TheLordOfTimewhat bouncer software00:24
TheLordOfTimewhat version00:24
TheLordOfTimei ask because IT IS ENTIRELY RELEVANT00:24
TheLordOfTimewhoops caps00:24
KyleYankanCaps made it funnier.00:24
scottrigbyhaha yes i liked that00:24
KyleYankanI imagined you SUDDENLY LOSING CONTROL.00:24
* scottrigby looking00:24
TheLordOfTimescottrigby:  when he connects to the bouncer does his IRC channels show up?00:24
scottrigbyZNC 1.0-alpha100:25
TheLordOfTimescottrigby:  where'd you get that from00:25
TheLordOfTimescottrigby:  seriously though where'd you get that from00:25
TheLordOfTime1.0's already stable00:25
TheLordOfTimeit's in 12.04 and later last i checkede00:25
* TheLordOfTime double checks the archives00:25
TheLordOfTimeokay it's in raring, b ut its in quantal and precise backports...00:26
TheLordOfTimescottrigby:  anyways, if *status says "You are not connected to IRC.  Use the 'connect' command to connect" or similar, then ZNC is disconnected from the IRC server (remote IRC network)00:32
TheLordOfTimescottrigby:  if your IRC client just keeps disconnecting from the ZNC you'd know because your IRC client would say "Disconnected (somemessage)"  and then probably try to reconnect00:32
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jthanInHisName: I would be delighted to meet up at fosscon at some point03:51
jthanjedijf: ^ you too.03:51
KyleYankanjedijf is a fosscon fixture. You don't meet-up with him, you prepare for him.03:53
* jthan is preparing 03:55
jthanWhatever happened to IdleOne?04:07
jthanIs he still in Canada?04:07
KyleYankanAnother soul lost to the great white north?04:08
jthanI don't know if "lost" is the right word, but.. Yeah.04:08
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teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys and everything else12:05
jedijfjthan: can't wait - but i think you'll be with bts most of the day!12:24
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dedihello! trying to install drupal on linux 13.04... very new to linux, so ill need to start from scratch xD16:00
scottrigbydedi: is the question "what is the best way to set up a web server on Lubuntu?"16:07
scottrigbyi don't know the answer unfortunately, but i think that's what you want to do16:07
KyleYankanHey dedi, how far along are you? So you have a Apache/MySQL/Perl/PHP installed already?16:10
jedijfsudo tasksel - look for lamp16:41
scottrigbyhey guys so… the file ownership is mostly root:root on dedi's laptop. That doesn't seem right16:47
scottrigbyeven in /var/www16:47
scottrigbyin there i would think we want www-data16:47
pleia2that sounds right16:47
pleia2if it's world readable there is no reason to give access to www-data16:48
scottrigbyso apache can write to it?16:48
pleia2you should restrict that as much as possible16:48
pleia2give www-data access *only* to what it needs to write to16:48
pleia2it's the most risky user on the whole box, choose permissions wisely16:49
* scottrigby nods16:49
scottrigbypleia2: what group do you use when you do?16:49
pleia2I keep /var/www the way it is, then give user access to the webserver files16:50
pleia2so owned by dedi probably, then they don't need to use root to edit them16:50
scottrigbyright yeah. Like uploads directory etc16:50
scottrigbyoh you mean instead of www-data:www-data do something like deci:admin?16:51
pleia2uploads directory probably needs to be writeable by www-data16:51
scottrigbypleia2: ah i see16:51
pleia2so uploads/ would be owned by www-data, index.html and /static-images may be owned by dedi16:52
scottrigbyso /var/www is root:root, the contents are dedi:SOME_GROUP  and the upload (in Drupal the public files directory) is www-data:www-data16:52
pleia2I don't kow about drupal specifically, it may also need to write to some other stuff, the install docs should say so16:52
scottrigbyis there a good default group for www-data?16:53
pleia2(some webserver docs tell you to chmod 777 everything, fortunately drupal is much more mature than that :))16:53
scottrigbypleia2: yeah i know generally about that. Just not super familiar with a fresh local Lubuntu16:53
pleia2could just www-data:www-data16:53
scottrigbyhahaha yeah. No 77716:53
scottrigbypleia2: cool yeah.16:53
scottrigbyis there a good default group for the laptop owner (dedi as the admin system user)? like 'admin'?16:54
pleia2the 'adm' group is good because it gives you access to most logs in /var/log16:55
pleia2(no 'admin' by default)16:55
scottrigbypleia2: awesome adm sounds perfect :)16:56
jedijfMutantTurkey: alex is coming to fosscon, you should too19:25
jedijfand jthan19:25
wyattderpLets see names I know.19:53
wyattderpbts3685, pleia2, Pici, jthan, JonathanD, MutantTurkey, jedijf, jackson, ChinnoDog(Who I met in person but he was more of a bunny at that point), paulproteus, teddy-dbear (who's bear punched me in the face once)19:54
jedijfactually, teddy /is/ the bear20:02
* wyattderp pokes teddy-dbear o.O "really"20:02
teddy-dbeardoes that help? ^20:05
wyattderpYes, quite a bit.... o.O now I know to avoid poking the bear.20:06
wyattderpOr I'll be eaten..20:06
wyattderpAgain o.O20:06
wyattderphttp://gallery.ubuntupennsylvania.org/v/20091031-1/img_4243.jpg.html  -- I'm the derpy one in the cape.20:12
teddy-dbearthought so20:13
wyattderpYeah xD - longtime no see.20:13
KyleYankanwyattderp: did you move away from the area?20:14
JonathanDsuddenly I'm seeing wyattderp everywhere.20:14
teddy-dbearand I didn't poke you in the face20:14
teddy-dbearI stabbed you20:14
wyattderpKyleYankan, Nope -- I am still in pottstown area... Moved from my first house to  Stowe due to eviction and other such crap of life.20:15
wyattderpteddy-dbear, Worse...20:15
teddy-dbearwhy not?20:16
teddy-dbearI had a sword20:16
teddy-dbearyou were there20:16
wyattderpBears are not suppoed to be killers! Only Fluffy and stuff..20:18
teddy-dbearthink again :-D20:19
rmg51time to go20:19
rmg51say goodbye to the bear20:20
wyattderpteddy-dbear, I'll remember this... o.o20:20
wyattderpIs is dbear going to FOSS as well?20:31

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