OvenWerkszequence: -default-settings and -audio-settings? My thought is that someone only installing graphics meta or photography meta may not want the audio tweaks.03:26
OvenWerksOr maybe make it part of the audio meta itself.03:27
OvenWerksI don't know if I would make the low latency kerenl an audio meat depends or not though.03:27
OvenWerkssmartboyhw: good morning03:28
smartboyhwOvenWerks, good morning03:28
OvenWerksevening here ;)03:28
smartboyhwOvenWerks, good evening then:)03:29
OvenWerksjust waiting for our installer to get uploaded.03:30
OvenWerksverbally wondering if we should separate out the audio settings from default.03:31
smartboyhwOvenWerks, what are the changes?03:31
smartboyhwI mean, of the installer03:32
OvenWerkschanges? it is a new package03:32
smartboyhwOvenWerks, oh03:33
smartboyhwYou mean the application itself, damn:P03:33
OvenWerksIt takes a list of packages on the command line and gives the user a gui with them the user can choose from.03:33
OvenWerkswith different desktop files it can be used as a different installer for each menu.03:34
smartboyhwOvenWerks, good03:34
OvenWerkssort of like we were doing with USC but much much lighter03:34
OvenWerksit is flavour agnostic.03:34
smartboyhwOvenWerks, :)03:35
OvenWerksIt is now all gui except for the progress bar03:35
smartboyhwOvenWerks, oh03:35
OvenWerkswritten in perl and uses zenity for the list gui and policykit for password.03:36
smartboyhwOvenWerks, whoa!03:37
OvenWerksI hope in the future to use the zenity progress bar as well.03:38
OvenWerkshttps://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev/ubuntustudio/ubuntustudio-installer for more info.03:38
smartboyhwOvenWerks, :)03:38
OvenWerksIt is the first sw I have written from start to package.03:39
OvenWerks(first man page I have ever written too)03:39
OvenWerksAnyway, wife wants this computer so she can do some singing.03:40
smartboyhwOvenWerks, LOL03:42
smartboyhwOvenWerks, the copyright file03:47
smartboyhwin debian/copyright03:47
smartboyhwIt isn't machine-readable03:47
smartboyhwAnd why is debhelper >= 5? :O03:47
smartboyhwWhy is architecture all?03:48
OvenWerksarc is all becuase it is a script. Should work in anything.04:07
OvenWerkslintian likes the copyright file04:08
OvenWerksI am not sure how iwould make it machine readable04:08
OvenWerksversion 5 DH is what another package had... it could be 9 I am guessing.04:12
OvenWerkssmartboyhw: can you point me to something that explains the copyright file machine readability?04:13
OvenWerksSays machine readability is optional04:32
OvenWerkssmartboyhw: I don't think I will worry about those things at this time. None of them are broken or have bad policy.04:34
smartboyhwOvenWerks, OK... But it's real weird to have low compat versions:P08:08
smartboyhwAnd non-machine readable copyright08:08
smartboyhwOvenWerks, look at http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/debian-dir-overview.html08:09
smartboyhwAnd http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/copyright-format/1.0/08:09
smartboyhwI'm still thinking if it should be any or all08:13
smartboyhwIf I'm correct it should be any08:14
smartboyhwOvenWerks, also it isn't good to leave an empty Conflicts: fiekd08:41
ttoinezequence, are you here ?09:27
OvenWerkssmartboyhw: arc "any" is for src that can be compiled for any arc, "All" is for a binary package that can work on all arcs. 13:36
smartboyhwOvenWerks, OK, but how about the copyright file?13:36
OvenWerksThe manual I turned up said machine readable was optional13:37
smartboyhwOvenWerks, but it's better.13:37
smartboyhwOvenWerks, if I'm a Debian Developer, I would have rejected your package (due to low compat level)13:38
smartboyhwSeriously, 5 is TOO low13:38
OvenWerkssmartboyhw: there are two packages I would like to get out for 13.10... this one and -menu13:38
smartboyhwOvenWerks, micahg is your solution...13:38
smartboyhwOr just ask the sponsors13:38
OvenWerkswhat level would you like?13:38
smartboyhwOvenWerks, at least 8. Preferably 9.13:38
OvenWerksThat I can change.13:38
OvenWerksIt seems that our other US packages need to fixed as well13:39
OvenWerksTake a look at our settings for example.13:39
smartboyhwOvenWerks, compat level you mean?13:40
smartboyhwOvenWerks, it's good if you can fix that. I can help too.13:41
OvenWerksdh = 813:42
OvenWerksAll of these US packages are created and maintained by people who normally don't package.13:43
smartboyhwOvenWerks, oh13:43
* smartboyhw does package a lot:P13:43
smartboyhwOvenWerks, OK, I will start fixing once I've done kde-telepathy here.13:44
OvenWerksSo any package in our code section you wish to sugest a merge for, I will drop it in.13:44
smartboyhwOvenWerks, do I have to? (I'm in ~ubuntustudio-dev)13:45
smartboyhwTrust me for copyright files:P13:45
OvenWerksIf you can upload to our branch that is one less job for me.13:45
smartboyhwOvenWerks, ofc:)13:45
OvenWerksfor dh version, do I have to have a 9.* version or can I use just 9?13:47
smartboyhwOvenWerks, 9 ONLY13:47
OvenWerkssettings has 8.1.313:47
smartboyhwOvenWerks, you don't normally explicitly select a settings version...13:48
smartboyhwFor example, debhelper (>= 8.0.0) for 813:48
smartboyhwor debhelper (>= 9)13:48
smartboyhwfor 913:48
OvenWerksI mean our -settings package13:48
smartboyhwOvenWerks, oh, I mean debhelper version in Build-Dep of settings13:49
OvenWerksI am looking at what other packages need fixing.13:49
OvenWerksAs I am suggesting we split -settings... it would be good to correct that and it's copyright stuff.13:50
OvenWerksour -meta package should be arc all, not any I think.13:54
smartboyhwOvenWerks, NO.13:54
smartboyhwNever do that.13:54
smartboyhwIf you have packages that can't work on certain arch13:55
smartboyhwThen doing all will cause disaster.13:55
OvenWerksok makes sense13:55
OvenWerksShouldn't all the list of applications be recomends anyway?13:56
OvenWerksAs depends, if the user removes any one package it would remove the meta13:57
OvenWerksand all the programs on it.13:57
smartboyhwOvenWerks, hmm........13:57
OvenWerksIn the seeds I have been trying to use recomends for that reason.13:57
smartboyhwYou don't want that for alsa or xfce I think13:58
OvenWerksI mean for like the audio meta13:58
OvenWerksthough some things are still hard depends like jackd13:58
smartboyhwOvenWerks, recommends is OK13:59
OvenWerksbut LMMS for example should not be.13:59
smartboyhwOvenWerks, yes14:00
OvenWerksa synopis of this discusion should end up in our ML14:00
OvenWerkswe could ask for volunteers to fix something in one package even.14:02
smartboyhwOvenWerks, great14:05
OvenWerksThe meta depends thing should just go to zequence at this point as he did that package.14:09
OvenWerksbut the general package updating/fixing could be done by anyone.14:10
smartboyhwLike me for instance:014:12
smartboyhwOops, should be :)14:12
OvenWerksI would like to get some of the new people who have offered to contribute doing something that makes them feel useful14:13
OvenWerksYou could "vet" their work...14:14
smartboyhwOvenWerks, sure14:15
OvenWerksof course if there are no takers then it you and I...14:15
smartboyhwOvenWerks, send the email please :)14:15
OvenWerksworking on it...14:15
smartboyhwOvenWerks, zequence I suddenly thought of one thing: Where's DarkEra?14:28
=== ubott2 is now known as ubottu
OvenWerksnot sure.14:34
OvenWerkssmartboyhw: what is a good page to send people to for learning to use bzr with launchpad?14:35
cub<OvenWerks> I would like to get some of the new people who have offered to contribute doing something that makes them feel useful14:43
cub<OvenWerks> I would like to get some of the new people who have offered to contribute doing something that makes them feel useful14:43
cubto do what?14:43
cubhmm double post…stupid mac14:43
OvenWerksJust writing an email for the list... but basically we are finding our packages are out dated14:44
OvenWerksthe copyright files need to be made machine readable and some of our depends are for really old versions.14:44
OvenWerkscub: ^^14:46
smartboyhwOvenWerks, hmm14:46
smartboyhwbzr online doc?14:46
OvenWerkslaunchpad has help pages too.14:47
smartboyhwOvenWerks, whatever14:47
cubOvenWerks, being the NSG (new stupid guy) that still doesn't make me understand what to do. :P14:47
smartboyhwAs long as people understand how to use bzr;P14:47
smartboyhwcub, your task (sounds like Mission Impossible) is to update the copyright files to machine-readable using specific format and update the debhelper version to a newer one.14:48
OvenWerkscub: I started there too not very long ago :)14:48
OvenWerksyou need: launchpad account and install bzr14:48
OvenWerkshave you got ssh and pgp keys set up?14:50
cubyes, but on my laptop at home14:50
* cub is still at work14:50
OvenWerksthats ok where ever you wish to do the work.14:50
cubyeah, it's just that I can't test anything now14:51
OvenWerksgo to https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev and select a package14:51
OvenWerksfor example 14:51
OvenWerksand go to that page. then branch it (means download) into the directory you want to work on it14:52
OvenWerksThere is a section at the top that says "Get this branch"14:52
OvenWerksuse the command under that in a terminal.14:53
cubyes, I have downloaded things before. just never worked on them14:53
cubmostly to get art stuff14:53
OvenWerksThis will copy the branch to your computer14:53
OvenWerksinside that folder will be the debian folder and the copyright file is in there14:54
OvenWerksI have just sent email to the list. it may help or confuse you :)14:55
OvenWerksThe branch command should work on any machine with bzr even without pgp/ssh set up.14:56
cubgreat, I will take a look later on this evening I hope14:57
cubyeah, I just don't have bar on my work machine. Booting up my eee pc which I had in my bag. =)14:57
OvenWerksthere is a link to the machine readable copyright spec though14:57
smartboyhwOvenWerks, I will approve cub's work when he submits it14:59
OvenWerkssmartboyhw: email sent, feel free to add comments.14:59
OvenWerkssounds good to me.15:00
OvenWerksI should have added that people should tell the list what package you are working on so two people are not doing the same work.15:02
cubThat would be a good idea.'15:02
smartboyhwOvenWerks, comment sent.15:02
smartboyhwOvenWerks, make a wiki page:p15:02
OvenWerksI am going to spend time making bread and fixing a trailer today... then I might get to fixing -installer.15:03
cubyeah, the next new guy will ask the same questions as me (perhaps)15:03
smartboyhwcub, yeah.15:03
smartboyhwcub, just ask, we'll help:)15:03
cubor I could document my process later on15:03
smartboyhwcub, sure.15:03
OvenWerkssounds wonderful!15:04
cubwoaw the copyright-format page was quite extensive15:05
smartboyhwcub, yeah:)\15:05
cubvery well, gotta head home and feed the family. Will check in later.15:06
smartboyhwHey madeinkobaia :)15:06
madeinkobaiahey smartboyhw15:06
cubHi madeinkobaia I was just on my way out so just a quick question, did you have time to look at my draft for youtube tutorial guidelines?15:07
smartboyhwcub, ooh nice!15:09
smartboyhwCan I have a sneak peek of it?:P15:09
* OvenWerks wanders off to eat breakfast...15:09
madeinkobaiacub: For the moment I am a really busy, but I saw your mail about the tutorial. In fact I was planning to add a new picture as background image. Now that takes more time than I expected for create it. Because also I wanted than this picture could be use as default wallpaper for the 13.04. I will send you a proposition in about +- 1 week.15:12
cubgotta run, bye!15:13
madeinkobaiaBbl ! See you smartboyhw !15:48
zequenceOvenWerks: been away for a couple of days. Just came back18:51
OvenWerkszequence: hello, no worries.20:16
zequenceOvenWerks: Nice initiative with the packages20:16
zequenceI won't have much time to do anything until I land in Switzerland on Thu20:17
OvenWerksjust a part of package maint we have not thought of20:17
OvenWerkswe will continue to fumble along :)20:18
OvenWerksmicahg: seems I was using rather old versioning for things like debhelp and that my copyright file should be "machine readable". Anyway, the ubuntustudio-installer package has had these things corrected. It has built and passed Lintian with no errors.23:18
OvenWerksmicahg: it appears most of our packages have similar errors :P so we will be going over them slowly to correct this.23:20
OvenWerksIt seems like a good project for getting new people started too.23:21
OvenWerksmicahg: when is a good time to remind you to upload -installer?23:22

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