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josehello, Joe_UAE!05:52
Joe_UAEhi Jose ,05:53
joseJoe_UAE: please, note that we're not on-air05:54
Joe_UAEi miss watching the webcast last time so i run it again now , can u tell what are the most intresting update ?05:54
Joe_UAEi know that05:54
Joe_UAEno worries05:54
josehello, Shrimp05:55
Shrimpubuntu on air is what kind of things?06:16
Shrimpi'm not clearly about it06:17
Shrimpif i want re-package a install iso file with src disc, what should i do06:19
joseShrimp: surely not a support channel, as you saw on the entry message. Maybe #ubuntu can help?06:20
Shrimpokay, how this channel?06:23
Shrimphow about this channel?06:23
joseShrimp: this is for Ubuntu on Air! sessions06:24
Shrimpjose: Sorry. Can u explain what is ubuntu on air? thank u06:30
joseShrimp: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OnAir06:30
Shrimpjose: thank u06:32
josesure :)06:32
dholbachgood morning07:56
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