xorox90_Is Running ubuntu server and webservice as windows hyper-v guest crazy? because I should take advatnage 2 OS(windows : multimedia, some printer driver only windows, ubuntu : powerful server management...)06:51
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Frank81can some one send me via dcc a pcregrep executeable 32bit?11:51
Frank81need to repair dpkg manager ^^11:51
Frank81ok thx guys11:57
Frank81helped a lot11:57
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Unit193leszek: Hey, re: the email you just replied to.  It's partly a bug in flash as the chromium (chrome version in chromium) works but as I don't use that I learned that it's because of older intel graphics, it sets itself to 16bit color by default in SNA accel.  You can tell pretty easily with  xdpyinfo | grep root  and set it to 24 with http://paste.openstack.org/show/o1YddYRIeCxgvAqgLbUQ18:18
Unit193https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/1173649 and http://www.cywarp.com/faqtruecolortest.htm works fairly well as a color test.18:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1173649 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "incorrect color depth - intel graphics card" [Undecided,Opinion]18:19
leszekUnit193: aha18:30
Unit193His idea there doesn't seem quite right, the people that know it's benefits also know how to change it, while the people that use defaults and all are less likely to know how to change it back to true color.18:33
BigProblemhi need help with 13.10 and encrypted fs since i updated he can't mount my encrypted fs any more if i do in maintance shell encryptfs-mount-private he tells me that private encrypted dir is not setuped probally21:06
BigProblemwhat can i do?21:06
Unit193An upgrade broke it?  You should ask in #ubuntu+1 actually.21:09
BigProblemUnit or power lose can broke it too21:11
BigProblemboth at same time21:11
BigProblemany one in here knows how to check or repair filesystem of a crypted drive?21:45
BigProblemcan any one in here help me with fstab i think there is oneline missing that tells infos about the encrypted partition22:07
BigProblemall other parts look ok but no entry in fstab22:07
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot22:08
holsteinBigProblem: ^22:08
BigProblemholstein thx for the tip did it23:19
BigProblemok problem changed ^^23:27
BigProblemi now only need to mount my private home23:27
BigProblemwen i wanna do it with the command it tells me private home is not right setuped23:27
phillwBigProblem: did you write down the pass-phrase for your encrypted home area?23:29
holsteinBigProblem: i would not use the unreleased version with encryption23:32
phillwwhen you rebooted after installing with encryption a window would have opened telling you to do so, and warning you that ignoring it could result in a system you cannot boot into....23:32
phillw(22:06:42) BigProblem: hi need help with 13.10 and encrypted fs since i updated he can't mount my encrypted fs any more if i do in maintance shell encryptfs-mount-private he tells me that private encrypted dir is not setuped probally23:32
phillw ^^^^^23:32
BigProblemphillw its not as hard as i tought23:33
BigProblemi am simply don23:33
BigProblemah damn laptop can'23:33
BigProblemt write on it23:33
phillwAs long as you have a note of your passphrase, you can re-access an encrypted drive from any system.23:34
BigProblemill try to post a request in a portal for IT Workers maybe i find some one skilled23:34
BigProblemphill i think it will work with the current system23:34
BigProblembut i simply don't understand what happend maybe it was the power fail i have a LVM Volum group with 3 partitions ^^ FRANK-PC-root and FRANK-PC-swap23:35
BigProblemand even sda5_crypt23:35
BigProblemand the root one gets mounted on / that works23:36
holsteinBigProblem: you are running beta software, friend23:36
BigProblemholstein oh ok23:36
phillwBigProblem: however, do remember, 13.10 is a test system and the devs are testing things.... "This section is dedicated to the current development version of Lubuntu. As with all alphas and betas they are not suitable for a production environment, please take the time to read Common Questions for Testing"23:36
BigProblemso it works to mount on other os?23:36
holsteinBigProblem: the reason to run 13.10 is to test 13.10..23:36
BigProblemah ok23:37
ianorlinI thought I read 13.10 beta did not support volume encrytpion23:37
BigProblemi understand23:37
holsteinBigProblem: i have no idea what works.. but, if you want a stable system, you install the stable supported version23:37
BigProblemthx that helped me now a lot23:37
BigProblemnow i understand what happend and have all files back23:37
BigProblemcan some one then point me to the right place for reporting bug'S in the 13.10 version?23:38
phillwianorlin: I had /home encryption work fine on my alpha 2 testing; as to what they may have done to the dailies sine?... I have no idea... we are still at alpha stage and a new kernel has since been dropped in to the mix :)23:38
MrLahey Hey thereI am running Lubuntu 13.04 and can't seem to resolve a monitor issue. I am on a laptop with a 1280x800 display, and connected an external monitor with a 1920x1080 display. On the large external display the lxpanel bar is the width of the screen, but program windows such as Firefox etc are behaving as if they are on the laptop monitor with a 1280x800 resolution-in other words they open as smaller windows in the upper left ha23:38
MrLaheynd corner of the screen. I have been playing around with arandr but cannot fix it23:38
BigProblemsince i tested it and probally found one since all in here say its a reason of using beta software23:38
holstein!13.10 | BigProblem23:38
ubottuBigProblem: Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) will be the 19th release of Ubuntu. Announcement: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1252 - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+123:38
BigProblemoh then all is over23:39
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.23:39
holsteinBigProblem: but, you would get someone else to confirm, then look for a bug report.. then make one if there is none23:39
BigProblemholstein thx for that infos so there is no other way then paying some one other here in the region23:40
BigProblembut probally i wouldn't find any one23:40
phillwBigProblem: you may want to have a read of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Activities/23:40
holsteinBigProblem: paying?23:40
holsteinBigProblem: what are you talking about, friend?23:40
holsteinBigProblem: what im talking about is finding another 13.10 user to confirm the issue23:41
BigProblemyes since i have at last some files i whant back i need to find any person that can make recovery or else23:41
BigProblemya there will be no one with that isso23:41
BigProblemdon't have the time23:41
BigProblemprobally the fail was a power fail23:41
BigProblemi am not realy sure if the 13.10 is even installed complet23:41
phillwBigProblem: if the files are on an encrypted area and you do not have the pass phrase, your best hope is the NSA... and that is not meant as a joke, the encryption used is severe.23:42
BigProblemreporting this as a bug was only a joke coz you told me it is coz running beta software23:42
BigProblemthe efscrypt files arnt't demaged23:42
holsteinBigProblem: you should have backups regardless, since *all* hard drives fail23:42
BigProblemso it will go with login password23:42
BigProblemholstain thats true23:43
BigProblemthe good is i have backups of much stuff23:43
* ianorlin had thought of testing on an external hard drive with nothing else on it23:43
BigProblembut don't wanna formart and resetup now23:43
BigProblemill waist my time tomorrow today its 2 o click am in germany where i am23:44
BigProblemmaybe i can find some help here any where23:44
BigProblemthx for trying23:44
phillwand ubuntu +1 is guaranteed to totally fail at least once before the beta season starts; we just like playing russian roulette23:44
BigProblemphill ok23:44
BigProblemi learned much again today23:45
* phillw is not a fan of encrypted home23:45
BigProblemand it was nothing linux related or backup related23:45
phillwBigProblem: do have a read of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Activities/ We've spent some time on that area to easier explain things.23:46
holsteinphillw: im not going to do it again23:46
holsteinphillw: i'll just encrypt with truecrypt what i want/need23:46
BigProblemdoes any one know a spezialist for the crypt fs system?23:47
BigProblemso i could mail him or else since all will be only a little power fail wrong closed or else23:48
BigProblemi need only some in deep infos23:48
phillwBigProblem: the encryption is a one way hash.23:48
phillwwithout the pass phrase it is un-recoverable. That is why it now a criminal offence not to give the pass phrase.23:49
BigProblemya but the encryption23:49
BigProblemis probally not realy the problem23:49
phillwBigProblem: ^^ and understand23:50
BigProblemsince i get after cryptsetup opeb23:50
BigProblemthe main fail is a filesystem fail23:50
BigProblemso he can't mount23:50
BigProblemand boot gets interrupted trought that23:50
BigProblembut root partition is there23:50
BigProblemfsck tells all alright23:51
phillwBigProblem: fsck will do, there is nothing wrong with the file system.23:51
BigProblemhmmm maybe the biggest of all problems is !23:51
BigProblemi don't know where the problem is23:51
phillwjust that you do not have the authorisation to access it.23:51
BigProblemIt boots asks for pass then successfull then a mount error coz filesystem23:52
BigProblemi have the auth to access it23:52
phillwyour boot system will not be passphrase protected.23:52
BigProblemright but it is more ^^ its a encrypted LVM Group23:53
BigProblemand 2 of 3 of that group get mounted successfuly23:53
BigProblemone is the / partition23:53
phillwusually it is /home, in some extreme cases they will also passphrase protect /tmp23:53
BigProblemya home is free23:53
BigProblemand there is a user dir that contains 2 files about private encrypted23:54
BigProblemand a sub folder .private23:54
BigProblemthat has the data of encrypted home23:54
phillwBigProblem:  have a good read of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedFilesystems and all the links, after that you will find https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedHome much easier to follow. bottom line? If you did not make a note of the pass-phrase when warned to do so, and things went wrong?... tough.23:55
BigProblemencrypt private directory is not setup properly i get when i do encryptfs-mount-private23:56
phillwIt is not a mistake you make again.23:56
BigProblemok i think my english is probally to bad23:57
BigProblemthats coz you to tell me such stuff probally23:57
phillwas to encrypting lvms. that is not a desktop area. You would, as holstein suggested, need to ask on #ubuntu-server23:57
* phillw would never dream of trying to encrypt an lvm.... but can get the data back off a server area.23:58

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