rsalvetitvoss_: https://code.launchpad.net/~rsalveti/mir/fixing-libhybris-dependencies/+merge/17886300:06
robert_ancellRAOF, do you know about mlankhorst's changed in -staging?00:12
RAOFrobert_ancell: I do not.00:12
* RAOF checks00:12
robert_ancellRAOF, so he overwrote -0ubuntu9 for some reason. But others have said his changes fix a crash00:12
RAOFI did tell him about your bug, and he seemed to have an idea of what was happening.00:13
robert_ancellSo not sure why they don't just go directly to main?00:13
kdubrsalveti, speaking of our libhybris dependency :)00:13
robert_ancellRAOF, I was looking at the Mir patch by the way. I notice it unloads drivers if they don't work with Mir, but doesn't check if the driver count is 0 afterwards. My logs do show three drivers being unloaded00:14
kdubwe keep hwcomposer.h in-tree... if libhybris maintained hwcomposer.h (like it does with gralloc.h), it would help mir's dependency situation00:14
kdubjust a 'wishlist' though00:14
rsalvetikdub: sure, mind opening a bug against the libhybris package?00:15
rsalvetialso, if someone can help me understand such failures: https://code.launchpad.net/~rsalveti/mir/fixing-libhybris-dependencies/+merge/17886300:15
rsalvetiany idea why we don't have an armhf jenkins build job as well?00:15
rsalvetijust building for i386 and amd6400:15
rsalvetior is it trying to cross build for armhf?00:16
kdubrsalveti, yep00:17
rsalvetiright, then we might need some other changes as well...00:17
rsalveti-- Could NOT find LIBHARDWARE (missing:  LIBHARDWARE_LIBRARY)00:17
rsalvetiwhen cross building00:17
rsalvetipackage wasn't even installed00:18
kdubthere's a script in the top level directory (+ ./cross-compile-chroot.sh) that the builder is executing00:18
kdubyou can change the script if need be, but really its probably an issue of getting cmake to sort things out correctly00:18
rsalvetiright, it's only installing libhybris and libhybris-dev00:19
rsalvetinot necessarily all the dependencies00:19
rsalvetilet me check the script00:19
rsalvetihttps://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/mir-saucy-amd64-ci/462/console also failed00:19
rsalvetibut seems related with the test results00:20
rsalvetinot related with my change00:20
robert_ancellkdub, does https://code.launchpad.net/~rsalveti/mir/fixing-libhybris-dependencies/+merge/178863 make sense?00:20
rsalvetiyou shouldn't build-dep on libhybris-egl00:20
rsalvetithat's provided by mesa00:20
rsalvetiand you just need to install libhybris during runtime, as that will replace mesa's egl00:21
kdubright, we shouldnt care at buildtime whether its the hybris or mesa00:21
robert_ancellrsalveti, did you want a specific review from tvoss_ instead of just the mir team?00:22
rsalvetino, just added him there because he asked me to00:22
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robert_ancellok, kdubs review should be sufficient to land00:23
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rsalvetikdub: ok, changed the cross build script, will wait to see if that helps00:25
kdubrsalveti, i reviewed with a +1, conditional on getting it past the builder00:26
rsalvetikdub: any idea why it failed for amd64 though?00:27
kdubrsalveti, no, that is a strange failure :/00:28
kgunnrobert_ancell: not that you needed another data point....but using staging xorg worked for me (+mir from main, +usc from daily-build)00:31
robert_ancellRAOF, any update on that patch from mlankhorst?00:32
RAOFrobert_ancell: I'm hunting it down; it doesn't seem like he pushed that to git.00:32
RAOFAh, there it is.00:38
kgunnRAOF: quick one...what did "mesa dependent on some radeon kernel patches" mean ? or how does it relate ?00:40
RAOFkgunn: To be proper, the radeon mesa module needs to know the size of the buffer its importing; for dma-buf there's currently no way to get that, so I made a kernel patch.00:44
robert_ancellkdub, rsalveti, so it looks like those memcheck failures are happening elsewhere https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/mir-saucy-amd64-ci/463/console00:45
RAOFkgunn: We're doing sufficiently simple things that this shouldn't be a problem, but for upstream acceptance the general case is important :)00:45
rsalvetirobert_ancell: yeah, they are not related with packaging changes for arm :-)00:49
RAOFAh. *There* we go. This laptop *does* have fans.01:15
RAOFrobert_ancell: New Xserver tested, fixes your bug, and uploaded.01:32
robert_ancellRAOF, nice!01:32
RAOFAnd with that, I think I'm no longer firefighing?01:33
RAOFMaybe I can get some actual feature work done!01:33
RAOFduflu: Good morning!01:33
dufluRAOF: Morning!01:33
* duflu reserves judgement over good, for a while01:33
RAOFHeh. How's Perth travelling?01:34
dufluRAOF: It's basically spring. Been very warm lately01:34
dufluRAOF: Laptop in action yet?01:35
RAOFIt is indeed.01:35
robert_ancellduflu, can I get you to re-review https://code.launchpad.net/~robert-ancell/mir/alt-ctrl-backspace/+merge/178036?01:37
duflurobert_ancell: Yes, can it wait for me to plough through email etc first?01:37
robert_ancellduflu, sure01:37
RAOFduflu: I'd still like to line up a bypass discussion at some point, too :)01:41
dufluRAOF: I know. But I have significant "switch" issues to address first. It won't go away :/01:42
RAOFduflu: ok.01:42
RAOFThere's plenty of xrandr to do :)01:42
dufluRAOF: So don't expect today01:42
rsalvetiRAOF: did you like your new laptop? thinking about getting a similar one in a month02:07
RAOFrsalveti: It's pretty nice.02:08
RAOFIt's particularly nice to have the system76 guys in the community - I'm half-way through setting up secure boot on this machine thanks to an out-of-band firmware update I got because I mentioned that I wanted to securebootify it.02:09
dufluOK, I have now broken my VTs. Can't switch to any02:09
rsalvetiRAOF: yeah, that's nice, cool02:09
rsalvetimost reviews are saying good things about it as well, looking forward to move from my thinkpad t400 :-)02:10
rsalveti4 years old already02:10
RAOFIt's pleasantly light, and reasonably constructed.02:10
rsalvetiRAOF: running xmir on it already?02:11
RAOFIt's not quite at the build quality of my old x200s, but it's a cut above the old asus I had.02:11
RAOFrsalveti: Not right at the moment; I like my VTs :)02:11
rsalvetiRAOF: haha, right :-)02:11
RAOFIt's easier to test in mir_demo_server_shell, anyway.02:12
RAOFYou don't have to blow away your existing session to test there :)02:12
rsalvetiright, indeed02:12
RAOFThe laptop is also nice and quiet. Idle I don't think the fans are on at all, and under moderate load they pick up to fairly quiet.02:13
rsalvetican't wait to get one as well02:15
dufluHas anyone else noticed Mir servers crash when new clients start? Seems to be a new regression on trunk landing last night02:18
* duflu is trying to trace the problem without breaking his machines02:18
dufluRolling back to yesterday's branches work at least02:21
RAOFDear lord. Why doesn't bzr ship with bzr-pager?02:54
smspillazRAOF: hmm, never heard of it. What does it do?02:55
RAOFsmspillaz: Pipes everything bzr outputs through a pager.02:55
smspillazoh, I guess it automatically pipes to less02:55
RAOFie: git's default mode.02:55
RAOFThis is one of the rare cases where git's default is substantially saner than bzr's.02:55
smspillazRAOF: I dunno, I think the git branching model is saner than having to muck around with lightweight checkouts :)02:56
smspillazthough I was very happy when I found out about lightweight checkouts02:56
smspillazunfortunately it was only after I had run out of disk space N times already02:56
RAOFI don't bother with lightweight checkouts. A repository works fine.02:57
smspillazRAOF: repository?02:57
RAOFNow, *this* is something bzr does terribly.02:57
RAOFbzr init-repo .; will turn the current directory into a repository.02:57
smspillazRAOF: I don't see how that's different from bzr branch' default behaviour02:58
RAOFAnything you branch into that directory will share the repository.02:58
RAOFSo you've got one copy of history + n-checkouts.02:58
RAOFIf your checkouts are what's pushing you over the space size, you've got problems :)02:58
smspillazRAOF: I used to always do bzr branch lp:foo foo.whatever and then have a million foo.* drs02:59
smspillazeach with their own build/03:00
RAOFYeah, jml wrote a plugin to identify and remove those branches which had been merged.03:00
smspillazwhen you consider that a unity build got to about 3GB, it got big quick03:00
smspillazRAOF: yeah, I never was able to find that, but I have heard that such a thing existed03:00
smspillazin any case, git's behaviour in that area is much *much* nicer :)03:01
* duflu has wacky graphics corruption and can't see what he's typing. brb03:02
smspillazduflu: you do a much better job at spelling correctly when you can't see what you're typing than me :)03:04
* smspillaz could never see what he was typing whenever using irssiconnectbot or whatever on android, hence all the spelling mistakes generally03:04
duflusmspillaz: Well, that time I was looking at the keyboard03:10
robert_ancellRAOF, I still have the X lockup, investigating more here03:10
dufluIt seems a Mir (heap corruption?) bug hit me in the middle of libgbm, which then corrupted X too03:10
RAOFHuh. It fixed it here, damnit!03:10
robert_ancellRAOF, I didn't think you'd reproduced it had you?03:10
RAOFrobert_ancell: You've got 0ubuntu9, from the archive?03:10
robert_ancellRAOF, yes03:10
RAOFrobert_ancell: I managed to reproduce it on my hybrid system.03:11
robert_ancellRAOF, what was the cause for you?03:16
RAOFSpinning in deletedriver, because radeon was marked for deletion but wasn't getting deleted03:16
racarrBack for the night shift03:17
duflurobert_ancell: Not sure if you want to wait for someone to do a proper fix, but this is rather critical... https://code.launchpad.net/~vanvugt/mir/revert-r931/+merge/17887703:21
robert_ancellduflu, I'm looking at it now. We should revert if it's causing problems.03:22
robert_ancellduflu, can you note in the bug what you're doing to confirm it?03:22
robert_ancellI assume this is mir_demo_server and mir_demo_client_*?03:22
RAOFHuh. I tested that commit with mir_demo_server_shell and xmir.03:23
RAOFPresumably I should also have done so with a native Mir client :)03:23
duflurobert_ancell: Yes, I added a comment03:24
dufluIt would be nice to figure out how that got past all automated testing...03:24
RAOFOk, I can reproduce the crash with mir_demo_client_eglplasma.03:28
robert_ancellduflu, did the whole video system lock up when testing the client?03:28
duflurobert_ancell: It killed the Mir server, which does turn off the display. You need to switch to X to restore the state correctly (Ctrl+Alt+F7)03:29
duflurobert_ancell: There's a separate bug for that :)03:30
* RAOF +1s the revert, then heads to lunch.03:30
robert_ancellduflu, I'll just confirm your branch fixes it, then +1 from me too03:31
robert_ancellargh. Stupid cmake03:36
robert_ancellduflu, don't block on me03:36
duflurobert_ancell: I will. I already blocked the morning for this :S03:37
dufluDamn. I'm involved in too many reviews again03:39
robert_ancellRAOF - https://code.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/expose-debug-buffer-id-to-client/+merge/176843 would break ABI/API03:48
duflurobert_ancell: I will defer testing ctrl+alt+backspace till the regression is fixed. So I can test properly03:52
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robert_ancellrsalveti, have some associated packaging changes broken android builds? https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/mir-android-saucy-i386-build/1622/console04:01
robert_ancellduflu, hoping that android build failure is going to disappear?04:07
robert_ancellRAOF, is there a reason you compact the driver list on deletion?04:18
duflurobert_ancell: Yes hoping one way or the other04:21
tvoss_good morning :)04:26
robert_ancellRAOF, ah, so turned out I had the -0ubuntu9 from yesterday. The new -0ubuntu9 from main does fix the problem for me04:27
sam113101I want to know what's the equivalent of a window manager (in the X world) with mir? is it the compositor?04:41
sam113101the thing that draws the window borders, offers special effects, etc.04:42
duflusam113101: It's the "shell". And as yet there is no shell that does any window management really. But we're slowly building a demo in examples/demo-shell/. And later it will be done in the Unity8 project's shell.04:45
dufluAll you can do with demo-shell is Alt-Tab and move windows around (Alt+drag or three fingers)04:45
* duflu goes to lunch04:45
sam113101I don't know what's a shell, it's kind of confusing (at least to me)04:56
RAOFsam113101: Yes. The compositor is the equivalent of a window manager; same as wayland.05:13
sam113101RAOF: what's a shell, then?05:14
RAOFsam113101: Think "desktop environment".05:14
RAOFsam113101: It's the bit of the compositor that is the desktop environment.05:14
tvoss_good morning again :)05:16
sam113101the shell is part of the compositor?05:18
robert_ancellduflu, I think we have to land https://code.launchpad.net/~rsalveti/mir/fixing-libhybris-dependencies/+merge/178863 first to fix the android build errors05:18
sam113101you're sure it's not the opposite?05:18
robert_ancellsam113101, the shell *is* a compositor05:19
RAOFIs a display server.05:19
robert_ancellthere's no special component called a compositor. There can be a number of compositors05:19
RAOFEverything is rolled into one - display server, compositor, shell, window manager.05:20
alf__RAOF: Does X/XRandR handle rotation internally? That is, for XMir does Mir need to provide some kind of rotation option when configuring the display?05:24
RAOFIt would be better if it did; let me check.05:25
sam113101robert_ancell: there can be multiple compositors?05:25
robert_ancellsam113101, yes, in the Ubuntu case we have Unity Shell as one compositor and Unity System Compositor switching between shells05:26
RAOFalf__: I'd be better to handle it in Mir, but it's currently handled in the drivers.05:27
RAOFalf__: So if it's hard for Mir to expose that, XMir can do that work.05:28
sam113101is there a mir server a compositor talks to or is the compositor the server itself?05:29
smspillazsam113101: like wayland compositors, the clients connect to it directly05:30
RAOFsam113101: The compositor is the server itself. Everything is in the one place; display server, compositor, shell, window manager.05:30
RAOFJust like wayland.05:30
duflusam113101: I think you're used to the X/Compiz/WM way of doing (and naming) things. Mir is more like Gnome Shell, Windows or OSX in that the whole UI (shell) is one thing. And that thing does composition, window management, etc.05:32
sam113101yeah I'm used to the old scenario05:32
alf__RAOF: For now (due to time constraints), I'd rather if XMir handled it, if it is something that is ready.05:32
alf__RAOF: What would X require from Mir in terms of rotation?05:33
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sam113101so there are only two things, a compositor (which uses the mir library) and clients (which also use the mir library to talk to the compositor), is that right?05:34
RAOFalf__: Ideally it would take the buffer from XMir and rotate it during the composition phase based on what XMir asked.05:35
duflualf__: I was thinking about that. Rotation requires (1) Screen transformation, (2) Cursor transformation, (3) surface resize support as width becomes height etc05:35
RAOFalf__: So XMir could set RotateClockwise90 on it's 1920x1080 window, and Mir would take the 1920x1080 buffer and rotate it through 90 degrees when compositing to the framebuffer05:35
duflu... in other words, Mir is not ready for that. Let XMir do it :)05:36
dufluI suspect (3) resize support is the major blocker. That's probably quite non-trivial05:38
alf__duflu: RAOF: right, at the same time the contents need to be transformed accordingly, e.g., X needs to know that this is now a 1080x1920 surface and draw accordingly, so XMir should be involved at some point?05:38
sam113101I think I'm going to write my own compositor some day, if I ever get knowledgeable enough05:38
duflusam113101: We aim to provide examples that help people to do that. Just need time to make the examples more interesting05:38
duflusam113101: You could start now by copying examples/demo-shell/ but the API is likely to change somewhat still05:39
tvoss_RAOF, ping05:40
RAOFtvoss_: Pong05:40
RAOFalf__: No, X wants it to be a 1920x1080 surface always.05:41
alf__RAOF: But in terms of content drawing it will treat it as a 1080x1920 surface, right?05:42
RAOFI think the answer to that is "no"05:45
RAOFBut I need to trace further05:45
alf__RAOF: in any case... we need to find out what more, if anything, XMir needs from Mir to support screen rotation05:46
alf__RAOF: I would imagine that since XRandR uses KMS normally, that it can handle everything internally, and that Mir (for now) can just replace the functionality that KMS provides05:48
alf__RAOF: so no rotations/transformations05:48
dufluUgg. My audio settings are broken again. Need to reboot to hangout06:01
kgunnthomi: psychedelic !06:03
thomikgunn: I know, but watch this!06:03
kgunnrobert_ancell: weekly ?06:05
robert_ancellkgunn, yes...06:06
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=== tvoss|flaky_wire is now known as tvoss|test
thomiugh, hangout is broken all of a sudden06:34
thomihmm, can't log back in06:35
tvoss|testhmmm, unity-system-compositor does not compile for me, failing with /usr/include/mirserver/mir/default_server_configuration.h:23:40: fatal error: mir/options/program_option.h: No such file or directory06:37
tvoss|test #include "mir/options/program_option.h"06:37
tvoss|testlooking into my include files, that include file is indeed missing06:39
robert_ancellthomi, :(06:41
robert_ancellthomi, it's coming up to your turn06:42
didrockstvoss|test: I confirm: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/146957401/buildlog_ubuntu-saucy-amd64.unity-system-compositor_0.0.1%2B13.10.20130807-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz06:48
tvoss|testrobert_ancell, ^06:49
racarrI am too tired to talk constructively about surface-configuration-interface/client-focus I think06:49
robert_ancelltvoss|test, hrm. Looks like someone changed the API06:49
robert_ancellracarr, :( Get some sleep!06:50
racarrbut would appreciate if people could try and think about them, and say...not tomorrow, but the next morning06:50
racarrI will make it an extra early morning day and can sync up with everyone06:50
alf__robert_ancell: Looking at your branch... I think I have a less intrusive way to do this (e.g. not needing to set the server explicitly)06:50
kgunnrobert_ancell: i'll let you decide ultimately....but if you're sway-able...i'd say update ppa asap since we;re still struggling ^06:50
tvoss|testrobert_ancell, it's not even that, the include file mentioned in default_server_configuration does not exist anymore06:50
robert_ancellalf__, ok, please propose an alternative. We just need to get something landed06:50
alf__robert_ancell: ok06:50
racarrrobert_ancell: My pleasure :D06:51
robert_ancellkgunn, Do you think being unable to VT switch is a blocker?06:51
robert_ancellI'm otherwise happy to update06:51
kgunnrobert_ancell: not a blocker imho06:51
robert_ancellok, will do06:51
kgunnjust a bug :)06:51
robert_ancelland I'll point the complaints to you :)06:51
* kgunn goes to bed06:52
didrockstvoss|test: another day without u-s-c to distro I think :/06:53
robert_ancellalf__, I'm about to EOD - lp:~robert-ancell/mir/vt-switch-keys is the VT switching branch (not working). If you want to fix/change that feel free06:53
alf__robert_ancell: Do we want both quit and vt to live only in examples? Will u-s-c do its own thing separately?06:55
robert_ancellRAOF, can you upload the recent X to the staging PPA so I can copy it to the s-c-t PPA?06:55
RAOFrobert_ancell: Is there any particular... oh, yeah. Pinning.06:55
robert_ancellalf__, the VT switching is in DefaultServerConfiguration, the alt+ctrl+backspace just in DemoServerConfiguration06:55
robert_ancellRAOF, yep06:55
alf__robert_ancell: ok06:56
RAOFOh, I think it'll be rejected because it's not newer than the archive?06:56
RAOFLet's find out!06:56
robert_ancellalf__, I think that makes sense. It was kind of yuck to have the VT switching code separate from the GBM code, but I couldn't think of a way around it06:56
robert_ancellRAOF, because of the obsolete -0ubuntu9?06:56
RAOFrobert_ancell: Yeah.06:57
RAOFOther option is to delete the X server in s-c-t?06:57
RAOFThen it'll drop out of pinning and they'll get the archive version.06:57
robert_ancellRAOF, yeah, that might work06:57
robert_ancellRAOF, we can drop xserver-xorg-video-* as well right?06:59
RAOFrobert_ancell: Yes06:59
robert_ancelland libdrm and mesa?06:59
tvoss|testrobert_ancell, RAOF announcing that by mail might be a good idea. How can we test before removing it?06:59
RAOFalf__: Oh, another thing that Mir doesn't provide on the monitor-configuration front? Names for the outputs.07:02
RAOFalf__: There's no way to distinguish between HDMI-1 and VGA-1 and…07:02
RAOFalf__: It doesn't need to be a string; you could also send an enum. But we do need some way to tell.07:09
alf__RAOF: ok07:16
dufluRAOF/alf__: I too vote for names/numbers/anything.07:21
dufluHmm, no wonder X is always confused. Xrandr says VGA is active even when the monitor is physically turned off07:22
alf__duflu: RAOF: sure, probably both an enum with the type VGA/HDMI etc, and a unique name07:22
duflualf__: Also, in the absence of GUI's it would be awesome to be able to say "VGA1 rightof DVI1 align top" or similar07:23
duflualf__: I'd be happy to do such a text interface providing arbitrary placement is functional07:24
dufluBut obviously we have higher priorities right now...07:24
didrockskgunn: tvoss|test: FYI, I disable u-s-c tests and run for now07:28
didrockskgunn: tvoss|test: apparently, nobody is working on debugging it, and that's what which is screwing the -ati machine everyday07:29
dufluAnother option which doesn't even need names is to have special key combos which move the current monitor (with the cursor) relative to others07:29
didrockskgunn: tvoss|test: like nothing else is running after that when starting the session, I think the ati driver state isn't right then and we have to reboot it07:29
didrocksjibel: FYI ^ let's do that07:30
didrocksMirv: so don't bother with mirslaves for now, as per ^07:31
didrocksgood to have a least a start of explanation why we got the -ati machine screwed everyday07:32
Mirvdidrocks: yeah I didn't already because you told me so on Monday07:34
RAOFduflu: The DDC pins provide power for the EDID firmware; it's not possible to distinguish between an unpowered monitor connected to a VGA port and a fully armed and operation monitor plugged in to a VGA port.07:37
dufluRAOF: OK, makes sense if your OS handles multi-monitor more reliably than this one :/07:38
dufluBut it will be super-psychic-always-right in Mir :)07:39
RAOFNot really. It never really makes sense.07:39
RAOFFortunately, you *can* tell if a DisplayPort monitor is turned off, and it's also possible to detect some HDMI (but I'm not sure whether we do at the moment)07:39
RAOFSo once everyone's thrown away their current hardware this problem will go away!07:40
dufluRAOF: Hmm, I will need a system with multiple digital outs and at least one new monitor first07:40
dufluWait, no. Just the former.07:41
dholbachgood morning07:55
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tvoss|flakyalan_g, ping08:03
alan_gtvoss|flaky: ?08:03
tvoss|flakyalan_g, good morning. your recent refactoring to the platform stuff breaks compiling unity-system-compositor as the options-headers are not installed08:04
alan_gtvoss|flaky: https://code.launchpad.net/~robert-ancell/mir/mirplatform/+merge/17889508:05
tvoss|flakyalan_g, does not pass CI due to the install directory directive not being correct08:07
tvoss|flakyalan_g, do you have cycles available to take care of landing it?08:07
alan_gtvoss|flaky: will do08:08
tvoss|flakyalan_g, thx08:08
alan_gtvoss_:  https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/mir/mirplatform-install-headers/+merge/17890908:32
alan_galf__: any chance of a quick top-approve for https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/mir/mirplatform-install-headers/+merge/17890908:41
alf__alan_g: looking08:43
alf__alan_g: are the headers included in some package?08:51
alan_galf__: Good point08:53
alan_gtvoss_:  https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/mir/mirplatform-install-headers/+merge/17890909:31
RAOFalf__: Oh, and could we also grab the EDID?09:37
alf__RAOF: I guess so, why do you need it?09:39
RAOFClients sometimes care about it.09:39
RAOFYou can grab useful information from it, like the name of the display etc.09:40
RAOFOh, and subpixel layout; likewise, clients can use it.09:43
alf__RAOF: how does xrandr get edid now? Does KMS provide it, or does it grab it from /sys?09:43
RAOFkms provides it.09:43
alf__RAOF: can you point me to the function?09:43
tvoss_alan_g, looking09:44
alf__RAOF: is it a "property blob"?09:45
RAOFalf__: extern drmModePropertyBlobPtr drmModeGetPropertyBlob(int fd, uint32_t blob_id); with blob_id ==... yeah09:45
RAOFYou need to grab the properties, iterate over them finding which one has name == "EDID", and then that's the blob to get.09:45
alf__RAOF: thanks09:45
alf__RAOF: ok, so to sum up: subpixel, edid, unique name09:46
RAOFThese are the things I've hit so far, yes :)09:47
RAOFI think they cover the main bases.09:47
tvoss_alan_g, building mir now, and usc subsequently09:50
tvoss_katie, ping09:50
katietvoss_, ping pong09:50
alan_gtvoss_: thanks09:50
RAOFalf__: Whoops! subpixel, edid, type/name, *and* the number of independent outputs that can be driven.10:05
alf__RAOF: ok10:06
alf__RAOF: How blocking are these? Any preference about order of implementation?10:06
RAOFI don't think any are totally blocking. count_crtcs would be my first preference, then EDID, then type/name, then subpixel.10:07
RAOFOf those, if we shipped without subpixel it wouldn't be terrible. We *could* ship without EDID, it just makes my life easier. The type & count_crtcs are absolutely mandatory.10:09
alf__RAOF: we will ship with all, mostly caring if any of these is blocking you in the short term10:12
alf__duflu: FYI, https://code.launchpad.net/~afrantzis/mir/gbm-alloc-validate-buffer-format/+merge/17892810:12
duflualf__: Yeah saw it10:12
RAOFHah! alf__ - is the modes array sorted at all? If not, is there a way of getting the output's preferred mode?10:45
alan_gtvoss_: does it work for you?11:00
tvoss_alan_g, still compiling. had some hiccups as I have libhybris installed11:00
tvoss_alan_g, compilation works fine here11:11
tvoss_alan_g, approved :) alf__ would you mind taking a second look and top-approving?11:11
alan_gtvoss_: great.11:11
tvoss_alan_g, I haven't tried usc, though11:11
alan_gtvoss_: but it builds?11:13
tvoss_alan_g, ack11:13
alan_ggood enough for me11:13
alf__RAOF: The modes are as KMS gives them back, so sorted from higher to lower resolutions. I haven't come across a situation where the preferred mode is not the first (but of course I haven't had the chance to try with a lot of outputs)11:27
alf__tvoss_: which MP is that?11:28
tvoss_alf__, https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/mir/mirplatform-install-headers/+merge/17890911:28
alf__tvoss_: alan_g: top approved11:29
tvoss_alf__, \o/11:34
RAOFalf__: Probably time to add preferred-mode to that to the list, then ☺ (or, at least, ensure preferred mode is the first in the array). I'm pretty sure CRTs will have a highest-resolution mode that's non-preferred.11:36
alf__RAOF: ok11:37
alf__RAOF: the list grows :) but thankfully all are simple additions11:38
RAOFAnd now, sleep.11:38
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
greybackalf__: hey, could I maybe add this bug to your list of things to do: https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/1209216 - or please comment if I'm not using the API correctly12:28
ubot5Launchpad bug 1209216 in Mir "Snapshot of non-fullscreen surface returns a fullscreen pixmap with white padding" [Undecided,New]12:28
alf__greyback: will take a look12:29
tvoss_didrocks, ping12:30
didrockstvoss_: pong12:30
greybackalf__: if you'd like more info in that bug, do say. It is very textual :)12:30
alf__greyback: could you point me to the code where the code is used12:30
tvoss_didrocks, staging has got a new version of mir that has got all the headers installed12:31
tvoss_didrocks, tested locally, can build usc against it12:31
greybackalf__: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mir-team/unity-mir/trunk/view/head:/src/modules/Unity/ApplicationManager/applicationscreenshotprovider.cpp#L4612:32
didrockstvoss_: ok, let me retry manually then, hoping that it won't screw up the ati machine again12:32
didrocksfirst, building mir12:32
tvoss_didrocks, ack12:32
alf__greyback: I can't think a way for Mir to be getting this wrong (not that it's not possible0. Could the non-fullscreen surface be really implemented as a fullscreen surface with transparency on the top?12:35
greybackalf__: hmm, that's a possibility. Let me look12:35
didrockstvoss_: cmake isn't available on all archs yet, it will take a little bit more time for armhf12:43
tvoss_didrocks, cmake as in? sorry, ENOCONTEXT :)12:43
didrockstvoss_: cmake made Mir FTBFS (a new upload, arch mismatchs)12:44
didrocksI'll retry Mir once cmake is published on armhf12:44
tvoss_didrocks, okay12:44
alf__greyback: btw, in the code I see that you are mirroring the image. Note, that I am mirroring too internally when transforming from texture (bottom-up) to byte data (top-down). Perhaps we can avoid both mirrorings.12:45
greybackalf__: yes that would make sense12:46
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
greybackalf__: you are correct, it appears every qtubuntu surface is actually fullscreen. It is using platform-api to move & resize the surface, but those a stubs. Qt itself I believe is drawing the white padding12:52
=== greyback is now known as greyback|lunch
dokodidrocks, shouldn't happen anymore with the loosened dependency13:23
didrocksdoko: yeah, I hope so :) just retried armhf13:24
=== greyback|lunch is now known as greyback
tvossdidrocks, ping13:49
tvossalf__, alan_g what is the review status on duflu's switch branch?13:49
alan_gtvoss: I started looking at it a couple of days ago. Then it went to WIP. I see it is now back again.13:50
didrockstvoss: pong13:50
alan_gtvoss: It is a LOT of change to get one's head around and validate.13:51
tvossalan_g, I know, it still fixes the lag issue, though13:59
alf__tvoss: alan_g: I haven't validated every line (nor I plan to), but it seems to work reasonably well last I checked. It effectively triple-buffers all the time, though, and what concerns me is that attempts to enforce double-buffering haven't been successful yet, which may indicate a more fundamental algorithmic issue. I am OK with getting this in without the enforced double-buffering, but we need to fix it soon, if only to prove that it is doa14:00
tvossalf__, ack14:02
kgunndidrocks: ping14:14
didrockskgunn: pong14:14
kgunndidrocks: hey read the scrollback...checked mails, so it seems the ati machine is the last hurdle ?14:14
didrockskgunn: hum, ati and intel14:15
didrockskgunn: the other issues isn't confirmed to be fixed AFAIK14:15
didrocks(like no GL)14:15
didrocksthe additional input is that we have confirmation that it's that failing state which makes the ati machine irresponsive then14:15
didrocksand we have to electrically reboot it14:15
kgunndidrocks: i apologize for my questioning...just trying to help :)...but "other issues isn't comfirmed to be fixed" you are referring to intel xorg seq fault ?14:17
didrockskgunn: right, it was intel/ati (the symptoms looked the same), was that worked on? I didn't see any change on the bug I referred14:18
kgunndidrocks: for sure intel "has a fix"....me, tvoss, bschafer all verified a fix14:19
kgunnthe magic combo was main-mir, xorg-staging, u-s-c-daily-build14:20
didrockskgunn: when was it committed? today?14:20
kgunndidrocks: actually, that's what i have a difficult time with...backtracking code changes to xorg (lp so much easier in that regard :)14:20
tvossdidrocks, it was working yesterday14:20
didrocksok, but then, we had the FTBFS on u-s-c14:21
tvossdidrocks, is libhybris installed on the testing machine?14:21
didrockstvoss: I don't think so14:21
didrockslet me confirm14:21
tvossdidrocks, yeah, if that is the case, usc won't come up14:21
didrockstvoss: it wasn't installed14:22
tvossdidrocks, okay, what is the usc log? or better: does it come up?14:22
didrocks" More annoying, on both the intel and ati machines we currently use for testing (and no nvidia plugged in by QA yet :/), latest Mir with u-s-c hangs on boot. I can clearly see compiz hanging on the opengl driver loading. If I DISPLAY=:0 /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p, it hangs forever (but not sure if this should work in the Mir world)."14:24
didrockstvoss: what I wrote on Monday in my email ^14:24
didrockstvoss: if needed, can rebuild (now that it builds, right?) latest u-s-c and put you on the machine14:24
tvossdidrocks, unity_support_test should work ... but that's not on boot, right?14:32
didrockstvoss: it's run by unity on boot (but I guess not on the Mir case anymore)14:32
didrockstvoss: let see, I'm retrying a build of u-s-c now14:32
tvossdidrocks, yeah, give that a spin please14:33
tvossdidrocks, the new xserver fixed a bunch of spin issues, too14:33
didrockstvoss: ok, we have it (but not latest -ati driver from midday)14:33
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tvossdidrocks, okay14:36
tvossdidrocks, to clarify: what are you doing now?14:37
didrockstvoss: rebuild u-s-c now that it shouldn't FTBFS and the tests will run again on both -ati and -intel14:37
didrockswith latest snapshot of distro (taken at 9am UTC)14:37
tvossdidrocks, thx14:37
mattldtvoss: I have an easy question you could answer. Is xmir a fork of xwayland?14:43
tvossmattld, no, although it naturally takes a very similar approach14:44
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|tea
mattldtvoss: Thanks for the answer. I will use this to combat Reddit FUD.14:47
tvossmattld, thanks :)14:48
mattldtvoss: Have an awesome day!14:49
tvossmattld, thank you, to you too! Let me know if you need any further information14:50
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
didrockstvoss: kgunn: intel passed now, ati is still stuck15:03
kgunndidrocks: so ati boots fine, just gets stuck on AP testing ?15:06
didrockskgunn: yeah, as you can see unity doesn't start15:06
didrockskgunn: compiz seems to hang on the opengl compiz init15:07
* kgunn looking at it right now15:07
kgunndidrocks: so can we grab the /var/log/Xorg*'s15:09
didrockskgunn: doing right now15:09
didrockskgunn: Xorg.0.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5959227/15:11
didrocksunity-system-compositor.log contains:15:11
didrocksset_active_session '0'15:11
didrocksand it's running15:11
didrockscompiz is running as well15:11
didrocks(but no plugin loaded after opengl as you can see)15:12
didrockskgunn: I'm closing the container so that you can download the tar15:13
jibelkgunn, tvoss for what it's worth, here is the kernel trace when we try to restart an X session after running mirslave tests on radeon http://paste.ubuntu.com/5959277/15:31
kgunnjibel: thanks...altho, a subsequent symptom of something nasty previous i think15:32
tvossmlankhorst, something for your interest :) http://paste.ubuntu.com/5959277/15:34
mlankhorsttvoss: try again with PROVE_LOCKING :p15:36
tvossmlankhorst, is that really an env var?15:53
kgunnbschaefer: we're back to ati hell16:01
bschaeferkgunn, o no...16:02
mlankhorsttvoss: no, it's a kernel option16:02
bschaeferwhats going on with ati?16:02
tvossmlankhorst, argh ...16:02
kgunnbschaefer: so didrocks ati machine locks to the point of requiring hard reboot16:03
tvossmlankhorst, any gut feeling what kind of issue we are hitting?16:03
mlankhorstit's quite obvious from the backtrace ;P16:03
bschaeferkgunn, hmm thats not good...is there a bug out for it yet?16:03
kgunnbschaefer: nope...i think didrocks was trying to get the xorg log for us, they did try to respawn x and kernel crashed (what voss and lankhorst are chatting about)16:04
kgunnwatchdog timer fired16:04
didrockskgunn: and there is no Xorg log16:04
didrocksnor lightdm ones16:05
bschaefer:( thats a bad crash then16:05
didrockson the respawn16:05
didrocks(so after the first run)16:05
didrockskgunn: did you get the archive file?16:05
didrocks(from the u-s-c run)16:05
kgunndidrocks: if you mean ubuntu_13.10_saucy_salamander_alpha_i386_20130806.1375887034.otto....my browser just does the sit-n-spin....and it never downloads16:06
kgunnlemme try again....16:06
didrockskgunn: hum, really?16:06
kgunndidrocks: its going now...i prob was trying in midst of reboot or something16:07
didrockspossible yeah16:07
tvossmlankhorst, mind enlightening me? :)16:08
bschaeferi also get the sit-n-spin16:09
mlankhorsttvoss: you're hitting a deadlock with w/e lock was being taken, and PROVE_LOCKING will tell you exactly what deadlock it is and how to cause it16:09
mlankhorstprove_locking is awesome, it catches bugs before they deadlock :P16:10
bschaeferkgunn, its working for me now16:10
tvossmlankhorst, okay, thanks for the hints :)16:10
tvossbschaefer, kgunn, didrocks any chance we can have a kernel with that flag enabled on the machine?16:10
bschaefermlankhorst, thats awesome16:11
bschaefertvoss, hmm I don't see why not16:11
kgunnthat is awesome..but gotta rebuild kernel16:11
mlankhorstI don't know if it's smart enough to catch THIS particular bug before it deadlocks, but it very well might be ;P16:11
bschaeferhmm rebuilding the kernel sounds like fun16:11
kgunndidrocks: bschaefer that archive file downloads ok...but fails to unzip for me (tried to redownload, same result)16:12
mlankhorstand with that I mean it will probably have catched it at the point of deadlock, but if lucky it will warn way before that point already16:12
bschaeferkgunn, o hmm16:13
didrockskgunn: did you try with tar xzf ?16:13
bschaefermlankhorst, well that is if it deadlocks again...and if its a dead lock16:13
kgunndidrocks: gonna try16:13
mlankhorstbschaefer: if it's a deadlock there's a fat chance lockdep will have complained long before the actual deadlock :D16:14
mlankhorstand come on, it's an interrupt while holding a ton lof locks for committing new crtc state, of course it's very likely to be a deadlock..16:14
* bschaefer hasn't ever seen a deadlock :)16:15
bschaeferi've learned about them...16:15
mlankhorstit's spinning [21683.801142]  [<c16237f2>] _raw_spin_lock_irqsave+0x22/0x3016:15
bschaefermlankhorst, has lockdep complained16:15
mlankhorstbschaefer: lockdep is not enabled by default, requires PROVE_LOCKING kernel :-)16:15
bschaeferooo, yeah now im on page :)16:15
mlankhorstbut it checks if a deadlock is theoretically possible between the lock classes16:16
=== greyback__ is now known as greyback|food
mlankhorstin some cases without ever being able to hit it, but there are workarounds if you believe lockdep is wrong. :P16:17
bschaeferhaha, I would like to believe in lockdep :)16:17
mlankhorstI want to try the userspace version at one point :(16:17
bschaeferkgunn, do we have a machine we can rebuild the kernel on?16:18
kgunnbschaefer: yeah...this one, at least if didrocks says ok16:18
bschaefermlankhorst, isn't any deadlock detecting algorithm externally inefficient? Which is why its not enabled by default...16:18
didrockskgunn: we can't, we are starting 3h-daily releases now16:18
didrockskgunn: as it was a strong upstream demand, we'll not be able to build/block the machine for anything anymore soon16:19
kgunnbschaefer: do you have ati local ?16:19
bschaeferkgunn, Ill have to try to installed ubuntu on it again, my hard drive seems to hate me16:19
kgunnotherwise we may have to beg robotfuel to help us repro on his ati machine(s)16:19
bschaeferkgunn, let me give that another go16:19
kgunnbschaefer: talk nice to it16:19
robotfuelbschaefer: you can use ps-radeon-hd6870-he16:20
didrocksbschaefer: ensure you use radeon16:20
bschaeferkgunn, its so easy not to though!16:20
kgunnencourage the 1's and 0's to be in the right spot16:20
mlankhorstbschaefer: sort of, it's better here16:20
mlankhorstlockdep operates on classes of locks16:20
mlankhorstnot individual locks16:20
bschaeferrobotfuel, cool :)16:20
mlankhorstand also checks for things like 'is this lock ever taken with irqs disabled' etc16:21
bschaefermlankhorst, ooo, thats interesting16:21
kgunndidrocks: just to confirm....we're main for mir+xorg-xmir+xorg-radeon & u-s-c from daily-build ppa16:21
kgunnright ?16:21
mlankhorstsee linux/Documentation/lockdep-design.txt16:21
kgunndidrocks: for the sake of bschaefer ^16:21
* bschaefer looks16:21
didrockskgunn: exactly16:22
bschaeferdidrocks, yeah, I would like to make little errors like using the wrong ppa :)16:22
bschaeferlike to not*16:22
bschaefermlankhorst, cool, that might be for out of work reading though...16:22
kgunnbschaefer: the main thing is to avoid daily-build-next ppa :)16:22
mlankhorstbschaefer: heh it saved my life dealing with the ttm reworking16:22
mlankhorstand found quite a few 'almost impossible to hit' bugs :P16:23
bschaefermlankhorst, that sounds like very complicated/fun work!16:23
kgunnbschaefer: whatever the fastest route is...local or in lexington....maybe lankhorst can help us out if we get debug info before his eod (whenever that may be)16:23
* bschaefer looks up ttm16:23
bschaeferkgunn, yeah, well its also been a while since i've rebuilt the kernel, soo Ill have to spend sometime with that16:24
kgunnbschaefer: understood...16:24
bschaeferkgunn, but shouldn't be to hard16:24
kgunnkernel builds are usually damn quick...take you longer to find the flag :16:24
mlankhorsttechnically it's already EOD, but I'm feeling generous16:24
kgunnmlankhorst: we appreciate your generosity16:25
mlankhorstmight be because the weather is too horrible to do outdoors sports :P16:25
kgunnmlankhorst: you're building you "i owe you a beer" backlog16:25
* kgunn hopes mlankhorst drinks beer16:25
bschaeferkgunn, yeah, well then I should poke around with the qa machine first16:25
bschaeferrobotfuel, soo, ill use that machine! Ill try to remember to let you know when im done with it!16:26
mlankhorstalcohol free only, sadly16:26
bschaeferrobotfuel, is there a quicker way of getting the ip of the machine then doing the kvm stuff?16:28
* bschaefer isn't sure where the list of IPs are16:28
robotfuelbschaefer: the list is here https://wiki.canonical.com/UbuntuEngineering/QA/Lab16:28
bschaeferrobotfuel, i went there to go to the kvm to log into the machine to do ifconfig..geez16:29
bschaeferrobotfuel, thanks!16:29
kgunnmlankhorst: than a good meal...16:32
kgunnbschaefer: mlankhorst was able to pull the archive file from didier's machine....updated the bug here16:32
ubot5Launchpad bug 1204939 in Mir "Unity doesn't start on ATI test machine (fails to find GL acceleration) (logind fails to track session?)" [Critical,Triaged]16:32
bschaeferkgunn, cool thanks16:33
mlankhorsthm fun :P16:36
mlankhorsta few wtf errors from compiz though16:38
mlankhorstcompiz (core) - Info: Unity is fully supported by your hardware.16:38
mlankhorstcompiz (core) - Info: Unity is not supported by your hardware. Enabling software rendering instead (slow).16:38
bschaefermlankhorst, usually means the driver didn't load hmm16:39
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kgunnracarr: any progress on surface-configurator for osk? (starting to build backpressure i think)16:45
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
kgunnbschaefer: any luck repro'ing ?18:21
bschaeferkgunn, just finished getting the kernel built and now I need to make sure I have the ppas set up18:23
kgunnbschaefer: cool18:24
bschaeferalong with the setting that kernel option on the x86 defconf18:24
bschaeferkgunn, soo hopefully soon :)18:24
kgunnbschaefer: yeah...and you'll probably want to check that flag after you load it18:24
* kgunn remembers experiences of flag setting but it not really being set18:25
kgunnflags on flags18:25
bschaeferkgunn, i hope this doesn't happen to me...18:25
kgunn:)) me too18:25
tvoss_hello :)18:26
tvoss_kgunn, bschaefer any new insights?18:26
bschaefertvoss_, getting the kernel setup right now18:26
* bschaefer got lost a bit in it18:26
tvoss_bschaefer, ack18:26
bschaeferI should have the flag set, and just need to update the kernel version, make sure im on the right ppas, then reboot and hope for the best18:26
tvoss_bschaefer, okay, can you send a status mail to mircosmonauts when you eod?18:32
bschaefertvoss_, microsmonauts? And sure18:33
tvoss_bschaefer, swap r and c18:33
bschaefertvoss_, im still not sure who that is :)18:34
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=== chihchun_afk is now known as chihchun
tvoss_bschaefer, some time back you looked into plain opengl support for raw-mir, right?19:01
bschaefertvoss_, right, and you can get an opengl context from egl19:01
bschaeferwhich works19:02
bschaefertvoss_, tested with sdl1.2 and sdl2.019:02
tvoss_bschaefer, great, thank you19:02
bschaefertvoss_, np!19:02
tvoss_bschaefer, is the code available somewhere?19:02
bschaefertvoss_, yup, its in the mir staging ppa :)19:02
bschaefertvoss_, hmm I wonder if any ABI has been broken though19:02
tvoss_bschaefer, thx, mind pinging me the branches, too?19:02
bschaefertvoss_, will do19:02
racarrqtubuntu uses a plain opengl context too on desktop19:09
robotfuelI ran into this error again on intel using the s-c-t ppa (the in the unity-system-compositor.log) std::exception::what: Failed to set the current VT mode [boost::errinfo_errno_*] = 5, "Input/output error"19:16
tvoss_kgunn, cross-check mir is in main?19:16
kgunntvoss_: yep19:16
tvoss_kgunn, and usc is in universe?19:17
tvoss_or not landed yet?19:17
kgunnracarr: ooo, nice fun fact19:17
kgunntvoss_: u-s-c is only in daily-build ppa19:18
tvoss_kgunn, ack19:19
robotfuelreopening this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/119550919:19
ubot5Launchpad bug 1195509 in Unity System Compositor "System compositor fails to start - Failed to set the current VT mode: Input/output error (5)" [Critical,Confirmed]19:19
kgunnrobotfuel: best combo atm would be main (which has latest mir + xorg) & u-s-c from daily-build ppa19:20
robotfuelkgunn: I'll test it with that. but we need it fixed in the s-c-t ppa for benchmarks19:21
kgunnrobotfuel: yes...i'm with you on the ppa being updated (thot it would be this morning ..but it wasn;t :-/)19:22
tvoss_racarr, ping19:24
robotfuelkgunn: will it be updated tomorrow? I really want to get those benchmarks up.19:25
kgunnrobotfuel: can we not go with main + u-s-c from daily-build ppa ?19:26
kgunnthe system-compositor-testing ppa will disappear as soon as we clear the ati bug19:27
kgunne.g....we'll be completely in main19:27
racarrtvoss_: pong19:28
tvoss_racarr, hey there :) can i ask you to write me a summary mail of your current design issue?19:29
robotfuelkgunn: ok I'll use that for now.19:29
racarrtvoss_: Yeah I've been thinking of asking you to talk about it actually...will write an email today19:29
tvoss_racarr, yeah, let's just discuss it via mail. perhaps you can try to state the problem without class names first19:30
racarrXD fun ok19:30
racarrI don't feel as blocked on the existing two branches anymore but it's still a19:31
racarrrecurring problem I guess...19:31
racarrwe've started to have this "grand unified state problem" :p19:31
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bschaeferkgunn, hmm I still get a dependency problem from main xmir + u-s-c from daily build19:32
* bschaefer looks at downgrading19:32
bschaeferkgunn, well looks like its using the libmir from daily-build19:33
kgunnbschaefer: make sure your purged, unpinned, update/dist-upgraded....then you can rebuild u-s-c locally19:33
bschaeferkgunn, yeah, I can do that as well, but im downgrading libmerserver0 to main from daily build so I can install u-s-c- from daily build19:34
bschaefer*should* work19:34
kgunnbschaefer: true...19:34
bschaeferwell still doesn't like it :), seems to want to upgrade the libmirserver0 anyway19:34
* bschaefer just builds u-s-c locally19:35
robotfuelbschaefer: If I pin just the u-s-c package in the daily-build ppa, will xmir work? (after apt-get and dist-upgrade)19:35
kgunnrobotfuel: in theory19:35
robotfuelok I'll let you know how that goes19:35
bschaeferrobotfuel, it seems you'll have to build u-s-c your self...as Im getting a dependency error from daily-build19:35
bschaeferfor u-s-c19:35
bschaeferon libmirserver019:35
* bschaefer purges daily build and tries again19:36
kgunnmlankhorst: tvoss_ ....to make sure i understand it all...is the xserver-xorg-video-ati that's in main coming from the source package located at https://code.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/xf86-video-ati-vladmir19:38
tvoss_kgunn, not sure, best to cross-check with bschaefer I would say19:38
* bschaefer looks19:39
bschaefer  Installed: 1:7.1.0+git20130801.g2ae6bb1-0ubuntu419:39
bschaeferkgunn, I would like to think so, it says its stored on git19:39
bschaeferkgunn, err...but thatbranch isn't on git hmm19:40
kgunnbschaefer: right...its on lp/bzr...but i'm sure an upstream feeds it19:41
bschaeferkgunn, yeah and this is what happens when i try to get source:19:41
robotfuelbschaefer: unity-system-compositor I want is  from the ppa:ubuntu-unity/daily-build-next?19:42
bschaeferrobotfuel, noo daily-build19:42
bschaefernot next :)19:42
bschaeferso that ppa19:42
bschaeferkgunn, i mean you should be able to pull the source with out a sudo :)19:42
* bschaefer was in a bad dir19:43
bschaeferkgunn, it looks like it pulls the source from: git://git.debian.org/git/pkg-xorg/driver/xserver-xorg-video-ati19:43
kgunnbschaefer: right...but there has to be an "xmir" patch on it19:44
bschaeferkgunn, yeah with all this pretty xmir wrapping stuff19:45
kgunnbschaefer: so  i did apt-cache policy which is i assume what you did ?19:45
kgunnand it showed git likewise....19:45
bschaeferyup, but is it the same as the launchpad branch?19:46
kgunnhowever...if i do intel & nouveau...it doesn't have  git reference19:46
bschaeferhmm I wonder if the ati wasn't moved?19:46
kgunnwondering...are we chasing a packaging issue19:46
bschaeferkgunn, that would be very awesome19:46
kgunnbschaefer: can you double check apt-cache policy for intel/nouveau19:46
kgunnand see what you think19:46
=== chihchun_afk is now known as chihchun
bschaeferkgunn, yeah no git mention19:47
kgunntvoss_: if this is it ^ it deserves a "ffs"19:47
* bschaefer wishes didrocks, or some other packaging person worked during this time zone 19:47
=== chihchun is now known as chihchun_afk
kgunnbschaefer: was just about to ask you ...who19:48
bschaeferkgunn, yeeah, at this point hmm not sure :(19:48
kgunnbschaefer: ok...first...can you repro the hang on "a" machine somewhere either local or in lexington ?19:48
bschaeferkgunn, right, im trying one more time to get u-s-c from daily build if that fails ill just compile it my self19:49
bschaeferreboot, confirm its hanging, then install my built kernel with this PROVE_LOCKING config enabled19:49
bschaeferand try to get prove theres a deadlock19:49
kgunnbschaefer: cool19:49
mlankhorstkgunn: I'm using xserver-xorg-video-ati.git from debian19:50
kgunnbschaefer: and secondary to that...i was thinking, pull video-ati debs from mir-team/staging....install those see what happens19:50
mlankhorstoh pushed changes btw19:50
bschaeferkgunn, good idea19:50
kgunnAND/or rebuild from  https://code.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/xf86-video-ati-vladmir19:51
bschaefermlankhorst, but shouldn't it be using that launchpad branch?19:51
bschaeferlike intel/nouveau19:51
kgunnmlankhorst: can you read our recent scrollback ?19:51
kgunnwe're suscpicious that what's in main doesn't have xmir patches ?19:51
mlankhorstbschaefer: all packaging in the ubuntu archives are synced to ubuntu branch from debian git19:52
bschaeferkgunn, that apt-get sources does in fact have the xmir patches19:52
bschaefermlankhorst, well shoot, still strange the intel/nouveau don't mention git19:52
mlankhorstthey do19:52
bschaefermlankhorst, when you apt-cache policy on them, its not pulling it from git19:53
bschaeferthe info19:53
bschaeferthe ones on main19:53
bschaefer  Installed: 1:7.1.0+git20130801.g2ae6bb1-0ubuntu419:54
bschaefer  Installed: 2:2.21.12-1ubuntu119:54
bschaeferwhich is a bit strange why the atis name is so mangled19:54
mlankhorstbecause it was a random snapshot of upstream git19:55
mlankhorstif you enable saucy-proposed19:55
mlankhorst     1:7.2.0-0ubuntu1 019:55
mlankhorst        500 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ saucy-proposed/main amd64 Packages19:55
mlankhorst     1:7.1.0+git20130801.g2ae6bb1-0ubuntu4 019:55
mlankhorst        500 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ saucy/main amd64 Packages19:55
bschaefermlankhorst, which is the same package? ie. it wont fix anything using saucy-proposed...19:55
mlankhorstI have no idea why xxv-ati is stuck in proposed atm19:56
bschaeferhmm, but the one in main does have the xmir patch sooo I highly doubt its that package...just strange it was held back19:57
mlankhorstask in #ubuntu-devel I guess19:57
bschaeferwill do, thanks19:59
bschaefermlankhorst, soo also to enable that PROVE flag in the kernel, I added this in my kernel:20:01
bschaeferdoes that sounds about right to set that flag?20:01
mlankhorsti dont know how the kernel team builds kernels and/or sets config parameters20:02
bschaeferalright, just wanted to double check, cause hopefully I can test this out soon...20:03
kgunnbschaefer: #ubuntu-kernel should know20:08
bschaeferkgunn, I missed how you checked if it was hanging?20:08
bschaeferkgunn, also: /usr/bin/X: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/radeon_drv.so: undefined symbol: xmir_get_drm_fd20:08
bschaeferthat sounds bad as well20:09
bschaeferin lightdm/x-0.log20:09
* bschaefer checks didrocks bug20:09
kgunnbschaefer: very20:10
bschaeferkgunn, hmm but didrocks doesn't get that20:10
bschaeferhmm I wonder if im doing something wrong? Im just using all main packages20:10
bschaeferand u-s-c built from trunk20:10
* bschaefer wonders if thats a problem?20:10
bschaeferhmm can't be u-s-c it was last updated with that disable input push...20:11
kgunnbschaefer: i don't think so....but if you read the bug, seems RAOF and duflu elude failing to get a drm handle20:13
bschaefer hmm an undefined symbol is very strange to get all of sudden though...hmm20:14
bschaeferand my Xorg.0.log is odd as well20:14
* bschaefer pastebins it20:14
bschaeferhmm I also get this in it: [    12.731] (EE) Failed to load module "xmir" (module does not exist, 0)20:15
bschaeferkgunn, let me purge daily ppa20:17
bschaeferpossibly that could have caused an issue...20:17
kgunnbschaefer: freaky enough...i had to load xorg-xmir yesterday20:17
kgunnnot completely sure why20:17
bschaeferinstall it?20:18
kgunnbschaefer: yep...meant install, apt-get install20:18
bschaeferkgunn, o alright, I was thinking you could manually load it or something :)20:18
kgunnbschaefer: yeah...strange...if you do apt-cache...it'll say candidate:blah...but installed:nothing20:19
* bschaefer is iinstalling xmir now20:19
* kgunn again wishes we had a north/south american version of didrocks20:21
bschaeferkgunn, haha very true!20:22
bschaeferkgunn, hmm from these logs atm the ati machine seems to be working? Wth...20:22
* bschaefer goes to log into the kvm20:22
bschaeferwhy do I see unity20:23
kgunnbschaefer: are you local or lexington ?20:24
bschaeferkgunn, lexington20:25
kgunnbschaefer: can you verify ps aux | grep unity-system-comp20:25
kgunnmake sure you didn't fallback20:25
bschaeferkgunn, forgot to do that :)20:25
bschaeferits running :(20:25
kgunnbschaefer: do we have any other radeon machines ?20:25
bschaeferroot       959  0.5  0.3 739224 30044 ?        Sl   20:24   0:00 /home/jenkins/staging/sbin/unity-system-compositor --enable-input=false --from-dm-fd 10 --to-dm-fd 13 --vt 720:26
bschaeferrobotfuel, ^20:26
kgunnbschaefer: if you want to try same config local before your EOD that would be interesting20:26
kgunn...so we got 3 data points20:26
bschaeferkgunn, right, i still have 4-5 hours of my day :)20:26
kgunn1) didrocks otto machine 2) lexington machine#1 3) your local20:27
kgunnit would be nice to have even more20:27
kgunnall good data20:27
bschaeferyes, I really really wished I could repro this20:27
kgunncan you run glxinfo20:27
kgunnand glxgears?20:27
bschaeferkgunn, why does didrocks always get the bad machine?20:27
robotfuelbschaefer: they are running tests right now, we have this one https://bugs.launchpad.net/xmir/+bug/1209000 that's trying the daily-build ppa now20:27
ubot5Launchpad bug 1209000 in XMir "radeon hd7850 fails to load driver from system-compositor-testing ppa with gbm: failed to open any driver (search paths /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri:${ORIGIN}/dri:/usr/lib/dri)failed to load driver: radeonsi" [Undecided,New]20:27
bschaefererr let me run it20:27
bschaeferrobotfuel, alright, would we be able to switch machines at some point?20:28
bschaeferwhen they finish?20:28
robotfuelbschaefer: yes20:28
robotfuelbschaefer: I'll let you know20:29
bschaeferrobotfuel, cool, as im done with that machine as it seems to be working ...20:29
bschaeferkgunn, just to re-iterate20:29
bschaeferkgunn, the problem occurs with libmirserver0 from main, and u-s-c built locally?20:29
kgunnbschaefer: yep...please do20:29
bschaeferon an ati machine?20:29
bschaeferkgunn, as right now I have 0 ppas installed20:29
bschaeferand xmir is working20:30
kgunnbschaefer: good point....didrocks had all main + u-s-c from daily-build ppa20:30
kgunnbschaefer: also we should not forget that you and i both had to install xorg-xmir20:30
bschaeferkgunn, I couldn't install u-s-c from the daily-build ppa because of a dependency problem :(20:30
bschaeferright that was strange as well...20:30
bschaeferkgunn, but that could have come from doing the purge of u-s-c testing20:31
kgunnbschaefer: jibel just joined...he might be able to get us onto the otto machine20:31
* bschaefer checks when u-s-c was rebuilt in daily-build20:31
bschaefer unity-system-compositor - 0.0.1+13.10.20130807.2-0ubuntu1 (changes file) ps-jenkins (ps-jenkins: 235412) [ubuntu-bugcontrol] 5 hours ago Published Saucy X1120:32
bschaefer5 hours ago hmm20:32
bschaeferkgunn, i wonder if didrocks was able to use the version before? It shouldn't matter though... as u-s-c hasn't changed since 8-0120:33
* bschaefer doesn't know how he got u-s-c to only install it self from daily-build ppa20:34
kgunnbschaefer: ok...just now, updated to ensure..i'm using main + daily build ppa for usc....rebooting20:36
bschaeferhmm u-s-c from daily build vs local build cannot be the problem...as trunk hasn't updated since last Thursday ...20:41
bschaeferkgunn, the only thing that might be different, is if you hav ethe daily build ppa and upgrade some libmir packages...hmm20:41
kgunnbschaefer: ok i rebooted just fine20:42
bschaeferkgunn, you're on an ati?20:42
kgunnbschaefer: no intel....but go no complaints about mismatch either20:42
bschaeferkgunn, you were getting that before?20:42
kgunnbschaefer: nope but thot you were20:43
bschaeferkgunn, o that abi stuff went away ... when I installed xorg-xmir :)20:43
kgunnbschaefer: for clarity sake...my steps purged/unpinned (days ago), apt-get update/dist-upgrade, then....i download the deb file from the ppa site....and do dpkg -i on unity-system-comp.deb20:44
bschaeferand you can install u-s-c from daily build?20:44
bschaefer unity-system-compositor : Depends: libmirserver0 (= 0.0.8+13.10.20130807.2-0ubuntu1) but 0.0.8+13.10.20130807.1-0ubuntu1 is to be installed20:44
bschaeferkgunn, see I was add-apt-repos on the ppa20:44
bschaeferand tried to install unity-system-compositor20:45
* bschaefer purges daily build and tries that20:45
bschaeferkgunn, so you do not have daily build ppa installed right?20:45
kgunnbschaefer: right...i only cherry pick u-s-c off the daily-build ppa website20:45
bschaeferkgunn, i didn't even know you could do that :)20:46
* bschaefer grabs is20:46
* kgunn been hanging out with shady folk like robert_ancell20:46
kgunnbschaefer: do you know the command line to get the deb patch file applied to the source ?20:48
bschaeferkgunn, still get a dependency error :(20:48
bschaeferkgunn, well you should just be able to do a dget, and from the use dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc20:48
bschaeferand then install the *.deb20:48
kgunnbschaefer: when you dpkg -i install it'll gripe about runtime deps....it should be ok20:49
kgunnnot build time deps20:49
kgunnwhat did it whine about ?20:49
bschaefero hmm20:49
* bschaefer pastebins20:49
bschaeferkgunn, it says its installed through though policy20:50
* bschaefer tries it out20:52
kgunnbschaefer: hmmm...i get all the other whining except lines 7-14 in your pastebin20:52
kgunnbschaefer: make sure you've purged, unpinned, updated, dist-upgraded, then dpkg install u-s-c20:53
* bschaefer goes to make sure20:53
* kgunn glad to see in pastebin someone else forgets sudo on dpkg install....20:54
* kgunn does it every _single_ time20:54
bschaeferdidn't mean to copy that much info!20:55
kgunnrobotfuel: wrt this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/xmir/+bug/120900020:57
ubot5Launchpad bug 1209000 in XMir "radeon hd7850 fails to load driver from system-compositor-testing ppa with gbm: failed to open any driver (search paths /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri:${ORIGIN}/dri:/usr/lib/dri)failed to load driver: radeonsi" [Undecided,New]20:57
kgunnwould you mind adding the /var/log/lightdm/* & /var/log/Xorg*20:58
kgunnrobotfuel: actually....only if you can run on main(mir/xorg) + daily-build(u-s-c) ....note not daily-build-next :)20:59
robotfuelkgunn: ok, main(mir/xorg) + daily-build(u-s-c) fails due to packaging20:59
kgunnjibel: oops..meant to ask...could we get on otto ? or is it busy?20:59
robotfuelkgunn: there is another issue with that system, without the xorg stuff it's super slow21:00
robotfuel* 3d accel is slow21:00
kgunnrobotfuel: so it the machine suspect ?21:00
bschaeferkgunn, hmm I also can't rebuild u-s-c when just using main21:00
robotfuelkgunn: it seems like a bug in the driver21:00
bschaefermissing mirserver-dev21:01
robotfuelkgunn: I am writing a bug now for the slowness in the regular xorg driver21:01
kgunnbschaefer: ...yeah, i noticed that a couple of hours ago....don't know how daily-build built it 5 hours ago...nothing changed ?21:01
kgunnbschaefer: ah21:02
bschaeferkgunn, yeah...it causing fun problems for me :(21:02
bschaeferkgunn, which is what dpkg was complaining about21:02
* bschaefer wonders what else was rebuild in daily build21:03
bschaeferkgunn,  mir - 0.0.8+13.10.20130807.3-0ubuntu121:04
bschaeferwas rebuilt 4 hours ago21:04
bschaeferand u-s-c was rebuilt 5 hours ago...soo u-s-c I think needs to be rebuilt...21:05
robert_ancellbschaefer, bug 1209104. Fixed now21:07
ubot5bug 1209104 in mir (Ubuntu) "libmirplatform headers not packaged" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120910421:07
* bschaefer guesses it hasen't made it to main yet...21:09
bschaeferrobert_ancell, well thats good, but im trying to cherry pick u-s-c from daily-build ppa to test out a very bad ati bug :(21:10
robert_ancellbschaefer, I'm just updating the system-compositor-testing PPA right now, not sure if that helps (that bug was blocking it)21:10
bschaeferrobert_ancell, sadly it has to make it to main, as im trying to track down a possible deadlock in the kernel :(21:11
bschaeferrobert_ancell, and trying to follow how didrocks reproed it, and cant...21:11
bschaeferkgunn, soo should I try using the daily build ppa for now to see if I can repro it?21:12
kgunnbschaefer: do you mean21:13
kgunnbschaefer:  main(mir/xorg) + daily-build(u-s-c)21:13
bschaeferkgunn, can't get u-s-c to work with daily-build due to dependency problems21:13
bschaeferbut if I do daily build (mir/xorg) I can build u-s-c my self21:13
kgunnbschaefer: so weird...i don't get that21:14
bschaeferkgunn, as mir was rebuilt in daily build 4 hours ago, and u-s-c  was rebuilt 6 hours ago :(21:14
* bschaefer attempts to install it again21:14
robert_ancellbschaefer, which bzr versions do you need to test?21:15
kgunnbschaefer: yeah...but then you're combo would just need to be  main(mir/xorg) + "locally built"(u-s-c)21:15
bschaefer unity-system-compositor : Depends: libmirserver0 (= 0.0.8+13.10.20130807.2-0ubuntu1) but 0.0.8+13.10.20130807.1-0ubuntu1 is to be installed21:16
bschaeferrobert_ancell, hmm I need those mir header fixed so I build u-s-c locally, can I build those headers locally as well?21:16
bschaeferor is that part of the libmirserver?21:16
robert_ancellbschaefer, yes, part of libmirserver21:16
bschaefershoot, and at the point I would just be rebuilding libmirserver from trunk which we are trying to use it from main, for some reason?21:17
robert_ancellbschaefer, if you need both the latest of mir and u-s-c, you should be able to use the system-compositor-testing PPA, which is just updating now21:18
bschaeferrobert_ancell, hmm I should have gotten more info out of didrocks :)21:18
bschaeferrobert_ancell, ill give that a try when its finished21:18
bschaeferkgunn, whats your version os libmirserver0?21:19
kgunnInstalled: 0.0.8+13.10.20130807.1-0ubuntu121:19
bschaeferstrange...cause u-s-c seems to depend on:21:20
bschaefer unity-system-compositor : Depends: libmirserver0 (= 0.0.8+13.10.20130807.2-0ubuntu1) but 0.0.8+13.10.20130807.3-0ubuntu1 is to be installed21:20
bschaeferthe *7.2*21:20
* bschaefer is on the daily build ppa21:20
bschaeferwell I should at lease be able to build u-s-c from trunk, and give it another test21:20
kgunnbschaefer: yep...gonna try to build now too21:21
bschaeferdam my 10*.conf was removed...gotta remove it ..21:22
kgunnrobert_ancell: so when i try to build u-s-c it says "fatal error: mir/options/program_option.h: No such file or directory"21:22
robert_ancellkgunn, right, that was broken in alan_g 's change to split out libraries21:23
robert_ancellit's fixed now21:23
robert_ancellsee bug 120910421:23
ubot5bug 1209104 in mir (Ubuntu) "libmirplatform headers not packaged" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120910421:23
bschaeferkgunn, yup, but it hasn't made it into main21:23
bschaeferand I don't think it will very shortly21:23
kgunnroger tha21:24
bschaeferkgunn, soo, im rebooting using daily build mir + local built u-s-c21:24
* bschaefer think u-s-c just needs to be rebuilt in daily build ppa21:24
bschaeferrobert_ancell, could we do that with out having to push a new package?21:24
robert_ancellbschaefer, once it's built you have to upload a new one21:24
robert_ancelloh, hang on, in jenkins?21:25
bschaefero well, locally built is no different then the ppa21:25
robert_ancellI'm just having a look, but I don't know how to trigger rebuilds21:25
bschaeferrobert_ancell, i mean in the daily build ppa21:25
robert_ancellthomi, do you know?21:25
thomiotp, one minute21:25
robert_ancellbschaefer, ppa:ubuntu-unity/daily-build?21:25
bschaeferrobert_ancell, yup21:26
kgunnbschaefer: https://pastebin.canonical.com/95607/21:26
kgunnjust to be sure...that's what i get when i cherry pick...and it still seems to work21:26
bschaefersoo daily build mir + locally built u-s-c works fine on ATI21:27
bschaeferkgunn, why do we have to use main?21:27
bschaeferisn't daily-build about to be pushed to main?21:27
kgunnbschaefer: yes...you are right21:27
robert_ancellbschaefer, kgunn, system-compositor-testing should now be up to date for amd64 and i38621:27
kgunnrobert_ancell: thanks21:27
bschaeferrobert_ancell, thanks, ill test that out now21:28
kgunnw/ no vt switching ?21:28
bschaeferkgunn, vt was broken yesterday as well :(21:28
bschaeferI think duflu was looking into it but im not sure21:28
kgunnbschaefer: yeah...there's like 4 MPs that all need to hit21:28
bschaeferkgunn, cool, hmm soo off to test u-s-c21:29
kgunnbschaefer: when you said "daily build mir + locally built u-s-c works fine on ATI"21:29
bschaeferthough I know didrocks isn't going to be happy we can't repro this, as he will be able to as soon as he wakes up21:29
robert_ancellkgunn, just landed th efirst one21:29
kgunnyou meant the lexington machine ?21:29
bschaeferkgunn, right21:29
bschaeferkgunn, i still need to wipe my HD to install ubuntu21:30
bschaeferits having problems partitioning it still21:30
kgunnbschaefer: yeah...best bet to do that, another data point21:30
bschaeferwhich I can do when I go eat lunch at some point21:30
bschaeferkgunn, yup, let me test u-s-c out then go do that21:30
kgunnrobert_ancell: RAOF's got an ati card right ?21:30
robert_ancellkgunn, yes21:30
kgunncan you get him to test as well....21:30
kgunnseems we may be back to didrock's "otto" machine21:31
kgunntaking this all very personally :)21:31
bschaeferkgunn, we should break didrocks machine, its the only one that gets angry!21:31
kgunnrobert_ancell: so if bschaefer can run on his local ati, and RAOF can run on his....can you please arrange something with didier to debug his morning (this may mean asking RAOF to stay late)....but i'm at a loss21:32
robert_ancellkgunn, is this the existing bug?21:32
ubot5Launchpad bug 1204939 in Mir "Unity doesn't start on ATI test machine (fails to find GL acceleration) (logind fails to track session?)" [Critical,Triaged]21:33
bschaeferas soon as we can reproduce this, we still nee to recompile the kernel with the PROVE_LOCKING enabled21:33
bschaeferjust to see if its deadlocking or not21:33
kgunnbschaefer: right....right now, we're hunting for reproduction21:34
kgunnotherwise deadlock is only interesting on didrocks machine21:34
bschaeferkgunn, yeeah, which sucks :(, I would love to try to actually solve the issue21:34
robotfuelrobert_ancell: do you know who I can ping about this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+bug/1209397? maybe it's the radeon driver doesn't support the 7850 card?21:35
ubot5Launchpad bug 1209397 in xserver-xorg-video-ati (Ubuntu) "radeon hd7850 has no 3d acceleration" [Undecided,New]21:35
bschaeferkgunn, also, where do you see the hanging problem?21:36
bschaeferkgunn, with didrocks machine, his logs arne't showing much of an ERROR21:36
kgunnbschaefer: correct...he was the one with the hang/only resulted in kernel panic when he tried to relaunch x21:36
robert_ancellrobotfuel, opt, be back in 521:37
kgunnrobotfuel: that might be better for mlankhorst to help with21:37
bschaeferkgunn, soo otherwise it works? ... hmm as im trying to see maybe iam getting the problem but i don't see it?21:37
bschaeferas looking at his logs, xmir did start up (from what I can tell with out looking at a vm)21:37
* bschaefer assumed a deadlock would cause xmir to not start up at all21:38
bschaeferwell I have hardware acceleration sooo hmm21:40
bschaeferand xmir is running ...21:41
bschaeferrobert_ancell, cool, and I can install u-s-c from the testing ppa21:45
robert_ancellrobotfuel, RAOF would know21:46
robotfuelrobert_ancell: he is in a  european timezone?21:47
robert_ancellrobotfuel, australian, he will be on in ~1:1021:47
robotfuelrobert_ancell: cool I will ask then :)21:47
bschaeferkgunn, well im going to eat some lunch and reformat my ati machine to get ubuntu on it21:49
bschaeferu-s-c testing ppa is working with ATI card as well, and I have hardware acceleration21:50
bschaefersame with daily build ppa21:50
bschaefersoo so far ati is not having a problem loading GL acceleration that I see21:50
bschaeferkgunn, whooa21:52
bschaefercompiz (core) - Info: Unity is fully supported by your hardware.21:52
bschaefercompiz (core) - Info: Unity is not supported by your hardware. Enabling software rendering instead (slow).21:52
bschaeferkgunn, un my ~/.cache/upstart/gnome-session21:52
bschaeferwhich is very strange, cause I m running opengl for sure, as things are getting blured (the dash/launcher/hud)21:53
bschaeferkgunn, seems that has happened before* now its fine ... hmm wellim going to set up my ati machine and see what I can find21:53
* bschaefer goes to eat some food21:54
kgunnbschaefer: sounds good21:56
robert_ancellkgunn, can you also confirm the s-c-t PPA works for you?21:59
kgunnrobert_ancell: sure...lemme try now22:00
=== jono is now known as Guest48557
kgunnrobert_ancell: good to go...s-c-t ppa worked for me22:18
robert_ancellNow to fix VT switching..22:18
robotfuelrobert_ancell: the s-c-t worked for me openarena passed on it22:18
robotfuelon a radeon 745022:18
robert_ancellrobotfuel, is that the radeon that was having trouble?22:19
robotfuelrobert_ancell: no that was the 7850 that has problems, didrocks has a different version as well22:20
kgunnrobotfuel: right but your 7850 had problems with standalone X as well ??22:21
robotfuelkgunn: yes, it has no 3d accel22:22
robotfuelkgunn: will xmir work with the non-free ati drivers?22:22
robotfuelcatalyst driver22:23
kgunnrobotfuel: nope...only free drivers22:24
bschaeferkgunn, sweet, it installed successfully this time, you were right about not yelling out it22:31
* bschaefer goes to update things22:31
RAOFrobotfuel: Yo?22:31
robotfuelRAOF: I have this bug,  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+bug/1209397 I am thinking it might be the radeon driver doesn't support the 7850 card?22:32
ubot5Launchpad bug 1209397 in xserver-xorg-video-ati (Ubuntu) "radeon hd7850 has no 3d acceleration" [Undecided,New]22:32
RAOFrobotfuel: Ah, yes. The 7850 is a southern islands card which requires glamor to do 2D acceleration and requires 2D acceleration to do 3D accel, and we don't currently build glamor.22:33
robert_ancellrobotfuel, so bug 1209000 is fixed or still occurring?22:33
ubot5bug 1209000 in XMir "radeon hd7850 fails to load driver from system-compositor-testing ppa with gbm: failed to open any driver (search paths /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri:${ORIGIN}/dri:/usr/lib/dri)failed to load driver: radeonsi" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120900022:33
kgunnbschaefer: good to hear...can't wait for the results22:35
robotfuelrobert_ancell: I haven't tried it with the newest s-c-t ppa, but I think it will fail because there is no 3d22:35
RAOFHuh. I'm not sure why it's failing to find radeonsi?22:36
robotfuelrobert_ancell: I just kicked off a test run so we will know in about 10 minutes22:37
robert_ancellrobotfuel, nice22:37
bschaeferRAOF, well does it exist in the path its looking for?22:37
robotfuelrobert_ancell: there is a new mir jenkins server here
bschaeferkgunn, as am i...22:38
RAOFbschaefer: On my system, yes.22:38
robert_ancellrobotfuel, that is running the tests on the new hardware?22:39
robotfuelrobert_ancell: yes, we are still waiting for 1 machine22:39
bschaeferrobotfuel, have you been able to check if the file is located on one of those paths?22:39
bschaeferpossibly it got installed to the wrong spot?22:39
robert_ancellrobotfuel, nice work! Loving it's mostly green :)22:39
robert_ancellthomi, now we just need some nice graphs..22:40
thomirobert_ancell: right. robert_ancell, I understand that there's work being merged into the dashboard to support that>?22:40
thomirobert_ancell: BTW, I realise I never answered your question from before - is it still open?22:41
robotfuelrobert_ancell: thomi I have some older graphs here
robert_ancellthomi, open? It seems to have rebuilt 4mins ago22:42
thomirobert_ancell: ok, good22:42
thomirobert_ancell: right, but we want it in the dashboard. I think Francis said there was work being merged to support that?>22:42
robotfuelthomi: yes, I am working on that too22:43
thomirobotfuel: I see now - that's the staging isntance?22:43
robotfuelthomi: yes22:43
robotfuelthomi: it doesn't have the stuff from the new jenkins server in it.22:44
thomiand we probably need to clean up the data a bit before publishing it22:44
thomibut otherwise, it look sgood22:44
robert_ancellrobotfuel, oh, now I see why it's all green - the xmir jobs haven't completed :)22:48
robotfuelrobert_ancell: this is a bug again https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/119550922:49
ubot5Launchpad bug 1195509 in Unity System Compositor "System compositor fails to start - Failed to set the current VT mode: Input/output error (5)" [Critical,Confirmed]22:49
robotfuelit was fixed for a little while it seems22:49
robert_ancellrobotfuel, yes, we think it will be fixed with https://code.launchpad.net/~mlankhorst/mir/setsid/+merge/177800, but we need to fix the VT switch keys first. That's the four MPs kgunn was talking about22:50
robert_ancellkgunn, btw I just pushed the updated mir to main22:52
kgunnrobert_ancell: cool...sounds very powerful22:53
* racarr GONG22:55
* RAOF TING22:55
robert_ancellracarr, did you talk to kdub? He was looking for you22:56
robert_ancellmlankhorst, ping22:58
racarrrobert_ancell: Not yet :)22:59
racarrkdub: I was just getting ready to digest how all your changes went22:59
racarrand am now participating in leak testing because apparently the shop downstairs has water spots22:59
robotfuelI am getting a new failure on the radeon hd7850 with xmir /usr/bin/X: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/radeon_drv.so: undefined symbol: exaGetPixmapDriverPrivate23:00
kdubracarr, ah, ok. hopefully i have my focus changes out the door soon23:00
robert_ancellracarr, that wasn't the leak testing I was expecting :)23:00
robert_ancellRAOF, ^23:00
robotfuelthat's with the s-c-t ppa23:00
robotfuelI'll have a bug up shortly23:00
RAOFrobotfuel: Well, that would be because it hasn't loaded the EXA module, which is perfectly reasonable :)23:01
kdubracarr, pretty much, i've detangled create_surface_for (almost) which lets you control better when you get focused event23:01
RAOFWhat's not reasonable is that it's trying to resolve EXA symbols.23:01
* RAOF notes that there isn't any X in s-c-t; it's all in the archive.23:02
racarrkdub: Excellent.23:02
racarrnew MP today you are hoping?23:02
robotfuelit's running in failsafe mode now, it tried starting X 2 times.23:02
RAOFrobotfuel: My expectation is that a 7850 would not work correctly with the free driver at the moment, XMir or not.23:03
robotfuelRAOF: robert_ancell: do we want to make the radeon 7850 work? with xmir we can drop that hardware from the test plan, but also have document that the card doesn't work with bugs.23:05
RAOFrobotfuel: I think we should make the 7850 work; it' just not an xmir issue that it doesn't.23:06
robert_ancellrobotfuel, we just need to match the existing X behaviour. So if it doesn't work currently, then it should continue not to work.23:06
robert_ancellrobotfuel, in saying that - if we make it worse, we should blacklist that card and test it correctly falls back to non-xmir behaviour23:06
bschaeferkgunn, soo, its working :)23:31
bschaefermir/xorg from main + cherry pick u-s-c from daily build23:32
* bschaefer digs through logs to make sure hard ware acceleration is on...but it seems to be23:32
bschaeferkgunn, soo to sum up today...it appears to be working on 2 ati machines...23:56
bschaeferRAOF, ping23:56
RAOFbschaefer: Pong.23:56
bschaeferRAOF, hello, did you still have your other ati machine up and running?23:56
RAOFYeah, my 4350.23:56
RAOFXMir worked on that yesterday.23:56
bschaeferRAOF, hmm well you already commented on the bug, the logind one23:57
ubot5Launchpad bug 1204939 in Mir "Unity doesn't start on ATI test machine (fails to find GL acceleration) (logind fails to track session?)" [Critical,Triaged]23:57
bschaeferRAOF, i've been looking at it for the most the day, and both the ATI machines I've used have worked with xmir23:58
bschaeferif you had a chance to test it out, didrocks was running a bad problem this morning, possibly a deadlock in the kernel23:58
bschaeferrunning into*23:58

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