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smartboyhwGood afternoon Noskcaj05:08
smartboyhwNoskcaj, are you sure you want to do the Google+ Hangout? I heard from balloons that you plan to do it using audio, but it would be no use if audio only05:20
Noskcajsmartboyhw, I don't plan to do audio only. My internet is better now05:38
DanChapmanGood Morning all :-)07:56
slickymastergood morning all09:19
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yofelis there an error tracker handbook somewhere? I was looking at the error reports for a package and I'm clueless what that graph is trying to tell me13:22
smartboyhwyofel, better ask at #ubuntu-devel...13:24
yofelwell, won't hurt I guess13:26
balloonshey smartboyhw14:35
balloonsI saw jackson is thinking he can do video again, cool14:36
DanChapmanballoons, good morning :-)14:38
balloonsDanChapman, morning :-)14:38
smartboyhwballoons, DanChapman my thoguht on Edge http://smartboyhwubuntu.wordpress.com/2013/08/07/ubuntu-edge-target-too-high-but-a-phone-that-one-will-want/14:41
balloonssmartboyhw, hmm..  there's not denying there usefulness.. wants and needs however are 2 different things. I think your spot on  with much of your assesment14:44
smartboyhwballoons, :)14:48
WebbyITballoons, stop to change status to bugs, you're filling my mailbox :P14:57
balloonsWebbyIT, I just closed like 50 bugs.. hehe14:58
WebbyITballoons, 45, to be exact! ahahahah14:58
balloonsso fginther elopio om26er since your all in this channel, I'm going to put together a blog post of best practices for autopilot tests. We've been talking about it for some time, and I know when we "fix" tests, it's what we're really doing. So, with that in mind, what should I mention? I have the following already17:03
balloonsuse eventually, more asserts (for all interactions!), don't use strings, use objectNames17:03
om26erballoons, wait for the interface to stop moving before clicking objects, either check its .animating property (if it have) or .moving17:05
balloonsom26er, ohh good one17:05
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balloonsfginther, om26er elopio http://www.theorangenotebook.com/2013/08/autopilot-best-practices.html. om26er thanks for the input :-)17:43
om26erballoons, ;)17:52
elopioballoons: nice. I'm late, but for me, the main thing is to keep the tests with one action-verification.18:00
balloonsyes.. tedious or not, do something, assert something is the way to go18:04
DanChapmanballoons, have you got roughly 203.632s spare to run my gedit branch? would like your thoughts so far :-)18:11
balloonsDanChapman, of course I do!18:12
balloonsI'm curious to see what you've been able to do :-)18:12
DanChapmanWell so far ive been doing all the keyboard shortcuts. Im moving on to using mouse etc now.18:15
balloonsDanChapman, ok, branching now.. let's see what we've got18:19
balloonsDanChapman, well the tests still pass, so that' something :-)18:31
balloonstest_end_key_goes_to_end_of_line is a clone of home test ;-)18:33
DanChapmanballoons, yeah i wasn't sure with that one, was thinking of trying a different route. But it passes atm so i'll leave that till later18:34
balloonsotherwise, that looks like your being pretty thorough on testing the keyboard shortcuts. you plan to test the default buttons as well, then the basic save and open?18:34
balloonsDanChapman, well on the test_end_key_goes_to_end_of_line you could make it similar to home and send an end key + backspace then check the last letter is gone18:35
elfyballoons: I've not bothered much even looking at testcases that aren't xubuntu up to now - but I can now that the majority of mine are done18:35
balloonselfy, if you wanted to review the synaptic contribution, go for it. It would be helpful. I can then sync everything after you merge it18:36
DanChapmanballoons, yeah I didn't want to try going through whole processes of saving a file etc just with shortcuts. I will do more using default buttons etc. I just thought it was nice that while we can see the buffer why not test the shortcuts work18:37
* balloons hands forestpiskie a cookie and tells him not to share with elfy 18:38
balloonsDanChapman, yes, exactly!18:38
balloonsthis has SO much more potential18:38
DanChapmanballoons, for the test_end_key_goes_to_end_of_line the cursor is already at end after typing the phrase in the setup_test_docs so i need to jump back and then hit End just to check it works. ahhh i 'll think on it18:39
balloonsDanChapman, true that it's already at the end, heh18:39
balloonsDanChapman, did you look at shotwell again to see if we can do more with it, given the updated gtk stuff? I wonder if something more is exposed that would let us18:40
balloonsit was really a cool testcase, just very hacky because of the inability to select the camera18:41
DanChapmanballoons, is the old test  with umockdev camera setup on it laying about anywhere?  I might have a way to select the camera.18:47
balloonsDanChapman, indeed, let me find it18:50
balloonsnot to sidetrack you :-18:50
balloonsDanChapman, btw do you have the link for the desktop tests.. I don't have it on this box, and it's easier than searching for it on jenkins :-)18:51
balloonssorry I mean the jenkins run results18:52
DanChapmanyep 2 secs18:52
elfyballoons: going to ask smiddy to add a couple of things - not going to be merging it today18:52
balloonselfy, kk18:53
elfywill do as soon as I see it come back though18:53
balloonsahh yes, knome's 'tests' removal18:54
elfynothing to do with me - but seemed logical :)18:54
balloonsDanChapman, hmm https://code.launchpad.net/~carla-sella/ubuntu-autopilot-tests/shotwell-carla18:55
balloonsDanChapman, I also have some emails.. carla should be around soon, we can ask her directly18:57
balloonspastebin is gone :-(18:57
joseballoons: you mean, as in the paste you had or paste.ubuntu.com is down?19:00
balloonsjose, yea, it's expired I'd guess19:00
joseoh, ok then :)19:00
balloonselfy, synced up to rev206 to tracker19:02
elfyballoons: ok19:02
elfyballoons: why do last 2 have diffrerent icon against them here http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-testcase/ubuntu-manual-tests/trunk/files/head:/testcases/packages/?19:05
balloonselfy, ??19:06
balloonsI don't know19:06
balloonsahh.. they have code in them19:06
elfythey look different to me, got some sort of 'circly' thing19:06
elfyshall remember that then19:07
balloonsxpad doesn't tho.. fail19:07
elfyignore me then ...19:07
balloonsthey do have broken " in them19:07
balloonscheck out line 17: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-testcase/ubuntu-manual-tests/trunk/view/head:/testcases/packages/1602_Xpad19:08
elfyyep - see that19:08
balloonsalso a blank file got snuck in: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-testcase/ubuntu-manual-tests/trunk/view/head:/testcases/packages/Xfce/blank19:08
elfydidn't sneak in balloons19:08
balloonsit got synced as test 1603 :p19:09
elfywe weren't sure what to do - as it was a dupe19:09
balloonslol, well now it should be interesting19:09
balloonsso let's try and clean it up..19:09
elfywhat needed to happen was it be deleted19:09
balloonselfy, what's "it"?19:10
balloonsas in which testcase?19:10
elfythe 'blank' one in xfce19:10
elfyballoons: in http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-testcase/ubuntu-manual-tests/trunk/view/head:/testcases/packages/1601_Lxterminal19:11
elfyline 50 I got a [ made red - would that be an error?19:12
balloonswild, why did you name it blank and move it into xfce? anyways if we need to delete something, it's easy enough to do. Just remove it from the repo altogether. Then we can blank it and/or remove it from the tracker, but we should keep it as a manual process19:13
balloonselfy, no.. I'm afraid I made too much of peering at launchpad's attempts to parse the files19:14
balloonsI was positing that maybe that's why the icon was different.19:14
elfyballoons: it was already in XFCE - I'd writtent the same test twice - the first got put into trcker and given a number - then we realised we had another of the same19:14
elfyrather than have it there confusing us, I removed the contents and renamed it19:15
balloonselfy, gotcha.. best to just remove it from the repository. you can delete it now. As far as the tracker, we can manually clean it up19:15
elfyit isn't in the tracker - it is ONLY there in the branch19:15
balloonsthen yea, just remove it19:16
balloonsany new file without an id will be added as a new testcase..19:16
elfyso it IS as simple as that then - remove it and then bzr push :parent19:16
balloonsyep, just remove it. especially if you don't need to do anything in the tracker19:16
elfyI'll do that when I merge either slicky or smiddy's tests tomorrow19:17
balloonsLetozaf_, hello!19:19
Letozaf_balloons, hello :)19:19
Letozaf_balloons, made a banana and peanut butter smoothie today.... mmm delicious, just that i put too much peanut butter and now I feel a bit sick19:21
balloonsLetozaf_, ROFL! Nice, it's a delicate balance!19:21
Letozaf_balloons, yeah very nice19:21
elfythat stuff should be launched at the sun - ALL of it19:21
elfyI'd rather eat liver19:21
balloonselfy, peanut butter?19:21
balloonsI'll take that as a yes19:22
elfyawful stuff :p19:22
Letozaf_elfy, I looooove peanut butte19:22
Letozaf_sorry butter19:22
Letozaf_elfy, it's super delicious19:22
elfycan't see what you're saying I have my fingers in my eyes19:23
Letozaf_elfy, lol19:23
balloonsto be fair, you might not have had the good stuff.. I like peanut butter that is literally just peanuts19:23
Letozaf_balloons, I used to make it my self putting peanuts in a blender19:24
Letozaf_Letozaf_, mmmm19:24
balloonswe should stop scaring elfy19:25
balloonstoo late19:25
Letozaf_balloons, lol19:25
forestpiskieballoons:elfy  hatez you :p19:25
Letozaf_balloons, I cannot figure how to remove a topic on the "new" version of rssreader, no swipe and no popup, could it be a bug19:25
balloonsforestpiskie, is it because I gave you the cookie?19:25
Letozaf_balloons, or are they working on it ?19:25
balloonsanyways, so DanChapman and I were looking at shotwell again, and wondered if you had your old stuff or not19:26
balloonsI think with the changes we might be able to finish implementing it19:26
balloonsLetozaf_, ohh, let me look at the new version of RSS reader19:26
balloonsindeed a bug is possible19:26
Letozaf_balloons, just wanted to be sure before reporting a bug19:26
balloonsLetozaf_, weird.. I agree19:28
Letozaf_balloons, do you think it's better to wait as they might just be working on it or should I report a bug ?19:29
balloonslet's report it19:31
Letozaf_balloons, ok fine19:33
Letozaf_balloons, I will now19:33
balloonsLetozaf_, there are like 6 active reviews lol19:33
Letozaf_balloons, so I better wait19:34
balloonsLetozaf_,  no no file away.. I was just saying it's quite a jumble in there19:35
balloonsI'll talk to the rss folks tomorrow and I'll mention the bug and reviews and changing code19:35
Letozaf_balloons, ok thanks19:38
DanChapmancalling it a day folks see you all tomorrow :-)19:45
thomimorning all20:01
balloonshowdy thomi20:06
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balloonselopio, ping22:02
elopioballoons: pong22:03
balloonselopio, so I've converting over the clock app to the emulator, and I'm confused on using the tabs. doesn't seem to be working for me22:03
elopioballoons: want to share the code?22:04
balloonselopio, sure..22:04
balloonselopio, lp:~nskaggs/ubuntu-clock-app/convert-aptests-to-sdk22:05
balloonselopio, look at test_stopwatch and run it22:06
balloonsautopilot run ubuntu_clock_app.tests.test_stopwatch.TestStopwatch.test_start_stop_reset_stopwatch22:06
elopioballoons: I get that it has more than one header.22:09
elopiothat shouldn't be.22:09
balloonselopio, same..22:09
elopiolet me check the tree.22:09
balloonsare we back to this silliness.. I'm going to keep working on converting the timer over22:10
elopioballoons: it has 6 headers. So, we need to assign an objectName to the main header.22:13
balloonsok, but otherwise I've done things correctly? good :-)22:14
balloonscare to do it and I'll merge it back so I can see what you did?22:14
balloonsI think everything is converted, barring a fix for that issue22:16
elopioballoons: the fix should be on the toolkit. But then we hit a problem with the autopilot emulators.22:17
balloonselopio, you simply mean your changes today fixed everything?22:18
elopioballoons: no, I mean that I'm trying to make a new MP.22:18
balloonsOHH, gotcha :-)22:18
elopiobut, I need thomi because I might make a bigger mess.22:18
elopiothomi: you around?22:18
balloonsthe sky22:19
* balloons can't help himself22:19
thomiwow, we're on fire today ;)22:19
elopiothomi: :) with the emulators we are forced to use the same name as the QML object.22:19
elopioin this case, Header.22:19
elopiobut there's a top header, and some other types of headers.22:20
elopioall of them with the same QML type Header. So if I make the emulator called Header to be the top bar, then I won't be able to use it for the other types of headers.22:20
elopiodoes it make sense?22:20
elopioit's a long way from my ideas to my fingers.22:21
thomielopio: yes, that makes sense.22:21
thomielopio: that's one nasty part about Qml, IMO22:21
thomiideally, if things are called the same, they should be at least similar :)22:21
elopiowell, the thing is that they are similar in the sense that they are a kind of title, a header. The problem is that they have really different children.22:22
elopioI agree that it would be cool if the top header was a separate qml object, more specific than header. But that would be too restrictive, I think.22:22
elopioballoons: this will fix your problem https://code.launchpad.net/~elopio/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/fix1209405-header_object_name/+merge/17906022:33
elopiohowever, I think this will hit us again in the future.22:33
balloonsfor now to test, let me try it22:34
elopioI'm not sure timp is going to like it either. They rejected one of my branches that added a objectName, so, it's likely we will to talk again tomorrow.22:34
elopioballoons: about your branch, the main_view @property is ok. I don't like the header one. Instead, I would do main_view.get_header.22:37
balloonselopio, I shouldn't need header, but yes that was a question I had :-)22:37
balloonselopio, sure enough it worked22:37
elopioand actuallyl, it's not likely you will need a reference to the header. main_view.switch_tab sounds better.22:37
balloonssweet.. so this is converted22:38
balloonsbut pending your emulator change22:38
elopioballoons: and, I think that this is for a future branch. But I would make a main view emulator specific to this app. It would live in emulators.py, and be defined as MainView(toolkit_emulators.MainView)22:39
elopiowith methods like: open_alarm_tab, open_timer_tab22:39
elopiothat way you are even more resilient to changes on the toolkit.22:40
balloonselopio, let me push the working version in just a moment and you can "show" me22:40
elopioballoons: yes, an MP that I can see on launchpad would be lovely.22:41
balloonsgotta lambda a missing function is all :-p22:41
balloonscool works.. pushing22:43
balloonselopio, https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/ubuntu-clock-app/convert-aptests-to-sdk/+merge/17906222:46
balloonsso whatever magic you have that would let this go without waiting, I'd love to see it and merge it :-) more green tests tomorrow will be good22:47
elopioballoons: well, I should have read better because you already did what I was asking :)22:47
elopioballoons: I approved your branch. I would do some things different, but on a follow up branch.22:51
elopiomainly, move most of the methods you currently have on main view to an emulator for their correspoing page or tab.22:52
elopioand while doing this, we might hit the same problem as with the header. Many different objects with the same emulator name.22:52
balloonsahh I get what you mean22:53
balloonsyes, heh, I went back and forth a bit while you were talking with thomi. Eventually we'll get there, but I wanted to keep exploring this to keep pushing the emulator forward.. and the testcases as well22:53
balloonsand this app likes to randomly fail, so, I thought doing this would seal it up22:54
balloonsthe emulator has all the methods from the previous apps all lumped together, so yea :-)22:54
balloonselopio, left a comment on your merge also.. Well, that's it for me. thanks for the help22:57
elopioballoons: would you mind if I try to split it in smaller emulators after your branch lands?22:58
balloonselopio,  not at all.. if you want to keep driving one app to test out the emulator and best practices go for it. otherwise, I would say let's get them all converted to it. I think we'll find more surprises doing that anyway22:59
elopioballoons: this one looks interesting. I want to see if we will hit the same problem, and if so, how to work it around.23:00
elopiobut it's your call. If you prefer, I can work on another one to start using the emulator. Whatever works better for you.23:01
balloonswell, making the builds green makes everyone happier, so i would say converting all first. But I'm certainly not opposed to you driving ahead on this; especially if you feel there will be issues. I'd like to drive out as many issues as early as possible23:02
balloonsso in this case, if you feel there's a landmine in there, go for it23:02
balloonswith that, I'm out.. really23:02
elopioballoons: ok, I'm busy today anyway, so tomorrow I'll see what looks fun.23:03
elopiohave a good evening.23:03

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