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mnnHey, everyone. I haven't noticed that 2.6 is out. What does that exactly mean? Bazaar development got really sluggish over past year.16:31
mgzhaven't noticed?16:35
mnnnope... actually I was considering to move to Git, because of lack of development on bazaar. With that in mind, I would like to have a transitioning period - use bzr with some Git server to store repos16:38
mnnso what's the status of using bazaar with git?17:00
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jelmermnn: hi17:07
jelmermnn: you can use bzr on git repositories; there are a few known issues, and bzr-git hasn't been updated to work with some of the newer git features such as signed tags17:09
mnnthanks, jelmer... I've read somewhere that dpushing using bzr-git does not preserve renames... is that still true?17:17
jelmermnn: yes, dpush is lossy17:21
jelmermnn: dpush is mainly useful if you want to contribute to an external project that is maintained in git17:23
mnnso if I'm working on personal project, you don't recommend mixing bazaar and git, right? :)17:35
jelmermnn: indeed; I'd recommend either staying with bazaar or migrating to git17:36
jelmerI was working towards getting bzr-git to support git as just another format in bzr, but never finished that work17:37
mnntoo bad... nevertheless thanks for info, jelmer17:46
mnnwhat about bazaar development itself? 2.6.0 version was released... was this just "formal" release (not to stall any improvements/fixes in 2.6 betas) and development itself will linger as it has for more than a year?17:48
jelmermnn: Canonical doesn't have any full-time staff on bzr anymore. It's hard to say in a FOSS project how much will happen - it depends on how much time individual contributors want to put in.17:50
mnnso it's safe to say that Canonical "killed" Bazaar, right?17:59
jelmermnn: I'm not sure that's fair. They're no longer investing in it while they previously were. A lot of the non-Canonical contributors that were around previously also aren't contributing as much.18:02
mnnI know it's not fair. But since rise of Git, bazaar wasn't doing very well, right? Canonical was behind bazaar and Torvalds "was" behind Git. Thus since Canonical does not directly support development of bazaar, bazaar probably will never be able catch up with Git with only external contributors18:05
mnnanyway, what would you recommend, jelmer, as experienced VCS user/developer for bazaar user... moving to Mercurial or Git?18:08
smw_hi all, I have a bzr repo and I want to push it to a new git repo, is that possible? On a new github repo, I am attempting to do bzr dpush git+ssh://git@github.com/user/repo.git but I get bzr: ERROR: Unsupported protocol for url "git+ssh://git@github.com/user/repo.git"19:16
LeoNerdsmw_: I remember having to do something about  URL,branch=master19:26
LeoNerdOtherwise it doesn't know what branch name to push to19:26
LeoNerdCertainly I have managed  bzr dpush git+ss://git@github.com/Foo/Bar.git,branch=master19:27
smw_LeoNerd, still isn't working19:48
smw_LeoNerd, I am trying to dpush to a new repo though, perhaps that is the problem19:48
LeoNerdAhh.. possibly. I don't imagine it can create them19:49
smw_LeoNerd, I tried creating a repo with a single commit and doing it19:49
smw_LeoNerd, still didn't work19:49
LeoNerdAh.. notsure then.. I know very little about it :/19:50
smw_LeoNerd, np, can you help with something else though? I have a "pending merge", how do I execute it?19:50
smw_LeoNerd, I merged a patch I created with bzrsend19:51
LeoNerdcommit. "pending merge" means that there is merge information waiting for the next commit19:51
smw_ah, so I just need to commit?19:51
smw_should I put a commit message when I do that?19:51
LeoNerdcommits need a message, yes19:52
LeoNerdLacking anything else I usually just put  bzr ci -m "Merged from URL -r REVNO"19:52
smw_just committed, now I see it used the wrong email, got to figure out uncommit now :-\19:53
LeoNerdHah.. uncommit on git? Good luck :/19:53
smw_oh wow, it is just bzr uncommit... that is awesome19:53
smw_nope, this is on bzr :-D19:54
LeoNerdbzr uncommit will do it locally19:54
LeoNerdah.. OK :)19:54
jelmersmw_: you need to install bzr-git if you want to push to git20:20
smw_jelmer, yeah, just figured that out20:24

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