inetprogood morning06:10
mazalmorning inetpro 06:17
inetprohi mazal06:19
Kiloshi inetpro mazal and others06:23
Kiloslo Squirm nuvolari 06:25
mazalMore oom06:27
mazalKilos, my woes got even worse last night :-(06:27
inetprogoeie more oom Kilos06:28
SuperhumanHey guys06:35
SuperhumanI'm losing access to the quassel core I'm using atm (within the next 24 hours). What IRC clients do you guys use?06:36
inetproSuperhuman: quassel06:46
inetproSuperhuman: are you changing jobs?06:46
Superhumanmorning guys07:00
Kiloshiya maiatoday 07:14
Kilosmorning Superhuman 07:25
Superhumanmorning Kilos 07:26
* Superhuman doesn't have a quassel core connection anymore, so now I'm back on XChat...07:26
Kilosxchat is lekker07:26
Kilosand i preferred konversation to quassel07:27
SuperhumanI really do prefer quassel, I only setup IRC connection once, and connect all my devices through that core. And I have LOADS of logs to look at if I jump into a conversation.07:28
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 08:16
psyatwhi Kilos08:17
psyatwhi ThatGraemeGuy08:17
Kiloshi psyatw 08:17
Kilosi dunno if you greeted earlier. pc hung and lost drive. had to boot from maverick and run fsck -f08:18
psyatwKilos, does that keep happening?08:20
psyatwwouldn´t you want to copy your data off that drive onto another drive just to be safe?08:20
Kilosya something bad wrong with this drive but disk utility says its healthy08:20
Kilosyeah im doing that now08:21
Kilosmade a /styorage partition on it with gparted from maverick and just gotta sort permissions08:22
mazalKilos, I booted that external of mine at home last night , broken as well. Looks like just booting at work broke it for my home pc as well :-(08:24
Kilosfsck it mazal 08:25
Kilossudo fsck -f device08:25
mazalWon't help08:25
mazalIt had the same problem as here. Unity don't start. No launcher or system bars08:25
Kilosits because you fiddled with graphics08:26
mazalFortunately I have those paranoid backups and imaging procedures. Loaded back my redo image of Sunday and it was fine again 08:27
mazalI didn't fiddle with anything , it broke itself. I just booted it here , checked what driver was in use , and shut it down. Didn't change anything08:28
SilverCodedoes anyone have any idea where the $TZ environment variable is set in Kubuntu09:23
tumbleweedit usually isn't09:30
charlgood afternoon all10:01
Kiloslo charl10:15
charlhi Kilos 10:52
charlhow's it going10:52
Kilosgood ty and you charl?10:56
magespawnafternoon all10:58
Kiloshi magespawn 11:00
Kilosdoes gufw stop hackers from getting onto your pc?11:01
magespawnwhat is gufw?11:03
Kilosgraphic firewall11:03
Kilosthe gui of ufw11:04
KilosMaaz, define ufw11:04
MaazKilos: I don't know about ufw. Maybe you meant vfw, ufa, ufo, uw, wfw or ufs?11:04
magespawnahh that is the idea of a firewall, there are ways past them but it takes some work11:04
Kilosufw is the built in firewall11:04
Kilosanother thing if you use sudo passwd to change a password is it only effective after rebooting11:07
magespawnfirewalls control what traffic goes where11:07
magespawnthink of a firewall as a security barrier between your pc and the internet11:07
magespawnbit like a trellidor11:08
Kilosya this one can block incoming and allow outgoing but i didnt know if that stops hackers as well11:08
Kilosif its closed ya11:08
magespawnthe hackers use the incoming traffic that is how they would have the computer run programs11:08
magespawnnow you see, the fire wall on its own will do nothing it has to be properly configured11:09
magespawna lot of firewalls come with default setups that are generally okay11:09
Kilosi left it to block incoming11:09
magespawnyou could always ask somebody to test from the outside if you trust them11:10
magespawnthat is also the point of getting a cloak11:11
magespawnmakes you harder to find11:11
magespawnfor eg ping this
KilosMaaz, ping
MaazKilos: 5 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 4007ms11:13
magespawnokay now that is my router address but i have set it to drop/ignore pings11:14
magespawnalso makes it harder to find11:15
magespawnbrb restart11:26
magespawni just drove one of these http://www.jaguar.com/za/en/allnewxj/11:36
magespawnhow the other half live, came back down to earth with a bump, had to get into my golf afterwards11:39
Kilosbut you havent got the debt they have11:40
magespawnmaybe the guy payed cash, he seemed quite relaxed to let me drive it11:41
Kiloslol never11:41
magespawndoes not usually cover complete strangers11:42
magespawnso maybe he was a politician or something11:43
Kilosyeah they make stacks but still steal more11:43
magespawnyup they all play with other peoples money11:43
Kiloswonder if that new guy will come back11:44
magespawnhe? seemed quite keen11:46
Kilosbut young i think11:46
magespawnthat is all relative11:51
magespawnlooks like i have to restart again12:05
magespawnhey Kilos12:14
magespawnja this machine has not been online for some time12:14
Kilosupgrade reboots?12:15
Kiloshey try aptitude upgrade and see the extras that apt-get doesnt do12:15
Kilosapt-get dont do the linux stuff12:16
magespawni have it set to do automatic updates12:16
Kilosi kill those because they always wanna upgrade when data min12:18
magespawnuncapped adsl12:18
charlKilos: i'm good thanks12:19
charlsorry for slow response, went home and had lunch in the meantime :)12:19
Kilosonly slow12:19
Kilosput it down to work pressure12:20
Kiloscool charl 12:26
Kiloseating is good12:26
magespawnlooking into rooting my htc flyer13:15
magespawnwhat kind of website does not allow numbers or special characters13:32
Kiloswhat you doing13:36
charlhi magespawn 13:39
magespawnhi charl13:53
magespawnlooking into rooting the htc flyer13:53
Kilosreboot time14:03
charlwb Kilos 14:30
Kilosty charl 14:33
Kilosnearly hometime for non sysadmin guys14:33
charlheh i'm already home :) took the afternoon off14:35
charli actually just had a repairman at my apartment becuase the rain pipe on my balcony broke14:35
charlit's fixed now14:36
Kiloshow can a rain pipe break?14:36
charlthe fittings that keep it fixed to the wall broke off14:37
charlwe had a huge storm a week ago14:37
charlthe pipe itself is fine14:37
Kiloson their own or with a little help?14:37
Kilosor gutter full of leaves14:37
charlit's on a separate balcony that is on the third floor14:38
charlnobody can come to it except through my apartment and i had no guests over14:38
charlso it must have broke on its own14:38
charlthe wind was insane14:38
charlno idea about leaves but i don't think that had anything to do with it because the fittings are outside the physical pipe14:38
charlso even if the pipe was blocked they shouldn't have broken14:39
Kilosweight normally14:39
charlwho knows but the pipe is defnitely not blocked14:39
Kilosweird that brackets break off on their own14:39
charlthe pipe was rather light when i tied it back into place as a temporary measure14:39
charlwith a piece of string lol14:39
charlno idea14:39
charlmaybe they were old, i think this building was built in the 60s14:40
charlbut i have no idea about the durability14:40
charlit's looking beautiful now though after the repairman put new fittings on14:40
* Kilos wonders how our fly is15:14
magespawnhe is away Kilos15:25
Kilosoh away not ill15:25
magespawni think he said he was sick, last night sometime, maybe that is the reason why he is away15:28
magespawnlol @ nlsthzn15:28
Kilosya man thats why i wonder how he is15:28
magespawnlater all home time15:54
Kiloshi superfly how are you?16:46
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:19
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