Picimaybe we should alias !nsa to !logs too00:32
IdleOneI don't see why not01:35
jpdsVog was boring me.04:14
ubottuIdleOne called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (Lope_de_Aguirre posting naked women)04:37
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DJonesAt times it feels like we need an !overload factoid to say don't everybody help the same person all at the same time, that can be more confusing than not getting any support12:51
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (sumtingwong appears to be abusive and has been muted, will need to be UNMUTED MANUALLY)16:46
Picigoogle translate says its just gibberish16:48
ikoniaa language I couldn't read16:48
DJonesShould send it to the Ubuntu translation team to work on16:49
ikoniaa guy with the username "ubuntu_newbie" can't manage the ubuntu partition manager after using it for 4 years already ?16:50
ikoniasorry, 2 years, not 416:50
DJonesIs anybody getting pm's from hostloop? http://pastebin.com/jyvua6yb Looks like they're picking people to pm from #ubuntu, I could be the only one19:02
IdleOnenothing here19:03
IdleOneoh just got one19:04
IdleOneyup same thing you got19:04
DJonesBeat me to it, I had to put a sausage sandwich down19:05
IdleOneYou were actually willing to put food down?19:06
DJonesMy mouth was full, needed a break19:06
DJonesThe spammer hadn't pm'd everybody talking in #u19:06
IdleOneI got it a few seconds after join19:07
DJonesI hadn't joined for some time, could only have picked me seeing me speaking, but they weren't sending it to everybody talking in the channel (checked with daftykins who was active at the time)19:08
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Sidjoni cant sent on ubuntu its bug23:20
Sidjonneed help please23:21
ikoniaSidjon: how did you know to join this channel ?23:21
Sidjoni read23:22
ikoniaread what ?23:22
Sidjonewerywhere using -ops23:22
Sidjonon other channels also23:22
ikoniawhere did you read to join #ubuntu-ops23:22
Sidjonin frenode talk about it23:22
Sidjonunban me plz23:23
ikoniaI'm sorry no23:23
ikoniayou're content is not appropriate for #ubuntu23:23
ikoniayou made up offensive content and posted it in a technical support channel23:23
Sidjonwhat you mean?23:23
ikoniaSidjon: you suggest canonical where making sex toys23:23
ikoniaand posted it in multiple ubuntu channels23:23
ikoniathat is a.) lies b.) unacceptable for ubuntu channels23:24
ikoniahence why you are now banned23:24
Sidjonmaybe canonical will be make this toys in future23:24
ikoniadon't care23:24
ikoniaplease /part the channel as we will not allow you back in #ubuntu23:24
Sidjoni want on ubuntu please23:25
Sidjonits was little jock23:25
ikonianot going to happen, so lets not waste any more time23:25
Sidjonand immediately get down to fucking?23:26
ikoniaor leave even23:26

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