inetprogood morning05:48
Kilosmorning all06:51
inetprowb Kilos and good morning06:59
Kilosty inetpro have a good day07:06
inetprojy ook dankie oom07:09
Kiloshi sakhi drussell 07:24
drussellKilos: hey Kilos, how's things?07:31
Kilosgood ty and you?07:32
drussellKilos: very good thanks07:48
Kiloshi Vince-0 08:03
Kiloshiya maiatoday 08:28
maiatodayhi Kilos08:29
psyatwhi Kilos08:29
psyatwhi maiatoday08:29
Kiloshi psyatw 08:29
Kilosim heading for a fresh install looks like. unity went slow and started hanging every now and again08:30
Kilosso back on old faithful maverick to try an fsck from here and maybe a bad block check08:31
Kiloshi Squirm 08:33
Kilos/usr/bin even lost sudo08:33
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 08:33
ThatGraemeGuyman i've never reinstalled windows as many times as you've installed ubuntu :-o08:34
Kiloshahaha yeah it could be old drives08:34
Kilosthis was a discard others couldnt fix08:35
psyatwmorning Squirm08:35
psyatwhi ThatGraemeGuy08:35
Kilosbut 500g so i dont wanna lose it08:35
ThatGraemeGuy'lo 'lo 'lo :-)08:35
psyatwnormally I only re-install Ubuntu/Kubuntu when moving from one version to another08:36
psyatwbut re-installing Windows, I must have done that hundreds of times by now08:36
Kiloseverything was good last night but it doesnt even see my kubuntu drive this morning08:37
Kilosalso you guys know what you are doing. i learn to forget to learn08:38
psyatwwe have messed up our linux systems hundreds of times as well, that´s how we learned08:42
Kilosyou ever used a command like this08:46
Kilossudo fsck.ext4 -cDfty -C 0 /dev/sdb108:46
Kilosit checks for bad blocks08:46
Kilosthen gives an output like http://slexy.org/view/s21W1goIAk08:52
Kiloswhatever that might mean08:53
Kilosi go see if its fixed08:57
Kiloswell! its working so far09:09
KilosMaaz, coffee on09:09
* Maaz flips the salt-timer09:09
KilosMaaz, and grandpa09:11
Maazai! Kilos headache again?09:11
KilosMaaz, define inode09:13
MaazKilos: I don't know about inode. Maybe you meant Node, Inde, Anode, Enode, node, anode or isode?09:13
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!09:13
KilosMaaz, thanks09:13
MaazKilos: Sure09:13
KilosThatGraemeGuy, can you please give me that slexy.org link09:14
ThatGraemeGuythat one?09:14
Kilosjust before i went off09:15
Kilosi was on maverick now on unity09:15
psyatwan inode is an on-disk structure used by a filesystem to keep track of blocks of data belonging to a certain file or directory09:16
Kilosso its part of the drive? not software09:17
Kiloseven slexy is starting to put adds in now09:18
Kilosi think that bad blocks command is similar to ms scandisk or chkdsk09:20
Kilosmarks bad sectors09:20
SquirmKilos: an inode is part of the patitioning scheme on the drive09:33
Kilosty Squirm 09:33
Squirmso it'll come with something like ext3/409:33
Kiloslooks like my /var/ was in a bad area or something because my /archives are gone09:34
Kiloseverything here is ext409:34
Squirmanyone know of a cheap, international delivery company?10:23
Squirmneed something shipped to china10:23
mazalAfternoon everyone10:59
Squirmhello mazal 10:59
Kiloshi mazal 10:59
mazalHow are you guys ?10:59
Kiloscool ty and you?10:59
mazalGood thanx10:59
Kiloshi Xethron 11:01
Kilosmazal, jy sal jou eie nvidia kaart moet koop vir die werk pc as jy will jou externe skyf laat werk by altwee plekke11:03
KilosMaar laat hulle solank bestel11:03
Kilosanders sukkel jy nog in ses maande tyd11:03
mazalNeewat sal op die twee verskillendes werk tot 14.04 en hoop dit gaan beter dan11:04
mazalHopenlik verbeter die ati drywers11:04
mazalOf unity11:04
Kiloshehe ek dink dit sal altyd kwell to kaarte die selle is11:05
mazalUnity het als moeiliker gemaak11:08
mazalEk kannie onthou dat ek sulke graphic issues met gtk2 gehad het nie11:09
mazalUbuntu het eenvoudig gewerk op als11:09
Kilosmaar dit groei nog11:09
Kiloshulle vat groot tree vorentoe, miskien om nuwe goed te begin voor ander11:10
mazalDie probleem is die hele mobile met touchscreens craze. Unity is eintlik daarvoor begin11:12
mazalEven Win 8 het agter dit aangegaan11:13
Kilosja mobile goed groei te vinnig en almal will deel wees daarvan11:13
mazalGeen mobile device sal ooit die power en versatility en storage van 'n pc kan vervang nie.11:14
mazalDie goed kom nie eers naby nie11:14
mazalDis net 'n " nice to have " , maar as dit kom by power en hard werk is pc baas11:14
Kilosek te dom met die nuwe goed11:15
magespawnafternoon all12:10
Kilosohi superfly 12:10
Kiloshi magespawn 12:10
superflyhi Kilos12:10
magespawnhey superfly12:11
superflyhi magespawn12:11
Kilosyou been scarce magespawn 12:11
psyatwhi superfly12:11
psyatwhello magespawn12:11
psyatwhi Vince-012:11
Kilosbusy busy busy12:11
magespawnyup been doing work out of the shop 12:11
magespawnhi psyatw12:11
superflygood night everyone, I'm going to bed.12:12
psyatwgood night superfly12:12
magespawnokay been up long then, sleep well12:12
Kilosoh my12:12
psyatwbut it´s still so early on the day12:12
Kilosnight superfly sleep well12:12
psyatwthe day has just started :)12:13
Kilosyou sick?12:13
Kilosshame poor oke12:13
Vince-0tryna get attendees registered for RMS in Durban: 12:17
* not_found saw the campaign :)12:26
Vince-0yaa, 12:35
Vince-0Daniel Fowler is in New York to see RMS at the moment12:35
Vince-0hopefully he at least makes it to SA and with some more luck to Durban12:35
mazalBye everyone , have a nice evening12:43
Kilosmusta been hard for afrikaans peeps to move into the pc world. its genetically inbred in them to fix things with blou draad en n tang15:45
nlsthznthat's racist15:47
Kilossorry neelsie15:49
Kilosi was expecting to be shot down in flames15:49
nlsthzn:p I am not that easily offended, not much you can't fix with blou draad ;)15:50
Kilosnot with pcs anyway15:50
nlsthznthe can keep your bits and pieces together :)15:50
Vince-0I used some draad just yesterday to fasten a heat-sink that didn't fit16:02
Kiloscable ties are the modern way and they are none conductive16:03
Vince-0ya but that's what the blou is for on the draad16:03
Vince-0used a cable tie as well16:04
nlsthznblou draar := draad me blou om16:04
Vince-0the blou being a plastic coating?16:06
jhb_hackerHi there16:36
Kiloshi jhb_hacker 16:36
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za16:37
jhb_hackerLooking for ubuntu stickers, preferably somewhere In JHB or Pretoria16:37
Kilosmaybe from te guys that have the release parties there16:38
Kilosdont see any of them on here today16:38
Kilostry our mailing list. there are many more peeps there16:39
jhb_hackerwill do, thanks...16:39
jhb_hackerspoke to house4hack16:40
Kiloshang around maybe someone here has an idea where you can get as well16:40
Kilosor download and print some16:41
jhb_hackersure thing, where you based?16:41
Kilosbut im the greeter bot here16:41
jhb_hackerever go mLab?16:41
Kilosnope i never go anywhere16:42
Kilosim a ballie16:42
Kilosdo you use ubuntu?16:43
jhb_hackeryes I do, have been for four years now...so am still pretty new16:44
Kiloswow and you only get here now16:44
Kilosthis is the help channel16:44
jhb_hackerI know right? very strange16:45
jhb_hackerstarted out experimenting...tried using strictly ubuntu for a year...nevr went back16:46
inetprogood morning16:47
Kilosyo inetpro 16:47
inetprojhb_hacker: see http://blog.smartcube.co.za/2009/05/26/ubuntu-pc-badges-for-za/16:47
jhb_hackerthanks <inetpro>16:47
inetprowe should actually get someone to design a new sticker for us again16:48
inetprothose logos are outdated16:48
jhb_hackerI agree16:49
jhb_hackerI know a designer who would do it for us....16:49
inetprojhb_hacker: for free?16:50
jhb_hackeryes, for free16:51
inetprosounds interesting16:51
inetprojhb_hacker: so are those the kind that you are looking for?16:51
jhb_hackersure, I can convince the guy its not just me....then maybe we can make the design available to anyone for print16:53
Kilosjhb_hacker, what do you do?16:56
Kilosworkwise that is16:56
jhb_hackerweb developer: python+java16:57
jhb_hackerKilos: yourself?16:58
Kilosim retired16:58
Kilosvery tired16:58
jhb_hackerwhy is that?16:59
Kiloslol im a ballie17:01
Kilosim here to see the kids behave17:02
jhb_hackerlol, understood17:02
Kilosim  actually here because i need help often, i do stupid things17:03
Kiloswb Zarw 17:03
jhb_hackerKilos: why did you choose ubuntu?17:11
Kilosi got tired of all the hassles with ms and looked for an alternative and was given a cd with 8.04 on17:12
Kilosbut only got networking on 8.1017:13
Kilosi love ubuntu in unity and kde17:13
Kilosand the friendly guys here that helped me through the learning curve17:16
Kiloshi magespawn 17:19
jhb_hackerKilos: awesome, still remembr first time I got my hands on 8.04, canonical used to mail cd's w/ stickers17:21
Kilosya i got a few later from shipit i think it was17:22
jhb_hackerKilos: I felt like the coolest person alive...enjoyd using it in public..."whats that?, is that the new windows?"...17:24
Kilosbut still dunno how you guys use ubuntu so long without getting here17:25
Kilosi think i used 8.10 for 2 or three weeks then got here17:25
Kilosand almost been here daily since17:26
Kilosthere are very clever peeps here17:26
jhb_hackerKilos: I guess I prefer breaking things...17:28
jhb_hackerthats how I learn mostly17:28
Kilosthyats why im here , to get help fixing what ive broken17:28
Kilosif i say eish or ai! they already ask me what ive broken now17:29
jhb_hackerhehe...I like the fact by using ubuntu, u get to know how operating systems really work, that control17:30
jhb_hackercan nt be replaced17:30
Kilosyou havent tried kubuntu yet?17:31
jhb_hackernot yet, 17:32
Kilosbit different but even more powerful imo17:33
jhb_hackercool, they use a different window manager right?17:35
Kilosjhb_hacker, magespawn is in hluhluwe17:39
jhb_hackerright, I am not a big fan of kde...nothing against it, my first encounter with open os's was with gnome17:39
jhb_hackerKilos: thats sooo cool17:39
jhb_hackermagespawn: hi there17:40
magespawnhi jhb_hacker 17:41
jhb_hackermagespawn: to be honest, I wouldnt expect to find some1 from hluhluwe who z in to gnu/linux17:42
jhb_hackermagespawn: thats so cool17:43
magespawnlong story really twisty story17:43
Kilosand he does game watching tours17:44
magespawnand i am not necessarily from hluhluwe, just living here at the moment17:44
Kiloshi psychicist 17:44
psychicisthi Kilos 17:45
magespawnhi psychicist17:45
jhb_hackermagespawn: where u from originally?17:45
Kilosjozi joller17:46
psychicisthi magespawn 17:46
jhb_hackerI recently saw a "futuristic ubuntu theme" on youtube...the guy refuses to share the theme or a how-to17:48
jhb_hackeranyone know a theme similar to this?17:50
magespawnKilos that tool I was talking about yesterday is Tortilla Tool17:51
Kilostool for? sorry i forget17:51
psychicisthi jhb_hacker 17:51
jhb_hackerhi psychicist17:52
magespawnthe one that started the discussion around tor17:52
Kilosi nearly reinstalled today17:52
Kilosbut the bad block command fixed my unity17:53
superflyjhb_hacker: impratical. you'd play with it for 10 minutes and then switch back to your normal theme because you need to Get Things Done18:10
Kilosjhb_hacker, superfly is our resident python expert18:12
superflyKilos: "expert" is a strong word18:13
Kiloscold there tomorrow superfly 13 C MAX18:13
superflyKilos: oh really? I didn't even know what it was like where today until mrs_fly mentioned it in passing18:13
Kilosyeah bad cold front and snow on the mountains18:14
Kilosyou sick superfly ?18:14
Kilosyo neelsie18:17
nlsthznWazzup uncle Kilos :)18:17
Kilostemps down not up18:18
nlsthznthat sucks18:18
Kilosand snow on all the cape mountains and heading this way tomorrow18:18
magespawnsuperfly: if not you then who? maybe python cheerleader?18:32
Kiloswb jhb_hacker 18:32
superflymagespawn: I know Python well, I know how to do things the Pythonic way, but I don't claim to be an expert18:32
Kiloshe is our master hey magespawn 18:32
jhb_hackerthat's awesome, I will direct my python related questions to you18:34
jhb_hackerwas python your first lang superfly?18:34
nlsthznsuperfly: I am looking at the python course through o'reilly school of tech, you know about it and have any thoughts on it?18:34
Kiloswe also have some ubuntu dev guys too18:34
magespawnnlsthzn: is that a paid for or free?18:35
superflyjhb_hacker: no, my 8th or 9th18:35
superflynlsthzn: I've heard of it, that is all.18:35
magespawnbut the one he shouts about the most18:36
nlsthznpaid for...18:36
jhb_hackersuperfly: cool,18:37
* nlsthzn is playing around with first virtual server... good way to learn ssh and terminal it would seem18:37
nlsthznnot sure what to do with it now :p (1gb of ram and only 20% cpu from one core...)18:38
jhb_hackersuperfly: which books would you recommend to someone who wants to be pythonic...from a diff lang18:38
superflyjhb_hacker: there's a free e-book called "A Byte of Python" which gives you an excellent grounding in Python.18:39
magespawnnlsthzn: what, no real server?18:39
nlsthznwell that depends on what you would define as a real server... my desktop at home serves the network at home (minecraft :P)18:40
nlsthznI have found many good resources to learn python but I need to get past the first bit as I always stop after the initial concepts :/18:41
* nlsthzn has remembered a few things over the years it seems... tasksel --> LAMP installing ...18:42
magespawnyou have minecraft running at home?18:43
jhb_hackersuperfly: thanks18:44
nlsthznmagespawn: yup...18:44
magespawnhow did you manage that?18:44
nlsthznI don't follow?18:44
magespawnminecraft server?18:45
magespawnwait are talking about the same thing?18:45
nlsthznyes, I am running a minecraft server18:47
magespawnthe block building game?18:47
nlsthznthis is strange?18:48
magespawnnot sure thought it was like wow18:48
nlsthznoh :) nah it is the simplest thing ever... you get the jar file from the official site and boom you are away18:49
nlsthznstupid easy18:49
nlsthzneven I can do it18:49
magespawndo you not pay to play?18:51
nlsthznthe client you have to buy18:52
nlsthznthe server is free18:52
nlsthznbut if you only want to play then you only need the client... it can create a world on the host system18:53
magespawnahh are you the only player on your server?18:54
nlsthznwife and daughter...18:58
nlsthznI don't play so much18:58
* nlsthzn skipped over several steps and wordpress will not run >.<18:59
nlsthznwonder why?18:59
magespawnmaybe something in one of those steps ;) 19:00
superflymaybe it's just wordpress?19:00
nlsthznso what would be better to try and install and config superfly?19:01
superflynlsthzn: I'm a Drupal guy... a little more challenging to start, but much more flexible in the long run19:02
magespawnonly the price of car or small house19:02
nlsthznah yes... the droplet guy icon :)19:03
superflynlsthzn: but I think the installation these days is easier than WordPress19:03
nlsthznmagespawn: looks awesome19:03
nlsthznsuperfly: I will have a look at the documentation and perhaps give it a go :)19:04
* nlsthzn will bbl19:08
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:15
magespawnhey Squirm 19:44
Squirmhey magespawn 19:50
magespawnnight all20:59

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