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muh-die-kuhis it possible to use upstart as a wrapper around a script which provides "$foobar start" "$foobar status" and "$foobar stop"? if so, do you got any hint on what to google for?10:37
xnoxmuh-die-kuh: not really no. just use normal init.d script instead - one can mix & match those under upstart.10:45
muh-die-kuhxnox: okay, thanks11:03
muh-die-kuhxnox: but there's no layer that provides access to init.d scripts using upstarts "start" & "stop" commands, right?11:04
xnoxmuh-die-kuh: $ sudo service NAME [start|stop|status|restart]11:06
xnoxmuh-die-kuh: works for all - upstart jobs and init.d scripts alike11:06
muh-die-kuhxnox: awesome, thanks :)11:07
xnoxmuh-die-kuh: but you are correct, upstart native commands (start / stop / initctl ....) only work against upstart job files.11:07
SpamapShm, is there a known bug in upstart where if you have   console=tty0 console=ttyS0 it does not fall back to tty0 if ttyS0 is unavailable?17:26
SpamapSGetting problems in a 13.04 VM that has no serial device.. some programs have no valid console.17:27
SpamapS(like, cloud-init)17:27
xnoxSpamapS: i think only one of those values is used, not both / no priority.17:37
xnoxi think jodh was looking into that, but it looks like he is EOD.17:37
SpamapSI'll file a bug with my findings, which are shallow but maybe they can help18:14
SpamapShrm, upstart just consumes /dev/console ... 18:19
SpamapSok, upstart is off the hook I think18:20

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