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tseliotapw: nvidia and fglrx are ready for 3.11 now (rtg said that maybe you could upload 3.11 since he's travelling)08:42
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smbppisati, Goood morning. 08:50
psivaaapw: not sure if you noticed bug #1208401, impacting saucy lvm installations. probably triggered by dependency issues?09:46
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1208401 in lvm2 (Ubuntu) "saucy server lvm installations fail to boot " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120840109:46
apwpsivaa, will have a poke thanks10:20
apwjodh, yo ... this nested thing ... i just spun one up, how can i tell if it is broke, as it seems to be running, and making my machine fan itself ...10:25
apwjodh, and indeed it has now 'completed' and exit 0 at the end10:25
apwjodh, this is with the 3.11 kernel which is about to drop into the archive...10:26
apwjodh, would it have broken if your issue occured, or is it more subtle10:26
jodhapw: the problem occurs when you run a nested kvm instance from within a kvm instance. The host is using kvm_intel with nested=Y, but both guests seem to have nested=N. 10:28
jodhapw: a fresh kernel panic for you from my 32-bit host system. The panic is from the "2nd-level" guest: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5958383/10:28
apwjodh, so i don't see any panic and the test command listed completes exit 0 is that correct ?10:28
smbI am really not sure that nested goes more than one level...10:29
jodhapw: can you confirm what test you are running ?10:29
apw$ sudo modprobe kvm_intel nested=110:29
apw$ bzr branch lp:auto-package-testing10:29
apw$ cd auto-package-testing10:29
apw$ bin/prepare-testbed -r saucy -d i38610:29
apwjodh, the test set in the bug10:29
apwthat 4th command runs to completion without error10:29
jodhok - that bug is rather confused I'm afraid as I was seeing crashes locally and also strange behaviour in canonistack. I think I'm also getting panics under canonistack but can't access the 2nd-level vm as it's spinning at 200% cpu.10:31
jodhto see the panic, after you're run prepare-testbed, you need to run:10:31
jodhbin/run-adt-test -r saucy -a i386 -l -k -b lp:~jamesodhunt/ubuntu/saucy/upstart/dep-8 upstart10:32
jodhthen, when that vm fires up, "cd upstart && adt-run --debug --tmp-dir=/tmp/logs --log-file=$HOME/adt-run.log --unbuilt-tree . --- adt-virt-null --debug"10:32
jodhI missed a "mkdir /tmp/logs" above too :)10:33
apwjodh, hmmm, ok this is going to be hard to know i have done it right ;)10:33
jodha question though is whether *all 3* systems (host+2 guests) should have "kvm_intel nested=1" loaded?10:33
apwjodh, but i would say if you can repro it, then one might suggest using 3.11 to confirm it is there as well as some kvm issues seemed to be solved by the update10:34
jodhapw: it takes a while to run adt-run locally I'm afraid, hence my attempt at migrating to canonistack, but that didn't go so well either :)10:34
apwjodh, and is this then something new which has never worked ?10:34
apwis kvm nesting something we even expect to next infinitly?10:34
jodhapw: I think I might be trail-blazing here yes10:34
apwit may not even be somting you can expect to work10:35
jodhthis is the first time I've tried all this so it has never worked for me atleast :)10:35
smbSupport for it at least has been around for a while now10:36
jodhfor reference: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5958403/, vm.cfg = http://paste.ubuntu.com/5958409/10:36
smb(so one could expect it to work)10:36
jodh... and /proc/cpuinfo on my host: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5958342/10:37
apwjodh, so this second command 'cd upstart &&' etc am i running that _in the byobu session that the previous command runs ?10:43
apwas i don't have an upstart in here10:43
jodhah - sorry, you probably have a "dep-8" directory right?10:43
jodhif so, "cd dep8 && adt-run ..."10:44
jodhdep-8 even :)10:44
apwok that is doing something10:44
apwjodh, no that all blows up with dependancy issues10:45
apwor is this a sudo job10:45
jodhdependency issues?10:45
apw -> Considering build-dep build-essential10:45
apw   -> Trying build-essential10:45
apw -> Installing  build-essential10:45
apwE: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: Permission denied)10:46
apwE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?10:46
apw -> Trying to fix apt error10:46
apwbear in mind if you send me command lines i am runing them as they are not apply other intelligence10:46
apwas clearly your commands are what you do10:46
* apw tries it as root10:47
jodhon sec..10:47
apwtoo late10:47
jodhI was going so say: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5958446/10:47
apwwhich isn't quite the same now is it ... sigh, users10:48
apwso anyhow it is runnig something10:48
apwwhat am i looking for for the symptoms and how do i see it10:48
infinityapw: Is 3.11 meta happening today?10:50
apwinfinity, i need to confirm the graphics stuff is built, but it should10:50
infinityapw: Kay, just curious if we need to do d-i things.  Shame you're not in the office today, we could have tried to clean all that up.10:51
smbjodh, So on a 64bit guest at least, nested=1 is passed on10:51
jodhonce it's built upstart, it will eventually run the "run-tests" command. You'll see a ton of cryptic shell code but the last line will be running that command with stdout redirected to a file10:51
infinityapw: But I didn't finish cleaning up the seeds yet anyway.10:51
apwinfinity, yeah ... 10:51
jodhjust tail -f that file until you see "Timeout, server localhost not responding". At that point the kernel will have panicked.10:52
apwjodh, didn't occur for me, ran to completion10:56
jodhI can try the 3.11 kernel if you point me to where I can grab it, but it would be good to know exactly how kvm_intel's nested= param should be set for all 3 systems.10:57
apwVirtSubproc>: debug: executing quit10:57
jodhcan I see the *stdout and *stderr logs in /tmp/logs/?10:57
apwsmb, ^^10:57
smbjodh, Mine is at least Y in the first guest10:57
apwjodh, but i would assum you want =1 in each?10:57
jodhapw: ok, but could that account for the panic?10:58
apwto say you can nest further, it is only a true value ?10:58
apwjodh, i wpuld expect if you can nest you can nest infinitly, but perhaps i don't understnad nesting as well as smb10:58
smbapw, So the nested=1 as modules option says it should be used if possible10:58
smbapw, If the parm is actually true/y/1 in sysfs it is using it10:59
smbAnd my guest (though 64bit) seems to be ok10:59
smbapw, Is your first level 32 or 64bit?10:59
apwsmb, 6410:59
apwwho would run 32, ... that limits one from having 64 bit guests goesn11:00
apwodesn't it ?11:00
smbapw, So following the other instructions, I see higher cpu usage and some messages about timeout11:00
apwjodh, the 3.11 kernel is sitting in proposed, so you can get it from the pool or from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/3.11.0-0.211:01
smbapw, Ok, probably did not mean much.... apparently it says "installation sucessful" now11:04
apwsmb, so my first level kvm doesn't seem to have kvm nesting available /11:04
smbjodh, Btw, did you ever reboot your 1rst level guest after setting up the packages for kvm et.all11:10
smbCause the modprobe kvm-intel after logging out and logging in may be useless as the modules have been loaded already before (without nested=1)11:12
jodhsmb: no, I'm not rebooting the 1st level VM. That is provided by the autopkgtest QA environment. In fact, a test can't reboot it as its run with "qemu -no-reboot ...".11:23
smbjodh, So I would try (when no 2nd level guest runs) to rmmod kvm_intel and modprobe it again11:24
smband then check nested11:24
apwsmb, (and jodh) just confirmed here that just installing KVM inside does not help, as kvm-intel is loaded on boot of the VM and not with kvm options11:35
apwso one would need to rmmod and mobprobe it to get nested11:36
apwand confirm that sudo rmmod kvm-intel; sudo modprobe kvm-intel11:36
jodhapw: ack. I'll try that, then do the same with 3.11 if it doesn't help.11:47
* ppisati feels a bit tired...11:47
smbSeems for me and a 64bit host and 1rst level guest the prepare-testbed thing seemed to have completed even with nested turned off in the guest11:50
ckingppisati, are you in london still?11:55
ppisaticking: nope, back home11:56
ckingppisati, wow, that was quick11:56
ppisaticking: just 2 hours flight11:56
ckingppisati, and a few hours either end travelling to/from airports + waiting for plane ...11:57
smbWasn't that acutally yesterday11:57
smbcking, I am flying today (fwiw)11:58
* cking got back home by 15:30.. a travel win at last 12:00
* smb leaves12:12
ppisatidude, what's the smart way to filter LP bugs email?12:37
* ppisati recalls there was a way...12:38
ppisatifiltering on the subj "^[Bug" is ok, but can definitely be better using one of those X-fields12:41
ogra_ppisati, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToFilter12:44
ppisatiogra_: eh, but those are procmail rules, how do we do that in the brand new gmail world?12:45
ogra_no idea, i dont touch gmail12:45
ppisatilife sucks, and then you gmail12:46
* ogra_ has his own mail server12:46
ppisatiogra_: poser12:46
ogra_i route some mail through gmail for its good spam filter though :)12:46
josephtppisati: afaik, gmail won't let you filter on '[' in the subject either12:46
ogra_but after all thats just a loop that points back to my server12:46
ppisatijosepht: that's hat i'm doing right now12:47
josephtppisati: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/6593?hl=en12:51
* ppisati shrugs12:55
ppisatiThe following filters are applied to all incoming mail: Matches: subject:(^[Bug)12:55
ppisatiDo this: Skip Inbox, Apply label "LP-bugs"12:55
ppisatifrom my gmail settings12:55
josephtppisati: for me; subject:Bug, subject:(^[Bug), and subject:(Bug) all return the same results and some are not [Bug xxx] messages13:01
apwpsivaa, that lvm2 issue is very odd because lvm2 directly dpeends on the seemingly missing package so it really should be installed.  can we get the installer and apt logs out of a broken instance ?13:33
psivaaapw: installer logs are attached. i'll try to get the apt logs13:35
apwpsivaa, thanks ... it is a server install, so it could be a udeb issue13:36
apwpsivaa, i am slightly confused because the package in question is shown as installed as far as i can see:13:52
apwAug  3 08:30:13 in-target: libdevmapper1.02.1 is already the newest version.13:52
psivaaapw, libdevmapper-event is not installed though13:53
apwpsivaa, point, perhaps it has fallen out of the udeb ... will check13:54
psivaaapw: on a good run this is what we see when the above packages gets installed: 13:56
apwpsivaa, hmm indeed, so it is a higher level issue somehow, we are not even trying to install lvm2 in this way14:00
apwpsivaa, do we know when this started failing ?14:09
psivaaapw: images of 20130803 onwords14:10
apwpsivaa, ta14:11
apwpsivaa, ok i think xnox has a handle on that bug, and will update it and hopefully fix :)14:28
psivaaapw: thanks :)14:29
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Raul_hi all17:26
greencultbuenos dias a todos17:28
hallynwhat exactly is 'something.isra' in context of ftrace?20:04
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