hatchhuwshimi: have you had a chance to look at the comments on your branch from yesterday?00:03
huwshimihatch: Was just reviewing Gary's changes00:04
rick_hhatch: did you peek if the images on the zoom was correct in trunk? /me is wondering if this is a case of broken build step?00:05
hatchrick_h: sorry I haven't I just noticed it in passing and created a ticket00:05
rick_hhatch: k00:05
hatchI also rage quit at EOD today sooooo probably won't go back at it until tomorrow00:05
rick_hhatch: k, np. I'll check it out later when I'm properly pc bound00:05
hatchrick_h: so I think that changing the path or hash of a file is better than etags because etags still require a get request00:08
rick_hhatch: so the thing is that caching layers in the middle work properly with etags nicely. It's based on the content of a file and doesn't pollute the url. 00:09
rick_hso you want to create a hash of a file, that's what an etag is00:09
rick_hit's just in the header vs the url00:09
rick_hso you don't have to see it00:09
rick_hbrowsers and web servers have spent a lot of brain power making these work really well00:10
hatchright but that still requires a request whereas the other approach <filehash>-main.js for example can be infinitely cached so will never request a new file00:10
hatchit's almost like an etag is for a sysadmin to implement caching whereas the hash approach is for the developer to do it :)00:12
rick_hhatch: hmmm, I guess that works. Man it seems fugly. It's true it's a request, but it's only going to make the request if the cache time has expired, and then it'll only be a HEAD request. 00:12
rick_hhatch: yea, but the thing is that because it's in the sysadmin side, it's fully supported by things like squid/varnish, CDNs, etc00:12
hatchI wonder if it's a big hit on mobile because each http request can be a huge delay00:13
rick_hI guess in our case where we've only got a few files it's not as bad, we still need etags for the images and other things we load00:13
hatchi've seen http requests over 10s long...so does it block loading of the page until that req comes back?00:13
hatch(I have no idea)00:13
rick_hhatch: well, I'd say look at our server logs and see if we've got 10s requests00:14
hatchit's not the server, it's the network00:14
hatchso for example00:14
rick_hthis thing is deployed by admins into a environment on a cloud service. I doubt they're 10s from it. 00:14
rick_hnot to mention the lack of mobile right now00:14
hatchclient makes request -> it gets lost in internet land for 10s (what is the browser doing now?)00:15
rick_hhatch: yea, I gotcha00:15
hatchis it waiting? or is it displaying the out of date code00:15
hatch'potentially' out of date code00:15
rick_hhatch: but we can tell stuff like that by looking at the request times for a user across the files fetched on load00:15
rick_hwe 'have' the data00:15
hatchI'm not talking about us specificially00:16
hatchjust about the technology00:16
hatchif the http request gets stuck somewhere....what is the browser doing00:16
rick_hwell, the technology works, it tested, and works for all files. images, static js, dynamic content, etc. 00:17
hatchI think you're missing what I'm saying00:17
rick_hif the http gets stuck somewhere a user is going to reload the browser. they're an impatient lot00:17
rick_hif someone pulls the internet plug mid-request it's pulled. 00:17
rick_hso what?00:17
hatchwell using the hash approach the browser (after getting the index.html) can start to render the content (assuming everything is the same) using the etag approach it has to make those extra http requests and wait for them to return to start rendering00:18
hatch(at least I would assume that's what it does)00:18
hatchso on a connection with slow http round trips it would be a large performance gain to use the hash approach00:19
rick_hwell, first time it fetches the files regardless. Then the next time you request it, the browser checks the TTL and if that's passed up it makes a HEAD request saying "I'm looking for this content, with this etag"00:19
rick_hand the server says to either re-submit a GET request or carry on, your copy is fine00:19
hatchright....at which point it's waiting00:19
rick_hhatch: right, if the latency is 1s round trip it would suck. Now show me 1s round trip times from people using our tool :P00:20
rick_hhatch: and the hash solution works for files that you hash. What about the rest of them?00:20
rick_hso it works with our 3 js files, 2 css files?00:20
hatchI wasn't talking about our tool - just the technology in general00:20
rick_hwe've got 50+ requests on a page load?00:20
hatchright - you probably wouldn't want to generate hash filenames for images00:21
hatchat least unless your on huge scale00:21
rick_hat that point you CDN so that no one has 1s round trips. 00:21
rick_hthe files are close to them at all times00:21
rick_hunless you're in the artic on a science study00:21
rick_hthen suck it 00:21
hatchoh man I wish, my http requests from my phone are constantly 1s+00:22
hatchmore if it's unprimed00:22
rick_hthat's total request00:22
rick_hwith transfer00:22
hatchnope just round trip00:22
rick_hrun speedtest on it and tell me what the ping time is00:22
rick_hsorry, but having a hard time buying that using your phone you've broken down ping times and page load time due to transfer00:23
hatchok loading speedtest00:24
hatchhttp://blog.hipchat.com/2012/10/26/performance-tuning-ios-making-mobile-fast/ see point 1 on this page though00:24
rick_hhatch: yes, but a HEAD request isn't 1.5s, or 3s00:25
rick_hthat was the time for his api request. Which was latency + time to build response + time to transfer the actual payload + latency again00:25
hatch755ms ping time00:27
hatch62ms ping time00:27
hatchi'll try once more00:27
hatch140ms ping time00:27
rick_hyea, that's a *little* variance00:27
rick_hso 62ms ping time means a check for an updated file if the etag is expired (only after the TTL is already passed anyway) is 130ms round trip00:28
rick_h140, it's 1/4 of a second round trip00:28
rick_hnow, if it's 755, then right...you just wasted a second and a half00:28
hatchthey are all over the map00:28
hatchso the 'perfect' world would have every file with a hash type name, next step would be hashed js/css and then etagged images, next would be etagged everything, next (far behind) no cache headers00:29
hatchncie fix btw :D00:31
rick_hheh, somehow I screwed up removing the pressed version and got rid of the original version :/00:31
rick_hand a make devel didn't rebuild the sprite so didn't notice :(00:31
rick_hthanks for the catch now 00:32
hatchwell it was pretty hard to miss when I pulled in trunk and was qa'ing my latest branch haha00:33
hatchI was like 'how did I break that??'00:33
rick_hugh, was that kind of day I guess. Finished with a bang00:34
hatchcheck this out http://www.docker.io/00:34
rick_hyea, been there done that. api wrapper over lxc containers yay00:34
hatchthat's what I was thinking it was00:34
rick_hI'd rather fix lxc container api and use juju on it00:34
rick_hbut it's getting a lot of attention even from people inside canonical00:35
rick_hbut all the mac-heads that <3 it hate it can't run on their machines since they don't have lxc00:35
hatchso once the lxc api is fixed in juju then this won't be necessary any longer?00:36
hatchif I'm understanding it correctly00:36
rick_hno, the lxc api is part 100:36
rick_hautomating installs and bit is part 2 and that's juju00:36
hatchhehe ""Mac, Windows and some Linux distributions cannot natively run Docker at this time so we help you setup a Ubuntu virtual machine and run Docker inside of that.""00:37
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antdillonI have added a new branch does anyone have a min to review? lp:~ya-bo-ng/juju-gui/inspector-icons10:45
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abentleyrick_h: So, it looks like the charm store still hasn't updated cs:~pavel-pachkovskij/precise/rack to revision 5.  Have you been in touch with anyone about it?13:04
rick_habentley: hazmat ping'd me back in irc saying it's "out of devs hands" so I need to figure out who in IS runs it I guess and go from there? I think basically it's hung up on the uncommit or what not and not updating at this point. 13:12
abentleyrick_h: Yes, that sounds right.  I bet the logs will show that the update is failing because the store branch's tip isn't an ancestor of launchpad's branch's tip.13:14
bacabentley: i see you have a card in review but can't find the MP.  is it there?13:15
abentleybac: It's this, but why do you ask? https://code.launchpad.net/~abentley/charmworld/separate-qa/+merge/17884113:16
bacabentley: b/c i assumed you needed a review13:16
hazmatrick_h, mthaddon had it last i asked about an upgrade13:16
adeuringabentley: could you take another look at https://code.launchpad.net/~adeuring/charmworld/etag-for-charm-api-view/+merge/178792 ?13:16
hazmatrick_h, but its probably in a pool rotation13:17
bacabentley: i see you don't.  move your card?13:17
hazmatrick_h, rt basically.. the charm you mentioned was published last i looked13:17
rick_hhazmat: ah ok cool. Strange one. 13:17
abentleybac: Sure.13:17
abentleyadeuring: sure.13:18
rick_hhazmat: https://store.juju.ubuntu.com/charm-info?charms=cs:~pavel-pachkovskij/precise/rack should be r5 13:18
rick_hhazmat: so guessing it's not getting processed by the store code because of the strange bzr path. The user hasn't come back on irc so I've not verified he did uncommit and why. 13:19
abentleyrick_h, hazmat: I'm comfortable asserting that whatever he did looks like an uncommit, and we need to ensure we handle them correctly.13:23
abentleyadeuring: r=me13:24
hazmati'm poking at the branch to understand it better13:24
adeuringabentley: thanks13:24
hazmatthe store won't look at a charm again till its changed, its doing a fresh checkout when branchtips spells the change for it, there are errors it tracks but their not exposed unfortunately13:25
hazmatthough they are stored in mongo13:25
abentleyhazmat: If you do "bzr log -r revid:pavel.pachkovskij@altoros.com-20130301074156-vkto1nnhg3pujiyq lp:~pavel-pachkovskij/charms/precise/rack/trunk" you'll see that the revision is recorded in the branch.  But if you do "bzr log lp:~pavel-pachkovskij/charms/precise/rack/trunk" you'll see that revision isn't part of the branch's current revision history.13:28
hazmatabentley, right, but the charm store doesn't care about valid past revid.. still investigating, but in middle of meeting, eta 10m13:28
abentleyhazmat: In fact, it looks like he started from scratch.13:28
frankbanhazmat: hey, I need to implement an API version of env.deploy() to be used in the guiserver.  Is there a reason for the GoEnvironemnt.deploy() in the deployer not using the API?  If so, perhaps I will use a subclass. If not, it seems quite easy to me to implement the method.13:29
hazmatfrankban, yeah.. no local charm support, which is a major use case for deployer13:29
abentleyhazmat: I don't know if the charm store is doing update or pull, but my guess is it's not doing --overwrite, to ensure it always gets the branch tip even in this sitation.13:29
hazmatabentley, its doing a fresh checkout every time13:29
frankbanhazmat: ack, so I'll just use a subclass for the guiserver13:29
abentleyhazmat: Then I guess the cause is something to do with the store itself.13:30
abentleyhazmat: re: "the store won't look a charm again until its changed", new revisions were added today, yesterday, the day before yesterday.13:34
hazmatabentley, yeah.. looks its a store issue what exactly i don't know13:35
hazmatabentley, incidentally charmworld should be passing in a since last date to getBranchTips13:35
hazmatabentley, just verified getBranchTips has the correct/latest output13:35
abentleyhazmat: How would passing since into getBranchTips help us?13:36
hazmatabentley, less processing of redundant data, less load on lp13:48
hazmatie instead of fetching 1k every time, it fetches what's actually changed, so typically 10 a or less day at our current rate.13:49
abentleyhazmat: I don't think the load on lp to query all branches vs recently-modified branches is significant, and we want to use other means to determine what's redundant.13:50
hazmatabentley, yes, we've evolved redundant code, that doesn't make it good, or make fetching only what's changed bad.13:50
abentleyhazmat: If we made the change naively, it would be bad because it would cause us to falsely mark branches as deleted that were not.  If it were done carefully, it would be more work, and without equivalent benefits, that's bad too.13:54
abentleyI wasn't talking about redundant code.13:54
hazmatabentley, so how does deletion work, its based on presence in the getBranchTips output?13:55
abentleyhazmat: Yes, we compare the mongodb content with the getBranchTips output, and anything in mongo not in the getBranchTips output is considered deleted.13:56
hazmatic, except its never actually deleted from the store14:00
adeuringabentley: can you remember the reason why you removed the parameter http_cache from the .ini file? Adding them again would be a cheap way to add caching again for most of charmworld14:01
adeuring(it's r123)14:01
abentleyadeuring: I believe the problem is that you get over-caching, because it doesn't vary on user.  If you add Vary: cookie, then the Google Analytics cookies break the caching.14:03
adeuringabentley: ok. so, adding etags to affected views still makes sense.14:03
hatchgary_poster: good afternoon :)14:05
gary_posterhey hatch :-)14:05
gary_posterhey frankban.  I had a good conversation with noodles about deployer integration.  you probably have thoughts as well.  Maybe we can squeeze in a quick call to coordinate later this afternoon?  maybe half hour or hour from now?14:06
antdillongary_poster, Hi, I have some small tweaks in a branch, want me to do a mp?14:06
gary_posterantdillon, would be great.  hatch or Makyo you around to help?14:07
gary_posteror anyone in jujugui to help antdillon land the branch?  :-)14:08
frankbangary_poster: sounds good. I have a plan now indeed.14:08
gary_postercool thanks frankban 14:08
hatchyeah I can land the branch antdillon14:10
rick_hgary_poster: I can in a bit. I'm trying to keep my head down today. antdillon can you push it up like yesterday and I'll try to pull/submit it and get it reviewed later on today?14:10
rick_hor hatch can have at it 14:10
abentleyhazmat: right, the branches are marked deleted, the charms are not.14:10
gary_posterthank you rick_h or hatch.14:10
hatchdon't want rick_h to forget any icons or anything this time :P14:10
rick_hhatch: :P you better handle it then 14:11
hatchgary_poster: are you going to continue on with huws branch or would you like me to?14:11
antdillonrick_h, Its up, been up a for hours14:12
antdillonhatch, rick_h Thank you14:12
hatchwhat's this one supposed to be doing?14:13
antdillonhatch, Added landscape icons to landscape errors in the inspector and set the width of textareas in the inspector so there is no y-scroll bar14:14
antdillonhatch, Small CSS changes14:14
hatchcool, did you check in IE?14:14
antdillonhatch, Thought you were supporting Chrome and FF?14:15
antdillonhatch, Lol IE614:16
hatchhaha no14:16
hatchantdillon: the icons are missing from beside the unit names in the landscape section14:17
antdillon hatch Is there an easy was to invoke landscape errors?14:19
hatchadd 100 units and wait a second the simulator will generate them pretty quick14:20
hatchor 1000 units14:20
hatchit can handle it :)14:20
antdillonhatch, Weird, there were there in the local version, might have missed an add. Hang on14:22
hatchI'm like jshint for qa - i'll hurt your feelings14:22
hatch(if you don't know what jshint/lint is that joke won't make any sense)14:22
antdillonhatch, I get it, you sue the icons are'nt there?14:29
hatchreloading, clearing cache...all that jaz14:29
antdillonhatch, Well icon (inspector-charm-landscape.png) as they both use the same14:29
hatchnope, I don't even see a style to apply them14:30
hatchforget to save the less file?14:31
antdillonhatch, Mmm did you get rev 930?14:31
hatchyup 930, the background style isn't being applied....14:32
hatchoh that's right14:32
hatchthis doesn't have the style set14:32
hatchantdillon: look for .status-unit-content14:33
hatchit's missing the landscape ones14:33
antdillonhatch, Odd there in the diff14:36
hatchno it's not14:36
hatchunless we are looking at two totally separate branches haha14:36
hatchyou added two classes both of which are under .status-unit-header14:36
antdillonhatch, Here is the changes, is this the branch you are pulling? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ya-bo-ng/juju-gui/inspector-icons/revision/93014:37
hatchlol does your diff really show new classes under .status-unit-content or are you just messing with me? :)14:38
antdillonhatch, Totally does, do you not see them on launchpad?14:40
hatchthats so weird14:40
hatchthey are definitely not there14:40
hatchthere is only a 10line diff14:41
hatchantdillon: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s219/sh/45e433c8-7a8b-426a-afe0-aadbf0ba5f57/78a8e174510f9b91138e1753ece8871b/res/be3c1c1a-2abe-4ab8-9eff-0e0b8232c007/skitch.png14:42
antdillonhatch, I'll push a white space change and push again14:42
antdillonhatch, They are there, .status-unit-header.landscape-needs-reboot and .status-unit-header.landscape-security-upgrades14:43
hatchhatch: antdillon: look for .status-unit-content14:44
antdillonhatch, Ah ...14:44
antdillonhatch, My bad, sorry doing 3 things at once14:44
hatchnow u owe me a beer14:44
antdillonhatch, Yes I do! fix it there14:47
antdillonhatch, Sorry about that14:47
bcsallerstill need one more review on, https://codereview.appspot.com/12323043/ rick_h you looked at this before, maybe you have time to check again?14:47
hatchantdillon: haha np14:47
hatchmake devel14:48
hatchahh crap14:48
rick_hbcsaller: sure thing14:48
gary_posterhatch, devel is made14:48
hatchthanks bot gary14:48
gary_posterfrankban, you available for guichat for a sec?14:48
frankbangary_poster: sure, joining14:49
teknicoguihelp: today I'm seeing these selenium errors when running functional tests in charm trunk, yesterday they were ok, did anything related change in the gui code recently? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5959156/14:51
antdillonhatch, Sorry man, 932 is my last touch14:52
hatchantdillon:  :) qaing now14:53
hatchantdillon: do you have IE10?14:53
antdillonhatch, Not on this machine, I'll sign up for browserstack again14:54
hatchantdillon: it's ok I'll spin up a vm14:54
rick_hbcsaller: did this update then handle the type=checkbox?15:00
bcsallerrick_h: no, but afaik that still isn't fixed15:01
rick_hbcsaller: ok, so this will have to be revisited and updated once the bug is corrected? And test cases added to help make sure we don't break checkbox suport then?15:01
bcsalleryes, but I'm not sure what the UX should even be for checkboxes, "True/False", "Yes/No"?  Maybe the conflict icon alone implies that the other state is selected15:03
hatchwasn't it my branch that broke the checkbox support?15:03
hatchwhich was then fixed?15:03
bcsallerhatch: was it? I'll check again15:03
hatchgary_poster: DD in IE is working today....I'd like to take credit but.....15:04
rick_h bcsaller ok, I'm LGTM'ing but it feels like it's incomplete with known issues hanging around. 15:04
rick_hbcsaller: I don't want to keep holding things up.15:04
hatchantdillon: looks good thanks15:04
rick_hbcsaller: if we need UX guidence maybe we can send an email for now to the -peeps list and get some feedback when the UX folks get back from IoM15:05
bcsallerrick_h: yeah15:05
bcsallerhatch: I still see an input for debug on mediawiki, with trunk merged15:06
bcsallerhatch: still works in ghost though15:06
hatchbcsaller: ohh ok, so my branch had it broken in the ghost15:06
antdillonhatch, Sorry for messing with ya, testing your link brain. Thanks15:06
hatchantdillon: haha np15:06
hatchantdillon: what do you dev on?15:07
hatchbcsaller: rick_h we should create a ticket/card to followup about that checkbox issue because that will hold up releasing15:08
antdillonhatch, As in OS?15:08
rick_hhatch: I thoght there was already a bug and in my review I asked that it get updated to note this code tie-in. 15:08
hatchantdillon: yeah15:09
rick_hhatch: bcsaller #120787015:09
_mup_Bug #1207870: Boolean values aren't checkboxes on deployed services <juju-gui:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1207870>15:09
antdillonhatch, Ubuntu ... of course15:09
gary_posterhatch, lol, ok, I'll share.  thx15:10
hatchantdillon: http://www.modern.ie/en-us/virtualization-tools#downloads this might help ya15:10
antdillonhatch, Awesome thanks15:11
hatchjujugui looking for a single very quick review for ants branch https://codereview.appspot.com/12602044/patch/1/100215:12
benjihatch: I'll take a look15:13
benjihatch: LGTM15:14
hatchthanks ben-jai15:16
hatchI decided how I want to pronounce abel too with a long a like apple15:17
hatchnot sure if that's right though :D15:17
hatchgary_poster: I'd still lke to leave the DD card and ticket for now, just because it's odd that it works all of a sudden15:18
hatchjujugui looking for one more review and QA of https://codereview.appspot.com/12567043/15:20
Makyojujugui call in 10, kanban now15:20
* hatch thinks Makyo has a macro for that now15:20
MakyoSeriously considering it.  Mostly it's just the alerts on my phone :)15:20
teknicoguihelp: can someone please run the functional tests in charm trunk? "make ftest" they're broken for me: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5959156/15:22
teknicogary_poster: ^^15:23
gary_posterhatch +115:26
bacteknico: running them15:27
teknicobac: thank you15:27
gary_posterteknico, ack15:27
Makyojujugui call in 215:28
hatchI see the mutany is live and well15:29
bacteknico: i got 1 error15:41
teknicobac: pastebin?15:41
hatchbcsaller: you broke CI ....mohohahahaha15:42
hatchyeah looks like a failure in IE15:43
hatchdoes anyone here use zsh in their terminal?15:44
rick_hhatch: yes!!!15:44
hatchI figured you would be against it15:44
rick_hagainst it? I preach it!15:44
hatchWELL THEN!15:45
rick_hhttps://github.com/mitechie/zshrc for my lightning talk material and 'starter' config I hand out :)15:45
rick_hnot a 2-line prompt fan myself, but ok15:46
bacteknico: i'll run again and capture the output.  my problems looked more environmental, the tests didn't start, installation problems.15:46
hatchrick_h: I haven't been either but I have found instances where it would be nice15:46
rick_h15pt font?! I only run 10 or less on anything15:46
hatchI coudln't read that on my monitor lol15:46
hatchmy laptop uses 10pt though15:46
rick_hI was bummed when I moved from 8pt to 10pt :/15:46
hatchI think my desktop is 14ish15:47
hatchlemme see15:47
rick_hdesktop is 10, laptop is 815:47
hatchoh I lied15:47
hatchit's 12pt15:47
hatchlaptop 10, desktop 1215:47
rick_hanyway, zsh ftw. Pipe aliases, better vim mode, and rm **/*.pyc ftw15:47
hatchwhen I work in git it shows me the branch and status in my PS115:48
rick_hyea, does that in bzr, git, hg15:48
hatchbut it gets pretty long15:48
hatchso that's why I was entertaining the idea of a 2 liner15:48
rick_hI go short. I just use branch name15:48
rick_hI don't need to know how many changes/etc15:49
hatchdo you display the full path name in it?15:49
rick_hno, only the last directory15:49
hatchohh ok I show the full path15:49
rick_h[fix-zoom-sprite:929//juju-gui I ] for instance from last night. [branch:revno//dirname insert_mode ]15:50
hatchahh that's nice15:50
hatchsome people claim zsh is slow15:50
hatchI didn't buy it15:50
rick_hso the only perf issue is across nfs shares for some reason15:50
rick_hand if you run custom functions that are slow. 15:51
hatchbcsaller: lemme know when you wana have that chat15:51
rick_hbut it's dead simple to write your own completion functions which is nice15:51
hatchahh yeah15:51
hatchnfs shares are slow period, I just ssh into now haha15:51
hatchand use rsync15:51
rick_hzsh tab complete wins all15:51
bcsallerhatch: after the next call I can look into it with you15:52
hatchI've been trying to go more and more terminal based but on the IDE front Webstorm is looking pretty good15:52
hatchgary_poster: do we have the call in 8mins?15:52
gary_posterhatch yes15:52
gary_postersinzui, the jujucharm redirects appear to all be gone :-(15:52
* Makyo looks over rick_h's zsh stuff. The extension aliases are cool; currently has 'alias jfdi="xdg-open"' for some of that.15:54
rick_hMakyo: yea I mainly <3 the pipe aliases. cat file.txt G word16:00
rick_hor cat file.txt L16:00
rick_hautopushd, better history sync16:01
* sinzui asks webops16:01
abentleybenji: So, the apache2 charm's JSON is 15K or 3K gzipped.16:03
benjiabentley: interesting16:04
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sinzuigary_poster, recheck and confirm?16:05
sinzuiBefore I could complete my request It appears that have started working for me16:05
gary_postersinzui, https://jujucharms.com/charms/precise/wordpress-HEAD/ not working for me16:05
sinzuiit was definitely broken a few minutes for me16:05
sinzuithe short works, the long does not16:06
sinzuiI wonder if the redirect rules were reverted with the charm release16:06
Makyojcsackett, is there a rv link for your branch?16:06
sinzuigary_poster, does https://jujucharms.com/charms/precise/wordpress16:06
MakyoMay have lost it in scrollback.16:06
gary_postersinzui, yes.  16:07
sinzuihttps://jujucharms.com/charms/precise/juju-gui just worked for me too16:08
sinzuiNice looking page too16:08
bcsallerhatch: you want to do that call now/soon?16:27
hatchyeah now is good16:27
hatchback in guichat16:27
frankbanbcsaller: I am not sure I will be able to submit the last MinUnits branch today. Anyway, here is the new API call signature: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5959504/ . I expect that to land tomorrow.16:45
bcsallerfrankban: thank you 16:45
frankbanbcsaller: mp, here is a python script I used to test the functionality: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5959514/16:48
sinzuigary_poster, the rule to redirect was for the long URL to the short URL. eg, /charms/ is dropped the from the url if it exists and the charm does not have a version. The example URL you have contains old-style  roots and the version hack to satisfy the GUI. That URL only exists if someone URL hacks16:53
rick_hyay, my sprint t-shirts arrived! just in time for me to wear them over this Google Chrome dust-up!17:01
=== abentley-lunch is now known as abentley
rick_hthanks jcsackett :)17:02
abentleybenji: I'm up for more chat if you are.17:03
benjiabentley: I'm about half way through lunch so I'll ping you in 3017:04
abentleybenji: Cool.17:04
jcsackettMakyo: sorry, no, i never posted. and was out to lunch. :-P https://codereview.appspot.com/12608043/17:06
hatchbcsaller: in these tests 'this.ws' in python.js should be conn (new utils.socketstub) right?17:34
hatchlooks that way17:35
bcsallerhatch: I believe so, I always have to check that as well 17:35
hatchit's like one of those roads which changes names as you drive down it17:36
hatchI forgot env.connect()17:37
benjiabentley: guichat is open17:39
benjiabentley: this illustrates how I was suggesting using itertools.groupby: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5959750/17:59
abentleybenji: The other place "featured" is used is the page where you can set it for a charm.  I forgot to mention that.18:06
benjiok, that should be easy to deal with18:07
* Makyo zooms to coffee shop to give dogs alonetime.18:17
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hatchsooo hows everyones afternoon19:17
hatchjujugui looking for two quick reviews on https://codereview.appspot.com/12623043/ plz and thx19:26
jcsacketthatch: sure.19:27
hatchadded to board19:28
hatchanyone else......onee more for the points?19:28
hatchjcsackett: did you need another review on your branch? I see only Makyo on the tag19:29
jcsacketthatch: rick got it as well; i've just not been able to lbox it away yet. :-)19:29
hatchok added him to the board19:29
hatchsauce labs videos are broken?19:30
hatchboo urns19:32
hatchbcsaller: the CI is failing because the two Inspector Conflict UX tests are timing out19:39
hatchwould you like me to investigate or do you want it?19:39
hatchahh it doesn't appear valueChange is firing19:43
hatchI seem to remember writing about that somewhere19:46
hatchbcsaller: probably related https://github.com/yui/yui3/issues/489 and my workaround http://jsbin.com/azohuq/2/edit I'll see if this solves the issue here as well19:47
bcsallerfun stuff :(19:49
hatchalthough we are running an old version of YUI19:50
hatchwhere this might be resolved...19:50
hatchI'll try upgrading that19:50
hatchok who wants to bet this will 'just work'19:53
hatchany takers? ;)19:54
bcsallerit should work19:54
hatchholy smokes19:56
hatchno errors19:56
hatchwith the exception of the 'expose bug' that was already there19:56
hatchone test failure19:59
hatchhmm except the test action works fine in the real world20:01
abentleybenji: I've had more thoughts about versioning and elasticsearch.  Do you have a minute to chat?20:10
benjiabentley: sure, guichat is open20:10
Makyojujugui can I get a quick gut-check on the direction I'm heading with deltas in go-sandbox?  Just want to make sure I'm not totally nuts.  WIP, not a real review.  https://codereview.appspot.com/12596044/diff/1/app/store/env/sandbox.js20:14
bcsallerMakyo: looking20:15
Makyobcsaller, thanks20:16
bcsallerMakyo: how did we end up with 'currentNextRequestId', funny name :)20:19
Makyobcsaller, haha, yeah.  It's the current RequestId for the Next RPC call.20:20
bcsallerMakyo: yeah, it could be nextRequestId though, or currentRequestId, or something, its the both that got me20:21
Makyobcsaller, Yeah, that's fine20:21
bcsallerMakyo: the code for sendDelta and all that looks about the same, shouldn't that be moved to a common prototype rather than duplicated or am I reading the diff wrong?20:22
bcsallerthe delta interval handling, etc, looks like they have more in common than not. I expect up to the perform_xxx methods they are more alike than different20:24
Makyobcsaller, The delta object is different, but much of it can be moved out, I think, so long as the correct _getDeltaAttrs  object is called and it builds the correct data.20:24
Makyoso much of that can be abstracted.20:25
bcsallerthat sounds good20:25
MakyosendDelta should be just building a list of deltas, the internals of which are determined from getDeltaAttrs.20:25
bcsallerlooks like getDeltaAttrs is even the same, just driven off a different table20:27
hatchbcsaller: when you're done with Makyo I'd like to pick your brain a sec about these keybindings20:28
bcsallerbut to answer your main question, with more code reuse, yes, this looks good. I expect the structural differences are minimal, only the wire data (and the fact that GoJu needs an additional stream) seem to change. I like that20:29
Makyobcsaller, cool, thanks. 20:32
bcsallerhatch: yeah, did you want to chat?20:32
hatchyeah real quick hangout....umm lemme fire one up20:32
bcsalleryeah, saw it was full20:33
hatchring ring20:33
hatchbcsaller: what the..... https://github.com/yui/yui3/blob/v3.9.1/src/transition/js/transition-native.js20:45
hatchit's identical20:45
hatchso I have no idea how this worked in the first place....20:47
hatchbcsaller: unfortunately the simulate bug is not fixed in YUI 3.11 :(20:54
hatchI'ma propose this update anyways20:55
bcsallerbetter to have than not20:56
hatchjujugui update to yui 3.11 https://codereview.appspot.com/12627043 looking for two thorough QA's plz21:05
hatchalso looking for one more review here https://codereview.appspot.com/12623043/21:06
hatchgood evening gary_poster21:38
hatchjcsackett: you around?21:59
jcsackettfor various definitions of around.21:59
hatchUnable to obtain lock  held by jcsackett@bazaar.launchpad.net on taotie (process #13696), acquired 13 seconds ago.21:59
_mup_Bug #13696: White border appears around kwifimanager system tray icon <kdenetwork (Ubuntu):Fix Released by kubuntu-members> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/13696>21:59
hatchwhen I tried to merge21:59
hatcher submit21:59
jcsacketthatch: huh.21:59
hatchyeah right?21:59
jcsackettmy submit finished; there shouldn't be a lock.22:00
hatchI'll try again22:00
jcsacketthatch: you can also bzr break-lock22:00
hatchis it safe to do that? heh22:00
jcsackettit should be; i can't think of any reason i would have a lock.22:01
jcsacketthatch: i have no pending bzr operations running.22:01
jcsackett13 seconds feels suspect...22:01
hatchwell I'll see what happens22:02
hatchthis time22:02
hatchbut as long as you aren't running anything then I'll break the lock if it happens again22:02
jcsacketti'll postpone my EoD a bit out of curiosity.22:05
hatchsorry my lboxing is slow22:06
hatchjcsackett: all good now22:08
jcsacketthatch: good stuff.22:08
hatchenjoy your eod22:08
jcsackettlater. :-)22:13
hatchbcsaller: will you approve     if (Y.UA.ie === 10) { done(); } to get CI passing agin for your tests?22:26
hatchelse simulate will need to be properly patched....which looks like a lot of work for the valuechange event22:26
hatchI also need to do it to get the ghost test that relies on the valuechange event to work22:28
gary_posterhey hatch, could you help Huw out with a re-review of https://codereview.appspot.com/12506044/ ?22:42
hatchon it22:43
gary_posterjujugui (Makyo, bcsaller?) could one of you review Francesco's charm branch please?  https://codereview.appspot.com/12612043/22:43
gary_posterNicola can provide the other one tomorrow morning22:43
gary_posterThanks, hatch!22:43
hatchgary_poster: if you're looking for some late night testing fun you could QA this branch :) https://codereview.appspot.com/12627043/22:43
gary_posterhatch, I saw that, awesome!  I would like to, but about to have a call with fam now before bed.  Just worked through 300-some-odd emails :-P22:44
hatchhaha, it's ok it requires a pretty deep QA :)22:45
gary_posterI figured :-)22:45
hatchI also have a really huge hack to get CI back up and running if (Y.UA.ie === 10) { done(); } :/22:45
hatchunfortunately the workaround doesn't work for the 'special' valuechange event :/22:46
gary_posterhatch, ugh.  So...ugh. You'd just disable the one test?22:48
hatch3 tests22:48
hatchI looked at the yui simulate code and it looks like it'll be a large amount of work22:48
gary_posterack hatch.  did you at least file it additionally?  issue 489 doesn't mention valuechange22:49
gary_posterhatch, fwiw under circumstances I am OK with it22:49
hatchI haven't - I'll file another once I have some free time to make a repro22:49
hatch5mo old and still no fix though....that's not very nice22:50
hatchgary_poster: reviewed and qa'd huws branch found one qa issue that can probably be pushed22:59
* Makyo runs home, will look at charm branch there.23:00
hatchcya Makyo23:00
hatchmorning huwshimi23:04
gary_posterhey huwshimi.  I'm about to go to bed.  Look forward to talking to you later today.  Does my comment about the side panel make sense?23:09
huwshimigary_poster: Hey, was just replying :)23:09
huwshimigary_poster: "Inspector charm details must be the same size as the inspector panel. (think drawer)"23:09
huwshimigary_poster: I thought that comment meant they should always be the same height?23:09
huwshimi(A drawer is never bigger than the chest it is in)23:10
gary_posterhuwshimi, it sounds like my brain wrote down what I secretly thought and not what Luca and Jaime actually told me ;-) sorry!!  is it a quick fix?23:10
huwshimigary_poster: I can just revert my change. You want the side panel to be a fixed height (full height of the page)?23:11
hatchhuwshimi: haven't you ever seen that movie where the kids go into the closet and go into a new world?23:15
hatchhe meant that kinda drawer :D23:15
hatchthat's the one23:17
hatchjujugui could I get a quick review to get CI back up and running https://codereview.appspot.com/1262004423:56

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