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* slangasek waves15:01
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slangasek[TOPIC] lightning round15:01
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slangasek$ echo $(shuf -e barry doko stgraber jodh ev bdmurray slangasek cjwatson xnox stokachu)15:01
slangasekbdmurray slangasek ev xnox barry jodh stokachu stgraber doko cjwatson15:01
slangasek(and barry and stgraber are off today)15:01
bdmurraythis covers some of the stuff I did before my vacation15:02
bdmurrayupdated errors not to return failed buckets (LP: #1202416)15:02
bdmurrayupdated daisy branch to cache packages for more teams15:02
bdmurrayvarious package to team mapping work15:02
bdmurrayset up mailing lists for new package to team mapping teams15:02
bdmurrayarsenal modifications for package to team mapping work15:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1202416 in Errors "package-version-new-buckets should not return failed retraces" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120241615:02
bdmurraymodified arsenal to better handle the search criteria with negated tags15:02
bdmurraysubmitted merge proposal for unsubbed-packages to ubuntu-archive-tools15:02
bdmurrayupdated sru-release to set phased_update_percentage to 10 and submitted merge proposal for it15:02
bdmurraytested the phased-updater on lillypilly15:02
bdmurrayworked on SRU verification of bug 120537415:03
bdmurrayupload of ubuntu-release-upgrader to saucy fixing a test failure15:03
bdmurraytesting of ubuntu-release-upgrader unsupported release dialog15:03
ubottubug 1205374 in whoopsie (Ubuntu Raring) "Only attempts to retry the existing crash reports once, after two hours." [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120537415:03
bdmurray✔ done15:03
slangasek * client sprint on the IoM; it was nice to be in everyone's timezone last week :)15:04
slangasek * prepping for DebConf next week15:04
slangasek * prepping for 12.04.3, the week after DebConf15:04
ev- Discussions with pitti and the QA team on automatically uploading to whoopsie15:05
ev  when there are crashes in jenkins:15:05
ev  http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~apport-hackers/apport/trunk/view/head:/data/whoopsie-upload-all15:05
ev- Discussions with the MIR team on reporting errors for hanging applications in15:05
ev  Touch. Some investigation of Android's ANR (application not responding) and15:05
ev  the Mir architecture. Blocked on waiting for a Nexus 4 (nvidia on the 7 makes15:05
ev  running Mir a difficult task).15:05
ev- Created and tested an upstart job for automatic error reporting. Updated the15:05
ev  Touch seeds to use this new package.15:05
ev- Built out some functional tests for the whoopsie-preferences daemon, after15:05
ev  the MIR requested (but didn't block on) them:15:05
ev  https://code.launchpad.net/~ev/whoopsie-preferences/functional-tests15:05
ev- Work on generating a unique system identifier on touch devices. Blocked on15:05
ev  waiting for the Nexus 4 (need a SIM for getting an IMEI):15:05
ev  https://code.launchpad.net/~ev/whoopsie/android-serial/+merge/17830615:05
ev- Fighting errors that have cropped up in recent revisions of the charms15:05
ev  (haproxy, cassandra, etc). With these fixes in place, we're now running the15:05
ev  entire infrastructure (on canonistack) with gojuju. This should hopefully15:05
ev  speed up RT 58019 and was necessary to test running the retracers with the15:05
ev  latest and greatest apport:15:05
ev  - https://code.launchpad.net/~ev/canonical-marshal/cassandra-dont-assume-bzr/+merge/17852015:05
ev  - https://code.launchpad.net/~ev/canonical-marshal/haproxy-write-listen-stanza/+merge/17856915:05
ev- Meeting with Katherine to discuss automatic error reporting on Touch.15:05
ev  Followed up with Cimi and Katie Taylor on getting a bit of text added to the15:05
ev  first use experience. Katie will get the exact text from Katherine, but I15:05
ev  think we're safe to enable this.15:05
ev- Fixing kernel OOPS reporting to daisy.ubuntu.com by testing and updating15:05
ev  our version of apport.15:05
ev  http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~daisy-pluckers/daisy/trunk/revision/38715:05
evUpdates from webops:15:05
ev- The backup of the Cassandra DC cluster and initial Cassandra prodstack15:05
ev  cluster (etstack - what we built to migrate away from the ENOSPC disaster,15:05
ev  not to be confused with the production prodstack cluster) is now complete. We15:05
ev  have a meeting with Acunu in the office on Monday to have a little cry and15:06
ev  maybe fix some things.15:06
ev- Moving the retracers on prodstack is still waiting for action by the webops15:06
ev  team (https://portal.admin.canonical.com/58019). Tom suggested it was a15:06
ev  resource problem on their end. I'll keep prodding.15:06
ev- I'm going to start subscribing the team to merge proposals for projects I've15:06
ev  written in C. I'll do my best to get involved in upstart MPs in return.15:06
jodhev: you rock! :)15:06
slangasekev: N4> is the PO raised?15:07
evslangasek: it is - should be here by the end of the week15:07
xnox* catched up on some merges/syncs, i TIL.15:08
xnox* finished multiarch of tk/tcl 8.6.15:08
xnox* multiarched boost-dev for cross-building (for doko)15:08
xnox* fixed privileges dropping in ubiquity since migration to pkexec15:08
xnox  ( thus fixing U1 page )15:08
xnox* Fighting the emulator for Ubuntu touch (legacy, unflipped, arm at15:08
xnox  the moment):15:08
xnox  - so far the emulator is winning15:08
xnox  - it boots and mounts filesystems, but linker gets unresolved15:08
xnox    symbols when trying to run ubuntuappmanager. (from AOSP build)15:08
xnox  - or fails to mount filesystems. (from phablet build)15:08
xnox  - trying to mix & match until in works15:08
jodh* foundations-1305-upstart-work-items:15:08
jodh  - upstart dep-8 integration tests:15:08
jodh    - Reworked MP for lp:~jamesodhunt/upstart/python-upstart-module15:08
jodh    - DEP-8 test code now finished, but not fully tested (read on).15:08
jodh      Has to perform some interesting setup:15:08
jodh      - Start a nested VM and timeout-wait for it to boot.15:08
jodh      - Configure nested VM:15:08
jodh        - Copy the source tree to the VM.15:09
jodh        - Enable Upstart debug mode by updating grub config.15:09
jodh        - Manually install test dependencies.15:09
jodh        - Create a test job to check for a successful boot (yes,15:09
jodh          cloud-init does this too, but just in case... :)15:09
jodh        - Create a chroot environment.15:09
jodh        - Reboot the VM and timeout-wait for it to boot.15:09
jodh      - Run the tests via ssh in the background to avoid hanging15:09
jodh        indefinately should the nested VMs kernel panic.15:09
jodh      - Timeout if the test takes too long to run or the VM dies/cannot15:09
jodh        be connected to.15:09
jodh      - Handle the scenarios where the test *does* kill the nested VM:15:09
jodh        - Reboot it, forcing an fsck and wait for it to come back up.15:09
jodh      - Copy the test results data from the nested VM back into the15:09
jodh        autopkg VM for collection and presentation via Jenkins.15:09
jodh    - Some of the above setup will hopefully be added to autopkgtest15:09
jodh      when we have this working well.15:09
jodh    - However, this work item is blocked on bug 1208455:15:09
ubottubug 1208455 in linux (Ubuntu) "general protection fault running apt-get inside double nested kvm VM" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120845515:09
jodh      - Discussions with kernel and QA teams.15:09
jodh      - Tried forcing nested mode for all *three* environments (host,15:09
jodh        autopkgtest vm and pristine "nested" (actually double-nested))15:10
jodh        vm, but still get kernel panic.15:10
jodh      - Test code now updated to force nested mode in the 2 environments15:10
jodh        it can configure now, just as a precaution.15:10
jodh      - Part of the explanation for the double-nested vm running at 200%15:10
jodh        cpu in OpenStack turned out to be bug 1208853.15:10
jodh      - Currently trying with linux-image-3.11.0-0-generic from15:10
ubottubug 1208853 in byobu (Ubuntu) "dozens of byobu-status processes running on ubuntu server" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120885315:10
slangasekjodh: heard anything back from the kernel team yet wrt the nested kvm horrors?15:10
jodh        '-proposed' as recommended by the kernel team.15:10
jodh* other:15:10
jodh  - Reviewed lp:~ev/whoopsie/be-more-verbose.15:10
jodh  - Worked on DebConf presentation.15:10
ev(oh and thanks xnox for the code review on the android system identifier stuff!)15:10
slangasekjodh: also, do you have console output from the nested VM?  I'm inclined to think this would be more reliable than just driving it over ssh15:10
jodhbeen chatting in #ubuntu-kernel about it most of today.15:10
jodhmy "best hope" seems to be a 3.11 kernel (testing currently in progress), else ....?15:10
stokachubug 1121874 and bug 1207123 are uploaded and just need sru approval15:11
ubottubug 1121874 in mysql-5.5 (Ubuntu Raring) "MySQL launch fails silently if < 4MB of disk space is available" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112187415:11
ubottubug 1207123 in gnutls26 (Ubuntu Precise) "Key usage violation in certificate has been detected" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120712315:11
xnoxev: C merge proposal reviews is nice =) i <3 C15:11
slangasekjodh: ok15:11
evdon't we all15:11
slangasekstokachu: ok, noted :)15:12
jodhwe have the console log on the bug.15:12
slangasekdoko: your turn15:12
xnoxev: i've been reading up on "The C++ programming language" (4th edition, updated with C++'11) and i'm starting to drink the kool-aid =) ps. i can share the book, if anyone else is interested.15:12
jodhslangasek: we capture the console output as a "test artifact"15:12
doko- AArch64 bringup (now normal and buildd chroots can be, and finally are built natively)15:12
doko- Test two Linaro changes to fix two regressions.15:12
doko- Try to cross-build unity8, first getting b-d's all installed.15:12
jodhslangasek: I did think about running the tests directly as upstart jobs. we could explore that if required.15:13
cjwatsonxnox: C++> I'm so sorry15:13
evxnox: I'm very tempted to give it another try, mostly because we're building our SDK on top of it. Also because I'm curious about RAII.15:13
cjwatson - File format tweak to support MIME type detection.15:13
cjwatson - Move MIME type declaration from shared-mime-info to click, per shared-mime-info upstream.15:13
cjwatson - Scary scary improvement in handling of removal of old links for single-version hooks.  (Nobody seems to have noticed the previous bug yet ...)15:13
cjwatson - Add a sort of virtual hook facility (Hook-Name in .hook files), which should support Ted's Upstart-based desktop hook.15:13
cjwatson - Finally sorted out the auto-cross-builder again.15:13
jodhxnox: I'm interested :)15:13
cjwatson - Diagnosed and fixed http://bugs.debian.org/718482.15:13
evcjwatson: lol15:13
ubottuDebian bug 718482 in apt "apt: CompareProviders ranks Priority above native architecture" [Normal,Open]15:13
cjwatsonPrepared https://code.launchpad.net/~cjwatson/launchpad/series-alias/+merge/178103 to make "devel" symlinks work.15:13
cjwatsonReview-induced tweaks to https://code.launchpad.net/~cjwatson/launchpad/buildstatus-aborted/+merge/176990.15:13
slangasekjodh: I'm arguing that the console output should be used to detect VM crashes, and possibly even for driving the tests themselves15:13
cjwatsonTested bug 1205407 for raring.15:13
ubottubug 1205407 in shadow (Debian) "su: kill child process group on signal, not just immediate child" [Unknown,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120540715:13
cjwatsonfoundations-r-phased-updates: Helped to deploy the phased updater.15:13
cjwatsonPuTTY security update.15:13
cjwatsonFighting qemu to get 4K/4K disk tests working again.  So far, failed.15:13
cjwatsonPreparing daily quality talk for DebConf.15:13
slangasekjodh: because using anything other than the console makes detection more heuristic15:14
slangasekjodh: if you could configure everything to run noninteractively within the VM, and capture all the needed results from the VM console output, I think that's going to be most reliable *and* most efficient15:14
xnoxev: RAII is quite intersting, given that it's scope save without requiring to wrap your code in a try/with block with a "finally:" as one does in python. There is no finally. And things like initialisations and "auto" types are all very nice.15:15
jodhslangasek: maybe we should discuss after the meeting? I'm not clear how we'd drive tests via the console but in the background. I know there are socket options on qemu but would need to dig into the manual.15:15
slangasek(no races with ssh startup, for one thing)15:15
stokachuev: re: gojuju are you still writing all hooks in bash?15:15
slangasekjodh: well, I'm perhaps assuming you aren't so much driving the tests via console as you are consuming the results15:16
xnoxcjwatson: i started with a rather large article published by microsoft "why one shall not use c++ for drivers/kernel mode" and that set quite a few things straight to start with.15:16
evstokachu: for the moment, though I'd like to move to the new python libraries15:16
evit's just a matter of time15:16
evthis is already working15:16
stokachuev: cool just curious what everyone is using15:16
slangasekjodh: yes, it should be possible to wire the VM's console up to a pty and drive it interactively, but I don't think that should actually be necessary - anyway, sure, we can talk more after the meeting15:16
evI think python is the way to go for future charms15:16
evstokachu: the u1 charms are worth looking at for best practices15:16
jodhslangasek: so I guess you're implying we do run the tests via an upstart job. I can look at doing that, but if this needs to happen fast, I guess we can use what we have as long as we can overcome this kernel issue?15:16
slangasekdoko: chroots built natively - huzzah!15:16
stokachuev: definately, we just got done writing our cts app deployment in bash15:17
stokachuev: cool ill take a look at those15:17
xnoxstokachu: i have some in python and some in shell. anything beyond package installation & relationships, I preffer the python modules.15:17
dokoslangasek, well, last two or three packages still building ...15:17
evstokachu: sidnei is the guy to talk to for pointers on their codebase / access15:17
jodhslangasek: ok, note that I'm essentially emulating some of what the autopkg test infrastructure does atm.15:17
evand sure thing15:17
stokachuthanks :D15:17
slangasekev: new python libraries for use with gojuju? curious15:18
cjwatsonAll my charms are still in shell, largely because I haven't written anything new since switching to Go Juju15:18
xnoxslangasek: yeah somebody did a mini python module, with useful hooks / functions which has been cargo culted for a while.15:19
evslangasek: weird, right? :)15:19
* xnox doesn't want to come anywhere near the "official" nginx charm. it's written in php.15:19
slangasekjodh: yes, tests via upstart job; yes, what you currently have is enough to be getting on with - I just think you will find that moving it to be more noninteractive and capturing from the console will significantly simplify things and make it more robust, so we don't have to worry about false test failures15:19
slangasekAny other questions wrt lightning round?15:20
slangasek[TOPIC] AOB15:20
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evphp, because, well: https://github.com/search?p=1&q=extension%3Aphp+mysql_query+%24_GET&ref=searchresults&type=Code15:21
slangasekthat's not a charm, that's a hex15:21
slangasekthough I guess since it's php, it will be implicitly *cast* from hex to charm15:22
slangasekhalf the time15:22
slangasekso I had one thing for AOB15:22
stgraberev: scary ;)15:22
slangasekhalf the team is at DebConf next week15:22
stokachui sense dissatisfaction15:22
evwooooo party for the rest of us15:22
evI'm buying a hammock15:22
slangasekthat leaves just ev, bdmurray, barry, and stokachu here15:23
slangasekif you guys want to have a meeting next week, feel free?15:23
slangasekbut don't expect the rest of us to show :)15:23
cjwatsonthey get to do everyone else's work then15:23
stokachuif bdmurray doesnt mind ill just ping him directly next week on any bugs15:23
bdmurraystokachu: that'd be fine15:23
stokachuthanks man15:23
evcjwatson: I'm going to subcontract your work to the sales team.15:24
slangasekany other Any Other Business?15:24
stokachuno topic this week?15:24
xnoxev: i have flashbacks....15:24
slangasekstokachu: shortly :)15:24
stokachuah ok15:24
slangasek[TOPIC] Phased updates15:24
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* slangasek turns the floor over to bdmurray 15:24
slangasekwho can tell us all about the awesome results of integrating errors.u.c with our SRU process!15:25
bdmurrayFor a while now we've wanted to gradually roll out packages in -updates to users.15:25
bdmurrayupdate-manager has had this support for a while but until recently we were lacking server side support for this15:26
bdmurrayThanks to some help from cjwatson and ev this now done.15:26
bdmurrayStarting right now (for raring) when a SRU is released it will have the phased-update-percentage set to 10%.15:27
bdmurrayEvery 6 hours there is a job that checks for regressions in that version of the package and if there are none the p-u-p is incremented by 10%.15:28
dokohow are these users choosen?15:28
bdmurrayIf a user uses update-manager to install updates, update-manager chooses for them.15:28
bdmurrayIt's possible to choose to install all updates being phased or none.15:29
bdmurraydoko: does that answer your question?15:29
dokoyes, thanks15:29
bdmurrayso what are the regression checks?15:30
dokoso 10% of the phased ones15:30
cjwatsondetail: update-manager generates a random number which is consistent across runs for each machine and package15:30
cjwatsonSo if the p-u-p is 10% then that random number [0,1] must be <=0.115:30
cjwatsonOr something along those lines15:30
bdmurrayThanks cjwatson15:30
bdmurraySo we use errors.ubuntu.com to see if there are any crashes reported about the new version of the package (the one in -updates) that were not reported about the previous version of the package.15:31
jodhbdmurray: how was the value 6 hours chosen?15:31
bdmurrayjodh: I just picked something that didn't seem too fast15:33
slangasekyeah, it's a pretty arbitrary value; we may have to tune it later15:33
jodhbdmurray: I just wondered if it should be >24 hours to allow for those systems that are only updated daily?15:33
slangasekbut it's intended to ensure the roll-out is slow enough that we can collect meaningful data on errors.u.c in each interval15:33
slangasekjodh: all systems are only updated daily, but there are a lot of systems15:34
bdmurrayjodh: then it would take about 9 days for everybody to get an update, which seems really long15:34
* slangasek nods15:34
slangasekanyway, not everybody applies the updates as soon as they're visible... some users let updates linger for days or weeks before applying them15:35
bdmurrayIn addition to checking for new crashes, the error tracker is also queried to see if there is an increased rate of crashes about the package.15:35
slangasekso we know there's a lag time between the update being published and reports of regressions coming in, though we don't know exactly how long that lag is15:35
cjwatsonThe initial run took about 10 minutes, so every six hours is probably reasonable enough load15:35
bdmurrayIf either type of regression is detected then the phasing of the update is stopped by setting it to 0.15:37
bdmurrayThis will prevent other users from receiving the updated version of the package.15:37
bdmurrayThe job also generates an html report of packages currently undergoing phasing which displays the p-u-p and any detected regressions.15:38
bdmurrayAddiitionally, an email is sent to the signer of the package (uploader) and its creator (either the uploader or sponsee).15:39
bdmurrayThe email notifies them of the problem and that the phasing has been stopped.15:39
slangasekbdmurray: do you have the link to that html report?15:39
bdmurrayYes, but its empty right now.15:40
xnoxcjwatson: "intial run took about 10 minutes" what does that run mean? to generate report, or for a a first regression to be filed in errors since first phased publishing?15:40
bdmurrayAn example of its content can be found here15:40
bdmurrayxnox: to generate the report and review the updates15:40
bdmurrayThere is also support in the phased-updater to override specific problems, if a crash is determined not to be a regression.15:41
bdmurraySo once the SRU team starts releasing packages to raring-updates we'll see some activity.15:43
bdmurrayI think that covers it.15:43
slangasekcongrats to bdmurray, ev, cjwatson for getting this landed15:43
slangasekvery exciting to see us leveraging errors.u.c in this way15:44
evthanks for all the heavy lifting, guys!15:44
evme too! :D15:44
slangasekany more audience questions? :)15:44
jodhbdmurray: is there a plan for handling phased updates to server systems?15:44
bdmurrayI'm not aware of one and I believe ev is just working on error reporting for servers.15:45
dokoComputer over.15:45
dokoVirus = Very Yes.15:45
dokovery yes?15:45
evit's a joke (that's sadly going away)15:45
evyou've encountered a bug in the code15:45
* ev looks it up15:45
evdoko: appears to be a bug in django_openid_auth (https://oops.canonical.com/oops/?oopsid=OOPS-180ace38c5a200b3c30ff08a1f98505c for those in ~daisy-pluckers). I'll see what I can do.15:47
slangasekok, sounds like that's it for the meeting15:48
slangaseky'all can dissect django on another channel :)15:49
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stokachudoes ubottu.com not like chromium?15:49
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