jrwrenpython3.3 is a little faster than 2.700:40
rick_hyea, it's what they say. Which is nice because 3.0 was slloooooooow00:40
jrwrenbrousch: use pypy!00:41
rick_hman, I should have done a wc on that email.00:59
rick_hpeople, don't ask why things don't work with JS turned off...it's not a legit question any more00:59
jrwrenlol, i run  no script, I still don't ask those questions.01:03
rick_hdo you run noscript on all JS? The only legit use I can see is 3rd party JS01:03
jrwrenFF has 3rd party JS disabled by default now :)01:36
jrwreni run noscript on all JS01:36
jrwrenthen I enable site by site.01:36
jrwrenit doesn't take long to get a trusted profile of sites going01:36
jrwrenand if I don't trust a site, i don't enable JS01:37
jrwrenbonus: awesome ad blocker01:37
jrwreni never get some unwanted flash movie advertisement01:37
jrwreni never see the fortune.com ad, i just click enxt.01:37
jrwrenand I save bandwidth on all those pageloads. I never see the ads01:37
jrwrennoscript is a huge reason I still use firefox and am not chrome only01:38
snap-lrick_h: ping11:09
snap-lBookmarked http://www.businessinsider.com/tech-ceos-favorite-productivity-hacks-2013-8?op=111:10
snap-lBReadability shows this: https://bmark.us/bmark/readable/885acc8f0d929911:10
snap-lThere's some images missing11:10
snap-lnot a big deal, but wondering what happened. :)11:10
snap-lI should probably make an issue for this and post into #bookie instead.11:11
snap-l<- mea culpa11:11
snap-lMOved this to #bookie11:14
rick_hsnap-l: so it's probably the logic around picking the body content. Notice that the ones with missing images are missing any <p> or <div>11:42
rick_hthey're bullet lists11:42
rick_hmore list content than 'wordy' content11:42
rick_hsnap-l: bug like that is more about breadability and can be added as a bug there to try to improve the scoring/parsing of this type of content.11:43
snap-lFiled it there.11:48
rick_hthanks for finding a page we parse better than readability on lol11:49
rick_hI could spend a month just working on breadability11:49
snap-lMaybe that could be a sprint at some point? :)11:50
rick_hyea, I'm thinking of putting one together the 31st maybe11:51
rick_hI'm thinking of the test coverage one, but if anyone's interested in how readable parsing works I'd be happy to go through that.11:52
snap-lThat one is more interesting for me, honestly.11:52
rick_hI find it kind of interseting to see the scoring log info go by and try to figure out how it thinks11:52
snap-l(The readability piece)11:52
snap-lTesting is for chumps. :)11:52
rick_hsudo pip install breadability && breadability -bd "http://www.businessinsider.com/tech-ceos-favorite-productivity-hacks-2013-8?op=1"11:53
snap-l(actually, I'm getting the testing religion)11:53
snap-lThat's neat. :)11:55
snap-lNow how to work this into my workflow11:56
snap-lI may never need a bookmarking site again. ;)11:56
rick_hyea, with that flag it logs out each decision, how many points a node got, why it was being removed, etc.11:56
rick_hhah, instead ofa tmp file write it out as an email in your rss2inbox? Then have your bookmarks there as well11:56
rick_hif you want to tinker with this stuff can run you through it at CHC tonight11:57
rick_hit's a fun problem sometimes11:57
snap-lYeah, I might give it a look-see12:15
snap-lAlso: Packt is now part of the O'Reilly fold12:16
snap-l50% off Packt books12:16
snap-lwhich makes them about reasonable12:16
* snap-l picked up the LMMS book that he was eyeballing12:21
rick_horly? packt bought by oreilly?12:30
brouschSo next year we need to turn Sunday morning at PyOhio into gaming time. Get some Munchkin going.12:30
snap-lrick_h: I think they're just distributing the books12:44
snap-lbrousch: You're speaking my language. :)12:44
snap-lI brought Martian Dice just in case12:44
snap-land much like the other games I brought to PyOhio, it went back home unplayed12:45
brouschI think we'd need a dedicated time slot for it12:46
brouschSunday morning is obvious12:46
snap-lYeah, but that means I'd have to wake up. :)12:47
snap-lAnd waking up is hard to do12:47
brouschI'll bang on your door. I was up at 6AM12:49
snap-lWell that was fun13:06
snap-lNetworkon the desktop machine just went *poof*13:07
snap-lHaving all sorts of hardware fun this morning13:42
snap-lhoping it's not related to my video card13:42
rick_hsnap-l: hardware hates you man13:42
snap-lor rather hoping it is, and not that my motherboard is deciding it too hates me13:42
snap-lYeah, this is becoming apparent.13:43
brouschI hate hardware. I long for the day when I can own a disposable screen and keyboard and do it all in the cloud13:43
brouschIt is getting close13:43
jrwrenthat is silly13:44
jrwrenthat day is now.13:44
jrwrenthe problem is the screen is the most expensive part.13:44
snap-lbrousch: And not that good13:44
jrwrenI could do all my work on a BBB, but I need a KB and screen.13:44
jrwrenand guess what??? the issue to which you responded will still happen. network will still drop on your cloud terminal.13:45
brouschThen the day has not arrived yet13:45
snap-lbrousch: Then that day will never come13:45
snap-lBest find your rake and start digging in the sand because that's a more achievable goal13:45
brouschWhat is the goal of that?13:52
snap-lThere is no goal, just to find inner peace through repetition13:53
brouschChromebook is pretty close to my ideal13:54
brouschBut not everything is a webapp yet13:54
jrwrenyou want to be subject to google eh?14:10
snap-lPraise be to Google14:11
brouschjrwren: The concept of the Chromebook is pretty close to my ideal :P14:20
jrwrenzomg: http://geert.vanderkelen.org/mysql-connector-python-1-1-0a/14:45
jrwrenthe fact that prepared statements just got in is INSANE14:45
jrwrenI feel like this is 199614:45
snap-ljrwren: I'm not following why this is a big deal that they weren't implemented14:47
rick_hbecause prepared statements or bust says all the things for long long time14:49
rick_hit's like just now escaping data in templates by default14:49
snap-lDoes this person work directly for Oracle?14:52
snap-lI'm getting the impression this wasn't a high priority item14:52
snap-lHonestly haven't been following the MySQL end of things so any of this is news.14:55
rick_hBlazeix: background on your chrome twitter post?16:03
Blazeixrick_h: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=616570816:03
Blazeixand resulting www.theguardian.com/technology/2013/aug/07/google-chrome-password-security-flaw16:05
Blazeix"One security manager at a publishing company said: "The fact you can view the passwords means they are stored in reversible form which means that the dark coders out there will be writing a Trojan to steal that password store as we speak."16:05
Blazeixscary that someone called a 'security manager' would say that16:05
rick_hhuh?! wtf did they think chrome was doing to auto enter your passwords into a site?16:07
Blazeixthe amount of stupidity being displayed is staggering. the chrome security lead is commenting in that hn thread, and I feel sorry for him16:07
greg-gsee! identi.ca is still the best social network16:08
greg-gI posted to craigslist, twitter, and identi.ca asking for a ride to Tahoe on Friday16:08
greg-gguess where i got a positive response16:08
greg-g(a ride, that is)16:08
snap-lgreg-g: That's because people like you there. :)16:11
greg-gawww, I take that as a compliment instead of an underhanded poke (that people don't like me other places) ;)16:12
snap-lWell, it's both. :)16:15
snap-lYou're a celeb on identi.ca,16:16
snap-land on twitter there's a broader audience that can't necessarily help out16:16
snap-land Craigslist is where creepy hitchiker-devourers lurk16:16
rick_hBlazeix: this is nuts. "As people have pointed out, you can inspect the password via web inspector etc. This is another, serious security flaw and one that I think the HTML WG ought to look into."16:18
rick_hit's in the html!!!!! of course you can!!!16:19
Blazeixyeah, i was raging hard16:19
Blazeixcan't imagine what the chrome guys are doing16:19
rick_h"our users are stupid, remember when we were small and only tech-heads used us and filed useful bugs?"16:19
rick_hlol " I just checked what rquick said (Firefox 22 on Mac is Firefox->Preferences->Security->Saved Passwords-> Show Passwords) and there's all my passwords. Yikes!"16:23
rick_h"What Google has done is just bad practice. There is no legitimate reason for allowing all of a users' online passwords to be stored and retrieved in plain text."16:23
rick_hit's the freaking browser FEATURE that you have to OPT IN to!!!16:23
greg-guh oh16:24
* greg-g decides not to catch up on scrollback16:24
Blazeixi'm glad to have a rage-buddy like rick_h. i couldn't get anyone at work to rage with me. they would recognize the stupidity, but not rage :)16:28
rick_hwell, I mean...it's just *wrong* not even stupid16:29
rick_h"There is no legitimate reason for allowing all of a users' online  passwords to be stored and retrieved in plain text.16:29
rick_hthat is just a lie16:29
rick_hnot stupid16:29
Blazeixyeah, plus, it's not really stored in plain text. it's encrypted on disk16:30
rick_hand this article is so much FUD that it's edited up to correct for its lies16:31
Blazeixusing OS-level encryption facilities. so if someone steals your harddrive, they don't have your password16:31
rick_h"in 2010 firefox...oh right...still does the SAME THING"16:31
Blazeixmalware can steal it, but there's no protection against that16:31
Blazeixshort of not saving passwords16:31
rick_hright, just don't use the feature16:32
snap-lreminds me of the people who ut 15 locks on their front door, and then get wide-eyed when they realize every one of their windows is an entry-point16:58
snap-lAnd if you just realized this, I'm so sorry.16:59
greg-g"luckily" I live in a city where all accessible windows are gated up17:00
snap-lgreg-g: Didn't you realize you lived in a gated community? :)17:01
rick_hBlazeix: my sprint t-shirts just arrived and they're strangely applicable! http://uploads.mitechie.com/2013-gui-sprint.jpg17:03
greg-gI... don't ge tit17:07
greg-gs/ t/t /17:07
rick_hgreg-g: the shirt?17:08
rick_hgreg-g: so at the sprint one of the devs went talking about some project, and lack of test, but it was ok because it had a lot of users, and broken things were found pretty quick...and17:11
rick_hand basically I told him "sssh, I want to be friends..."17:11
rick_hand another guy broke out the phrase on the t-shirt and it because the theme :)17:11
Blazeixrick_h: haha, awesome!17:28
jrwrenFF lets you put a master passwrod on17:29
rick_hjrwren: as an option17:29
jrwrenso that the password are encrypted on disk and you enter a password when you start FF17:29
jrwrenyes, chrome doesn't have that option.17:29
rick_hjrwren: if the issue is "users are too stupid to realize wtf is going on"17:29
jrwrenso there is a sense that chrome does need a feature17:29
rick_hit's no different17:29
jrwreni can have a password on my chrome?17:29
rick_hexcept when it starts and you unlock it, you still walk away with your passwords exposed17:30
rick_hjrwren: yes, use lastpass17:30
rick_hcare about your passwords17:30
jrwrenholy shit, that is not even close to compariable. exiting this conversation.17:30
greg-gjrwren wasn't defending anything ,just saying "hey, why can't I put a master password on my Chrome password manager, like both Fx and Lastpass do?"17:31
rick_hgreg-g: because, as the chrome guys point out, it's a false sense of security17:31
rick_hgreg-g: it doesnt' change the passwords on disk, it doesn't change the feature to view them in the browser, it doesn't change the ability for someone to grab your computer and look17:32
rick_h"I've got my passwords protected...so long as I walk away from my computer, without FF open, and don't give them long enough to copy the encyrpted files off the disk..."17:32
greg-gso, I guess ya'll don't know about the user studies that have been done about this17:33
rick_hany other time...I'm just as fubar as every other browser that has the password saving feature17:33
greg-git isn't about 'encyrption omg nsa'17:33
greg-git's about "I don't want my mom to log into my facebook"17:33
rick_hfine, then don't let your mom log into your computer or account17:33
rick_hor don't save the password17:33
greg-ga master password does that17:33
greg-gthey're going to move to just a pin-code type thing soon, too, I believe17:34
rick_hwww.theguardian.com/technology/2013/aug/07/google-chrome-password-security-flaw is not about a pin code to prevent mom from your facebook account17:34
greg-gagain, don't bring it back to a flawed article that I'm not defending :)17:34
rick_hok, so this new topic without any baggage from earilier events. A master password is good for Johnny because he can lock his mom out of his facebook?17:35
greg-gbasically, but even that is too combersome for him (as the user studies showed), so users just leave it unsecure by default (chrome's default/only option), but given the user studies, Fx will provide a more simple way of saving/retrieving passwords using a pin17:36
rick_hok, so chrome should follow FF's lead of plans to make things safer for Jonny's facebook. Carry on FF17:37
Blazeixjrwren: chrome's passwords are encrypted on disk17:38
Blazeixi know that's your main point, but just fyi17:38
Blazeixer, s/that's/that's not/17:38
jrwrenencrypted with what key?17:40
Blazeixplatform specific, on windows http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa380261(v=vs.85).aspx17:41
Blazeixbasically just prevents the case where someone steals your laptop17:41
jrwrenoh lovely! I alwyas liked that MSFT api17:41
greg-gunless you don't have a password on your account and you just suspend, right?17:42
jrwreneven then they are encrypted on disk, IIRC17:42
jrwrenthe ms api accounts for that17:42
greg-gsure, but I could just open your laptop, open Chrome, and done17:42
greg-gso, how many of you ever seen non techies set a userpassword on their laptops?17:43
greg-geveryone I see has it autologin when they open their laptop lid17:43
rick_hheh, I make my wife use one :)17:43
greg-grick_h: I haven't yet convinced carrie :/17:43
rick_hbut that's what I mean? If you don't care about the reste of your computer, why do you care about the chrome passwords?17:44
greg-gespecially since she has her gmail always logged in... ugh17:44
rick_hthere's nothing worse in there?17:44
Blazeixif they can't be bothered to set a password on their laptop, won't they be too lazy set a master browser password?17:44
rick_hgreg-g: and what user, that auto logs in, will use a master passowrd on their browser?17:44
rick_hI guess I'd love to see that stufy17:44
greg-gjust saying, the "encrypted on disk" thing isn't really all that much better17:44
greg-gdidn't say that, ya'll are putting words in my mouth17:45
greg-gthose are two different use cases17:45
rick_hno, we're asking17:45
greg-g1) stupid users who don't use passwords, so "encrypted on disk" doesn't mean shit17:45
greg-g2) people who want to have security a little bit, please give them something17:45
greg-gthere's other ones as well, but those are the two easiest to understand17:45
brouschI want effortless "it just works when it's me" and "it doesn't work when it's not me"17:47
brouschmake it so17:47
greg-gisn't that the fingerprint reader idea? :)17:47
_stink_have it ask for a depraved joke17:48
_stink_that's the brousch test17:48
Blazeixfor (1), they're hosed no matter what, there isn't a solution17:48
greg-gBlazeix: yep, which was only the point I was making :)17:48
Blazeixbut "encrypted on disk" helps out those who have an account password17:49
Blazeixwhich i guess you're arguing is a minority, except maybe in a business setting17:49
greg-gright, so that's use case (3), which, I suppose, might be more common than 2 (masterpassword wanters) but no idea relatie to 117:49
greg-gyeah, business setting you'r eprobably right17:50
rick_hhmm, so amazon sent me a box of things I never ordered18:35
rick_hno receipt, box is in my name18:35
rick_hhmm, not really a "So amazon sent you extra crap" box in the help here18:38
brouschSomeone in the amazon Warehouse loves you18:44
rick_hgeeze, over $500 worth of stuff :/18:44
greg-ganything good?18:44
rick_honly good thing is a JBL Charge18:44
rick_hthen three targus usb3 -> desktop workstation devices18:45
rick_hamazon, I've love to give you back your stuff...but I can only do 'select returns from your orders' and since I didn't order it...can't submit it18:46
rick_hah, joy. To the help forums we go.18:50
jrwrengreg-g: where does carrie hang out? I'd like to steal her laptop :)18:53
greg-gjrwren: it is currently in a cabin in Tahoe ;)18:54
brouschSounds like the plot of a short story18:58
snap-lrick_h: Sheesh, they could have sent you better stuff19:12
snap-lI mean the speaker is cool, but the desktop workstations are pretty meh19:13
brouschHitting fail in my python3.3 django project. No py3 for django-debug-toolbar and django-windows-tools19:32
brouschI should see if Pyramid is any better19:35
snap-lYes, you should19:36
brouschI have a lot bigger learning curve with it, though. I have to look up things like how to start a project19:37
brouschPyramid setup was nicer than I remembered. I also remember being overwhelmed by all of the files and dirs pcreate sets up, but now I see it's just stuff you end up manually creating in Django later20:28
brouschFor an unopinionated framework, Pyramid sure includes a lot of different templates20:39
brouschOh no! There's zope in my pip freeze!20:40

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