pleia2mhall119: do phone/tablet docs exist? https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-doc/2013-August/017453.html00:53
mhall119pleia2: not outside of what's on wiki.u.c/Touch/01:03
mhall119nothing that I know of anyway01:03
pleia2thanks, I'll point him there for now01:04
mhall119pleia2: also point him to #ubuntu-touch channel, someone there might know of more docs01:05
pleia2mhall119: great, thanks :)01:05
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dholbachgood morning07:55
benonsoftwareEvening dholbach07:57
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marcoceppijcastro: what's your leaf count for the month?14:41
smartboyhwdpm, dholbach clearly everybody likes more prizes:P16:00
dholbachsmartboyhw, hm?16:00
smartboyhwdholbach, after you announced the App Showdown contest on Ubuntu-phone mailing list16:01
smartboyhwOops, dpm :P16:01
smartboyhwEverybody replied in the mailing list that they will try if they can get a prize of some sort16:01
smartboyhwe.g. a T-shirt16:01
smartboyhwOops, should include -touch-coreapps also16:02
dpmsmartboyhw, if one person asking if there will be T-shirts and another person asking for more prizes constitutes "everyone", I think you might be right :P16:07
smartboyhwdpm, that's 4 people:P16:18
smartboyhwAre u sure?16:18
joseAnd bloomberg.com just bought 100 Edges!21:28
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