smartboyhwProbably my best blog post ever: http://smartboyhwubuntu.wordpress.com/2013/08/07/ubuntu-edge-target-too-high-but-a-phone-that-one-will-want/ (LOL)04:06
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valoriegah, I wish wordstar would allow me to make comments, etc.!05:49
valoriegood one, smartboyhw05:49
valorieand your meeting is on my calendar, so if I can wake so early, I'll listen in at least05:49
valorieI do have a KDE devel account....05:50
soeegood morning06:12
smartboyhwvalorie, thank you:)08:13
yofelsmartboyhw: could you please look at the libgphoto issue in backports? What did you backport it for?08:19
yofeland nice blog post :)08:19
smartboyhwyofel, I forgotten, for sure it's one of the 4.10.97 quantal things08:24
smartboyhwI probably should have put it into staging, sigh08:24
smartboyhwMy damn fault, sorry.08:24
yofeleven then it's a bad idea as I wrote on the bug08:24
yofelwell, don't worry about it too much, I've seen worse happen ^^08:24
yofelI wrote a backport rule that uses the old libgphoto on << saucy08:25
yofelso it won't be needed for 4.11.00 08:25
shadeslayeryofel: can we move precise backports to the beta backports repo?08:26
yofelconsidering the rdepends list of libgphoto2-2 isn't really long, we *could* do a transition in the backports, but I don't think it's worth it unless we really need it08:26
yofelshadeslayer: no, I just hit08:27
yofelUnpacking replacement plasma-widget-kimpanel ...08:27
yofeldpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/plasma-widget-kimpanel_4%3a4.10.97-0ubuntu1~ubuntu12.04.1~ppa1_amd64.deb (--unpack):08:27
yofel trying to overwrite '/usr/share/kde4/services/plasma-dataengine-kimpanel.desktop', which is also in package plasma-dataengines-addons 4:4.8.5-0ubuntu0.108:27
yofelon 4.8 -> 4.1108:27
shadeslayer( assuming it has been tested ... right )08:27
* shadeslayer will have a look in the evening08:27
yofelI'll try to fix what I find till then, at least stuff like ^08:27
smartboyhwI'm a bit tired with packaging stuff today:P08:35
shadeslayerthen do QA :D08:36
smartboyhwshadeslayer, hey, when are you going to review ktp 0.6.3?08:36
shadeslayeroh drat08:36
shadeslayerso much to do08:36
yofelon that topic, let me look at PMC ^^08:37
smartboyhwLOL thanks shadeslayer yofel :)08:49
shadeslayersmartboyhw: we can drop set_cmp_policy.patch in ktp-common-internals now 08:50
shadeslayerit was upstreamed08:51
shadeslayerand we have cdbs-*-list in there 0.o08:51
shadeslayeryofel: ^ we can drop cdbs-install-list and cdbs-package-list right?08:52
yofelsure, unless you still use cdbs ^^08:53
yofelshadeslayer: actually, those are supposed to be temporary files, no?08:55
shadeslayeryofel: yeah, however dh_clean didn't remove them08:55
shadeslayerwhich is why I thought best to ask :)08:55
yofelbuild system stuff I guess, as I have here dhmk-install-list and dhmk-package-list in a build08:55
yofelmaybe got left over in the buildsystem transition08:56
shadeslayernot sure, I wonder if ktp was ever cdbs08:56
yofelsmartboyhw: PMC: as you're shipping the headers, please make a libplasmamediacenter1.1 package and add a symbols file09:00
shadeslayersmartboyhw: ktp contact list and common internals uploaded09:01
yofelwow, PMC licensing can give you a headache http://paste.kde.org/p0c59d2c009:05
yofelI think someone didn't  understand licensing if I see that random mix of GPL and LGPL09:05
smartboyhwyofel, licensing?:O09:07
smartboyhwshadeslayer, thank you09:07
yofelnot sure if it's worth to update, the copyright file is wrong though09:07
smartboyhwyofel, OK09:08
shadeslayeraccounts KCM up as well09:08
shadeslayersmartboyhw: you forget to package ktp-approver09:14
smartboyhwshadeslayer, oy, sorry:P09:14
shadeslayerplz do that09:14
shadeslayerwhile I do the rest09:14
smartboyhwyofel, which package should I move those usr/lib/kde4/*.so to?09:18
smartboyhwAnd no need for the symbols files for these right?09:18
yofelyou can only make symbols files for libs that have a SOVERSION, and only needed if there's headers and the dev symlink shipped09:18
yofelleave the usr/lib/kde4/ stuff where it is09:18
smartboyhwyofel, OK09:19
smartboyhwyofel, wait, the package should be named libplasmamediacenter1 or libplasmamediacenter1.1?09:21
yofelSOVERSION is 1.1, so latter09:21
smartboyhwshadeslayer, ktp-approver uploaded to ppa09:24
smartboyhwyofel, uh I'm facing the debug-file-with-no-debug-symbols again09:25
yofelcan't help you with that09:25
smartboyhwCry :(09:26
smartboyhwyofel, actually 1 thing09:27
shadeslayerI'm tired of uploading ktp09:35
smartboyhwshadeslayer, LOL09:35
smartboyhwyofel, I'm doing an experiment09:35
yofeluh... of what kind? ^^09:35
smartboyhwBecause I suddenly remember something09:35
smartboyhwyofel, if I update dh from 8 to 9 and update symbols, the debug-file-has-no-debug-symbols lintian warning should disappear....09:36
yofelwell, try it09:36
yofelgo rewrite some copyright files09:36
smartboyhwyofel, it does:P09:37
smartboyhwNow, the copyright09:37
smartboyhwyofel, the lintian warning debug-file-has-no-debug-symbols does disappear after the things I did as above09:38
smartboyhwyofel, so you want me to retain the changes or undo it back?09:39
yofelwhat changes?09:39
smartboyhwyofel, a.k.a yofel, if I update dh from 8 to 9 and update symbols, the debug-file-has-no-debug-symbols lintian warning should disappear....09:40
smartboyhwyofel, what the09:40
smartboyhwyofel, if I update dh from 8 to 9 and update symbols, the debug-file-has-no-debug-symbols lintian warning should disappear....09:40
smartboyhwlibs/mediacenter/pmccoverartprovider.cpp: BSD (2 clause) LGPL (v2.1 or later)09:41
smartboyhwA file with two licenses!?09:41
yofelyeah, can happen, check the header09:41
yofeland just use dh9 if it works better09:41
smartboyhwyofel, sure:)09:41
yofelthis is a great copyright...09:42
yofelCopyright (C) <year>  <name of author>09:42
smartboyhwyofel, um, I checked the header and two licenses exist09:42
smartboyhwOne is from 200409:43
smartboyhwOne is from 2011 and 201209:43
smartboyhwBSD -> 2004, LGPL-> 2011-201209:43
yofelhm, I would have to look up what to do here...09:44
yofelshadeslayer:  ^ ?09:44
shadeslayeruhm, too long, and I'm slightly busy with something else09:44
yofelis that a simple 'or' then? because the file simply has 2 copyrights in it...09:44
yofelanyway, lunch09:45
* yofel runs :P09:45
smartboyhwyofel, duh09:46
smartboyhwNo "or"09:46
smartboyhwI should ask upstream to fix it next time....09:46
smartboyhwkubotu: newversion plasma-mediacenter 1.0.9010:02
smartboyhwHmm, obviously I didn't report such a bug:P10:02
shadeslayersmartboyhw: I don't think it's required to bump the version on meta-kde-telepathy10:08
smartboyhwshadeslayer, hey, you told me to do that.10:08
shadeslayerI did?10:08
shadeslayeractually, I don't think it's useful to update the meta-ktp package10:09
shadeslayersorry if I told you otherwise10:09
shadeslayersmartboyhw: everything uploaded10:11
smartboyhwshadeslayer, great10:12
shadeslayerplz double check that everything is uploaded10:12
smartboyhwshadeslayer, sure10:13
smartboyhwshadeslayer, yes, everything is uploaded10:15
shadeslayeraweswome \o/10:15
smartboyhwyofel, is there any command to check on the names and the authors of the files?10:24
jussipoor Aaron, wrting to a free software list with a signature of "Sent from Windows Mail" :P10:29
smartboyhwjussi, LOL10:31
Tm_Tjussi: UDS session with Windows user can also happen in this community10:31
yofelsmartboyhw: to get the copyright holder for a specific license I use something like:10:38
yofellicensecheck -r * | grep LGPL | grep \(v2\) | cut -f 1 -d \: | xargs grep Copyright10:38
yofelextend as needed10:38
smartboyhwyofel, what if a copyright holder has no year attached?10:44
smartboyhwMeh, can anybody tell me the solution to that? ^11:31
shadeslayersmartboyhw: then don't mention it ?11:32
smartboyhwshadeslayer, really?11:32
shadeslayerthough I suppose ScottK can advise better11:32
* yofel just got some rather curious mails from bdmurray: e.g. http://paste.kde.org/padb4d06712:00
yofelwe get regression reports from errors.u.c now o.O?12:01
smartboyhwyofel, a new thing I heard from #ubuntu-release12:03
smartboyhwyofel, what's your point of view of the copyright stuff?12:04
yofeluh, not sure. I don't think a copyright without a year is even valid. Then again, the copyright field in dep5 is formless, so just leave the year away for now12:05
smartboyhwyofel, alright12:06
smartboyhwUh, the changelog is really packed now...12:06
yofelhm, one mail was about an increase of crash rate in the last 2 weeks for nepomuk-core12:08
yofelthe graph on https://errors.ubuntu.com/?release=Ubuntu%2013.04&package=nepomuk-core&version=4:4.10.5-0ubuntu0.1 doesn't tell me a thing though :(12:08
smartboyhwyofel, LOL12:08
smartboyhwyofel, https://launchpad.net/~smartboyhw/+archive/packaging-staging-1/+files/plasma-mediacenter_1.0.90-0ubuntu1.dsc for you:)12:11
smartboyhwi386 5 70 jobs (41 minutes) 12:11
smartboyhwThat's the official distribution machines:O12:12
shadeslayeryofel: that looks like fun12:18
shadeslayerand kdeartwork? :D12:19
* smartboyhw wonders how many of these emails did ScottK, Riddell and shadeslayer receive:P12:19
shadeslayerbecause we're awesome and don't introduce regressions :P12:19
yofelwell, I got mails for kdeartwork, kde-runtime, kde-workspace, kactivites, konsole and nepomuk-core. nepomuk-core got an additional one about increase in crash rate12:19
yofelI think only the *uploader* gets them12:20
shadeslayeryofel clearly works for openSUSE and wants to destroy kubuntu12:20
yofelwhich is kinda useless for us12:20
yofelwell, it would save me from having to learn politics to develop a distro12:20
smartboyhwyofel, LOL12:20
smartboyhwshadeslayer, LOL12:20
yofelanyway, topic change12:20
shadeslayerI can't find my yubikey12:21
* smartboyhw wonders should he play with something in http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Edu/ProjectSuggestions12:21
shadeslayerso no backtraces for me12:21
* yofel wonders if he should hack on kinfocenter12:25
yofelor does someone know a gui way to access the stuff from 'upower --dump' ?12:25
smartboyhwHmm, I will probably play with Komputer:P12:32
d_ed_hey, I joined to thank Howard Chan for packaging the latest KDE-Telepathy12:56
d_ed_cheers dude (if you're here)12:56
shadeslayersmartboyhw: ^^12:58
ScottKshadeslayer: If copyright is listed without year, I'd go ahead and put it in debian/copyright as is.13:01
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shadeslayerthought so13:06
smartboyhwshadeslayer, :)13:24
smartboyhwd_ed_, :)13:24
smartboyhwshadeslayer, I've put it in anyway, no worries:013:24
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smartboyhwyofel, you reviewed plasma-mediacenter yet?13:30
smartboyhwNew one at https://launchpad.net/~smartboyhw/+archive/packaging-staging-1/+files/plasma-mediacenter_1.0.90-0ubuntu1.dsc13:30
smartboyhwRebooting, see ya13:38
smartboyhwBack into nice KDE.13:41
yofelsmartboyhw: got pulled to a meeting at work, so nope13:45
yofelwon't do it for another 4h either13:46
yofelvHanda: in nepomuk-core you have a file without copyright: autotests/test/resourcetests.h:    Copyright (C) <year>  <name of author>14:05
yofellooking at the cpp I think your name was supposed to be there14:05
smartboyhwyofel, alright14:11
debfxapt-get is not happy about the libkscreen0 libkscreen1 conflict14:52
smartboyhwdebfx, uh oh, my fault then:P14:53
smartboyhwdebfx, how?14:53
debfxit hold back the kscreen upgrade because it would have to remove libkscreen014:53
smartboyhwPaste it plz14:53
smartboyhwdebfx, ah OK, should have added Breaks, Conflicts, that sort of thing dumb14:54
smartboyhwWait me a minute plz14:54
debfxwell the problem is that libkscreen0 and libkscreen1 share some files14:54
smartboyhwdebfx, I know howto fix14:54
smartboyhwdebfx, but you will have to sponsor the fix:P14:55
smartboyhwdebfx, hmm, libkscreen1 already breaks/replaces libkscreen014:55
smartboyhwWeird weird, maybe a conflicts14:55
ScottKIf you apt-get install kscreen it will work.14:56
debfxyes, but that's not how upgrades are supposed to work14:56
smartboyhwdebfx, I think it should be a conflict more than a break then, sigh14:57
debfxsmartboyhw: I don't think that will change anything14:57
ScottKdebfx: If you figure it out, I'll push it right through SRU.14:57
smartboyhwdebfx, I think it would.14:57
smartboyhwThis is a stronger restriction than Breaks, which prevents the broken package from being configured while the breaking package is in the "Unpacked" state but allows both packages to be unpacked at the same time. 14:57
smartboyhw Conflicts should be used14:58
smartboyhw    when two packages provide the same file and will continue to do so,14:58
smartboyhwSo, probably conflict will work14:58
debfxthe problem is that apt doesn't consider removing libkscreen0 a valid option to upgrade kscreen14:58
smartboyhwdebfx, ah so in the kscreen session OK14:59
smartboyhwdebfx, I will probably make kscreen 1.0 conflict libkscreen (<< 1.0)15:04
smartboyhwThat makes more sense doesn't it?>15:04
smartboyhwScottK, ^15:05
debfxthere is no libkscreen package15:05
smartboyhwdebfx, what?15:05
smartboyhwdebfx, I mean, conflict libkscreen0 sorry:P15:05
* ScottK is doing $work, so just let me know when you have it figured out and I'll push it through15:05
debfxI don't see why that's necessary or how it would improve the situation15:06
smartboyhwdebfx, well why not?15:06
smartboyhwIt is not allowing removing libkscreen0 as an option15:06
smartboyhwSo, that helps.15:06
ScottKsmartboyhw: Did you test it or are you guessing?15:07
yofelsmartboyhw: the issue isn't that you *cannot* upgrade kscreen, it's that in some cases it won't happen automatically15:08
yofelin an ideal world, a user should never have to run 'dist-upgrade' to install things from -updates15:08
smartboyhwScottK, guessing.....15:08
smartboyhwyofel, so what's the solution15:09
yofelbut as the libkscreen packaging isn't really proper, it doesn't work like that15:09
yofelfor the SRU? I don't know if there is an easy one15:09
debfxyofel: actually dist-upgrade also doesn't work15:09
debfxat least for me15:09
yofeldebfx: I know, happened to me too, but I really don't understand the resolver here :/15:09
yofelI would've expected this to work, but in some cases it doesn't15:10
ScottKThat's why I suggest testing, not guessing.15:10
yofelsame actually applies for the kdevelop backport I tried for precise, that's stuck in the same situation (kdevplatform5-libs -> kdevplatform7-libs)15:10
debfxafiestas: are the libkscreen backends tight to the same libkscreen version?15:11
debfxfor example do the 1.0 backends work with libkscreen 0.0.81?15:12
yofelhm, good idea, that could work15:13
debfxif not the plugins should have a namespaced path, e.g. /usr/lib/kde4/plugins/kscreen1/15:18
afiestasdebfx: please, don't split the backend from the lib15:22
debfxafiestas: would it be possible to put the soname somewhere in the path of the backends?15:24
debfxthat way libkscreen0, libkscreen1 etc could be made co-installable15:25
smartboyhwLet me see if I can ring 97870010 (what a phone no. and actually that's JontheEchidna's OpenPGP key;P)15:25
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ahoneybun Hello all20:20
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