boogjuls, settings > removeable drives and media00:00
jKlausHey all.. anyone else running ubuntu 13.04 with a Lenovo T430?00:00
javier_still at the same point. In synaptic I see I have installed wicd-daemon, python-wc and wicd-gtk, so that explains why I can execute wicd. But, if I remove those packets, I loose every posibility of connection. Someone know which are the network manager dependencies that may have been replaced? I could then install them before removind wicd's00:00
jKlausI have a NVS 5400M .. I just tried the 3xx series driver and it seemed to ruin my desktop interface00:00
MoPacjKlaus: What specifically does the problem look like? I've had a lot of trouble with such drivers and some mixed success with solving them00:01
MoPac(though on different makes of computer)00:01
daftykinsjavier_: well you definitely want to ditch wicd-gtk and wicd-daemon00:02
jKlausMoPac. well I have actually had 2 issues occur.  The first install I had used the default driver while doing dual monitors.. It worked alright for dual monitors but when I disconnected the dual the resolution was all messed up.. the desktop its was ok but any application I opened was all messed up00:02
ZiberSo, how I can get a full install of vncviewer instead of this really minimal program?00:02
daftykinsjuls: can you pastebin "sudo fdisk -l" ?00:02
jKlausMoPac, the more recent issue has just been failing to load the desktop after upgrading to the 3xx series driver00:03
jKlausloads the background but no UI00:03
MoPacjKlaus: So do you login, and then it just brins you back to the login screen?00:03
MoPacjKlaus: ah, okay, I see00:03
jKlausNope.. just logs me in to the wallpaper lol00:03
julsdaftykins: Disco /dev/sda: 250.1 GB, 250059350016 bytes00:04
juls255 cabezas, 63 sectores/pista, 30401 cilindros, 488397168 sectores en total00:04
julsUnidades = sectores de 1 * 512 = 512 bytes00:04
julsTamaño de sector (lógico / físico): 512 bytes / 512 bytes00:04
julsTamaño E/S (mínimo/óptimo): 512 bytes / 512 bytes00:04
julsIdentificador del disco: 0x7adf0cca00:04
FloodBot1juls: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:04
jKlausI can ctrl + alt + t to bring up terminal but even the terminal doesn't act 'right'00:04
MoPacSo what may have heppend is that OpenGL, Unity, etc and the plugins they work with got disabled in Compiz during your upgrade00:04
reactor16jrib, what if i delete folders that have big space like /usr/lib /etc it take long too ?00:04
MoPacjKlaus: Do you have ccsm?00:04
jKlausMopac.. I'm kind of thinking I should just do a clean install of 12.0400:04
MoPacjKlaus: If you don't, then in your terminal, type sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager00:05
jKlausI really don't want something I have to tinker with to get working all the time.. I left Arch for Ubuntu to get away from that00:05
MoPacjKlaus: Try this before you reinstall -- once you have that program, open it using the terminal (command "ccsm")00:05
daftykinsjuls: you have to use a site like paste.ubuntu.com or pastebin.com00:05
jKlausBut do you foresee this as being a constant problem?00:06
MoPacAnd see if either as you , or as sudo ("sudo ccsm") you can reactivate the OpenGL, Unity, and dependent plugins00:06
MoPacjKlaus: In the cases where this has fixed it for me, it's fixed it for good00:06
MoPacjKlaus: But I haven't always been able to fix it this way00:06
jKlausYeah but are there other issues with 13.04?00:06
julsok and in poster what i put there00:06
MoPacjKlaus: I don't think this is an issue with 13.04 as opposed to earlier versions.  It's more of a general problem with updatin nvidia drivers on some machines that I've had00:07
julsi dont know use paste.ubuntu.com00:07
FoxyRK9what linux program can I download that will help me convert .m3u to .wmp format00:07
jKlausHmm, well I never used to have any issues with ubuntu.. 9.04-11.10 were great00:08
boogFoxyRK9, m3u is just a playlist file (just text inside)00:08
jKlausshoot I think i've been using ubuntu since 6 something maybe?00:08
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FoxyRK9yes but my Mp3 layer is not picking them up00:08
FoxyRK9Sony walkaman S Sries00:08
boogedit them to point at the location that the mp3/wmp live on the player00:09
FoxyRK9so just cut and paste them fro their locations to the playlist folder?00:09
MoPacjKlaus: One other thing that sometimes works like a stupid miracle is just deleting the .Xauthority file from your home directory and restarting00:09
jKlausThanks though MoPac.. I'll give that a try.  If it doesn't do it I still have 12.04 on disk upstairs00:10
MoPacjKlaus: I have a computer where I got too frustrated yesterday with basically the problem you're describing00:10
boogyou should be able to open them with a text editor like gedit, and see the file location (file tree). I'm not familiar with that player, but I have used m3u files00:10
MoPacI reinstalled with 13.04 because there were other cleanups I wanted to do, and I've just stuck with the Xorg opensource drivers00:11
jKlausMoPac, did you resolve the issue?00:11
MoPacjKlaus: In the past, I've always been able to resolve it one way or another with enough work, but yesterday I sort of had an "F*** you, not this again" moment, realized I wanted to redo my partitions anyway, and so reinstalled00:11
riffandbluesHi there !!!00:11
julshow i can use paste.ubuntu.com for paste de command result?00:12
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pfifoI am still looking for a good easy on the eyes monospace font00:13
=== jje is now known as jimerickson
jKlausMoPac.. see to me if you're having this kind of an issue that often.. something wasn't ready for release00:13
MoPacjKlaus: Yeah, but it's something that also wasn't ready in 12.X versions00:13
julsqhen i run fdisck -l the result is http://paste.ubuntu.com/5953222/00:14
cuddylierAnyone know a way to find active ports on a specific IP? E.g. sudo netstat -lpn |grep :2556500:14
jKlausMaybe I'm still just thinking in the mindset of a conversation i had with a friend a while ago.. we both feel like there has been a decline in the quality of opensource software over the past couple/few years00:14
jKlausMoPac yeah but if you can't make it at least as stable as the prior 'version', even if it is a complete re-write, then just keep it in testing until it is as stable00:15
wilee-nileeMoPac, Please read the channel topic on language this is a family channel.00:15
TheLordOfTimeis there a way to disable update manager's autoupdating feature and notifying of an "old database" of update information on 12.04?00:15
TheLordOfTimebecause I run apt-get update / apt-get upgrade myself in terminal when I want to update00:15
jKlausAt work I couldn't completely re-write someone's system, add all kinds of new functionality, but make the existing functionality less stable00:16
jKlausmy ass would be bouncing off the curb.. lol00:16
MoPacwilee-nilee: I inserted those asterisks myself...00:16
wilee-nileeTheLordOfTime, I'm not sure ubuntu updates anything with you clicking.00:17
jKlausAlright, MoPac.. I'm going to try your fix.. fingers crossed00:17
TheLordOfTimewilee-nilee:  i just want to disable it's notification system00:17
MoPacTheLordOfTime: In the "software and updates" program, under "updates"00:17
TheLordOfTimewilee-nilee:  and to stop it from popping up "Update Manager" when there's updates00:17
julsplease help my ipod cant mount automaticly00:17
wilee-nileeTheLordOfTime, Would be in software sources.00:17
julswhen i run lsusb that its http://paste.ubuntu.com/5953226/00:18
boogjuls, did you look in settings > removeable drives and media00:18
julsmedia is empty00:18
MoPacTheLordOfTime: In the "updates" tab of "software and updates" GUI program, you can set the auto-check to "never".  You can also set it to keep checking but only to notify you as little as every two weeks00:18
TheLordOfTimeMoPac:  wilee-nilee:  found it, i set "Automatic Updates" to "never"00:19
boogno, hit the menu button then settings, open settings manager, and make sure that auto mount of removeable drives is set00:19
TheLordOfTimeand i'll update myself :)00:19
TheLordOfTimethanks to you both!00:19
xkernelhow to automatically run filesystem check on boot on encrypted lvm hdd?00:19
wilee-nileeTheLordOfTime, Cool I figured that was there in 12.04.00:20
lucidiumI'm trying to get X11 to start with the "radeon" driver, but it appears to fail and fall back to VESA in Xorg.0.log with the error "Screen 0 deleted because of no matching config section". I don't even have an xorg.conf file. Do I need to make one?00:20
daftykinsboog: it looks like it's just Thunar lacking Nautilus' GVFS usage which auto mounts apple device fs'00:21
boogahhh, ok. I just had it in my head that it would be a windows formatted ipod00:21
TheLordOfTimewilee-nilee:  i had to sneak around and use Synaptic to get to Software Sources because reasons, but it worked... i think00:23
TheLordOfTimewe'll see :P00:23
julsboog: thanks for the elp but doesnt work00:23
boogok, sorry that didn't help juls00:23
julsdont worry boog thanks00:23
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Michael14Is linux mint MATE most like ubuntu 10.10?00:33
Vivekanandahey everyone00:34
HogensHerohello is this the channel for support00:35
Vivekanandatrying to get a printer set up brother ul 2270 dw from ubuntu lts 12.04 host in vbox to win7 guest00:35
HogensHeroI am trying to run multiple services of the same program and its not letting me00:36
Spec-ChumMichael14: it's more like gnome2 if that's what you mean00:36
FoxyRK9is there a way to get banshee to put y Music into folders on my walkman device?00:37
Michael14Spec-Chum: Yes thats what i meant.. Also just 1 more question here, umm on linux mint is the command sudo like it is on ubuntu or different?00:37
FoxyRK9it syncs just the files alone no folders00:37
wilee-nilee!mint | Michael1400:37
ubottuMichael14: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org00:37
VivekanandaI tried downloading drivers as in here and installed00:37
Vivekanandawhat else do I need to do ?00:37
HogensHeroI am trying to run multiple services of the same program and its not letting me. Is there anybody that may be able to point me in the right direction?00:38
Spec-ChumMichael14: no, it's the same, mint is ubuntu under the hood00:38
Spec-Chumbye then00:38
zykotick9HogensHero: what service?  or is that a secret?00:38
HogensHerosorry its for a program called big brother bot and it runs on a game server to admin it00:39
FoxyRK9is there a way to get banshee to put y Music into folders on my walkman device?00:40
FoxyRK9it syncs just the files alone no folders00:40
Vivekanandaanyone ?00:40
Vivekanandacomment ?00:40
HogensHeroI have put the program into different folders and they are in /etc/init.d under different names00:40
Blue_FoxHello all~00:41
HogensHerozykotick9: any ideas00:42
zykotick9HogensHero: no clue, never used - or even heard of it... good luck.00:43
HogensHerook thanks00:43
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Blue_FoxHey SDr, I gotta question00:46
Blue_FoxWhat's that command to ignore joins/quits?00:46
zykotick9Blue_Fox: depends on your irc client00:50
Blue_FoxOhhh right right right. Do you know what works for irssi?00:50
ubottuTo ignore joins, parts, quits in irssi:  /ignore #ubuntu +JOINS +PARTS +QUITS00:51
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Blue_FoxAwesome, ubottu got it haha00:52
fellayaboyhow do i find out in which /dev/sd* my external drive is in?00:54
=== BadLarry is now known as BadLarry_
fellayaboyim trying to mount an external hd using only the commandline.. how do i find out if its /dev/sda1 /dev/sda2 /dev/sba1 etc00:56
napscfellayaboy: tail -f /var/log/syslog as you connect it00:56
shawnbso my fan temps via xsensors range from 69c to 102c00:56
julsfellayaboy run fdisk -l00:57
ESphynxHey guys... Unity menu... how about locating something useful online, like Ubuntu packages?00:57
XyverzAFKwhere's the ubuntu-apropriate place to add to my $PATH? Is it still .bashrc?00:58
XyverzAFK(it's been a while since I've played around with my $PATH)00:58
=== XyverzAFK is now known as Xyverz
Blue_FoxESphynx: Google? Haha00:59
zykotick9Xyverz: .bashrc is certainly one option (though i don't even bother adjusting my $PATH these days, instead i just use ~/bin which is there by default)01:00
homeHi. i have downloaded a couple cute little games but i can't use them as the characters are pulled to the left. anyone else experience this?01:02
Xyverzzykotick9: Thanks. For the Calibre installation script, it put everything into /opt/ so I wanted to add the path. Also, menulibre is put into /opt as well.01:03
Blue_Foxhome: What games and what do you mean by "Pulled to the left"?01:03
homei have tried changing the keyboard layout but it didn't help01:03
XyverzI did manage to find the pertinent info in the Ubuntu forums. So I"m happy now.01:03
zykotick9Xyverz: consider links from ~/bin to those executables...01:03
homeBlue_Fox, it would be like the button to make the character move left is always pressed.01:04
homeBlue_Fox, the games so far are: frogatto and titanion01:05
Blue_Foxhome: Ohhh okay, gotcha. I'll get those and see what happens? I'm sure there's a way to calibrate the arrow buttons somehow.01:05
homeBlue_Fox, cool, thanks.01:07
Blue_FoxHaha ignore that.01:08
shawnbany other suggestions for high temperatures01:10
Blue_FoxTry running less processes?01:11
shawnbatm 3 things are running, chrome, xchat, and xsensors01:11
Plinker_An air conditioner01:11
Blue_FoxDo you have a macbook Shawn?01:12
shawnbno it's a Samsung Series 301:12
Blue_FoxDo you know how fast your fans are going?01:12
=== jhesketh_ is now known as jhesketh
Blue_FoxI'm guessing they should be ~1500-2300 rpm01:12
shawnbrpm wise, no, but right now sound wise, about 50% constant in Ubuntu, win 7 and 8 give go from 20% up if I'm running a lot of processes01:13
Blue_FoxHm. Yeah I don't know haha. Is your CPU too hot or what?01:14
shawnbmy gateway had this issue, when I had my NV53, it was a kernel issue that was resolved in a later version, but powertop helped to alleviate it; I'm going to try Fedora and see what it does01:14
hayerUbuntu server 12.04; best way to auto-mount a nfs share?01:15
shawnb@hayer - in fstab01:15
shawnb@hayer I take that back is it for a user or globally?01:15
hayer.. > /etc/fstab - added a line - restarted01:16
Vivekanandamy router is a belkin router. I logged into it where do I see its model number :( it is windows host but ubuntu guest01:16
hayergot any other ideas shawnb?01:17
shawnbhow do you have it typed in your fstab?01:17
litropyVivekananda, look on the bottom of the router?01:17
shawnbwhen you start if you run sudo mount -a does it mount the nfs share or do you still have to manually do it?01:17
hayerhad a line that said; /mnt/myshare nfs rw,hard,intr 0 001:17
hayerrebooted the server with "#reboot" - didn't work..01:18
hayerah, will check that -- 2sec01:18
shawnbif its a network location store, you'll need to do that post network initialization01:18
Enyx_Hi guys, someone to help me ? :D01:19
shawnbI believe you'l need to create a script in /etc/rc5.d to mount it01:20
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Holmgeirr_DomotoHello everyone, Holmgeirr_Domotorhere and i'm here and ready to DDoS.01:20
hayershawnb: how do i add the "-o nolock" to the fstab?01:21
julshi everyone01:22
shawnbunder options type in nolock - for example here's how i have mine for my windows partition01:22
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julsi need help for mount my ipod 4 gen in xubuntu 12.0401:22
shawnb/dev/sda4 <tab> /media/WINDOWS <tab> ntfs <tab> defaults <tab> 0 <tab> 001:22
shawnbI'll be back in a few01:23
Enyx_Hum, someone to help me on an CG problem ? Overheating :x01:23
hayerokey, okey.. okey.. rebooting taking like 4mins now..01:25
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Enyx_Guys ? xD01:25
Enyx_NOne to help ? :x01:25
hayerspewing out error that it can't mount since the local directory /mnt/myshare doesn't exist -- but it does.01:25
julsif i can hlep u enyx_01:25
hayercg? comical graphic overheating?01:25
Enyx__PingTimeout :301:26
Enyx__Who said he could help me ? :x01:26
julsenyx_ if i can help u tell me01:27
hayerexplain, i might be able too.01:27
julsi need help for to mount mi ipod gen 4 in xubuntu 12.0401:28
hayerjuls: google it, got like 5mill hits01:28
Vivekanandalitropy: old one got erased kind of01:29
Vivekanandabut no worries I got it01:29
Enyx__So, my laptop graphic card (Dell L702x / GT 555M) is overheating each time i try to use an app through Bumblee (optirun), it seems the fans are running very slowly :/01:29
Vivekanandadoes anyone have a belkin router her ?01:29
Vivekanandahere ?01:29
julshayer i google it and i prube everyone01:30
julsbut thanks hayer01:30
Enyx__lm-sensors only shows the CPU speed and .... that's all01:30
gr33n7007hjuls       apt-get install ifuse             then reboot01:30
julsif i come for help is because i cant doit more,01:30
julsyes but with ifuse mount de ipod in /01:31
VivekanandaI want to know how to fix the internal ip of my computer01:31
VivekanandaI remember that some routers had that option but dont know where belkin has it01:31
javier_I'm still with the problem. I once installed wicd together with network manager. I have problem  with both of them and want to remove wicd. After sudo apt-get remove wicd it still kept wicd-daemon, wicd-gtk and python-wicd. Wicd is found on the list of installed programs, and I the problem persist. The process of wicd is active under the root user. Any idea how to get rid completely of wicd? Removind wicd-daemon will brake my connection, and wouldn't work e01:32
javier_ven the wired connection01:32
julswith ifuse mounts it but does not open folders01:32
julsthanks gr33n7007h01:32
gr33n7007hjuls what file manager you using01:32
homeBlue_Fox, any luck with those games?01:32
Enyx__Vivekananda If you meansetting it up ... ?01:33
julsxubuntu wiht thunar01:33
gr33n7007hjuls does it open using nautilus01:34
julsi road that with nautilis but its heavy and run progrms of genome01:34
VivekanandaEnyx__: I am already looking at the setting up menu. I remember that for some routers there was a sction where I ccould say , reserve this internal ip for this computer but I dont see it in belkin. Am I missing something ?01:34
julsinstalling programs genome01:35
julsi installed nautilus but its heavy01:35
julsi need xubuntu because is lite01:35
EnyxViva it should be in the "DNS" section, do you have any ?01:36
gr33n7007hjuls, don't know then sorry01:36
julsdont worry acknowledges the intention and thanks01:37
EnyxAnyone that can help with my overheating problem ? :x01:37
ESphynxHmm, so after a Saucy LiveCD installed... I hit the grub commandline menu right away :S01:37
VivekanandaEnyx: the only thing I see is that I can disable the dhcp server and assin01:38
gr33n7007hVivekananda, It should be under lan => dhcp client list01:38
Vivekanandaips to all comps manually01:38
EnyxVivekananda wich router are you using ?01:38
Vivekanandagr33n7007h: yes there is a lan-> dhcp client list but there is no "change" anything option there01:39
Vivekanandamy router is belkin -f 5d7231-401:39
gr33n7007hVivekananda, the should be a tab with reserve ip database01:39
zao2k13I am running a 32 bit install of 12.04 and am having a display/gpu issue01:40
zao2k13in displays, it shows my compaq 7550 crt capable of 1600x1200, as a laptop display only capable of 1024x768. that is the first part of the issue i'm having.01:40
=== cinderweb is now known as cinderwebafk
zao2k13The second part, is the gpu which is a nvidia quadro fx 5500 agp card. i have followed numerous guides on the web and to no avail?01:41
zao2k13Nvidia-current and nvidia-settings are both present and updated to 304?01:42
bnijkwhich ubuntu flavor has 3.9 kernel?01:42
Vivekanandaokay let me see -- lan setup -- lan settings and DHCP client list , -- Internet Wan -> connection type + dns + mac address , Wireless - channel and ssid + seciriyt _use as access point+ wireless bridge,  Firewall --> virtual servers client ip filters + Mac address filtering + DMZ+ Wan ping blocking + securityLog , Utilites -->01:43
julsgoodbye gays01:43
Vivekanandathis is what I ahve01:43
gr33n7007hVivekananda, lan settings and DHCP client list got to that page te scroll down to reserved IP database enter the ip you want with MAC addr of your NIC01:44
bnijkim about to suicide from nvidia zao2k1301:45
zao2k13as am i.01:45
zao2k13i remember when the drivers for this card worked so smoothly01:45
bnijki installed two versions of arch..siwtched to ubuntu01:45
bnijkrealized my card has optimus on my brand new laptop i just bought for opengl development01:45
zao2k13well the installing of the gpu drivers and settings01:45
Enyxnvidia problem here too x)01:45
zao2k13were easy :\01:45
bnijkwhich is STILL not supported 3 years later01:45
bnijknow i'm constantly rebooting ubuntu trying to get bumblebee to work01:46
zao2k13i should not be having this problem though as there are fixes I'm finding through searching and have tried this http://askubuntu.com/questions/153915/how-to-install-drivers-for-nvidia-geforce-fx-5200-on-precise01:46
zao2k13to no avail even...01:46
bnijkis there a package for kernel 3.901:47
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=== iwanttoplay is now known as darkapp
zao2k13thinking about just going to a stock 13.04 system and not caring about gpu acceleration at all, just for giggles, maybe xfce as the window manager? hahaha01:47
bnijkuse fluxbox or xmonad maybe01:47
bnijknouveau works nicely if i forget about games, which was the whole point of buying the laptop01:47
ESphynxany idea why grub doesn't see my partitions?01:49
VivekanandaEnyx: gr33n7007h I dont have it --- imagebin.org/26665401:50
iceliteVivekananda, reply :P01:50
qinESphynx: it is not bootable one?01:50
broadcomsuxcan some 1 explain the offline install instructions for the b43-lpphy to me?   they are far too vague and i don't understand what they are really asking me to do. i have installed b43-fwcutter and downloaded broadcom-wl-
ESphynxqin: Well this is a fresh install, it should be bootable...01:52
gr33n7007hVivekananda, can you imagebin the lan settings plz01:52
litropybroadcomsux, hook it up via ethernet and install online?01:52
Vivekanandagr33n7007h: coming up01:53
broadcomsuxOH MY GAWD!! if i could do that I WOULD01:53
ESphynxwell the EFI partition is the 'bootable' one01:54
qinESphynx: did you got to prompt? Is it dual boot? Have you managed to boot system after instalation? Did you check with live CD/USB if boot flag is no right partition?01:54
ESphynxyes I get the prompt01:54
ESphynxboot flag is on partition 1 , the EFI one01:54
ESphynxI'm in the live CD right now01:54
ESphynxI see the installed partition... I did not manage to boot Ubuntu after installation yet (only live CD)01:55
ESphynxluckily my Windows still boots from a BIOS boot partition boot override01:55
Vivekanandagr33n7007h: imagebin.org/26665501:55
ESphynxI made root an xfs partition01:55
DWSRI'm trying to use sshfs to mount a folder that is writable by all other users on the system. I want to make sure that this happens on boot and with pubkey authentication. I have a keyless private key set up, but how do I make sure that the mount happens?01:57
broadcomsuxdoes anyone know how to install a b43 wireless card *without* internet access?01:57
gr33n7007hVivekananda, 1 sec01:57
gr33n7007hlet me check something01:57
qinESphynx: EFI, xfs... really dont know where to start.01:59
ESphynxyea hmm... why should this be a problem in this day and age :P01:59
ESphynxThat should be like the 'standard' system02:00
qinESphynx: probably is, it is me. most advanced software is have is CS1.6 and matching hardware ;)02:01
DWSRAnyone in here that can help me troubleshoot through some missing dependencies?02:01
DWSRI'm trying to use sshfs to mount a folder that is writable by all other users on the system. I want to make sure that this happens on boot and with pubkey authentication. I have a keyless private key set up, but how do I make sure that the mount happens?02:01
ESphynxhmm :P02:01
ESphynxseriously though, XFS is awesome.02:01
ESphynxwhy is ext4 still the default everywhere :P02:01
broadcomsuxwhy is ext2 broken?02:02
Vivekanandaanother funny thing happenned. my useraccount name was set to ubuntu and default password02:02
VivekanandaI changed the username via a gui and also the default password02:02
Vivekanandabut trying to log into cups still takes the default NAME but the NEW pass02:02
=== rew1red is now known as rew1red|away
ESphynxerror: unknown filesystem... what the....02:04
hayerif i run a "iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-port 8080" will that be permanent or do I have to put it in the iptables.rules file?02:04
qinDWSR: cron? (@reboot)02:05
qin!upstart | DWSR or02:05
ubottuDWSR or: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/02:05
gr33n7007hVivekananda, according to belkin pre F5D8235-4 doesn't have the ability to reserve addresses02:06
gr33n7007hhayer, bit of mitm lol02:06
Vivekanandastupid piece of crap02:06
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DWSRqin: Can I specify a private key file to use with sshfs?02:07
hayergr33n7007h: no, letting non-priv applications access port <102402:07
gr33n7007hhayer, ;)02:07
hayerbut still doesnt answer my question02:08
crosbymichaelcan you publish an older version of a pkg on the PPA?02:08
qinDWSR: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/61567/sshfs-specify-key02:10
nakphello, is there any way to prevent pulse to restore default volumes after each stream stops? or any option to set them by default?02:13
nakpI tried alsactl store but I cant use restore each time music stops for a while and my ears will bleed if it keeps setting headphones to 10002:14
pvl1nakp: alsamixer?02:15
nakpi tried with alsamixer, I think its pulseaudio the one which restores the volumes02:15
nakpgoing to alsamixer I can change the volume of each channel, but after a while, if I pause music, when I resume it the headphones are set to 100 again02:16
ESphynxWll Ubuntu recognize "/boot" and put grub and the kernel there?02:16
jKlausMoPac.. bad news :(02:17
pvl1nakp: have u dug into pavucontrol02:17
jKlausI've spent a couple hours toying with it.. going back to 12.0402:17
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nakppvl1, yup, I have, even if I change the volume there, it sets my headphones in alsa to 100% I want them to stay at 15~20%02:18
nakpI can't even slightly change the volume using anything else but alsamixer02:19
wilee-nileeESphynx, /boot meaning a boot partition, and why are you making one if so?02:21
Vivekanandagr33n7007h: I have that router and I just got another one from netgear called wgr614v602:21
Vivekanandais it worse than the belkin one ?02:21
Vivekanandahow do I find that out ?02:21
pvl1nakp: idk if itd really do anything, but just to be sure, id purge and reinstall pulse and alsa02:23
pvl1incase some program has changed settings02:23
pvl1nakp: but what are you using to play your audio02:23
=== BadLarry_ is now known as BadLarry
ESphynxwilee-nilee: Yes /boot meaning a boot partition... because grub stupidly doesn't recognize the xfs partition with it02:23
gr33n7007hVivekananda, That model of netgear router supports address reservation02:24
Vivekanandaalso another issue. am using ubuntu 12.04 vdi on vbox. the default login was ubuntu and i changed both the name and pass. now when I log into cups it takes in the original name "ubuntu" but the new pass . What is this mess02:24
Vivekanandagr33n7007h: but it says it is only 54mbs whearas the belkin is02:24
Vivekananda1.2 ghz02:24
Vivekanandahow do I compare them02:24
nakppvl1, ill give it a try i think... just in case02:24
wilee-nileeESphynx, Not sure never heard of a xfs partition.02:25
=== BadLarry is now known as BadLarry_
kennypuquick question, i'm trying to setup cron, and the output of crontab -l shows the whole file output (everything you see when you do crontab -e) is that normal?02:25
ESphynxwilee-nilee: that is sad... XFS is by far the best file system on the planet.02:25
wilee-nileeESphynx, really I am sure I cam come up with handfuls of things you never heard of and say the same, have some adult interaction bro.02:26
pvl1ESphynx: yes ubuntu can read many filesystems. evidently grub has some difficulty with xfs. but grub is not ubuntu02:27
ESphynxwilee-nilee: I did not mean that with any negative feelings02:27
pvl1Vivekananda: look for the mbps on each router02:28
jetsaredim1anyone here familiar with encrypted filesystems?02:29
ESphynxwilee-nilee: more precisely, it is sad that XFS doesn't get more recognition/use02:29
cincinnatusIs it possible to unmount a "hanging" sshfs filesystem that says device is busy (because the vpn connection dropped)?02:30
pvl1cincinnatus: sudo umount02:30
jetsaredim1is there a way to manually remove a luks device handle for a device that has gone offline?02:30
cincinnatuspvl1: been there, tried that, device is busy02:30
pvl1cincinnatus: whats using it02:30
cincinnatuspvl1: no idea, perhaps the file manager.02:31
cincinnatuslsof will hang also02:31
pvl1cincinnatus: http://ocaoimh.ie/2008/02/13/how-to-umount-when-the-device-is-busy/02:32
SorathCrazy question... Does anyone know about making your own streaming service? Like Justin.tv or Livestream.com?02:34
jetsaredim1anyone have thoughts on how to clean up an improperly unmounted luks/encrypted fs02:34
cincinnatuspvl1: thanks02:35
=== SonikkuAmerica is now known as BugUnit82738
pvl1cincinnatus: no prob02:36
nakppvl1, nope, same error :/02:37
nakpi deleted everything02:37
pvl1but did you close all the terminals02:38
pvl1something is trying to access that drive02:38
pvl1did u killall sshfs02:38
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Vivekanandahey everyone I am trying to follow this link to change username -- http://www.ubuntututorials.com/change-username-ubuntu-12-04/02:46
Vivekanandathe second line is giving me an error02:46
Vivekanandasays gt not required . did I have to put >> or << in there ?02:46
jribVivekananda: wow.  That tutorial does some crazy things.02:48
Vivekanandajrib: I just saw it and trying to do it02:48
jribVivekananda: I would advise you not follow it.02:48
Vivekanandajrib: crazy good or crazy bad02:48
jribVivekananda: bad02:48
Vivekanandaokay then I have the same problem02:48
Vivekanandawhat should I do02:48
jribVivekananda: what problem?02:48
VivekanandaI have a funny situation02:49
jribVivekananda: hurry, it's almost my bed time ;)02:50
Vivekanandaa couple of problems actually but each in turn . first my situation . I have a vdi (vbox) of ubuntu 12.04 in win 7. Now I changed both the deafault username and pass but now for some reason the username is still ubuntu but the pass is the new one ( as the guy says in the tuto)02:50
jribVivekananda: why don't you just make a new account?02:50
VivekanandaI tried to log into cups and it took the usernmae " ubuntu" and pass as the new one02:51
VivekanandaI just went into the gui02:51
jribVivekananda: define "the gui"02:51
Vivekanandaand changed the defualt username and pass for the vid02:51
Vivekanandain the user accounts gui02:51
jribVivekananda: I don't understand what you want to do.02:51
Vivekanandaokay again . in the user accounts gui the default username and pass were , ubuntu and reverse, I changed both in there02:52
jribVivekananda: why don't you just make a new account?02:52
Vivekanandabut when I open a terminal I see a ubuntu@....02:52
Vivekanandanot the new name basant@02:52
jribVivekananda: stop.  Why does making a new account not accomplish what you are trying to do?02:52
Vivekanandajrib: lol you are not answering my question but giving me another question :)02:53
jribVivekananda: I have yet to see a question02:53
Vivekanandacoz I dont want my computer to be named ubuntu02:53
jribVivekananda: so you want to change the hostname of your computer?02:53
Vivekanandamy question. How do I chage the hostname yes02:53
Vivekanandato basant and not the default ubuntu02:53
jrib!hostname | Vivekananda02:53
ubottuVivekananda: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.02:53
Vivekanandaalso how is it that the password changed but the hostname remained the same02:53
jribVivekananda: the password is one thing and the hostname is another, different, thing02:54
VivekanandaI changed the hostname to basant and its password to xyz.02:54
jribVivekananda: hostnames don't have passwords; you aren't making sense.02:54
Vivekanandanow the funny thing is that although I seethe hostname ( in user accounts) as "basant" yet the one on terminal is stillubuntu but it now accepts the new password02:55
jribVivekananda: I doubt you see the hostname in user accounts.  If you want to change your computer's hostname, follow the steps ubottu outlined02:55
Vivekanandajrib my use case is this02:55
HexagoniteAnyone know an alternative to Unetbootin? Startup Disk Creator doesn't quite work.02:57
VivekanandaI looked online and found the default username password . I then opened "User Accounts" and there I saw that the Administrator username is "ubuntu" and the password is " reverse" . I clicked on "ubunt" and it allowed me to retype a new one so I typed basant02:57
Vivekanandaand then I changed the pass02:57
Vivekanandawith me ?02:57
jribVivekananda: no.  You asked how to change hostname and I told you how.  If you need to know something else, just ask your question (in one line).02:57
Vivekanandanow I expect that everywhere the name "ubuntu" was used ( as admin) I should see basant but I dont02:58
jribVivekananda: did you change your hostname yet (following the steps ubottu gave you)...?02:58
jribVivekananda: it's time for me to sleep now; good night02:59
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VivekanandaI changed the host name in the /etc/hosts03:03
Vivekanandabut still see ubuntu@ on the terminal03:03
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jellowI'm trying to download all irc logs from wget -mk http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ , Does not seem to be following links in /index.html  , is this correct?03:04
fishcookerim doing apt-get dist-upgrade03:05
holsteinfishcooker: would you like a volunteer to view that pastebin?03:05
dlaflammedoes anyone have experience running ubuntu on a chromebook. i'm interested in any experiences, especially with respect to performance and battery life.03:07
jellowfishcooker: its a bug have you looked at launchpad ?03:07
holsteindlaflamme: should be like any hardware.. try it live.. try and make the hardware work03:07
dlaflammeholstein: well, i haven't bought one yet03:08
holsteindlaflamme: if you are asking "should i buy a chromebook to run ubuntu on?".. that would be opinion...but, if ubuntu support is the intention,i would suggest soemthing like system76 that ships with it03:08
fishcookerhow to jellow03:08
jellowfishcooker: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-defaults/+bug/99074003:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 990740 in python-defaults (Ubuntu) "upgrading from lucid to precise fails" [High,Invalid]03:09
dlaflammeholstein: yeah, i was more looking for "when i installed ubuntu my battery life decreased by x" or something similar. the ultrapro from system76 looks great... totally different price bracket, though.03:09
Vivekanandahey everyone03:11
VivekanandaI tried changing hostname in /hosts and /hostname but still I see ubuntu@ubuntu-VirtualBox  in the terminal03:11
holsteindlaflamme: the hardware support will likely not be as good as what is intended to run on the device.. if you buy a system76 machine, the batter life will be the same in linux, for example03:12
holsteindlaflamme: i searched "ubuntu chromebook" back when they first came out and found info03:13
dlaflammeholstein: yeah, i'll have to do some research to see how good the system76 install makes use of the new haswell chipset03:13
holsteindlaflamme: i dont think the chromebook has a haswell chipset03:14
fishcookerthank jellow03:16
dlaflammeholstein: right, it doesn't. i was referring to the system76 ultrapro there03:16
fishcookerthank for pointing me out to launchpad.. really informatie03:16
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uuerikhi all03:32
Vivekanandaanyone here ?03:40
holsteinVivekananda: yes.. just ask if you have a question03:40
Vivekanandaahaa holstein good to see you03:40
VivekanandaI have a couple actually03:40
Vivekanandafirst is a couple of problems actually but each in turn . first my situation . I have a vdi (vbox) of ubuntu 12.04 in win 7. Now I changed both the deafault username and pass but now for some reason the username is still ubuntu but the pass is the new one ( as the guy says in the tuto)03:40
holsteinwhat tuto?03:41
VivekanandaI also tried changing the hostname in /etc/hosts and hostname03:41
holsteini wouldnt change the name03:41
holsteini would make a new user03:41
holsteinthe hostname? or username?03:41
holsteini have changed the hostname, no problem03:41
Vivekanandahttp://www.ubuntututorials.com/change-username-ubuntu-12-04/  . jrib told me I should rather follow ubottu and this tut was bad03:42
Vivekanandaso then I tried ubottu and did03:42
nullsignyou made my brain hurt.03:42
holsteinVivekananda: ubottu ? ubottu is a bot03:42
nullsignuseradd [username]03:42
nullsignpassword [username]03:42
Vivekanandajrib asked it ( :) ) to tell me how to do it03:42
dr_williseasier to just make a new user03:42
nullsignend of story03:42
holsteinyup.. i agree with the new user, instead of the change03:43
nullsignapt-get install porn03:43
Vivekanandadr_willis: I downloaded a vdi ubunut for virtual box and its default was ubuntu and pass was reverse. then I went into user accounts and saw that I could change the pass and also the username so I did03:43
Vivekanandabut now when I go to user accounts I see my new username and pass but my terminal still shows -- ubuntu@ubuntu-VirtualBox /03:44
dr_willisyou did login as the new user?03:44
dr_willisand perhaps rebooted to be sure03:45
holsteinVivekananda: OH.. this si a pre-built image?03:45
holsteinVivekananda: just do an install of your own03:45
Vivekanandaholstein: :( I like it the way it is set up03:46
Vivekanandaand is working fine albeit the stupid username03:46
Vivekanandaalso I downloaded from vbox official site03:46
Vivekanandaso cannot I use it ?03:46
Vivekanandaand simply change the username03:46
dr_willisjust make a new user  -  or dont owrry about the username03:46
VivekanandaI already changed it03:46
holsteinVivekananda: make a new user with a "less stupid" name03:46
dr_willissudo adduser billgates03:47
Vivekanandaholstein: already did03:47
Vivekanandashould I then delete this one ?03:47
holsteinVivekananda: there are no official ubuntu VM's, so i would ask whoever maintains the image you have for help03:47
Vivekanandadr_willis: BADDD03:47
Vivekanandareally ?03:47
dr_willisi do NOT suggest deleteing the other users03:47
holsteinVivekananda: you can delete the user, if you want03:47
holsteini would leave it in place as well03:47
Vivekanandawhat are these then http://virtualboxes.org/images/ubuntu/ ?03:47
holsteinbut, i would get the official ubuntu version, and make my own.. an install takes about 8 minutes03:47
holsteinVivekananda: from virtualbox03:48
dr_willisthose are not official by ubuntu03:48
Vivekanandayes so is it different from the oracle one ?03:48
Vivekanandaholstein: I can reinstall sure but can I not just change usernames?03:48
holsteinVivekananda: if you are saying "i installed ubuntu and im having issues with it", all im saying is, thats not officially ubuntu03:48
VivekanandaI mean how difficult can it be ?03:48
holsteinVivekananda: you can do what you want, but i have no idea whats up with that VM03:49
holsteinVivekananda: we done maintain it03:49
dr_willisits possible that vm did somthing weird, or has some other weird settings that are breaking the normal way to change a users name03:49
holsteinVivekananda: you *should* be able to add a user.. if you cant, or are having issues, i dont know how to troubleshoot it, since i dont know anything about where it comes from03:49
dr_willisi have to wonder whats so differnt about that vm that you perfer it to the default ubuntu03:49
Vivekanandaholstein: okay I got that part . I am just saying that shouldn't changing /etc/hosts and /hostname resolve this isse :)03:50
dr_willisVivekananda:  changeing hosts and hostname do NOT change tthe users name.. it changes the machines name03:50
holsteinVivekananda: all i can say is, if that not doing it, we have no way of knowing what has been done to the system03:50
dr_willisso theres some confusion going on here.03:50
ubottuUse hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.03:50
Vivekanandadr_willis: nothing . I just found a ready working copy so used it. coz if I install the default then the steps are  1. install  2. get updates 3. install the after-install help things ( which I will have to look up ) and then start03:51
Vivekanandaso takes a long time03:51
Vivekanandabut if you say so I will get right down to installing it default03:51
dr_willisi would be suprised if that vm had all the updates03:51
Vivekanandasorry I mean I will go ahead and download03:51
Vivekanandadr_willis: if you think that self install is better then I will go ahead. btw isnt that vm from oracle ? or am I confused with the name virtualbox ?03:52
VivekanandaI will begin by downloading ubuntu lts and starting a fresh install03:53
Vivekanandaholstein: did you mean to say that the http://virtualboxes.org/images/ubuntu/ site is not from oracle ?03:54
dr_willisVivekananda:  i doubt if its officially by oracle.03:55
dr_willistheres various vm appliance sites out with images.  they could have any sort of weirdness in them03:55
dr_willisif it WAS offically by oracle - i definatly wouldent trust it.. I dont trust that company. ;)03:55
Vivekanandadr_willis: okay so fresh start for me then. tell me sth I have a 64 bit system. Should I install a 32 bit os on the vbox in it ?03:56
Vivekanandafor lesser pains03:56
Vivekanandaor lesser printer config issues ?03:56
dr_willisfor vbox i tend to use 32bit.  not much reason to go 32bit03:56
Vivekanandaespecially printer config03:56
dr_willisive never had printer issues in 64bit ;)03:56
Vivekanandadr_willis: so what do you suggest03:56
Vivekananda32 or 6403:56
VivekanandaI also did not get your line ----for vbox i tend to use 32bit.  not much reason to go 32bit03:57
dr_willisfor vbox i tend to use 32bit.  not much reason to go 64 bit    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<03:57
Vivekanandayes got it03:57
dr_willisi basically only use 64bit on my real machines.03:57
Vivekanandaokay so will go 32 then03:57
dr_willisi cant even recall the last issue i had that was due to 64bit-ness03:57
Vivekanandamy system has 64 bit windows03:57
Vivekanandawin 703:57
Vivekanandabut then you are a doctor :)03:58
dr_willisive had more issues with windows 64bitness then i have in linux.03:58
VivekanandaI might be a measely patient03:58
dr_willisand even then - i cant recall many issues in windows 64bit.03:58
Vivekanandaokay then final word03:58
Vivekanandawhat do I download ? what iso ?03:58
snizzohow can I install opensource radeon driver from source?03:58
dr_willisfor in virtual box - i tend to run Lubuntu its lighter03:58
Vivekanandayes I can do that03:59
dr_willissnizzo:  why do you need to?03:59
Vivekanandabut Lubuntu is not lts03:59
Vivekanandaand I want an lts for this vbox03:59
dr_williswhy do you want an lts?03:59
Vivekanandaie no help for next 5 yrs03:59
Vivekanandacoz I wont be here to supervise problems in this03:59
dr_willisi doubt if you are going to be using that same install for 5 yers.. and you can upgrade to the next release03:59
Vivekanandait is to be given to my uncle who is not comp literate03:59
snizzodr_willis: I'd like to try one cutting edge feature that isn't on packets now :)04:00
dr_willislts does not guarentee no problems. ;)04:00
Vivekanandadr_willis: I am not trying to debate correctness but lts simply gives me more time so I choose that always04:00
dr_willislts is about security updates more then anhyything else.  so lubuntu or ubuntu, wont matter much04:00
Vivekananda5 yrs is good !04:00
dr_willis5 yearts is ancient history ;)04:00
snizzoI already compiled mesa just I don't know how to install... i did make install but I think I have now 2 versions of radeon04:00
Vivekanandaokay but lubuntu will loose support in 1 yr04:00
Vivekanandait is fine04:00
VivekanandaI can use ubuntu04:00
dr_willisVivekananda:  not really.. its the SECURITY updates that aere the critical part of LTS.04:01
Vivekanandadr_willis: the reason for installing this ubuntu is I want to run a server on it04:01
Vivekanandaand also to print stuff from it04:01
dr_willisa server - it wont really matter what desktop  you use.. and you can install lubuntu and ubuntu both if you want. Or no desktop at all04:01
VivekanandaI did not want to go headless so I chose ubuntu04:01
Vivekanandayes so I will go with ubuntu and later perhaps get l04:02
dr_willisyou are making a vbox print server?04:02
Vivekanandano I am setting up a localhost flask server04:02
dr_williscant say ive evver used flash.04:02
dr_willis;P >hic<04:02
Vivekanandafor some inhouse invoicing and pos system04:02
Vivekanandayes np04:02
Vivekanandathat is for later04:02
Vivekanandaright now it is install and connect printer04:03
Vivekanandalet me get started04:03
The_ReaverThis is kind of random, but does anyone know of a channel where I could get help with maven/webstart integration?04:04
dr_willisnice thing about setting up a VM. You can back it up. then try things (like a release upgrade) then restore it easially if it dosent work04:04
VivekanandaThe_Reaver: did you try maven channel ?04:04
Vivekanandaor #web ?04:04
The_Reaver#maven was dead, I'll try the other one04:05
Vivekanandadr_willis: say no more :)04:05
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elpeladohi everyone!04:25
imskyhello elpelado04:26
imskyhow did ubuntu screw up this time04:27
elpeladohi imsky04:27
=== companion is now known as Companion
elpeladoi need some opinion about firefox, someone can give me?04:32
imskyfierfox is pretty firey04:32
unsecur3dwhat kind of opinion u need04:32
holsteinelpelado: not really.. its a browser.. its free to try and use.. try it for your self04:32
unsecur3dare we allowed to chat in spanish here ?04:32
elpeladotnks imsky04:32
holsteinits well supported04:32
imskyyw elpelado04:33
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.04:33
unsecur3djoining there too :p04:33
elpeladobut im my lapton run so slowly04:33
unsecur3delpelado what ubuntu version u running and what model laptop u got04:33
elpeladosometimes just tack it04:33
holsteinelpelado: the laptop runs slow? or firefox? or flash in the browser?04:34
elpeladomy ubuntu version is 13.0404:34
elpeladoin general... just stack a second and return04:34
imskyyeah firefox is pretty slow on new ubuntu04:35
imskyno way to get around it04:35
unsecur3dit works fine for me04:35
unsecur3dno slow at all04:35
unsecur3dbut if u need something faster (ur specs are slow) try chrome instead04:35
holsteinif the computer is old/slow, new software and new web browsers likely wont run all that great on it04:36
holsteinelpelado: what are the specs of the machine?04:36
unsecur3dthats why i asked the model04:36
elpeladowow! is just what I needed, the simple truth04:37
unsecur3dshould of said ur on an old pc dude04:37
holsteinelpelado: there is an ubuntu based puppy linux (not supported here, of course) that can run well on older hardare, with some compromises04:38
elpeladomaybe my laptop it`s getting old04:38
holsteinelpelado: state the specs, and i can share an opinion as to if i think ubuntu or a derivitive will run on it04:39
elpeladodual core intel and nvidia w 512 mb04:39
unsecur3dyea ur slow dude04:39
unsecur3dim at 4gb ram quad core04:39
unsecur3du might want to use xfce with ubuntu and chrome as ur web browser04:39
holsteinelpelado: i would try and add memory, and that should be fine... might want xubuntu or lubuntu04:39
unsecur3dthat would make it run faster04:39
elpeladook ok04:40
elpeladothe ubuntu distr. for xfce is xubuntu... ?04:40
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels04:41
dr_willisyou can install the xubuntu/xfce on a ubuntu install  ir you wanted and try both out04:41
dr_willisan lubuntu. - just select what one to use at the login scree04:41
elpeladoyou tell me that i can install xubuntu whitouth delete my actualy ubuntu?04:42
holsteinelpelado: dr_willis just did04:42
dr_willissudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop04:42
holsteinelpelado: and, yes04:42
unsecur3dthats it04:42
elpeladolike ubottu told me?04:42
dr_willisits JUST the desktop. the core of the OS is the same for ubuntu/xubuntu/lubuntu/04:43
dr_willisits trivial to have 3+ desktops installed04:43
unsecur3dand most gnome apps will be available in xfce so u gonna love it04:43
holsteinelpelado: xubuntu *is* ubuntu04:43
unsecur3dmake sure u got enough disk space (df -h)04:43
jpmhon a test system I am trying to start a dhcp server.  I have the .conf file set, I think but when I start sudo dhcpd I get the message:  Can't create PID file /var/run/dhcpd.pid permission denied.  What do I need to set?04:44
elpelado:))) ok ok im an older user of red hat of 98`04:44
unsecur3dhow come ur not using fedora ?04:44
elpeladoin need to get in time w that04:44
dr_willisjpmh:  perhaps use the service command to start the service04:44
dr_willisjpmh:  sudo service servicename start04:44
unsecur3djpmh, u using root buddy ?04:44
jpmhdr_willis - tried that - get: dhcp: unrecognozed service04:45
jpmhunsecur3d: no - hence the sudo?04:45
dr_willisthat may not be the service name  try the service command to list all services04:45
unsecur3djpmh,  yup04:45
dr_willisjpmh:  you have to start it with sudo rights04:45
unsecur3dneed root to start a system service, sudo04:45
elpeladoholdstein, dr_willis, unsecur3d, ubottu and everyone... just very very tnks!04:45
unsecur3delpelado,  no de ke tiguere :)04:46
jpmhdr_willis: what is the command to find the list04:46
elpeladoi will try it w xubuntu and chromium04:46
elpeladounsercur3d :)04:46
babinlonstonhisto: How to setup a ftp server With more secure every time after setting up and while im accessing in browser its asking username and password but the user name and password not accepting me to login how can i clear it04:46
dr_willisjpmh:  'service'  might do it.. or chekc service --help04:46
elpeladotnks again and see you later!04:47
dr_willisbabinlonston:  if security is a main concern, dont use ftp, use ssh04:47
unsecur3dservice --status-all04:47
dr_willisor scp, or sftp04:47
jpmhdr_willis: I did the sudo dhcpd and received the first error and sudo serice dhcp start for the second04:47
babinlonstondr_willis: ya im using vsftpd04:47
unsecur3dvsftpd could be good if security is needed04:48
unsecur3dset it up with PAM and u should be good, just make sure u dont got weak userid's and i would make sure it runs with a chroot environment04:48
Vivekanandadr_willis: should I use an ext3 or 4 for partitions ?04:48
dr_willisVivekananda:  the default these days is ext404:48
Vivekanandaand do I allot like 2 gb swap ?04:49
Vivekanandaor is that not required  ?04:49
unsecur3d1gb is fine04:49
dr_willismake a 2 gb swap partion04:49
unsecur3dthats a lot04:49
babinlonstonunsecur3d: guide me please04:49
VivekanandaI have 4 gigs ram04:49
Vivekanandabut win 7 as host04:49
unsecur3doh then yea do 2gb if ur virtualizing it04:50
unsecur3dbabinlonston, https://www.digitalocean.com/community/articles/how-to-set-up-vsftpd-on-ubuntu-12-0404:51
Vivekanandaokay installing now04:51
=== grass7boy_ is now known as grass7boy
babinlonstonlet me check04:53
unsecur3dthat has step by step and it shows u how to enable chroot in the config file and use pam for local authentication for system users04:54
jpmhfor those interested in my dhcpd question: service --list-all gave me a list, and I then discovered that the service to re-start is: isc-dhcp-serve04:54
unsecur3du got it working now ?04:55
jpmhunsecur3d: not sure - checking now - It did not give an error - now need to see if it is actually giving addresses04:56
unsecur3dno error = ur good04:56
unsecur3djust double check that the service is no running04:56
unsecur3dps -ax|grep dhcpcd if im not mystaken04:56
jpmhunsecur3d: better than that sudo service isc-dhcp-server restart gives a new pid and says it restart and the service is there.04:57
unsecur3du should be good, test it04:57
jpmhunsecur3d: it is clearly up - it is not actually allocating addresses yet - but that's an easier prpoblem I hop - ty - also thks to Dr_Willis04:59
droopive been trying to download magnet files. on transmission, ktorrent, and now deluge. whats the problem?05:05
dr_willisdroop:  i recall them working for me.05:05
dr_willistheres also the linux utorrent  now ;) but its more of a web interface last i looked.05:06
dr_willisyou might want to check on askubuntu.com about them. see if others have had issues.05:06
droopthank you. will keep researching and try utorrent05:07
=== Companion is now known as companion
morsonaiguys unity doesnt work, what do05:10
indistyloFolks, Having problem starting Jboss server, it says Jboss home pointing to different installation , Output can be seen in the URL( http://paste.ubuntu.com/5953884/ ) please suggest some solutions05:10
bhHrmph. I was installing security updates and the universe just died: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5953887/  linux-image-generic can't be configured05:11
indistylobh, you were not having enough space on your disk so process broke down al together05:14
bhindistylo: I (should) have a mostly empty 1TB drive05:14
dr_willis!info linux-image-generic05:14
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (raring), package size 2 kB, installed size 33 kB05:14
dr_willisbh:  someone else was in here the other day with a similer kernel meta package issue.  not sure whats going on with it.. they just removed the  package, since it was a meta package - it dident afffect anything05:15
punkmexichow can i add a volume icon to taskbar in lubuntu??05:15
dr_willispunkmexic:  check the panel settings, last i used lubuntu - it had a volume control icon at the bottom right i belive by default.05:16
punkmexicmine doesnt05:16
punkmexiconly wifi05:16
punkmexicand ime05:16
FloodBot1punkmexic: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:16
xmetalwell ... i am, close05:17
bhindistylo: to specifically address your concern, df -h reports 840G free on /05:17
dr_willisagain.. check your panel settings. i think its a right clcik on the panel. to get to them05:17
xmetal(isos booting via grub)05:17
unsecur3dis ur audio driver configured ?05:17
xmetalhaven't gotten all the parameters right i guess05:17
bhdr_willis: dang. I can't even aptitude remove it before it dies with the same error05:17
dr_willisxmetal:  :)  i dident find it that hard.. but every disrto seems to want differnt settings/paranaters to boot their iso files from grub205:17
DuncanNZI've just upgraded my kernel on Linux Mint 15 (based on Ubuntu so meh) from 3.8 to 3.10, hoping to fix a hardware issue where my laptop randomly freezes. Since it only freezes every couple of days I don't know yet if it's fixed, but in the meanwhile it broke the following three things: GRUB menu now just displays "error executing hwlist" but then it boots normally; wifi doesn't work even with propietary broadcom driver selected; two of the three usb ports05:17
DuncanNZno longer work. Any advice on these three things would be nice :) thanks05:17
punkmexici try to add it05:17
punkmexicbut it doesnt get added05:17
dr_willispunkmexic:  you do have sound? does alsa-mixer work?05:18
indistylobh: In that case my solution is ruled out.05:18
punkmexici dont know dr willis05:18
punkmexici installed pavucontrol05:18
Mekaariopen a terminal and enter alsamixer05:18
xmetalnot difficult, though some items need extra parameters and such ... trial and error05:18
dr_willispunkmexic:  find out  then?05:18
xmetalits a learning experience05:18
punkmexici see alsamixer05:18
punkmexicwhat do i do now05:18
dr_willisplay some muzak - see if you hear it.05:18
dr_willis'see' if you 'hear' it..  ;)05:19
punkmexici hear youtube05:19
punkmexicbut too low05:19
dr_willisthe volume media keys on your keyboard should work to change voulme up/down also05:19
dr_willisalsamixer should let you adjust volumes also05:19
punkmexiclaptop volume keys dont work05:19
Mekaariuse the arrow keys in alsamixer to adjust the volume05:20
punkmexici just see f1 f2 f3 in alsamixer05:20
Mekaariuse the arrow keys.05:20
punkmexicarrow keys do nothing05:20
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.05:20
=== reivei is now known as Heet
dr_willisi dont even recall the name of the gui mixer apps..05:21
xmetali'd look at the mixer ... the program's volume may be at max, but the "main volume" (not sure if that makes sense) may be set to 0 or 1 (almost mute)05:21
xmetal(not sure how else to say it)05:21
xmetali have had that happen before05:21
punkmexici feel desperate05:21
dr_willisarrow left/right to select differnt 'channels' in alsa mixxer, then up/down to adjust the channels05:21
xmetalkmix ?05:21
punkmexicit sucks to dont have good volume05:21
xmetalor kmixer for KDE i beleive05:21
xmetalone of the two05:22
punkmexicwhat can i install05:22
punkmexicistead of lxde05:22
punkmexicor what05:22
dr_willispunkmexic:  theres 4+ desktops you can play with05:22
dr_willisinstall what you want.05:22
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels05:22
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is an open community that creates and maintains software including the Plasma desktop.  To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install  kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See  http://kubuntu.org for more information.05:22
punkmexici wannted05:22
xmetali (knew about it from folks in here) just installed pulse audio equalizer in mint mate 1405:23
punkmexiclubuntu because it slight05:23
xmetalcant get it to work in 15 though05:23
dr_willisgnome-shell, unity, lets see what else...05:23
punkmexicbut it sucks05:23
punkmexicto dont have good volume05:23
xmetal(i do see a few people saying its no longer supported)05:23
xmetali know05:23
xmetaler developed i should say05:23
xmetalnot "supported"05:23
dr_willispunkmexic:  ANY gui mixer for sound should work on any of the desktops05:23
dr_willispunkmexic:  fire up the software center and search for sound mixer and install some05:23
dr_willisor it could be some weird driver bug with your sound card/laptop05:24
dr_willis!find gnome-mixer05:24
ubottuFile gnome-mixer found in gnome-icon-theme-full, gnome-icon-theme-gartoon, gnome-icon-theme-gartoon-redux, gnome-icon-theme-nuovo, gnome-icon-theme-yasis, gnome-themes-extras, jack-rack05:24
xmetaltrue  @ any mixer comment05:25
dr_willisapt-cache search alsa mixer      should show several05:25
xmetalbrb again :P05:25
punkmexicthanks dr_willis05:25
dr_willis!info gnome-mixer05:25
ubottuPackage gnome-mixer does not exist in raring05:25
jony_easyridersome of my client somehow removed the Guest session in Ubuntu 12.04 and after that it wont boot in GUI, it shows "Your system is running in low-graphics mode", please help05:26
reisiojony_easyrider: for virtualbox?05:26
jony_easyriderreisio, no, it's running on a laptop05:27
reisiowangzheng: #ubuntu-cn05:27
wangzhengwhat ?05:28
reisiowangzheng: higher percentage of chinese speakers in that channel, if you're interested05:29
Vivekanandagot my ubuntu started. dr_willis thanks. Now start the main issues. first. I need to connect my brother printer on the host win 7 to my gues05:30
=== reivei is now known as Heet
dr_willisi got a networked wireless brother printer. ;) best printer ive ever bought05:31
dr_willisyou can set up vbox where it appears on the lan as any other 'real' machine on the lan. and shoul dbe able to get to any network printers same as if it was a real box on the lan.05:32
xmetali know someone who just got a brothers and like it ... their canon ink absorber wasn't cleaned/replaced/whatever and ... it looked like a squid (that shoots ink) exploded inside05:33
xmetalink everywhere05:33
wangzhengcan you speak chinese?  i can05:34
wangzhengi can,t understand...05:34
dr_willistheres a chinese channel05:34
xmetal... well i can order chinese ... that count?05:34
dr_willisbut i dont know its name ;)05:34
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw05:35
dr_willisi always think  cn - canadian ;)05:35
Nimbleca is canadian05:35
wangzhengthink you.05:35
dr_willisca = calafornia! ;)05:35
Nimblecalifornia is a state05:35
dr_willisits like a whole differnt world in California05:36
VivekanandaI am trying to set up my printer using http://askubuntu.com/questions/226307/how-to-install-a-brother-hl2270dw-laser-printer05:36
Nimbledepends on what part of California05:36
Vivekanandashould I choose yes or no for step 5 for url when I am on a guest ubuntu and the host has the printer05:36
dr_willisVivekananda:  so you are running Windows. with Ubuntu in a vbox. and the printer is connected to the windows box how?05:36
Vivekanandaby cable05:37
dr_willisso the printer is being shared via  the windows share stuff?05:37
Vivekanandadr_willis: the problem is ( as I ascertained an hour ago) my router does not allow internal fixed ips so giving a url will be counterproductive05:37
Vivekanandadr_willis: I have just installed ubuntu and have done no sharing05:38
Vivekanandaam trying to first install the driver here and then proceed to sharing but am at your disposal05:38
dr_williswindows needs to be shareing the printer if you want other networked machines to access it.05:38
Vivekanandawhat should I do ?05:38
VivekanandaI already enabled lpd and lri or something in windows05:38
dr_willisevery brother printer ive seen  - has had drivers allready in the repos.05:38
Vivekanandaif that is what you are referring to05:39
dr_willisi just  tell window sto 'share' the printer.. ;)05:39
Vivekanandadr_willis: nope not this one05:39
Vivekanandalol okay let me see how to do that05:39
dr_willistheres a lot of brother printer packages not installed by default.05:39
Vivekanandabut before that05:39
Vivekanandawhat do I chose as the url in step 5 in the first answer on http://askubuntu.com/questions/226307/how-to-install-a-brother-hl2270dw-laser-printer05:39
dr_willistry yes. and enter the ip of the windows box perhaps05:41
dr_willisas a test05:41
=== sirafkalot is now known as sirriffsalot
wangzhengwho using ubuntu130.4?05:45
dr_willislots of people use 13.04 wangzheng05:46
bhindistylo: actually, you're right! It was trying to install the image to /boot, which isn't particularly big05:47
xtrezhow can i start ssh service ?05:48
dr_willisinstall the ssh service and it should start automatically05:48
dr_willisor use the 'service' command to start it05:48
ken-the-whizhey internet just recently worked in till restart now dhcp doesnt give ip address but eth0 connection recognized05:48
xtrezdr_willis, installed but my ipad is not detecting the ssh connection05:48
ken-the-whizthe available networks are auto eth 0 but its not connecting it recently worked in till restart05:52
wangzhengi find a problem of drives . after intall it. i found it can't enter desktop05:52
coffeebeanshow do i install software package opera.it saved to desktop /05:52
wangzhengnow i'm using 130.405:53
ken-the-whizanyone please help ifconfig eth0 up; dhclient eth0 says no leases found on eth005:53
holsteincoffeebeans: i would reference https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser05:54
indistyloFolks, Eclipse not starting in ubuntu12.04, I installed in /usr/share/eclipse directory and created eclipsed.desktop but its not starting, Kindly suggest solutions05:54
Fulangehey all.  Im (still) having a bit of trouble getting my recently installed ubuntu to work properly.  Anyone willing to help?  I cant seem to get ubuntu to recognize i am connected...05:57
holsteinFulange: connected to what?05:58
holsteinFulange: lay out some details, and a volunteer will help if they can05:58
Fulangeholstein: connected via ethernet cable to my modem & router.  We have managed to discover that i dont have a network manager (a working one anyway) installed...05:59
holsteinFulange: all ubuntu versions ship with a network manager06:00
Fulangeholstein: another volunteer on this chat channel was helping me eariler today06:00
holsteinFulange: did you uninstall the network manager?06:00
holsteinFulange: are you sure you installed ubuntu?06:00
Fulangeholstein: okay, i havent uninstalled it, to my knowledge, how can i interact with it?06:00
Fulangeholstein: i dont even have the icon in the top right with the little arrows.  but on my other boot (dual boot windows/ubuntu) the internet works fine06:01
holsteinFulange: your other boot? you mean on the other machine?06:02
Nimblewhen I run netstat, why do I see connections from the root user to webpages I am visiting?06:02
Nimbleis it because port 80 is a restricted port?06:02
holsteinFulange: could be this simple.. the networking hardware you have is not supported by linux06:03
holsteinFulange: at least, out of the box06:03
holsteinFulange: when supported hardware is connected, the manger "just works".. otherwise, you dont need a manager06:03
Fulangeholstein: ooh, good point, i hope not... let me check!  i have 2 nic devices on this PC and neither of them work lol06:04
holsteinFulange: i suggest looking at the chipsets and doing some general troubleshooting.. if you feel "we" have maybe compromised the installation, try testing with a live CD06:04
Fulangeholstein: general troubleshooting?06:05
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
holsteinFulange: yes.. 'lspci' in the terminal.. does the networking device show up? does the networking device function in a supported operating system? is the card installed correctly? enabled in the bios?06:06
blazemoretripelb: fstab describes what will be mounted on boot. If you manually mounted your Windows partition (for example, through the file manager) that doesn't affect fstab, it only lasts until you logout06:07
ikillcypherhow do I escape from VIM06:07
blazemoreikillcypher: Hit Escape, then type :q06:07
ikillcyphernot working06:07
reisiovimtutor :)06:07
blazemoreikillcypher: "not working"06:07
sam113101then press enter06:07
ikillcypherUnknown COmmand06:08
Fulangeholstein: its working in the bios, and such (just checked) waiting on boot to finish to see if it works via liveCD06:08
holsteinand such?06:08
blazemoreikillcypher: ":q" is not an unknown command in vim, you must have typed it incorrectly somehow06:08
blazemore!vim | ikillcypher06:08
ubottuikillcypher: Text Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code06:08
blazemoreOh that didn't do what I wanted06:08
ikillcypherhow do I exit it06:08
blazemoreikillcypher: Hit Escape and then type :q and then hit enter06:09
Fulangeholstein: yea, and such lol06:09
blazemoreikillcypher: wangzheng :wq will save06:09
wangzhengsave and quit06:09
ikillcyphercant EXIT !!!06:09
sam113101trype :q!06:09
somsipikillcypher: :wq!06:09
blazemoreikillcypher: Hit escape, type :q and hit enter06:09
somsipikillcypher: sorry....:q!06:09
ikillcypherunknown command06:09
* ikillcypher just ended terminal06:10
ikillcypherjeez thankss06:10
blazemoreikillcypher: you need to type two characters, A colon : and then immediately a letter q. then press enter06:10
sinkensabeikillcypher: kill the terminal,open a new terminal, open vim and typ :q06:10
wangzhengpress esc .than :q!06:10
=== William_ is now known as tertl3
sanal_madathethI have a 13.04 i386.iso with me. Can I use zsync to convert it to 13.04amd 64?06:10
holsteinsanal_madatheth: you can download the 64bit iso06:11
blazemoresanal_madatheth: no06:11
xtrezwhen i am typing apache then why it is not showing up ?06:11
sanal_madathethholstein, blazemore thanks06:11
xtreztyping apache in ubuntu software center06:11
Fulangeholstein: running from live CD (or in my case a usb thumbdrive) it does the same thing, no internet.  if i go to "edit connections" it doesnt show a "wired connections" tab as the help file says06:12
sanal_madathethholstein, no shortcuts to reduce download?06:12
holsteinsanal_madatheth: not that im aware of..06:12
hyliankde wont let me remove activities, it doesn't give me the "stop  playing" sign, so I cant delete them. Why isn't this always an  option? (I was making activities to see the difference between  them)06:13
holsteinFulange: confirm the hardware is capable of functioning.. run 'lspci' and see that the hardware is present.. ask here for information about the specific chipset, and search "ubuntu 'the specific chipset'"06:13
holsteinFulange: keep in mind, it might not be supported06:14
Fulangeholstein: it doesnt show in lspci06:15
holsteinFulange: then, its not capable of functioning, or installed correctly, or supportable, or needs more config up front06:17
holsteinFulange: i would start by stating what hardware you have, and go from there..06:17
xtrezwhy can't i find apache in ubuntu software center ? but i can find it it synaptic ?06:18
Fulangeholstein: bigfoot networks killer network card...  the website says it supports linux, but i may have to instal something06:18
holsteinxtrez: if you would like to install it, i would.. the software center is a GUI targeted for the desktop.. maybe you need to search "lamp", or "web server".. or maybe its not showed06:19
holsteinFulange: what website says it supports what linux?06:19
Fulangeholstein: killergaming.com, im still investigating, just a cursory glance06:20
holsteinFulange: if they support it, ask them for support06:22
holsteinFulange: if the list specifics, like a specific kernel that you are not using, or have a blob to download, try that06:22
Fulangeholstein: kewl, i will check around.  Hey, thanks for all the help holstein, i appreciate it.06:23
dr_willisSoftware center has some  "show other/advanced"   option06:25
yaluhi, just a really quick question. Is there a quick way to deny normal users the right to shutdown? only someone with admin rights should do it06:28
syn-ackTake them out of the "adm" and "sudo" groups, yalu06:28
syn-ackThat *should* do it, iirc06:29
dr_willisLight dm may still be able to do it.06:30
syn-ackyalu, http://askubuntu.com/questions/93542/how-to-disable-shutdown-reboot-suspend-hibernate06:30
syn-ackdr_willis, That's actually the part in which I was wondering about06:31
syn-ackMollyguard... That's what I was trying to think of...06:32
syn-ackThat's in that article, too06:32
dr_willisThere used to be  options to remove those items from the login screen.  But I've not looked Into them in ages06:32
syn-ackyalu, Molly Guard is the safest and most easily reversible, if you should decide to change that in the future...06:36
syn-ackyalu, I would recommend that over the other methods listed.06:36
=== vincent is now known as Guest54630
dr_willisIt got quiet...  Too quiet.06:44
dr_willisAnd chat needs a lagmeter like xchat  has.06:46
reisioa little too Raph06:46
reisioalso, best youtube description text ever06:47
reisiowrong chan :p06:49
hylianabout my kde question, if anyone is wondering, the solution is to log out and then back in again, then you get the little black "stop" button, and then you can delete an activity. Bye all.06:51
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
punkmexiccan someone help me with this http://paste.ubuntu.com/5954073/06:56
kelvinellahello, how do I write a loop with scp to copy files?06:58
kelvinellawithout typing in the password in every file?06:58
ikoniapunkmexic: let me guess, trying to do something with pip or something like that06:59
punkmexicwhat should i do ikonia06:59
ikoniapunkmexic: looks for a yes/no not "maybe"06:59
reisiokelvinella: sshfs foo@bar:baz qux && for i in fred; do cp "$i" quz/; done06:59
reisio… && fusermount -u qux :p06:59
kelvinellareisio, scp06:59
ikoniapunkmexic: "dont use it" is the genuine answer, most of what you need should be handled thorugh the ubuntu package manager06:59
reisiokelvinella: scp, ssh, sftp, sshfs, same thing07:00
kelvinellareisio, it wont ask for password?07:00
reisioit will, once07:00
punkmexiclooks like its fixed07:00
mobilecould use passwordless logins for scp07:00
kelvinellareisio, which command makes it once?07:00
reisiokelvinella: sshfs07:00
kelvinellareisio, for ((i=6401;i<=6649;i++)); do scp root@$i.* .; done07:01
reisioyou can probably use keys, but that's probably about as much work as typing a password a few times, at least the first time you do it :)07:01
kelvinellareisio, whats the problem in this command?07:01
reisiokelvinella: you tell me07:01
reisioyou using bash?07:02
kelvinellareisio, i run it in terminal07:02
reisiofor i in {6401..6649}; would work in bash07:02
reisiono manual incrementing required07:02
punkmexicsee yaa07:02
bobbbywhen i type activemq at the commandline without qualifying the path, it tells me "this package is not installed". I installed activemq without using the apt-get package manager. is there any way I can get activemq to trigger the program I installed rather than refering to the package that could be installed?07:03
reisiobobbby: where's the executable that you installed?07:04
bobbbyit's at /opt/activemq-some.version.number/bin/activemq07:04
kelvinellareisio, i have IMG_6401.jpg to IMG_6649.jpg wanna copy from iphone to computer, can u help me?07:04
reisiokelvinella: does your computer have bluetooth?07:05
kelvinellareisio, they are in root@
airtonixbobbby: and it runs when you type /opt/activemq-some.version.number/bin/activemq07:05
reisioyou could use an iOS "FTP" client, too07:05
reisioif it supports "sftp", which most do these days07:05
dr_willisbobbby:  make a script that cd's to the right place then runs thee command, or an alias that does the samw thing.07:05
dr_willisbobbby:  you added /opt/whatever/ to your default PATH?07:06
reisiokelvinella: sshfs root@ localmounthere, potentially07:06
mobilekelvinella go into linux in the file browser address bar type in sftp://root@ip:/ and now you can browse your iphone files, copy, paste07:06
bobbbydr_willis haven't done that, how do you do that?07:06
FourFireHello, I have an issue where any sound file I play cuts out after half a second, on the inbuilt speakers and headphones.07:06
FourFireI recently installed pulseaudio Volume control to allow me to play sound on a HDTV by changing the configuration setting.07:06
FourFirethe configuration setting is currently on Analog stereo Duplex (which I think is default?) How may I fix this issue?07:06
dr_willisbobbby:  id just make a script that calls  calls the binary you need properly07:06
mobilesshfs dont work from iphone to pc07:06
dr_willisbobbby:  i dont see how youa re just typing the command . and its working.. if its not allready in your PATH07:07
reisiomobile: I wouldn't think so07:07
kelvinellamobile, failed to open07:07
reisioFourFire: does it work on the hdtv?07:08
mobilethe iphone needs to be on, ie the screen lit07:08
mobilesome basic security07:08
bobbbydr_willis if I type the command it tells me "activemq is not installed, you can install this package by typing apt-get..." which is true, yes you can, but that gets you an old version, and the new version isn't packaged, so I had to install it manually. however i'm still getting ubuntu telling me about the package when i'd like it to just run the manually installed version.07:09
kelvinellaits one07:09
FourFireyeah when I switch it to Digital stereo (HDMI) output07:09
kelvinellaits on07:09
FourFireperfectly, no problems07:09
=== jd is now known as Guest83022
mobileahh. if you can ssh to it scp sshfs and scp will work from the pc07:09
dr_willisbobbby:  thats a fewature of bash/shell/ubuntu to help you. again.. i would make a script that calls the binary you do have installed and put it in some bin dir in your default path07:10
pranjal710Hi, I am running a shell script, I want its output to be put in a file. My script is: http://pastebin.com/XGFhhyKB I am not getting the output in the file.07:10
reisioFourFire: so you think you've set it back to default to play locally, but you're not sure?07:10
dr_willisbobbby:  best would be to use a PPA to get the latest version of that program and not  use source, or a arcvhive07:10
bobbbydr_willis nobody has packaged the latest version of that program.07:11
reisiopranjal710: -S?07:11
FourFireI've tried both of the "maybe default" settings07:12
=== jamie is now known as Guest38741
FourFireok I tried Analog stereo output again and it's working fine...07:13
=== bobbby is now known as Terabyte
FourFireI don't like the fact that my sound will work sometimes, but not always...07:13
FourFirethanks anyway ;)07:13
pranjal710reisio: I took help from http://askubuntu.com/questions/155791/how-do-i-sudo-a-command-in-a-script-without-being-asked-for-a-password/155795#15579507:14
mobilethis room, good techs. makes the windows techs look real sad lol07:14
dr_williswindows makes techs sad..07:15
mobileso true.07:15
reisioFourDoll1rs: make a script instead of relying on your memory :)07:15
FourDoll1rsreisio: @_@a07:15
syn-ackIn all fairness, I've seen some excellent Windows guys who were non-degree'd and some horrible Windows guys who, despite having their MCSE, etc couldn't find their way out of a box.07:16
reisiopranjal710: I just can't find any sudo man page that documents a -S07:16
reisiopranjal710: does your 'man sudo' have a -S?07:17
reisiomaybe they undocumented it because it defeats the purpose of sudo :p07:18
tintindkshi, anyone knows how to install intel hd graphics 4000 driver in Ubuntu 10.04 32bit?07:18
Terabyteyou're not looking hard enough. try sudo man sudo07:18
reisiotintindks: what makes you think it isn't installed?07:18
reisioTerabyte: -AknS?07:19
Terabytezats ze joke07:19
tintindksbecause when I restart computer says "start in low mode resolution". However after accept the message load ok the desktop07:19
reisioTerabyte: heh07:19
reisiotintindks: I'm not sure that means the driver isn't loaded07:20
reisiotintindks: can you pastebin the output of lspci -n ?07:21
tintindks@reisio if I do lshw -C video I see there is no driver loades07:21
ikoniatintindks: that's not what was asked07:21
dr_willisso it says its in low-res mode.. but its not.07:22
reisioI'm pretty sure that's a term Canonical just made up07:22
reisioit could mean almost anything07:22
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=== 18WAEAWQ6 is now known as stephanmg
ikoniaisn't it the output of the unity acceleration detection test07:22
reisioit probably means compiz didn't load07:22
reisiowhich could also many a lot of things07:22
reisioikonia: that'd be my guess07:23
ikoniaI'm reasonably sure it is07:23
ikoniathere is a package that tests for 3d acceleration for unity,07:23
reisioamong the things that might make compiz not load: your hardware actually works with compiz but compiz thinks it doesn't because someone put it on a list :)07:23
reisiowhich brings us back to lspci -n07:23
reisios/also many/also mean/07:24
pranjal710reisio: nopes, buit its working for me, just that its not putting the output to a file07:24
reisiopranjal710: does an equivalent command without sudo put output to a file?07:24
ikoniapranjal710: it's not working for you07:24
ikoniapranjal710: more so as you've not terminated your password with a new line character07:24
ikoniapranjal710: its probably still running of cached auth07:25
ikoniaclear the cache with sudo -K07:26
tintindks@reisio http://pastebin.com/CXP3fLjC07:28
Prock81anyone familer with e4defrag07:29
dr_willisProck81:  why do you want to defrag?07:29
dr_williswell.. why do you think you need to defrag ;)07:29
reisiotintindks: how about lspci -k | grep -i vga -B 207:30
Prock81cause im loading an image into the ram and it reports it needes to be contigous07:30
dr_willisloading what into ram exactly?07:30
dr_willisand how/what are you doing excatly?07:31
tintindks@reisio http://pastebin.com/yxMhwY5r07:31
pranjal710ikonia: I checked, its working, not using the cached07:31
Prock81being able to run a particular program that actually checks to see if its in a VM, and if so shuts down... not having to format my hard drive07:32
=== Oli`` is now known as oli
Prock81i dont understand e4defrag 's output07:34
ikoniapranjal710: I don't see how as you've not terminated it with a new line character as required07:34
DWSRIs there a way to always enforce certain a certain permission set on files in a directory?07:34
kelvinellareisio, i have tried the sshfs07:35
kelvinellareisio, its painfully slow07:35
Prock81it goes by a score, i just want a yes or no, is it or not fragmented, and if so defrag it, what is best for that, ext4 and fat32 would be nice07:35
ikoniapranjal710: you're syntax for running the command is also very odd07:35
ikoniapranjal710: richwestcsh ./../date.sh??07:36
pranjal710ikonia: I took help from the link I jmentioned : http://askubuntu.com/questions/155791/how-do-i-sudo-a-command-in-a-script-without-being-asked-for-a-password/155795#15579507:36
reisiokelvinella: it'd be the same speed with scp07:36
reisiotintindks: try sudo modprobe i91507:36
pranjal710ikonia: Could you suggest something, I want to run a sudo shell command without being prompted for a password and direct the output to a file07:36
ikoniapranjal710: if I where you I would consider setting up a sudo rule with NOPASSWD for this command07:36
pranjal710ikona: how do I do that?07:37
ikoniapranjal710: also you're not running a command, you're doing something very odd.07:37
tintindksreisio: FATAL: Error inserting i915 (/lib/modules/2.6.38-15-generic/kernel/drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915.ko): No such device07:37
ikoniapranjal710: you're running sudo to launch a shell to run a script that runs a command07:37
reisiotintindks: what version of Ubuntu?07:37
ikoniapranjal710: it looks like you're making this very complex for something that is not needed07:37
tintindksreisio: 10.0407:37
ikoniapranjal710: more so as "date" does not need "sudo" to run07:37
Prock81question? in grub can there be a space in the file path / file name for the image to be loaded?07:38
pranjal710ikonia: Actually There are various other scripts which require sudo right. Just for test case, I am using a shell script which is inturn calling a shell which will run sudo scripts07:38
ikoniaProck81: you'd need to escape it,  but there should be no space in /boot07:38
reisiotintindks: can you not use a more recent version? It's kind of a cop out, but newer versions of things do tend to be improved07:38
Prock81if so what would be the format to handle the spaces07:38
reisiotintindks: also you're going to want to update real soon regardless07:38
ikoniapranjal710: sounds a mess07:38
Prock81 ikonia not for my ubuntu, but i want to add something personal07:39
pranjal710ikonia: Could you suggest something better?07:39
reisioProck81: but why? :p07:39
ikoniaProck81: check #grub07:39
Prock81reisio: why on what part07:39
ikoniapranjal710: a simple script that is executed properly, with a password exception in the sudo rules07:39
reisioProck81: why a space07:40
pranjal710ikonia: How do I add a password exception into the sudo rule?07:40
tintindksreisio: I know, but I cannot. I use this installation for some different hardware and I clone them. Need that version to have the same in all computers (for working computers)07:40
ikoniapranjal710: research sudo rules07:40
reisiotintindks: k07:40
pranjal710ikonia: Ok07:40
ikoniapranjal710: especially the NOPASSWORD option07:40
pranjal710ikonia: Thanks07:40
Prock81cause im working with a file that gets modified often, and its in a certin place where an application expects it, and im tired of copying it to /07:41
Prock81 reisio^07:41
maxiPad3gsI am on 13.04 desktop/ thinkpad x220 trying ot get my sd card reader to auto mount inserted cards. i followed a command line from the Ubuntu forums "sudo modprobe -r r852; sudo modprobe -r sdhci_pci; sudo modprobe r852; sudo modprobe sdhci_pci" and it did not work. How can I undo these commands?07:41
reisiotintindks: what about a newer kernel version, can you manage that?07:42
reisiointeresting, ' nick^' is missed by He/xChat's highlighter <rolls eyes>07:42
reisioProck81: why not use a symlink ;)07:43
Prock81 maxiPad3gs, i dont know the answer, but im wondering do you get an icon for the SD card in the launcher?07:43
Prock81will grub work with a symlink?07:43
reisiocd /boot && ln -s bar\ baz foo07:43
reisioProck81: yup, I've been using one for years07:43
reisioI think originally the kernel make install created it for me, even07:44
Prock81 reisio can u make a better example that i can grasp07:44
tintindksreisio: if I update the Kernel i loose some client apps of my company. Anyway, we see the driver there, but cannot insert it. "No such device" it sais but really the system see the video card07:44
Prock81like pretent its an iso file.iso07:44
reisiocd /boot && ln -s filewith\ aspace symlinkNameForGrubMakeEasierHooray07:44
reisiojust tab complete the file with the space :p07:45
tintindksreisio: if the diver is there (kernel/drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915.ko) what can i do07:45
Prock81 reisio i got my bootld that make a difference in the same partition, wou07:47
tintindksraisio: curiously, when I accept the message low-mode resolution its start OK. I run blender without problem. But then, I do "lshw -C video" and I dont see any driver loaded.07:48
Prock81my boot is not its own partition, so would that affect the way i need to type the symlink07:49
krzdo i have to have canonical partner repo, to install skype?07:49
krzor does ubuntu have it officially in its own repo?07:50
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reisioProck81: you might try with noacpi: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions07:50
reisiokrz: it's not in an official repo07:50
reisioor I guess one should say ordinary07:51
=== duoduo_ is now known as dd
Prock81acpi=off does what>07:51
jony_easyridersome of my client somehow removed the Guest session in Ubuntu 12.04 and after that it wont boot in GUI, it shows "Your system is running in low-graphics mode", please help07:51
Arbitionnoacpi and acpi=off actually seem to do slightly different things07:51
ArbitionI actually found that for my computer, noacpi did the job, but losing acpi is pretty bad. noapic may also work07:52
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=== Nis is now known as DuoDuo_
we6jboIs there a way to get a notificaton or a popup window when someone such as myself SSH remotely onto my system?07:54
dr_willisacpi is some bios thangy :) advanced computer power inferface? (check wiki pedia)07:54
Arbitionacpi manages more than just power07:54
dr_williswe6jbo:  you could monitor /var/log/ files   i think theres 'auth' that shows info07:54
ArbitionYou really want to avoid losing it if possible07:55
blazemorewe6jbo: The file /var/log/auth.log is appended to with every login07:55
ArbitionI found that I lost my secondary threads on my processor when I used noacpi07:55
krzhow do i know if i already have the following repo: http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner07:55
dr_williswe6jbo:    tail -f /var/log/auth.log    in a terminal ;)07:55
krzwhere can i check this07:55
dr_williskrz /etc/apt/sources.list  and in sources.list.d07:56
we6jbodr_willis:  there's no application or something that I can install that will do that?07:56
dr_williswe6jbo:  theres log monitoring apps in the repos07:57
=== euphoria is now known as Guest6917
dr_willissshd may have some options also. but ive never looked into it much07:58
Prock81sudo nano /etc/default/grub && update-grub ... is that the proper way to add entries to grub, using nano08:00
we6jbodr_willis: ok I'll check out the apps in the repo. Thanks for helping me :)08:01
tintindksreisio: any idea?08:02
Prock81is this the proper file to edit to make manual grub changes, /etc/default/grub08:03
maxiPad3gsdr willis  !><!08:04
reisioProck81: tintindks: sorry got you two mixed up :p08:05
reisiotintindks: you might try with noacpi: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions08:05
dr_willisProck81:  thats a config file that update-grub uses. it depends on what you are doing to grub as to what files to change08:05
tintindksreisio: thanks anyway08:06
krzdr_willis: so if i do this twice: sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner", will it add multiple entries?08:06
krzwhen i do sudo apt-get install skype, which repo is it trying to contact?08:09
krzhow can i find this out?08:09
fidelkrz: apt-cache policy PACKAGENAMe might help08:09
DuncanNZkrz: apt-cache show skype08:09
DuncanNZactually go with fidel's one08:10
syn-ackSkype's in the Partner repos08:10
dr_williskrz it wont really matter if it has extra duplicate entries08:11
krzskype is a bit buggy, so im completely removing it and reinstalling08:12
dr_williskrz i imagine it will still be buggy...08:12
dr_willisremove and reinstalling to 'fix' things - is a windows mentality thing08:12
DuncanNZyes skype is very buggy. but there's no 3rd party alternative if all your friends are on skype08:13
jony_easyriderhow can be repaired an existing Ubuntu 12.04 OS?08:13
dr_willisi perfer google coice08:13
dr_willisjony_easyrider:  depends on whats damaged08:13
dr_willisjony_easyrider:  the rescue/recovery mode. or a live cd are normal used for severe cases08:13
=== three18t- is now known as three18ti
jony_easyriderdr_willis, it was wrongly removed the guest session and now it won't enter on the logon screen08:14
reisioDuncanNZ: not without at least one instance of skype code running :)08:15
dr_willisjony_easyrider:  wrongly?   if you want  to restore the normal ubuntu system. login to a console and reinstall the 'ubuntu-desktop' package08:16
DuncanNZCan anyone help with wifi?08:16
blazemoreDuncanNZ: Ask your next (real) question08:16
DuncanNZI've enabled the broadcom driver in my driver setups, but it doesn't recognise wifi at all.08:17
DuncanNZsorry I should know not to ask to ask, been here for a while08:17
ActionParsnipDuncanNZ: if you run:  sudo modprobe b43     does it activate?08:17
jony_easyriderdr_willis, I tried that already, but the issue still there08:17
DuncanNZActionParsnip: no, no output or result from that command08:17
jony_easyriderdr_willis, "Your system is running in low-graphics mode"08:17
dr_willisjony_easyrider:  you get  that when you login? or befor?   what is your video chipset and what driver ar eyou using08:19
DuncanNZthe wifi used to work just fine after enabling the proprietary driver but after upgrading my kernel it doesn't. Even when I use the old kernel.08:19
darthpbalI'm having issues with my wifi as well.08:19
ActionParsnipDuncanNZ: thats fine, means it worked08:19
Prock81this is what i was to put in /etc/default/grub then update-grub2 http://paste.ubuntu.com/5954234/08:19
ActionParsnipDuncanNZ: check with network applet, see if networks are visible08:20
DuncanNZActionParsnip: it just has no section for wifi at all08:20
jony_easyriderdr_willis, that error window appear before login screen08:20
jony_easyriderdr_willis, how can I verify the chipset vendor?08:20
dr_willisjony_easyrider:  the 'lspci' command08:21
Prock81 DuncanNZ, ive been through something like that on a different linux, i backed up the fix script to google drive cause it ketp happenting to me, one moment08:22
dr_willisProck81:  that does NOT go in /etc/default/grub   it would go in /etc/gruub.d/40_custom or some other custom entry file08:22
DuncanNZis the "this device is using an alternative driver" normal? http://s22.postimg.org/qk9jbl84h/screenshot.png08:23
=== max is now known as Guest26686
jony_easyriderdr_willis, it's Intel08:23
dr_willisjony_easyrider:  intel makes a lot of chipsets. you may want to check askubuntu.com for that error message aand 'intel' and see if theres any known issues or work arounds.  intel drivers shoul dbe included by default08:24
b3h3m0thI have enabled third party repositories and later reverted my repository list. No I am getting error while trying to install using apt :    Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)08:24
DuncanNZb3h3m0th: can you post the full output?  pipe it to pastebinit08:24
jony_easyriderdr_willis, ty, I will do that08:24
Prock81 DuncanNZ https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B--qRuS-djY5MVlNV29ubUtIMVU/edit?usp=sharing ,dont forget to edit it to fit the driver module you use and chmod +x it08:26
DuncanNZProck81: I sent an "access request" when I clicked that link08:26
DuncanNZwell it said you need permission to access this document, click here to request access from the owner, so I clicked it08:27
DuncanNZit probably sent you an email, Prock8108:27
Prock81i seen what u mean, its public now08:27
dr_willisb3h3m0th:  thats a generic error messge.. you may want to pastebin the full output and give the url to the channel08:27
Prock81was set on pricate08:27
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
fidelhi - any advanced search-gui  you guys can recommend. right now i am using 'searchmonkey' which tends to crash from time to time08:28
dr_willisfidel:  to search for what?08:28
DuncanNZProck81: really google docs? I click download and it has a redirect loop08:29
fideldr_willis: search for & in files&folders08:29
DuncanNZI'll pm you my email?08:29
darthpbalHi, I'm having some issues with my wifi connection that only started suddenly today. My connection will drop randomly, and signal strength doesn't seem to be the issue.08:29
Prock81lol i should have just copy and paste in paste.ubuntu.com08:30
dr_willisfidel search for  the charcter '&' ?08:30
Prock81one moment08:30
JonMcdarthpbal did you do any updates?08:30
blazemoredarthpbal: Are any other devices on the same network having the same problem? Is your device having the same problem with other networks?08:30
darthpbalI don't think so, but it's possible that I just did them without even thinking about it.08:30
fideldr_willis: search for/in files and folders08:31
fidelbasically a gui for find ;)08:31
saschagehlichhey, i'm trying to install ubuntu on an asus n550 notebook, but after i select "install ubuntu", the screen turns black and stays this way (led backlight is still on though). any hints?08:31
blazemorefidel: Doesn't Unity's Dash do that out of the box?08:31
darthpbalI don't have the password for any other networks, but all of the computers on my network are working fine except for the one.08:31
fidelblazemore: it might - but i am not using unity08:31
JonMcdarthpbal: if they other ones work i would try to roll back your last set of updates, back to when it worked08:32
dr_willisdash dosent search for pattersn IN files last i looked.08:32
blazemoresaschagehlich: Does the system have a make and model? Asus didn't make a computer called n550 I don't think, but Intel did make an Atom n550 so you might be getting confused with that08:32
saschagehlichblazemore: it's an asus n550jv-CN088H08:32
darthpbalHow would I roll back to previous updates?08:33
Prock81 DuncanNZ save that in a file and chmod +x, edit the module name for what u need then sh file http://paste.ubuntu.com/5954265/08:33
b3h3m0thDuncanNZ: http://pastebin.com/kmHcVTkS08:33
JonMcdarthpbal: what os are you using and what version08:33
darthpbalI'm using Ubuntu 13.0408:34
=== vincent is now known as Guest60307
JonMcdarthpbal: unless you set it up in 13.04, there are no back ups. you will probably have to reinstall unless someone else here has a better idea08:38
saschagehlichblazemore: turning off secure boot apparently worked… ;)08:38
ubottuAttempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported and may break your system.08:38
blazemoredr_willis: That's not what he is trying to do08:38
JonMcSorry it took me so long, i had to look it up for the newest versions of Ubuntu08:39
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto08:39
darthpbalIs there any idea what could be the cause of this?08:40
VictorCLI have mess up my sources.list and I dont get any updates anymore08:40
VictorCLsudo apt-get update get stuck08:40
VictorCLIgn http://dl.google.com stable/main Translation-ca08:40
VictorCL99% [Waiting for headers]08:40
FloodBot1VictorCL: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:40
=== Guest38741 is now known as vorsprung
dr_willisremove that  source perhaps VictorCL08:41
JonMcdarthpbal: if it was working fine and now its suddenly not working fine then either an update caused a change, your hardware changed, or something is interfering08:41
francihello, which domain do i need to choose for ptr record?08:41
dr_willisserver could be down. it should time out eventually08:41
blazemorefranci: This is an Ubuntu support channel08:41
darthpbalI looked up my issue and some people were saying something about a new kernel was messing up peoples wifi stability08:41
franciblazemore: i know, but i want to set it on ubuntu ;)08:41
blazemoredarthpbal: If you boot into a previous kernel do the problems go away?08:41
JonMcdarthpbal: that would be an update08:42
VictorCLdr_willis,  I dont see it there08:42
blazemore!details | franci what are you actually trying to do? Remember I know nothing apart from what you tell me08:42
ubottufranci what are you actually trying to do? Remember I know nothing apart from what you tell me: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:42
dr_willisVictorCL:  thers sources.list.d/* also08:42
darthpbalHow can I boot into a previous kernel?08:42
blazemoredarthpbal: On the Grub boot menu, choose the option to see older kernels08:43
JonMcdarthpbal: hold shift while booting08:44
franciblazemore: i want to send mail through sendmail and i need to add ptr record. i have more domains on this server and i will send mails only from one of them. now i need to choose domain for ptr record, but i don't know which one should i choose - like one as hostname?08:44
blazemorefranci: Why do you need to add a ptr record?08:44
blazemorefranci: Do you mean an MX record?08:45
JonMcfor more help darthpbal http://askubuntu.com/questions/82140/how-can-i-boot-with-an-older-kernel-version08:45
franciblazemore: because if there isn't ptr records isps block ip and mail from it08:45
darthpbalI'm booting with a previous kernel now, give me a sec...08:45
blazemorefranci: Oh! You mean reverse DNS08:45
franciblazemore: yes, absolutely08:45
blazemorefranci: You have to contact your ISP, it might not be possible08:46
blazemorefranci: Only the owner of the IP addresses can change the records for them08:46
franciblazemore: i've contacted it and they send me question what subdomain i'd like to have on ptr08:46
blazemorefranci: Oh that's interesting08:47
franciblazemore: really ;)08:47
blazemorefranci: Who is your ISP in this case?08:47
blazemoreYeah it's interesting because their response doesn't really make sense08:47
darthpbalHey guys, it's looking like that was the issue. I booted in a previous kernel and it looks like my connection and speed are stable now!08:47
blazemorefranci: Is it a home connection, a server you rent, a colo or what?08:47
franciblazemore: it's some kind of colo08:48
rhumbothi all, i was wondering if there is a solution for multitouch gestures for ubuntu 13.04? (i cant configure them - worked perfectly on 12.04))08:48
blazemorefranci: "some kind of colo" and you don't know?08:48
rhumbotalso: is it possible to downgrade to get back to 12.04?08:48
franciblazemore: it's server for learning08:48
dr_willisrhumbot:  from 13.04 to 12.04?08:48
blazemorefranci: You rent rack space and network connectivity in a datacentre? Did you have to physically buy a server yourself (off ebay for example)08:48
rhumbotdr_willis yes08:49
dr_willisrhumbot:  reformat renstall.08:49
rhumboti see. thats what i would like to avoid.08:49
blazemorefranci: Really this isn't an Ubuntu issue at all - you need to contact your ISP to get your preferred domain set up as the PTR record for your IP08:49
franciblazemore: but can you please help me :/08:50
blazemoreNo, and it's not that I'm choosing not to, it's that I can't08:51
blazemoreYou need to contact your ISP, this is as relevant to ask the #ubuntu channel as it is to go to your mechanic and ask him08:52
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Shadow}}Is there an apt for RSS feeds? If so can someone recommend a suitable one for Xubuntu.08:53
dr_willisShadow}}:  should be several rss readers in the repos. or use some of the many firefox extensions for rss feeds08:54
Shadow}}*Xubuntu 13.0408:54
dr_willisxubuntu uses the same repos as ubuntu ;)08:54
MagePsychohow to search and replace from the xml files in a directory? i want to replace <active>true</active> to <active>false</active> from them?08:55
Shadow}}Well, I've never used rss feeds. So really unsure how they work... Is there a way to receive a desktop notification from a feed?08:55
dr_willisMagePsycho:  sed, or awk would be the normal tools for that sort of work08:55
dr_willisShadow}}:  there may be some indicator-applets listed at omgubuntu, webupd8 or the askubuntu.com big list of indicator-applets for that08:56
corentini'm getting errors when running apt-get update, as seen here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5954340/ any clue what's wrong? it looks like it's trying to connect to "security.ubuntu.com:http", but i checked my sources.list and it looks ok08:56
Shadow}}Ah thank you dr_willis08:56
MagePsychoi m tryig to write as: sed -i 's/<active>true</active>/<active>false</active>/' *.xml08:57
MagePsychobut afraid to run this commandon live site08:57
dr_willisMagePsycho: thats why you make backups08:57
ActionParsnipMagePsycho: copy the data off to a test folder first then...08:58
ActionParsnipMagePsycho: once it works on the copied files then go nuts08:58
MagePsychocan you check once guys.. if you see any issues: sed -i 's/<active>true</active>/<active>false</active>/' *.xml08:58
rhumbotso is there a way to reactivate the multitouch gestures used in 12.04?08:59
ElFizbaniousr13, if you'd like to know, I did build it together08:59
dr_willisMagePsycho:  use one of your files as a test case and see for yourself it it works09:02
dr_willisseems a rather odd thing to be doing to a lot of files..09:02
histoMagePsycho: run it with -i and observe the output09:03
histoMagePsycho: worry without the -i09:03
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:03
histoMagePsycho: also you can change the seperator like sed s_<active>true_blahblah_ that way with escape characters \ it doesn't look all screwey09:04
gribouilleis it possible to reboot the computer while an lvm operation (such as moving a PV) is in progress?09:06
blazemoregribouille: No, why would you even do that?09:07
MagePsychoi tried to run this command: sed -i 's/<active>true</active>/<active>false</active>/' Anais_Breadcrumbs.xml09:08
MagePsychoman sed09:08
gribouilleblazemore, because I stop my computer every night09:08
blazemoregribouille: So don't do your LVM operation overnight09:08
somsipMagePsycho: escape the slashes. something like 's/<active>true<\/active>/<active>false<\/active>/g'09:09
gribouilleblazemore, where did you read it isn't possible?09:09
dr_willisescape the  < angle bracketss you mean09:09
blazemoregribouille: I didn't read it isn't possible.09:10
blazemoregribouille: Of course it isn't possible09:10
MagePsychoit works: sed -i 's/<active>true<\/active>/<active>false<\/active>/' Anais_Breadcrumbs.xml09:10
gribouilleblazemore, why?09:10
dr_willisor am i missreading. :) its too early  for regrexps09:10
blazemoregribouille: If you power off your PC during a partition resize operation, don't expect it to work when you turn it back on again09:10
somsipdr_willis: it's always too early for regex ;-)09:10
dr_willisthe s_<whatever>   suggestion is worth using ;)09:10
holy_rainIs there any way to install ubuntu inside another ubuntu like we used to do in case of an ubuntu installation inside windows ?09:11
blazemoregribouille: Just make sure, when you do the LVM operations, that you leave your PC powered on until it finishes09:11
blazemoreholy_rain: Not like Wubi no, but you can use Virtualbox09:11
dr_willisholy_rain:  run vbox on ubuntu..09:11
blazemore!virtualbox | holy_rain09:11
ubottuholy_rain: Virtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox09:11
gribouilleblazemore, do you use lmv yourseelf?09:11
blazemoregribouille: Yes09:11
dr_williswine wubi.exe  ;P09:11
blazemoredr_willis: for science09:11
holy_rainblazemore, I know about that, but I was hoping that somehow that is possible via a chroot09:12
gribouilleblazemore, lvm operations don't change the size of partitions09:12
histoholy_rain: you could use lxc's or virtualbox09:12
blazemoregribouille: What are you actually trying to do?09:12
histo!lxc | holy_rain09:12
ActionParsnipis there a 'Wubi must die' petition somewhere?09:13
gribouilleblazemore, I just want to know how lvm works exactly09:13
holy_rainhisto, what is lxc?09:13
histoholy_rain: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LXC09:13
blazemore!lvm | gribouille09:13
ubottugribouille: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto09:13
dr_willisi think wubi has allready been lkilled.09:13
histoholy_rain: linux containers very nice09:13
histo!wubi | is dead09:13
ubottuis dead: Wubi allows you to install or uninstall Ubuntu 12.04 LTS from within Windows ( version 7 or earlier ) in a simple and safe way. Wubi is INCOMPATIBLE with UEFI, Windows 8 Certified computers, and Windows RAID arrays. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for more information. File wubi bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug09:13
holy_rainAlright, thanks guys.09:14
gribouilleblazemore, I don't understand why the system can't stop the lvm operation when it is shut down and resume it when it boots again09:16
histogribouille: http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/LVM-and-VxVM/PVMOVE-What-happens-if-a-server-panics-reboots/td-p/3408352#.UgC_LdI3t8E09:17
blazemore!ot | gribouille Go and see if anyone wants to discuss it here09:18
ubottugribouille Go and see if anyone wants to discuss it here: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:18
gribouilleblazemore, it isn't off topic09:19
kaeltergribouille: lvm isn't ubuntu specific.09:20
blazemoregribouille: This is a support channel, if you want to chat about LVM go to offtopic09:20
gribouillekaelter, very few things are ubuntu specific09:21
histogribouille: if it's not a ubuntu related question then it is off topic09:21
blazemoreThe main point is not that it isn't Ubuntu-related (although it isn't), it's that it's not a support question09:22
histogribouille: /j #lvm09:22
nomikeI'm running a a Debian server running a number of Ubuntu VM's. As it is for a non-profit project and as there is no full-time sysadmin dedicated to the project, we've turned on automatic security updates on the VM's and the server to keep the internet facing services up to date and minimize the risk of being hacked.09:23
nomike(this is a well  balanced decision between the risk of being hacked due to security holes in out of date software and the risk of unattended updates)09:24
nomikeMy problem now is, that every now and then a new kernel update is installed which of course leaves the already installed kernels untouched. After a while the "/boot" filesystem fills up messing up the whole update-process.09:25
nomikeFirst step would of course be to include "/boot" in our monitoring so we get aware of the problems early.09:26
dr_willisnomike:  askubuntu.com has some scripts and discussion on cleaning out old kernels09:26
histonomike: http://askubuntu.com/questions/88936/how-to-remove-old-kernel-versions-automatically09:26
nomikeoh...thx...I'd have a loomk09:26
histonomike: follow those directions to have unattended-upgrades do it09:26
dr_willisbeen quicker to just say what you needed.. ;) instead of the back history..    ;^)09:27
dr_willisdo you really need a swperate /boot/ for each vm instancce also..09:27
dr_willisid think a /  /home and swap would be enough. Not sure what you gain by having a /boot/ partition09:28
geoffw8_hi all, if I do rm -rf *09:28
geoffw8_thats saying, delete everything in this folder and within it09:28
nomikeWell, as far as I understand the top-most answer suggest turning on a feature to automatically remove unused dependencies. Doesn't that remove the currently running kernel too?09:28
kaeltergeoffw8: yes, but you have to be extremely careful with such commands.09:29
MinkovskyHello, I'm having a weird problem with avconv/Nautilus. avconv-encoded MP3 files are 320kbps, but reported as 32kbps; duration is messed up too. http://imgur.com/Wab2jVi09:29
dr_willisgeoffw8_:  the thing to rember is the SHELL  expands the 'wildcard/regular expression'  then passes it to the command.09:29
nomikegeoffw8_, in theory yes. However in the standard configuration of most shell's it doesn't delete files and folders beginning with a "." (=hidden files)09:29
geoffw8_dr_willis: interesting, what do you mean?09:29
dr_willisgeoffw8_:  so    'echo rm  -rf *'   will show what its doing   i belive09:29
geoffw8_nomike: thanks09:29
dr_willisecho *09:29
geoffw8_dr_willis: ohh, ill do that then09:29
dr_willisshows all files in the dir09:29
dr_willisits the SHELL doing it. :) not 'rm'09:30
geoffw8_theres so much to this right, I feel like I'll be learnign forever09:30
geoffw8_not a bad thing, dont get me wrong09:30
dr_willisfind that 'using bash' book by oreially - its worth a read09:30
geoffw8_cheers for help all09:30
nomikedr_willis, no mention of DOS. There you only get a single string and every program has to parse the arguments by itself. Horrible09:30
dr_willisi do recall a few commands in linux that do parse the wildcards (or can) themselfs.09:32
dr_willisi seem to recall        unzip '*.zip'      ;)09:33
[Gentoo]dr_willis: if that dont work you can use a for loop09:33
dr_willisi rcall that  unzip '*.zip' works.. but     unzip *.zip  does not09:33
dr_willisi cant think of any other commands ive seen work that way09:34
[Gentoo]shouldnt need the quotes i dont think09:34
BrixSati have a pc that runs ubuntu but i cant put it to work with 1920*1082 :/ i have an ATI ES100009:34
dr_willisthe quotes make it work. :) otherwise the shell expands the *09:35
dr_willisi recall this from years back.09:35
dr_willisthese days i just use 'unp'09:35
kaelterBrixSat: from what I can tell your card can't go beyond 1280 x 102409:39
MikeHCan anyone think of any reason why plugging my Ubuntu box into the network would seemingly crash the network? Every port light constantly flashes in sync, kind of like it would with a network loop/broadcast storm?09:41
santhoshhai kvm cluster is possible if possible pls tell me09:42
MagePsychosed -i 's/<active>true<\/active>/<active>false<\/active>/' *.xml -> code works fine but i need to exclude some xml files, how should i do?09:44
reisiosanthosh: sure, but why09:44
reisioMikeH: #networking09:44
BrixSatkaelter: my debian (latest) is working ok with the card but i hate debian gnome-session-fallback09:45
kaelterBrixSat: I looked up your card and it seems like a hardware limitation rather than the OS>.09:46
santhoshBecause iam  working on kvm and i amloading 2 servers in kvm so in that case i want it09:46
saschagehlichhey, after installing ubuntu my notebook boots directly to bios and I can't select my hdd as a boot device anymore09:46
BrixSatkaelter: so why would it work in debian ok and not in the ubuntu?09:47
santhosh<reisio>Because iam  working on kvm and i amloading 2 servers in kvm so in that case i want it09:48
kaelterBrixSat: If it's actually getting 1920 x 1080 then my guess is that your card is different from what you posted or the specifications I found were wrong.09:49
reisioMagePsycho: find . -iname '*not*this*' -o -iname '*or*this*' -prune -o -iname '*.xml' -exec sed -i 's/foo/bar/g' {} \;09:49
BrixSatkaelter: i found the same specs as you so that is why i dont get it09:49
reisioMagePsycho: try it with just this first as a pretend: find . -iname '*not*this*' -o -iname '*or*this*' -prune -o -iname '*.xml' -print09:49
MagePsychoreisio: thanks man.. let me try09:52
Clark05anyone know of a general purpose socks client that tunnels like ssh -L?09:52
ikoniaClark05: "socks5" it's old but solid09:52
kaelterBrixSat: My best recommendation would be to try to follow this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver09:53
BrixSatkaelter: my lspci | grep vga "Vga compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI ES1000 (rev 02)09:53
BrixSatkaelter:  ok:)09:53
MagePsychoreisio: suppose say i want to exclude xml starting with Core_*.xml, how should i use09:54
Clark05ikonia: could you give me a link to this package? The name is too ambiguous for a google search.09:55
santhoshhai kvm cluster is possible if possible pls tell me09:55
ikoniaClark05: it's actually not ambigious if you search through software archives, but I agree it's not going to be the first hit09:56
ikoniasanthosh: yes, it is possible.09:56
santhoshhow pls tell me <ikonia>09:57
ikoniasanthosh: it's not a "how" - it requirest a fair ammount of experience and understanding09:57
ikoniasanthosh: it's not something you can just "tell someone"09:57
ikoniasanthosh: you need to do a lot of planning with hardware and network, then set it up correctly09:57
santhoshiam worked on same machine so it is possible eay wat i think <ikonia>09:59
BrixSatkaelter: :) i have reasnons to believe it worked (my mouse is not giant)09:59
kaelterBrixSat: Awesome :D09:59
santhoshand i know hardware and networking <ikonia>09:59
ikoniasanthosh: then why are you asking me if you know how to set the hardware and network up for KVM clustering10:00
BrixSatkaelter:  but then again i just have a mouse and a black screen :p10:00
santhoshit is not hard ware ikonia it is software of kvm10:00
ikoniasanthosh: yes i know, but you have to understand the software to set the hardware/networking up properly for an LVM cluster10:01
ikoniasanthosh: it requires experience and understanding10:01
reisioMagePsycho: find . -iname 'Core_*.xml' -prune -o -iname '*.xml' -print10:01
kaelterBrixSat: Hmm... at least you have the mouse.10:02
santhoshok i think it is not require bcz iam working on single system10:02
ikoniasanthosh: then why are you asking aobout setting up a cluster ?10:02
MagePsychoreisio: that works.. thanks a ton10:02
l0ll0lll1hi all. I'm trying to install libopenal1 on saucy-daily, and get "E: Package 'libopenal1' has no installation candidate". How can I fix this?10:02
santhoshbetween 2 kvm10:02
ikonial0ll0lll1: #ubuntu+1 is hte correct channel10:02
ikoniasanthosh: you can't have 2 kvm on 1 system10:02
santhoshwhy it is possible10:03
ikoniait's "not" possibl10:03
ikoniasanthosh: you can only have 1 kvm instance per machine10:03
santhoshi have 2 same 2 kvm in one system10:03
reisioyou wouldn't want two anyways10:03
babinlonstonHi give me solution to correct the error in ftp server ...10:03
BrixSatkaelter:  yes at least a mouse and now how can i debug some info?10:03
ikoniasanthosh: do you want a cluster, yes/no ?10:03
santhoshonly 1 kvm in one machine but how to  conncet cluster10:04
kaelterBrixSat: I'm really not sure.  if it's JUST a mouse and black screen...10:04
santhoshyes tell me10:04
BrixSatkaelter: yes a white nice mouse and a black screen10:04
babinlonstonhisto:  please help http://paste.ubuntu.com/5954524/10:04
ikoniasanthosh: you need to plan your hardware (machines/storage/networking) to be prepared for the type of cluster you want.10:04
santhoshi want storage cluster10:05
santhoshtell me the steps10:05
BrixSatif i switch from lightdm to gdm i have 2 mouses, separated by 1000px10:05
reisiosanthosh: virtualized?10:05
santhoshi can follow that10:05
ikoniasanthosh: it's not "steps" it has to be planned10:05
reisioBrixSat: neat10:05
santhoshyes reisio10:06
reisiosanthosh: but why10:06
BrixSatreisio:  i would prefer one mouse and a working system :p10:06
ikoniasanthosh: it's, not 1,2,3 you need to have the hardware setup a certain way, have compatible hardware for that design and then understand the software a reasonable ammount10:06
santhoshi need that10:06
reisioBrixSat: that's reasonable :)10:06
ikoniasanthosh: it's not just "tell me steps" - you have to understand it and set it up10:06
santhoshu know that one or not10:06
reisiovirtualizing hardware is usually unnecessary overhead, in the case of a 'storage cluster', I'm thinking even moreso10:06
ikoniasanthosh: I know how to setup KVM clusters, yes10:07
BrixSatkaelter: control alt delete gave me a window wich has no content and the border is horrible10:07
babinlonstonBrixSat: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5954524/10:07
ubottuiljuventino9: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:08
BrixSatbabinlonston: why would i want a vsftp config?10:08
kaelterBrixSat: That seems bizarre. It should be a logout prompt. If it were me I'd reboot and see if that fixes it but I don't know if it's worth the risk of losing more.10:09
babinlonstonBrixSat:  facing issue if u know solution guide me10:09
MagePsychoreisio: why {} \; is used at the last.. with empty string kind of10:09
reisioMagePsycho: {} represents every file that is found/matched10:09
reisioMagePsycho: \; is to do with not confusing your shell10:09
BrixSatkaelter: reboots ends on same place10:09
Dark_lightI was wondering is there a ppa or something that tracks lts kernel releases ? (like 3.4 or 3.10)10:09
ikoniaDark_light: the lts kernels are now backported from other releases into the lts versions10:10
BrixSatbabinlonston: you need to provide more info, like how is the vsftp making login? using shell?10:10
BrixSatbabinlonston:  or using mysql10:10
MagePsychoreisio: sed -i 's/abc/abcd/g' Vs sed -i 's/abc/abcd/' with or without /g10:10
Dark_lightikonia: what happens when the other releases rech EOL though ?10:10
ikoniaDark_light: what do you mean ? they die, get no updates10:11
ActionParsnipikonia: but the backport from Quantal...Precise is LTS but Quantal wil expire before Precise10:11
reisioMagePsycho: g for global, replace all instances instead of just first10:11
ActionParsnipikonia: its an interesting question10:11
reisioMagePsycho: usually what people want10:11
BrixSatkaelter: formating the system will maybe solve the issue :p10:11
babinlonstonBrixSat: now i have configure vsftpd and if im trying to login its keep on asking username and password i cant loginin only this happen while the line chroot_local_user=YES is enabled ..10:11
ikoniaActionParsnip: backports are not included in LTS support as I recal,10:12
ActionParsnipikonia: ahhh10:12
BrixSatbabinlonston: login via ssh using that same credentials10:12
MagePsychoreisio: you are my hero.. thanks a ton10:12
ikoniaActionParsnip: I could be wrong if that's changed, but backports where always just that10:12
reisioMagePsycho: np :)10:12
reisiofind is my hero10:12
Dark_lightikonia: no I mean what happens to the lts kernels when their target release reaches EOL do they still receive updates in other releases ?10:12
MagePsychoreisio: very funny :D10:13
ikoniaDark_light: don't believe so10:13
babinlonstonBrixSat: ssh how ? and now im used to login from my browser10:13
BrixSatbabinlonston: login either via ssh to see if the credentials are right or login via browser and check the vsftp log10:13
MagePsychoreisio: find . -iname 'Mage_*.xml' -prune -o -iname '*.xml' -exec sed -i 's/<active>true<\/active>/<active>false<\/active>/' {} \; is working fine.. but i need to display which files gets effected .. is there a way10:15
reisioMagePsycho: they won't all have active true?10:15
reisioMagePsycho: might want to grep first, then10:16
kaelterBrixSat: can you log in to a shell using ctrl-alt-f1?10:16
babinlonstonBrixSat: while im login via ssh its give me              ssh lonston@  ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused10:16
BrixSatkaelter:  yes im in shell10:16
BrixSatbabinlonston: ok next one, login via browser and see error log10:17
reisioMagePsycho: -exec grep -l '<active>true</active>'10:17
MagePsychoreisio: yeah .. what will be the full command looks like10:17
babinlonstonBrixSat: Tue Aug  6 10:16:46 2013 [pid 2] CONNECT: Client ""          Tue Aug  6 10:16:46 2013 [pid 1] [lonston] OK LOGIN: Client ""10:17
BrixSatbabinlonston: use a ftp client like filezilla10:18
kaelterBrixSat: what version of ubuntu are you on?10:18
babinlonstonok let me check and ill be back10:18
BrixSatkaelter: 13.0410:19
BluesKajHey all10:20
kaelterBrixSat: did you completely remove the fglrx driver?10:21
BrixSatkaelter:  i asume yes10:21
reisioMagePsycho: maybe this: find . -type f -exec sh -c "grep -l 'true' {} && sed -i 's@<active>true</active>@<active>false</active>@g' {}" \;10:22
wangzhengi wannt to know how to remove fglrx device。10:22
reisioMagePsycho: sorry: find . -type f -exec sh -c "grep -l '<active>true</active>' {} && sed -i 's@<active>true</active>@<active>false</active>@g' {}" \;10:22
BrixSatkaelter:  apt-get remove fglrx-* returns nothing10:23
kaelterBrixSat: it should be apt-get remove --purge xorg-driver-fglrx fglrx*10:23
babinlonstonBrixSat: while login from filezilla i get a error Response:500 OOPS: vsftpd: refusing to run with writable root inside chroot()             Error:Critical error            Error:Could not connect to server10:23
blazemorebabinlonston: That's a server error, not a problem on your end10:24
blazemorebabinlonston: Is it your server?10:24
BrixSatkaelter: same result, all clear10:24
babinlonstonjust now im checking in my virtual machine ... i need to configure the same in my VPS10:25
babinlonstonBrixSat: just now im checking in my virtual machine ... i need to configure the same in my VPS10:25
kaelterBrixSat: did you follow this guide: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/VideoDriverDetection#Problem:_Need_to_purge_-fglrx10:25
Max11982good morning10:26
BrixSatkaelter: tes10:26
BrixSatkaelter: *yes10:26
zylinxI have ubuntu 13.04 Gnome,    in my user menu top right why does it say unavailable under my name ?10:26
reisiozylinx: name or user name?10:27
zylinxuser name10:27
zylinxabove the Notifications slider10:28
zylinxnext to my profile pic10:28
zylinx*user pic10:28
Max11982:) got a small problem cannot see the desktop its fresh install of ubuntu on my macbook pro retain 10.1 i have tried many threads and cannot find any guid that is helping me any one got an idea or can help me with it?10:28
blazemoreMax11982: "Cannot see the desktop" what do you mean? What *can* you see?10:28
Max11982nothing on the screen just the background pic10:28
Max11982installed other nvidia drivers and not working10:29
blazemoreMax11982: Did it work before you installed those drivers?10:29
blazemoreMax11982: Has that installation ever worked?10:29
Max11982the live cd works perfectly fine10:30
Max11982when installed the first time it works after restart it stoped10:30
MagePsychoreisio: that works fine. but i need to exclude Mage_*.xml files10:31
=== Jikan is now known as Jikai
=== Jikai is now known as Jikan
kaelterBrixSat: I can't seem to find any fixes that I'd feel confident about. The only suggestion I have now is to reinstall the old drivers or stick with debian.10:32
BrixSatkaelter:  im formating pc (it was a fresh install), and then ill try this manual you sent me again. I like debian but the gnome-session fallback is horrible there, any change i can make it equal to the ubuntu one?10:33
reisioMagePsycho: find . -name 'Mage_*.xml' -prune -o -exec sh -c "grep -l '<active>true</active>' {} && sed -i 's@<active>true</active>@<active>false</active>@g' {}" \;10:33
kaelterBrixSat: I don't know enough about it.10:34
BrixSatkaelter:  thanks for your time :)10:34
zylinxanybody can tell me why it says unavailable under my ubuntu username in gnome in the top right user menu ?10:34
reisio'lo ylmfos10:34
kaelterBrixSat: No prob. I'm just sorry I couldn't find something that actually worked.10:34
BrixSatkaelter: even the live cd has the right resolution :(10:35
reisiozylinx: screenshot?10:35
Max11982i can see the login screen when loged in nothing on it at all10:35
k1lMax11982: does guest account work?10:35
dagerikwhen exactly does the dayly cronjob happen?10:35
reisio3am usually10:36
=== zimbo is now known as ShootForTheHead
reisiothey figure computer users aren't insomniacs :p10:36
blazemoredagerik: http://askubuntu.com/questions/36971/at-what-time-does-cron-execute-daily-scripts10:36
* reisio shakes head10:36
Max11982guest account does the same thing10:36
k1lMax11982: you got the video drivers installed?10:36
Max11982yap nvidia10:37
k1lfrom homepage? or nvidia-current form repo?10:37
Max11982from repo10:37
kaelterBrixSat: Okay, it looks like if you use generic vesa video drivers it might work but you'll need to edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and you won't have 3d acceleration.10:37
BrixSatkaelter:  i had a 32bits system and it was terrible, with a 64bit one it seems im having lucky, the problem is have a dual xeon cpu and a horrible vga card :p10:39
fujipomponhello ! searching for help configure spdif output under 13.04- 64b10:40
k1lMax11982: then take a look at the logs: .xsession-errors in /home and syslog or dmesg in /var/log/10:40
fujipomponread a lot of stuff on the topic but can find any soluce...10:40
kaelterBrixSat: Alright. I hope your luck holds out!10:40
blazemoreWhat are you trying to do, fujipompon10:41
k1lMax11982: you could search for your exact apple hardware revision and look out if that needs some extra treatment. im not familiar with that hardware10:41
BluesKajMax11982, run sudo nvidia-xconfig . then reboot10:41
BrixSatkaelter:  :) thks10:41
Max11982i will try this :)10:42
fujipomponblazemore: spdif stay silent10:42
kostashi, would anyone be able to help with installing the latest ubuntu version on a laptop running on 8.10? I created a USB startup disk using the iso file and tried to boot the computer but it keeps booting using the installed 8.10. I changed the bios setting, tried different usb sticks, a cd, disabling the internal hard drive from the boot order... nothing10:42
fujipomponblazemore: hdmi works but I badely need spdif10:42
blazemorekostas: Are you sure the BIOS supports booting from USB? if it does, make sure the BIOS boot order is set to boot from the USB port BEFORE the internal hard drive10:43
BrixSatbabinlonston: ?10:43
blazemorefujipompon: Does your computer have a make and model?10:43
ActionParsnipfujipompon: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh --upload10:43
kostasblazemore: yes, this is how I installed ubuntu 8.10 on the machine to begin with10:43
BluesKajfujipompon, do you have pavucontrol installed10:43
k1lkostas: make sure it boots from the usb. sometimes its f10 or f12 for boot menue10:44
Max11982wow now a bigger one ( could not apply the stored configuration for monitors)10:44
reisiokostas: there's no dedicated boot menu?10:44
kostask11: reisio: I already did that, I went into the bios setting boot menu and placed the external usb drive first... it keeps using the internal hard drive to boot, although this exact procedure worked three years ago on the same computer when I installed 8.1010:45
fujipomponblazemore: wget -0 says "-0"invalid option10:45
reisiokostas: how'd you create the file?10:45
blazemoreActionParsnip: ^^10:45
reisiofujipompon: -O as in OMG, maybe?10:45
blazemorefujipompon: copy and paste the command10:46
ActionParsnipfujipompon: COPY the command10:46
kostasreisio: I used the "create usb startup disk" feature on 8.1010:46
reisiothat's good advice10:46
=== Taylr0x is now known as JDTaylor
reisiokostas: mmm10:46
kostasreision: and the iso file downloaded from ubuntu website10:46
ActionParsnipfujipompon: why are you trying to retype it? Why do you think I gave the exact command?10:46
reisiokostas: you might want to use dd instead10:46
kostasreisio: dd?10:46
reisiokostas: yeah, you need to be careful, though10:47
reisiokostas: you've got to make sure you get the /dev/ name right10:47
ActionParsnipfujipompon: you do know computers have a clipboard which allows you to copy and paste data, even btween applications...10:47
john__how to install kvm cluster10:47
reisiokostas: sudo dd if=path/to/installImage.iso of=/dev/sdf bs=1M10:47
reisiokostas: the of=/dev/sd?? is what you absolutely must get correct10:47
kostasreisio: what do you mean? when I create the bootable usb drive?10:47
reisiokostas: yes10:47
reisiokostas: where of=/dev/sd? is the USB drive to overwrite10:48
ShootForTheHeadhalf of the time when i start my laptop, i have to power it off and start it hard once or twice before i get a log in screen10:48
fujipomponblazemore : yes I know hold on something else appears !10:48
BrixSatkaelter: ubuntu 64 bits solved :D :D 1980*1020 working nice10:48
ActionParsnipShootForTheHead: have you tested your RAM using memtest from Grub?10:48
reisiokostas: /sbin/blkid should make it obvious which /dev/foo is the USB stick10:48
kostasreisio: let me just try that10:48
ShootForTheHeadActionParsnip: no but I will do that10:48
kaelterBrixSat: Excellent! I hope it works out better than debian did for you.10:48
sobersabrehi, I'm trying to follow: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ActiveDirectoryWinbindHowto10:49
sobersabreI can successfully run wbinfo, but getent still doesn't look up stuff in AD.10:49
sobersabreI am on 13.0410:49
john__basics for kvm cluster10:50
blazemorejohn__: This isn't Google :)10:50
MonkeyDustsobersabre  type /join #ubuntu-server10:50
john__how to make it10:51
blazemore!kvm | john__10:51
ubottujohn__: kvm is the preferred virtualization approach in Ubuntu. For more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM10:51
fujipomponActionParsnip : http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=fa6358a715c21f1c07aa21723ce8090478325c6c10:51
MonkeyDustjohn__  plenty tutorials, here's one http://blog.dsa-research.org/?p=4110:52
john__ <MonkeyDust> that link getting error10:53
MonkeyDustjohn__  odd, not here10:54
antoine__Hi, I'm about to install ubuntu 13.04 on a macbook pro 9.1. I'm following the instructions at http://randomtutor.blogspot.be/2013/02/installing-ubuntu-1304-on-retina.html. I have already successfully install refind, burnt ubuntu iso and resized osw drive (I freed 50 Go on the hard drive). Now I have troubles to understand the next steps: th epage talks about moving around ubuntu kernel file... could one explain what it is said on this page? Thanks10:54
john__means what <monmkeyduts<10:54
fujipomponbluesKaj : I have pavucontrol installed it shows a spdif output and pretend to send signal through it but nothing comes out my HC Amp plugged in through toslink10:55
zylinxreisio, uploading screen cap10:55
MonkeyDustjohn__  are you sure you are skilled enough to create a KVM cluster?10:55
=== Zeroedout_ is now known as Zeroedout
ActionParsnipfujipompon: in future, use copy and paste, it removes user error10:55
kostasreisio: I just tried sudo dd if=/home/kostas/Downloads/ubuntu-12.04.2-desktop-i386.iso of=/media/disk-1 bs=1 and I get a warning that disk-1 is a directory10:55
john__yes i am already create kvm but i don't know how to clustering10:55
Shadow}}Curious if anyone can help me locate the source of why Firefox's spellchecker isn't working.10:56
Shadow}}Or if its just a security measure...10:56
k1lkostas: dd direct onto the device, not into a partition10:56
fujipomponAction Parrsing : OK i didn't catch at first i should paste the all command includung the http link... sorry10:56
k1lkostas: see: http://askubuntu.com/questions/59551/how-to-burn-iso-to-usb-device10:56
kostask11: disk-1 should be the flash drive device, no?10:56
ActionParsnipfujipompon: nice looking box, let me see if I can find any guides10:57
llutzkostas: you don't mount the device, just let dd write to it: dd of=/dev/sdX if=......       find out the correct sdX10:57
babinlonstonubuntu kernel: [  691.415217] init: vsftpd respawning too fast, stopped10:58
k1lkostas: /media/.... is a partition. /dev/sd... would be the device10:58
BluesKajfujipompon, and you have alsmixer setup to "pcm out" option on the spdif options?10:58
BluesKajerr alsamixer10:58
MonkeyDustkostas  if means input file, of means output file, read this to get the basics https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DriveImaging#Backup_with_dd10:58
ActionParsnipfujipompon: is spdif muted in alsamixer >10:59
Shadow}}Whats the offtopic channel? >->10:59
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:59
Shadow}}Thank you.10:59
fujipomponblueskKaj ; I don't know how to switch that ?11:00
mic__hey everyone11:00
ActionParsnipfujipompon: try:  http://community.linuxmint.com/tutorial/view/62811:00
john__<MonkeyDust>  respond11:00
ActionParsnipfujipompon: may need to set the snd-hda-intel model=3stack-6ch-dig11:01
BluesKajfujipompon, with the up and down arrow keys11:01
fujipomponActionParsing  : yes spidif appears in alsamixer but can't find a way to change the "0" (muted value)11:01
ActionParsnipfujipompon: http://forums.opensuse.org/english/get-technical-help-here/hardware/399451-no-sound-over-spdif-optical.html11:01
Shadow}}So, Anyone have any ideas why firefox's spellchecker isn't functioning; Xubuntu 13.04, FF Add-ons= SDC/Adblocker Plus11:02
kostask11: how do I find what sd is my usb flash drive? /sbin/blkid ?11:03
=== matanya_ is now known as matanya
llutzkostas: sudo parted -l11:03
sobersabreMonkeyDust: why do you think my q is better suitable on #ubuntu-server11:03
k1lkostas: "sudo fdisk -l"11:03
k1lor parted, or gdisk, iirc11:03
sobersabreI'm trying to join the domain as workstation, not as controller.11:04
BluesKajfujipompon,  the M key11:04
zylinxcan someone tell me why it says unavailable under my user name in the user menu in ubuntu gnome ?   screen cap [http://i.imgur.com/lh3gWuL.png]11:04
john__what isa drbe use in kvm cluster11:05
kostask11: thanks11:05
k1lzylinx: that is your instantmessaging status11:05
BluesKajfujipompon, the M key mutes with a M in the ctrls , use the arrow keys increase the volume11:05
auronandacezylinx: i think thats meant to be integrated with empathy (im)11:05
k1lzylinx: load empathy and change the status to get another status mentioned there11:05
kostask11: I just sudo dd if=/home/kostas/Downloads/ubuntu-12.04.2-desktop-i386.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=1 what should I expect next?11:05
zylinxk1l auronandace , thanks11:06
k1lkostas: wait for it be done11:06
MonkeyDustsobersabre  because of AD11:06
llutzkostas: you don't want to use bs=111:06
k1lkostas: if it ends you can boot that stick11:06
kostask11: thanks, should there be an indication when it ends?11:06
k1lkostas: when you get a prompt11:07
fujipomponEverybody  : the links you provides seems greats but i feel quite shy about typing all those commands by myself : always scared to broke something , and find no way back11:08
fujipomponBluesKaj : OK GREAT ! Something comes out of spdif due to your commands in  tips in alsamixer !!!!11:10
BluesKajok fujipompon . now try a DD or DTS encoded movie , if you have one.11:11
anonymous_french ?11:11
blazemore!fr | anonymous_11:11
ubottuanonymous_: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.11:11
anonymous_thanks admin11:12
blazemorecfhowlett is here, I can go on lunch :)11:12
cfhowlettblazemore, LOL.  nah, stick around.  Only have 2 cylinders to work with tonight.11:14
fujipomponBluesKaj : Of course i do : It's THE main use I dedicate this PC to11:14
BluesKajfujipompon, yes , but does the amp indicate DD or DTS on it's display when playing the encoded video/movie , that's the real test.11:16
fujipomponBluesKaj : DTS seems dowmixed to 2ch HC Amp doesn't get the  multichannel signal11:16
anonymous_j'ai besoin d'aide avec quelqu'un de FR car sur les autres seveurs, personne répond11:16
blazemore!fr | anonymous_11:16
ubottuanonymous_,: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.11:16
BluesKajfujipompon, which player are you using ?11:17
anonymous_I need help with someone because the other FR seveurs nobody answers11:17
fujipompondefault one delivered with Ubuntu11:17
fujipomponBluesKaj : default one delivered with Ubuntu11:18
cfhowlettanonymous_, provide le details s'il vous plait11:18
anonymous_how can I change his nickname? because I have the official Anonymous operating system, and I know I change my nickname11:19
Ben64anonymous_: only ubuntu is supported here11:20
k1lanonymous_:  for irc: "/nick nickname" . but for support regarding the OS ask the anonymous support since this is plain ubuntu support in here11:20
polkahi, i cannot change screen resolution in ubuntu 13.04, when ever i do the monitor goes dead and the display never comes back cpu is on thou11:21
anonymous_but it is a system Linux OS Ubuntu Anonymous11:21
k1lanonymous_: if you want ubuntu support use ubuntu, and not another linux distribution. thats it11:22
blazemoreanonymous_: What Ubuntu version are you using?11:22
anonymous_Therefore, it is forbidden?11:22
k1lanonymous_: its offtopic here11:23
polkai cannot the change the resolution on ubuntu 13.04 plz help11:23
babinlonstonHi if im adding this line allow_writeable_chroot=YES in vsftpd conf file its not getting start11:23
k1lanonymous_: at least see the warnings about what is included in that distribution you use: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anonymous-OS11:24
bessy7is it normal that ubuntu requests admin password to signal a problem?11:24
blazemorebessy7: Yes11:25
k1lbessy7: depends on the logs it wants to include11:25
bessy7blazemore: why does it need it? i mean why is the problem not signalled automatically?11:26
BluesKajfujipompon, I recommend VLC for DD and DTS encoded playback , it's ver configurable and plays mostly any typw of video as well.11:26
* BluesKaj turns on the lights , suddenly very dark ...storm approaching11:27
anonymous_I know what I took, this is the goal ...11:27
=== user_ is now known as mozillacrash
polkacan i set the resolution in some file so when ubuntu restarts it uses that display resolution?11:28
mozillacrashmy mozilla always closing in irregular intervals , please help somebody11:28
ActionParsnipanonymous_: your OS support is on irc.anonops.li:6667 channel is called #opnewblood11:28
polkai cannot change the resolution from display settings because the screen goes dead (for ever)11:28
ActionParsnipanonymous_: your distro has its own support which I bet is microscopic11:29
jakeDoes Ubuntu support Updog?11:30
ActionParsnippolka: what video chip are you using??11:30
=== jake is now known as Guest2945
ActionParsnip!info updog11:30
blazemoreGuest2945: What's Updog?11:30
ubottuPackage updog does not exist in raring11:30
bessy7i really dont understand ubuntu already has control of the system ("you already trust us with root" as marcshuttleworth says it)... so why ask for password to get informed about a problem? why not just get the information automatically? i dont understand...11:30
bessy7i really dont understand .... ubuntu already has control of the system ("you already trust us with root" as marcshuttleworth says it)... so why ask for password to get informed about a problem? why not just get the information automatically? i dont understand...11:31
ActionParsnipbessy7: why paste it twice?11:31
bessy7ActionParsnip: i didnt separate the first sentence... thought it would make it clearer...11:31
ActionParsnipbessy7: you get asked for a credential if your user doesn't have access to what is required11:31
MonkeyDustbessy7  and basically, it's called security11:33
k1lbessy7: you are mixing up things11:33
ActionParsnipbessy7: I cannot find a single occurrence of "you already trust us with root"11:33
MonkeyDustbessy7  that other OS, from Redmond, does everything automatically, the result is that it is an unsafe system and a malware-magnet11:34
k1lbessy7: the point m.shuttleworth was refering is, that you need to trust  the distribution you use, because you install updates etc. that comes from them. that has nothing to do with the user needing root-rights to send logs to a bug report.11:35
ActionParsnipbessy7: what is you question?11:35
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest21087
polkaActionParsnip am use Geforce 210 and the display driver it says is Gallium 0.4 on NVA811:35
auronandacepolka: installed mesa-utils?11:36
Guest21087installed mesa-utils11:36
polkaauronandace: no i didn't11:38
polkawhat are those11:38
bessy71something's not working with pidgin11:38
ActionParsnippolka: if you run:   sudo lshw -C display    do you see an intel GPU too11:38
bessy71pidgin problem sorry...11:38
ActionParsnipbessy71: what is the issue11:38
polkano it doesn't say intel anywhere the output is GT218 [Geforce 210]11:39
polkanvidia corporation11:39
polkaauronandace: what is mesa-utils ?11:40
bessy71ActionParsnip: dont know... i pressed enter but the message did not go....now it's ok though.... anyways, i was saying... still dont understand... ubuntu (canonical) has our root password... if a problem is detected, why not make things automatic? i mean the information is going to canonical, correct?11:40
auronandace!info mesa-utils | polka11:40
ubottupolka: mesa-utils (source: mesa-demos): Miscellaneous Mesa GL utilities. In component universe, is extra. Version 8.0.1+git20110129+d8f7d6b-0ubuntu2 (raring), package size 26 kB, installed size 132 kB11:40
k1lbessy71: better come to #ubuntu-discuss for that topic since its no support topic11:40
MonkeyDustbessy71  take that question to #ubuntu-offtopic, please11:41
bessy71MonkeyDust: but if the information is going to canonical and only to canonical....11:41
k1lbessy71: your are stating things wrong11:41
blazemore!details | bessy71 what's wrong with Pidgn?11:42
ubottubessy71 what's wrong with Pidgn?: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."11:42
auronandacebessy71: your password for sudo is the one you set at install (no one has it)11:42
killerI have 2 versions of linux kernel installed and I want to delete one how can I achieve this11:42
ActionParsnipbessy71: there is no root password to have11:42
auronandacekiller: use synaptic to uninstall it11:42
k1lbessy71: and again: canonical doest have your root password. that is just FUD11:42
ActionParsnipbessy71: the account is disabled by default11:42
MonkeyDustbessy71  if the means weren't safe, thay wouldnt exist anymore11:42
blazemorekiller: http://askubuntu.com/questions/88936/how-to-remove-old-kernel-versions-automatically11:42
ActionParsnipbessy71: so NOBODY can get access via the account as the account is disabled11:42
bessy71pidgin is ok now.. so let's forget about that....11:43
ActionParsnipbessy71: Amazon stuff is nothing to do with your root account in any way11:43
ActionParsnipbessy71: if you uninstall the shopping lens package you wont get the amazon results11:44
bessy71this is Mark S: We are not telling Amazon what you are searching for. Your anonymity is preserved because we handle the query on your behalf. Don’t trust us? Erm, we have root. You do trust us with your data already. You trust us not to screw up on your machine with every update.11:44
MonkeyDustbessy71  you're not in the right channel for that kind of question11:44
ActionParsnipbessy71: that sthe same with any OS, updates can screw up OSes11:44
blazemorebessy71: PLEASE go to #ubuntu-offtopic, discussion is fine there11:44
ActionParsnipbessy71: there was an update last year which killed network access, from Microsoft11:44
k1lbessy71: i muted you because i told you twice now that this is a support channel and your topic belongs to #ubuntu-discuss or #ubuntu-offtopic11:45
ActionParsnipbessy71: basically, you dont know what you are talking about]11:45
cfhowlettbessy71, if you have an actual support query, please ask.  otherwise, continue this conversation in #ubuntu-offtopic.  Final thought: don't like unity?  don't use it.  Log out.  choose  a different desktop environment.  login.  fixed.11:45
WezyOla bruda11:47
killerok, I habe got 3.8.0-27 and -23 kernel installed.What I want is to boot 3.8.0-23 kernel by default and not 2711:48
killerhabe ->have11:48
blazemorekiller: Have you considered just uninstalling the -27 kernel?11:49
lazytatersuse synaptic package manager to uninstall the -27 kernel11:49
babinlonstonHey no one helping here man asking same Question several times11:51
auronandacebabinlonston: you just joined11:52
cfhowlettbabinlonston, that happens sometimes.  use the forums instead for a different set of answers.11:52
saschagehlichhey, i managed to install ubuntu on my new laptop, but it won't find any bluetooth devices. i already tried installing linux-firmware-nonfree etc. but without success...11:52
BluesKajbabinlonston, i don't see your question on scrollback11:52
babinlonstonauronandace: from morning itself im coming here and im asked several times but no one given the solution :|11:52
jpmhhow do I scan for other computers on my network?11:53
cfhowlettbabinlonston, you could always try paid support directly from canonical.11:53
auronandacebabinlonston: how long did you wait for an answer? (more inportantly what is your question)11:53
DJonesbabinlonston: That will normally mean that there isn't somebody around that knows the answer, or they haven't seen your question11:53
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
histobabinlonston: have you restarted vsftpd after chaning that setting?11:54
babinlonstonauronandace: Installed vsftpd and its configured , its configured for local user and local user dont want to access other folder or files except his home directory .. thats my issue and many time i asked here all giving solution and its not working11:55
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
babinlonstonhisto: u here ..:) yes i did morning to now im trying trying but cant :(11:55
Andrey__Good morning people :)   Hey i made a truecrypt HDD, like encryt the whole thing.... but im pretty sure.. or.. i AM sure, that i formated it to ext2/3... soooooo... how the holy h*** do i make it open on the other windows computer? :(11:56
ActionParsnipAndrey__: you can't, Ext4 is not readable by Windows11:56
babinlonstonhisto: sysadmin user want to access his home folder .. he want to write files and read files in ftp .. other than his home folder i don't want to even see ...11:56
Andrey__ActionParsnip: so, no program or anything can help me out?11:56
ActionParsnipAndrey__: Ext2Read may make it work, read access only11:57
histoAndrey__: first you'd have to unencrypt then use a fsdriver to read the ext3 partition11:57
ActionParsnipAndrey__: Windows has access to very few filesystems11:57
Andrey__histo:  fsdriver.. alright, i will try :D11:57
histoAndrey__: http://www.fs-driver.org/11:57
Andrey__ActionParsnip:  alright... damnit , ill try histo's thingie first11:57
ActionParsnipAndrey__: http://www.webupd8.org/2011/08/access-ext4-ext3-or-ext2-partitions-in.html11:57
ActionParsnipAndrey__: in short, your Windows OS sucks11:57
Andrey__ActionParsnip: yeah i know that it does, i prefer linux but... school computers and awful helpdesk guys :E11:58
Andrey__thank you guys :)11:58
babinlonstonhisto: now user sysadmin can access every folder .. how to redirect him to only his home folder .. really its easy in RHEL :) but ubuntu :'( making some Quarrel11:58
ActionParsnipAndrey__: then you'll want to use NTFS11:58
ActionParsnipAndrey__: to accommodate Windows11:59
killerI removed the kernel using "sudo apt-get purge linux-headers-3.8.0-27 linux-headers-3.8.0-27-generic linux-image-extra-3.8.0-27-generic" but It still loads 3.8.0-27 kernel and I have to manually load 23 version11:59
histo!vsftpd | babinlonston11:59
killerobviously 27 version doesn't loads11:59
histobabinlonston: /join #vsftpd11:59
babinlonstonhisto:  i want to setup ftp server in my vps , and client dont want to access other folder except his home directory thats my need11:59
marksHi, I have a question, I installed nginx from the ubuntu default packages, then I upgraded nginx to latest release 1.4.2 .. when I upgraded nginx, a team member said that we should delete /etc/nginx files so that the upgrade does not leave old default nginx configuratoin.. is there any sense doing that?12:00
=== nerdcustoms_afk is now known as nerdcustoms
auronandacemarks: yes it makes sense, and just so you know we won't be able to support you if you are using software from outside the repos12:01
killerI removed the kernel using "sudo apt-get purge linux-headers-3.8.0-27 linux-headers-3.8.0-27-generic linux-image-extra-3.8.0-27-generic" but It still loads 3.8.0-27 kernel and I have to manually load 23 version12:03
ceiproвсем привет12:04
ubottuceipro,: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.12:04
marksauronandace: no the upgrade was using apt-get12:04
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marksauronandace: so apt-get does not handle that right?12:04
auronandacemarks: if you added a repo before using apt-get then you are using software outside the repo12:05
BlackFatehello! could someone please do a "dpkg --get-selections | grep grub" and paste it somewhere? thanks12:05
auronandacemarks: what version of ubuntu are you on?12:05
marksauronandace: 12.0412:05
blazemoreBlackFate: http://rory.sh/grub12:05
auronandace!info nginx precise | marks12:05
ubottumarks: nginx (source: nginx): small, but very powerful and efficient web server and mail proxy. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.19-1ubuntu0.2 (precise), package size 6 kB, installed size 84 kB12:06
BlackFateblazemore, version? 12.04?12:06
raubIf I am installing 13.04 in a laptop, can I encrypt the entire drive 9/boot included) or should I have /boot outside the encrypted partition?12:06
MonkeyDustBlackFate  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5954794/12:06
BlackFateis that 13.04 MonkeyDust12:06
auronandacemarks: you must have added a repo to use a newer nginx12:06
MonkeyDustBlackFate  yes12:06
babinlonstonhisto: in vsftpd room all sleeping i think , even more than 14 days the ids are in idle ...12:06
marksauronandace: yes correct12:06
BlackFateMonkeyDust, thanks12:07
auronandacemarks: then we can't support you12:07
BlackFatethanks all12:07
marksauronandace: But I thought the package manager will change any new default files changed in /etc/nginx12:07
marksauronandace: since I used the package manager in both cases12:07
kostask1l: still trying to get the iso file in the flash drive. Is there any estimate of how long does it usually take?12:07
auronandacemarks: i don't know the differences between those version to tell you what should happen12:08
fujipomponBluesKaj : still around ?12:08
auronandacemarks: you'll need to consult nginx documentation to know if there is any conflict with config files between those versions12:09
karthik__hello gud eve i want install ubuntu can u guide me12:10
fujipomponBluesKaj : Vlc installed making few tests : 5.1 properly decoded by HCAmp, But the reading is quite fragile12:10
auronandace!install | karthik__12:10
ubottukarthik__: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - See also !automate12:10
cfhowlettkarthik__, full instructions at www.ubuntu.com12:10
karthik__hello gud eve i want install lamp server can u guide me12:10
ubottukarthik__,: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.12:11
MonkeyDustkarthik__  are you familiar with servers?12:11
* cfhowlett ... suspects troll in progress ...12:11
fujipomponBluesKaj : I think I don't have the rights parameters, tryed a few, but can't find something stable12:11
Vivekanandahello everyone. could anyone help me troubleshoot printer woes in guest ubuntu host win7. I installed the printer drivers for brother HL2270dw in ubuntu. vbox says it is connected via usb. On printing 1 page of a pdf it prints the page but keeps on cycling through all paper in the tray and after that signals error12:11
cfhowlettVivek, try a different document12:12
fujipomponBluesKaj : do you thik it would make any good to uninstall extra stuff like "pavuontrol"12:13
karthik__<MonkeyDust> am gud in WAMP12:13
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Vivekanandacfhowlett: I dont see any queued items in the print queue but if I reset the power button it will again start cycling through !!:(12:15
fujipomponBluesKaj : seems like a lot of controllers tryed to set up stuff  within audio controller, maybe they fight against each other ?12:15
cfhowlettVivekananda, that sounds suspiciously like a hardware issue ...12:15
linaeagreed cfhowlett, vivek check the print queue *within* the printer12:16
linaeie see if there are any queued jobs inside the printer12:16
cfhowlettggz, greetings12:16
Vivekanandacfhowlett: there was no issue when windows 7 ( the host) was using it12:17
ggzwhat is the fastest between usb key and usb hard drive (not ssd) ?12:17
Vivekanandait worked perfectly!12:17
blazemore!ot | ggz12:17
ubottuggz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:17
BluesKajfujipompon, are you on 13.04 ?12:17
ggzblazemore: it's for installing ubuntu =)12:17
Vivekanandacfhowlett: I used the first tut given here http://askubuntu.com/questions/226307/how-to-install-a-brother-hl2270dw-laser-printer12:18
blazemoreggz: They'll likely be the same since it's likely going to be  limited by the speed of the USB2 bus rather than the speed of the storage12:18
cfhowlettggz, so you're comparing USB stick vs. SSD installation?12:18
VivekanandaI said no to device url12:18
ggzcfhowlett: no, a regular harddrive, not ssd12:18
Vivekanandashould I have said yes ?12:18
cfhowlettVivekananda, hardware support on virtualbox is always something of a crapshoot.  Try the option and see.12:19
ggzblazemore: thanks, do you think it's a bad idea to install ubuntu on a usb key, since there is a limited number of write operation on a usb key ? how long do you think it could last ?12:20
blazemoreggz: I think you'd be much better off installing on your hard drive12:21
cfhowlettggz, USB key installation should be your LAST option ...12:21
fidelggz: besides the write-limitations - i guess it might be a slow-experience as well12:21
BluesKajfujipompon, do you have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed , you'll need that12:22
Vivekanandacfhowlett: I am trying to use cups to locate and add the printer12:22
Vivekanandabut the model list for brother does not have my printer12:22
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Vivekanandaie 227012:22
Vivekanandawhat should I do about that12:22
cfhowlettVivekananda, go for a close relative of that model but a lower number .  2260 ?12:23
cfhowlettVivekananda, also, see if you've got something like "generic" available.12:23
Vivekanandaso I have either -- hl-2170W Foomatic or I have hl 2400-Cen Foomatic ..12:24
fujipomponBluesKaj : yes I'm on 13.04 64B but I don't know what a restricted extras are ?12:24
cfhowlettVivekananda, try em both!  It's free and it'll only take a few minutes to test12:24
ggzi don't have a hard drive for now, i think i will test ubuntu install on the usb key, if it's too slow or the usb key die, i will buy a hard drive12:24
cfhowlettggz decent enough plan.12:25
blazemoreVivekananda: wget http://rory.sh/printinstall.sh; sudo sh printinstall.sh12:25
BluesKaj!ubuntu-restricted-extras | fujipompon12:25
ubottufujipompon: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-help/media.html  - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats12:25
Vivekanandacfhowlett: one thing confuses me. Should I configure the printer to be a usb device on the vbox or should I configure cups to look for it via the url ?12:25
Vivekanandablazemore: I already followed this tutorial http://askubuntu.com/questions/226307/how-to-install-a-brother-hl2270dw-laser-printer12:26
VivekanandaI want to undo that before trying your change. Shouldn't I ?12:26
cfhowlettVivekananda, the preference would be for VBox to make the link, but as I said ... crap shoot.  I see a lot of experimenting in your future.  Course you COULD just install dual boot ubuntu and bypass all the vbox madness.  Try this: make a usb/cdrom.  Boot.  Set up your printer.  I BET it works natively with ubuntu.12:27
Vivekanandacfhowlett: then why should I not go the url route ?12:28
dasHello. I have a Radeon HD 5450 videocard with 1 VGA, 1 HDMI and 1 DVI port. I tried to activate 3 screens but did not succeed. At first I thought that HDMI and DVI were muxed, but I manage to have the two running at the same time. Any ideas ?12:28
cfhowlettVivekananda, try everything is my stance.12:28
blazemoredas: Does it even support triple-monitors?12:28
dasblazemore: one of my colleague has a similar model I was told, and it works. Not sure ours are identical though it's the standard that they give here12:29
fujipomponBluesKaj :Not shure to understand : vlc uses is own codecs so I'm don't have to worry about installing codecs inside the system, right ?12:30
zykotick9fujipompon: you are correct, VLC doesn't use external codecs.12:31
fujipomponBluesKaj : or vlc works differtly inside Ubuntu than W7 ?12:31
afflictoHey all. I need to help a friend of mine via VNC but he is behind a router without access to port forward. Can we use remmina with a port that's open by default on most routers?12:31
fujipomponBluesKaj : differently i meant..12:32
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fujipomponBluesKaj : Would you enjoy to search inside my machine directly through a soft like teamviewer ?12:33
blazemoreafflicto: You still need to forward the port to his machine behind the gateway12:34
afflictoblazemore: hm ok12:34
afflictoblazemore: how does teamviewer work tho? we are able to use that. it's just.. teamviewer is buggy :P12:35
johnmikeHello. I'm new to Ubuntu and Linux is general. I tried to install the latest Scala today, but I got Scala 2.9. I tried update, upgrade etc, but I still seem suck on old Scala. Is this right? How come the latest Ubuntu includes an obsolete version of Scala?12:35
ActionParsnipfujipompon: vlc doesnt share codecs, not great imho12:35
zykotick9!latest | johnmike12:35
ubottujohnmike: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.12:35
ActionParsnipjohnmike: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue12:35
johnmikeActionParsnip: Ubuntu 13.0412:36
cfhowlettjohnmike, sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade might bring you up to date.  If not, talk to the scala maintainers.12:36
johnmikeubottu: where should I go if I always want latest - I'm not too worried about stability12:36
ubottujohnmike: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:36
randomaussiegood eveing ubuntuers...12:36
BluesKajfujipompon, I'ts just an old habit of mine to install the restricted extras for other uses , you don't need restricted -extras to if you use VLC exclusively12:36
ActionParsnipjohnmike: the latest stable is 2.10, so 2.9 is hardly obsolete12:36
johnmikeActionParsnip: should I just install it from a binary build in my home directory then?12:37
bananasdoomanyone know if you can get the updated unity for ubuntu 13.04 and stay in 12.0412:37
cfhowlettjohnmike, if you just can't wait to get it, build your own from source ...12:37
ActionParsnipjohnmike: its also available on the scala website for download http://www.scala-lang.org/download/12:37
fujipomponBluesKaj : I like XBMC too, tried it but unable to play multichannel through spdif12:37
ActionParsnipjohnmike: its not obsolete in any way12:37
randomaussiei'm trying to make a program in the startup applications load with sudo/root priverlidges... having alot of difficulty and i dont understand /etc/sudoers12:38
ActionParsnipjohnmike: just because its not bang up to date doesnt make it obsolete12:38
blazemore!details | randomaussie12:38
ubotturandomaussie: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."12:38
johnmikeActionParsnip: is there a Linux distro, or Ubuntu variant that strives to always be latest? For example I love on my mac that when Scala 2.10 came out, that hour I could install the new version using the homebrew package manager.12:39
randomaussietrying to make bumblebee-ui load with root priverlidges so it can auto optirun stuff for me12:39
bananasdoomso I am going to bump this.... anyone know if you can get the updated unity for ubuntu 13.04 and stay in 12.0412:39
ActionParsnipjohnmike: you could submit a bug suggesting why the new version shoud be pushed out. If there are significant improvements, security and bug fixes it will be updated12:40
BluesKajfujipompon, not all movies are 5.1 or  higher , some are DD but only dual channel ...xbmc is ok , but it tries to do too much IMO , I prefer to control my sources12:40
blazemore!backports | bananasdoom12:40
ubottubananasdoom: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging12:40
bananasdoomubottu: Thanks! :D12:40
johnmikeActionParsnip: ok thanks12:40
fujipomponwhat  do U think 'vout this idea typed before , Shouldn't uninstall some stuff to simplify audio control ? BluesKaj : seems like a lot of controllers tryed to set up stuff  within audio controller, maybe they fight against each other ?12:40
ActionParsnipjohnmike: http://osgux.tumblr.com/post/44635945407/install-scala-2-10-0-in-ubuntu  found that in no time at all12:41
ActionParsnipjohnmike: went to google and searched for: Scala 2.10 ubuntu12:41
ActionParsnipjohnmike: top link.....12:41
ActionParsnipjohnmike: I assume you have seen that page....yes?12:41
johnmikeActionParsnip: yeah I know how to install from a binary - I said that was an option - but it's nice to work with the package manager rather than against it12:42
johnmikeActionParsnip: won't apt throw a fit when it sees I've changed files it installed behind it's back?12:42
fujipomponBluesKaj : I don't catch on what IMO means12:42
BluesKajfujipompon, unfortunately idon't run unity/gnome , so my knowledge about the audio controller is rather limited ,. but afaik it works well with alsa, pulseaudio (pavucontrol) , doubt very much there's any conflict12:43
BluesKajfujipompon, IMO  = In My Opinion12:44
fujipomponBluesKaj : my problem with vlc playing 5.1 (DTS + DD are ok both)12:46
BluesKajfujipompon, I don't understand12:49
fujipomponBluesKaj :  First I have an error message : the audio peripherical « iec958:AES0=0x2,AES1=0x82,AES2=0x0,AES3=0x2 » can't be used :12:49
fujipompon Peripherical or ressourse occupy12:49
BluesKajfujipompon, in VLC ?12:51
fujipomponBluesKaj : But it reads anyway  in 5.112:51
BluesKaj5.1 what tho ?12:51
fujipomponBluesKaj : Yes ! in VLC12:51
fujipomponAnd then every thing is ok as long as I don't touch any controls12:52
=== rew1red|away is now known as rew1red
BluesKajfujipompon, you should be able to control the volume in VLC12:53
fujipomponIf I scroll the mouse : as soon as the volume raise or down the 100% value : a "pink noise" comes out loud out of all the 5.1 speakers...12:54
Vivekanandanow another problem. I ran update on 12.04 fresh install and I was getting 1600 900 resolution earlier (after vbox extras install right after ubuntu install) but now I am not getting it. The window has shrunk. Also I lost the vbox top bar and the bottom bar too for the ubuntu12:55
fujipomponBluesKaj : and normal sound comes back as soon as I come back to 100%12:55
Vivekanandashould I just quit ubuntu :(12:55
BluesKajfujipompon, that's odd12:56
ActionParsnipVivekananda: up to you12:56
ActionParsnipVivekananda: tried the 2D session from the login screen?12:56
fujipomponBluesKaj : also As soon as I use the skip command (file  as chapters) picture and sound get unsync12:57
BluesKajfujipompon, is the VLC audio output setting set to your intel-hda ?12:57
fujipomponthat's THE question !12:58
ActionParsnipfujipompon: have you tried other apps that make sound?12:59
VivekanandaActionParsnip: I had the thing working before I installed updates12:59
Vivekanandawhy would the updates ruin things ?13:00
ActionParsnipVivekananda: well now it doesnt so you need to explore the issue13:00
Vivekanandabtw where is the 2D ?13:00
BluesKajfujipompon, open VLC >tools>preferences>audio ,, then choose the alsa audio output module , and the device as the intel audio13:00
fujipomponoutput module is alsa output, and the "uses spdif if possible" is marked13:00
=== p0wp0w_ is now known as p0wp0w
BluesKajyes , make sure the device is the intel13:01
fujipomponBluesKaj : ok for output module, on alsa, but then under device I have at least 20 choices possible !!!13:02
ActionParsnipVivekananda: you select it from the login sceen13:03
ActionParsnipVivekananda: its better for VMs ni a way that it uses fewer resources so will impact the host less13:03
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jacks_coolHello! Getting a black screen with cursor blinking on startup! Ubuntu 12.04 LTS!13:04
ActionParsnipjacks_cool: what GPU do you use?13:04
BluesKajfujipompon, choose , IEC958 (S/PDIF) Digital Audio output13:05
jacks_coolActionParsnip: ATI13:05
VivekanandaActionParsnip: again , that was working right before an update install. but if you said something that I missed please elaborate. Also the guest key + c was set to scaling for vbox. earlier I had scaling enabled and was getting the top and bottom bars. now I see that on disabling it I can see them but then with no scalinng the vbox covers only half of the screen :(13:05
emptHi, i'm using kubuntu desktop and right now i was working with xfig and pressed meta+s now everything on my desktop is gone!! my background, widgets all gone! plz help :(13:05
jacks_coolActionParsnip: I installed graphics driver few weeks back. It was working fine. Don't know what's going wrong today!13:06
ActionParsnipjacks_cool: tried the boot option: nomodeset13:06
jacks_coolreplac quite splash with nomodeset?13:06
ActionParsnipjacks_cool: its a kernel boot option to set13:07
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:07
ActionParsnipVivekananda: if the 2D session works then we know he 3D has been knocked out in some way13:07
ActionParsnipVivekananda: we can then focus efforts there, at present we know nothing and simply bleating "it used to work" achieves nothing13:08
fujipomponBluesKaj : OK done !13:09
emptHi, i'm using kubuntu desktop and right now i was working with xfig and pressed meta+s now everything on my desktop is gone!! my background, widgets all gone! plz help :(13:10
VivekanandaActionParsnip: well hmmm. I tried the host+c and as I said I got the virtualbox menu (on top ) back. my ubuntu is a guest on win 7 host via vbox13:10
ActionParsnipVivekananda: could try:  unity --replace13:11
fujipomponBluesKaj : exact name "HDA Intel MID, ALC662 rev1 Digital IEC958 (S/PDIF) Digital Audio Output"13:12
BluesKajfujipompon, looks correct , ..it is correct if it works for you :)13:12
Slugzehello, say anyone is using synergy around here?  Got a lil problem, 2 stations, both on ubuntu 13.04, each having a mouse attached (- usb -) When i'm using mouse1 on pc1, the back / forward is doing perfect, same for mouse2/pc2 .  But when i'm doing mouse1(server)pc2(client) the backforwar button of the mouse is doing a "slide left and right" ( using per exemple firefox ) .  So i'm wondering if theres a quickfix for that ?13:13
fujipomponyes but with the fragilities : error message + touchy volume level + soud and video decay as evocated higher13:15
Vivekanandawhen I stretch 2D with scaling disabled then the desktop screen is only a in the middle of the elongated window. when I enable scaling then it also increases in size but the bottom goes out of of the screen13:15
fujipomponBluesKaj : yes but with the fragilities : error message + touchy volume level + soud and video decay as evocated above13:16
fujipomponBluesKaj : the multiple choices of device : that what makes me think of conflicts between the differents "audio controlers, mapers , etc....13:17
elixirHi, my laptop turned off due to dischargin, and after restart, I can;t connect to the wifi network I was connected to. I shows error  "Activation of network connection failed" :-( Can someone please help me!13:18
fujipomponLet's have a try  ! can you show me the command line to uninstall pavucontrol for example ?13:19
fujipomponBluesKaj : Let's have a try  ! can you show me the command line to uninstall pavucontrol for example ?13:19
elixirfujipompom: me?13:19
fujipomponsorry that was for BluesKaj :13:20
VivekanandaActionParsnip: was it sudo unity --replace ?13:20
Walexelixir: too few details.13:20
jacks_coolActionParsnip: thanks it works! now I have saved that settings permanently.13:20
elixirI am pretty new to ubuntu, and can't find out which comand to try13:20
fujipomponelixir : sorry that was for BluesKaj :13:21
ikoniaelixir: reboot your laptop and it will probably come back to life13:21
BluesKajfujipompon, not to worry , there's no conflict despite your concerns13:21
elixirWalex, ikonia: Ubuntu 12.10, i5 4gb ram and what else.. ? I tried rebooting many times and tried certain commands too...but none helped13:22
BluesKajfujipompon, most users need pavucontrol/pulseaudio for webaudio (mostly flash)13:22
Walexelixir: if you have a wifi problem, you should be listing which APs are being listed as accessible etc.13:22
elixirWalex: ifconfig says: http://pastebin.com/uUF0sWJw and I am currently connected using a hotspot from mobile13:23
fujipomponBluesKaj : By the way :  other audio apps like RhythmBox still works fine through spdif , sending stereo signal13:23
elixirWalex: sorry, I have less idea how to list them, can you please tell me the command so that I can pastebin them?13:24
BluesKaj fujipompon  yes of course , with pcm ,that's expected13:25
fujipomponBluesKaj : intresting clue : I must competly shut down RhythmBox otherwise VLC can't play any sound ! As long as Rhythm is on , even on pause !13:27
Petreankohello al13:27
PetreankoA quick question not sure if I am in the right room.... Whats the diff between ubuntu 12.04 and ubuntu 13.04.... in the website it says long time support for 12.04 but 13.04 is up to date and support only till jan next year... so wouldnt 12.04 get any updates that 13.04 get?13:27
FloodBot1Petreanko: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:27
ActionParsnipVivekananda: without the sudo, yes13:28
elixirWalex: ?13:28
elixiror can someone else take up the initiative to help me please?13:28
Petreankocan someone help me with choosing ubuntu version to download and try13:29
MonkeyDustPetreanko  12.04 if you want ling support, 13.04 if you want the latest stuff13:30
OerHeksPetreanko, the LTS provides stable tested packages, 13.04 has newer packages with functionality, both get security updates. i would suggest try 13.0413:30
Petreanko@monkeydust Thank you13:30
Petreanko@0erheks Thank you, so will I get updates past jan 2014 if I use 13.04 or will have to choose to reinstall later?13:31
OerHeksPetreanko, no, updates will stop when the support is over.13:32
vishnu_Does anyone used python desktop enviroment?13:32
fujipomponBluesKaj : fundamental question : do you think it could be easier to find stable  soluces at my troubles under a LTS version of Ubuntu like 12.04 ???13:34
VivekanandaActionParsnip: it is the stupid vbox13:34
Walexelisa87: how to list Wifi depends on which WiFi configuration system you are using13:34
Petreanko@0erHeks one last question ... If I chose 12.04 I still can install latest software and update them when a new update is available right?13:34
MonkeyDustvishnu_  python is a programming code, not a desktop environment13:34
sanmanPetreanko, after support runs out on 13.04 you will be able to upgrade to the next version13:34
BluesKajfujipompon, no13:34
VivekanandaI tried doing and undoing a couple of times and restarting the machine and voila got back the 1600 and 900 , figure!!13:34
arc__hello i can't get back into ubuntu13:34
arc__i can't do grub-install for somereason13:34
arc__it ask's if /dev is mounted13:34
Petreanko@sanman Thanks for clarifying I thought I might have to ditch it and start over again13:35
Vivekanandanow onto printer woes13:35
OerHeksPetreanko, sure, you will get updates, but not newer versions of packages (functionality), else you need to upgrade13:35
BluesKajfujipompon, you have to make sure the settings in pavucontrol are the same outputs as in VLC and the audio controller13:35
sanmanPetreanko, as for the LTS versions, typically you will not see new versions of packages pushed into LTS13:35
sanmanPetreanko, you will see bug fixes and security updates, not really new functionality13:35
Petreanko@0erheks Thank you13:36
vishnu_Yaa Buddy it is programming language but "I am talking about Qtile"  its a Window manager written in python13:36
Petreanko@sanman okay. so 13.04 would be a wise choice here?13:37
kostascan anyone help with this? I just istalled ubuntu 12.4 on a laptop. After the installation I got a prompt to remove the installation media and press enter. I did so and got to a blank screen with a cursos. The computer does not boot up 12.4, just goes blank. Any ideas?13:37
sanmanPetreanko, most people go with the non-LTS versions because they like to get new features, I myself run some machines at LTS and some on the regular releases13:37
fujipomponOther basic question : at the begining of my research  I thought  maybe 13.04 didn't choose the proper driver ! Every body says NO WAy ! How come there's not possible anymore to try differents drivers for a device to find the est one ???13:38
sanmanPetreanko, it all depends on what you want13:38
MonkeyDustvishnu_  so it's qtile, not python, and it's a window manager, not a desktop environment13:38
fujipomponBluesKaj : On my way to check out pavucontrol13:38
sanmanPetreanko, for a desktop machine you can probably go 13.0413:38
Slugzekostas,  you're sure you installed grub?13:39
Petreanko@sanman sorry to keep spamming you with questions... please suggest me here my use would be most for 3d and graphics design.. softwares I use would be blender, gimp, mypaint and krita othen than that libreoffice and use internet13:39
vishnu_ok sry.... thanx. i am getting trouble in installing it13:39
sanmanPetreanko, if you want a stable server that's going to get security updates for years to come go with LTS13:39
sanmanPetreanko, go with 13.04, you'll probably be happier with that decision13:39
kostasSlugze: grub?13:39
Petreanko@sanman Thank you very much for your time and patience..I appreciate it13:40
sanmanPetreanko, you're welcome13:40
Petreanko@sanman :)13:40
vishnu_on startup where we enter our username  and password.. there is tab which allows u to run unity 2d or in 3d mode , its also listing Qtile too but when logged in,, nothing happend13:40
airportyhHello all, I tried installing ubuntu 13.04 side-by-side with windows 7, and messed up the boot sector, need some advise as to how to proceed13:41
fujipompon BluesKaj :  Other basic question : at the begining of my research  I thought  maybe 13.04 didn't choose the proper driver ! Every body says NO WAy ! How come there's not possible anymore to try differents drivers for a device to find the est one ???13:41
elixirWalex: I tried rfkill from this link http://askubuntu.com/questions/189836/unable-to-connect-to-wifi-network-after-updates, still a fail13:41
Petreanko@sanman one more question if I may ask13:42
vishnu_no i thing... boot configs are managed by GRUB no extra drivers needed13:42
User928stu "d!ckless" lantz betrays all; trannys + queers(chaste Homos/a$$holes), rule; patrick mason o'neal > pam neal?/, andrea hylton/trannys13:42
WulframnAirportyh, it won't boot at all?13:42
fujipomponBluesKaj : Oh by the way have you check out out my config at : http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=fa6358a715c21f1c07aa21723ce8090478325c6c13:43
kostasany idea of how to proceed now?13:43
roadiegood evening13:44
PetreankoI see ubuntustudio 13.04 this would just be more tailored pre installed packages right? its still same as ubuntu13.04 but with more packages am I right?13:44
Petreanko@sanman I see ubuntustudio 13.04 this would just be more tailored pre installed packages right? its still same as ubuntu13.04 but with more packages am I right?13:44
airportyhWulframn: correct13:44
roadiedo I need to install any dev-tools in ubuntu to write c++ code? not IDEs just the libraries, compilers and whatnot.13:44
Wulframnairportyh, do you have system rescue cd or another live environment?13:44
airportyhWulframn: I think it can be repaired with a windows 7 disk, but I need to get one from my IT dept13:45
BluesKajfujipompon, the snd-hda-intel driver works well. Open a terminal do , sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel , just to be sure ...there will be no text output in the terminal if it's properly loaded13:45
airportyhWulframn: I don't have another linux machine atm13:45
airportyhWulframn: but I would like to know, where it went wrong during the install process13:46
WulframnGrub won't boot or just Windows?13:46
fujipomponBluesKaj : in pavucontrol the device used seems the same than in  VLC not exactly the same "spelling" but seems to aims at teh same target13:46
airportyhWulframn: no grub13:46
airportyhWulframn: but I think that's because I installed it wrong13:46
WulframnAh, I see.13:47
kostascan anyone help with this? I just istalled ubuntu 12.4 on a laptop. After the installation I got a prompt to remove the installation media and press enter. I did so and got to a blank screen with a cursos. The computer does not boot up 12.4, just goes blank. Any ideas?13:47
airportyhWulframn: first of all, the ubuntu installer didn't detect any OS, which was odd13:47
Petreankoone quick question... the difference between ubuntustudio13.04 and ubuntu 13.04 would just be the pre installed softwares tailored for studios or is it anything else?13:47
ikoniaPetreanko: different desktop13:48
domingobuen dia13:48
airportyhWulframn: so I had to manually partition - and I don't think I did it right13:48
=== duoduo is now known as heimaozaier
fujipomponBluesKaj : OK : sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel doesn't returns anything !13:48
Wulframnairportyh, I'm on my phone. Let me jump over to my computer. I'll be back in a moment.13:49
airportyhWulframn: no problem13:49
kostasis there any reason I cannot boot the usb live flash drive after installing 12.04?13:50
Eduard_MunteanuHow do you restart the networking service, such that all settings are reinitialized to stuff in /etc/network/interfaces? "restart networking" says "restart: Unknown instance:"13:51
elixirHow can I find  propietary BCM driver there. in additional drivers in Ubuntu 12.1013:51
chiquesDid they ever find out 'how' the Ubuntu Forums got hacked into? Was it human stupidity or a vulnerability in Ubuntu?13:51
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lolcatchiques: they forgot their windows updates13:52
Picichiques: it was password policies on the forums themselves, nothing to do with Ubuntu itself.13:52
DenBeirenhi all,.. i'm running on a "full" boot partition,..can i remove some kernels? if zo, lowest versions are the oldest?13:53
kostascan anyone help with this? I just istalled 12.04 on a laptop but I cannot boot it at all13:53
chiqueslolcat, they don't run Ubuntu Servers?13:53
MonkeyDustDenBeiren  ubuntu-tweak is a nice gui to delete old kernels http://ubuntu-tweak.com/13:54
Picichiques: Hes joking. See http://blog.canonical.com/2013/07/30/ubuntu-forums-are-back-up-and-a-post-mortem/ for a full breakdown.13:54
chiquesPici, I'll check it. Thanks13:55
DenBeirenMonkeyDust, it's a server, so no gui :s13:55
ezrafreehello, is there any shorthand to use to echo the name of the most recent file in the current directory?13:56
kostascan anyone help with this? I just istalled 12.04 on a laptop but I cannot boot it at all. I just get a blank screen13:57
fujipomponBluesKaj : must leave now : thousands of thannks for your kind and precious help !13:57
k1l!nomodeset | kostas13:57
ubottukostas: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:58
blazemoreezrafree: ls -lt | head -n 2 | tail -n 1 | awk '{print $NF}'13:58
kostask1l: thanks let me have a look13:58
blazemoreIf anyone can condense "head -n 2 | tail -n 1" now is the time13:59
BluesKajfujipompon, you are welcome :)13:59
fujipomponBluesKaj : Just wondering what is your location , in the idea to get in touch again another time13:59
Vivekanandahey everyone i used vbox as guest with ubuntu in it on windows host win 7. I am tryiing to install a server on the virtual guest. one of the primary app requirements is printing but my vbox usb goes to sleep and no print emerges. manual power cycle or quick reset of the printer solves the problem. suggestions ?13:59
Vivekanandaubuntu 12.04 printer brother hl 2270dw13:59
DenBeirenoops, had a dc14:00
BluesKajfujipompon, this a good a place as any , I'm usually here at this time of day14:00
kostask1l: thanks. I cannot see how I can do any of these. I do not have access to the OS, let alone the terminal14:00
fujipomponBluesKaj : I mean in what "range of time" are you on this network : GMT wise I men14:01
k1lkostas: that needs to be set before the OS boots, in the GRUB bootloader14:01
morsonai_Vivekananda: did you install the drivers?14:01
morsonai_Vivekananda: would that have any change in a virtual environment? try it14:01
kostask1l: I understand. This did not happen, however. Is there anything I can do now?14:01
morsonai_Brother printers are wonky sometimes14:02
Vivekanandamorsonai_: it works perfectly on the host14:02
fujipomponBluesKaj : oK thanks again, see you another time !14:02
Vivekanandaalso I used this tutorial http://askubuntu.com/questions/226307/how-to-install-a-brother-hl2270dw-laser-printer14:02
Vivekanandafor it14:02
k1lkostas: yes, set "nomodeset" in the grub as a kernel parameter. and try to boot that14:02
Vivekanandathe first reply in there14:02
Darkstar1Hi all. After last update my GUI manager disappeared and now when the machine is restarted all I get is the terminal prompt. I just tried to restart lightdm but it's seems stuck in a terminal screen on a line which says "checking battery state"14:02
kostask1l: how to I access grub to set nomodeset?14:02
Darkstar1Please advicse14:02
FloodBot1Darkstar1: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:03
k1lkostas: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161313214:03
Darkstar1Can anyone help please?14:04
kostask1l: is it possible to have some more specific instructions? I am afraid all I can see is a blank screen14:05
elixirSudden laptop power-off, on resart wifi not working, however can connect to mobile hotspot only, ifconfig says: http://pastebin.com/m0fYxFd1, need urgent help please. Can't find an apt+ working solution through random googling :-(14:05
blazemoreDarkstar1: can you run "startx" from the terminal after you log in?14:05
teDarkstar1: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=208891814:06
blazemoreelixir: If your wifi isn't working how can you connect to "mobile hotspot" ?14:06
Darkstar1blazemore: Ok14:06
blazemoreDarkstar1: ?14:06
k1lkostas: sry, if your answer is only " i have a blank screen" i cant help you :/   i gave you a forums post which explains in detail how to set a boot parameter.14:06
=== hangthedj is now known as sk5
elixirblazemore: No idea :( But the wifi's to which it was connected, am not able to connect them again: it repeatedly says: Activation of wireless network connection failed14:07
morsonai_Vivekananda: made a pastebin for you. Should work. I run Arch and not Ubuntu by the way, just trying to help new *nix users http://pastebin.com/8EqxFK1J14:07
Wulframnairportyh: Hey, I'm back. So Ubuntu's installer did not detect your Win7?14:07
Darkstar1blazemore: I meant will try that and see14:07
airportyhWulframn: exactly, I thought that was weird14:07
blazemoreelixir: Try going into your wireless network settings, removing the access point which is causing you problems, and then trying again to reconnect14:07
elixirblazemore: I tried the rfkill too..no help14:07
morsonai_Vivekananda: obviously the ??? and profit is a joke14:07
blazemoreDarkstar1: Yes sorry I made a mistake :) Try it and see14:07
Wulframnairportyh: it happens. Was it a new install of Win7?14:08
airportyhWulframn: might be because my company installed this McAfree login thing in front of Win714:08
Darkstar1just waiting on the upgrades to finish14:08
kostask1l: I appreciate that. I read: "To set kernel boot options, you must edit your grub configuration. You can do this temporarily for a single boot by entering the grub menu. If you do not get to see the grub boot menu after the bios automatically, you may have to press SHIFT key after the bios logo to get in to grub:" I press shift but still get to the blank screen though14:08
blazemoreairportyh: It's not that. It's that you need to run chkdsk on Windows before you shut down.14:08
airportyhWulframn: it password protects the system before you boot windows14:08
morsonai_Vivekananda: if you are missing packages also try apt-get -f install and then try the dpkg command (while in the ~/Downloads/drivers directory)14:08
blazemorekostas: Turn your computer off, and turn it back on while holding shift. Don't let go of shift until you see Grub14:08
Vivekanandamorsonai_: let me check14:08
kostask1l: i.e. I don't see the grub menu automatically as it is suggested, and cannot access it after the bios logo by pressing shift either14:09
manenwolfmy flash is using to much cpu any solutions to solve this14:09
marzenkapierdole was pedaly14:09
blazemoremanenwolf: Stop using flash14:09
kostasblazemore: thanks, let me try this once more by holding shift down14:09
manenwolfye its for a game i am playing14:09
Goatmanflash is bad14:09
airportyhblazemore: really? I had no idea14:09
Wulframnairportyh: Well, that might have been the issue. Normally if you have an encrypted install it'll still detect it, but I hate McAfee with a passion because they always seem to be pretty good at bloatware that doesn't do anything except get in the way.14:09
Vivekanandamorsonai_: I already have the drivers as in the tutorials14:09
morsonai_Vivekananda: the drivers installed with that installation script?14:10
blazemoremanenwolf: Flash has high CPU usage, contact Adobe if you don't like it14:10
kostasblazemore: just rebooted by holding shift down. No luck, still a blank screen14:10
blazemoremanenwolf: We all just put up with t, or don't use it14:10
morsonai_Vivekananda: you should really not rely on a script to install something if it is as simple as a few commands (or clicks in the GUI, though I wouldn't recommend it)14:10
k1lkostas: did you install ubuntu and grub the right way?14:10
elixirblazemore: how to remove the access pt, given this it how it looks in wireless settings: http://imagebin.org/26669714:10
manenwolfok thanks anyway14:10
WulframnVivekananda: I have that printer, too. I find it pretty easy to setup in Ubuntu.14:10
blazemorekostas: Do you see ANYTHING on your screen before Ubuntu would normally boot? Like, can you get into the BIOS or anything?14:10
Slugzehello, say anyone is using synergy around here?  Got a lil problem, 2 stations, both on ubuntu 13.04, each having a mouse attached (- usb -) When i'm using mouse1 on pc1, the back / forward is doing perfect, same for mouse2/pc2 .  But when i'm doing mouse1(server)pc2(client) the backforwar button of the mouse is doing a "slide left and right" ( using per exemple firefox ) .  So i'm wondering if theres a quickfix for that ?14:10
Vivekanandayes I used the first answer in there14:10
Wulframnairportyh: was that a new win7 install or did you have a backup of it's important parts?14:11
VivekanandaWulframn: good to have you here14:11
Vivekanandaso how do I proceed14:11
teDarkstar1: http://askubuntu.com/questions/205695/12-04-hangs-at-checking-battery-state14:11
morsonai_Vivekananda: try apt-get purge <name of drivers> and then installing them with my method. Remember apt-get -f install if it says something about dependencies not being met or not having required packages.14:11
VivekanandaI am on win 7 host and vbox ubuntu guest. I used the tut answer first one here http://askubuntu.com/questions/226307/how-to-install-a-brother-hl2270dw-laser-printer14:11
airportyhWulframn: it was a new install14:11
Darkstar1can't start X14:12
morsonai_Vivekananda: You already said that14:12
Darkstar1checking log files14:12
morsonai_Vivekananda: So try what I said14:12
Vivekanandamorsonai_: how does your method differ from that one?14:12
airportyhWulframn: IT has this preinstalled image14:12
airportyhWulframn: I am not going to lost any data14:12
morsonai_Vivekananda: you are downloading a bash script and running it and I am telling you to manually download the .deb and use dpkg14:12
kostask1l: not sure: I downloaded the iso file and created a bootable flash drive as you suggested. However, I see now that when I saw the "keyboard logo" (indicated in http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 ) I did not press F6 to set nomodeset, and hence the problem, I think14:12
Wulframnairportyh: Just reinstall when you can get the image and then add the McAfee software *after* grub is all setup and good to go.14:12
WulframnThen if it doesn't work you'll know it's McAfee.14:12
teDarkstar1: You able to login to console mode. Right?14:13
Vivekanandamorsonai_: o okay14:13
teDarkstar1: Did you try removing or renaming the xorg.conf file?14:13
Darkstar1aahh some update seems to have bricked the Nvidia drivers :/14:13
Vivekanandaso I will purge it and then14:13
Darkstar1Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module14:13
morsonai_Vivekananda: remember, line 5 and 6 are jokes14:13
Darkstar1te: where can I find that file?14:14
teDarkstar1: rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf or mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak14:14
Darkstar1nvm I'll search it14:14
blazemoreDarkstar1: mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak14:14
blazemoreDarkstar1: sudo apt-get install --reinstall nvidia-current14:14
Wulframnairportyh: The only other option would be to use a Live environment (if you're working with computers there is *no* reason not to have a LiveCD/USB of System Rescue CD) to mount and chroot into the broken install and view what's going on exactly.14:14
airportyhWulframn: by live environment what do you mean exactly? And how do I get it?14:15
Darkstar1blazemore: --reinstall. But thanks14:16
kostasany ideas on how to proceed now?14:16
Wulframnairportyh: Did you install Ubuntu via CD?14:16
Vivekanandamorsonai_: the problem is I dont remember what driver was installed by that installer and also dont know enough posix regex to find out the correct one14:16
airportyhWulframn: no, I made a bootable USB stick14:16
VivekanandaWulframn: a question. Did you use that printer on a vbox14:17
morsonai_Vivekananda: which is why you shouldn't rely on scripts to install your drivers14:17
morsonai_apt-cache search brother14:17
morsonai_apt-cache search cupswrapper14:17
Wulframnairportyh: Ok, that's good too. When you pop it in and turn on the computer make sure to boot off the USB, just like how you had to do to access the install prompt. There should be an option for Live Environment, test ubuntu before you install, etc.14:17
WulframnVivekananda: No14:17
Wulframnafk for a moment...14:17
airportyhWulframn: yeah, I was able to run ubuntu directly from the stick14:18
streulmahas someone tried to install Ubuntu on a Macbook Pro Retina? I have a to high resolution on Retina screen.14:18
Wulframnairportyh: Ok, that is a live environment. It loads an OS into your ram and lets you run the system without affecting anything on your hard drive.14:18
Wulframnairportyh: you can use that to repair or recover broken installs.14:18
streulmaI don't know what the stablest is 12.04 or 13.0414:19
testreulma: You can probably use xrandr to view available screen sizes and to change14:19
Wulframn!lts | streulma14:19
ubottustreulma: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)14:19
Darkstar1blazemore: te neither works. Re-installed and moved the xorg.conf away. still getting the " Failing initialization of X screen 0 " error14:19
=== JDTaylor is now known as JDT{Away}
streulmate: yes but I don't know if I must use Nouveau driver or NVidia graphics14:19
airportyhWulframn: gotcha. How would I repair it?14:20
Wulframnairportyh: Ok, are you on the broken computer now?14:20
teDarkstar1: sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf14:21
airportyhWulframn: yes14:22
teDarkstar1: What does  ^^^^^^^ say?14:22
Wulframnairportyh: Are you running the Ubuntu live environment from the stick?14:22
Darkstar1found the issue. NVIDIA: "API mismatch: the NVIDIA kernel module has version 304.48, but this NVIDIA driver component has version 304.88.  Please make sure that the kernel module and all NVIDIA driver components have the same version."14:22
airportyhWulframn: booting into it now14:23
Darkstar1currently purging nvidia14:23
ActionParsnipDarkstar1: try:  sudo apt-get --reinstall install dkms14:23
Wulframnairportyh: Ok, I'll brb14:23
elixirblazemore: Ok, i tried removing the access point and then reconnecting, but again it didn't connect to it, rather it again automatically connected to the hotspot14:27
__ravenany tool to make a kind of ascii video/screenshot logging from terminal sessions?14:28
kostasCan anyone suggest what I can do now that the computer does not boot and do not have access to grub?14:29
blazemorekostas: Restore Grub from a liveCD14:29
tekostas: Have you tried a boot disk?14:29
ActionParsnip__raven: to watch back you mean?14:30
kostaste: I tried a bootable usb stick, but it won't boot14:30
ActionParsnip!info ttyrec14:30
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
ubottuttyrec (source: ttyrec): Terminal interaction recorder and player (for tty). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.8-5 (raring), package size 33 kB, installed size 148 kB14:30
tekostas: Does it post?14:30
Wulframnairportyh: I am back. What's the status?14:30
kostaste: what do you mean by "post"?14:30
tekostas: (What's the last thing you see on the screen?)  (Anything?)14:31
=== JDT{Away} is now known as JDTaylor
kostaste: the VAIO logo and then a black screen14:31
blazemorete: I already asked: kostas: Do you see ANYTHING on your screen before Ubuntu would normally boot? Like, can you get into the BIOS or anything?14:31
kostaste: I can get into BIOS yes, but that's all14:31
tekostas: Laptop or Desktop?14:31
kostaste: laptop14:31
ActionParsnipkostas: POST = (P)ower (O)n (S)elf (T)est14:32
elixirblazemore: anything else to try?14:32
blazemorekostas: It's all that funky stuff that happens before your computer loads the operating system14:32
tekostas: Gettng into BIOS is different for different PCs, but usually, you get instructions on the screen right after post.14:32
kostasblazemore: thanks14:32
blazemoreelixir: I don't know, honestly. Can any of your other devices connect to the problematic access point?14:33
kostaste: I can access BIOS no problem, but that's about it14:33
elixirblazemore: yes.14:33
__ravenActionParsnip, yes. for example iftop whats using ncurses i think14:33
kostasdoesn't boot further than that14:33
airportyhWulframn: ubuntu is launched14:33
tekostas: Esc or F1 or Del or some key strock, (it usually tells you, and it may flash by too quickly for you to notice, to cycle it several times untill you see it.14:34
elixirblazemore: its just after the sudden shut down of my ubuntu after which, on restart, it can't connect to that wifi network14:34
te*so (not to).14:34
kostaste: yes its F2, and I can get in BIOS. but that's all, it won't boot further14:34
blazemoreelixir: Can any other users on your system connect to the problematic access point, such as the guest user?14:34
elixirblazemore: Or, can you redirect me to someone?14:34
Wulframnairportyh: which partition is your /boot partition?14:34
tekostas: Once you are in BIOS settings, see what the boot order is set to.14:35
=== BadLarry_ is now known as BadLarry
elixirblazemore: I didn't try, should I?14:35
blazemoreelixir: You can't answer the question I asked you without trying it ;)14:35
airportyhWulframn: /dev/sda314:35
elixirblazemore: I'll be back in a moment :)14:35
kostaste: I have already set to boot order to boot from the usb stick and enabled the external boot devices. No luck14:35
Wulframnairportyh: Is that also your / partition?14:35
tekostas: If you set it to the primary drive and it still does not boot, try CD or USB.14:35
airportyhWulframn: yes14:35
kostaste: I have already tried usb and cd, does not boot14:35
Wulframnairportyh: mount /dev/sda3 /mnt/ubuntu14:36
=== Dave is now known as Dave2
tekostas: Given what you just said, I would speculate hardware issue.14:36
Taevwhats the console command to start apache?14:36
tekostas: You might try unplugging it and take out the battery and leave it set for a few minutes.14:37
airportyhWulframn: done14:38
tekostas: (If it were a desktop, I'd take out the CMOS battery, but it's not so, you might also try and set BIOS to default, (if you can find that option).14:38
Wulframnairportyh: give me just a moment. I'm working on another issue at the desk. I'm here, I'll be just a moment...14:38
elixirblazemore: Same problem with the guest account too.14:38
airportyhWulframn: np14:38
kostaste: I have already discussed that with others here over the past couple of hours. There is no hardware malfunction. I was able to successfully boot via the usb stick and install Ubuntu 12.4. However after I have done so, I got to a blank screen. Apparently there is a conflict with the graphics card and I had to set monodeset during the installation which I did not. I was pointed to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 where 14:39
__ravenActionParsnip, any idea for "recording" ncurses?14:39
kostasthe grub settings after the bios logo, but it does not happen automatically, neither by pressing shift as suggested in the link14:39
Wulframnairportyh: Ok, back. cd /mnt/ubuntu14:39
tekostas: But you said it wont boot.....?14:39
kostasend result is a computer with a blank screen that I can do nothing apart from accessing the bios settings14:40
blazemoreelixir: Can any other devices connect to the problematic access point?14:40
Darkstar1I re-installed dkms and the nvidia driver. Neither of which has resolved my problem14:40
kostaste: it did boot to istall 12.04. but won't boot now14:40
airportyhWulframn: done14:40
Darkstar1Stilll getting the kernel mismatch problem14:40
tekostas: If it won't boot, it is obviously a hardware issue.14:40
ActionParsnip__raven: no idea, could use kazam and record the terminal window if thats what you mean14:40
elixirblazemore: As I said earlier, yes, to all other laptops and my phone, it can be easily connected14:41
kostaste: it is a conflict with graphics card issue that I cannot get past14:41
Wulframnairportyh: I don't remember if ubuntu has wgetpaste or not (on Gentoo right now) so try cat /boot/grub/grub.conf | wgetpaste14:41
blazemoreHmm elixir that is very odd. Does your computer have a make and model?14:41
tekostas: Do you see evidence that the Hard Drive is recognized in the BIOS settings?14:41
VivekanandaWulframn: did you install it on a proper host ubutu then14:42
kostaste: what should this evidence look like?14:42
tekostas: If it is noodeset, (doesn't sound like it, but...) see: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161313214:42
airportyhWulframn: no /boot/grub/grub.conf14:42
airportyhWulframn: no wgetpaste either14:42
elixirblazemore: make and model, means?14:42
blazemoreelixir: like, what computer do you have?14:42
Wulframnairportyh: Ok, hang tight for a moment14:42
WulframnVivekananda: yes, I did.14:42
blazemoreelixir: As specifically as possible14:42
kostaste: I was pointed to this link before. However, I cannot seem to do anything from what is suggested there. I cannot access grub14:43
VivekanandaI am having a weird problem but will take it in turn14:43
__ravenActionParsnip, the more general thing is a monitoring tool what shows traffic by host so everything iftop does but logged14:43
blazemoreVivekananda: What do you mean?14:43
VivekanandaWulframn: a question. Suppose you leave your system for sometime and it sleeps. will the computer still recognize a print command from a networked computer and print ?14:44
tekostas: There are a number of BIOS configurations, (different screens and different options), so you just have to look around. And again, if you see option for seting all BIOS settings to Default, try that as well.14:44
Wulframnairportyh: run ls /etc/default/grub and see what it returns14:44
WulframnVivekananda: I am unsure14:44
elixirblazemore: Lenovo Ideapad Y560, 4gb ram, 500 gb HDD, Intel® Core™ i5 CPU M 460 @ 2.53GHz × 4 , Partitioned with windows-64 bit and running Ubuntu 12.10 with windows 7 also installed in partition, anything else plese?14:44
airportyhWulframn: it's a tex file14:44
blazemoreelixir: "Lenovo Ideapad Y560" was enough :)14:45
elixirblazemore: :)14:45
Wulframnairportyh: Ok, that's what I was looking for. Open that with nano14:45
airportyhWulframn: ok14:45
kostaste: just set the default settings. Does not boot. Hard drive looks ok. It was okay when I installed 12.04 a few mins ago anyway14:46
tekostas: If you do not get the grub screen, then nomodeset proceedures are not going to help you, (on that you are correct).  If you do not get that far, the computer is not booting and it would be a hardware issue.  If you have a known to be good boot disk and a known to be good hard drive, you should be able to boot to one or the other.14:46
VivekanandaWulframn: do I need to install the driver too or just the cups wrapper ?14:46
WulframnVivekananda: when I did it I had to download the driver14:46
=== someone235_ is now known as someone235
WulframnOr update the list of drivers via Ubuntu's printer app14:46
=== kip is now known as Guest6687
kostaste: the harddrive worked fine until I installed 12.04 and the boot usb stick worked fine until a few mins ago. If there was a hard disk failure I should be able to boot via the usb stick with the live version. but this is not the case either14:47
kostaste: hence I cannot imagine that my hard disk AND the usb live stick failed at the same time14:47
Wulframnairportyh: Actually, copy paste that text file to codepad and let me take a look at it.14:47
tekostas: If a disk is not bootable and the PC tries to boot to it and is unable to, you will usually get some sort of error.  Do you see the error essage?14:47
kostaste: no error message whatsoever, just a black screen14:48
tekostas: Then it is a hardware issue.14:48
kostaste: if so, why I can't boot via the usb live stick?14:48
VivekanandaWulframn: do I download that printer app or is it installed by default14:49
ahalversondoes anyone know how to setup a tor server?14:49
WulframnVivekananda: it is installed by default. One moment and I'll find it for you14:49
MonkeyDust!tor | ahalverson14:49
ubottuahalverson: Tor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl14:49
tekostas: The fact that you can   not boot a known  to be good USB stick or CD indicates a hardware issue.14:49
VivekanandaWulframn: I see "printers" in settings14:49
=== BadLarry is now known as BadLarry_
airportyhWulframn: http://codepad.org/BZNrj0DW14:50
Vivekanandaso I guess that is the one but how do I update the drivers14:50
tekostas: You were able to boot them before.  Right?14:50
__ravenwhich tool for logging net traffic by host? similar to iftop but with graphs over time for example14:50
Wulframnairportyh: thanks14:50
ahalversonthank you monkeydust14:50
MonkeyDustahalverson  i've just heard, a criminal organisation used Tor, but was traced and caught anyhow14:50
kostaste: yes, like 30 mins ago14:50
tekostas: Ok then.  Check your hardware.14:50
kostaste: ok, will do14:50
Wulframnairportyh: Ok, my bad. codepad the output of nano /boot/grub/grub.cfg14:50
kostasthanks for all your help guys14:50
tekostas: Did you try taking out the battery and unplugging the power cord for a while?14:51
airportyhWulframn: that fine doesn't exist14:51
airportyhWulframn: file14:51
WulframnVivekananda: I don't have Ubuntu available to me at the moment. It is just the "Add new hardware/printer" option under settings.14:51
Vivekanandayes I see that option14:52
Wulframnairportyh: Ok, just a second14:52
WulframnVivekananda: run that wizard14:52
kostaste: I have already done that, running on powercord for days now14:52
Vivekanandabut I dont know the options after that14:52
Vivekanandaalso I am on a guest ubuntu but that should not complicate matters14:52
Wulframnairportyh: ls -l /boot/grub/grub.cfg = no results?14:52
Vivekanandaasks me for a uri14:52
Vivekanandaor a network printer14:53
airportyhWulframn: No such file or directory14:53
Vivekanandadont know the uri14:53
WulframnVivekananda: no network printer pops up? Do you have the printer all setup and connected to your wifi?14:53
Wulframnairportyh: Ok, one second14:53
Vivekanandait is set up yes14:54
VivekanandaI see it on my host win 714:54
Vivekanandaand can print too14:54
Vivekanandaam testing the printing14:54
Wulframnairportyh: chroot /mnt/ubuntu /bin/bash14:54
elixirblazemore: around?14:55
WulframnVivekananda: but you can't see it in Ubuntu? I'll have to leave you in better hands than my own. I am sorry. =(14:55
airportyhWulframn: ok14:55
Wulframnairportyh: export PS1="(chroot) $PS1"14:55
Wulframnairportyh: that isn't really necessary, it's just something a lot do to remind ourselves we're in a chroot'ed environment14:56
VivekanandaWulframn: I havent installed the driver14:56
blazemoreelixir: I am but I am at work. Try booting with an older kernel from Grub and see if the problem persists14:56
airportyhWulframn: ok14:56
Vivekanandaalso did not restart the box after cupswrapper install14:56
WulframnVivekananda: try installing the driver or updating ubuntu's list of drivers14:56
__ravenActionParsnip, the more general thing is a monitoring tool what shows traffic by host so everything iftop does but logged14:56
Vivekanandashould I do both14:56
Wulframnairportyh: update-grub14:56
VivekanandaWulframn: "updating list of drivers" how ?14:56
WulframnVivekananda: Like I said, I don't have Ubuntu right in front of me. IIRC there was an option on the wizard to update Ubuntu's list of printer drivers.14:57
WulframnOr cups wrappers, it's been a while.14:57
Sk1Specialhow do reinstall grub over windows 8 loader while still being able to load windows 8 ? :]14:57
elixirblazemore: Ok, I can't move to older kernel, have some issue, can you redirect me to someone here who may solve the issue?14:57
blazemoreelixir: No just wait14:57
Homely_GirlHi running Ubuntu 12.04 with unity, how do I do system updates?14:57
blazemoreHomely_Girl: Search for "update" in the dash14:57
WulframnHomely_Girl: apt-get update14:58
airportyhWulframn: error http://codepad.org/MnsC5DiC14:58
Homely_Girlblazemore: thank you14:58
blazemoreelixir: Ask your question again in 20 minutes or so14:58
Wulframnairportyh: fdisk -l /dev/sda and post that output14:59
Homely_GirlWulframn: Thanks14:59
WulframnHomely_Girl: np14:59
airportyh_Wulframn: no output15:00
blazemoreairportyh_: sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda15:00
Homely_GirlWulframn: I love how smoothly my pc runs on 12.04 but really need to make a list of things I need help with 'cos when I get here I forget!! lol15:00
__ravenActionParsnip, the more general thing is a monitoring tool what shows traffic by host so everything iftop does but logged15:00
Wulframnairportyh_: Uh, ok. We need a copy of your partition table.15:01
WulframnHomely_Girl: =)15:01
airportyh_Wulframn: ah with sudo it returns "unable to resolve host ubuntu"15:01
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elixirblazemore: ok, thanks15:01
=== james is now known as Guest43297
Wulframnairportyh_: exit out of the chroot and umount /mnt/ubuntu and try again15:02
ElFizbaniocould someone try to download this http://quozl.linux.org.au/netrek-client-pygame/gytha_0.9-1_all.deb and upload it to dropbox please?15:02
airportyh_Wulframn: try the fdisk again?15:02
blazemoreelixir: http://rory.sh/files/gytha_0.9-1_all.deb15:02
blazemore27 seconds not bad15:03
Guest43297pls do u know any chat room for wifislax15:03
Wulframnairportyh_: Yes, we need a copy of the partition table. We're going to try writing the grub.cfg by hand.15:03
WulframnJust to see if we can get it to work. =P15:03
WulframnWe'll worry about fancy pretties later.15:03
indistyloHaving problem in ASUS X201E, I have tried installing ubuntu 3 times but Grub is not coming when i reboot. Do I need to do any change in BIOS/ EFI, In my view there is some conflict for Master Boot Record(MBR), Kindly suggest view to resolve this issue15:03
airportyh_Wulframn: http://codepad.org/JwPhP4x615:04
blazemoreindistylo: Did you check the integrity of the disk? Your laptop is actually certified "enabled" for Ubuntu so you shouldn't have any problems http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/hardware/201210-11903/15:05
mitch__indistylo, you should try burning a CD or live disk and try booting it on there first. if it runs on there, there should be very few issues15:05
Wulframnairportyh_: Ok, so for right now we'll just going to see if we can get Ubuntu to load. Then we'll try pulling windows in later before adding the splash screen, etc. One moment while I write this up.15:05
mitch__and as blazemore stated, i would check the integrity of the disk, also, i've found my versions of ubuntu to run fine on ext415:05
airportyh_Wulframn: okay, thanks!15:06
mitch__personally prefer that for my OS disk instead of MBR15:06
Dmoleold LVM suddenly doing a lot of never ending seeking right after "vgchange -ay",log level 6 sad nothing about it. Options?15:06
Guest43297mitch__;pls do u know any chat room for wifislax15:06
elixirblazemore: it installed gytha, so now?15:07
mitch__Guest43297: say again? please elaborate15:07
indistylomitch__: I have tried from Live USB, its working fine. running like charm15:07
Guest43297mitch__: pls do u know any chat room for wifislax15:08
blazemore!ot | Guest4329715:08
ubottuGuest43297: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:08
xtrezwhy can't i find apache, or lamp server in ubuntu software center ?15:08
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xtrezubuntu has become more complicated now. :(15:09
Wulframnairportyh_:mount /dev/sda3 /mnt/ubuntu15:09
mitch__indistylo: ok then, i would suggest it could be something with the integrity of the disk like blazemore suggested, it could also be an issue with the way you are doing the install. do you have enough of a pagefile when creating the disk partitions?15:09
MonkeyDustxtrez  apaeche2 is in the repos15:10
MonkeyDustxtrez  apache2 is in the repos15:10
blazemoreelixir: what's "gytha"?15:10
airportyh_Wolframn: done15:10
Wulframnairportyh_: cd /mnt/ubuntu && ls /boot/vmlinuz*15:10
mitch__xtrez: you should be able to find it with "sudo apt-get install apac *tab tab* " and then it will fill in any options for apache15:10
WulframnPaste the output of the ls /boot/vmlinuz* command15:11
airportyh_Wolframn: boot/vmlinuz-3.8.0-19-generic15:12
Wulframnairportyh_: also ls /boot/initramfs*15:12
elixirblazemore: I don't know, the link you gave above: http://rory.sh/files/gytha_0.9-1_all.deb opened software center and installed something caled "gytha"15:12
airportyh_Wulframn: No such file or directory15:13
Wulframnairportyh_: ok, thanks15:13
blazemoresorry elixir that message was intended for ElFizbanio [ http://rory.sh/files/gytha_0.9-1_all.deb ]15:13
blazemoreelixir: You should probably uninstall it since even I have no idea what it is15:14
blazemoreI was just mirroring it for ElFizbanio15:14
MonkeyDustelixir  blazemore sent it to the wrong person, it was for ElFizbanio15:14
ElFizbanioit's just a game15:14
blazemoreelixir: It's cos I hit el-[tab] and it filled in your name :)15:14
Wulframnairportyh_: ok, cd /mnt/ubuntu/boot/grub/15:14
airportyh_Wulframn: ok15:15
Wulframnairportyh_: http://codepad.org/AUW7q4iT15:15
Muzafferwhy can't I see xen packages in ubuntu minimal?15:15
Wulframnairportyh_: use nano -w ./grub.cfg and paste that into the file, then ctrl+x, y, and close it15:15
airportyh_Wulframn: replace all the contents?15:17
elixirblazemore: Ok, no issues15:17
Wulframnairportyh_: Ok, stop and exit out without making any changes or saves15:17
airportyh_Wulframn: ok15:17
Wulframnairportyh_: I thought we looked and there was no grub.cfg?15:18
mitch__text test. sorry for the inconvenience.15:18
mitch__why is it gray? rabble.15:18
blazemoremitch__: please use #derpyhooves for testing15:18
airportyh_Wulframn: I thought so too, pretty sure15:18
airportyh_Wulframn: something we did along the way to generate it? maybe grub-update15:19
Wulframnairportyh_: ok, no worries. cp ./grub.cfg ./grub.cfg.backup15:19
servercbehi! everybody... I cant see my pc in the network!... I try installin all files of SAMBA  but! nothing :( somebody helpme please15:19
airportyh_Wulframn: ok15:19
Wulframnairportyh_: maybe I messed up and had you look in the live environment's /boot instead of your mounted /boot. It's my bad, I am sure.15:19
Wulframnairportyh_: all done with that?15:19
xtrezMonkeyDust, the strange thing is when i search apache it only shows only paid items, but when i type apache2 then only is shows the correct package. that's really not an optimized search.15:19
airportyh_Wulframn: yes15:19
xtrezmitch__, using apt-get it's there but doesn't shows up in ubuntu software center.15:20
servercbeI dont understand why i cant see my pc on the network15:20
Wulframnairportyh_: you understand that we made a backup, right? This way if we mess up all you need to do is reload ubuntu's live environment (the one you're in now), mount /dev/sda3 (your / filesystem) to /mnt/ubuntu, then navigate to cd /mnt/ubuntu/boot/grub and copy (cp) ./grub.cfg.backup to ./grub.cfg, right?15:21
doomlord_is it possdible to remap ones' keyboard partially.. i'd like to swap _ and - (shift inverted on that key..)15:21
mitch__xtrez, uh yeah it might not. it should be installed if you install it via apt-get15:21
airportyh_Wulframn: yes, got that15:21
Wulframnairportyh_: Ok, I just want to make sure we're on the same page. I have to go very soon, so this way if we mess something up you can revert to how you were and get someone else to help you, too. =D15:21
airportyh_Wulframn: so now overwrite with your paste?15:21
xtrezmitch__, yeah that is installable throught apt-get.15:21
servercbeI used this page http://linuxman.blogsome.com/2009/11/12/fallo-al-obtener-la-lista-de-comparticion-del-servidor-ubuntu-karmic-koala/15:22
servercbebut didnt work15:22
Wulframnairportyh_: first I want you to codepad the ./grub.cfg or it's backup so I can look at it, then paste in my file to ./grub.cfg and reboot the system after you umount /mnt/ubuntu15:22
=== goatman_ is now known as Goatman
mitch__xtrez, ok, so why do you need it installed via the software center then instead of via apt-get?15:22
airportyh_Wulframn: is there a way to pipe the output to the clipboard?15:23
Wulframn!pastebin | wulframn15:23
ubottuWulframn, please see my private message15:23
servercbeI am using edubuntu 12.04.2, Ci3, 6GB Ram, Núcleo Linux 3.5.0-37-generic15:23
xtrezmitch__, i was curious that why it was not showing up in ubuntu software center, there might be case when i can find new packages by scrolling through search results in software center.15:23
Wulframnairportyh_: pipe it to pastebinit15:23
xtrezmitch__, the packages which i don't know yet.15:23
vivanovi get error 'hid-generic ... : cant reset device' -- what to do ?15:24
=== dpac|away is now known as dpac
mitch__xtrez, oh. well also, it might not be showing up in Software Center because it is listed under the "technical" at the bottom.... i'll look. hold on.15:24
airportyh_Wulframn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5955400/15:25
mitch__xtrez, also, apt-get warns you before installing extra packages with it... it lists what those packages are I believe.15:25
xtrezlike for apache2,  when installing it through apt-get it doesnt shows add-ons like adzapper but in software center atleast you can learn you can use such add-ons15:25
Wulframnairportyh_: ok, now give my file a try and report back, pls15:26
servercbeany help? please. sorry if I am interrupting you... but I need you gays!15:26
mitch__xtrez, oooooh you mean ones that can be used in conjunction with?15:26
Wulframn!ask | servercbe15:26
ubottuservercbe: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:26
researcher123cp suddenly slowed down.13.04 was working well till last week15:26
xtrezmitch__, yeah15:26
mitch__xtrez, yeah try choosing the technical at the bottom.... it showed more apache2 options. it did for me at least15:27
researcher123how do I know space left on my disk?15:27
servercbeok.. here  I go... i am trying to see my pc on the network... but15:27
xtrezmitch__, so for a new person to linux software center helps to get familiarize across different softwares and packages that are available.15:27
john_doe_jrhow do you remove the contents the current directory using the rm command….I've tried sudo rm -rf . but this doesn't work15:27
airportyh_Wulframn: just take the USB stick out and reboot?15:27
servercbei installed all about samba15:27
Wulframnairportyh_: Yes15:27
airportyh_Wulframn: ok15:27
Wulframnairportyh_: or reboot and take the stick out when it tells you or it black screens, it doesn't matter15:27
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Dooceswould someone be able to tell me wtf kind of time format this is: /&:83!37:72!/5-61!1?181&-4:(8?/&/&/!-?-15:28
mitch__xtrez, yeah, i see what you mean now. i am relatively new to linux in the grand scheme of things myself so. i see what you mean. yeah if you do the technical option at the bottom, i believe it will give you a better chance at finding the things you are looking for.15:28
xtrezmitch__, where is technical listed ?15:28
researcher123how to see free memory left on hard disk15:28
xtrezresearcher123, df -h15:28
blazemoreresearcher123: df -h15:28
mitch__xtrez, so search for "apache" and then when the options show up. at the very bottom status bar, choose "Show *** Technical Items"15:29
researcher123thansk xtrez15:29
mitch__it should be in red15:29
mitch__xtrez, then that shows more of the items you're looking for, i believe15:29
airportyhWolframn: no good. Still seeing the Mcafee boot screen15:29
servercbe.. I dont know what to do now. ..  Why i cant see my pc on the network... tell me what you need from me and I will send it to you inmediatlythanks Wulfram15:29
airportyhWulframn: I think it's because I checked the box that says to install the boot loader in /dev/sda315:30
xtrezmitch__, yeah correct :) this is what i was looking for. :) so things are hidden under technical items, and other things that are meant to sell are first displayed :D15:30
Wulframnairportyh_: Ah, ok. If you're seeing the McAfee bootscreen it sounds like windows overwrote the MBR15:30
LajjlaIs it weird that putty from another machine seems to yield the results of scripts faster than executing it in the terminal on the machine itself?15:30
Wulframnairportyh_: /dev/sda3 is marked bootable and is where grub is stored, so that shouldn't be an issue15:31
mitch__xtrez, sort of. it's meant to keep those old school linux technical packages and items out of the way for people that are looking for simple things.15:31
mitch__xtrez, i think it's meant to take that "scary technical barrier" out of ubuntu like it used to have15:31
xtrezmitch__, ubuntu getting more commercialized that's not very good15:31
Wulframnairportyh_: I have to go. If you still don't have luck here try #linux and #grub. Sorry and goodluck, brother15:31
airportyhWulframn: alright. Thanks so much for all your help!15:31
mitch__xtrez, it's meant to be easier to use but still technical if you want to, i think. IMO15:32
Muzafferwhy can't I see xen packages in ubuntu minimal?15:32
Wulframnairportyh: Sorry we couldn't get it resolved. Hope it works out!15:32
xtrezmitch__,  :)15:32
Muzafferplease. I'm in a hurry15:34
xtrezMuzaffer, because it's minimal.15:35
blazemore!details | Muzaffer15:35
ubottuMuzaffer: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."15:35
Muzafferblazemore: 13.04 minimal15:35
Muzafferxtrez: what repo do I need?15:35
blazemoreMuzaffer: "Why can't I see?" isn't a good question15:35
blazemoreMuzaffer: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-cache search xen15:36
ilovexbmchey guys, i have Nvidia graphics card on my laptop, when i run ubuntu live my graphics are all unusable, is there a boot option to help me?15:36
xtrezMuzaffer, no idea about that, may be google can help it.15:36
blazemoreilovexbmc: What do you mean by unusable?15:36
ilovexbmcits as if the display is S T R E T C H E D beyond my display limits and then repeated over itself about 4 times - i took a photo but cant find it now - have same issue with zorin too (ubuntu variant) and have photo of that15:37
Muzafferblazemore: that did the trick, thank you very much15:37
Dmoleilovexbmc: have you seen Linus's comment on nvidea? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_36yNWw_07g15:37
blazemore!nomodeset | ilovexbmc15:37
ubottuilovexbmc: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter15:37
ilovexbmcmine is corrupted at the splash screen and then never rectifies from there...15:38
Guest43297ubottu: pls do u know any chat room for wifislax15:38
ubottuGuest43297: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:38
ActionParsnipilovexbmc: what video chip are you using?15:38
ilovexbmcactionpartnership NVidia GEForce 7000M15:39
Guest43297ActionParsnip: pls do u know any chat room for wifislax15:40
ubottuXEN is a virtual machine monitor for x86 that supports execution of multiple guest operating systems with unprecedented levels of performance and resource isolation. Information on installing it for Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xen15:40
ilovexbmcactionparsnip NVidia GEForce 7000M15:40
ilovexbmclol partnership? where didi trhat come from15:40
ilovexbmcbrb off to try nomodeset15:42
Guest43297ilovexmb: pls do u know any chat room for wifislax15:45
Guest43297ilovexbmc: pls do u know any chat room for wifislax15:45
blazemore!patience Guest43297 this isn't even the right place anyway15:45
ubottublazemore: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:45
blazemore!patience| Guest43297 this isn't even the right place anyway15:45
ubottuGuest43297 this isn't even the right place anyway: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/15:46
DmoleGuest43297: this is your best option: http://foro.seguridadwireless.net/live-wifislax/15:46
researcher123Is my hard disk in right shape.Please advice http://paste.ubuntu.com/5955461/15:48
Guest43297Dmole: its in spanish and am english15:48
blazemoreresearcher123: what do you mean "in right shape" are you having problems?15:48
researcher123blazemore: Yes.It has slowed down. N browser suddenly closes n some websites dont open15:49
DmoleGuest43297: then use google translate or a different OS.15:50
PiciGuest43297: wifislax is not Ubuntu. You are in #ubuntu15:51
Guest43297Dmole: ok15:51
DmoleGuest43297: backtrack did not work for you?15:51
BluesKajresearcher123, you may want to run autoremove and autoclean periodically to get rid of unneeded leftover files15:51
Picibacktrack is not Ubuntu either.15:51
wolterhow can I setup a new home directory with all the default files? (Without creating a new user account.)15:52
Dmolebacktrack can be installed from ubuntu as a package15:52
Guest43297Dmole:I am download its torrent its not ready15:52
researcher123BluesKaj: Is it safe to run autoremove?15:52
BluesKajyes , I do it at least once /week15:52
Guest43297Dmole:i am using xubuntu15:52
researcher123BluesKaj: Hwats that command plz tell me15:53
ActionParsnipGuest43297: #wifislax @ irc.irc-hispano.org15:53
researcher123how to run autoremove and autoclean comand15:53
BluesKajresearcher123, sudo apt-get autoremove15:53
SmilingDevilSo I'm having this interesting ipv6 issue, where I can't get the interface to come up15:54
BluesKajand sudo apt-get autoclean15:54
researcher123BluesKaj: ok.doing it.Thereafter?15:54
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
Dmolelol; I don't think hispano will be any less Spanish.15:54
apollowhat r u taking about?15:54
BluesKajresearcher123, that's it15:55
researcher123BluesKaj: ok.thanks for the help15:55
Guest43297guess i have to try backtrack15:55
apolloyou can install backtrack tools on ubuntu too15:56
=== BadLarry_ is now known as BadLarry
ActionParsnipGuest43297: why not use Ubuntu, the support is much larger15:57
BluesKajrenebarbosa, yw15:57
renebarbosaBluesKaj, ?15:57
Guest43297how do i do it15:57
SmilingDevilAh, the wonders of Freenode15:57
unsecur3dUbuntu is better,backtrack is more  vuln testifng distro15:57
BluesKajoops sorry , renebarbosa , wrong nick15:58
apollohow do you install backtrack software on ubuntu?15:58
renebarbosaapollo, just add bt repositories on your system15:58
renebarbosabtw, use this at your own risk15:58
=== BadLarry is now known as BadLarry_
apolloyes i know, i thought that Guest43279 wanted to know that..15:58
apollois backtrack vulnerable?15:59
apollowrote that15:59
SmilingDevilapollo, I wouldn't15:59
PiciWhy don't you ask them. Backtrack is not Ubuntu, and we will not support it here.16:00
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)16:00
unsecur3ddepends on what u run in it16:00
apolloah okay sorry, didn't know about the support problem..16:01
SmilingDevilCan anybody help with inet6 addresses not working?16:01
apollowhat's your problem?16:01
unsecur3dApollo backtraq is designed to audit security in systems not for an everyday user16:02
unsecur3dit isn't as supported by the community as ubuntu16:03
apolloyes I know, but I didn't know about the support, thanks ;)16:03
SmilingDevilapollo, it's not accepting it on boot-time, and does the stupid two minute wait16:04
unsecur3dyea if u on backtraq u on ur own16:05
churlA wireless keyboard changed my laptop keyboard layout.  Running xubuntu.  Most keys are mapped correctly.16:05
Sk1Specialhow do i get the display on both my screens?16:06
Sk1Specialits showing them both in system settings > displays.. but the second one just says no signal16:06
VivekanandaI downloaded and installed my printer driver from brother site16:07
SmilingDevilSk1Special, do you have the correct graphics drivers?16:07
Sk1SpecialSmilingDevil, I should..they have worked in the past. I just havent used this pc in a couple months, and now they are not both working16:07
churlSk1Special: use arandr and make display active16:07
Sk1Specialchurl, do what how? :p what command?16:08
Vivekanandabut I dont see it still in the choose driver dialogue. how do I update drivers ( using ubuntu on vbox  and win7 host)16:08
apollosmilingDevil why dont you try with dhcp?16:08
SmilingDevilapollo, I don't want DHCP16:08
SmilingDevilThis is a server16:08
ttoineis there ubuntuonair today ?16:08
OerHeksVivekananda, sounds like a virtualbox issue.16:08
SmilingDevilI guess I could set up DHCP clients16:08
VivekanandaOerHeks: but isnt there a place I can update drivers ?16:08
Vivekanandaon ubuntu16:09
Vivekanandastupid virtual box16:09
Vivekanandashould I try vmware instead ?16:09
unsecur3dI can't wait for Ubuntu touch, mad excited16:09
OerHeksVivekananda, i guess you better investigate howto print on virtualbox16:09
apolloyeah when will devices come out? when will we can buy them?16:09
BluesKajVivekananda, vbox uses it's own proprietary ubuntu driver16:09
wolterOerHeks: its just natural, just have to enable USB detection of the printer from the virtual machine16:09
unsecur3dI just want the os to get ir of android16:10
unsecur3drid of*16:10
=== rew1red is now known as rew1red|away
churlSk1Special: try installing arandr and click "outputs" > then the monitor's name, then "active"16:10
VivekanandaBluesKaj: OerHeks I have downloaded drivers and installed then and enabled unix printing in my host win7 . Now when I click on "add printer " on the ubuntu I see the printer there  " connected to a usb port"  ( ie via vbox )16:10
OerHekswolter, good point, that would be a good start16:11
Vivekanandawhat should I do now ? On clicking "forward" I get "searching for drivers "16:11
apollogotta go, bye16:12
Waka_Flockawhen will the ubuntu repos update firefox to v23?16:12
Waka_Flockai hate waiting a day for this to happen16:13
Sk1Specialwow.. im not even gonna say how i fixed that. t/y anyway tho16:13
churlHelps :) A wireless keyboard changed my laptop keyboard layout.  Running xubuntu.  Most keys are mapped correctly.16:13
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: what is in the new release that is so key over the current version?16:14
Waka_Flockaim a support dude on support.mozilla.org16:14
Waka_Flockaso i need firefox 23 as fast as i can16:15
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: but what's new?16:15
Waka_Flockalemme see real quick16:15
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: if you dont know then why do you need the new version16:15
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: it makes no sense16:16
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: yes but you didn't know what was ni the new vesion to 'need' it16:16
Waka_Flockawell i need it16:16
OerHeksWaka_Flocka, it will be in updates soon16:16
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: you really shouldnt look at version number so much16:16
Waka_Flockaso you are saying firefox updates are useless16:16
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: you dont, you think you do because newer is out16:16
OerHeksFF23 is still in beta :-D16:16
VivekanandaBluesKaj: how should I proceed ?16:17
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: they are good but packages with more significant patches etc will be given priority16:17
Vivekanandais there a way to update drivers in ubuntu ?16:17
Waka_Flockawhich are>16:17
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: think about it16:17
gr33n7007hDoes any one no the command to screencast with mplayer?16:17
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: package A with huge vulnerability for user security, or newer firefox with slightly tweaked desktop icon16:17
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: which gets priority?16:17
Waka_Flockadid you read the rel notes16:18
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: the one with greatest gain will be prioritised.16:18
blochchainhow do i convert a unicode number to its corresponding char in the terminal?16:18
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: if you want a newer version there are PPAs16:18
Waka_Flockais there a beta ppa?16:18
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: considering you didnt know, and had to look shows you are only looking at version numbers16:18
Waka_Flockaall ive seen is a nightly ppa16:18
ActionParsnip!ppa | Waka_Flocka16:18
ubottuWaka_Flocka: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge16:18
Waka_Flockai know what a ppa is16:19
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: it has the URL you can search the PPAs with, try reading ALL the text16:20
PiciWaka_Flocka: Firefox updates need to staged and tested before they will go out.  If this is a beta, it will not be released until it is final.16:20
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas?name_filter=firefox   easy peasy16:21
Waka_Flockacan you also tell me why xorg crashes at startup at times?16:21
altinHey guys, why does the writeback timeout stay so low all the time in my machine? I just checked /proc/sys/vm/dirty_writeback_centisecs and it says 500 ?16:21
altinThat is waaaayy to low16:21
Waka_Flockahopefully it isnt one day late16:21
altinI can tell by the speed of copying files to my hard drive16:21
unsecur3dwacka check logs16:22
Waka_Flockawell i have to go to #lubuntu for other stuff16:22
altinI changed it to 6000 and it works perfectly fine but I am not sure if I can play with that configuration16:22
altinWhy does Ubuntu not recognize the speed of my hdd16:23
ActionParsnipaltin: http://forum.eeeuser.com/index.php?/topic/30219-persistent-dirty-writeback-centisecs-1500/16:24
ActionParsnipaltin: obv, change the value16:24
ActionParsnipaltin: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReducedPowerUsage16:24
ActionParsnipaltin: i'd put it in /etc/rc.local personally16:27
karthik__Internal Server Error16:27
karthik__The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.16:27
karthik__Please contact the server administrator, webmaster@localhost and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.16:27
karthik__More information about this error may be available in the server error log.16:27
karthik__Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu) Server at localhost Port 80 Please help me16:27
FloodBot1karthik__: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:27
unsecur3dwhat r u trying to do16:28
karthik__Internal Server Error after configuring LAMP please help me16:29
Pici!details | karthik__16:29
ubottukarthik__: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:29
unsecur3dhow did u setup ur lamp16:29
ubuntu20490is the updater manager the best way to update ubuntu or is it buggy like many other GUI updaters16:29
Piciubuntu20490: it uses the same internals as all the other apt-based tool, there is no difference.16:30
unsecur3dI like to use CLI to update, GUI freezes at times16:30
janellebHey all, I installed 13.04 on my HP laptop (with an Intel Core i5-480M).. /proc/cpuinfo shows only on core and a system monitor shows the processor running constantly at 72-75 degrees Celcius. Is there any way I can get better (and cooler) performance here?16:30
ActionParsnipunsecur3d: then use CLI16:30
unsecur3dbrb lunch16:30
janelleb*cpuinfo shows only one(1) core16:31
Waka_Flockahow can i update lubuntu to 13.10 alpha?16:31
cerv0hello evrebudy i'm using ubuntu since a while and i've been looking for an offline translator "englesh to french"but i can't find it is there anybody who can help me?16:32
karthik__after installing LAMP if i execute .php i get an error "Internal Server Error"16:32
utterI have 2 X 1 TB HDD , is it a good idea to use LVM ?16:32
compdocWaka_Flocka, sounds like a bad idea16:32
Waka_Flockacan i get a way?16:33
Eduard_MunteanuAny #debian ops here? I found myself banned and don't know why.16:33
karthik__after installing LAMP if i execute .php i get an error "Internal Server Error" please help me16:33
icelitehi karthik__  reply16:34
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: which release are you on now?16:34
karthik__After installing LAMP if i execute .php i get an error "500 Internal Server Error" please help me16:35
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: then you can upgrade in one step using the web as it is the next release16:35
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: support will only be in #ubuntu+1 til release day16:35
Waka_Flockadoes this say reinstall?16:35
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: does what say reinstall?16:36
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: you can upgrade using the web16:36
janellebCan anyone help me get Ubuntu 13.04 to detect the other core on my Intel Core i5-480M?16:36
Waka_Flockaupgrade using a command?16:36
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: yes, let me find it for you16:36
cerv0hello evrebudy i'm using ubuntu since a while and i've been looking for an offline translator "englesh to french"but i can't find it is there anybody who can help me?16:36
Vivekanandahey everyone. Will using a vmware virtual environment be better for printer support ?16:37
wilee-nileeEduard_Munteanu, Try #freenode for help16:37
utterI have 2 X 1 TB HDD , is it a good idea to use LVM ?16:37
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: http://linuxg.net/how-to-update-upgrade-from-ubuntu-13-04-to-ubuntu-13-10-saucy-salamander/   use the second command in that guide16:37
Waka_Flockaalright thanks16:37
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: -d == (D)evelopment version16:37
iceliteVivekananda:  hey you never responsded16:37
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: it may be a bumpy ride, it is not ready and not stable16:37
Waka_Flockayeah i know16:38
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: its just so I said the usual warning. I'm sure you are aware :D16:39
Eduard_Munteanuwilee-nilee: thanks16:39
karthik__The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. After installing LAMP Server Please help me16:39
cerv0_hello evrebody i'm using ubuntu since a while and i've been looking for an offline translator "englesh to french"but i can't find it is there anybody who can help me?16:39
Vivekanandaicelite: I told you :) I am stuck up with things16:40
iceliteah :P16:40
Vivekanandaright now trying to find out if should use vbox or switch to vmware ?16:40
Vivekanandaanyone ?16:40
=== zz_DenBeiren is now known as DenBeiren
ActionParsnipVivekananda: try both16:41
VivekanandaI tried vbox16:41
kgalahassaon ubuntu 12.10 , can i find an utility which will permit me to aspirate an article extended on many web pages , in format pdf?16:41
Goatmanthat’s the wrong verb? Aspirate?16:42
moonpiehello, i am using ubuntu 13.04. i would like to password protect a folder without having to move the files to a new folder and then having to use fuser. cryptkeeper was suggested to me but its not what i am looking for.16:42
xtrezisn't it possible to remove the unity launcher ?16:42
cerv0_hello evrobudy i'm using ubuntu since a while and i've been looking for an offline translator "englesh to french"but i can't find it is there anybody who can help me?16:43
wilee-nileextrez, You can hide it at best16:43
ActionParsnipmoonpie: why not just chmod the folder to 700 and then only the owner user will have acces, bit easier16:43
wilee-nileextrez, You might try other desktops.16:44
ActionParsnipxtrez: You can disable it in ccsm but you will need a panel application to run16:44
ActionParsnipxtrez: if you install gnome-panel you can log off and select that session, allowing you to keep the Gnome desktop as in Unity16:44
kgalahassaon ubuntu 12.10 , can i find an utility which will permit me to aspirate an article extended on many web pages , in format pdf?16:44
ActionParsnipkgalahassa: do you mean print web pages to pdf/16:45
Goatmanmaybe translate?16:45
ActionParsnipkgalahassa: try using simpler terms16:45
ActionParsnipkgalahassa: or a channel in your native language16:46
moonpieActionParsnip, Thanks for the suggestion, but if someone is using my computer  logged in under my name won't they be able to open the file easily. or am i mssing something.16:46
ActionParsnipmoonpie: yes unstopped, as its the same username, thats why you should have a username for each user of the system16:47
ActionParsnipmoonpie: your OS can hold literally billions of users16:48
ActionParsnipmoonpie: 4 billion to be precise16:49
xtrezwilee-nilee, ok trying other desktops too. :)16:49
xtrezActionParsnip, by gnome-panel you meant that gnome2 panel ?16:49
ActionParsnip!info gnome-panel16:49
ubottugnome-panel (source: gnome-panel): launcher and docking facility for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.6.2-0ubuntu3 (raring), package size 336 kB, installed size 1352 kB16:49
ActionParsnipxtrez: nope, gnome-panel16:50
kgalahassaActionParsnip, yes,  and i want a software which can do it, printing all web pages linked on the same pdf file, for ex, like latex2pdf, which convert pdffiles into html pages, it is needed the program do so converting html pages into one pdf file16:50
motis /mnt/USB/...  actually on my hd with ubuntu or is it a way of referring to my usb?16:50
xtrezActionParsnip, let me check out than ;)16:50
saiarcot895kgalahassa: isn't there a Print to File option in the Print dialog window, which lets you print to PDF?16:51
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
saiarcot895*save to PDF16:51
Goatmankgalahassa: Do you want do download a site for offline viewing in .pdf format?16:52
kgalahassaGoatman, yes16:53
ActionParsnipkgalahassa: you can print to PDF and make lots of PDFs. I believe imagemagicks 'convert' command can combine PDFs16:53
ActionParsnip!info pdftk16:53
ubottupdftk (source: pdftk): tool for manipulating PDF documents. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.44-7 (raring), package size 923 kB, installed size 2761 kB16:53
ActionParsnipkgalahassa: pdftk input1.pdf input2.pdf input3.pdf cat output result.pdf16:54
ActionParsnipkgalahassa: you'll need pdftk installing16:54
moonpieActionParsnip, its just someone is going to fix an issue on my comp. im going to be there and some weird stuff is going on in my home folder. i just wanted a little extra protection without having to go the cryptkeeper route. i already backed up but just wanted to keep folders there while tweak was going on. do you think its better just delete the directories and restore once done.16:54
=== rew1red|away is now known as rew1red
ActionParsnipkgalahassa: http://www.ubuntuhowtos.com/howtos/merge_pdf_files16:55
ActionParsnipkgalahassa: easy stuff :)16:55
ActionParsnipmoonpie: could hide the folder, or move it to /opt to hide by obscurity16:56
ActionParsnipmoonpie: otherwise not sure16:56
ActionParsnipmoonpie: maybe others can advise16:56
GoatmanWhat is going on in the home folder?16:56
moonpieActionParsnip, moving to /opt is a great idea. thank you!16:56
GoatmanWhat is the comp issue?16:56
karthik__If i execute .php file 500 internal server error after installing LAMP can any i help me please16:57
daftykinskarthik__: a bit more detail please, what's the .php of? a test?16:58
rhaguhi, I would like to add a udev rule to /lib/udev/rules.d/95-keymap.rules for this device: http://pastebin.com/vZHssJnC but I do not how to identify it correctly. I changed the name of the keymap file but I have no idea about product_name or DMI_VENDOR: http://pastebin.com/JZXBYNjk16:59
Walexkarthik__: look at the server logs16:59
Walexrhagu: look at the DBUS logs to see how it is identified and use the same strings17:00
antipathyjust some scripts practice17:00
rhaguWalex how can I do this?17:01
webderverHey qq, is there any way to get Ubuntu onto virtualbox/vmware in windows 8 with UEFI/secure boot enabled?17:01
killerwhenever I run gedit from terminal gedit launches but gives "** (gedit:32351): WARNING **: Can't load fallback CSS resource: Failed to import: The resource at '/org/gnome/adwaita/gtk-fallback.css' does not exist17:01
OerHekswebderver, that would be a #virtualbox or ##windows question17:02
ActionParsnipkiller: is it just gedit, or gksudo gedit?17:02
Walexrhagu: probably by looking at lines marked 'udev' in /var/log/daemon.log or equivalent17:02
webdervermmmk thanks OerHeks17:02
ActionParsnipkiller: or 'sudo gedit'17:02
killerActionParsnip: still the same result17:03
Walexrhagu: there is also some kind of udev/dbus command to list all devices it knows but can't remember it17:03
ActionParsnipkiller: its was a question...which is it17:03
ActionParsnipkiller: I never suggested a fix17:03
rhaguWalex udevadm is what I used and they are listed at proc/bus/input17:04
ActionParsnipkiller: are you using the fallback session?17:04
ActionParsnipkiller: for gnome?17:04
killerActionParsnip: Yes fallback mode17:04
OerHekskiller, those messages are normal.17:05
utterLVM worth it with 2 HDD ?17:05
killerI was just curious , gedit or gtk3 are working fine17:05
ActionParsnipkiller: seems the theme you have has issues with the fallback mode17:05
ActionParsniputter: it'll allow you to expand partitions later, so the number of drives you have now is moot17:06
ActionParsnipkiller: http://www.zoringroup.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=505217:06
ActionParsnipkiller: do you have librsvg installed?17:07
utterActionParsnip: Is it stable ? many people use it ?17:07
ActionParsnipkiller: https://bitbucket.org/shuerhaaken/xnoise/issue/51/xnoise-0218-crash-before-loading17:07
ActionParsniputter: lots, especially server folks17:07
utterIm working on the server.17:07
moonpieActionParsnip, maybe you can help with other issue? i have a phantom generic usb2 that i cant eject, detatch from udisks. it appeared after i reformatted a misbehaving usb stick. it persists in /dev/disks/by-*, and also appears lsscsi. it doesn't show up in blkid or fstab/mtab. i can only temporarily detatch it by the command: echo "scsi remove-single-device <H> <B> <T> <L>" > /proc/scsi/scsi. but it reappears on reboot. i dd'd the hd im usi17:07
moonpieng and did a clean install and the issue persists. the disk slaso appears as a file in /home as sdb. it is so weird. any thoughts?17:07
ActionParsniputter: allows easy growing and shrinking of partitions as you need17:07
Walexrhagu: sorry, don;t know more than that17:08
utterActionParsnip: Alright thanks.17:08
ActionParsniputter: i'd look at youtube vids and such, see what its about17:08
Waka_FlockaActionParsnip: see https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions top contributors17:09
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: yeah....17:09
Waka_Flockajust sayin17:10
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+topcontributors17:10
=== raven is now known as __raven
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: top contributor in all of launchpad, which also supports firefox...17:10
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: whats your point?17:10
Waka_Flockajust i need the package17:10
Waka_Flockaor ill just use nightly17:10
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: looks like you'l be on the nightly PPA17:11
OerHeksWaka_Flocka, no need for "nightly build" >>> https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-next17:11
ActionParsnipWaka_Flocka: fyi, I support firefox but I a) hate it and b) don't use it17:11
pvl1anyone comment on how well netflix works on the latest ubuntu17:12
OerHeksWaka_Flocka, but be carefull, we do not support PPA's17:12
Waka_Flockayeah i know17:12
xtrezActionParsnip, what's the name of package to install ccsm ?17:12
ActionParsnippvl1: its a hack, i'd contact the PPA maintainer17:12
Waka_Flockai love firefox17:12
ActionParsnipxtrez: run 'ccsm' in a terminal, it will tell you17:12
pvl1ActionParsnip: i know, but its the deciding factor between an ubuntu or winblows media center17:13
pvl1ima ask offtopic17:13
ActionParsnippvl1: id ask the ppa maintainer17:13
ActionParsnippvl1: its "windows" too, winblows isnt a thing17:13
xtrezActionParsnip, after removing unity is that possible that i can use the unity lens ?17:14
pvl1ActionParsnip: its a thing if it angers you as much as it angers me17:14
ActionParsnipxtrez: no because you need to use unity to use the lenses17:14
xtrezActionParsnip, ok17:14
ActionParsnipxtrez: no need to remove unity, if you use fallback gnome or a completely different DE then Unity wont even load17:15
ActionParsnipxtrez: the space Unity uses it quite small17:15
xtrezActionParsnip, i am not removing it.17:16
xtrezActionParsnip, in which lang is unity written ?17:16
ActionParsnipxtrez: i recommend it, lots easier to leave it on and just log in to the other session17:16
ActionParsnipxtrez: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unity_%28user_interface%2917:16
ActionParsnipxtrez: look on the right17:16
xtrezthanks ActionParsnip to pointing out this link :)17:17
utterActionParsnip: If I have 2 HDD and suppose I make a folder X , can I use symlinks to that folder X in such a way that it uses both the HDD ?17:18
utterHDD space*17:18
pvl1utter: why would u want that? your read will decreases because files will be fragmented over two drives and search will be longer17:19
moonpiei have a phantom generic usb2 that i cant eject, detach from udisks (gui application:Disks. it appeared after i reformatted a misbehaving usb stick. it persists in /dev/disks/by-*, and also appears lsscsi. it doesn't show up in gparted, blkid or fstab/mtab. i can only temporarily detach it by the command: echo "scsi remove-single-device <H> <B> <T> <L>" > /proc/scsi/scsi. but it reappears on reboot. i dd'd the hd im using and did a clean ins17:19
moonpietall and the issue persists. the disk also appears as a file in /home as sdb. it is so weird. any suggestions?17:19
pvl1utter: instead syslink a dir, keep thing together17:19
=== g_byers is now known as gbyers[Away]
sporkeeeWhat is the hot key for hud in the gnome shell?17:20
uttermay i PM pvl1 ?17:20
lolcathttp://imgur.com/ryWcrKQ <- can I disable that?17:20
pvl1utter: yes17:20
=== sporkeee is now known as wilee-nilee
pvl1moonpie: it appears in the disks application you say?17:21
pvl1wilee-nilee: i didnt even know that existed. do you mean the terminal or shell17:21
moonpiepvl1, yes it appears in disk, udisks --dump, /dev/disk/by-*17:22
moonpiedisks not disk17:22
wilee-nileepvl1, Nah, the gnome 3 desktop called the shell, I was just wondering if hud is there.17:22
Vivekanandafinally got it working via another script17:23
wilee-nileecalled the gnome-shell in ubuntu anyway17:23
ActionParsniputter: symlinks dont work like that]17:23
Vivekanandasomeone just told me not to run scripts from the net17:23
ActionParsniputter: symlinks also MUST be on the same drive, only hard links can be on different disks17:23
Vivekanandabut in this case the guy had given it out17:23
ActionParsniputter: sounds like you want RAID117:23
VivekanandaActionParsnip: http://askubuntu.com/questions/226307/how-to-install-a-brother-hl2270dw-laser-printer17:23
ActionParsnipVivekananda: brother make driver debs, go to their website17:24
ikillcypherhi guys is there anyway to set a timer shut down?17:24
Vivekanandaif it is not too much trouble could you just glance at it , the second one and17:24
Vivekanandaand tell me if the script has nothing suspicious. It is a small one so I am asking17:24
pvl1moonpie: your saying its a usb?17:25
moonpiepvl1, its a phantom usb. it is not attached.17:25
pvl1moonpie: and lsusb doesnt see it either17:25
utterActionParsnip: I see17:25
moonpiepvl1, no lsusb doesnt see it17:26
ActionParsnipVivekananda: http://pastie.org/821216117:26
ActionParsnipVivekananda: thats all you need17:26
ActionParsnipVivekananda: 2 debs installed in the right order17:26
JartHi, I am a semi-new user, and I am having a problem running 13.04 on my MacBook Pro 6,2. I'm pretty sure it has hybrid graphics. I wanted to use my external VGA monitor (connected through a MiniDisplay port), so I looked all around for a solution, and found out I should give Bumblebee a try. I did, and it messed everything up. I tried reinstalling Ubuntu, but it ended up kicking me into text-only mode. Startx makes the screen flicker a17:26
ikillcypherhi guys is there anyway to set a timer shut down???17:27
Jart"unity" command does not work either17:27
ActionParsnipikillcypher: after a certain amount of time you mean?17:27
daftykinsikillcypher: yes, with the shutdown command and some switches. hit up the man page17:27
ikillcypher3 Hours17:28
ActionParsnipikillcypher: as daftykins says, check the man page for shutdown17:28
ikillcypher180 Mins ?17:28
pvl1moonpie: kool, whats the command to see user perm on a dir17:28
daftykinsActionParsnip: didn't realise you replied first! my bad17:28
ActionParsnipdaftykins: no, you did :)17:29
ActionParsnipdaftykins: jump in dude :D17:29
VivekanandaActionParsnip: I alread did what you said but did not get the printer to show up17:29
Vivekanandabut when I ran the script I saw it17:29
moonpiepvl1, the phantom usb stick appears as Generic- xD/SD/M.S. 1.0 in Disks and lsscsi17:29
ActionParsnipikillcypher: sudo shutdown -h 3600    if memory serves17:29
=== nerdcustoms is now known as nerdcustoms_afk
ActionParsnipVivekananda: try:  http://localhost:63117:29
ikillcypherThe system is going down for maintenance in 180 minutes!17:29
ikillcypherso how will I know that the system will shut down 3 hrs later17:29
ActionParsnipikillcypher: you can use:   sudo shutdown -a   to abort the shutdown17:29
ikillcyphercause Im going to sleep17:29
moonpiepvli, the sdb file that appears in /home has octal perm 64417:30
moonpiepvl1, is that what you mean?17:30
pvl1moonpie: one sec17:30
ActionParsnipdaftykins: thanks for reminding me that shutdown has a timer, I was going to mess with:  sudo at17:31
pvl1moonpie: no thats not what i meant. theres a certain command to show permissions on dir/files17:31
moonpiepvl1, ls -la?17:31
daftykinsActionParsnip: :D my pleasure17:31
ikillcypherso now the system will auto shut down at 180 mins later17:32
ikillcypherwithout me doing anything?17:32
moonpiepvl1, i have a script i use to show octal permissions when i use ls17:32
ActionParsnipJart: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro6-2/Precise   may help17:32
explodesMy /etc/fstab got overwritten I think? What gives...17:32
ActionParsnipikillcypher: yes its all scheduled to rock17:32
ikillcypherty nights17:32
moonpiepvl1, the sdb file is owned by root17:32
JartActionParsnip: I used that, but that still doesn't give me the advice I need. I can't boot into Unity after I tried to install bumblebee17:32
ActionParsnipJart: you sure it has a dual GPU?17:33
ActionParsnipJart: install the xfce4 package and log in to that from LightDM17:33
wilee-nileeexplodes, You think?17:33
JartActionParsnip: pretty sure. there's a graphics switching option on my OS X partition17:33
Jarthow do i do that?17:33
ActionParsnipJart: is it ok with Ubuntu 12.04?17:34
ActionParsnipJart: you do realise that Raring is EOL in Jan 2014...17:34
ActionParsnipJart: you can run:   sudo apt-get install xfce417:35
moonpiepvl1, sdb also appears in /media/username/ when i use the ls command but if iuse the ls -ls command it doesnt appear17:35
Jartyeah. i know. 12.04 was a little wonky for me. 13.04 works much better for me17:35
moonpiepvl1, ls -ls --> ls -la17:35
Jartseems much more compatible17:35
daftykinsJart: which model macbook?17:35
daftykinsoh sorry you said17:36
pvl1moonpie: can you pm me plz17:36
Jartdaftykins: 6,217:36
Jartmid 201017:36
moonpiepvl1, sure17:36
daftykinsJart: which processor?17:36
daftykinsthere are two i5s17:36
Jart2.4ghz intel core i517:36
rawrisaurousAnyone have any idea why the wired tab in network doesn't exist? Any solutions17:37
daftykinsok nvidia GT 330M17:37
daftykinsJart: at a guess i'd imagine the 'nvidia optimus' approach isn't really guaranteed on an Apple system17:37
ActionParsniprawrisaurous: does your Ethernet controller have a driver17:37
Jartyeah, that's what messed everything up17:37
Jarti tried bumblebee17:37
Jartand now unity isn't working17:37
ActionParsniprawrisaurous: did you set it's IP in /etc/network/interfaces  by any chance?17:37
daftykinsJart: so there's some way of using - is it bootcamp stuff to force which GPU to be active for other Oss?17:38
__ravenxubuntu 13.04: what is PowerChute plus and ADMD? and how to remove17:38
wilee-nilee!enter | Jart17:38
ubottuJart: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!17:38
=== BadLarry_ is now known as BadLarry
daftykinswilee-nilee: he's responding to questions.17:39
Jartdaftykins: yeah, but that's only if you install it through non-EFI17:39
Jarti didn't have a blank CD17:39
=== Muzaffer is now known as suigeneris
wilee-nileedaftykins, I can see that but in multiple lines not needed. ;)17:40
Jartsorry about that wilee... i finish typing something and then another thought pops into my head17:41
daftykinsok well try and relax on the ol' triggers, seems unnecessary17:41
dayaCould any one plz suggest how to use preseed to partition hard drive  separately ( / /opt /home /boot etc)17:41
wilee-nileeJart, It happens no biggie.17:41
daftykinsJart: ah ok so you were forced to do an EFI install?17:41
Jartpretty much17:41
__ravenxubuntu 13.04: what is PowerChute plus and ADMD? and how to remove17:41
ActionParsnip__raven:  PowerChute plus appears to be a UPS thing17:41
troyreadyAnyone here using Ubuntu on a MS Surface Pro as a daily use workstation? Curious for thoughts on it given the recent price drop....17:42
__ravenActionParsnip, its installed automatically on both systems and has open ports - how to remove that?17:42
daftykinsJart: you could take a look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log to see why when running 'startx' it's depositing some bricks on the ground17:42
ActionParsnip__raven: admd appears to be ADministration Management DOMAIN17:42
wilee-nileetroyready, Supposedly a fairly easy dual boot, buy one and tellus. ;)17:43
__ravenActionParsnip, how to remove both i do not need that17:43
Jartdaftykins: I tried that. it said (EE) Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration. Fatal server error: no screens found17:43
ActionParsnip__raven: not sure, could look at power options to see if UPS stuff is there17:43
daftykinsJart: were you reinstalling and diagnosing with the VGA display permanently attached?17:43
ActionParsnip__raven: or look at the commands listening and search for them at http://packages.ubuntu.com and remove those (if possible)17:44
VivekanandaActionParsnip: I tried the :631. nothing shows after clicking "printer"17:44
Jarti mean i have it plugged into my minidisplay port. is that what you mean by "permanent"?17:44
ActionParsnip__raven: alternatively, use ufw / iptables to block traffic in and out of those ports17:44
daftykinsJart: yeah as in not using the internal display17:44
Jartshould i try unplugging that first?17:44
Jartdidn't really think to try that17:44
ActionParsnipVivekananda: administration tab -> under Printers -> add printer button17:44
daftykinsJart: i think unplug and reboot would be a considerable variable yeah17:44
Jartalright. i'll try that and i'll be right back. if that works, i need help finding out how to use my external monitor17:45
daftykinsJart: zapping the PRAM could be worth a go if bumblebee changed something too - are you familiar with that?17:45
nurowHello, I was wondering if anyone could help me with getting half decent clickpad support on my laptop. I have a Clevo P370SM (Same click pad as P370EM), which is resold as the System 76 Bonobo Extreme (an Ubuntu laptop). Unfortunately the clickpad support is horrible and System76 hasn't yet written a clickpad driver for the laptop. Is there anything else I could look at to improve performance? The cursor jumps whenever I press down on the p17:45
nurowad, making it very hard to use, and palm recognition is non-existent17:45
Jartthanks for your help, daftykins. ooh, never thought to try resetting the PRAM. although it works just fine on my OS X partition17:46
VivekanandaActionParsnip: it is already there !!17:46
__ravenActionParsnip, there is nothing related to that. must be possible to remove what i did not want17:46
daftykinsJart: yeah it might have set a setting that ubuntu cries at though17:46
troyreadywilee-nilee, :) I might just do that17:46
Jartdaftykins: right now, i'm on my OS X side using both my screens no problem... alright i'm gonna go try what you said and i'll be right back17:46
ActionParsnipVivekananda: cool, then I suggest you reboot and try stuff17:46
wilee-nileenurow, So this is fro system 76 right, they have a section at the ubuntu forums.17:46
ActionParsnipVivekananda: or remove printer then reboot then readd17:47
ALLTHECODEHow do you downgrade to raring from saucy?17:47
Vivekanandaone more glitch17:47
daftykinsALLTHECODE: you can't downgrade17:47
Vivekanandawhen I reboot then the printer is not enabled17:47
ALLTHECODEI can't?17:47
wilee-nileeALLTHECODE, Thats an upgrade17:47
ActionParsnipALLTHECODE: reinstall17:47
ALLTHECODEThere is a PPA I need to use that only works on raring17:47
ActionParsnipALLTHECODE: oh from raring to saucy..17:47
Vivekanandasorry it is not connected to the usb as a device. I have to manually check it17:47
wilee-nileeALLTHECODE, sorry missread that17:47
ALLTHECODEHow do I keep this thing from updating to whatever the next latest version is the next time one comes out?17:48
ActionParsnipALLTHECODE: if you want saucy you ca tell upgrade-manager to grab the development release17:48
daftykinsALLTHECODE: don't click 'upgrade' :D17:48
Traccyany idea about this error http://pastie.org/821219517:48
ActionParsnipALLTHECODE: the standing packages installed will be installed, but the PPAs will not hit unless they support Saucy17:48
daftykins!locale | Traccy17:48
ubottuTraccy: To set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Locale/17:48
ALLTHECODEActionParsnip: is there any way to make it install the PPA's packages?17:49
=== jdiez is now known as LethalMilitaryAn
=== LethalMilitaryAn is now known as MilitaryAndroid
ActionParsnipALLTHECODE: you wont lose them if you upgrade online rather than clean install17:50
ALLTHECODEwell I mean I'm already on saucy17:50
ALLTHECODEbut I need to use a ppa that only supports raring17:50
daftykinsi really think you're going to have to go back17:50
nurowah, Wilee-nilee, do you have a link to that?17:51
SkeptixHey, when I lower the volume below 30% it mutes (like if it were at 0%). I had that problem before, but I don't remember how I fixed it. I can't remember the key words for that issue. Someone?17:51
ActionParsnipALLTHECODE: then you could contact the ppa maintainer to see if they will support saucy in the future17:51
ALLTHECODEyeah I have no idea how to "go back"17:51
=== aaass is now known as aaas
ActionParsnipALLTHECODE: they dont have to, there is no control as it is a PPA17:51
factotumanyone know a quick way to find how much memory my video card has via bash?17:51
ActionParsnipALLTHECODE: if you want to go back to raring you will need to reinstall17:51
=== MilitaryAndroid is now known as jdiez
ALLTHECODEActionParsnip: can that be done without losing everything?17:52
ActionParsnipALLTHECODE: your backups will protect against that17:52
n0sqwhy doesn't the remote computers shut down AND power off with sudo halt? ubuntu 13.0417:52
ActionParsnipfactotum: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-find-linux-vga-video-card-ram/17:52
ActionParsnipfactotum: took me 30 seconds to find17:52
wilee-nileeALLTHECODE, Is this like one app, or a series you want locked?17:52
daftykinsfactotum: what brand GPU is it?17:52
ActionParsnipfactotum: went to google: bash show video card memory17:52
ALLTHECODEOne app.17:53
daftykinsn0sq: i only ever use sudo shutdown -h 0 so *shrug* maybe don't use halt? 'halt' doesn't say 'power off' to me17:53
factotumActionParsnip: congrats17:53
n0sqmy connection to the remote machines are thru ssh17:53
daftykinsn0sq: yes...?17:54
Jartdaftykins: didn't work17:54
factotumsorry, dont have X at the moment17:54
daftykinsJart: flash of X failing on the internal display too?17:54
Jartstill kicking me to text-only, won't boot unity17:55
n0sqdaftykins: i'll give shutdown a try17:55
daftykinsJart: then PRAM zap, double chime, same result?17:55
=== nerdcustoms_afk is now known as nerdcustoms
caboose885n0sq: what command are you using?17:55
ActionParsnipfactotum: lspci -v -s `lspci | grep VGA | awk {'print $1'}` | head -n 5 | tail -n 1 | awk {'print $6'}17:55
ActionParsnipfactotum: works here17:55
factotumActionParsnip: thank you17:55
ActionParsnipfactotum: how come I could find that guide so fast? Have you seen that URL I gave?17:55
daftykinsJart: ok, when booting whatever install media you made, i take it X comes up fine?17:55
Jartdaftykins: yeah, LiveUSB works perfectly17:56
JartI also tried a full reinstall17:56
daftykinsJart: might be interesting comparing the Xorg logs from the Live boot vs. the install17:56
factotumActionParsnip: I don't have a functioning X environment atm. Not sure how to copy paste from irssi into, say, links or lynx or whichever17:56
=== companion is now known as Companion
ActionParsnipfactotum: i see.17:57
Jartdaftykins: would it help to get those both on the paste link so someone can take a look?17:57
=== ffio is now known as hack
daftykinsJart: well maybe one pastebin each so they can be put side by side17:57
=== hack is now known as nerd
daftykinsJart: i'd genuinely think that the VGA element will be an issue, i'd maybe reinstall with the internal display only. what screen config does the LiveUSB boot into?17:58
Jartdaftykins: just my laptop screen. the external monitor never worked to begin with. it's blank 100% of the time17:58
daftykinsah ok17:58
daftykinsif it's even connected i'd be concerned it'd be hassling things17:59
Jartwhen I installed 13.04 before, it worked fine until i tried bumblebee. that's what messed X all up17:59
Jart(my external monitor still didn't work, but at least I could boot into unity)17:59
=== random-seed is now known as JudgeJoeBrown
Jartdaftykins: anyway, i'll get you those Xorg logs. see if that sheds any light18:00
jgcampbell300can anyone tell me about Arandr on xfce crashing all the time with ubuntu 13.0418:03
daftykinsjgcampbell300: are you saying it does?18:05
jgcampbell300daftykins, ya ... its the only thing i can think is causing all the crashes18:05
daftykinsso it's not the program crashing...?18:05
jgcampbell300daftykins, i have no idea ... i am trying to find witch log this would bre under now18:06
biergaiziHello. Is there any Ubuntu users? I just need the default value of file-max in Ubuntu, run cat /proc/sys/fs/file-max. Tell me the result and your version, thanks!18:06
daftykinsjgcampbell300: well if this 'Arandr' program is crashing, maybe run it from in a terminal to see if it's spitting out a log of what it's up to?18:07
daftykinsbiergaizi: 10.04.4 LTS = 1120718:07
jgcampbell300daftykins, arandr is for multi monitors ... i think its crashing xfac kuz i have to log in every time it crashes18:07
biergaizidaftykins: Thanks18:08
=== nerd is now known as baba
jgcampbell300daftykins, do you know what log file the gui is in18:08
jgcampbell300maybe xorg18:08
daftykinsjgcampbell300: /var/log/Xorg.0.log18:08
nurowHello, I was wondering if anyone could help me with getting half decent clickpad support on my laptop. I have a Clevo P370SM (Same click pad as P370EM), which is resold as the System 76 Bonobo Extreme (an Ubuntu laptop). Unfortunately the clickpad support is horrible and System76 hasn't yet written a clickpad driver for the laptop. Is there anything else I could look at to improve performance? The cursor jumps whenever I press down on the p18:08
nurowad, making it very hard to use, and palm recognition is non-existent18:08
jgcampbell300daftykins, just looked and theres no errors there ... guess ill look throu some more logs18:09
daftykinsjgcampbell300: well that one is only X startup in fairness, probably not apt for your current query18:09
Jartdaftykins: here is the liveUSB (http://paste.ubuntu.com/5955910/) and here is the messed up one (http://paste.ubuntu.com/5955911/)18:10
vikamithhow to install lamp server on lubuntu 13.0418:10
daftykinsvikamith: desktop or server?18:10
daftykinsvikamith: run sudo tasksel in a terminal18:10
jgcampbell300daftykins, i see maybe i am using bad software for running multi monitors18:10
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.18:10
daftykinsJart: ok taking a look18:10
wilee-nileevikamith, Might start with a look at the bots message.18:11
=== Gnarly_ is now known as Gnarly
jgcampbell300daftykins, think i found it ... ERROR: apport (pid 3797) Tue Aug  6 12:59:12 2013: apport: report /var/crash/_usr_bin_xfce4-session.1000.crash already exists and unseen, doing nothing to avoid disk usage DoS18:15
=== james_ is now known as Guest7355
daftykinsJart: ah at this point i recall something - the liveUSB naturally boots with its' existing versions of packages, i.e. kernel version etc etc, whilst you may have installed it with updates enabled - if your internet connection was active at that time it would've installed all the updates - potentially putting on a kernel/more that breaks. do you think that was likely? (you installed with updates?)18:15
Jartdaftykins: i didn't install the packages at the initial install. i did it after the first run. the first run worked just fine. i had installed it this way in the past, and before bumblebee, it worked just fine18:17
daftykinsJart: ok, so far the difference i'm seeing in the logs is DRI being loaded at line 255 on the Live, but it isn't on the install18:18
daftykinsJart: also it looks like whilst the live picks nouveau for the nvidia, the install is going for VESA18:18
Jartdaftykins: so how do i fix it? should i just install it again, but with the internet turned off?18:19
=== gbyers[Away] is now known as g_byers
Jartthen what should i do about the updates?18:19
vikamithubottu,  i have  2 install  all provided in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP18:20
ubottuvikamith: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:20
Jarti just want it back to the way it worked before i tried installing bumblebee (which i purged) hahahaha18:20
daftykinsJart: so the current broken install - is that updated or not?18:20
Nuub007Hey all question about upgrade18:21
Nuub007currently running Maverick and trying to upgrade incrementally. Not working due to strange error. Documentation fixes appear complicated. Need help18:22
daftykinsJart: i'd hold shift when booting it to try the older kernel from the GRUB boot menu18:22
Jartwill do. brb18:22
auronandaceNuub007: all releases between maverick and precise are no longer supported, it would be best to just fresh install18:23
thecodethinkerIs there a bug with clang on ubuntu?18:24
thecodethinkerI saw one for natty but I'm not sure if it's still there. It never said solved18:24
auronandacethecodethinker: natty is no longer supported18:24
thecodethinkerauronandace: I'm not using natty. There was a bug reported for natty and it never said solved. I wanted to know if a clang bug exists in raring18:25
Nuub007auronandace: Would fresh install import my current files and settings or will I have to back up everything again?18:25
auronandaceNuub007: backup18:25
MonkeyDustNuub007  backup is always a good idea18:25
Nuub007auronandace: Thanks18:25
auronandacethecodethinker: search launchpad18:26
auronandace!launchpad | thecodethinker18:26
ubottuthecodethinker: Launchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/18:26
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest26144
thecodethinkerauronandace: there is no bug page for it...18:27
Jartdaftykins: still didn't work :(18:27
daftykinswell at least it's consistent ;x18:28
daftykinsJart: can you see what i was pointing out between the logs, how the Live does the 'using VT number 7' as does the install at line 241 on both - then they totally diverge?18:29
auronandacethecodethinker: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/clang18:29
thecodethinkerauronandace: yeah i was there. there is no bug page18:29
daftykinsJart: the install errors with 'KMS not enabled' whilst the live carries on happy18:29
thecodethinkerauronandace: is not clickable for me -_-18:29
Jartdaftykins: yeah, i did notice that. is there a way to just change that in a file18:29
auronandacethecodethinker: can't you see the link saying 6 new bugs18:29
auronandacethecodethinker: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/clang/+bugs?field.status:list=NEW18:30
thecodethinkerauronandace: thank you. The bug is there but there is no fix -_-18:31
thecodethinkerauronandace: do you use clang?18:31
thecodethinkerit seems like ti can't find the c++ libs18:31
auronandacethecodethinker: i'm not an expert, i've only used it on minix18:31
daftykinsJart: i would be curious whether there's an /etc/X11/xorg.conf present in the install - likely it'd be a no because everything should just be auto detect at boot. creating one *might* be the way to go18:31
daftykinsJart: check out the very end of this page after 'Configuring the X server' : http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/InstallNouveau/18:32
elisangela_boa tarde18:32
Pici!br | elisangela_18:32
daftykinsJart: if there's no xorg.conf in your install, try creating one with that content18:32
ubottuelisangela_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.18:32
daftykinsJart: give it a boot then pastebin the xorg.conf if it doesn't work18:32
Jartdaftykins: having an xorg.conf has always led to trouble for me, but i'd be down to try it. seems like the only option now18:32
Jartdaftykins: will do. thanks again!18:33
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dak0Hello hardware channel in freenode, I have few GPU,CPU related questions18:34
Picidak0: Hello dak0, this is #ubuntu, not ##hardware18:35
arleasPlease help! Every time I install the ATI drivers in order to make my fan run quietly under 13.04, Ubuntu will boot OK for the first few times and then hang at the login screen after the chime. No idea how to recover it - last time I reinstalled the OS.18:35
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dak0Pici: how do i join hardware channel?18:35
Picidak0: type: /join ##hardware18:36
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daftykinsarleas: 'chime'? as in it's an Apple device?18:37
arleasdaftykins: the login sound18:37
katarineminha estereia neste canal18:37
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__ravendo you know about a honeypot distribution?18:37
auronandace__raven: ask in ##linux18:38
katarinequem e voce18:38
daftykinsarleas: hmm i don't really have any experience with the ATI drivers, is it a 5000 series card or newer?18:38
dak0pici: thanks18:38
arleasdaftykins: 687018:38
tomas7470join bash18:39
tomas7470join #bash18:39
blazemorearleas: Do you mean you're trying to install the proprietry "fglrx" driver provided by AMD, rather than the open source one that comes with Ubuntu? You have a 6870 and you are running 64-bit Ubuntu 13.04?18:39
daftykinstomas7470: have a /18:39
arleasblazemore: Yes, it's been suggested as the only cure for the extremely high fan speed provided by the open source driver18:40
Ghostringhow can I remove the custom Unity I installed? and go back to default http://www.webupd8.org/2013/05/how-to-get-systray-whitelist-back-in.html18:40
arleasblazemore: I'm running a 6870 with 64 bit Ubuntu (13.04)18:41
blazemorearleas: That's identical to my setup18:41
Ghostringhow can i revert the changes i did here? http://www.webupd8.org/2013/05/how-to-get-systray-whitelist-back-in.html18:42
arleasblazemore: Do you have the open source or the AMD driver? If you have the open source, how did you lower the fan speed?18:42
ru0hHello sirs.18:43
arleasblazemore: The driver installed successfully - I could run a dual monitor setup and the fan speed was correct. But after three reboots, it now hangs on the login screen without any changes under CCC or similar - just running the fglrx driver stock.18:44
blazemorearleas: Sounds like a red herring18:44
blazemorearleas: I run fglrx, and I've never found the fan noise to be a problem - although my 6870 probably has a larger (and therefore slower) fan18:44
MonkWitDaFunkIs the fglrx driver an open source driver for ati graphics that is not within ubuntu?18:47
k1l_!info fglrx18:48
ubottufglrx (source: fglrx-installer): Video driver for the AMD graphics accelerators. In component restricted, is extra. Version 2:9.010-0ubuntu3 (raring), package size 46724 kB, installed size 135941 kB (Only available for amd64; i386)18:48
auronandaceMonkWitDaFunk: fglrx is the closed source driver18:48
daftykinsMonkWitDaFunk: no it's a closed source proprietary binary18:49
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SDr__huh, where is the tilde (~) defined?18:55
SDr__is it bash, or alias, or wth?18:55
Jartdaftykins: same thing... http://paste.ubuntu.com/5956040/18:55
arleasblazemore: Sorry, my browser crashed18:56
arleasblazemore: Any ideas?18:56
blazemorearleas: If I were you, Id use the open source driver18:56
blazemorearleas: And look for ways to control your fan speed while using the open-source driver18:56
arleasblazemore: I can't stand the noise. Is there anyway of getting into the OS to remove the driver? It currently hangs on login.18:56
blazemorearleas: Yes. Can you boot to recovery mode OK?18:57
explodesI heard this story of about an astronaut that heard a constant and consistent clicking for weeks.18:58
arleasblazmore: I think so - there's four ubuntu options to select and two say recovery mode18:58
explodesHe was about to go mad, until he decided that the clicking sounded like music.18:58
Jartdaftykins: although this time, when i typed startx, i just got a blinking cursor18:58
Jartso that's at least something18:58
explodesHe learned to enjoy his high-powered fan18:58
dak0Hello, how can I find where my Mozilla history is located in Ubuntu, I just want to see how much space it takes from my HDD ?18:58
daftykinsJart: ooh, so it sort of moved to the VT 7 and sat there by the sounds18:59
daftykinsJart: hrmm ok, i see it only errors once with the kms not enabled bit though - seems encouraging, i think the next task is to perhaps put something in xorg.conf to make kms work18:59
holsteindak0: should be in your user /home.. in .config/mozilla, or .mozilla ..something obvious like that.. control+h will unhide them18:59
Jartdaftykins: any ideas what to put in?19:00
dak0holstein: .mozilla folder is 128mb that's low19:00
dak0i'm using the web on Ubuntu since 201219:01
d53220can someone explain this to me? http://www.ubuntu.com/tablet  -- The question is does a tablet exist or not?19:01
daftykinsJart: i'm googling around but it almost seems like it's just a kernel thing that either works or doesn't - i wonder if the combination of that config and booting the older kernel will provide a different result. i'm afraid i'm obviously clutching at straws now though with not enough experience to back up my ideas :(19:01
holsteindak0: those will be per user19:01
holstein!tablet | dak019:01
ubottudak0: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch19:01
dak0holstein: I'm the only one using this PC19:01
holsteindak0: sorry.. d53220 ^^19:01
dak0holstein: np19:01
holsteindak0: not actual people users.. user accounts.. if you made a new user account for some reason19:02
Jartdaftykins: alright, thanks a ton, man. hopefully i can get this figured out soon. it's been driving me insane. fuckin bumblebee just getting in there and mixing everything up19:02
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.19:02
Jartmy bad19:02
dak0holstein: What do you mean user account, don't need account to use Mozilla ?19:02
arleasblazemore: How do I remove the driver? Unity won't load and the borders are missing from the windows in recovery mode.19:03
holsteindak0: user accounts, friend.. on the machine.. if you have bob1, and bob2.. bob1 and bob2 both have mozilla config files19:03
blazemorearleas: Repeat: Can you boot to recovery mode OK?19:03
dak0holstein: as far as I know history is not shared between those accounts, but I get your point19:03
dak0holstein: thanks19:03
arleasblazemore: I think so - there's four ubuntu options to select and two say recovery mode.19:04
daftykinsJart: no worries - if you do make any progress, give me a shout with the answer yeah? :)19:04
holsteindak0: i 8Never* said it was shared.. i said, you have a config per user19:04
blazemorearleas: Select the recovery mode with the highest number at the end19:04
arleasblazemore: OK19:04
arleasblazemore: Last time I did this, Unity won't load and the borders are missing from the windows in recovery mode.19:04
blazemoreWe're not going to use the gui in recovery mode so that doesn't matter19:04
blazemoreWhen it asks for your password, enter it. I think you have to maybe hit Ctrl-D first, but just do what it says. The entry in the menu you want it "drop to a root prompt with networking" or similar.19:05
arleasblazemore: OK19:07
blazemorearleas: Are you looking at a root shell prompt?19:08
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arleasblazemore: I'm in Windows - just writing down what you're telling me to do!19:09
blazemoreOh OK19:09
blazemoreWell the next step depends on how you installed the fglrx driver in the first place19:09
blazemoreFor example, did you use the Additional Drivers tool, or did you download and install it yourself from AMD's website?19:09
arleasblazemore: I followed a guide and installed it through terminal.19:12
blazemoresudo sh /usr/share/ati/fglrx-uninstall.sh19:12
blazemoresudo apt-get remove --purge fglrx*19:12
blazemoreIn fact arleas http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Raring_Installation_Guide#Removing_Catalyst.2Ffglrx19:12
blazemoreJust run the commands in that section19:13
eaxxaeanyone know if there is anything like airparrot for *nix ?19:13
arleasblazemore: cheers!19:13
arleasblazemore: Now, if you know a way of making it quieter under the open source drivers...19:13
blazemorearleas: No, just install the fglrx driver properly from the Additional Drivers tool19:15
blazemoreeaxxae: Take a look at this project which is a plugin for Totem, Ubuntu's default video player http://cgit.sukimashita.com/totem-plugin-airplay.git - XBMC also supports AirPlay19:15
blazemore!airplay | eaxxae19:15
blazemoreNo I didn't think so19:15
arleasblazemore: I did that last time... same problem. Also, I get an 'unsupported hardware' watermark in the corner of my screen. Dual monitors also doesn't work with that option.19:15
blazemorearleas: Stick with the open source drivers then, and fix your fan issue while using those19:16
arleasblazemore: I'm not sure there is a fix for the fan issue using the open source drivers. It's a vicious circle.19:16
Sk1Specialhow do i upgrade from 12.10 to 13.04 via terminal?19:16
blazemoreSk1Special: do-release-upgrade19:17
Sk1Specialblazemore, yeah i did all that, starting with apt-get update, and it just says 'already newest version' but when i check i stil have 12.1019:18
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TaptoulaHi all19:18
TaptoulaI have a problem with rtorrent since I restarted my server. It says : "rtorrent: Symbol `_ZN7torrent10log_groupsE' has different size in shared object, consider re-linking". What should I do ?19:18
holsteinTaptoula: have you considered relinking?19:19
TaptoulaActuelly I don't know how to do that19:19
blazemoreSk1Special: Did you actually run "sudo do-release-upgrade" when you "did all that" ?19:20
blazemoreOr were you following some sketchy guide?19:20
vee_hey guys, i somehow am no longer in the sudoers file, and, can no longer run the sudo command. there is no root user either...how can i fix this?19:20
daftykinsvee_: probably a livecd boot and a chroot19:21
daftykinsvee_: or a recovery console boot19:21
vee_how do i do a recovery console boot?19:21
vee_this is minimal install cd btw19:22
Sk1Specialblazemore, sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get upgrade, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, sudo apt-get install update-manager-core, and sudo do-release-upgrade, all of which say no new release, and lsb_release -a returns 12.1019:22
daftykinsvee_: hold shift at boot time and you'll get a boot menu of GRUB, it should offer you kernel versions and their respective recovery boot entries19:22
BlackFatehello! i removed grub packages by mistake, so i reinstalled grub-efi-amd64-signed again. Now i  get "ubuntu has been blocked by the current security policy". I can disable secure boot. But i really want to now how can i fix that19:22
TaptoulaCan someone please help me with my rtorrent problem ? (rtorrent: Symbol `_ZN7torrent10log_groupsE' has different size in shared object, consider re-linking)19:23
holsteinBlackFate: i thought diabling secure boot was the fix19:23
mac_nibbletSince when does ubuntu name it's network devices as nm?19:23
holsteinTaptoula: have you tried re-linking?19:23
Taptoulaholstein: I don't know how to do that19:23
blazemore!nm | mac_nibblet19:23
BlackFateholstein, well.. it should also work with secure boot enabled.19:23
mac_nibbletblazemore: :)19:23
blazemorehttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkManager mac_nibblet: since Network Manager19:24
holsteinTaptoula: "i dont know how to do that" is a statement, friend.. what are you asking?19:24
vee_i tried editing the sudoer's file, but, it says its ready only file system19:24
mac_nibbletblazemore: network manger is not even installed on my ubuntu-server installation ?19:24
blazemorevee_: Are you in recovery mode?19:24
Taptoulaholstein: You advised me to relink, I don't know how to relink19:24
holsteinBlackFate: i dont have the hardware in front of me, but i hae always seen users disabling it19:24
blazemoremac_nibblet: Ask in #ubuntu-server then19:24
vee_blazemore yes19:24
holsteinTaptoula: the error message advised that you re-link. i just asked if you had tried the suggestion19:24
holsteinTaptoula: what are you doing? hosting a link?19:25
blazemorevee_: mount -o remount,rw /19:25
Taptoulaholstein: no, just trying to launch it, worked perfectly till now19:25
vee_blazemore: thanks!19:25
blazemore!efi | BlackFate is there anything useful here19:26
ubottuBlackFate is there anything useful here: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:26
blazemoreIs that relevant to secure boot?19:26
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holsteinTaptoula: what worked how? what are youlaunching? and why?19:27
Taptoulaholstein: rtorrent worked perfectly till now, I restarted my server and now when I type "rtorrent" I get "rtorrent: Symbol `_ZN7torrent10log_groupsE' has different size in shared object, consider re-linking" and it fails19:28
Taptoulaholstein: why ? because I need to run it19:28
holsteinTaptoula: please dont repost your queries19:28
Taptoulaholstein: I just answerd your question as fully as I could19:29
holsteinTaptoula: are you downloading? hosting files via torrent? what operating system? what are you doing?19:29
Taptoulaholstein: I'm just tryng to launch rtorrent, will probably download yes. I'm using it on ubuntu server, latest version fully updated19:30
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Taptoulacan't find any help on google19:31
NewWorldTaptoula:  did you try just reinstalling the program?19:31
holsteinTaptoula: i have only personally used tranmission, which has a webGUI.. i would try relinking the file that is an issue. you can remove the file, since you seem to not care what it is19:32
Taptoulaholstein : I'll try both your advices19:32
BlackFateblazemore, "Secure Boot" is a new UEFI feature that appeared in 2012, with Windows8 preinstalled computers. All current Ubuntu 64bit (not 32bit) versions now support this feature,"19:33
Taptoulaholstein: It failed : "_ZN7torrent10log_groupsE" can't be found anywhere on the system (but isn't it a symbol, not a file ?). Reinstalling rtorrent leade to the very same error19:36
holsteinTaptoula: it? what failed? how?19:36
holsteinTaptoula: how are you launching what? and why?19:36
Taptoulaholstein: typing rtorrent on the CLi produced the error. That's the command used to launch rtorrent. I don't know why it failed.19:37
NewWorldTaptoula:  what the hell is "_ZN7torrent10log_groupsE"?19:38
holsteinTaptoula: what are you trying to do? maybe you can use a different torrent for a client or a server, which ever you are tyring to do, which you ahve not indecicated19:38
daftykinsTaptoula: backup your rtorrent .config folder in your /home and check it still does that?19:38
Taptoulaholstein : I think it's a C++ symbol used by the program19:39
Taptouladaftykins: Thanks, I'll try that19:39
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LongtomHi All, I've had an ubuntu forums account since 2006 but do not want to create an Ubuntu One account to login.  Does anyone know how I can get my forums account closed?19:40
Taptouladaftykins: produced the same error19:40
NewWorldTaptoula:  try it in gdb, type 'gdb rtorrent' , then at the prompt type 'run'19:40
holsteinTaptoula: you think what is a C++ cymbol used by what?19:40
holsteinTaptoula: if the application is not working for you, i would try another torrent application19:41
LongtomI dont see any contact details for admins19:41
holsteinLongtom: the forums have been compromised.. there is not security reason to close anything19:41
LongtomI want to close the account because I cannot login without creating an Ubuntu One account which I do not want to do19:42
PiciLongtom: try #ubuntuforums19:43
Longtomthanks Pici19:43
NewWorldTaptoula:  and after you type run and rtorrent crashes, type 'bt' for backtrace19:43
dwarderis it safe to install LAMP as this: sudo apt-get install lamp-server^19:44
dwarderfor production19:44
daftykinsdwarder: sure - also consider sudo tasksel19:44
dwarderdaftykins: thankx19:44
Taptoulaholstein: I would but it worked perfectly for months19:45
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holsteinTaptoula: did you upgrade? what caused it to break? what were you doing on it? hosting or downloading?19:45
TaptoulaGuys I resolved the problem. It was caused by (I think) a broken build in some ppa repository I was using (ppa:crass/libtorrent). I removed it and reinstalled. Now it's fine again.19:46
TaptoulaThanks for your help19:46
ShloopI'm having a problem. Windows wont recognize my ubuntu usb drive.19:47
holsteinTaptoula: ppas are not officially supported here19:47
NewWorldShloop:  what filesystem is the usb drive in?19:48
Taptoulaholstein: I'll keep that in mind. Thanks19:48
daftykinsShloop: why do you want it to recognise it?19:48
haysis there any potential problem with avoiding dist-upgrades which require reboot until major version changes?19:48
Shloopnewworld i've never heard of it, but it's called squashfs?19:49
daftykinshays: there are often kernel updates, those should always be done for security reasons19:49
Shloopdaftykins because I use my laptop for ubuntu and my desktop with windows for music production and I need to transfer a file from this ubuntu drive on to the windows computer19:50
daftykinsShloop: oh right so it just happens to contain ubuntu for installation, but you're using it for file copy. under windows, run diskmgmt.msc and see if it's detected but not given a drive letter?19:51
Shloopdaftykins yeah that's it. it's detected and says the drive is ready for use but I have no way of accessing it.19:52
daftykinsShloop: you just right click on it in disk management and add a drive letter19:53
Shloopaccessing its contents*19:53
Shloopalright i'll try that daftykins19:53
Sk1Specialtrying to upgrade from 12.10 to 13.04 via terminal.. did sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get upgrade, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, sudo apt-get install update-manager-core, and sudo do-release-upgrade, (in that order, and tried rerunning 3 times.)all of which say no new release, and lsb_release -a returns 12.1019:53
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daftykinsSk1Special: why is graphical not an option?19:55
Sk1Specialdaftykins, *shrug* it is i guess. but id rather learn how to do it in the terminal, and learn why its not working :]19:56
haysdaftykins: something changed on my setup where booting requires manual intervention19:56
haysso its annoying to reboot19:56
holsteinid rather do a fresh install.. takes about 8 minutes19:56
holsteinhays: there are some ways to install kernel updates and not reboot, but AFAIK, those are not in default ubuntu installations.. and im not sure how one would implement it19:57
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daftykinsSk1Special: mm fair point. i'm not sure how do-release-upgrade runs but maybe it's getting the wrong answer from whoever it's contacting19:58
Shloopdaftykins i right clicked the drive in the device manager but it doesn't give a "assign drive letter" option19:58
Sk1Specialdaftykins, hmm. do you know how would i go about checking/fixing that then ?19:59
daftykinsShloop: you have to do it on the partition19:59
daftykinsSk1Special: hunting now19:59
daftykinsSk1Special: there we go - try "sudo do-release-upgrade -d"19:59
Shloopdaftykins how do you do that? excuse my noobishness20:00
daftykinsShloop: you see the partitions where it shows the size of the disk and has a blue strip along the top?20:00
cmartin0I need an nvidia driver newer than 173 but older than the current one. Are these drivers in the ubuntu repository?20:00
daftykinsShloop: right-click on the blue/white beneath20:01
MoPacHello; I have a question about installing some software from source (and I think the question is generic).  I am getting an error during cmake that that it cannot find two package configuration (.cmake) files "provided by" some Qt5 software.20:01
Shloopdaftykins ... I'm not sure what window you're talking about. Is this in the device manager on windows or in ubuntu?20:01
daftykinscmartin0: you can search for them with 'apt-cache search <package name...>'20:01
MoPacI'm wondering if this means that they are missing in the code for the software I'm installing, or if they're missing in my Qt libraries20:01
daftykinsShloop: diskmgmt.msc which i said to run. in windows.20:01
Sk1Specialdaftykins, no go.. but i actually read through the stuff..when i do sudo apt-get update.. it shows files from ppa.launchpad.net, dl.google.com , security.ubuntu.com. us.archive.ubuntu.com and extras.ubuntu.com as *failed to download they have been ignored or old ones used instead* will this kill the upgrade?20:02
daftykinsSk1Special: sounds like it's having issues contacting the mirrors yeah - are you behind a web proxy?20:02
daftykinsSk1Special: can you do a "sudo apt-get update > pastebinit" ?20:03
Sk1Specialdaftykins, no im not. ah yeah one second.20:03
cmartin0daftykins, I don't see any old ones. So I need to get the binary driver from nvidia then?20:04
daftykinscmartin0: assuming you searched the APT cache for appropriate package names and it showed the versions you don't want to use with no others - yeah i'd go that route20:04
Shloopdaftykins it only gives me delete volume and help as options20:05
daftykinsShloop: can you up a screenshot?20:05
Shloopyeah give me a couple minutes daftkins20:05
daftykinsShloop: actually - the USB, does it contain an *installed* Ubuntu or a made up LiveUSB version?20:06
Sk1Specialdaftykins, .... i know what the problem is. nvm. on a compltely unrelated side note..how do I install the proper drivers for my wireless card in ubuntu? :]20:09
hhthello, i have installed this iso http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/saucy-desktop-i386.iso file using unetbootin and universal usb installer and i can't boot it, what is wrong is it for x64 ?20:09
daftykinsSk1Special: no net conn? :)20:09
Sk1Specialdaftykins, yeah lol. how do i install the drivers for this usb wireless card? just run sudo apt-get update or?20:09
kriskropdIs anyone here familiar with feh? I want to set a background in dwm like this 'feh --no-xinerama --bg-center image.jpg' and it works, but now I see I would like to have the image off center by a few hundred pixels for a better background, can I do this using just feh, or do I have to custom edit the image?20:10
daftykinsSk1Special: can you just upgrade over wired first, then hope 13.04 has lovely working wireless? :D20:10
daftykinsSk1Special: i think the above would be a less painful approach ^20:10
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daftykinsSk1Special: either way i'm a cable lover i'm afraid :( identify the adapter with lspci / lsusb then ask in here again - i'm no good on wifi woes20:11
hhtanyone can help?20:12
daftykinshht: no i386 is for 32-bit - what happens?20:12
hhtdaftykins i can't boot it20:13
hhttested on my netbook atom n270 and under app xboot20:13
hhtcan't boot20:13
Sk1Specialdaftykins, ah mmk. thanks for the help though20:13
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daftykinshht: i dunno, try asking in #ubuntu+1 as saucy isn't final yet20:14
hhti have also used the newest version of universal usb installer20:14
daftykinsnew release support is in there20:14
hhtdaftykins what is the newest version of ubuntuu final ?20:14
daftykinshht: 13.04 but its' support ends in January20:14
Shloopdaftykins http://imgur.com/f3k92um,5JDYJ38#0 http://imgur.com/f3k92um,5JDYJ38#120:15
Sk1Specialits a netgear WNA3100(v1) Wireless-N 300 [Broadcom BCM43231] and I prefer cable too..just no reach here.20:15
daftykinsShloop: that's a 1TB drive! :) is it the second entry maybe? scroll down in the window...20:16
daftykinsShloop: (below the CD drives)20:16
Shloopdaftykins yeah i know! And it's already almost 3/4ths the way full lol. It's actually listed as disk one in the second row20:18
daftykinsShloop: i thought you were trying to get files off a flash drive, not an HDD20:18
Shloopso i'm assuming there's a different way of doing it then daftykins?20:19
homeHi I have an question and, to be honest, I am not entirely sure if this is the right channel. --I have installed a couple of games from the repos and they all have a tendency to move the cursor/character to the top left of the screen as if i was pressing the <left> and <up> keys20:19
daftykinsShloop: right now - you have files on a flash drive and it's plugged in, correct?20:19
daftykinsShloop: 8GB flash drive judging by that window?20:19
Shloopdaftykins: yep20:19
homethe games affected so far are Tumiki Fighters, Alex the Alligator, Frogatto and Titanion20:19
Shloopwait 8 gbs?20:19
daftykinsShloop: if you right click that second entry that says 7.91GB under capacity, does it give the option to change drive letter...?20:20
homeother games I have installed are not affected and it doesn't seem to happen in any other app. any ideas?20:20
Shloopoh okay i see what you're talking about20:20
Shloopuhh let me see20:20
Shloopnope. same thing. delete volume or help are my only options20:20
daftykinsShloop: so is it a LiveUSB? or an installed ubuntu *on* the flash drive?20:22
Shloopdaftykins it's actually installed on the HDD20:22
daftykinsShloop: what's on the flash drive then? :D20:23
=== micromegas is now known as Guest51181
daftykinsShloop: i'm sorry i think i've confused myself about the task at hand20:24
sixyearsofdreamsloop explode :D20:24
Shloopdaftykins I downloaded my copy of Komplete 8 by native instruments (it's a HUGE virtual instrument) and I need to transfer the folder to my windows drive20:25
Shloopnot even that really, since I don't have enough space. I just need to access the 1tb drive's contents daftykins20:26
=== rew1red|away is now known as rew1red
daftykinsShloop: so it's sat in the ubuntu install?20:27
Shloopdaftykins yeah it's in my downloads folder on the ubuntu drive20:27
daftykinsShloop: ok, if that's the same computer you could use ubuntu to mount the NTFS windows partition (or any, preferably a storage only drive) and copy it over20:28
Shloopis that the only option daftykins? I made a mistake saying that I wanted to copy the files over. I don't have enough space on my drive to do that. I just want to access the contents of the 1tb HDD20:30
daftykinsShloop: windows can't really read Linux file systems :(20:31
Shloopdaftykins noooooooo20:31
daftykinsShloop: :'(20:32
reisiosure it can20:32
Shloopcan I partition part of the drive that has free space on it and use that section? daftykins20:32
reisiowhat FS?20:32
daftykinsShloop: reisio best take over, sounds like i'm a dirty liar - also i must get food :) gl!20:32
wilee-nileedaftykins, pick me up some tamales20:33
reisiodaftykins: you should know more awful Windows trivia! :p20:33
ShloopI'm sorry reisio I'm not exactly sure what filesystem means. Are you asking if it's ubuntu? or fat32/ntfs20:33
=== jayar is now known as Guest47434
reisiogood for the self loathing20:33
daftykinsreisio: i should? i was under the impression ext drivers for Windows were far behind Linux' NTFS one20:33
reisioShloop: ext#?20:33
Shloopyeah tell me about it reisio20:33
ShloopI only use windows because it runs really good music production software20:34
reisiodaftykins: about the same IME20:34
Shloopand wine doesn't work with the software20:34
reisiosure sure20:34
Shloophmm let me check real quick reisio20:34
wilee-nileeShloop, You might visit #opensourcemusicians20:34
reisiowhat FS?20:34
ShloopI don't know off the top of my head20:35
ShloopI'm checking20:36
reisioso check :p20:36
linrunixHi, anybody with 3monitors working?20:36
linrunixI'm having a tough time setting it up20:36
Shloopreisio ext420:36
Shloopversion 1.020:37
=== neyder_ is now known as neyder
reisioShloop: then you can probably use extread for a one-of, or ext2fsd for long term20:38
=== rew1red is now known as rew1red|away
reisiolinrunix: gpu?20:40
Shloopi'll give it a shot. thanks reisio20:40
Sk1Specialdo does anyone know how to install the drivers for netgear WNA3100(v1) Wireless-N 300 [Broadcom BCM43231] in 12.10?20:41
wilee-nileeSk1Special, You've seen the wiki"20:42
Sk1Specialwilee-nilee, nope?20:42
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx20:42
linrunixreisio: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)20:42
linrunix01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI RV620 LE [Radeon HD 3450]20:42
Sk1Specialwilee-nilee, ah mmk. t/y t/y20:42
linrunixreisio: one is the internal card (intel) and an external card (ATI)20:43
wilee-nileeSk1Special, no prob as k the channel if you have any problems I know nothing on broadcom. ;)20:43
reisiolinrunix: which drivers?20:43
linrunixBoth cards work perfectly when the other monitors are umplugged. But together is a no go.20:43
Sk1Specialwilee-nilee, lol alright. I think youre the one that helped me with my video drives before tho right? i may be asking for help with that in a minute20:44
linrunixreisio: default drivers intalled by ubuntu 13.0420:44
wilee-nileeSk1Special, I doubt it was me other than a hey, look here link, I have not had to mess with any drivers ever in about 6 years of use.20:44
linrunixreisio: radeon for the ATI20:45
reisiolinrunix: the 'restricted' (binary) ati drivers come with a GUI configurator20:45
reisiootherwise you probably have some xrandr ahead20:45
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
linrunixreisio: i915 for the intel20:45
Sk1Specialwilee-nilee, ah no i was having alot of issues with nvidia/dual monitors / the desktop cube like 6 months ago.. my second monitor display is just like an inch to big now for somereason..but i gotta figure this out first20:46
italiahola hablan espaniol20:49
wilee-nilee!es | italia20:49
ubottuitalia: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:49
wilee-nileeno problem20:50
vmussaHello, I just installed the haskell platform package from ubuntu repositories but it asked me to uninstall some packages, and I think because of that ubuntu can't boot with graphical user interface anymore20:50
vmussaanyone knows what packages I need to reinstall or something?20:51
wilee-nilee!info haskell20:51
ubottuPackage haskell does not exist in raring20:51
reisiovmussa: ordinary Ubuntu?20:51
histovmussa: well which packages did it uninstall?20:51
wilee-nileevmussa, What release you running?20:51
vmussareisio, it is precise20:51
vmussaI don't remember exactly what packages but I do remember a "x" in its name20:51
reisiovmussa: could try sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop20:52
histovmussa: take a look at your /var/log/apt/history.log20:52
vmussaI think it is some graphical lib perhaps?20:52
vmussaok histo20:52
vmussareisio, ubuntu-desktop is the graphical packages?20:52
vmussahisto, apparently this "history.log" only saves what I did since I booted?20:53
vmussabecause I installed haskell platform yesterday, and only today I could get the boot problem20:54
histovmussa: there are older versions gzipped in the /var/log/apt/  directory you can use zless to view those20:54
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=== nerdcustoms is now known as nerdcustoms_afk
hadifarnoudCan someone help me with squid3? this is what I get when I do squid3 -z20:56
Vivekanandahey everyone. I was trying this to make my ip static -- http://superuser.com/questions/357120/how-do-i-setup-a-virtualbox-server-with-a-static-ip .  But when I restarted my virtual box , eth0 completely disappeared :(.20:56
Vivekanandawhat did I do wrong ?20:56
histoVivekananda: perhaps a typo in your /etc/network/interfaces20:57
linrunixreisio: reading only they say that the restricted drivers breaks my card :/20:57
linrunixLooks like my card is old20:57
histoVivekananda: can you pastebinit so we can take a look20:57
histoVivekananda: also somewhere above those settings make sure you have auto eth0 line that way the interface is brought up on boot with those settings20:58
hadifarnoudwhich one was rewrite the output to a file? > or >>? I know one of them append and other one just rewite it all21:00
GabeTheBabehello fellow fleshlings21:00
reisiohello, mortal21:00
zykotick9hadifarnoud: > overwrites, >> appends21:00
hadifarnoudcheers zykotick921:00
iceroot_hadifarnoud: >> append, > overwrite21:00
GabeTheBabeso, I'm trying to backup someones files from windows using a live environment of ububuntu via USB flash drive and I'm not quite sure what to get/how to find it all.21:01
GabeTheBabeunder the temp folder, it looks empty.21:01
reisioGabeTheBabe: /sbin/blkid21:02
histoGabeTheBabe: how to find what?21:03
Number6Hey guys. I'm running a server on 13.04 x86. From time to time, the server hard locks and needs to be rebooted. The only thing of note in the kern.log is ^@^@^@^@^@^ (repeated many many times)21:04
Nico___Hey all21:04
histoNumber6: memtest21:04
GabeTheBabehisto, what I need to back up of his windows installation. His OS is borked and I need to fix it lol21:04
histoGabeTheBabe: which version of windows?21:05
Nico___I want to install Ubuntu via Wubi, is this a valid way to go? Or do I just need to format my machine?21:05
numbertoHi guys, I am on ubuntu 13.04 and have some random presses, buttons which I don't press. Some programs start randomly.21:05
Number6histo: Already ran overnight, nothing noted21:05
usr13Number6: As histo suggests 1) memtest 2) clean / regrease21:05
reisioNico___: it's suboptimal21:05
histoNico___: no dualboot21:05
wilee-nileeGabeTheBabe, open it from the left panel in ubunt's home and recovery what is needed.21:05
histoNumber6: power supply?21:05
Number6usr13: The CPU?21:05
usr13Number6: Yes21:05
usr13Number6: (Could be heat related.)21:06
Number6usr13: Great. I'll give that a try tomorrow.21:06
kaelternumberto: can you check to make sure nothing is inserted in a usb slot that isn't supposed to be? I've had people prank me like that before.21:06
Number6I've a feeling it's h/w related - the server is ~8 years old at this stage21:06
histoGabeTheBabe: if it's >XP then mount the windows driver and copy out his Users\$USER directory21:06
numbertokaelter: No I don't have21:06
histoNumber6: if you have a spare power supply I would go there.21:06
daftykinsSk1Special: wired isn't an option then? :)21:07
vmussahisto, I found the packages it uninstalled: almost everything is related to "x11-apps", "xserver", "xorg-video" and things like that21:07
vmussalike those*21:07
histovmussa: Yeah you need those21:07
Nico___histo: So I can keep my old files and stuff, just have the option to boot into Windows or Ubuntu?21:07
Vivekanandahisto: yep I did not input the eth0 line earlier . now I did . So what I am trying to follow is this http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/change-ubuntu-server-from-dhcp-to-a-static-ip-address/21:07
reisiovmussa: that'd do it21:07
vmussaI see21:07
VivekanandaI now got the eth0 but I dont have net21:07
Vivekanandahisto: should I post my ifconfig and also my /etc/network/interfaces ?21:08
vmussahisto, reisio, so I should copy whatever it uninstalled and install again?21:08
usr13Vivekananda: Does the router have DHCP server running?21:08
Vivekanandausr13: not very familiar with dhcp setting but yes it is checked21:09
usr13Vivekananda: Is it connected to the LAN but no internet?21:09
reisiovmussa: try ubuntu-desktop first21:09
histoVivekananda: if you didn't have the auto eth0    line in there that's why eth0 didn't start on boot. Once it's there restart and all will be good21:09
usr13Vivekananda: Can you ping the gateway router?21:09
Vivekanandausr13: my host is win 7 has the router and has net. my ubuntu is a guest on vbox . I changed the network mode to abridged and since I am hosting a LOCal app I am trying to get it to show a static internal ip21:10
histoVivekananda: If you have no net and can ping   you need to add nameservers to your interfaces21:10
Vivekanandahisto: do I ping from the vm or from win7 to the internet ?21:10
histoVivekananda: ping   on the vm21:10
Vivekanandayes it pings21:11
usr13Vivekananda: Add line to /etc/resolv.conf   "nameserver"21:11
vmussareisio, ok21:11
usr13Vivekananda: and/or take out the bogus one.21:11
histoVivekananda: then in the /etc/network/interfaces file add dns-nameservers whatever else21:12
histousr13: you can't use resolv.conf because it will be overwritten by the resolvconf package21:12
usr13Vivekananda: Or, yes, do as histo said.21:12
usr13histo: Yes, quite possibly, (but only if he is set to dhcp).21:12
histoVivekananda: just make sure it's in the iface section21:13
Vivekanandafollowing histo then . Also the resolv.conf tells me do not edit this file-- changes will be overwritten :(21:13
Traccyhisto : http://pastie.org/821283621:13
histousr13: no it will still be overwritten even without dhcp on boot21:13
gregor3005hi, i try to install ubuntu 13.04 on an pentium 4 processor workstation and i get an internal error when i boot into the live cd, executable /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test21:13
vmussareisio, apparently it is installing everything haskell removed21:13
usr13Vivekananda: Yea, on the next boot, or if you query a dhcp server that is giving false info.21:13
gregor3005also unity didn't boot up, only two desktop icons "examples" and "install ubuntu 13.04"21:13
histoTraccy: What is that?21:14
hadifarnoudis like ?21:14
Traccyhisto :error21:14
reisiovmussa: sounds right21:14
Traccyevery time i run programmes21:14
histoTraccy: from?   You just sent me a random pastebin perhaps giving more details may help.21:14
Vivekanandahisto: you said to add dns-nameserver S ? singular or plural ?21:14
usr13histo: Yes, but if the dhcp server is giving correct info, (valid nameserver), it won't matter.21:14
Vivekanandaalso let me paste what I have after adding21:15
histoTraccy: 1. Why are you logged in as root? 2. What version of ubuntu are you running21:15
Traccyyes iam root21:15
wilee-nileegregor3005, Possible number of issues in general ram amount, graphic drivers are two that come to mind, bad iso or burn.21:15
histoVivekananda: plural21:15
Traccyhisto : VERSION="12.04.2 LTS, Precise Pangolin"21:16
vmussareisio, the problem is that I updated to grub 1.99, and I don't know how to boot ubuntu the right way from that "bash-like command interface", do you know where should I get help?21:16
histo!locale | Traccy21:16
ubottuTraccy: To set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Locale/21:16
=== mo is now known as Guest7996
usr13histo: dns-nameserver xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx ?  (Maybe it will take both?)21:17
Vivekanandahisto: pastebin.com/rYpprHY621:17
reisiovmussa: how is that a problem?21:17
gregor3005wilee-nilee: the iso is ok, boots perfect with an vm, ram = 1,5gb, graphic is onboard -> i try ubuntu 1221:17
histousr13: no dns-nameservers  you can specify multiples21:17
wilee-nileegregor3005, Same computer?21:17
=== jpmh_ is now known as jpmh
gregor3005wilee-nilee: no on my workstation, the old workstation is for a friend who need its only for firefox and thunderbird21:18
histoVivekananda: looks good but just FYI that is google's free dns server you can add the other one if you want to that line or use your ISPs nameservers21:18
daftykinsgregor3005: sounds like the systems graphics card isn't supported21:18
Vivekanandashould I restart my host too ? or just the vm ?21:18
wilee-nileegregor3005, Cool, there is always xubuntu and lubuntu.21:18
usr13histo: Ok. Well, it is something I don't use.  I either set perminate leases in the router or set to static and just edit /etc/resolv.conf21:18
histoVivekananda: you can just restart networking21:18
gregor3005daftykins: i have an ati 9250 (128mb ddr) which i can test with this workstation21:19
histoVivekananda: sudo service networking restart   on the VM21:19
dashpotI'm so horny21:19
Vivekanandawhich other line histo ?21:19
histo!ot | dashpot21:19
ubottudashpot: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:19
vmussareisio, I don't know how to use this bash-like interface. I think it installed this way because it missed theese graphical packages21:19
reisiovmussa: you've got a prompt?21:20
usr13histo: You are correct http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/debian-reference/ch05.en.html#_the_modern_network_configuration_for_desktop Vivekananda21:20
histoVivekananda: well if you want to use google's nameservers it would read dns-nameservers  to have both primary and secondary nameservers there.21:20
histo!language | dashpot21:20
ubottudashpot: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.21:20
daftykinsgregor3005: i think that'll be too old to be supported too21:20
daftykinsgregor3005: if you just want a simple system fire up xubuntu instead of plain ubuntu21:20
Guest58029does the NSA have built in access to Linux/Ubuntu just like with Windows? http://therebel.org/stone/655776-full-nsa-access-built-into-every-windows-os-since-199721:21
histo!ops | dashpot21:21
ubottudashpot: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!21:21
Ben64Guest58029: no, and offtopic21:21
freddianlopezdamn damn21:21
gregor3005daftykins: thx i download xubuntu while i test the ati card21:21
Traccyhisto : http://pastie.org/821292521:21
gregor3005daftykins: whats the main difference between xubuntu and ubuntu?21:21
Traccyhisto : nothing change http://pastie.org/821292521:22
wilee-nileeGuest58029, Back to trool again eh.21:22
daftykinsgregor3005: ubuntu uses unity, which requires 3D, xubuntu uses xfce which is lightweight and 3D21:22
usr13gregor3005: xfce vs unity21:22
histoTraccy: yeah you need to set your locale. What is uncommented in your /etc/locale.gen ?21:22
daftykins*2D on the last one21:22
gregor3005daftykins, usr13: thx21:22
usr13gregor3005: distrowatch.com21:23
vmussareisio, I don't know exactly what a prompt is, but I'm in a command line interface for GRUB 1.9921:23
histoTraccy: modify your /etc/default/locale21:23
gregor3005usr13: thx21:23
histoTraccy: following those directions should help21:23
reisiovmussa: ok21:23
histovmussa: you removed X21:24
Vivekanandahisto: do I key in dns-nameservers    like that or do I write something else21:24
reisiovmussa: you get that every reboot? Since reinstalling ubuntu-desktop?21:24
histoVivekananda: yeap looks good21:24
vmussareisio, histo, yes, even now that I reinstalled ubuntu-desktop21:24
vmussamaybe I should reinstall GRUB2?