pleia2bkerensa: I'll send a note to the list on Monday or so, but the CC meeting with the Docs team is next Thursday00:53
pleia2in case you want to shuffle priorities to get anything done before then ;)00:54
pleia2just the typical check in thing, but I'm sure the question of whether the team is stable enough for the CC to remove itself will come up00:54
bkerensapleia2: ahh ok03:10
bkerensagodbyk: do you think you are Doug might be able to attend? I will be getting last minute stuff done before my flight to SF03:10
pleia210am our time03:10
bkerensapleia2: hopefully Doug or Kevin can attend I didn't know doc team had a meeting with the CC03:11
bkerensaand I have to fly down to your city03:11
pleia2hm, I thought laura sent emails to all the teams we'd be meeting with03:13
pleia2but I can't find an email, oops :)03:14
pleia2I'll mail the list now03:14
bkerensaI just search all my labels and find nothing from Laura03:15
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bkerensapleia2: we need to add some wiki doc admins18:45
bkerensaso pages can be renamed18:45
bkerensapleia2: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/phillw/temp_Manual18:45
pleia2bkerensa: that doesn't require an admin18:49
pleia2bkerensa: it's help.ubuntu.com where that is required, on the wiki even I can rename18:50
bkerensahelp.ubuntu.com is not wiki though18:50
pleia2help.ubuntu.com/community I mean18:51
pleia2wiki.ubuntu.com and help.ubuntu.com/community are both wikis, they have different settings18:51
bkerensaI see18:51
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