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Mirvdidrocks: morning. platform is in need of two new packages libhardware2 and libhybris-common1 https://code.launchpad.net/~timo-jyrinki/cupstream2distro-config/platform_add_libhardware2_libhybris-common1/+merge/17888106:26
didrocksMirv: ok, I think that's the transition needed for the armhf != android06:27
didrocksMirv: approved, please ensure you merge to trunk before deploying06:28
didrocks(fixed some issues in the shell scripts this morning)06:28
didrocksanyway, the -ati machine is down again06:28
jbichadidrocks: hey, could you look at bug 1189180 ?06:30
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1189180 in cheese (Ubuntu) "[MIR] cheese" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118918006:30
Mirvdidrocks: ok. and yes.06:30
didrocksjbicha: it's part of top list of my TODO, I'll catch it before EOW, is that good for you?06:30
didrocksjbicha: I just need to find some time to dive into the context, but I don't see a blocker ;)06:30
jbichadidrocks: sure, I just wanted to make sure you saw it; if you wait long enough, someone else might take care of it too :)06:31
didrocksjbicha: I would love that, but honestly I doubt about it :p06:31
didrocksjbicha: but yeah, you are on my unread MIR box on that purpose ;)06:31
jbichait unfortunately has your name attached to it as TIL ;)06:32
didrocksjbicha: we are just 2 active MIR member06:33
didrocksso 50% of chance ;)06:33
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jbichaoh really? :(06:34
Mirvrobru: so the u1db-qt thing is just about checking/approving the cu2d merge request so that I can deploy it. Francis already looked at it once06:36
robruMirv, anything I should do to confirm it more thoroughly? I just read it and it looks good.06:37
didrockspackaging is fine, ready to go to distro?06:37
robruhaven't looked at the packaging yet, just the cu2d branch ;-)06:38
Mirvrobru: I don't think there is much that can be tested other than trying to get it built then after approving06:38
Mirvrobru: seb128 looked at the packaging and preNEW approved it06:38
Mirvso I think it should be good to go06:38
robrushould we top approve then?06:38
Mirvrobru: thanks06:40
MirvI'll see how it goes, in a while06:41
didrocksjibel: salut!07:05
didrocksjibel: ati machine down morning ping :p07:05
jibeldidrocks, Good morning07:05
jibeldidrocks, just restarted it.07:06
didrocksthanks! :)07:06
jibeldidrocks, I added a restart of the machine before the first stack starts but it apparently didn't work07:06
didrocksjibel: or maybe it got down after that?07:07
didrockslike after the platform stack?07:07
jibeldidrocks, yes but I fail to find the cause of the hang07:07
didrocksyeah :/07:08
Mirvdidrocks: mir migration would be needing ack + unity8 commit revert affecting packing
Mirvunity8 also warns about platform not being published, but there is no dependency between the changes and platform07:23
didrocksMirv: does mir needs the platform change?07:24
didrocksMirv: +1 on unity807:24
Mirvdidrocks: no, there's no changes in qtubuntu or platform-api packages (which are in platform, except that platform-api has location service API now added). should mir stack depend on platform and give a warning, which it now didn't?07:28
didrocksMirv: yeah, I think the dep order (and so schedule time) has to change07:30
didrockssame for mirslaves07:30
didrocksMirv: so this new build-dep is already in distro? (if so +1)07:30
Mirvdidrocks: yes, appeared today https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/saucy/armhf/libhardware-dev07:31
didrocksMirv: ahah, really really new! excellent then :) please publish07:31
didrocksMirv: I'm happy that with all the intrusive changes I committed to both cupstream2distro and the jenkins shell scripts that it didn't explode :)07:34
didrocksI was preparing my buckets of water07:35
Mirvhehe, seems good so far yes :)07:35
Mirvdidrocks: bamf would have a new symbol
didrocksMirv: looks good, however, can you not publish that one (not urgent I think)? I want to see if autopublish for dependant stacks is working07:37
didrocksMirv: so waiting for stacks depending on that one to be ready07:37
Mirvdidrocks: ok, yes not urgent07:37
didrocks(and so in manual publication)07:37
didrocksMirv: if you see one, like unity and so on, which are in manual publication because of indicators, mind pinging me?07:37
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seb128good morning desktopers07:59
seb128Mirv: I published the settings stack (just for info)07:59
didrocksseb128: nooooo08:00
didrocksdid you?08:00
seb128didrocks, yes08:00
didrocksI wanted to see the cascade08:00
didrocksof autopublishing08:00
seb128oh :/08:00
seb128next time I guess08:00
didrocksthis was the perfect thing though :p08:00
didrockssdk blocked on platform failing08:01
seb128you guys should have cascaded earlier :p08:01
didrockssettings blocked on sdk + manual packaging change08:01
didrocksseb128: the ati machine was stuck08:01
didrocksso I was just waiting for platform to finish08:01
didrockswe found at least why08:01
didrocksMir again…08:01
didrocksthat's why the ati machine is screwed everyday08:02
seb128the libhybris issue got fixed at least08:02
seb128how is it breaking it?08:02
didrocksyeah, but it's not the exact issue that stucks u-s-c-08:02
didrocksanyway, the bug is opened for a week, now, I'm disabling their stack08:02
didrocksuntil they start working on it08:02
Mirvseb128: :)08:05
didrocksok, at least, I'll check that as published, the settings stack shouldn't be triggered08:06
seb128didrocks, Mirv: do you guys keep the indicator stack blocked also for testing purpose?08:07
Mirvseb128: yes08:07
didrocksseb128: yeah, nothing important right now to publish AFAIK08:07
didrocksso just waiting for unity head to finish08:08
didrocksand then, I'll trigger it08:08
didrocksI hope unity has packaging change08:08
didrocksto confirm what I wanted08:08
didrocks(even if this one will just be a one-direct relationship, not 2 as settings was)08:08
seb128didrocks, we can re-create the settings situation if you want, we just need a packaging change and to retrigger the stack (it's a small one to run)08:10
didrocksseb128: no, it won't build now as long as platform isn't finished08:11
didrockshum, sdk is finished, so we can trick it08:11
didrocksI can trick it08:11
didrocksthe copy can then not work, but I guess we don't care08:11
didrocksseb128: ok done08:13
didrocksseb128: the only side effect we will have is a branch that's going to be proposed which the same content than the one already proposed08:13
seb128didrocks, "done"? what did you do exactly ;-)08:13
didrockscopy2distro will reject the stack as we'll have a newer version available in distro08:13
didrocksseb128: tricked it08:13
didrocksplease don't republish! :p08:13
seb128don't worry, I'm staying away from it08:15
didrocksheh ;)08:15
* didrocks is in suspens mode08:15
seb128I wanted the gsettings-qt segfault fix in, and it's in (that's why I published earlier)08:15
didrocksno worry ;)08:15
didrocksseb128: so, for the hybris part, I saw some upload, the issue with android drivers is fixed?08:15
didrocks(do you mind explaining quickly what was done so that I'm not lost behind)08:16
seb128didrocks, no, it's not, but rsalveti splitted libhardware out of libhybris08:16
seb128libhybris is a mix of things08:16
seb128mir only needs a library (libhardware)08:16
seb128which was in libhybris08:16
seb128which also includes the gles hackery08:16
seb128he splitted the lib in its own binary08:17
seb128so now mir only brings that lib in08:17
seb128and doesn't change the gles alternative08:17
didrockshum, so mir on armhf == android opengles?08:17
didrocksor the gles hackery is still in libhybris?08:17
seb128the gles hackery is still in libhybris08:17
seb128rsalveti is going to split that further08:17
didrocksso we are protected against it (for now)08:17
seb128e.g have an libhybris-gles08:17
didrocksthat seems the most straightforward way08:18
didrocksthanks for tracking that :)08:18
seb128installing the gles part of libhybris is a bit like installing the nvidia drivers that divert your libgl08:18
seb128if you do that on an intel system, you screw your libgl :p08:18
didrocksheh, I think the -ati issue is still different08:18
didrocksbut well, right now u-s-c FTBFS anyway08:19
seb128next step is to split libhybris a bit more, but Ricardo wants to rename some libraries before that08:19
didrocksyeah, makes sense08:19
seb128and next next step is to be smarter about detecting the gles to use08:19
seb128e.g doing runtime detection of "can the android one work, no, fallback"08:19
didrocksyeah, we need that logic in the platform-api I guess08:20
didrockssimilar to "run the test with android drivers or on platform drivers"08:20
seb128that needs more thinking and work though, so I guess it will not be soon08:20
seb128I'm glad we find an easy way to workaround it meanwhile08:21
didrocksgood enough for now anyway08:21
didrocksI was getting worried after reading the discussion yesterday08:21
seb128yeah, it has been going round for a while08:21
didrocksstill 30+ minutes of unity tests running08:22
didrocksthen, we'll know if the automatic publisher is working08:22
didrocks(well, if unity tests pass)08:23
robruMirv, didrocks: which was the most urgent of the stuff that's been assigned to me?08:42
didrocksrobru: I would say "libqtdbustest, libqtdbusmock, indicator-network-prompt"08:43
didrocksthen ubuntu-settings-component08:43
didrocksand finally the cordova stuff08:43
didrocks(in order of priorities)08:43
robrudidrocks, ok. and I noticed that lp:ubuntu-settings-component actually does not even have a debian/ directory. so i need to create that from scratch then?08:43
didrocksrobru: yeah, and win some awesome karma with it! :)08:43
robrudidrocks, haha, ok. usually i see debian/ that is just really poorly formed, I thought maybe if debian/ was missing that there was some reason for it ;-)08:44
didrocksrobru: I see settings, I map that mentally to seb128 and I'm sure it's a lazyness issue :p08:44
* seb128 slaps didrocks08:44
* didrocks hugs seb12808:45
* seb128 hugs didrocks back08:45
didrocksrobru: are you in a hacking GUADEC room?08:45
robrudidrocks, nah, too hot there with poor AC. just in my hotel room08:46
didrocksah oki ;)08:46
robrualso, faster internet in the hotel ;-)08:46
didrocksit's raining here like crazy08:46
robrubah, I pray for rain08:46
didrocksso good to go from 34°C to 24°C :)08:46
robrudidrocks, brb, I'm coming to your place ;-)08:47
didrocks"it's all Europe, you can just walk down to the corner" ;)08:47
robrudidrocks, how long is a bus ride from here? can't be more than a few hours, right? ;-)08:48
robruhigh of 37 degrees today08:48
didrocksyeah, we had that in the previous weeks here08:48
didrocksrobru: 11h09 by car says google08:49
didrocksyou can even visit (if you take the 11h42 tour) seb12808:49
seb128it's going to drop by 10°C for them as well, but after the hack days08:51
seb12838°C tomorrow, "fun"08:52
larsurobru: some of the rooms here have ac (it09:27
larsu(it's just not very strong)09:27
* larsu waves to seb128 and didrocks 09:27
didrockshey larsu! how are you?09:28
seb128larsu, hey, how are you?09:28
robrularsu, are any of the basement rooms open? they were coolest as I recall. I might stop by later.09:28
larsudidrocks, seb128: great! Hacking away ... :)  How are you?09:28
seb128larsu, I'm good thanks ;-)09:29
didrocksenjoying the rain and checking that latest changes didn't break the world :)09:29
larsurobru: no, only the foyer in the basement, not the rooms. But two of the bof rooms have ac (the ones to the right of the main entrance)09:29
larsudidrocks: let me know if you get bored and need a change that breaks the world :P09:30
* larsu can provide09:30
didrocksahah ;)09:30
seb128larsu, land the crack!09:30
* seb128 wants gmenu based messaging and bluetooth09:30
larsuseb128: charles has an MR for bluetooth up, and I have a messaging branch that dednick is reviewing09:31
larsuso, it's coming09:31
didrocksok, time to see if this works!09:31
* didrocks publishes platform-api09:31
larsuthat reminds me, I should probaly review charles' work09:31
robrudidrocks, hey, I need some help with a bootstrapping issue for the indicator stuff you asked me to package.09:32
seb128larsu, do you need people to runtime test your messaging work?09:32
robrudidrocks, is there a way to manually publish all three to distro in one shot? or do I have to add one to daily release, get it in distro, then add the second to daily release, get it in distro, etc?09:32
didrocksrobru: they all depends on each others?09:33
didrocksrobru: if you adjust the build-deps, they can be all 3 published09:33
robrudidrocks, it's not a cylic dependency, but only one of them can build with distro as is (the rest depend on thefirst)09:33
robrudidrocks, ok, but more specifically, CI is failing because the deps aren't in distro. I need to land my packaging fixes in order to get the deps in distro, but CI is blocking me.09:34
larsuseb128: not that many changes yet, it's only moving the phablet branch over to the new arch (no desktop profile yet). And I think dednick might need to adjust some things in the shell as well09:34
seb128larsu, ok09:34
larsuseb128: but it's at lp:~larsu/indicator-messages/phablet-port-indicator-ng if you're interested09:35
seb128larsu: let me know when/if you need testing or something else from me09:35
larsuseb128: will do, thanks! (probably after Fridays train trip ;) )09:35
seb128larsu: btw no gsettings-qt issue since yesterday, just to confirm your fix is working great09:35
* larsu is productive on trains09:35
didrocksrobru: you mean upstream merger?09:35
larsuseb128: awesome! Thanks for the detailed report ;)09:36
didrocksnot the daily release09:36
didrocksrobru: you need to talk to fginther, they should have a local repository created09:36
robrudidrocks, right, that's what I mean. CI is blocking upstream merge, and I need to merge upstream before we can daily release in distro09:36
robrufginther, ^^ ? ;-)09:36
robrudidrocks, errr, what exactly is indicator-network-prompt? why does it's changelog claim that it's unity-scope-soundcloud? is this some kind of copy&paste error?09:41
didrocksrobru: TBH? I have no idea at all, do you mind checking with pete woods?09:46
robrudidrocks, ok09:46
didrocksafter fixing a small typo creating the dep of hell (a stack relaunching itself)09:51
didrocksit all works09:51
didrocksso platform got published09:51
seb128didrocks, well done!09:52
didrocksit triggered only the stack that were depending on it being in manual publishing mode09:52
didrockssdk was published successfully09:52
didrocksit tried the settings stack which was in manual publishing mode because of sdk09:52
didrocksbut didn't publish it because it has a packaging change09:52
didrocks(and it only list the packaging change now)09:52
desrthi guys09:53
* desrt gets a chance to go online09:53
didrocksMirv: robru: cyphermox: so way less manual publishing needed now \o/09:53
didrockshey desrt09:53
desrtdidrocks: too bad you couldn't come this year.  the talks were excellent.09:53
didrocksdesrt: yeah, I really wished I could come, I read some summary from robru and it sounded really interesting09:53
desrtnext year for sure, i imagine09:54
didrocksright ;)09:55
seb128desrt, hey09:56
* desrt is not sure what 2015 bid he wants.... sweden vs. england vs. italy. ... very interesting09:56
desrtseb128: hey.  talked to alex about the GFile diskspace API09:56
desrtyou'll get it this cycle09:56
seb128desrt, thanks ;-)09:56
seb128chrisccoulson, thanks for SRU verifying those leak fixes ;-)09:57
didrocksMirv: all the stacks are yours now :)09:57
didrocksMirv: sdk just failed because it ran published with the new u1db-qt, I just disabled for publishing and it's reenabled now09:57
seb128xnox, the unity/ubiquity rename mp got merged09:58
Mirvdidrocks: awesome, and ok. I'll check them after lunch09:59
* didrocks redeploys the latest config everywhere09:59
xnoxseb128: \o/09:59
didrocks(all deployed)10:03
darkxstseb128, hey!10:05
seb128darkxst, hi10:06
darkxstany progress on ibus stuff and being able to start with g-s-d?10:06
seb128indicator-keyboard is having failing tests issue10:06
seb128which are being worked10:06
seb128once that's resolved we should be able to land the other bits10:06
darkxstseb128, right, that kind of blocks things10:07
Mirvhmm, libunity powerpc test failure10:43
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Mirvhmm, robru is not here12:21
Mirvdidrocks: u1db-qt's -dev package depends on qtbase5-dev which brings X dev packages and all sorts of stuff, what do you think about https://code.launchpad.net/~timo-jyrinki/cupstream2distro-config/u1db-qt-dependencies/+merge/178948 which would be required now?12:22
didrocksMirv: hum, normally, we don't add the -dev package, I didn't pick that up when you added u1db-qt12:22
didrocksMirv: we only add binaries that are/will be installed by default on the image12:23
didrocks(as it's what we want to test)12:23
Mirvdidrocks: right, I was asssuming something is amiss. that's it.12:23
Mirvdidrocks: I'll remove the -dev instead.12:23
didrocksMirv: right ;)12:23
Mirvok, now it should be better with just -dev and -doc removed12:27
Mirvdidrocks: ok, sdk stack is now ready and I'd like to hit publish... it was preNEWed by seb128 so I guess we're ok?13:00
didrocksMirv: as it's a new component, I need to refresh the white list on the archive admin machine13:01
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didrocksMirv: let me do that, one sec13:01
Mirvdidrocks: right, sounds familiar indeed13:02
* didrocks waits on the lillypilly…13:02
didrocksMirv: phew, done! go for it! :)13:04
* Mirv hits the button13:06
Mirvdidrocks: hmm,
didrocksMirv: it's the first publication of u1db-qt13:11
didrocksyou did deploy it with -U only, right?13:12
didrocksnot -S?13:12
Mirvdidrocks: with -U, yes13:12
didrocksnot -US?13:12
Mirvand not -US13:12
didrocksinteresting, so another launchpad trick13:12
didrocksthe jenkins bot13:13
didrocksis it part of the u1db-qt team?13:13
Mirvah. no, only Ubuntu Phone Apps Jenkins Bot is there, which was a different thing13:13
didrocksyeah, I think the bot needs to be there to be able to autoapprove13:14
didrockscan you get that fixed?13:14
didrocksI'm not sure how the upstream merger can even work without that btw13:14
Mirvso PS Jenkins Bot?13:14
didrocks(I think it doesn't)13:14
seb128larsu, not sure if I asked about that before/if you added to your todolist, but can we have a way to check if a schemas is installed from gsettings-qt/qml?13:14
seb128larsu, I'm trying to make system settings use gnome-settings-daemon on desktop but for that I need a way to check if stuff are installed13:15
Mirvdidrocks: ok, fixing via kalikiana13:15
didrocksMirv: do you mind ensuring that they have the upstream merger setup as well? I infer it's not the case13:15
didrocks(if so, the merge back branch will be stuck and tomorrow we'll have a yellow settings stack)13:16
Mirvdidrocks: they have the Ubuntu Phone Apps doing the mergings so far13:16
larsuseb128: not on my todo, but I can add it. desrt just confirmed that it's easy to do so13:16
desrtseb128: g_settngs_schema_source_get_default() -> g_settings_schema_source_lookup()13:16
didrocksMirv: as long as we can auto-approve the branch and get it merged… ;)13:17
desrtseb128: if it returns NULL then the schema is not installed13:18
desrtif it retunrs a schema then, well.... it is installed :)13:18
desrtno asserts either way, i promise ;)13:19
Mirvdidrocks: ok, I'll wait for answer from christian on getting the ps-jenkins to the team13:19
seb128desrt, yeah, it's just that I'm using qml for that ui, so I need Lars to wrap it for me ;-)13:20
didrocksseb128: come to the C++ side! come ;)13:20
seb128didrocks, tssss :p13:20
seb128larsu, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gsettings-qt/+bug/120923513:22
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1209235 in gsettings-qt (Ubuntu) "Having a way to check if a schemas is available would be nice" [Undecided,New]13:22
larsuseb128: thanks!13:22
seb128larsu, thank *you* for considering it ;-)13:23
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Mirvok, I guess u1db-qt tomorrow then13:41
seb128Mirv, what's the issue?13:41
Mirvseb128: ps-jenkins not part of ~uonedb-qt team13:41
Mirvand Christian only admin13:41
Mirvok, got the rights13:59
Mirvif didrocks is available, he can tell if I can remove the previous proposal, but I'll experiment if not14:01
didrocksMirv: it should bzr push --overwrite14:01
didrocksMirv: with the same name14:01
didrocksso shouldn't really matter14:01
Mirvdidrocks: it gave
didrocksyeah, the MP is already there14:02
didrocksjust not the "approve"14:02
didrocksso yeah, please remove the MP14:02
didrocksok, first trial of a script to relaunch all stacks14:04
mterryseb128, why did indicator-keyboard never make it through NEW?14:09
mterrydidrocks, got time for some MIRs by any chance?14:09
seb128mterry, there is a flacky test that's breaking CI/daily landing apparently14:10
didrocksmterry: I'm already behind one, so if it's a small one, it's fine14:10
didrocks(before EOW)14:10
seb128mterry, and I was waiting for the update with the cleanups to land (e.g removing the copy of the vapi files, etc)14:10
mterrydidrocks, eh, no worries14:10
seb128attente, did you get anywhere yesterday?14:10
mterryseb128, the vapi got cleaned up, but yeah, I don't see a daily release14:11
seb128mterry, right, I was just waiting on trunk to land basically, we discussed it at the team meeting yesterday, things are blocked on flacky tests14:12
seb128mterry, well, attente and cyphermox were not able to reproduce the issue in pbuilder/their system14:12
seb128and the build log were not that useful14:12
seb128we did get extra details yesterday though, so hopefully that's sorted today/tomorrow14:13
cyphermoxI do get the test failure in jenkins too though14:13
seb128cyphermox, I get it 50% of the time on porter-i386.canonical.com14:13
cyphermoxit's got to be some timing issue14:13
seb128I've a random guess theory though14:14
seb128attente, hey14:14
attentehi seb12814:14
seb128attente, did you get anywhere with those tests?14:14
attenteseb128, no luck14:15
seb128attente, is the code doing a write and a read just after that?14:15
seb128attente, I wonder if there is a chance that, the write going -> dbus -> spawn dconf-service -> write you get to read before the write is done?14:16
seb128would it help to put a small wait in between to see if that helps?14:16
seb128would it make sense*14:17
seb128cyphermox, ^14:17
attenteseb128, there should already be about a one second delay14:17
seb128ok, not that then :/14:18
seb128cyphermox, are the test always failing on jenkins? or is it a 50% thing as well?14:18
cyphermoxyes, still hit and miss14:18
attentefwiw, it seems to work a lot more reliably when i comment out line 155 in tests/main.vala14:23
purezenHey guys ! I recently purchased an EVDO data card, Teracom T-U500.. It's working perfectly fine under Windows but doesn't work in Linux.. The modem does not get detected at all.. Seemingly, it can't perform a successful 'usb_modeswitch' operation.. Please help..!14:23
attenteseb128, cyphermox... lol. i think this might be the problem after all...14:25
attenteyep, seems to be working every time now14:26
seb128you were able to trigger the problem before? (I though you didn't have it locally)14:26
attentethis is on porter-amd6414:26
seb128cyphermox, ^ let's merge than in and throw it to the builder/jenkins for confirmation14:26
seb128oh, you got your key already set up, great14:26
attenteok, i'll MP it14:27
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attentecyphermox, https://code.launchpad.net/~attente/indicator-keyboard/fix-flaky-test/+merge/17899614:59
attenteseems to be working every time for me now15:00
attenteon porter15:00
attentetried to get it working with a Posix.sleep, but no success there15:01
attentestill failing... hmm..15:16
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robrudesrt, larsu: dinner soon?15:36
larsurobru: where are you?15:36
robrularsu, sitting next to mhr315:37
* desrt is waiting for a glib tarball to build after spending a bit too much time tracking down why a testcase that hasn't been touched in years is suddenly failing15:37
larsurobru: lol, just talked to him in #ubuntu-unity15:37
desrt(spoiler alert: because i installed virtaal)15:37
robrularsu, lol, yeah, I saw him write that15:37
robrudesrt, well no rush, just "soonish". lemme know when you're free15:37
desrtif nothing else goes wrong, this shouldn't take more than 20-30 mins15:38
desrtnew GLib is out...15:57
* desrt could leave...15:57
seb128desrt, enjoy!16:00
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robrudesrt, larsu: dinner then?16:04
desrtrobru: sure.  come find us.16:04
desrtwe are with some nice people16:04
desrtand kat16:05
seb128you guys eat at weird time16:05
seb1286pm is very early for dinner, especially in summer16:06
larsuseb128: I thought you were German!16:06
desrtrobru's stomach is in vancouver16:06
seb128larsu, you guys eat that early?16:07
desrtfood in germany is weird16:07
seb128larsu, we tend to eat around 19:30 here, and often around 20:00 in summer16:07
larsuseb128: not really, but it's a stereotype that we eat at 6pm sharp16:07
seb128I see16:07
larsuseb128: maybe that stereotype only exists in Germany, though16:07
desrtit seems that their dinners are late and small16:07
desrtafter a very large lunch that is also late16:08
larsuseb128: yeah, it's about the same for us16:08
seb12818:00 is even early for starting on beers16:08
seb128though 18:30-19 is alright for that ;-)16:08
larsu8am is early for beer16:08
larsueverything else is quite okay16:08
desrtthis conversation is sooo german16:08
larsudesrt: what do you expect. It's two Germans talking16:09
desrtmhr3: are you coming?16:09
desrtmhr3: you're not coming16:09
mhr3desrt, nope, meeting with friends16:10
desrtmhr3: robru just informed us16:10
desrtmhr3: have fun16:10
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cyphermoxattente: have you seen there are still failures in jenkins?17:57
attentecyphermox, sorry18:04
attentei couldn't see the logs18:04
attentedo you know if it was the same problem?18:04
cyphermoxnot yet18:07
cyphermoxit's hard to get the logs18:07
seb128did you guys try on the porter box?18:09
attenteseb128, on the porter box tests are passing18:13
seb128ok, so maybe difference issue...18:14
seb128cyphermox, can you do the "display the log file in the build log" trick again (we should have that to be the default)18:14
seb128attente, is there any reason we hide the test output this way?18:14
seb128it seems it's just making our job harder18:14
cyphermoxseb128: I certainly can but it forces the build to succeed18:15
cyphermoxattente: perhaps add a step to your test script to output the log file18:15
attenteseb128, i didn't know how to properly do it18:15
cyphermoxlet me file a merge request18:15
rickspencer3seb128, is the Time Zone chooser supposed to be working now?18:18
seb128cyphermox, just makes the rules do18:18
rickspencer3can't tell if bugs or not ready yet ;)18:18
seb128dh_auto_test || true18:18
cyphermoxseb128: that's what I had before18:18
seb128rickspencer3, on the desktop yes, on the touch image no, because the session is not correctly registered18:18
cyphermoxoh, right, I see18:18
seb128rickspencer3, e.g polkit doesn't work and we don't get the acl, that's breaking other things as well18:19
seb128rickspencer3, we need mir/lightdm to land...18:19
rickspencer3seb128, ok18:19
rickspencer3I suppose I can still set it via cli18:19

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