dholbachdo we have any French speakers here? :)10:34
dholbachhttps://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu-packaging-guide/trunk/+pots/ubuntu-packaging-guide/fr/+translate?show=new_suggestions needs a bit of help :)10:35
dholbach(lots of already translated strings)10:35
narzissHi dholbach12:31
narzissLet me have a look.12:31
narzissI've yet to announce myself on the mailing list.12:31
dholbachnarziss, once the packaging guide translations in a certain language are up to 70% we enable it for package builds and for online use12:32
dholbachI haven't done the math, but French should get very close to it :)12:32
narzissI've taken a peek, and will return to it once at my desk.12:38
narzissDoes anyone maintain glossary/TM files?12:38
dholbachno idea12:43
dholbachI just noticed that there were a huge pile of unreviewed translations strings12:43
dpmnarziss, I'd recommend getting in touch with the Ubuntu French translators, they'll point you to their translations guide12:51

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