glenn_xnox: i actually got the lvm boot setup working last night :)09:12
glenn_xnox: with just normal expert recipe :))09:12
xnoxglenn_: excellent =)09:13
glenn_let me show you a snippet09:13
glenn_hang on09:13
glenn_took me 4 hours lol09:15
glenn_so but, what i could do interactively, is simply supported by partman in precise :)09:15
xnoxglenn_: awesome. interesting, I didn't know about in_vg and vg_name.09:49
glenn_xnox: i could make a blog about it, but perhaps this is something we should put in some ubuntu docs?10:00
glenn_im sure other people would want to use something like this, or something alike10:00
glenn_i didnt test 3 disks, etc.... but10:00
glenn_ah, saucy is having issues with boothing from lvm: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lvm2/+bug/120840110:07
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1208401 in lvm2 (Ubuntu) "saucy server lvm installations fail to boot " [Undecided,New]10:07
glenn_no wonder that does not boot10:11
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rostamHI is this a right channel to ask question on preseed? thx17:20
rostamI am new to preseed but have done kickstart development in past.  My main question is, whether the procedure to create preseed file for ubuntu server is different than desktop (other than package selection)? thx17:24
jkitchenrostam: nope. package selection is it17:32
rostamjkitchen: great, I am trying to create preseed for 12.04 LTS, which documentation should I read for that?17:37
jkitchenthat's a pretty good one methinks17:38
jkitchenthe important bit for me was the very last section17:38
jkitchentalking about debconf-get-selections --installer17:38
jkitchenmade figuring out what answer I needed to preseed to get my stupid LVM+raid going soooo much easier17:38
rostamGreat so I assume the same guideline should be the same for 64 bit. thx17:43
srwarrencjwatson, did you have any further thoughts on that patch to integrate Tegra support into the installer?23:00
cjwatsoninfinity said he was going to steal that one23:03
cjwatsonSo I didn't look further23:03
cjwatson(He's either travelling just now or about to be, so a status update will probably need to wait a bit)23:04
srwarrenok, thanks23:04
srwarrenBTW, do many distro-related people go to Linux Plumbers? I wonder if a discussion of the recent cross-distro ML thread "Unified u-boot feature set for simpler distro support" might happen there?23:06
cjwatsonSome of my team will be there, though I won't23:06
cjwatsonI'd rather see the GRUB port done :)23:06
srwarrennative, or chain-loaded from U-Boot/... I guess it doesn't really matter as long as you can assume it's there23:07
antarusI know some Gentoo folks go, I'm not sure about distros that actually matter to you ;p23:07
cjwatsonThere'll certainly be folks from Ubuntu who could comment usefully on such a topic, but yeah, I don't know whether it's on the agenda or anything23:07
cjwatson(I was tentatively due to go this year but ended up not doing so)23:08
srwarrenI guess the people who go to the ARM minisummit at the kernel summit generally aren't distro people23:09
cjwatsonNot sure23:09
cjwatsonNot my field :)23:09
cjwatsonThere's probably some Linaro representation and they're at least broadly aware of distro needs; as for Ubuntu itself I couldn't say23:10

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