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trijntjeHi all, is there a way to get older daily builds for ubuntu? Like a month old or so?09:08
trijntjeI need to investigate a kernel panic that only occurs while updating09:09
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k1lglobal menue is not working for gnome-terminal and xchat. can someone confirm that?15:38
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ikonia!info linux-image18:20
ubottulinux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (saucy), package size 1 kB, installed size 33 kB18:20
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DaekdroomHow broken is 13.10 right now?18:58
DaekdroomI felt like upgrading.18:58
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bjorkintoshit is not too badly broken.19:27
bjorkintoshi'm using it currently without noticeable issues.19:27
bjorkintoshit seems to have killed my microphone though.19:28
wilee-nileeDaekdroom, If you can deal with a fail go for it, upgrading to a development has its possible perils.19:28
Daekdroomwilee-nilee, I'm a regular development version user.19:29
DaekdroomI just need to know if there is something too broken right now.19:29
wilee-nileeDaekdroom, I always do fresh installs so I dualboot it.19:29
Daekdroomdo-release-upgrader process crashed (right at the beginning, fortunately)19:38
DaekdroomAlthough I was running update-manager.19:38
bjorkintoshupdate-manager -d19:44
DaekdroomCan't seem to report the upgrade crash =(20:22
BigProblemhi need help with 13.10 and encrypted fs since i updated he can't mount my encrypted fs any more if i do in maintance shell encryptfs-mount-private he tells me that private encrypted dir is not setuped probally21:11
BigProblemi have had a standart ubuntu settup 13.04 with full encrypted hdd21:12
BigProblemhmmmm so here is no one alive with lvm and encrypted fs knowleg21:56
BigProblem? i think the fstab ist demaged21:57
BigProblemnope it is in crypttab ok22:03
BigProblemok it is the fstab plz help me repair that22:07
ikoniaBigProblem: what's the actual issue ?22:51
BigProblemthe issu is i cant mount my main partition23:00
BigProblemi have a complet encrypted LVM it has 3 Partitions SWAP, ROOT, AND main i call it main since i even don't understand where it gets normaly mounted23:01
BigProblemthe root and swap gets regonized and mounted the main data holding partition don't gets mounted when i wanna mount it i have the problem that i simply don't know where to mount it23:02
BigProblemand probally the file or partition is demaged23:02
BigProblemdon't know23:02
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot23:03
holsteinBigProblem: test and confirm23:03
BigProblemdid fsck it found 2 minor fails that got corrected23:03
holsteinBigProblem: consider running an officially supported version of ubuntu23:03
ikoniaBigProblem: I need to ask a harsh question23:05
BigProblemfsck tells me that partition FRANK-PC-root is clean and ok and dev sda1 is clean23:05
ikoniaBigProblem: why if you have no idea how to really use/manage linux are you using an unstable development version, and full disk encryption ?23:05
BigProblemi am missing status of swap and the main filesystem23:05
BigProblemcoz i  normaly know the things23:05
BigProblembut that goes behind my knowleg23:05
ikoniaBigProblem: you don't know the basics like "how to mount a disk"23:05
ikoniaBigProblem: or "where the root file system" is mounted23:06
ikoniawhich seems pretty basic23:06
BigProblemikonia normal mount fails23:06
BigProblemin all variatons23:06
ikoniaBigProblem: with what error ?23:06
ikoniaBigProblem: what mount command are you using ?23:06
BigProblemi have no free mount point on the read only maintance shell23:06
ikoniaBigProblem: ok, this is beyond basic23:06
ikoniaBigProblem: what mount command are you using ?23:06
ikoniaBigProblem: but I very strongly advise you to run a stable version of ubuntu23:07
BigProblemmount -t ext4 /dev/mapper/sda5_crypt /mnt/dspeed_de23:07
ikoniaBigProblem: and what is the error ?23:07
BigProblemsince dspeed_de is a free dir under mnt that not used23:07
ikoniasorry - I don't understand what you just said, please answer my question23:08
BigProblemalready mounted or busy23:08
BigProblemi think its coz dspeed is only empty coz it can23:08
BigProblemt cfis connect23:08
ikoniaBigProblem: so is it already mounted ?23:08
ikoniaBigProblem: if you run "mount" on it's own, do you see it mounted already ?23:08
BigProblemnope i need a free mount point on a read only fs first to get more errors23:08
BigProblemnope its 100% not mounted23:09
BigProblembut that mount command tells me that my private encrypted home is mounted and thats not true23:10
ikoniaplease stop talking about "free mount points" it makes no sense23:10
ikoniaBigProblem: what do you mean, it's not true?23:10
ikoniaBigProblem: mount doesn't lie23:10
BigProblemwhen i go into my home dir i have only 2 files that tell me to mount it23:10
BigProblemand i can do cd .private and see only crypted stuff23:11
ikoniaBigProblem: you have files in your home dir that tell you to mount it ?23:11
BigProblemAccess_Your_Private_Data.desktop file and readme.txt23:11
ikoniaso that's a desktop shortcut and a readme file23:12
ikoniato be honest, I'm wondering if you're actually reading the output of mount right23:12
ikoniaand as your in the recovery shell, I doubt you can pastebin the output23:12
BigProblemand no free mount point means simply when i mount it tells me mount point don't exists23:12
ikoniaplease stop talking about "no free mount points" it doesn't make any sense23:13
BigProblemand when i wanna make a dir the read only file system don't does it23:13
BigProblemit would even help me on full encrypted lvm where does the main partition in my case /dev/mapper/sda5_crypt gets normaly when it would work mounted too:23:15
ikoniaBigProblem: the main partition is root - it gets mounted on /23:15
BigProblembut this is mounted and contained in a other mapper file23:16
BigProblemlike the encrypted swap23:16
ikoniano / is the top level23:16
BigProblemok i see this will all don't help :D23:16
ikoniaI'm really sorry, I don't understand what you are saying23:17
BigProblemsorry for urbing23:17
ikoniait's not a problem23:17
BigProblemwhats your home lang`?23:18
BigProblemmaybe i realy need to pay a translator23:18

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