iktwhat's going on?10:56
jeanot too much10:57
jeajust uni work10:57
iktsounds like fun10:57
iktwhat course?10:57
jeacurrently looking at COMP3301, which is operating systems architecture10:58
iktis that part of comp sci?11:01
iktor engineering11:01
jeasoftware engineering11:01
iktdo you have a job you do at the same time?11:02
ikti'm kinda trapped working 5 days a week11:02
iktnot enough time to dedicate to study11:02
iktis what i'm going for11:17
jeaoh sorry11:17
jeai do have a job, at a software company11:17
jeathey are pretty flexible, so i work around my uni times11:18
iktah nice11:18
iktthat's what i'm going to start thinking about11:18
iktbut it's hard being online11:18
iktand I work at night11:18
iktand the course tutorials etc are at night11:18
jeathat would make it harder11:19

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