CyberTailsHey, anyone on?02:06
CyberTailsDo you guys need me to bring my external CD Burner with me for the installfest this weekend at FOSSCon?02:09
TheLordOfTimei wish i could get to FOSSCon02:11
TheLordOfTimeE: No Money02:11
TheLordOfTimeso i can't get there :/02:11
TheLordOfTimeand I'd bring a few LiveUSBs and LiveCDs to help with the installfest :/02:12
CyberTailsNo Fare Money or no ticket money?02:13
TheLordOfTimeno money period02:13
CyberTailsOh, for Tickets, there IS a free option]02:13
TheLordOfTimecan't get money for a train to Philadelphia from here...02:13
CyberTailsas for fares, I can't help you there02:13
TheLordOfTimecan't get money for gas to drive there...02:13
TheLordOfTimecan't get money for a hotel...02:13
TheLordOfTimeso i'm stuck at "THIS SUCKS!"02:13
CyberTailsI'm sorry then02:14
TheLordOfTimeoh, and can't get toll for the turnpike either02:14
TheLordOfTimetoll money*02:14
* TheLordOfTime is in Pittsburgh, so a trip to Philly is not *hard* if he had money02:14
pleia2CyberTails: jedijf is the one to talk to about about the external cd burner02:25
pleia2(or you can ask on the mailing list, he'll reply there too :))02:26
pleia2(ah, you found #fosscon)02:27
CyberTailsyeah, I do02:28
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JonathanDhi rmg5109:39
rmg51JonathanD: stop that!10:05
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys and everything else12:11
jedijfWould you guys be able to assist me on installing MS Office/Windows on IBM Thinkpad T60 laptop which already operates on Ubuntu 12.04 OS?12:43
jedijfMany thanks.12:43
jedijfPS - I'm already registered and looking forward to the event.12:43
jedijffrom the forums ^^^12:43
jedijfin the spirit of Ubuntu, I guess YES12:43
KyleYankanJust tell them, to use etherpad.12:43
InHisNamePut in VirtualBox and install it there, jedijf13:26
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scottrigbysup everyone13:52
scottrigbywhy not use libreoffice13:53
jedijfInHisName: i was going to offer that first ;)14:10
JonathanDrmg51: hey14:31
JonathanDrmg51: whats the plan for sfd14:34
rmg51show up before noon14:57
rmg51give talk14:58
rmg51I haven't heard from Don again14:59
jedijfJonathanD: ^^^15:07
JonathanDrmg51: hah, ok :)15:16
rmg51we can talk more about it on Sat.15:17
dedihey- im having trouble logging in as root in my terminal! anyhelp?16:18
scottrigbyo i didn't know you can't su root by default in ubuntu :p https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo16:21
KyleYankanscottrigby: sudo -i16:22
KyleYankanShould work.16:22
scottrigbyKyleYankan: so the thing dedi wants to do is create mysql databases16:22
KyleYankancreate them? Can't he just log in via mysql?16:23
KyleYankanYou don't need sudo for that, do you?16:23
dediERROR 1044 (42000): Access denied for user ''@'localhost' to database 'xyz'16:23
scottrigbyKyleYankan: that's what threw me. He can login to mysql16:23
dedithis is what i get when i log into mysql16:24
scottrigby^ and try to create a DB16:24
KyleYankanYou're not putting a username in :-P16:24
KyleYankanDid you set a MySQL Username/password?16:24
TheLordOfTimebetter question: do you have a username/password for it?  Unless you soet it up in which case root...16:41
TheLordOfTimededi:  ^16:41
TheLordOfTimededi:  read up, KyleYankan makes a good point :)16:42
TheLordOfTimeKyleYankan:  if he has no login for mysql though it won't help16:42
TheLordOfTime(needs to have a login, whether it's root or something else)16:42
KyleYankanI'm talking to him via pm TheLordOfTime16:42
TheLordOfTimeKyleYankan:  ah okay :016:42
TheLordOfTimeKyleYankan:  kinda helps to know it went to PM :P16:42
* TheLordOfTime goes back to poking nginx and fixing a Critical priority bug on it16:43
KyleYankanSorry :-)16:43
KyleYankanDidn't mean to sound rude/terse16:43
TheLordOfTimeno problem :)16:43
* TheLordOfTime yawns16:43
TheLordOfTime... i need coffee16:43
KyleYankan2 please.16:43
dediyeah, still pretty much back to the same part, i remember setting up a user name and password during installing lamp, but the terminal doesn't seem to recognize16:44
dedii think i need to reset a username/password16:44
TheLordOfTimededi:  did you specify it with the mysql command?16:45
TheLordOfTimebecause if it's unspecified it might not pass a username to the connection string16:45
* TheLordOfTime yawns... okay, seriously, coffee time16:45
dedigot it now16:47
scottrigbyyay ^_^16:47
dedipluses for everyone16:47
TheLordOfTimeuniverse-- actually16:47
TheLordOfTimebecause reasons16:48
KyleYankannice, nice.16:48
KyleYankanIn the begining the universe was created.16:48
scottrigbyyeah it was `mysql -u root -p` and he could get in as root and make a db. Now dedi should be able to grant his user permissions to do so right?16:48
scottrigbyTheLordOfTime: haha indeed. I wouldn't blame universe for fuckedupness on this planet, but … maybe who knows16:49
KyleYankandedi ^16:49
TheLordOfTimescottrigby:  mhm16:50
TheLordOfTimeonce he gets in as root user he can create other users with DB-specific permissions16:50
TheLordOfTimebut yeah `-u USER` is a wonderfully useful argument that is kinda needed :P16:50
scottrigbyTheLordOfTime: since it's his laptop, no harm in adding his user `dedi` to an admin group right?16:51
scottrigbyso he doesn't have to log into mysql as root every time?16:52
TheLordOfTimescottrigby:  it's not internet facing, right?  That is to say, his laptop's mysql and http ports are locked to the outside, right?17:07
TheLordOfTimescottrigby:  as long as you're talking about creating a MySQL user for him ithere's no harm17:08
TheLordOfTimehis laptop user should laready be admin with sudo17:08
scottrigbyTheLordOfTime: it will not be internet facing no. but not sure the status of his ports. dedi just ran to get food but i can ask him to check ports when he gets back17:12
TheLordOfTimeyeah it wouldn't hurt to throw basic iptables rules on his system17:16
scottrigbyAnyone have a preferred method for creating virtual hosts in Lubuntu?17:34
scottrigbyother than adding to /etc/apache2/sites-available, enabling with sudo a2ensite, and restarting apache?17:37
TheLordOfTimescottrigby:  by not using apache in the first place :P19:52
TheLordOfTimescottrigby:  you have to do a2ensite and create a sites-available file though19:52
TheLordOfTimeand either restart or reload the configs19:52
* TheLordOfTime shrugs19:53
jedijfnginx commercial19:53
TheLordOfTimei never said ANYTHING about nginx :P20:02
TheLordOfTimeBUT SINCE YOU MENTIONED IT, jedijf... :p20:02
TheLordOfTimenginx > apache for most use cases20:02
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TheLordOfTimejedijf:  who all will be running the installfest at FOSSCON?20:48
jedijfrich0, dwfreed, rmg, teddy-d-bear, anyone else who wants to help20:52
jedijfFedora is sending a team20:52
jedijfTheLordOfTime: ^^^20:52
TheLordOfTimejedijf:  wish I were at FOSSCON then I'd be around with the Ubuntu people... :/20:53
TheLordOfTimeproblem is i can't get there :/20:53
jedijfTheLordOfTime: next year - always around this time - try to plan20:53
TheLordOfTimejedijf:  it's not an issue of planning.20:53
jedijfstart walking early20:53
TheLordOfTimemy schedule's wide open20:53
TheLordOfTimeit's an issue of money.20:53
* TheLordOfTime has none to spare :/20:53
jedijfstart saving now for next year20:54
jedijfthe good thing is the event is free20:54
JonathanDAnd the event is free because I never want our cost to be the reason someone can't go. I can't do anything about hotels, though.20:55
jedijfyou heard it here20:55
JonathanDmaybe we can open a fosstel20:55
jedijfif we use the same location they can camp in Love park with the other campers20:55
jedijfjust don't skateboard20:56
jedijfbathe in the fountain20:56
jedijfyou can ^^20:56
jedijfwe'll always do a continental breakfast because I never want hunger to be areason not to attend :)20:56
* TheLordOfTime shrugs21:00
TheLordOfTimei was on vacation last week hence no *free* money21:00
TheLordOfTimevacations are expensive21:00
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