pleia2hazxubxmir: if you open a terminal and run: ps ax | grep system-comp00:00
pleia2if more than just the grep command returns, it's proably running00:00
hazxubxmiryes I did that in the beggining00:00
pleia2should have several lines of stuff show up if it's running00:00
hazxubxmiroh ok run that again?00:01
pleia2if you don't remember what it said, yeah :)00:01
Unit193Log file will show 3 times, grep once.00:01
hazxubxmirok thanks will check brb00:01
pleia2it's only looking at your process list and pulling some things out00:01
pleia2not actually doing anything to your system00:01
hazxubxmirok, it appears I'm only getting 2 log files and 1 grep00:05
Unit193On the Mir page, you can also see a screenshot of what you should get, if you want to add | pastebinit  and give thelink here, we can tell you for sure, but sounds as if you're using xorg.00:07
hazxubxmirok mir page is where00:07
hazxubxmirdon't matter I found that page00:09
hazxubxmirso now how do I get xmir to work00:10
Unit193Alright.  1.  You aren't running this in a VM, right?  2. What's the output of the log window?00:11
hazxubxmirhold up I have to do it again00:12
knomeUnit193, maybe the mir page should say that in cat sized letters... :)00:12
hazxubxmir 945 ?        S      0:00 /bin/sh /usr/sbin/unity-system-compositor.sleep --enable-input=false --from-dm-fd 7 --to-dm-fd 13 --vt 700:13
hazxubxmir  955 ?        Sl     1:09 /usr/sbin/unity-system-compositor --enable-input=false --from-dm-fd 7 --to-dm-fd 13 --vt 700:13
hazxubxmir23467 pts/0    S+     0:00 grep --color=auto system-comp00:13
Unit193I put it in bold.00:13
Unit193hazxubxmir: You're running XMir.00:13
hazxubxmiroh goodie, thank mate, only reason I wanted to check, that any comments I do make wanted to be sure that is was xmir working00:15
hazxubxmir1 more question does that command have to entered each time when booting in00:20
Unit193hazxubxmir: Not at all, all it's doing is looking at the list of running applications, a task manager.00:26
hazxubxmirok mate, many thanks for your help00:27
Unit193Sure, have a good one.00:28
hazxubxmiralwasy and u too00:28
hazxubxmiroops always00:28
slooksterpsvsorry I haven't been on much my system keeps just shutting off, not sure if its a heat issue or kernel panic00:39
Unit193Well that's not good.00:45
Unit193Do they not get what's written on the can?03:20
skellatUnit193: Hunh?03:30
xubuntu-mir647hi all... connected just to say: xmir + xubuntu is amazing!!!04:34
xubuntu-mir647if I install xubuntu + xmir, can I update my system without losing xmir?04:36
ubottuUbuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) will be the 19th release of Ubuntu. Announcement: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1252 - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+104:37
holsteinxubuntu-mir647: is that what you are talking about? from 13.10?04:37
xubuntu-mir647yes... posting from xubuntu iso live cd + xmir04:37
xubuntu-mir647I loved xmir...04:38
OvenWerksI think xmir packaging uses replaces xorg04:38
xubuntu-mir647want to keep it on my pc04:38
OvenWerksso upgrade should work.04:38
xubuntu-mir647nice... thanks!04:38
xubuntu-mir647will try to install now.04:38
OvenWerksdidn't wait around long enough for the "this is alpha sw" disclaimer ;)04:42
Unit193Wonder why he thought it was amazing.04:52
OvenWerksmaybe he tried it with unity first04:54
hazxubxmirdon't know if anyone else has noticed but scrolling and typing is at times very slow, 05:27
Unit193Yep, known bug.05:51
cubGood morning (at least it's morning here), I've been trying to run the Xmir tests on http://vanir.unit193.tk/mir/07:36
cubIt seems I'm not allowed to log on to the etherpad. When sharing through the mailing list, are the screenshots really everything you need? No HW specs or anything?07:37
Noskcajcub, hardware helps, but most of the current bugs are hardware independent07:44
Pwnnaare there discussions about acutally doing mir as default?07:44
Pwnnaimo we shouldn't include xmir until at least 14.0407:45
Pwnnauh. i mean 14.1007:45
NoskcajPwnna, yep, the final meeting on it is at the end of the month07:45
PwnnaNoskcaj: can anyone give feedback/opinions?07:48
cubIs it worth the effort to set up the ether pad?07:48
NoskcajPwnna, everyone can07:48
Pwnnause mozilla's etherpad07:48
PwnnaNoskcaj: where?07:49
NoskcajPwnna, mailing list and here.07:49
Noskcaji have to go, bye07:49
Pwnnai don't see a dedicated discussion thread07:49
Pwnnaso i wasn't sure07:49
cubPwnna, I meant the Etherpad as instructed on the Xubuntu Xmir page.07:50
Pwnnawhere's that page?07:51
cub"If you would like to share your results with the team, please do so at Xubuntu etherpad, or on the mailing list."07:52
cubBut the Etherpad requires authorization07:52
Pwnnaoh. i see07:52
Pwnnawhy oh why.07:52
Pwnnadon't we have a wiki07:52
cuband I figured if I was going to run several tests it might be easier to set it up.07:52
Pwnnasetup an etherpad instance?07:53
knomePwnna, if you need access to the etherpad, you can get that by having a launchpad account08:41
knomecub, ^08:42
knomePwnna, cub: then just join the ubuntu-etherpad team (and once you're approved to that team, you can access the ubuntu pad)08:42
Pwnnathere are no public etherpads?08:42
knomePwnna, sure there are.08:43
cubknome, thanks for the pointers. I have updated my tests in etherpad.09:24
knomecub, np, thank you09:24
PsynoKhi0howdy, is the XMir test ISO's performance expected to be painfully slow at this stage?10:54
tr33m4nanyone else unable to log into the Xubuntu etherpad?18:16
pleia2tr33m4n: you need to be in the etherpad group, let me know your launchpad name and I can ad dyou18:17
tr33m4nah, think it's tr33m4n18:17
drcnope, fine for me18:17
pleia2tr33m4n@googlemail.com ?18:17
pleia2tr33m4n: ok, added you18:18
tr33m4nthanks :)18:18
pleia2should be able to log in now18:18
tr33m4nyep all fine, thanks18:18
lderanso on the tests it does beat normal xubuntu it is a very small win mmm19:08
Unit193I think you read it backwards.19:17
lderanwell it only beats normal xubuntu on 2 tests i think19:21
Unit193Xmir is generally slower, though.19:34
Unit193Tearing seems to win, but you can fix that in xorg.conf19:35
lderan2 of those 4 it only beats normal xubuntu by 0.003%19:35
drcyeah, but it's a dry 0.003%.19:36
Unit193Best guess on the number of total downloads, 1769.19:52
pleia2wow :)19:53
Unit193And my guess was going for ~50...19:54
Unit193Someone said I should make a LindsayLohanOS, but I don't want to! :(20:01
drcThe DEA would probably shut you down.20:01
pleia2people love telling me what I should do with my time20:02
Unit193drc: Aha!20:02
drcOK,lets say 1700 DL's...how many reported tests so far?20:03
Unit193Mhmm... Yeah, not that many.20:03
drcpleia2: it's for you own good, you know :)20:04
lderanpleia2, has to be done :P20:09
drcUnit193: I wonder if  there would have been more test results if one didn't have to have an account to report said results??20:16
Unit193I'd assume so, maybe a little more spam, but who knows.  I would have been good using mozpad or piratepad.  I just don't dislike Ubuntu etherpad like I do the pastebin. :P20:18
pleia2skellat: nice email to the list23:02
skellatpleia2: Thanks23:02
lucashi all... I need some help...23:53
lucasI installed xubuntu + mir last night...23:53
lucaswhile on live cd, all worked fine...23:53
lucasbut after the installation, I'm having issues with "colored" blocks on the screen...23:54
lucasand I dont know where to start the debugging...23:55
lucasdoes someone esperienced something like that?23:55
pleia2lucas: at this point it's best to just file bug reports23:55
pleia2it's under heavy active development so we haven't really been doing much debugging, mostly they are just bugs :)23:55
lucastks for the answer...23:57
pleia2lucas: you can also try #ubuntu-mir23:57
pleia2that's where the mir devs hang out, and I'm sure they can always use interested debuggers23:57
lucasI will try looking the syslog, and ati driver...23:58
pleia2(though it is a bit late in the day for them)23:58
lucasI think my issue is driver related...23:58
lucasthanks anyway.23:58

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