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MooDoomorning all06:23
brobostigongood morning everyone,07:12
MooDoomorning morning07:15
brobostigonmorning MooDoo and MartijnVdS07:18
RoswayGood morning. A question.  I have 10 computers with ubuntu YLMF installed. Can I connect a printer to one station and share it. The computers are all connected to a switch? Thanks07:28
MartijnVdSRosway: it should be possible to share a printer by opening the printer config screen (top right -> "gear" icon -> system settings -> printer)07:29
MooDooMartijnVdS: start os a chinese linux distro07:29
MartijnVdSso it's not ubuntu?07:30
MooDooit's an ubuntu variant07:30
MartijnVdShm, printer sharing isn't in there for me.07:30
MartijnVdSWhy isn't printer sharing available in system-config-printer?07:30
MooDoowell version up to 3 is ubuntu07:30
RoswayYes it is based on the Ubuntu platform07:31
MooDoothe latest version isn't it's now based on xiange linux07:31
RoswayForgive me am a total novice with this os07:34
RoswayWould it also be possible to connect 2 printer to the 1 PC and share both?07:35
MartijnVdSRosway: it is possible, but the graphical tool doesn't seem to have an option for it07:38
MartijnVdSRosway: let me check07:38
MartijnVdSRosway: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu#Ubuntu_print_server07:38
MartijnVdSRosway: that page has all the answers you're looking for07:38
RoswayThank you MartijnVds. Will have a look at it.07:40
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JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Lighthouse Day! :-D09:14
shaunoyou couldn't find a non-american one?  trinity house deserve some love too :)09:19
MooDoomorning JamesTait09:20
JamesTaitshauno, I was going to go for Heyerdahl day, but thought that might actually be a thing.09:20
JamesTaitMooDoo, o/09:20
BeiGunkZoyahappy diarrhea day!!!09:23
BeiGunkZoyaoh yes!09:24
MartijnVdSaww yiss09:40
MartijnVdSjust fixing his phonetic spelling :P09:41
MooDooshouldn't it me ar yeah then :)09:42
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BeiGunkZoyaor not to should?09:48
mgdmshauno: sadly the Northern Lighthouse Board don't have quite so catchy an address09:57
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davmor2Morning all10:17
MooDoomorning davmor2 :)10:18
neuroflargen blargen10:20
MooDoobless you10:21
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)10:21
MooDooneuro: sorry got confused as you missed out yargen ;)10:21
neuroi really didn't10:21
MooDoomorning bigcalm10:21
davmor2bigcalm: does this mean you've started the steak countdown?10:24
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bigcalmdavmor2: heh. Last couple of steaks were not great. Not sure what I'll have tonight10:24
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neuroi have found the world's greatest musical instrument10:41
dwatkinsit's a little monotonic10:43
neuroguten morgen herr aq10:50
DJonesHeh, this is an interesting idea for a laptop, solar powered, Ubuntu and submersible http://solaptop.com/en/products/laptops/ Not sure how the $400 price compares with other Atom machines10:52
ubcqtmlbut you can save money on spare battery10:53
DJonesProbably not going to be marketed in the UK anyway, solar power would probably be pretty useless for 364 days of the year10:55
shaunothat, and I never open the curtains10:58
brobostigonquestion, what are normal post delivery times ?10:59
DJonesAntime between about 7am and 3:30pm11:00
brobostigonwow, ok.11:00
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davmor2brobostigon: depends, Normally before noon for royal mail(note during holiday season this is all to pot as one posty covers for another), for parcel delivery  from 8:00 till 20:00 is the normal13:11
brobostigondavmor2: thank you,13:12
Azelphurcan anyone tell me why */1 * * * * source /home/django/azelphur.com-v/bin/activate && python /home/django/azelphur.com/azelphur/manage.py gameserverquery doesn't work in cron?13:15
AzelphurI'm guessing it's something to do with the source, but I have no idea what I'd do to fix it13:16
shaunoI'd suspect the same, since source is a bash built-in, not a regular command13:17
shaunopersonally, I'd be very tempted to just stuff it all in a wrapper, so cron just calls the wrapper, and you can use allt he bashisms you like within13:18
directhexyes, shauno is correct on both counts13:19
Azelphuryea, I'll try that13:19
Azelphuryea, works if I throw it all in a wrapper, ty :)13:21
Azelphurin other news, is there an easy way to get ipv6 working yet?13:29
Azelphurlast I looked you had to read a small book to get it alive13:29
MartijnVdSAzelphur: I just get it from my ISP13:29
MartijnVdSAzelphur: and hosts auto-configure13:29
AzelphurMartijnVdS: cool, I don't think there are many ISPs that support it yet here, which is a shame :(13:29
MartijnVdSAzelphur: anyway, if you want a tunnel, that's 1 package (radvd) and a bit of configuration in /etc/network/interfaces13:29
AzelphurI have an option to break contract with TalkTalk though13:29
Azelphurso, I /could/ switch to one that does support it13:30
MartijnVdSAzelphur: http://www.sixxs.net/faq/connectivity/?faq=native13:30
Azelphuryea I just noticed, I don't think any of those will do me really13:31
AzelphurI know A&A is ridiculously expensive13:31
MartijnVdSAzelphur: you could get a tunnel from sixxs, it's really just a few lines of /etc/network/interfaces -- and they generate them for you  :)13:32
AzelphurI'll probably look into that if I can't get an ISP that supports it13:32
AzelphurMartijnVdS: is that list likely to be complete?13:32
MartijnVdSAzelphur: unknown13:32
brobostigoni have used aiccu to do the config for me before.13:34
AzelphurA&A is ridiculously priced unless you want 50GB/mo, Bogons has no fibre, clarane---wait wtf13:35
Azelphur300mbit downstream?!?13:35
Azelphurclaranet seems cool for when I get rich ;)13:36
neuroAzelphur: i've complained to rev k a few times about their seemingly random pricing model for the non home::1 packages13:38
neurowould love to use a&a but 30 quid a month each for unlimited 80/20 from sky and bt is just too tempting to refuse13:38
neuroi can live with dynamic native ipv4 and tunnelled ipv613:39
neurofor now, at least13:39
Azelphurneuro: that's near enough my thinking, A&A want like £140+ for me13:39
Azelphurand that's if I skimp on the bandwidth13:39
neuroi'd be nearly 400 quid13:40
* Seeker` wishes he could get proepr ipv613:41
Azelphuryea I probably would be too, I skimped on the daytime net13:41
Azelphurclaranet certainly looks interesting, just prohibitively expensive13:41
Azelphurthey are about £5513:41
shaunoI haven't had any issues tunnelling.  it was bumpy a couple of years ago, but all happy now13:42
AzelphurLOL lets all get IDNet13:42
Azelphuronly £1094/mo13:42
neuroclara aren't really a consumer provider anymore13:42
MartijnVdSyou can come to .nl, we have XS4ALL ;)13:42
neurosmeg off, dutchy :)13:42
MartijnVdSalso, we have 100/100 fibre13:42
neuroAzelphur: have you ever quoted up metro ethernet off a&a for a laugh?13:43
neuro1Gbps symmetric13:43
neuro£18.3K install13:43
neuro£17.8K monthly13:43
brobostigonsmeg off, lol.13:43
neuroex VAT :)13:43
Azelphurneuro: http://helpforum.sky.com/t5/Broadband-Setup-Connection-WiFi/IPv6/m-p/579336/highlight/true#M2362313:45
Azelphurthis post seems to indicate sky supports ipv6 just no support at the DNS level?13:45
neuroand for additional lulz, i quoted up 1Gbps WEES between my folks and me13:45
neuro£5K install, £944/mo13:45
neurobasically lanex over fibre13:45
shaunoooh, my isp have finally updated their stance on ipv6.  last month they were still claiming they were on-track for a 2012 rollout.  they've finally changed it to 2014.13:46
Azelphurshauno: are you on sky?13:46
MartijnVdSshauno: oh wow.. several ISPs have been saying they'd be rolling out "this year" for the past 3 years :)13:46
shaunonah, chorus/upc Ireland13:46
neuroAzelphur: they're not saying ipv6 is delivered to CPE13:46
neurothey're saying they have v6 running in their core13:46
shaunoMartijnVdS: yeah, that I'm used to.  but I did find "last year" to be betterer :)13:47
Azelphurneuro: he says he can access ipv6 websites by entering the Ipv6 address?13:47
MartijnVdSthat would mean Sky break DNS13:47
MartijnVdSoh maybe teredo?13:47
neurothat'll be it13:48
neurobloody microsoft13:48
Azelphurneuro: I assume tunneling is basically proxy, which means slow13:48
neuronot really13:49
neuroi don't get max line speed, but i can push 10-15 Mbps at times13:49
neuroping speeds are identical13:49
neurosince i'm tunnelling via london, and all my egress traffic ends up going via london anyway13:49
neuromelbourne:~ neuro$ ping -c1 saopaulo | tail -113:50
neuroround-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 18.204/18.204/18.204/0.000 ms13:50
neuromelbourne:~ neuro$ ping6 -c1 saopaulo | tail -113:50
neuroround-trip min/avg/max/std-dev = 18.135/18.135/18.135/0.000 ms13:50
AzelphurI see, not too bad I suppose13:50
neurothat's from my macbook to a host in london13:51
MartijnVdSHome to "google.com": 64 bytes from we-in-x71.1e100.net: icmp_seq=1 ttl=55 time=8.92 ms13:51
MartijnVdSHome to bigv.io: 64 bytes from 2001:41c8:51:224:feff:ff:fe00:c9e: icmp_seq=1 ttl=55 time=18.6 ms13:52
neuroyeah but your country is like tiny13:52
MartijnVdSneuro: but we're further from the US than you are13:52
neuroi have to endure 6-8 ms light speed time plus broadband overheads13:52
neuroMartijnVdS: so? :)13:52
MartijnVdSneuro: what's a host in the US with IPv6, so we can compare? :)13:52
neurolet's looksee13:53
MartijnVdS64 bytes from cav6tf.org: icmp_seq=1 ttl=53 time=149 ms13:53
neurono way is that hosted in .ca.us13:53
neurohmm, seems it is13:54
neurolon>ny>chicago>denver>san jose13:54
neuromelbourne:~ neuro$ ping -c1 cav6tf.org | tail -113:55
neuroround-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 156.965/156.965/156.965/0.000 ms13:55
neuromelbourne:~ neuro$ ping6 -c1 cav6tf.org | tail -113:55
neuroround-trip min/avg/max/std-dev = 154.489/154.489/154.489/0.000 ms13:55
neuroseems ping speeds have dipped a bit in the last few years13:55
neuroi was used to seeing ~18013:55
MartijnVdSneuro: c increased13:55
neuroHAWKING!!! *shakes fist*13:55
neuroactually, what's your trace, since you seem to get faster pings than me13:56
MartijnVdSonce it exists my ISP, it goes to ams, lon, nyc, chi, den, sjc, fmt on he.net13:56
shaunomost likely, that's HE's largest footprint in cali13:57
neuroso how the hell ... oh right, your ping to he is lower than mine13:58
neuroi seem to be going a different route from you as well13:59
neuroi wonder what mci3 is13:59
neurosomething between il and co13:59
neuroit's IATA codes14:00
neuroMCI = Kansas City14:00
davmor2bigcalm: you like a bit of dubstep right how about mixing it up a little with classical violinism http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHjpOzsQ9YI14:00
neurowub wub wub wub wub14:00
MartijnVdSviolin + dubstep.. police sirens?14:00
AzelphurLindsey Stirling \o/14:01
neuroMartijnVdS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=th3autLpnMs14:01
davmor2Azelphur: you'll love these guys then http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5X8wA2pn9sbD765c-rmkMg14:02
MartijnVdSdavmor2: hint: they're not guys14:03
neurowhen is the drop?14:03
Azelphurdavmor2: at a glace, not particularly o.O14:03
davmor2MartijnVdS: Meh semantics I use the word guys to mean people :P14:03
davmor2Azelphur: listen to some of it :)14:04
AzelphurI did :)14:04
Azelphurdavmor2: nothing particularly wrong with it, just not amazingly interesting either14:05
Azelphur(mostly because I'm not really into that genre)14:05
davmor2Azelphur: which Genre they play most :D admittedly theirs is more chill14:07
Azelphuryea :)14:07
AzelphurI don't listen to a lot of chill music14:08
bigcalmDave2: oh, her14:08
bigcalmdavmor2: oh, her14:11
bigcalmdavmor2: the dubstep was too minimal14:11
Dave2HER INDEED14:12
dwatkinsI've been writing German too much today; I read Dave2's comment as "Herr Indeed" like "Mr. Indeed"14:38
Azelphurneuro: oO, I think I've found an answer14:41
neuroto what?14:41
Azelphurneuro: a decent internet connection with ipv6 at a sane price14:41
neuromove to amsterdam?14:41
Azelphurnah, entanet has a very good offering14:42
Azelphurneuro: I know an entanet partner so he'll give me it at no profit14:42
Azelphurand, they have ipv6 unlimited FTTC14:43
Azelphurall the things \o/14:43
Azelphurneuro: my dad xD14:43
neuroif you don't mind me asking14:43
neurohaha lol14:43
AzelphurI told him he should start selling that shit pronto14:43
Azelphurbecause everybody wants it.14:44
neuroif my dad was an entanet reseller, he'd have been my first port of call before looking anywhere else ;)14:44
AzelphurI think the majority of people in this channel would be happy paying £50/mo for unlimited no FUP IPv6 enabled 80/20 no?14:44
daftykinsmy router's capable of IPv6 yet my ISP is not ¬_¬14:44
directhexmy router's a BT homehub, no idea if it's v6-aware14:44
Azelphurneuro: yea, he was my first port of call, I was just shopping around while I waited for him to reply14:44
neurodirecthex: it's not, yet14:45
neurobt are planning to roll out v6 this year, allegedly14:45
directhexAzelphur, actually that's a lot, i pay a lot less for about the same thing (minus v6)14:45
Azelphurapparently talktalk have my line locked so I have to go get a neighbours number and get them to check that14:45
Azelphurbut assuming all is good, they will fit me a new line and give me a real good deal ;)14:45
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Azelphurdirecthex: that's inc line rental / vat14:45
Azelphur50/mo for everything14:45
neurofire your number into bt's infinity checker and see what happens14:45
directhexAzelphur, still a lot14:46
Azelphurneuro: apparently that's no good14:46
neuroeveryone doing fttc are just reselling openreach anyway14:46
Azelphurdirecthex: not really, isn't sky like 45 or something?14:46
directhexbt line rental is £15, and unlimited 76/16 infinity is £2614:46
Azelphurdirecthex: and then you're forced into a phone package, no?14:46
directhexsorry, 76/1914:46
neuroeveryone just says 80/20 ;)14:46
Azelphurneuro: yea xD14:47
neuroin reality i get about 65-70/15-1714:47
directhexi get 73/16, give or take14:47
daftykinsthat tends to be how any phone-line based service operates14:47
directhexAzelphur, that includes a call package (weekend calls)14:47
neuromax downstream sync i can get is about 85 according to the openreach engineer who did my bt and sky installs14:47
daftykinsGuernsey's VDSL2 services are 40/2 at the moment, my line syncs at 50/2014:47
Azelphurdirecthex: so that's £31 basically? not bad I guess14:47
neurodaftykins: that's the entry level bt product14:48
neuroerrr openreach product, i mean14:48
directhexAzelphur, £41, but yes, that's the baseline price. and bt definitely don't have a usage limit14:48
daftykinsyeah we don't have BT here.14:48
neuro40/2, then 40/20, then 80/20, then 300/something14:48
directhexAzelphur, i push about 10G a day14:48
Azelphuryea, so £9 more for ipv614:48
Azelphurand decent customer support14:48
AzelphurI think it's a good deal.14:48
* neuro is happy with what he has, unfortunately :)14:49
daftykinsonly 10GB :(14:49
Azelphurwell as I say I'll give it a try I think14:49
neurodon't fancy doing a v6 renumbering just yet14:49
neuroyeah absolutely14:49
AzelphurSky/BT are almost the same price, and IPv6 is starting to annoy me14:50
Azelphurand I don't like the idea of tunnelling14:50
directhexsky is a measurably more evil company than bt14:50
directhexgiven how evil bt is, this is impressive14:50
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ali1234(15:44:29) Azelphur: I think the majority of people in this channel would be happy paying £50/mo for unlimited no FUP IPv6 enabled 80/20 no?14:54
ali1234i would be much happier paying £10/month for 10/2 with a 50MB limit14:54
ali123450GB sorry :P14:54
neurobut 10/2 isn't a real product14:54
ali1234it's what i actually get though14:54
ali1234it's supposed to be 20/8 or something14:55
ali1234yeah, just14:55
neurowell there you go14:55
neurolowest fttc product is 40/2, and you're more likely to get close to line speed as cabs are more evenly distributed than exchanges14:55
neuroin urban areas anyway14:55
ali1234thing is i don't cae how fast it is14:55
ali1234i would like a bit more upload14:56
ali1234waiting hours for a 5 minute youtube video to upload is a bit annoying14:56
daftykinsthankfully our ISP doesn't do FUPs at all14:56
neurowell then, fttc is your only real option14:56
neuro40/20 can be gotten reasonably cheaply14:56
daftykinsi definitely want more upload than this 40/2 :(14:57
ali1234i have no use for "unlimited"14:57
neuroactually, sorry, i'm talking out my bum14:58
neuro40 meg packages are usually 40/2 or 40/1014:58
ali1234i would rather pay £5/month and have always on ISDN14:58
neuroBT Infinity 1, up to 38Mbps down, up to 9.5Mbps up, 40GB usage, £15/mo plus line rental14:58
ali1234the cheaper the better really14:58
neuroare you mental?14:58
neuroi don't even think any ISPs offer that as a product any more14:59
ali1234in a way, they all do15:00
ali1234if you divide the FUP by 1 month15:00
ali1234you usually get a lot less than that15:00
neuroyeah but there's a difference between a throttle and a cap15:01
neuroand /me points to ISPs who offer FUPless products15:01
ali1234yes. one is very poorly defined15:01
neurowhat do you mean by that?15:01
ali1234a bandwidth cap might be in the small print but more likely you won't know what it is until you hit it15:03
ali1234a throttle is known up front by both parties15:03
neurowhich is why any ISP tho caps worth their salt will have a control panel where you can see your usage15:03
neurosky and BT both do this, can't speak for others15:03
neuroand the cap has to be up front, not just in the small print; ofcom regs15:04
neuroand you'd be surprised how hard some make it to discover that you can get throttled15:04
ali1234so merely stipulating that the service is "unlimited* (*with fair usage policy)" is no longer allowed by ofcom?15:05
neuroi know a lot of people on virgin who knew nothing about their traffic management policies15:05
neuroi don't think ISPs do that any more15:05
ali1234right, they all have a download cap instead15:05
neurounlimited with FUP usually just means "hey, we'll throttle some stuff we know can be a hog, here's what we throttle"15:06
ali1234because it means they can still advertise based on unachievable speeds that will exceed your cap within 15 minutes15:06
neurowhich usually means "we throttle usenet and p2p"15:06
neuroi'm looking at BT's product list right now15:06
neurothey only offer "unlimited" products that are actually unlimited15:06
neuroall other products have stated caps in big fonts15:06
ali1234let me put it another way15:07
neurook :)15:07
slvr(BT used to have a ~300GB limit on their unlimited products, but that's not been around since 2011 iirc)15:08
ali1234i would rather have a dedicated ISDN line with no caps, throttling, or other hidden stuff, than 100/10 ADSL that only works when the wind blows the right way and only has enough cap to use it for 2 hours per month15:08
neuroat the risk of being pernickity15:08
neuro100/10 is impossible over ADSL15:08
ali1234doesn't matter, i don't want it anyway15:09
neuroInfinity et al are VDSL, and pretty stable15:09
daftykinschoice seems to have made available lots of crap products instead of lots of good competing ones, in England15:09
shaunoupc have an odd version of Unlimited™.  They made a big fuss about dropping the caps, and then sent me a letter to tell me I'd used way more than Unlimited™ allows for.  and that if I did it again, they'd bump me onto a higher plan - that still doesn't allow for what I'd used :/15:09
ali1234daftykins: that's the reality of the free market15:09
daftykinsshauno: :( was it even that much?15:09
ali1234it's always a race to the bottom15:09
daftykinsmy telco won't even implement products.15:10
daftykinsone size fits all =/15:10
daftykinsthey're actually actively phoning customers to try and move them to the VDSL2+ service (40/2) from the ADSL2+ (16/0.75)15:10
directhexali1234, you're campaigning against something that doesn't exist any more, plenty of products are both fast and uncapped, e.g. mine15:10
shaunoI'm not sure what 'that much' is anymore :/  it wasn't Azelphur-scale nets though.  less than 2TB/mo15:10
ali1234i always get this response of "oh, well *my* ISP isn't capped" and then 6 months later we hear that that ISP has, in fact, had to introduce caps15:11
directhexali1234, and on 128k ISDN, maxed out, you can download 40GB in a month. which is bt's beginner level cap.15:11
shaunoit's all this darned fineprint.  mine told me they were dropping the caps, when all they did was tack a zero onto the end of it15:12
ali123440GB just happens to around what i download in a month15:12
neuroand if you're downloading so much that you blow your cap in 2 hours, just get an unlimited product15:12
directhexali1234, i download about 250GB a month15:12
shaunobut at the same time, they moved me to 150mbit line.  so adding a zero to the transit didn't go so far15:12
neuroif i had to sit and worry every month about how much i had downloaded or uploaded, i'd go mad15:13
neurowhich is partly why i use my mobile so little when i'm out and about15:13
neuroonce i'm on three all you can eat, i won't have to worry about that any more15:13
neuroit's peace of mind that i'm more interested in15:14
neuroand for 90 quid a month, i have peace of mind :)15:14
directhexYour allowance usage from 01 Aug to 06 Aug15:15
directhexYour allowance will reset on 01 Sep15:15
directhexYour usage for this month is 82.29 GB15:15
directhex 69.62 GB downloaded15:15
directhex 12.67 GB uploaded15:15
directhexHow does this compare15:15
directhexYour average monthly usage is15:15
directhex248.83 GB15:15
directhex You have an unlimited product and will never be charged for additional usage15:15
neuroooh, never thought to check mine this month15:15
neurosky tell me nothing, they just say "you have unlimited usage, don't worry about it" :)15:15
directhexbt still measure it. was surprised by how big the number is15:16
neuroYour average monthly usage is15:16
neuro1020.03 GB15:16
neuro61 down, 22 up so far this month15:16
neuroah, here it is15:17
neuroYour Broadband Usage15:17
neuroYou are a Sky Fibre Unlimited Pro customer.15:17
neuroThe package you are on is truly unlimited, so you needn't worry about usage allowances.15:17
daftykinsanyone ever been to much black tie stuff?15:26
Azelphurali1234: It's funny how long it takes to upload stuff without a decent connection15:26
daftykinsa friend of mine was asking what i thought of a dress but the more i ponder on it the more i think perhaps legs should be covered more in black tie 0o15:26
AzelphurI can do really cool stuff like taking an 8mp photo, uploads to dropbox, downloads to my PC, in seconds, gonna take a photo right now (note the timestamp) :P15:27
neurogo go gadget dropbox!15:27
Azelphurannnnnd done, it's on my PC.15:28
Azelphurapparently the little popup didn't come up, so it was up much earlier15:28
Azelphurwhere'd the little popup go? :<15:28
neuroit's had enough of your shenanigans15:28
daftykinsi used to be really anal about the methodology of my computer-based actions, like i wouldn't use something like that because uploading and downloading over the same connection rather than a local transfer seemed wasteful15:28
daftykinsof course i know how infinitely easier than cable fetching it is :D15:28
daftykinsi still cringe at multi-megabyte attachments on clients' email too15:29
daftykinsespecially when it's done with 'sensitive' financial info15:29
Azelphurif I take a photo it's usually because I want to share it, so uploading it on capture is logical imo :)15:29
daftykinsbecause NOBODY can intercept your email whizzing around15:29
neuroiCloud Photo Stream for the win15:30
daftykinsyeah it's just that going out to come back in part15:30
* neuro has just put a new 12 months contract on his bt broadband15:31
Azelphurmy broadband will have no contract15:32
neurobt sport :P15:32
neuroha, they've just called my landline to tell me it will be activated soon15:32
neuroand emailed me15:32
neuroew, silverlight :P15:35
davmor2neuro: yeap peoples way of dropping flash with encryption is to use silverlight with encryption instead even though it means it won't work on anything that isn't windows D'oh15:36
neurowell, mac15:36
davmor2neuro: I didn't think mac supported it, or is it just ios?15:37
neuroios, no; mac, yes15:38
davmor2neuro: ah there you go then.  So just linux and tablet/phone users that can't use it then D'oh15:39
neurocan't use what? :)15:39
neurobt sport has its own app15:39
davmor2neuro: silverlight15:39
neuroyeah but content providers use different methods to deliver to tablets15:39
neurosince flash isn't a guarantee, and silverlight is a non starter15:40
neurooh no15:43
neuromy visa card just screamed out in horror15:43
MartijnVdSneuro: $2250?15:44
neurona, $28515:44
neuroabout £185 quid15:44
neuro(he said redundantly)15:44
neurowow, when the app goes on sale in january to the public, it'll cost $499 for the whole collection15:51
neuroor individual issues for $3.9915:51
neuroerr, $4.9915:51
* dwatkins orders a Pebble watch at last16:24
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daftykinsanyone seen the case where ubiquity doesn't see any partitions on a disk where there are many?17:24
directhexdoes parted see them?17:27
daftykinsfdisk does17:30
directhexso MBR on BIOS17:30
daftykinsapparently he's got XP, 7, backtrack and something else17:31
directhexer, that's a pretty f...racked partition table17:31
davmor2daftykins: has he filled all four main partitions?17:32
directhexprimary after extended, which overlaps. urgh17:32
directhexamazed this works at all for anything17:32
daftykinsubiquity from 12.04.2 just shows the disk as empty :D17:32
daftykinsheh i wonder if 7's installer did that17:32
directhexi doubt it, windows has a pretty good idea of what an mbr table should look like17:33
directhexand it's not... THAT17:33
daftykinsmulti-boot is so masochistic at the best of times17:33
directhexif i were ubiquity i'd just throw an assert & crash17:33
directhexasser (is_not_batpoop_insane);17:33
directhexseriously though, this ain't valid on any planet. i'd be getting a second disk and trying my best to rescue it one partition at a time into something resembling reality17:34
daftykinsis it sda3 that's the wonky part? i'm not really used to seeing this many in these terms17:35
directhexdaftykins, so, MBR supports four sequentially numbered partitions - in linux terms, sdX1, sdX2, sdX3 and sdX417:44
daftykinsfour primary, yep?17:44
directhexit is important that the partititons not overlap, and their start/end points are sequential, i.e. the last sector of sdX2 must be before the first of sdX317:45
directhexyeah, "primary" - the term came about due to a method for going past the limit. one of your primary partitions can be a sort of mini partition container itself, termed "secondary" - it must be the last primary partition you use17:45
directhexi.e. if sdX2 is secondary, sdX3 and sdX4 cannot be used17:46
directhexthis is partly due to the overlapping partitions question, but also the sequential ordering question17:46
daftykinsso the max would be primary, primary, primary, extended --> logicals17:46
directhexwithin your secondary, partitions are sequentially ordered from sdX517:46
directhexyes, precisely17:46
daftykinsi didn't notice the numbering was so shot17:46
directhexsd sdX5 onwards are logical partitions17:47
daftykinssda2 ending on 312... then sda3 starting 132... how!?17:47
directhexnow, in your example, sda3 is a primary, whose start and endpoints are in the middle of sda2 - between sda6 and sda717:47
daftykinsi follow you now - thanks17:48
daftykinsi tried to convey this to the others looking at this guy's issue, they just went 'but a primary can't be after an extended, it'll be a logical!'17:49
daftykinshah, yes, in the sane world perhaps17:49
directhexit is, of course, impossible for a partition table to look like this, unless it's been exposed to a lot of crystal meth17:49
daftykinsi detect the potential for some nasty resizing apps17:49
directhexi can't begin to imagine how to unravel this without a second drive17:49
daftykinshopefully he's got no important data on any of the many OSs - HAHAHAHA unlikely :|17:50
ali1234none of those partitions actually over lap17:52
ali1234there is a primary *inside* the extended, but the space it covers is not assigned to any logical partition17:53
daftykinswould that be enough to break ubiquity though? seeing as it sees nothing17:53
ali1234it's a highly unusual layout, certainly out of spec17:54
Azelphurpopey: do you do full drive snapshots with rsnapshot? if so can you paste me your rsnapshot line with the excludes? :)17:54
ali1234if it works, it's by fluke17:54
directhex[18:32]<directhex> amazed this works at all for anything17:54
ali1234i'm not surprised it works in really brain dead OS that blindly follows what the partition table says without any sort of validation17:55
ali1234it's only crazy if you look at the big picture :)17:55
ali1234the simplest way to fix it btw is just to turn sda3 into a logical partition17:56
ali1234that might mess up windows though17:57
daftykinsyeah he might as well start from scratch17:59
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DJonesdaftykins: You're active in #u at the minute, have you had any unsolicited pm's asking you to join an irc network?19:03
daftykinsno sir19:03
DJonesThanks, just checking whether somebody is a serial spammer19:04
daftykins*nod* np :)19:04
daftykinsthose guys coming in for days talking about 'ready to DDoS' are kinda odd19:04
MartijnVdS"Distributed DOS? I thought we got rid of DOS ages ago!"19:07
MartijnVdS"Is that like MP/M is to CP/M?"19:07
MartijnVdStrolling the trolls++19:08
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* neuro just placed his xbox one preorder19:46
daftykinsbrave man19:48
MartijnVdSpoor man19:48
daftykinswoohoo just succeeded in helping a guy install AMD drivers atop 13.0419:48
daftykinsno goats were sacrificed during this ordeal19:48
MartijnVdSdaftykins: not on your end, maybe :P20:00
MartijnVdSHow do I get vim to *stop* re-indenting my line when I type > or }20:19
MartijnVdSit's not "set noai", "set nosmartindent", "set nocindent" or "filetype indent off"20:20
czajkowskiAlanBell: ping a ling you back ?20:32
mungbean_seahorse core dump when trying to import key :( fails at primary role20:47
mgdmMartijnVdS: I don't know, but when you find out, let me know20:48
mgdmMartijnVdS: I suspect an html syntax plugin20:56
AlanBellhi czajkowski21:31
AlanBellBloomberg just put up $80,000 http://www.indiegogo.com/individuals/4303733/campaigns which is interesting21:34
neuroshame it's barely made a dent21:35
AlanBellpocket change for them, and they will in all probability get it back in a couple of weeks, but I am very surprised they got internal permission to do that21:36
neurocurrently tracking $9m off the pace21:36
AlanBellyeah, I hope there is an uptick at the end that brings it above $11M or so making it the highest ever total21:37
AlanBellpart of the problem is that there is no real way to get backers to spend more and upgrade their pledge21:38
neurodon't think that's something to be proud of21:38
neuro"hey look, we raised over $11m ... and now it needs to be given back because we set our sights too high"21:38
neurooh, and i didn't realise indiegogo takes your money up front, unlike kickstarter21:39
neuroso even if it fails, indiegogo will make shedloads off the interest they're earning while they're holding on to eight and a half million dollars21:39
AlanBellerm, I presume it does21:39
diddledanit's been divisive - neuro is of the camp that says "duck it, it's never gonna work, shouldn't even have tried"21:40
neurothe idea of test driving a phone like this, F1 style, is brilliant21:41
neurothe campaign has just been run very very oddly21:41
diddledanI'm firmly in the opposite camp21:41
diddledanbetter to try than not imo21:42
AlanBellinterest on it would be in the region of $10,000 - but paypal will be making that21:42
AlanBellindiegogo won't take the money out of paypal, the fees to take it out and put it back in again would be large21:43
neurodiddledan: when you're asking for $32,000, fair enough if you make rookie crowdfunding mistakes21:43
neurodiddledan: when you're asking for $32,000,000, you need to run a very, very smart campaign21:43
neurothey should have spent the time with that stupid teaser on the front of ubuntu.com pimping the heck out of the phone, the campaign, answering questions, drumming up press interest, getting influential people vocal about it21:44
neuroinstead it was just like "tease, tease, tease, plonk there ya go. Oh, sorry, we forgot about that. Oh, we'll try this instead. Oh, did you ... no? Really? Oops"21:45
AlanBellimho they should have done a $10,000,000 crowdfunding element, plus taken pre-orders, plus done business sales, plus taken a loan to fund development and sold them when produced21:45
AlanBellcrowdfunding is not good for VAT registered organisations, buying a phone off-contract is not good for many people, buying a phone a year in advance of it existing is not good for many people21:46
directheximho they should have realised the nexus 4 is £24021:46
neurokinda defeats the spirit of the thing :)21:46
neurodirecthex: haha totally :)21:46
neurook, it's not a formula 1 of phones, but still ...21:47
directhexwho has £600 lying around to buy a fringe phone in potentiae?21:47
neuro$780 now21:48
AlanBelldirecthex: quite a lot more people than I would have thought21:48
directhexAlanBell, yes!21:48
AlanBellI am also wondering what I can sell to Bloomberg21:49
neuroi'm thinking my tax bill21:49
AlanBellmaybe I will just send Bloomberg an invoice, on the basis that I will do a project with them next year sometime, that will work21:51
diddledanI think what the arguments really seem to boil down to are those that have backed the campaign saying yey and those that found it too expensive for them saying "woe is me, it's terrible, done wrong, should be cheaper, be a hardware company now! make 3 phones at different price points! make it the formula0.5 of phones because formula 1 is too high end" etc.. etc.21:55
neurothen i must be the outlier, the grumpy old sage sat atop a windy hill, grumbling that this was an inevitable state of affairs, disappointing but saw it coming, what are you doing on my hill, bugger orf, get your own hill21:56
diddledanif it doesn't succeed I don't think that should be classed as failure because it was a bold step and one that needed doing to shake the market a bit. so what that it didn't raise 32million, if it hadn't been tried we wouldn't know that it doesn't work21:57
diddledanand I don't think a "better run campaign" would have generated any more "sales"21:58
AlanBellindeed, they have done very very well, and still are doing $100,000/day which is good money - if it was real cash sales of shipping product.22:01
neurobut my point is that $100K/day, while good under many other circumstances, is poor for a project that requires over $1m/day to succeed22:02
AzelphurAlanBell: what software do you use for your webcam stuff?22:16
diddledandon't you love knee-jerk reactions? bug 120077522:20
lubotu3bug 1200775 in apturl (Ubuntu) "apturl-gtk crashed with AttributeError in __init__(): 'InstallBackendAptdaemon' object has no attribute 'connect'" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120077522:20
AlanBellAzelphur: I hacked some stuff together to poke at the standard firmware22:28
AlanBellthere is a web service to tell it to go up/down/left/right and stop, and I have some python that tells it to start moving, then stop after a specific time, so I can get it to go a predictable distance22:29
AzelphurI see :)22:30
AzelphurAlanBell: you can have a peek at mine if you like, http://home.azelphur.com/ user/pass is anonymous :)22:31
daftykinsAzelphur: are you going to make XBMC auto-rate a film/TV ep based on your facial expressions throughout? ;)22:31
Azelphurspinny spinny22:34
Azelphurdaftykins: haha22:34
diddledanwtf did I do?!22:34
daftykinsi best patent that before the xbox one does it22:34
Azelphurdiddledan: span it around I guess? :P22:34
diddledanI pushed the H in the middle of the D-pad22:34
Azelphurthere's a more sensible angle22:34
Azelphurdiddledan: ah, H is calibrate, it spins around and finds the limits22:35
diddledannice monitor setup22:35
Azelphurthere's another one there22:35
diddledanI really need to reorganise my desktop setup22:36
diddledanneed to plop "teh beast" down on the floor to make room22:36
daftykinshah so many people call their computers that, shocking22:37
Azelphurdiddledan: when it's daytime I plan to set this up properly, will point it out the window22:37
AzelphurI'm right on the seafront here22:37
Azelphurso should make for fun :)22:37
diddledandaftykins: I refer to it's power-hungryness rather than it's capability :-p22:37
diddledanand noisyness22:38
shaunoheh, the 'beast' here is an old crt monitor I can't figure out how to get rid of22:38
diddledangod it's noisy22:38
diddledanstill, not as bad as my proliant server units from circa 199822:38
diddledanshauno: ebay22:38
shaunoI meant more on the scale that it weighs more than I do, and I don't have a car22:39
Azelphursomeones found my QR code22:39
daftykinswhere is it?22:40
Azelphurdaftykins: on the IP camera? :P22:40
daftykinsoh as in they're moving about, ok22:40
daftykinsi was gonna finally use that for a clients where they teach22:40
Azelphurtis just my wifi access, it's got NFC on it too22:40
daftykinsbut they decided they don't want 'students' using their tubes22:40
daftykinsyarr i remember when you made it :)22:41
Azelphurindeed :)22:41
Azelphurit's handy, I keep it on my desk.22:41
daftykinsi'd share with mates that come over more but i prefer not to have their dirty gearon my network ;)22:41
Azelphurdaftykins: haha, well I'm on Linux at the end of the day22:41
Azelphurnot much they can do22:41
daftykinsplus these days i find it ever challenging to keep friends attention rather than them be glancing at their phones every few minutes ¬_¬ terrible manners22:41
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AlanBellAzelphur: nice, slightly different to my firmware, and higher resolution23:04
Azelphuryea, the firmware is much nicer23:04
Azelphuralthough it seems to be suffering from the friendly DDoS effect atm and not responding23:04
Azelphurguess it's not up to much in the serving lots of people side of things23:04
AlanBelllooks like yours calls param.cgi or something23:05
Azelphuryea, it has a simple API, I messed around telling it to turn left and right using API calls23:06
AzelphurAlanBell: is it responding for you?23:06
AlanBellnot now23:06
AlanBellwhat mine lacks is a move to x,y call23:07
Azelphuryea mine doesn't have one either23:07
AlanBellor a move +40,-70 relative call23:07
AlanBellthere is just start moving, and stop23:07
Azelphuroh, mine has that23:08
Azelphurmine moves in steps, so you tell it, take a step left, take a step right23:08
AlanBelloh, nice23:08
Azelphurlets see if I can get this thing to talk to ustream :)23:09
diddledanI now have a semi-organised desk23:18
diddledanand no room by my feet :-p23:19
AzelphurAlanBell: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/Azelphur hahahaha, sort of works23:25
Azelphurin a *zoom*...now we'll wait for a bit, sort of way.23:25
Azelphurguess it wants a different frame rate :)23:26
Azelphurmaybe someone has an idea on how I might fix the above url ^ ?23:48
neurowhat's wrong with it?23:56
Azelphurneuro: look at the stopwatch, it's counting in seconds.23:56
Azelphur*zoom* stop...*zoom* stop... xD23:56
neurois your upstream screwed?23:57
Azelphurneuro: nope23:57
Azelphurneuro: and even if it was, why would it upload superfast, stop, superfast, stop.23:57
neuroi don't know what's happening with the upload, but the stream is buffer, catchup, buffer, catchup23:58
Azelphurtis only done 1000kbit/sec up, speedtest.net puts me at having 14 (while running the camera)23:58
neurono idea what you're using for streaming either23:58
Azelphurso, I have over 15x the required upload23:58
neuroso it's probably an ffmpeg problem :)23:59
Azelphurneuro: indeed, here's the ffmpeg stuff http://pastebin.com/rXsys95423:59
neuroholy crap23:59

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