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jpdsWhy does charm get ceph not work?04:17
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pavelcan anybody help me to understand why on this http://manage.jujucharms.com/~pavel-pachkovskij/precise/rack doesn't update readme, metadata and config?07:23
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raywanghello, anyone knows how to upgrade the juju-core agent version from a deployed node?10:13
jamespageraywang, from a deployed node?10:15
jamespageraywang, you just do it from the client - 'juju upgrade-juju'10:15
raywangjamespage, hi, yes, like bootstrapped node10:15
raywangjamespage, i use juju-core 1.11.4 while I bootstrapped, but i just recently upgrade the client to 1.13. and can't not deploy any service node, so I'm expecting to upgrade the juju-core's agent from bootstrapped server10:16
jamespageraywang, ah - OK - you have to jump through 1.12 first10:17
jamespagejuju upgrade-juju --version 1.12  I think10:17
jamespageraywang, rogpeppe sent an email to the juju-dev ML about this10:18
raywangjamespage, error: invalid version "1.12"10:18
jamespageraywang, what cloud are you using?10:19
raywangjamespage, maas10:19
jamespageraywang, actually try '1.12.0'10:19
jamespage1.12 does not exist - that was my bad sorry10:19
raywangjamespage, does it mean i have to upgrade to 1.12.0, and then 1.13.0?10:20
jamespageraywang, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/juju-dev/2013-August/001333.html10:20
raywangjamespage,    try 1.12.0 also not working     error: no matching tools available10:20
jamespageraywang, how did you get your tools into the MAAS environment in the first place? I've not tried that yet10:21
raywangjamespage, sorry, what do you mean by "get the tools into the maas environment?" :)10:27
jamespageraywang, so when you bootstrapped your environment did you use --upload-tools or did you use juju sync-tools10:28
raywangjamespage, ah, i see, i used --upload-tools option10:28
jamespageraywang, OK - so see the mailing list post - you can use the same with the upgrade-juju command10:29
raywangjamespage, ok, I will check it now, thanks for helping :)10:29
jamespageraywang, hey - no problem10:29
jamespagefwiw there is work going on in the tool distribution area this cycle to make stuff like this a bit easier!10:30
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rogpeppejamespage: we've been discussin it, but haven't decided on anything concrete yet. one possibility that's been mooted is to allow upgrades only between adjacent even-numbered minor releases11:13
rogpeppejamespage: another possibility is to encode upgrade paths into the simplestreams data (or somewhere else external to the juju binary)11:14
rogpepperaywang: if you've upgraded to juju-core tip, i suspect your installation might be broken now :-\11:15
rogpeppejamespage: i'd also like to make the upgrade process a little more reliable by having the client switch versions only when it's sure that the new version can connect to the state ok11:17
rogpeppejamespage: i wrote some code ages ago to do that, but it was deemed premature11:17
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gemeI'm attempting to use juju-core 1.13.0 on a private openstack instance and I'm trying to generate the image metadata using juju image-metadada BUT the command doesn't exist12:45
jcastro_geme, ^^^^^12:46
gemethanks jcastro but juju image-metadata gives command not found12:50
jcastro_juju-metadata generate-image12:51
jcastro_try that12:51
gemecommand not found agian12:52
gemejuju version 1.13.012:52
gemeShould I install a different version ?12:54
jcastro_let me ask somebody here12:55
jcastro_hey mgz, any idea on this? ^^^13:03
jcastro_marcoceppi, ping13:05
marcoceppijcastro_: pong13:05
jcastro_hey pavel has some questions about the charm testing framework13:06
jcastro_aka, can he use it yet13:06
marcoceppiit's not in a ppa anywhere atm, it's probably best to wait for release which is soon13:06
pavelmarcoceppi, and does it make sense to write integration tests with old documentation?13:07
pavelmarcoceppi, or it would be just waste of time?13:07
marcoceppipavel: those tests _will_ always work in our testing environments. However, it's tedious to write good tests using the old documentation13:08
pavelmarcoceppi, I have only three features undone with rack charm: backups, testing and apparmor profile and all of them are totally unclear for me13:08
marcoceppiand the old methods/original methods of testing, which is what this framework I'm writing aims to fix13:08
pavelmarcoceppi, then I think it would be better to wait for your framework, to provide relevant tests13:09
marcoceppipavel: the apparmor profiles are pretty straight forward to write as I understand it, while I finish writing this testing framework that might be a good place to focus next13:09
pavelmarcoceppi, btw, I've deployed discourse with Rack charm and wrote an article, I will publish it after release of charm13:09
marcoceppipavel: awesome!13:10
pavelmarcoceppi, problem is ... that we have foreman there and I can't know what should be restricted in the profile13:10
marcoceppipavel: doesn't most everything run as the user under the rvm directories? (with the exception of a few extra things globally installed as a gme)?13:11
pavelmarcoceppi, as I understand apparmor is something like permissions based on process, but when we talk about rack charm user may want to do all kind of stuff with server13:11
pavelwith foreman you can run any process which may access different directories13:11
geme jcastro_, any news re: juju image-metadata ?13:14
jcastro_I posted to the list because I don't seem to have it either and I'm on 1.1313:14
pavelwhen does Mark Mims come back?13:15
gemejcastro, thanks I'll keep an eye on the list13:16
jcastro_pavel, like 2 more days13:16
paveljcastro_, so he'll be available from monday?13:16
jcastro_geme, did you have the problem prior to 1.13?13:17
jcastro_I am going to guess "no"13:17
gemejcastro, this is the 1st time that I've tried the juju-core version. Used python juju before13:20
gemejcastro, the default-image-id was a lot easier13:21
marcoceppijcastro_: it's in 1.11.4 and by proxy in 1.12.0 - geme maybe try 1.12 (ppa:juju/stable) until this is resolved?13:23
jcastro_there's a ppa:juju/stable?13:24
jcastro_why do the docs say /devel?13:24
gemeok, I'll give it a try13:25
marcoceppijcastro_: because up until a week ago stable was 1.10 and 1.10 was not nearly as awesome compared to 1.1113:25
jcastro_marcoceppi, I don't see packages there13:25
marcoceppijcastro_: yeah, nevermind. I have no idea where 1.12 was uploaded to.13:29
jcastro_me either13:31
* jcastro_ fires off another email to the list.13:31
marcoceppipew pew!13:34
gemejcastro, juju-gui questions handled here or another topic ?13:39
jcastro_geme, here too!13:40
gemejcastro, that's handy. Are there plans for juju-gui to handle local repository charms ?13:41
sinzuipavel,  your README.md has a unicode quote on line  116 "app’s"13:43
sinzuipavel, The immediate fix is to use an ascii quote13:43
sinzuiI am reporting a bug that README.* can be utf-8 encoded.13:44
jcastro_geme, ok so the image generating thing appears to be a packaging bug13:44
jcastro_but hopefully something we can fix tomorrowish when the right people wake up13:45
gemejcastro, great - I'll reinstall in a couple of days13:47
jcastro_geme, I've got guys working on it as we speak13:54
jcastro_so it might be sooner13:54
jcastro_sorry for the problem! we messed that up. :-/13:54
gemejcastro, Are there plans for juju-gui to handle local repository charms ?13:59
pavelsinzui, thanks you so much, I would never figure this out on my own14:00
sinzuinp, thank you for finding a bug.14:01
gemegary_poster, Are there plans for juju-gui to handle local repository charms ?14:11
rick_hgeme: define 'handle'?14:11
gemerick_h, will juju-gui be able to list charms in a local repository and then deploy ?14:14
gary_postergeme, agree with rick_h's question :-)  we can show the ones that you deploy from the command line.  You want to deploy local from GUI?  If so, is this in a developer use case or a deloyer/user case?14:14
gary_postergeme, we have talked about it.  We have two stories.14:14
gary_posterWe can see how to do this one cleanly:14:15
gary_poster1) You zip the charm14:15
gary_poster2) You upload it14:15
gary_poster3) You can now deploy it14:15
gary_posterWe are less sure about this one:14:16
gary_poster1) You run something locally (some program we provide) and configure it to find your local repo and to talk to the GUI14:16
gary_poster2) You can now deploy arbitrary charms from repo14:17
gary_posterThat one has some issues that I forget at the moment14:17
gary_posterthe first one is good for people simply deploying local charms14:17
gary_posterthe second is good for people developing and deploying local charms14:18
gemeSo, the 1st is to upload a local charm into the public charm store ?14:18
gary_postergeme, no into local juju env14:18
gary_posterhave to step away, back soon14:18
gary_postergeme does story one work for you?14:22
gemeso local charms can be uploaded into the juju-gui ?14:23
gary_postergeme that would be the plan, yes.  (to be clear, you can't do it now)14:23
gemeThe use case I'm interested in is the ability to connect to any project charm store / repository - so that a project can view all available services that can be deployed14:27
gary_postergeme, ah, yes.  we're interested in that too, for a bit later.  The upload story would be a sooner thing.14:35
gemegary_poster, that sounds good. We see that projects may need to use a composite service catalog comprising of generic and project specific charms14:40
gemebeing able to point the gui at multiple local charm stores would be very useful14:42
gary_postergeme, cool.  I will prioritize the charm upload story for a bit sooner if I can, and communicate the multiple-charm-store interest as well.  thanks for feedback.14:47
gemeGreat - I see the multi-charm-store case as giving the developer control of deployment instead of maybe devops.14:50
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marcoceppihi kita15:17
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sidneinoodles775: https://code.launchpad.net/~sidnei/charms/precise/avahi/trunk want to give it a try?15:26
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sinzuipavel, I see you pushed a fix for the README.md, but you did not increment the revision file. That might be a problem. The juju store only sees the 4th revision so far. So while http://manage.jujucharms.com/~pavel-pachkovskij/precise/rack shows it found your branch with new data, the store doesn't see juju revision 5 yet http://manage.jujucharms.com/search?search_text=rack15:32
pavelsinzui, but in revision there is '5'15:45
pavelsinzui, not 415:45
pavelsinzui, and charm store doesn't see 5 revision either15:45
sinzuipavel, thank you. I will update the bug report15:45
sinzuiright, the store only knows about 4 so manage.jujucharms only retrieved 415:45
pavelsinzui, marcoceppi told that revision file is no more required15:47
pavelsinzui, so I've added it only on five number because of error message15:47
pavelsinzui, I thought that this was the issue15:47
pavelsinzui, maybe I have to remove it?15:47
sinzuipavel, I don't think it is either. Maybe the store is ingesting charms slower than manage.jujucharms.com15:48
pavelI think I pushed fifth revision yesterday15:48
pavelor even on monday15:49
pavelsinzui, nope, yesterday and it didn't update yet15:49
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m_3sinzui, pavel: are you expecting changes in lp:charms/rack or lp:~pavel-pachkovskij/charms/precise/rack/trunk ?15:55
pavelsinzui, second15:55
m_3ah, ok15:55
m_3separate issue then :)15:55
pavelm_3, my issue is that I can't deploy with cs:~pavel-pachkovskij/rack/trunk because it doesn't update, though if I pull it locally it works. My guess is that issue is with readme file15:58
sinzuipavel, the store doesn't know about your recent work: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5959371/15:58
pavelsinzui, how could I fix this?15:58
m_3very strange15:59
sinzuiI'm not sure yet. Maybe the store is ingesting slower that m.jc.com15:59
pavelI'm afraid it would be something very simple15:59
m_3sinzui: I notice a stacking problem with the official branch... not sure if that's a red herring or not... `bzr info lp:charms/rack`15:59
pavelbzr: ERROR: Parent not accessible given base "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/charms/rack/" and relative path "../../../../../~pavel-pachkovskij/charms/precise/rack/trunk/"16:00
sinzuiThere is a report of a missing revision in logs. It does mention your id, but it is not clear which charm branch is the issue16:00
pavellook like I broke something :D16:00
m_3pavel: no, that was probably broken during "promulgation"... so it wouldn't've been you16:01
pavelm_3, what if I remove branch and push again?16:01
m_3it's most likely not causing this problem16:01
m_3sinzui would know _lots_ more about it16:02
pavelsinzui, so what if I?16:02
m_3sinzui: nice.. yeah, that could be any number of things16:02
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pavelm_3, I will try, it won't be worst16:03
m_3pavel: sure... with maybe a trivial new commit to make sure the store gets kicked16:04
m_3sinzui: any way to infer the problem branch you mention based on it's position in the log?  I'm happy to dig if you send me a pointer or snippet of the log16:05
m_3s/it's/its/   /me needs coffee16:06
pavelok, now I have brand new branch16:07
pavelwill charmers meeting be held today?16:10
m_3pavel: nope... people are out afaik16:12
m_3postponed to next week16:12
pavelm_3, ah... ok16:12
pavelm_3, do you have few minutes to chat about backups?16:12
m_3pavel: sure... I see an email about it in my inbox, but haven't caught up yet... first day back from vacation16:13
* m_3 reading now16:13
m_3oh, it's short16:13
tasdomaswhere can I find documentation on the upgrade-charm hook?16:58
marcoceppitasdomas: we don't have an explicit docs about that hook yet, what questions do you have?17:02
tasdomasmarcoceppi, just wanted to add it to a charm and wasn't sure, what context the hook is run under17:03
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marcoceppiif functions like any other hook, it's just triggered via `juju upgrade-charm` command17:04
marcoceppitasdomas: most people simply symlink to the install hook as hooks are designed to be idempotent17:08
marcoceppibut it depends on what the process is for upgrading the charm/service17:10
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tasdomasmarcoceppi, thanks17:18
tasdomasmarcoceppi, what happens to relations when a charm is upgraded? They remain intact, right?17:18
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marcoceppitasdomas: therelations remain, and the relation data does too, but just becareful you don't overwrite config files that have values derived from relations17:48
tasdomasmarcoceppi, thanks17:48
marcoceppim_3: have you ever used `relation-set --format=json` >17:54
m_3marcoceppi: nope18:27
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ahasenackjcastro: I just tried destroy-unit, and the underlying machine (openstack instance) is still alive19:40
ahasenacksame for destroy-service19:40
ahasenackit's even still listed in juju-status19:40
marcoceppiahasenack: is the unit in an error state?19:42
ahasenackmarcoceppi: no, it was a plain ubuntu charm19:42
marcoceppiwhat version ubuntu?19:42
ahasenacktrunk, currently19:43
ahasenacktbh, I never saw juju destroy-unit or destroy-service actually taking down machines, I was surprised when jcastro said it would nowadays19:43
marcoceppiahasenack: it's worked for me in 1.11.419:47
ahasenackmarcoceppi: just destroy-unit and the instance would die soon?19:48
marcoceppidestroy-unit would remove the unit, then destroy-machine would remove the machine19:48
ahasenackdestroy-machine or terminate-machine works19:48
ahasenackI was talking about destroy-unit only19:48
marcoceppithey're synonyms, *-machine19:48
ahasenackjcastro said it would terminate the machine, unless I misunderstood19:48
marcoceppiwhat is your expected outcome of destroy-unit?19:49
ahasenackremove the unit from the machine, leave the machine up19:49
ahasenackI filed a bug to add a --terminate flag to destroy-unit to optionally terminate the machine too19:49
marcoceppiahasenack: yeah, from my understanding that works. Unless I'm confusing it with destroy-service19:49
ahasenackwith co-location it's a bit trickier, it would have to know that no other units are there19:50
* marcoceppi pokes local deployment19:50
ahasenackmarcoceppi: I know it works. I was speaking to jcastro the other day about his blog post where he was talking about colocation and expanding and shrinking the cloud, and his example had only destroy-unit, no terminate-machine19:50
ahasenackand I raised the point that the instance would still be up burning money19:51
jreingolcan someone help me out... after juju install and using a maas env i keep getting the following error on bootstrap20:49
jreingolerror: cannot create initial state file: gomaasapi: got error back from server: 400 BAD REQUEST20:49
marcoceppijreingol: what does your environments.yaml file look like? Can you also run `juju bootstrap -v` and put the output in paste.ubuntu.com?21:02
jreingolmarcoceppi: found a few errors in the docs i was using to set it up21:18
jreingolthe maas url was wrong.. .its now http://localhost:524221:19
jreingolseems to be connecting now but gives error: Requested array, got <nil>.21:20
marcoceppijreingol: I've not seen that error before.21:28
jreingolhahaha.... y do i always find the new ones21:32
jreingolthanks for the look though21:33
marcoceppijreingol: what version of juju are you using (juju version)21:35
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marcoceppijreingol: Okay this might be related to a few missing commands in 1.1321:43
jreingolwhat version would you recommend?21:43
marcoceppijreingol: I'd recommend 1.12 but there currently isn't a ppa for it. It should be sorted soon21:45
* marcoceppi checks21:45
jreingoli used the devel ppa21:46
marcoceppijreingol: actually, it's been uploaded to ppa:juju/stable already, if you remove the /devel ppa and add that one you should be able to get juju-core 1.1221:46
jreingolshould i remove all of it and go with the stable branch21:46
marcoceppijreingol: at least until the next devel release, which should sort out the missing commands issue if this is indeed affected by that21:47
marcoceppiif you get the same error in stable you'll want to open a bug for sure, if not, i'd still recommend opening a bug with the output you pasted and letting them know it works in 1.1221:47
jreingolk... well thanks for the help21:48
jreingolyep... still happening21:50
* jreingol wonders if provider-state is a maas problem21:50
marcoceppijreingol: thanks, there's definitely something else going on. A bug would be the next best step. The core devs would be able to point you in the right direction21:51
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