hadifarnoudI can't ping gateway usr13. nor can I ping any other ip like
usr13hadifarnoud: You'll just have to re-read and check your work.00:01
usr13hadifarnoud: (If you can't ping the gateway, you certainly won't go any further.)00:01
hadifarnoudusr13: let me know if you need any of those conf files. I do connect to it. after that it must be iptables job. right?00:01
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=== rew1red is now known as rew1red|away
Sk1Specialworking now.. idk. done playing for today.. tommorow will be the startup hang time , and desktop cube.00:03
daftykinsSk1Special: ;)00:03
daftykinsSk1Special: enjoy!00:03
Sk1Specialt/y for all the help daftykins , and wilee and whoever else :]00:03
daftykinsnp mate00:03
daftykinsglad to.00:03
hadifarnoudusr13: when I do iptables -L |grep  I see nothing. weird?00:07
hadifarnoudI think my server does have ufw enabled. if that makes any difference usr1300:08
daftykinshadifarnoud: it won't break networking. can you ping your own IP? does 'route -n' show a default gateway?00:09
hadifarnouddaftykins: from my laptop or on server?00:09
daftykinswhichever system couldn't ping the gateway IP00:10
hadifarnoudno I can't ping gateway from my laptop00:10
hadifarnoudI setup L2TP vpn on my server00:10
hadifarnoudit connects but no internet00:10
daftykinshadifarnoud: ok i gotta go, sorry00:12
McDeffice<trism> McDeffice: what are you doing when you get that message? with <trism> McDeffice: sudo apt-get build-dep kvirc; is the command00:14
nisiodoes anybody know how to change the prioity of elements in the desktop enviroment selector at login00:14
trismMcDeffice: yeah you need the source repositories enabled for that command00:14
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McDefficetrism -> is fixed, i have remove APT::Default-Release "stable"; in /etc/apt/apt.conf00:17
=== michi__ is now known as michi
trismMcDeffice: strange00:23
=== michi is now known as Guest35414
McDefficetrism -> sudo apt-get build-dep is now done. now i run make clean, make,make install for try00:26
trismMcDeffice: hope it goes well00:29
ubuntivity"This channel is logged", what exactly does that mean?00:29
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too.00:29
Wulframnubuntivity: the channel is logged and a copy is stored for public reference.00:30
ubuntivityThanks Pici, but why that factoid is entitled 1984?!00:30
Piciubuntivity: for giggles. (its an alias to !logs)00:31
ubuntivityI know this might be stupid, But what is special about 1984?00:31
Piciubuntivity: Its a book. By George Orwell.00:32
ubuntivityAhh.. A tech book I assume?00:32
Wulframnubuntivity: it's a book concerned with government control, life in a police state in which everything is known about everyone.00:32
saschagehlichhey, where do i get the source for this kernel build? http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.10.5-saucy/00:32
McDefficetrism -> i have same problem QSound : No such file or directory .  so in make i have see " #warning QFtp doesn't exists anymore in Qt5, port this class or drop it [-Wcpp]" etc in tk i need qt400:32
ubuntivityWow that's a nice paranoid fact. Thanks Wulframn00:33
Wulframnubuntivity: It would behoove you to read it. Especially considering all the current events going on. =P00:33
derrikis that really paranoid fact after snowden?00:33
ubuntivityWulframn: I'd prefer to watch a movie of it, if possible!00:34
Wulframnubuntivity: No. Read the book. It is better for you and the book is much, much better.00:34
ubuntivityderrik: paranoia=being safe, that's my definition. I'M PARANOID :)00:34
derrikgratz :)00:34
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ubuntivityWulframn: I'll try to, probably if I get a plain text copy of it and 'less' it in my console! :P00:35
trismMcDeffice: do you have libqt4-dev? that is where QSound seems to be, though looking at the kvirc package it should have pulled that in with build-dep00:36
trismMcDeffice: which ubuntu version is this?00:36
saschagehlichhey, where do i get the source for this kernel build? http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.10.5-saucy/00:37
* ubuntivity didn't run this instance inside tmux, so he'll have to leave in order to check an ongoing download :/00:37
* ubuntivity uses weechat btw00:38
derrikany good linux books?00:38
derrikor video tutorials00:38
derrikintermediate / advanced level00:39
trismsaschagehlich: should just be the vanilla upstream kernel for 3.10.5 I think, from kernel.org00:39
rreedderrik, eli the computer guy has some really good videos up; http://www.youtube.com/user/elithecomputerguy00:39
derriki watched his linux videos already00:40
derrikthey were nice indeed00:40
saschagehlichtrism, k, thx - so i could just fetch the linux source from github, apply the 3 patches and compile it?00:40
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trismsaschagehlich: if you want a patched upstream kernel, sure00:41
McDefficetrism -> Description:    Ubuntu 13.04 raring, libqt4-dev already installed. I think build-depinstall for kvirc stable in depot. and me i try compiling the source from svn (last version from kvirc website)00:41
derrikid like to learn more about how to troubleshoot in general, installing and removing drivers/modules etc.00:42
derrikany good books about those things?00:43
syntroPiOMG the new FireFox 23 actually does subpixel rendering order correctly: AWESOME   (this is first FF which ever does that)00:46
trismMcDeffice: hmm, when I just ran cmake it detected qt5 instead of 4, maybe you have 5 installed as well? I notice QSound is also in qtmultimedia5-dev, but I'm not that far in the build yet00:48
McDefficetrism -> the package qtmultimedia5-dev is not installed on my box. in process00:50
McDefficetrism -> qtmultimedia5-dev installed. same error with make installe (without make clean ; make)00:51
czarzhanjoin #drupal-florida00:53
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WulframnFlorida is too damned hot.00:55
Shadowandlighthow can i shrink down the size of my ubuntu HD?  I have a 50gig harddrive setup in Oracle VM but I am only using 11.8g... I would like to reduce the partition size to 20gb instead of 5000:55
jribShadowandlight: isn't the hard drive dynamic (i.e. I think it doesn't take up 50GB unless you are using 50GB)00:57
McDefficetrism -> in CMakeLists.txt file i have one line with : option(WANT_QT4 "Whether to prefer Qt4 over Qt5" OFF) <== replace OFF to ON ?00:57
Shadowandlightumm its showing total availible total 50gb / availible 35.1gb00:57
Shadowandlightthe reason i want to shrink it down is i want to upload this server to a VPS host00:57
Shadowandlightand they charge based on HD size etc00:58
trismMcDeffice: yeah you might want to force qt401:00
McDefficetrism -> edit file, after make clean, make, make install. or i need type an command for clean the cmake ?01:01
trollworkHowdy, need some help with postfix.  Someone here didn't like the postfix log files, so they symlinked them to /dev/null in /var/log/mail.err & .log.  I've since deleted those symlinks, but the files are not repopulating.01:04
trollworkhow can I turn this back on?01:04
zeronezeronecan anybody please point in in the right direction to finding information regarding what my desired network topology would be in my particular situation (wanting to cluster 3 local ubuntu linux servers, using one as the storage device/reverse proxy, likely)01:08
trollworkzeronezerone, what do you mean?01:09
zeronezeronewell i am looking for maybe some further reading or a channel with people experienced in maybe clustering or networking ubuntu servers01:09
trollworkzeronezerone, that's still pretty vague I'm afraid01:09
trollworkessentially it's no more than a nicely worded "How to network in ubuntu"01:10
trollworkIs this a local network in your home?01:10
trollworkif so your topology should be "plug them into your switch"01:10
zeronezeronewell i want wondering things such as desired software for my situation and if cross over wiring is at all neccesary01:10
trollworkonce again depends on what you're doing precisely01:11
zeronezeronewell if you are okay with me elaborating i will do so01:11
zeronezeronei have three machines01:11
nevyncross over wiring should never be nessicary any more.01:11
nevyntrancerviers should be smart enough on even the cheapest network cards to just sort that out for you01:12
trollworkzeronezerone, you have 3 machines01:13
trismMcDeffice: think I figured it out, in your shell: export QT_SELECT=qt4; then rerun cmake with -DWANT_QT4=ON01:13
zeronezeronei would like to use one to do all the storage. and because this is on a NAT i figured that i could have the other two machines load balance requests pulling information such as website data from the central machine01:13
zeronezeroneiscsi vs nfs01:13
zeronezeronein this particular situation, would NFS suffice or is ISCSI just as suitable in this situation01:14
trismMcDeffice: don't know if that will compile any better for you, but it at least seems to force qt4 over qt501:14
* alfacard is backkk01:15
alfacardhycarus hycarus hycarus hycarus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!01:15
alfacardmmercer mmercer mmercer mmercer mmercer mmercer mmercer mmercer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!01:16
alfacardubuntivity ubuntivity ubuntivity ubuntivity ubuntivity ubuntivity ubuntivity ubuntivity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!01:17
ubuntivityaflacard ???01:17
McDefficetrism -> now i have this error : The use of Qt4 has been forced, but no Qt4 found on the system. wich package i need for install qt4 ?01:18
ubuntivityis there a guy here names "alfacard"?01:18
trismMcDeffice: what do you get when you run: qmake -qt=qt4; in the terminal?01:18
trismMcDeffice: did you export the QT_SELECT=qt4 variable first?01:19
trismMcDeffice: err should add a -v after that qmake command01:19
dmarquesI've managed to wreck my 12.04 system Python in the process of installing a variety of packages for a tutorial and then attempting to undo my actions.  I'm wondering if someone might recommend some course of action that could get me back to the distribution state for Python without the need for a whole reinstall?01:21
McDefficetrism ->  export QT_SELECT=qt4; cmake -DWANT_QT4=ON CMakeLists.txt <<--- retur that :http://paste.ubuntu-fr-secours.org/src-12963001:21
t0keIn Ubuntu 12.04, with the unity icons at the top set to ['all'] (i had to do this because pidgin wouldn't show otherwise), there is a white box. How do I find out which program is displaying this white box?01:21
ubuntivitydmarques: I'm not sure, but would removing the packages and re-installing them from the original CD/DVD work?01:22
c^^c^^t0ke: install gnome and call it a day01:22
t0ke'sudo apt-get install gnome'?01:22
t0keCause yeah tbh, unity has caused me too many problems lately01:22
ubuntivityWouldn't gnome be already available, c^^c^^ ?01:22
dmarquesubuntivity: I imagine that is certainly an option but there are so many package dependencies on it, I'm not sure how that should be executed.01:23
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ubuntivityI think you can simply log in with gnome from the user choosing interface..01:23
c^^c^^yeah after you install it01:23
ubuntivityI never installed it here, it is simply there O.o01:23
=== cubix``584 is now known as cubix`
c^^c^^ubuntu comes packaged with unity not gnome01:24
xangua!nounity | t0ke ubuntivity c^^c^^01:24
ubottut0ke ubuntivity c^^c^^: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, from 12.10 an up install the "ubuntu-gnome-desktop" package. From 11.04 to 12.04, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic01:24
c^^c^^ from 12.10 an up install the "ubuntu-gnome-desktop" package01:25
c^^c^^I always use gnome-session-fallback01:25
c^^c^^what's the difference between packages01:25
ubuntivityI can simply use the white Ubuntu logo next to my name to choose which desktop I want to log in01:25
t0keSo for 12.04, do I need to install gnome-shell or gnome-session-fallback?01:25
c^^c^^is ubuntu-gnome-desktop 3+?01:25
trismMcDeffice: that is a weird error, it found qt4 but then died, I didn't get that01:26
=== whoever_ is now known as whoever
ubuntivityI admit I have Ubuntu Tweak installed, but I didn't install any gnome package.01:26
c^^c^^then the force is with you01:26
=== whoever is now known as Guest69514
=== Guest69514 is now known as whoever
ubuntivityt0ke: before you log in into your user account, is there a small ubuntu logo to the right of your name?01:27
c^^c^^t0ke just type sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback01:27
c^^c^^then log out01:27
c^^c^^and change interfaces disregard what he said01:27
t0keubuntivity: yes there is01:27
ubuntivityt0ke: when you click on it, do you have a 'gnome' choice?01:27
xanguaand this is what happend when no one takes a minute to read the factoid01:28
KerimHello guys, I got a sony vaio vpcse1e1e/s and I want to install on it but ACPI-features do not seem to work correctly on it (a.k.a. it gets really hot and fans don't kick in), which made it impossible to seriously work with Ubuntu on it. After many months of frustration, I want to ask you whether you guys got an idea perhaps...01:28
t0keubuntivity: Nope, just ubuntu and ubuntu 2d01:28
ubuntivityOK then, follow c^^c^^ notes :)01:28
KerimOh and btw, using acpi -t doesn't work, which is probably related to the overheating problem.01:28
t0keOkay, thanks01:29
whoeverkarakedi: did you install laptop_toolz01:29
trismMcDeffice: did you set QTDIR? that might be the problem, would try to unset that first01:29
whoeverkarakedi: that usually fixes things01:29
ubuntivityKerim: is your laptop's fan clean? I have a friend who had a VAIO who experienced various problems because of problems in the fan. And I'm supposing you live in a hot area..01:30
whoeverKerim: did you install laptop_toolz it usualyy fixes things01:31
McDefficetrism -> i have now an another error : set_target_properties Can not find target to add properties to: kviperlcore  :-/01:31
Kerimubuntivity: Yes, it's clean. It idles between 30-45 degrees celsius in Windows 7 but gets much higher in Ubuntu. When I run Ubuntu for a while and wait for it to get really hot and switch to Windows 7, the fan immediately kicks in roaring like hell to cool it off01:31
ubuntivityKerim: what is your processor?01:32
wilee-nileeKerim, Did you install lm-sensors so you can see the actual temps?01:32
Kerimubuntivity: It's a sony vaio vpcse1e1e/s with Sandy Bridge i501:32
ubuntivityKerim: Maybe your processor is set to 'maximum performance' instead of 'on demand'. Try installing "CPU Frequency Scaling Indicator" so you can change that if needed.01:33
Kerimwilee-nilee: I'm not sure about lm-sensors but acpi -t can't display the temperatures, it just flashes the screen and goes "Killed."01:33
trismMcDeffice: hmm, I'm not sure what that means, how far along is that in the build? I might not have hit it yet, I'm at about 63%01:33
whoeverKerim: i have a sandy bridge and i installed laptop_toolz01:34
McDefficeyes te make is very slow01:34
Kerimwhoever: Alrights. Is it in the repos?01:34
whoeverKerim: yes01:34
KerimIt's a great laptop but the inability to run Ubuntu (or any kind of Linux for that matter) just bums me out big time :/01:35
whoeverKerim: i had a shutdown issue  just google labtop shutt down instead of reastart , its a script01:35
whoeverKerim: min would  reboot instead of shutdown01:36
=== sarcasticsimba is now known as vigs
Kerimwhoever: I've read about people having that problem, though that's not the case with me. Everything seems to work fine, even brightness control via FN keys, but yeah overheating01:37
KerimI'm actually suspecting an unfixable problem. Like some motherboard crap Sony pulled01:37
osirisx11hi all01:39
osirisx11i imagine this is a FAQ so excuse me, but i've googled quite a bit.. i have an nvidia geforce gt 650m and would appreciate help getting it working with ubuntu 13 - this is an optimus chip01:40
osirisx11i don't want to use bumblebee optirun prefix on everything01:40
TheMinernVIDIA is quite nice at producing usable drivers01:41
Kerimwhoever: there seem to be no laptop_toolz in the repo and given the name of the package I doubt I'll find it using google01:41
Kerimwhoever: do you have a link , perhaps?01:41
Kerimosirisx11: thanks01:43
osirisx11actually that might not be it, sorry01:43
=== devunt is now known as devunt^krt
osirisx11" Nvidia doesn't support optimus drivers for Ubuntu/Linux yet" https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AsusZenbookPrime - is this still true?01:46
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
TheMinerthere are work arounds01:46
osirisx11i need multiple monitor support to hdmi01:46
osirisx11and it is not working, so i thought it was a driver issue01:46
TheMinerquite probably, horrible question but are you using the latest drivers available?01:47
osirisx11latest driver of what?01:47
osirisx11should i use the open source or proprietary?01:48
TheMinergoing to need to go the ppa route01:48
osirisx11it is ubuntu 1301:48
osirisx11that is from last year.01:48
TheMinerThere is the link01:48
osirisx11pasting it again doesn't make it relevant01:48
TheMinerHas clear instructions for 13.04 users01:48
TheMinerYes it does01:48
TheMinerIf you read it01:48
osirisx11lol, thanks01:49
TheMinerClick on link, follow directions01:49
osirisx11they should update the url!01:49
osirisx11my model is listed on that page, that is promising01:50
wesamhey guys I have a question01:51
TheMinerYou get it easy, should sit in my shoes updating drivers for FreeBSD 9.201:51
Branshelp setting up samba as a PDF I'm running ubuntu 12.04 x64 lts01:51
wesamI'm using xubuntu 12.10. How do I upgrade without losing all my files?01:52
TheMinerSamba is a service, PDF is a file type. Do not usnderstand your question01:52
TheMinerYou want to kernel upgrade?01:52
wesamI want to upgrade to 13.0401:52
Branssorry samba the service trying to run it as a  pdc...01:52
Shadowandlighthow can i shrink down the size of my ubuntu HD?  I have a 50gig harddrive setup in Oracle VM but I am only using 11.8g... I would like to reduce the partition size to 20gb instead of 50.... the reason i want to shrink it down is i want to upload this server to a VPS host and they charge for HD space (obviously)01:53
TheMinerwesam, sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get -y upgrade01:53
McDefficetrism ->  good news : kvirc/src [ ./kvirc/kvirc -v -> KVIrc 4.3.1 'Aria' Sources date: 20120701 Build date: 2013-08-07 01:35:43 UTC ;-)01:53
TheMinerafter reboot sudo do-release-upgrade01:53
TheMinerShould be good to go01:53
TheMinerNothing lost01:53
=== Sickki_ is now known as Sickki
trismMcDeffice: excellent01:54
McDefficetrism ->  Very thank you, you are very excellent and cool :)01:57
trismMcDeffice: you're welcome01:57
BransI have posted my smb.conf01:57
Branstrying to have a samba pdc going01:58
=== Zorro is now known as Guest92687
Bransany help would be appreciated!01:59
kriskropdreally... NetSplit, thank you.. thank you for that-... thank you so much01:59
wesamI'm sorry, my computer keeps crashing...02:00
wesamHow do I update again?02:00
TheMinerwesam, sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get -y upgrade02:00
TheMinerafter reboot sudo do-release-upgrade02:00
wesamThanks. I'm trying to code Java using eclipse. Can I do that with only 1gig memory02:01
TheMinercould likely do it with 128meg02:01
Bransany know how to use samba as a pdc?02:01
wesamI keep having to restart my laptop after I start the program..02:01
TheMinerhave much experience with java?02:01
=== Fyodorovna is now known as wilee-nilee
TheMinerWhy is it restarting your machine?02:02
wesamI have to restart it, my computer keeps going too slow to be useable..02:03
wesamI'm also using Google chrome.02:03
kriskropdfrom before "wesam: you could open a terminal and run 'sudo do-release-upgrade', but you are never guranteed anything when it comes to files, so make sure you backup your most precious files first - thouhg in all likeliness, the stuff you are likely to lose in an upgrade include specific configuration files and applications you may be accustomed to"02:04
wesamThanks kriskropd.02:04
kriskropdwesam: regardign 12.10 to 13.0402:04
wesamIt'd updating, thanks.02:04
kriskropdwesam: it takes it's precious time and might ask you a few questions, so check up on it every once in awhile :)02:05
Bransany know how to configure samba as a pdc?02:05
TheMinerstep by step02:06
wesamI understand. TheMiner, is that for me?02:06
TheMinerThat is for Brans02:06
histo!who | TheMiner02:06
ubottuTheMiner: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:06
wesamOkay. Do you know why i keep getting crashed02:06
Bransthanks TheMiner02:06
TheMinerWesam, not without logs02:06
wesamTheMiner: Where could I find the logs?02:07
wesamTheMiner: I haven't used Linux for a while02:07
histo!upgrade | wesam02:07
ubottuwesam: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade02:07
wesamThanks everyone, it is updating. But, could someone help me getting my computer to stop crashing?02:08
kriskropdwesam: most logs are contained in /var/log, but you will get to a specific log quicker if you know when (timestamp of occurence) and which application might be causing the problem)02:08
=== sarcasticsimba is now known as vigs
wesamwell it happens constantly.02:09
kriskropdwesam: in that case it coule be anything from a buggy script in your cron job to a bad graphics display driver :x02:09
wesamkriskrpod: It may be Google Chrome because I haven't opened it yet and it's running fine. Maybe it was Eclipse?02:10
wesamNo, it was google chrome02:11
histowesam: any reason you are using chrome instead of chromium?02:12
kriskropdwesam: you could keep an eye on the machine perforamnce and maybe get an idea of what is eating your performance - I forget what the default system monitor in ubuntu desktop is though, so I will have to suggest using 'top' or 'htop' in a terminal02:12
wesamhisto: I forgot that chromium came with it.02:12
wesamHow can I uninstall google chrome? Isn't the package called google-chrome?02:13
=== kriskropd is now known as kriskropd_is_not
wesamBecause it isn't working.02:13
=== kriskropd_is_not is now known as kriskropd_isnt_h
=== kriskropd_isnt_h is now known as kriskropd_afk
haysis ddrestore not in the repos?02:15
haysdoh ddrescue02:16
wilee-nileewesam, This is a google chrome laptop?02:16
wesamNo, xubuntu..02:16
=== kb3gtn|2 is now known as kb3gtn
holsteinwesam: what hardware02:17
Guest98725i forgot how to download from someone :( its been that long02:17
holsteinwesam: did you download the .deb for google-chrome? you should find it in the package manager of your choice.. i like synaptic02:18
Guest98725what commands do i use to search someones files?02:18
holsteinGuest98725: who's files?02:18
peter-griffinnm u02:21
lus-angel-leko._. hola02:21
lus-angel-leko.__. como funciona esto02:21
lus-angel-lekocomo diablos entre aqui02:21
xmetalbrb .. looking for good deal on DVD+r or -R's .... missed a really good sale on newegg02:22
TheLordOfTimeis there a way to clear swap usage?02:22
tertl3my nvidia no worky02:23
holstein!nvidia | tertl302:23
ubottutertl3: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto02:23
tertl3keeps saying to run nvidia-aconfig and I run it and it says new config file written but then I reboot and it says same thing again forever02:24
holsteintertl3: feel free and elaborate.. the graphics should do something out of the box.. if not, then maybe the hardware is broken02:24
holsteintertl3: what says what?02:24
holsteintertl3: you'll create the xorg.conf with the tool, then put it in place02:25
holsteintertl3: put it in place manually02:26
holsteintertl3: still, it should be "worky"02:26
tertl3i never had to do that before02:27
holsteintertl3: do what?02:27
tertl3move it manually02:27
holsteintertl3: i have never had it automatically work02:27
xmetalRiData's for 15.9902:27
holsteintertl3: thoser are not our tools02:27
holsteintertl3: try putting it in place manually02:27
tertl3where does it go exactly?02:28
holsteintertl3: /etc/X11/xorg.cong02:28
holsteintertl3: /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:28
tertl3ok, I will try02:28
tertl3im just testing the state of valve games on linux....i've seen videos but I wanna see how it wokrs on my dodgy setup02:29
holstein!steam | tertl302:31
ubottutertl3: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.02:31
=== pal is now known as ese
whoeverKerim: are you still here02:32
holsteinwhoever: you can ask the channel anything.. and a volunteer may assist you02:32
Kerimwhoever: Yes.02:32
Kerimwhoever: Just installed Ubuntu on laptop again, but was going to go to bed and fiddle around with it tomorrow.02:33
=== kriskropd_afk is now known as kriskropd
whoeverKerim: is it running hot02:35
pawanmy xserver-xorg broke02:36
Kerimwhoever: Yeah02:36
pawanhow to rebuild02:36
whoeverKerim: what version 12.10,13.0402:36
holsteinwhoever: oppologies.. i had your nick confused02:36
xmetalanyone here use Ritek media?02:36
Kerimwhoever: 13.0402:36
xmetal(just curious)02:36
whoeverholstein: its ok02:36
Kerimwhoever: Had Lubuntu on a stick, tried with that first but same problem. Worse even, the laptop crashes when using acpi -t showing some error messages I couldn't be bothered to read. WIll probably try again tomorrow02:37
Kerimand see if it contains any valuable information02:38
KerimAm really tired now lol02:38
Kerimit's 4:40 am over here02:38
whoeverKerim: laptop-mod-tools02:38
Kerimwhoever: Alright. Will look into it, thanks.02:39
whoeverKerim: ok02:39
whoeverKerim: try it with out acpi and see if it works,02:40
Kerimwhoever: WIll do.02:41
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pawanmy xserver-xorg broke02:41
johnfluxHi all.  I'm trying to usb mount my samsung galaxy s2 phone.  But it seems that I need a kernel with CONFIG_USB_DEVICE_CLASS  set02:41
pawanhow to rebuild02:41
johnfluxWhich the default ubuntu kernel does NOT set02:42
osirisx11i installed the PPA, updated, installed what it said, rebooted, got to some kind of black screen with just the text @^ and it repeatedly added @^ every 30 seconds02:44
holsteinosirisx11: ppa's are not officially supported02:44
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html02:44
osirisx11then i rebooted again, and graphics worked, but nvidia console said it wasnt installed02:44
osirisx11holstein: i am trying to get nvidia geforce 650m (optimus) drivers to work02:45
holsteinosirisx11: i wouldnt worry about what things "say" if its working02:45
osirisx11someone in here suggested to use a PPA from ubuntu-x02:45
osirisx11well the issue is i am not getting any output from my laptop to HDMI out02:45
holsteinosirisx11: use it if you want.. but support for them are found with the ppa maintainers02:45
osirisx11the open source standard ubuntu monitors applet doesn't detect it, and i can't get the proprietary driver to install02:46
osirisx11okay well holstein, the wiki page for ubuntu says hdmi should work out of the box for my device, zenbook prime02:46
osirisx11and it wasn't, that's why  i was seeking the proprietary solution02:47
osirisx11i'd certainly welcome any suggestions!02:47
osirisx11i have a beautiful 27in IPS/PLS screen here begging to see action02:47
holsteinosirisx11: i would purge the PPA, and elaborate on why you cant install the drivers that you are reading about in the wiki page that support the HDMI output02:47
holsteinosirisx11: it may not be supported. the HDMI out02:48
osirisx11holstein: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AsusZenbookPrime#HDMI02:48
holstein!nvidia | osirisx11 this is what i refer to02:49
ubottuosirisx11 this is what i refer to: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto02:49
osirisx11holstein:  thanks for that link, it has some good info in there..somewhere..02:50
osirisx11hm last i heard there was a bug with nvidia optimus drivers02:50
whoeverKerim: also is the laptop hot to the touch, what do the sensors say02:52
anoneehello ubuntu! I'm trying to install the pulseaudio equalizer as in this tut, http://www.webupd8.org/2013/03/install-pulseaudio-with-built-in-system.html but when I $ pulseaudio & I get: aamer@ubesktop:~$ E: [pulseaudio] pid.c: Daemon already running.02:56
anoneeE: [pulseaudio] main.c: pa_pid_file_create() failed.02:56
affinehi everyone! I'm trying to shut down x server to install an nvidia driver, but I can't seem to do it properly. I've tried 'service lightdm stop' but that just takes me to a black screen where all I can do is ctrl+alt+delete to get out of.02:58
affine(which effectively restarts my computer)02:58
anoneeso I tried pulseaudio -k & instead, so I got no errors, but then when I try02:59
anonee$ pactl load-module module-equalizer-sink02:59
anoneeI get02:59
anoneeFailure: Module initalization failed02:59
wilee-nileeaffine, You will want to contact the PPA's maintainers, technically PPA's are not supported here.02:59
affinewilee-nilee, PPA?03:00
wilee-nileeaffine, read the link03:00
IdleOnewilee-nilee: wrong a person, you meant anonee03:00
chiquesWhat services/tutorials are recommended to test the security of my Ubuntu server?03:00
wilee-nileeaffine, Sorry about that my bad. ;)03:01
affinewilee-nilee, What are you talking about? What link?03:01
IdleOneaffine: he sent that message to you mistakenly03:01
wilee-nileeaffine, I use your nick mistakenly.03:01
affineoh ok03:01
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
anoneewilee-nilee thank you03:02
affinebtw I must say ubuntu has dramatically improved since 8.04 (which was the last version I had ever installed)03:02
wilee-nileeanonee, I did try that equalizer and found it not really effective myself.03:03
syntroPiaffine you just can install "sudo apt-get install nvidia-current" and then restart x with "sudo service lightdm restart"03:03
affineand now with steam coming to ubuntu, and many games being ported in lieu of humble bundle, things are looking great03:03
affinesyntroPi, really?03:03
affinesyntroPi, does 14.03 ship with the latest?03:03
derrikis there any clear and simple command or something that shows what driver/module doesnt work?03:03
syntroPiooh i dont know that03:03
syntroPiaffine i thought you were on latest release03:04
jexmexI have 2 updates in my update manager that will not go away03:04
RunemoroHello, how can I check TCP packets to make sure they're not spoofed? Someone keeps sending me a packet with the source IP localhost and the server keeps looping with bad request packets...03:04
jexmexI can not select them to update but they will not disappear03:04
jexmexhow can I get rid of them?03:04
affinejexmex, which updates are they?03:05
wilee-nileejexmex, are you seeing partial update?03:05
affineI probably can't help you but that would be useful info to know :)03:05
jexmexX.Org X server - VIA display driver and X.Org X server - QXL display driver03:06
daftykinsRunemoro: sniff with wireshark03:06
jexmexwilee-nilee, what do you mean by partial updates?03:07
Runemorodaftykins: Thank you, I'll try that03:07
wilee-nileejexmex, Sometimes you will see a partial upgrade, you don't want to run it till the dependencies are added. if you do you can have problems, did you run a partial?03:07
jexmexwilee-nilee, not sure....03:07
wilee-nileejexmex, You will see a partial upgrade notice.03:07
affinesyntroPi, I am.03:07
=== Smark[Gone] is now known as Smark
ripthejackerIs it possible to use wifi direct with ubuntu?03:08
affinesyntroPi, 13.04 freshly installed as of tonight03:08
jexmexits under header important security updates03:08
syntroPiawesome then nvidia are in the repos ofc03:08
jexmexxserver-xorg-video-openchrome and xserver-xorg-video-qxl03:08
c^^c^^I'm running ubuntu 12.10 LTS... Does archive manager use AES-256 when compressing .7z (7zip files) I see no mention of what algorithm03:08
syntroPiaffine, also you can do it grafically in software sources last tab restricted drivers03:08
c^^c^^and how many bits03:09
affinesyntroPi, btw service lightdm restart sends me to that black screen where I can just type random letters. It's not a shell.03:09
ripthejackeror any way to send files from AP to station?03:09
ripthejackerusing WiFi03:09
affinesyntroPi, I partially want to know how to kill x out of sheer curiosity03:09
syntroPiaffine, how about "kill -KILL Xorg"  LOL carefull03:10
wilee-nileejexmex, You can from the terminal run sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and before saying y for yes check if all the updates are included if not hit n03:10
_andyj_affine, I think you need to look up changing to run level 3, don't just kill X03:10
c^^c^^does 7z with archive manager encrypt with AES-256??03:10
affinesyntroPi, why is killing x so dangerous?03:11
syntroPibecause it will leave caos03:11
affineI won't just exit into a shell?03:11
syntroPion your X session03:11
affinethe idea is to be able to type 'startx' to start it back up03:11
affineand the world continues spinning03:11
syntroPikilling is just terminating program not letting it time to finish properly03:12
syntroPiso its not a good way to shut it down03:12
affineHow can I let it shut down gracefully then?03:12
ubottuIn an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key03:12
wilee-nileeaffine, ^^^03:12
jexmexwilee-nilee, trying now seems they are there03:12
affinewilee-nilee, is this some sort of sick joke?03:13
affinewhy is that so complex?03:13
syntroPiaffine when i do such things i always change to tty1 [ctrl][alt][F1] login and then do that "sudo service lightdm" restart from there03:13
affinesyntroPi, haven't tried that yet. I'll give that a whirl.03:13
derrikis there any similar indicator of faulty driver in linux like the !-symbol in Windows device manager?03:13
syntroPiwhich is bit really properly either, but havent caused any problems so far03:13
wilee-nileejexmex, Cool, security updates need a dist-upgrade run at times, I alwyas use the terminal and just run that command every time03:14
jexmexwilee-nilee, thanks03:14
syntroPiaffine, and the Xorg session usually is on tty703:14
syntroPion ubuntu03:14
wilee-nileejexmex, Could be as well that the update run pulled in anything missing03:14
xrandrello. Is there a way to move the taskbar/launcher bar on the left of the screen to the bottom?03:14
wilee-nileexrandr, Used to not now though.03:15
xrandrI like the Unity Desktop environment, but I don't like that03:15
wilee-nileeaffine, Sick joke?03:16
affinewilee-nilee, that's like some sort of hidden secret thing nobody would ever guess if they forgot03:16
affineone bit let me try to restart x now03:16
wilee-nileeaffine, there is a sentence to remember it by.03:17
franck_como se hace para entrar al canal de irc hispano?03:18
wilee-nilee!es | franck_03:18
ubottufranck_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.03:18
daftykins!es | franck_03:18
daftykinsooooh milliseconds apart03:18
=== eidolon is now known as affine
affineok more problems03:22
affineso I tried sudo service lightdm restart from ttyl1 and that did not do me much good03:23
affineit "worked"03:23
affinebut when I started it back up I had no taskbar03:23
Tranter_HroogeirHello everyone, Tranter_Hroogeirrhere and i'm here and ready to DDoS.03:23
daftykinsTranter_Hroogeir: wow, persistent little fellow03:23
xmetaloh well ... newegg will not load here so looks like i am going to miss this sale03:23
daftykinsxmetal: aww, change DNS servers maybe03:23
affineAnd now I restarted and I still don't have a task/start bar, but I do have a desktop. I had to launch from /usr/bin03:23
wilee-nileeaffine, I noticed you only half ran reisub I would not do that an expect a usable setup.03:24
affinewilee-nilee, pardon?03:24
affineI half-ran reisub?03:24
xmetalwell its no big deal .. .will have to wait a bit longer .. was going to order stuff last time but they sold out .. hve to order this within the next 30 minutes to get the deal and the site won't load03:25
wilee-nileeaffine, You said at "one bit let me try to restart x now" I assume that one bit was the reisub command03:26
lawltoadis there any way to remove the dash/side panel in unity for raring?03:26
affinewilee-nilee, I went to ttyl1 and tried to restart lightdm03:26
lawltoad**the solution used to to just run unity2d-panel03:26
affine'sudo lightdm restart'03:26
wilee-nileeaffine, Ah okay.03:26
affinewilee-nilee, when it restarted I was missing a task/startbar.03:26
=== Guddu is now known as Guest48647
affineAnd now after restarting my computer I'm still missing both.03:27
=== tech is now known as Guest52608
Guest52608hello guys and grils just download open indaian last night i was trying to get updates going i need some help03:29
lawltoadalso, my chromium wont play flash in youtube for my main chromium profile, but will if i create a new chromium profile, what gives?03:31
wilee-nileeGuest52608, This http://openindiana.org/  ? this is ubuntu support, you might try ##linux if you are registered.03:31
Guest52608have you try to to input  into the command box yet03:35
=== eidolon is now known as affine
affineok I figured it out by resetting compiz/unity03:39
affineso strange03:39
affinebookmarked the page in firefox for future reference...03:39
affinethanks for the help guys :)03:39
garthkMiserable. 'apt-get install openjdk-6-jre-headless' hangs indefinitely from a completely fresh precise install. All search results point to a problem with EC2 micro instances… which I'm not using. This is an amd64 instance running under VMware. Any ideas?03:40
garthkIt slams to a halt here:03:41
garthkGet:1 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise-updates/main openjdk-6-jre-headless amd64 6b27-1.12.6-1ubuntu0.12.04.2 [25.4 MB]03:41
garthk0% [1 openjdk-6-jre-headless 4,126 B/25.4 MB 0%]^C03:41
syntroPigarthk, maybe try another repo mirror?03:43
syntroPigarthk, you even can down it manually http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/o/openjdk-6/openjdk-6-jre-headless_6b27-1.12.6-1ubuntu0.12.04.2_amd64.deb03:46
lgcHi, I installed 12.04 on a Gateway laptop and more often than not, while watching videos on VLC, it overheats and turns off. What gives?03:47
syntroPilgc mabye try vaapi drivers so it decodes on gpu also you might clean fan openings with a vacuum cleaner from dust?03:48
CarlThanskI have Apache and vsftpd running on ubuntu 13.04 server. something on ubuntu is blocking HTTP / FTP traffic seemingly randomly (my friend in Australia can't connect sometimes, but usually can, and I can connect while he can't)03:49
garthksyntroPi: ok, that'd be the problem, then. curl-ing that gives me the same "time left: 44h" problem.03:49
CarlThanskwut blocking?03:49
lgcsyntroPi: Thanks. How can I install them? Regular apt-get?03:49
garthk… and, ditto vs ftp.utexas.edu… I smell an intercepting proxy.03:50
syntroPilgc depends on your gpu and if its capable of that: eg on nvidia the backend is called vdpau, with the other im not too familiar03:50
universalI purged rar and unrar packages and then reinstall them by dpkg and apt-get both but now when right clicking on any file or folder and compressing it, cbr and rar formats are not showing up in formats tab of compress window....how to fix this ?03:50
lgcsyntroPi: How can I check that?03:51
syntroPilgc  "lspci | grep VGA"03:52
CarlThanskany known issues of seemingly blocking connections from specific IPs while running apache?03:55
lgcsyntroPi: "VGA compatible controller: Intel Corp. Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller"03:55
syntroPilgc unfortunately im not familiar with that on intel cards, maybe someone else or google may be of better help?03:56
VogHow found all devices between me and website?03:56
Vogdevices names Ip and other03:57
Vogand also hidden devices03:57
syntroPilgc the interface is called VAAPI which needs backend from gfx driver to do hw accelerated video codec03:57
VogHow found all devices between me and website?03:58
lgcsyntroPi: There seems to be a libva-intel-vaapi-driver in the repo.03:59
syntroPigreat try it then03:59
CarlThanskVog: what do you mean03:59
Vogi mean how see all devices04:00
derrikhe means same as tracert from windows?04:00
Vogme <----> devices <----> google.com04:00
jpdsVog: 'traceroute' command.04:00
jpdsVog: Good luck seeing hidden devices.04:01
Vogany more other hack programs?04:01
jpdsIt's not a hack program.04:01
Vogyes how see hidden device?04:01
jpdsYou can't.04:01
jpdsIf someone doesn't want you to see something, you probably won't be able to.04:01
Vogand u can? who can hackers can? need special soft?04:02
jpdsVog: This is not the channel for that.04:02
Vogi have ubuntu04:02
=== dpac|away is now known as dpac
jpds!illegal | Vog04:03
ubottuVog: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o04:03
Vogits all legal04:03
Vog4  * * *  5  * * *  6  * * *  7  * * *  8  * * *  9  * * * 10  * * * 11  * * * 12  * * * 13  * * * 14  * * * 15  * * * 16  * * * 17  * * * 18  * * * 19  * * * 20  * * * 21  * * * 22  * * * 23  * * * 24  * * * 25  * * * 26  * * * 27  * * * 28  * * * 29  * * * 30  * * *04:03
Vogits what?04:03
FloodBot1Vog: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:03
babinlonstonwhat this rule will Do any one will explain this ?04:04
babinlonstoniptables -A INPUT -m state --state ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT04:04
jpdsbabinlonston: If a incoming connection is already established, accept it.04:04
Vogbabin u to me?04:04
jpdsVog: No.04:04
sffumode +i04:04
babinlonstonVog: to Who ever know about ip tables share ur idea04:04
CarlThanskany known issues of seemingly random blocking of connections from specific IPs while running apache?04:05
babinlonstonjpds: oh then if im in ssh in port number 9000 that will be always accepted im i right ? are i want to write a separate Rules for ssh in port number 9000 ?04:05
theBlackJeep77Vog: check out Backtrace. It's based on ubuntu and has a lot of tools for checking out your network04:06
jpdsbabinlonston: That doesn't say anything about ports.04:06
jpdstheBlackJeep77: I don't think it's his network that he's interested in.04:06
Vogsudo iptables -A INPUT -i wlan0 -j ACCEPT04:06
Vogwhat is stars *** *** what is it?04:07
Vogits devices?04:08
jpdsVog: Devices failing to reply.04:08
babinlonstonjpds shall i give u one pastein will u please verify my iptables .. i want to open ssh port in 2002 , ftp in 5000  , 9123 , 1935 ,2812 , 80 , 443 except these ports all want to get blocked ...04:08
=== sandeep is now known as Guest50873
histoAsad3ainJalout: jack sense is the issue04:08
jpdsbabinlonston: Have you looked at ufw?04:09
Vogmany devices 25?04:09
Asad3ainJalouthisto: lol that was fast, i take it your on linux as well04:09
Vogor one 25 times?04:09
babinlonstonjpds: but the server have only iptables enabled04:09
Asad3ainJalouthisto:thank you04:09
jpdsVog: Failing to reply/traceroute can't find aanything.04:09
histoAsad3ainJalout: unfortunately04:09
jpdsbabinlonston: And? ufw is a frontend to iptables.04:09
babinlonstonok then what i need to do first04:10
jpdsbabinlonston: Might be easier if all you want to do is allow some ports.04:10
Shadowandlightany ideas on why i need to keep running chown -R www-data:www-data <directory> on 2 directories that i am serving websites too everytime i reboot?04:10
jpds!ufw | babinlonston04:10
ubottubabinlonston: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo04:10
Vogjp what program wll be normal work?04:10
babinlonstonjpds: ok but i cant use in gui only cli04:11
jpdsVog: Well, nothing; if the devices aren't replying to you.04:11
Vogbab what with my command iptables?04:11
jpdsVog: You can configure a device to do that.04:11
CarlThanskI assume that the complete lack of replies to my question is a "no"?04:11
jpdsbabinlonston: That's fine, ufw is a cli program.04:11
VogI not see google site in the end of list04:12
jpdsbabinlonston: Flush your existing iptables first.04:12
babinlonstonjpds: ok Done04:12
jpdsbabinlonston: sudo ufw allow 2204:12
Guest50873Why I'm appearing here as guest? I'm new to this but how can I use my nickname. Any ideas???04:12
jpdsbabinlonston: And do an allow for every port you want04:13
wilee-nileeGuest50873, what app are you using to get the irc?04:13
jpdsbabinlonston: Then, when you're sure you're not going to cut off access to your server, sudo ufw enable04:13
Guest50873wilee-nilee: I'm using XChat04:14
derrikwhich one is better ufw or iptables_04:14
jpdsderrik: Neither, ufw uses iptables as a backend.04:14
babinlonstonjpds: sudo ufw enable command not found04:14
jpdsbabinlonston: What? Then the allows shouldn't even work.04:15
wilee-nileeGuest50873, xchat has a nick name on the first gui, if the nick you have tried is already use you can't use it, you can register to have a nick that is always yours.04:15
dolphin-mandoes anyone know of any general chat channels04:15
dolphin-manother than #defocus04:15
pvl1is it possible to use an install iso as an apt repo04:15
wilee-nileedolphin-man, #ubuntu-offtopic04:15
babinlonstonya while im enabling this gives me command not found04:15
pvl1without extracting04:15
dolphin-manthanks wilee-nilee04:15
jpdsbabinlonston: sudo apt-get install ufw ?04:16
Guest50873wilee-nilee, thanks for the information.04:16
trollworkso I'm trying to install postfix from a shell script in order to automate deployment (Chef & puppet have been banned from the office, don't ask) and the problem is even with a  >/dev/null 2>&1 you get the postfix menu.. is there way to default that?04:16
wilee-nileeGuest50873, no problem you can click you nick in the return window and change it right now if you like.04:16
babinlonstonjpds: to see the rules which command i want to use  and its shows as rules updated04:17
=== Guest50873 is now known as sk_sandeep
jpdswilee-nilee: You want to look at debconf and preseeding that menu.04:17
sk_sandeepwilee-nilee: I have changed it. Thank you so much.04:17
jpdsbabinlonston: sudo ufw status verbose04:17
wilee-nileejpds, Pardon?04:18
jpdswilee-nilee: Sorry, that was for trollwork.04:18
jpdstrollwork: You want to look at debconf and preseeding that menu.04:18
trollworkthanks jpds04:18
babinlonstonjpds: :o04:18
babinlonstonjpds: sudo ufw enable04:18
babinlonstonCommand may disrupt existing ssh connections. Proceed with operation (y|n)? n04:18
wilee-nileesk_sandeep, No problem, do you want register info?04:18
irc4Hi. I cannot remove Wine... my OS is ubuntu... any help would be great... it just won't go away....04:18
jpdsbabinlonston: Did you 'allow 22' ?04:19
babinlonstonif im enabling its shows like this04:19
CarlThanskany known issues of seemingly random blocking of incoming connections from specific IPs04:19
babinlonstonno my port is 2002 to ssh04:19
babinlonstonyes its updated04:19
jpdsbabinlonston: Then sudo ufw allow 200204:19
* CarlThansk hopes someone new will see my question and have advice04:19
jpdsCarlThansk: No.04:19
CarlThanskwell, damn.04:19
CarlThanskit's happening, so.. ideas?04:19
babinlonstonok done04:20
jpdsbabinlonston: Now enable04:20
Programmer_ how do i enable remote access for certain ports on my desktop04:20
jpdsbabinlonston: I told you to do an allow for every port you want to open.04:20
babinlonstonHow to restrict except my allowed ports04:21
jpdsbabinlonston: That's done by default.04:22
jpdsbabinlonston: See: sudo ufw status verbose04:22
babinlonstonoh ok fine then all other connections will be dropped ...04:22
charliewhat's the best channel to go if I have file manipulation command question? (e.g. take a bunch of files of a certain type flatten into another directory)04:22
jpdsbabinlonston: Not that they would work anyway as there's nothing listening on those ports.04:23
CarlThanskokay, let's try this another way.  what services on ubuntu server would create IP-based bans04:25
wilee-nileeCarlThansk, There is a #ubuntu-server channel04:25
babinlonstonjpds:  how can i restrict ping option to that server ip04:25
jpdsCarlThansk: None.04:25
CarlThanskjpds: it's happening, so something is.04:26
CarlThanskwilee-nilee: thanks, i'll try it out04:26
jpdsCarlThansk: Something weird is happening on your network.04:26
jpdsbabinlonston: Why?04:26
CarlThanskjpds: negative. I can access the resource from an external source04:26
CarlThansksomeone else can't04:26
Programmer_ how do i enable remote access for certain ports on my desktop04:26
CarlThanskand they can access other resources on my network04:26
jpdsCarlThansk: Something is wrong with their network then.04:26
CarlThansksee above04:26
babinlonstonNO ONE NEED TO PING IT04:27
jpdsbabinlonston: Noone probably will.04:27
jpdsCarlThansk: Sorry, you're going to have to use mtr and things like that to debug their network issues.04:27
babinlonstonhow to protect from ddos04:27
babinlonstonjpds: how to protect from ddos04:27
CarlThanskit's not their network. they can access stuff hosted by me04:28
johnfluxAnyone have a Samsung Galaxy S2 phone?  It seems that ubuntu cannot mount it.04:28
Programmer_i do04:28
johnfluxThe kernel is missing CONFIG_USB_DEVICE_CLASS04:29
Programmer_johnflux, mine mounts04:29
johnfluxProgrammer_: as a mass storage device?04:29
Programmer_what you have to do is,04:29
jpdsbabinlonston: That's a topic beyond what this channel covers.04:29
Programmer_setting, more setting, and it's somewhere in there04:29
babinlonstonjpds: ok04:30
johnfluxProgrammer_: on the phone?  I know how to set it to mass storage on the phone04:30
Programmer_yes, on the phone04:30
Programmer_well that should work04:30
Programmer_mine does04:30
wilee-nileejohnflux, What ubuntu release?04:30
Programmer_13.04 works04:30
=== sff is now known as sff_
sff_msg NickServ IDENTIFY sff Wooo3dy3804:31
johnfluxProgrammer_: would you mind doing "uname -a"   and telling me what version you have please?04:31
Programmer_my bad04:31
Programmer_hold on04:31
jpdssff_: OK, change your password, fast.04:31
johnfluxwilee-nilee: 13.0404:31
Programmer_ Linux h4ck3r-pc 3.8.0-27-generic #40-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jul 9 00:17:05 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux04:31
johnfluxProgrammer_: hmm, i'm using -1804:32
Programmer_im on 13.04....04:32
johnfluxProgrammer_: I'll upgrade and reboot04:32
Programmer_now can someone PLEASE help me04:32
Programmer_tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN04:32
Programmer_i wanna allow remote connections to that port04:32
johnfluxProgrammer_: enabling remote access for certain ports?04:33
=== sff_ is now known as sffroelich
johnfluxProgrammer_: what makes you think it's not allowing remote access?04:33
Programmer_i cant connect to it...04:33
Programmer_it's on my local network04:33
johnfluxProgrammer_: and you are trying to connect to it from another machine on the same local network?04:33
darknyanAre there any IPv6 tunnels for Ubuntu?04:34
jpds!ipv6 | darknyan04:34
ubottudarknyan: For an introduction to IPv6 and information on tunneling IPv6 through IPv4 connections, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IPv6 | To disable IPv6 see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WebBrowsingSlowIPv6IPv404:34
sk_sandeepwilee-nilee: what is register info?04:34
johnfluxProgrammer_: from your local machine, can you "telnet localhost 3790"  ?04:34
darknyanThanks mate, Didn't think it was in the wiki.04:34
johnfluxProgrammer_: what's the telnet error?04:35
Programmer_404 error04:35
Programmer_however, in chrome it connects to the port04:35
Programmer_it's a web interface04:35
johnfluxProgrammer_: telnet literally says 404 ?04:35
wilee-nilee!register | sk_sandeep04:36
ubottusk_sandeep: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode04:36
johnfluxProgrammer_: then that means that it has been able to connect04:36
Programmer_<head><title>400 Bad Request</title></head>04:36
Programmer_<body bgcolor="white">04:36
Programmer_<center><h1>400 Bad Request</h1></center>04:36
FloodBot1Programmer_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:36
johnfluxProgrammer_: so telnet succeeded04:36
johnfluxProgrammer_: you successfully connected to web server program04:36
Programmer_no i didnt04:36
johnfluxProgrammer_: listen to me.04:36
wilee-nileesk_sandeep, You can ask for a cloak after a couple of weeks to hide the IP when registered and keep your nick, and add others.04:36
Programmer_it's metasploit community04:36
johnfluxProgrammer_: "<html><head<..."  is coming FROM your webserver program04:36
Programmer_i had to exit telnet to get that error04:37
johnfluxProgrammer_: if you killed your webserver, telnet would not give you that error04:37
johnfluxProgrammer_: from a remote machine do you also get that 400 or 404 error?04:37
Programmer_no i dont04:37
jpdsProgrammer_: Makes sense, you made a Bad Request.04:37
sasdis it possible04:37
Programmer_i get a connection refused04:37
sk_sandeepok, wilee-nilee04:37
sasdto upgrade live ubuntu usb04:38
Programmer_im on the machine that the app is running on it it connects fine04:38
Programmer_however, on my tablet it doesnt connect04:38
sasdis it possible to upgrade live ubuntu usb04:38
Ben64!enter | Programmer_04:38
ubottuProgrammer_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:38
wilee-nileesasd, What do mean upgrade?04:38
Programmer_Ben64, -.-04:38
sasdlike you got ubuntu live cd 12 and now you want to upgrade this cd to 1304:38
jpdsProgrammer_: Check tcpdump.04:39
wilee-nileesasd, No you have to load a new iso.04:39
johnfluxProgrammer_: from your localhost, in your web browser does it connect if you use your local network IP, instead of just "localhost" or ?04:39
Programmer_hold on04:39
Ben64Programmer_: you're filling the whole channel with nonsense. use a pastebin if you have to paste more than one line. use nmap to check if a port is open across your network04:39
charlieI just constructed a very satisfying command and I'm happy. Others are also welcome to congratulate me. It was: find ./../Downloads/ -print0 | grep -zP '.mobi$' |xargs -0 -I {} cp {} .04:39
wilee-nileesasd, I use a multiload app for my usb's you can have multiple ISO's if you have a usb that is big enough to hold them.04:40
johnfluxProgrammer_: okay.  from a remote machine, can you try that "telnet  ip 3790"04:40
wilee-nilee!cn | ahua04:40
ubottuahua: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw04:40
johnfluxProgrammer_: I'm expecting an error like "unable to connect to remote host"04:40
sasdok is it possible to upgrade it when running live cd ?04:41
Sk1Specialchinese writing is awesome.. all the other languages are lame and use letters.04:41
Programmer_johnflux, i get nothing04:41
johnfluxProgrammer_: you should at minimum get "Trying ip.ip.ip.ip...."04:42
sasdlike you are running live ubuntu 11 and upgrade the live ubuntu 12 for temp04:42
wilee-nileesasd, You can't upgrade to another release form a live media, and only some in distro updates if you have persistence04:42
Programmer_i didnt04:42
Programmer_said connection timed out...04:42
johnfluxProgrammer_: that's not nothing !04:42
=== julianwa is now known as julian_lunch
johnfluxProgrammer_: oh04:42
johnfluxProgrammer_: can you do:  ping ip04:43
johnfluxProgrammer_: from the remote machine04:43
johnfluxProgrammer_: you are using the ip, not the same name, right?04:43
Programmer_i get a reply04:43
johnfluxProgrammer_: okay great.  could you do:  sudo ufw status  on localhost please04:43
sasdwhy it's not possible to just update the iso ....................... it's just too time consuming to download the whole iso again for each new release ..................04:44
Programmer_Status: inactive04:44
sasddont you guys think so.....04:44
wilee-nileesasd, The iso is read only on a disc or usb.04:44
histoProgrammer_: which OS are you running?  you're on to many different channels asking the same question for me to keep up04:44
Programmer_histo, what other channel am i on asking?04:44
histoProgrammer_: hak504:44
Programmer_oh yeah i see that now04:44
histoProgrammer_: sudo iptables -L04:44
johnfluxProgrammer_: do what he says ^^04:45
johnfluxProgrammer_: okay, what program is this again?04:45
johnfluxProgrammer_: is it apache?04:45
pinPointwhy is it so hard to jail a user to their home directory in ssh/sftp22)?04:45
pinPointthey always go up in their folder04:45
pinPointor they are not jailed04:45
histoProgrammer_: can you telnet to the port from the other machine?04:48
Programmer_no, i cant, #hak5 plz04:48
johnfluxProgrammer_: https://community.rapid7.com/thread/145904:49
johnfluxProgrammer_: you have to setup metasploit first04:49
johnfluxProgrammer_: before you can access remotely04:49
johnfluxProgrammer_: "Once the user account has been configured, you can access the instance remotely through port 3790."04:49
sasdwilee-nilee , zsync can upgrade an iso file04:52
wilee-nileesasd, Yes, but not from distro to distro that I have seen.04:52
Jordan_Usasd: The combination of modifying the iso and using persistance would be unreliable at best.04:53
sk_sandeepwilee-nilee: thanks again, I have registered my nick name04:53
wilee-nileesasd, And it's on the usb.04:53
Jordan_Usasd: Though in the absense of persistance using zsync to upgrade isos is awesome :)04:54
wilee-nileesk_sandeep, No problem, ou can ask in #freenode for a cloak after awhile or donate and get one now.04:54
sasdok guys bye04:55
universalI purged rar and unrar packages and then reinstall them by dpkg and apt-get both but now when right clicking on any file or folder and compressing it, cbr and rar formats are not showing up in formats tab of compress window....how to fix this ?04:56
_BraddersQQ Does anyone know of an IRC channel for simplesamlphp ?04:56
universalanyone ?04:57
Jordan_U!alis | _Bradders04:57
ubottu_Bradders: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*04:57
universalwilee-nilee: ?04:57
wilee-nileeuniversal, When we know we generally answer. ;)04:57
lgcHow do I find out if my two processors are working?04:58
universalwilee-nilee: I know...I thought maybe you were busy on some other tab.....drawing the attention, nothing more04:58
universalany guess ?04:58
wilee-nileenever messed with rar05:00
wilee-nileeuniversal, You might try ##linux if registered05:00
universalwilee-nilee: well I am registered but here on this channel and not ##linux05:01
tonesLubuntu works really well on a netbook05:02
wilee-nileeuniversal, this channel has no registration, only freenode05:02
wilee-nilee!register | universal05:02
ubottuuniversal: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode05:02
universalwilee-nilee: and I think its not concerned with rar but general file association.....coz I am able to open and make new rars, furthermore when doing apt-get again its saying rar is already installed and is of newest version....its just not showing up in format options tab in compress window05:03
wilee-nileeuniversal, All that is beyond me I'm just a armchair user if I need to do something I don;t know I look it up.05:03
dacshello folks, i am running 12.04 on my hp laptop and i noticed that my connection to internet via wireless is very slow05:04
dacsother devices on the same wireless AP are normal05:04
universalwilee-nilee: then I'm registered on freenode but I dont know if my nick is alive as i logged more then 3months ago last time05:04
wilee-nileeuniversal, They will fire you back up with an email on #freenode05:05
wilee-nileeif you can't login05:05
universalwilee-nilee: any specific locations where i may be able to find some answers ?05:05
wilee-nileeuniversal, Closest I can think of is ##linux.05:05
wilee-nileeI never see anyone messing with rar in ubuntu05:06
universalwilee-nilee: ok, thnx...appreciate ur words....and just 2mins....I'll disconnect and rejoin - 2mins05:06
danny4wayHow to connect wireless printer to Ubuntu?05:06
wilee-nileedacs, Generally details like the hardware is a good start and some history on the issue.05:06
wilee-nileefor the channel not me.05:07
danny4wayIs there any default on Ubuntu that let you connect Wireless Printer for scanning and printing?05:07
danny4wayAnyone? I need help.05:07
Ben64!patience | danny4way05:07
ubottudanny4way: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/05:07
dacswilee-nilee: thank you05:08
dacsmy wireless built in card is 02:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 6200 (rev 35)05:08
holsteindanny4way: i have the printer connected wirelessly to the router my machines are connected to05:08
=== HisaoNakai_ is now known as HisaoNakai
dacsthis is on an HP pavilion dv705:08
holsteindanny4way: some printers broadcast a wifi access point you might be able to connect to.. i would share more details about the printer and what you are wanting to do05:08
martin1989hello people05:09
danny4wayMy printer doesn't automatically broadcast a wifi access point05:09
martin1989are you there?05:09
danny4wayI need to install something on my computer first in order to run it wireless.05:09
MoPacdanny4way: what kind of printer is it?05:09
martin1989i have a question about xubuntu05:09
holsteindanny4way: i didnt say "automatically".. i said *some* do.. if yours doesnt, then that is not appropriate..05:09
danny4wayHP officejet05:09
MoPacdanny4way: Do you have HP-LIP installed?05:10
holsteindanny4way: is it connected to the router?05:10
martin1989i would like to start xubuntu always in text mode05:10
danny4wayNo. It isn't connected to the router05:10
universalwilee-nilee: why this statement -  I never see anyone messing with rar in ubuntu ??05:10
martin1989how can i do that?05:10
danny4wayAnd no I don't have Hp-LIP installed MoPac05:10
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode05:10
holsteinmartin1989: ^05:10
MoPacdanny4way: That's what I would do - install HP-LIP05:10
universalwilee-nilee: whats your point ?05:10
danny4wayAnd what happen after installing HP-LIP05:11
wilee-nileeuniversal, It is as it is stated, I never see anyone using rar, is that okay?05:11
holsteindanny4way: is the printer connected to the wireless network?05:11
MoPacdanny4way: HP-LIP has a device manager to set up HP printers05:11
danny4wayI am not setting up my hP printer on my laptop05:11
holsteindanny4way: how are you seting it up?05:12
universalwilee-nilee: ohh, thats weird...I thought rar is most preferable for general users !05:12
holsteindanny4way: vie the wifi network? is the printer connected to the wifi network? and is the ubuntu machine? can you ping the printer?05:12
danny4wayWait. The only thing I know is that I need to set up on computer with router05:12
danny4waywhich I still haven't05:12
holsteindanny4way: correct.. *is* the pritner connected to the wireless router? yes or no?05:13
holsteindanny4way: is the computer connected to the *same* wireless router? yes or no?05:13
danny4wayBut the printer is manually by USB connected to my computer05:13
holsteindanny4way: so, you can print via USB?05:14
danny4wayYes but not wirelessly05:14
danny4wayOkay. Let me make this clear05:14
holsteindanny4way: is the computer connected to the *same* wireless router? yes or no?05:14
danny4wayI have one desktop and one laptop05:14
danny4wayMy desktop is windows05:14
danny4wayI have ubuntu on my laptop05:14
danny4wayMy desktop is connected to printer with USB manually05:15
holsteindanny4way: is the ubuntu machine connected to the same wireless router wirelessly via wifi conneciton that the printer is connected to?05:15
danny4wayBut my real question is Do I need to set up on desktop? And how?05:15
holsteindanny4way: the desktop is running windows..05:16
danny4waySame wireless router.05:16
=== julian_lunch is now known as julianwa
danny4wayYes. The desktop is running windows.05:16
holsteindanny4way: so, if the desktop is not printing to the HP printer, you would ask HP or seek windows support05:16
danny4wayBut I still don't have any idea how to set up wireless for my printer.05:16
holsteindanny4way: you would ask HP about that05:16
danny4waydesktop is printing is so well05:16
danny4wayJust that my laptop, I don't know how to connect05:17
danny4wayWhere do I click so I can connect with that printer?05:17
holsteindanny4way: there is a printer wizard in ubuntu... you can use it to try and discover the printer.. assuming they are both connected on the same network05:18
holsteini like to confirm that by pinging the printer..05:18
holsteindanny4way: you click "add a pritner"05:18
MoPacdanny4way: For ubuntu, install HP-LIP. But it doesn't sound like you're having an ubuntu problem -- it sounds more like a problem of finding wireless setup instructions in your HP manual05:18
danny4wayMoPac, yeah. that too05:18
universal_wilee-nilee: I got disconnected...so what do you use if rar is not preferable ?05:19
holsteindanny4way: the windows machine is printing wirelessly, correct?05:19
danny4wayManually with USB05:19
MoPacdanny4way: Have you tried doing a wireless setup by using the settings tools for your printer in the windows HP printer control software?05:19
holsteindanny4way: then, start there.. since you have well documented instructions and support.. actual documented windows support05:20
danny4wayOkay. I will go and check it out.05:20
danny4wayI think I get what you guys are talking about now.05:20
holsteindanny4way: what do i do? i connect *everything* to the same network.. i get IP addresses, and i see that i can ping everything.. then, i use the GUI wizard tools to try first05:20
chiquesok, distro upgrade via ssh , not a good idea05:20
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bruce_Hi, I am using Ubuntu on a Macbook Pro. I just loaded it, and none of the close/minimize etc buttons are on any windows. Also, the latest window to be opened stays on top, no matter what. I have done a restart, and its the same...05:58
holsteinbruce_: arent on any windows?05:59
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
bruce_holstein - yes, no buttons on windows - only menu items...05:59
holsteinbruce_: can you take a screenshot? and elaborate about the focus issue?06:01
bruce_holstein - yes, whats a quick way to do that?06:01
holsteinbruce_: i use imagebin06:02
bruce_holstein - cool, done. can I paste it in here? what's the protocol?06:02
bruce_holstein - none of the resizing stuff works for the outside edge of windows - its like the whole border is not being drawn...06:03
holsteinbruce_: i use imagebin to host/share06:04
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:04
holsteinbruce_: sounds like an issue with the graphics hardware driver..06:05
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FroMasterI've got a 24 servers with 12 SATA drives (288 total) and I need a way to test all the drives to see if they are failing... The typical tools from WD and Seagate don't detect all the disks via their DOS tools. What can i run in Linux that will allow me to run each of the drives through a deep scan?06:07
bruce_holstein - here it is: http://imagebin.org/26678006:07
bruce_holstein - i havent made any changes to anything that i know of...06:07
holsteinFroMaster: i use the smart tools from a live CD06:08
holsteinbruce_: what graphics hardware do you have?06:08
=== tvoss_ is now known as tvoss|flaky_wire
Ultimate4Hello there. I am not able to get frontend ubuntu graphical interface working after many tries. Is there something i can do?06:10
bruce_holstein - it's an AMD radeon HD 6000M series - it's a hybrid graphics card for a 2011 Macbook Pro...06:10
hanumanhow can i do kvm virtualization06:10
bruce_holstein - i mean 6600 series:)06:10
Ultimate4I can't open file manager. Desktop is also not working. But terminal and all applications are working fine.06:10
holsteinbruce_: i would say, you should try installing a proprietary driver for the ATI device06:11
Ultimate4I can open browsers from terminal.06:11
holstein!ati | this is what i reference06:11
ubottuthis is what i reference: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto06:11
Ultimate4Is there a command to reset everything related to ubuntu graphical interface including deleting old configurations?06:12
bruce_holstein - yes, good suggestion - do I look for it at the AMD site? This is new to me - what kind of file do i look for, or can i do it another way?06:12
holsteinUltimate4: i would try as another user. if all is well, then the issue is likely in your user's /home06:12
holsteinbruce_: i reference the link i gave, which will say what package to use.. i usually start with the default one in the repos06:12
bruce_holstein: not quite sure what you mean - which link are you talking about?06:13
Ultimate4holstein: I did it. But same problem persists. Other than that, everything works fine including system sound. I can even play videos using vlc and on youtube.06:14
holstein!ati | bruce_06:14
ubottubruce_: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto06:14
Ultimate4So it doesn't seem to be drivers issue. Maybe some corrupted desktop configuration.06:14
holstein^^ that one bruce_ ... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto06:15
holsteinUltimate4: what seems to have cuased this?06:15
bruce_holstein: trying now - thanks:)06:15
bruce_ubottu thanks:)06:15
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots06:15
hanumancan any one send links for kvm virtualization using command prompt in ubuntu 12.04 LTS06:17
Ultimate4holstein: Last time i installed audacity, pavumeter and pavucontrol packages and rebooted my computer. This problem started after that.06:17
holsteinUltimate4: after also taking upgrades?06:17
holsteinUltimate4: so, you installed *many* other packages06:17
phizes_Hi, I am using https://launchpad.net/~ondrej/+archive/mysql to get MySQL 5.5 for Precise, the problem is that 5.6 is also provided, I have managed to pin most of the packages at 5.5 (notably the ones with 5.5 in the package name) I can't work out how to pin libmysqlclient18 to 5.5 as well, here is my current apt preferences.d config http://paste.ubuntu.com/5957784/ Could any one point me in the right direction?06:17
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto06:18
holsteinUltimate4: what would i do? run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade".. reboot and test.. then, if its still there, i would start by trying to boot an older kernel06:18
Ultimate4holstein: No. The problem just after installing these three packages. I upgraded ubuntu thinking that the problem may get automatically resolved, but it didn't.06:19
phizes_somsip: Yes, I have followed that, but unfortunately I can't figure out how to pin to a different version, in the same repo, when the package name is the same.06:19
holsteinUltimate4: then, skip to the step about booting an older kernel, friend06:19
phizes_And for the same Ubuntu release06:19
holsteinUltimate4: if you thing those packages caused the issue, remove them (i dont think they did)06:20
Ultimate4holstein: I removed them, but it also didn't helped. Is there a command to just reset every graphical frontend interface configuration?06:21
=== phizes_ is now known as phizes
Ultimate4Otherwise my last resort would to install a fresh new OS on my /dev/sda7 drive.06:21
Ultimate4Which currently holds this ubuntu OS06:22
holsteinUltimate4: so the older kernel didnt help?06:22
Ultimate4yes, it didn't06:22
holsteinUltimate4: do you have any PPA's added?06:23
holsteinUltimate4: then, i would try looking at some logs, or elaborating, or go for the fresh install06:25
holsteinUltimate4: the issue with that is, you wont konw what you did to cause it06:25
Ultimate4I am also thinking of a fresh install.06:25
Ultimate4But i have a problem.06:25
Ultimate4My CD Drive is broken.06:25
Ultimate4And my pc don't support usb boot06:26
holsteinUltimate4: you can take the hard drive to another machine06:26
phizesUltimate4: PXE install? If it supports network boot?06:26
Ultimate4By the way, i have windows 7 and windows xp installed alongwith ubuntu, and i can switch them in grub.06:26
qinWonder what machine running ms7 do not boot vie usb...06:28
holsteinqin: broken hardware06:28
holsteinqin: should boot USB though, right?06:29
holsteini have had luck on "broken" cd roms getting plop boot CD to boot there06:29
qinthis would point to simple radical solution like new parts...06:29
Ultimate4Is there a way to setup windows 7 so that when next time i restart my PC, ubuntu ISO get booted from a particular location?06:29
Ultimate4Or probably boot ISO from grub ?06:29
=== universal is now known as welcome
Ultimate4windows 7 is on /dev/sda106:30
holsteinUltimate4: i dont know windows, but nothing about linux/ubuntu is preventing you from installing via bootstrap, USB, PXE.. or on another machine. or with a replacement rom drive06:30
somsipphizes: eh? That was a reminder to me. It wasn't aimed at you :)06:30
somsipphizes: but I just used: echo firefox hold | sudo dpkg --set-selections06:31
Ultimate4I see.06:31
phizessomsip: Ah, apologies, I had just asked a pinning question, so I thought it was directed at me.06:31
somsipphizes: np :) Does that use of --set-selections help you?06:31
qinUltimate4: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1549847 for isobooting06:32
qinUltimate4: sorry, this one: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot06:32
phizessomsip: Will look at it now, I think I didn't go that route initially as it may have set it to a specific version, while I still want the updates for 5.5, just not to 5.606:33
somsipphizes: ah. Not sure if what I posted will work then. I just needed to pin at an old version of FF and not apply any updates06:33
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phizessomsip: Also, I'm not sure if it will still apply with a dist-upgrade, but haven't tried, thanks.06:34
Ultimate4ty qin06:37
Shrimp_i want to re-package a install iso image with src image, what should i do06:39
ubottuInterested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility06:40
martin1989hi everybody06:42
martin1989i enabled the text mode06:42
martin1989but now vlc does not reproduce sound06:42
dr_williseduardo_:  what?06:42
holsteinmartin1989: cvlc?06:42
martin1989i tried to see a movie06:43
dr_willismartin1989:  how are you starting  the desktop gui?06:43
holsteinmartin1989: the desktop starts things that are needed. you'll need to determine what you need and start it06:43
martin1989after i wrote startx06:43
martin1989i see06:43
holsteinmartin1989: x was already starting06:43
martin1989i didnt know that06:43
holsteinmartin1989: automatically06:43
Shrimp_ubottu: thank u06:43
holstein!bot > Shrimp_06:44
ubottuShrimp_, please see my private message06:44
dr_willisvlc has a setting to use alsa instead of pulse audio06:44
eduardo_pt br???06:44
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.06:44
martin1989how could i make vlc takes the sound again??06:44
lkthomasLOL, how come ubuntu for desktop installation is so nice06:44
lkthomasand for server installation still have no GUI06:44
holsteinmartin1989: one suggestion i believe you just missed was looking for alsa output in vlc06:45
dr_willisbe sure pulse audio is running. or set vlc to use alsa06:45
holsteinmartin1989: or, just revert the settings, if you want a desktop machine06:45
martin1989all right06:45
dysunHi all. Earlier I had created a user called dysun_guest and made rbash it's default shell. As the user 'dysun_guest' i typed in the command 'bash' and managed to get around the rbash restrictions. Now whenever I type in cd ~ as 'dysun' it tries to go to the home directory of root. It throws the following error "bash: cd: /root: Permission denied". I checked in the /etc/passwd file and my home directory is still /home/dysun. Any06:45
dysunthoughts on how to fix this?06:45
welcomedr_willis: I purged rar and unrar packages and reinstalled them again by dpkg and apt-get but cbr and rar options are not shown up in format options tab of compress window when right clicking on any file or folder and choosing compress06:45
dr_willislkthomas: a has no x desktop normally06:45
martin1989nono..i want to run the pc in text mode06:45
lkthomasdr_willis: huh ?06:45
martin1989except when i see a movi06:46
martin1989there i put startx06:46
lkthomasdr_willis: installer should have one06:46
martin1989see the movie06:46
martin1989and then come back to de the06:46
FloodBot1martin1989: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:46
dr_willislkthomas:  not really.. text installer works fine06:46
lkthomasdr_willis: I know, but it look nicer :P06:46
dr_willisserver is not about looks06:46
lkthomasdr_willis: I also know :)06:47
dr_willismartin1989:  mplayer can play a movie on the consoles  no x needed06:47
lkthomasdr_willis: WHAT?!06:48
lkthomasdr_willis: is it using frame buffer ?06:48
dr_willismartin1989:  vlc uses pulse audio by default. of you dont have pulse going set it to use alsa06:49
dr_willislkthomas: i think so06:49
dr_willisor sdl06:49
lkthomasdr_willis: I think frame buffer have limitation, but not sure what06:49
lkthomasI was trying to find a browser program which run on framebuffer as well06:50
dr_willisive watched tons of videos in the framebuffer  mplayer stuff over the yeats06:50
qinlkthomas: elinks, links206:50
dr_willislinks2 -g    i think06:50
lkthomasqin: does it work well with javascript as well ?06:50
dr_willistry it and see  ;-)06:52
qinlkthomas: good you do not need flash, http://askubuntu.com/questions/34687/is-there-a-text-mode-browser-which-support-javascript06:55
skeptihi, can anyone help with a 13.04 hibernate prob? "sudo s2disk" works, "sudo pm-hibernate" works, but clicking hibernate in the system menu freezes, forcing hard-reset to recover06:55
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NetuHello there, is anyone familiar with Linux SCCM configuration and troubleshooting?07:07
=== tomaw_ is now known as tomaw
bazhangNetu, related to Ubuntu support how?07:09
Netubazhang: I was just wondering If I could get any help from here... Since I havent been able to find anywhere else... :)07:10
MouzzShould it be possible to set up two (or more) google (apps) talk accounts with 2-factor auth in Empathy (Ubuntu online accounts)07:11
karthik__hi every one i want to transfer file localhost to remote system can u help me?07:11
MouzzBecause it does not work for me. Either one or the other account gets logged in and the other displays a "auth required" message.07:12
Mouzzkarthik__: I'd use ssh for that with the command "scp"07:12
karthik__thank u <Mouzz>07:13
Mouzzkarthik__: example "scp localFilename.ext karthik@remote.computer.org:/destination/path"07:14
italiahi, how can i go to system in ubuntu 13.04, please07:20
Mouzzitalia: "go to system" ?07:20
italiayes, please07:20
MouzzWhat is that? What do you mean by that?07:20
histo!it | italia07:21
ubottuitalia: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)07:21
italiabefore you put administration/preferencias/system in ubuntu 11.1007:22
histokarthik__: or sshfs07:23
histoitalia: click your name by the clock or type in system in the dash07:23
italiaty, ang go to equipe  please07:25
LopeI'm busy installing a Netbeans IDE. it defaults to my /home dir but since my /home dir is encrypted I'd rather not putnetbeans there for performance reasons. I'd prefer /opt. I googled it and apparently /opt is a common choice. any recommendations?07:26
italiais easy go to files and folders, but hlow can i go to equipe, please07:27
LEGENDHello there. Is there any difference between functionality and appearance between 12.04 LTS and 13.04?07:31
LEGENDI have a pretty much slow connection. So it's not feasible to upgrade every 9 months.07:32
bazhangLEGEND, try them via live dvd/usb and decide07:32
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dysunHi all. Earlier I had created a user called dysun_guest and made rbash it's default shell. As the user 'dysun_guest' i typed in the command 'bash' and managed to get around the rbash restrictions. Now whenever I type in cd ~ as 'dysun' it tries to go to the home directory of root. It throws the following error "bash: cd: /root: Permission denied". I checked in the /etc/passwd file and my home directory is still /home/dysun. Any07:39
dysunthoughts on how to fix this?07:39
thedoctaris au.archive.ubuntu.com up?07:40
thedoctarI get this error while trying to upgrade:07:41
thedoctarErr http://au.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ raring-updates/main firefox-globalmenu amd64 23.0+build2-0ubuntu0.13.04.107:41
thedoctar  Connection failed07:41
somsipLope: runthe installer as sudo and it will end up in /usr/local IIRC07:41
thedoctaractually, don't worry; for some reason it works now07:43
histoTheLordOfTime: try isitlive.net07:45
histoTheLordOfTime: sorry wrong person07:46
histodysun: how did you create the user? You can use usermod to specify a new home07:46
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lisakhey, after yesterday's update, I noticed in software centre history, that  gnome-panel, gnome-session-fallback, gnome-applets  etc. were removed  and I can't login to my gnome-classic07:58
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Shadow}}Anyone know where the the history to Skype is located? Or how to delete said history...07:59
blazemoreShadow}}: look in ~/.Skype07:59
lisakand it is unable to install those libs  https://gist.github.com/l15k4/617211507:59
lisakI'm on 12.0408:00
blazemorelisak: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop08:00
lisakcan I do that when in X session ?08:00
blazemorelisak: Yes08:01
blazemorelisak: Reboot after08:01
Shadow}}Not seeing anything directly called history or log... Any idea which of these is history if any?08:01
histoShadow}}: probably in a sqlite database somewhere08:02
histoShadow}}: you could strace it and see or let me look at something real quick08:02
blazemoreShadow}}: I think it's all the *.dbb files08:02
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blazemoreShadow}}: http://princesewani.wordpress.com/2012/03/27/how-to-clear-skype-chat-history-on-ubuntu/08:02
Shadow}}Hm, Will these command lines the same for Xubuntu?08:04
Shadow}}* are these..08:04
histoShadow}}: yes08:04
Shadow}}Okay; And how to enter these double command lines? One after another, Or like shift_enter both?08:05
lisakblazemore, I suppose now I have to install gnome-classic08:06
lisakcause there is now option for it when logging in08:06
histoShadow}}: what double command lines?08:06
Shadow}}Uh well, It lists two lines of commands stack on top of one another on this help page.08:07
histoShadow}}: that command is horrible08:07
Shadow}}Right, So just go find the files and do it manually?08:08
lisakblazemore, https://gist.github.com/l15k4/617216908:08
histoShadow}}: cd into your skype directory and find . -name "*.dbb" -delete08:08
histoShadow}}: that will delete all .dbb files down from whatever directory you are in.08:09
Shadow}}But...All these are .db not .dbb O.o08:09
histoShadow}}: then fix with .db accordingly but make sure you are in the .Skype directory first08:10
elisa87do you know why am receiving this segfault or how to acquire more info through gdb? here is what I have investigated so far http://paste.ubuntu.com/5958050/08:10
histoShadow}}: or find .Skype -name '*.db' -delete08:10
karthik__hi every one i want to transfer file localhost to remote system can u help me with example?08:11
histokarthik__: scp somefile user@remotehost:/path/to/whereever08:11
Shadow}}histo; Sorry but could you be more specific on what the line is?  Without sudo? And start with /find/?08:11
histokarthik__: assuming the remote host is listening via ssh08:12
elisa87karthik__:  try scp08:12
histoShadow}}: you don't need sudo08:12
histoShadow}}: "find .Skype -name '*.db' -delete"   that will find all db files in the .Skype directory and delete them.08:12
Shadow}}Erm, -name isn't to replaced by the skype user's name? Or is?08:13
histoShadow}}: no -name is used to specify the *.db files08:13
Shadow}}histo; Oh! Gotcha, Thanks.08:13
histoShadow}}: I don't know how else to explain it.  find files in .Skype that contain in their name .db and -delete them basically08:14
Shadow}}Nono I get it now; Just got confused after seeing those lines on that site compared to that one...08:15
histoShadow}}: the lines on the site were silly my way is more efficient08:15
Shadow}}Well it certainly deleted history along with the contacts. xD Glad I only had three.08:16
Shadow}}Luckily it won't be required again; I just forgot to disable history before using Skype on this drive...08:17
wiehanhow do I clear smb-client or nautilus samba saved passwords/keyrings/credentials?08:19
histoShadow}}: if you log back into skype it should pull your contacts back down08:20
Shadow}}Ah, It didn't the first time for some reason. o.o08:21
Shadow}}Thanks histo.08:21
wiehanhow does one clear all samba stored passwords and credentials?08:22
histowiehan: first you need to figure out where they are stored probably in your keyring08:24
wiehanhisto, I checked the keyring: Only contains google chrome passwords... no samba or nautilus08:24
lisakhow can I get rid of the backup linux-image packages ? https://gist.github.com/l15k4/617223908:25
lisakto free up some disk space08:25
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wiehanlisak maybe a bit unrelated but sudo apt-get dist-upgrade clears some unwanted packages08:26
lisakI don't see a reason for ubuntu to keep 30 versions of the same package08:26
lisakwiehan, I need to free up some disk space to perform dist-upgrade08:27
lisakI have just 1,9GB08:27
lisakanybody ?08:28
wiehanlisak, remember dist-upgrade doesn't upgrade your distro to the latest version - it is a massive misnomer\08:29
histolisak: just remove them.08:29
histolisak: remove the kernels that aren't in use or use unattended-upgrades to do it08:29
llutzlisak: sudo aptitude purge '~n3.2.0-2' '~n3.2.0-3'08:30
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
llutzlisak: if you are sure the -51 works fine, also purge -408:31
krzhow do i know which version of mongodb is in apt-cache?08:34
llutzkrz apt-cache policy <packagename>08:35
lisakthanks, 4GB freed08:35
krzim trying to install mongodb. but apt-cache policy doesnt say anythign about the version it will install08:36
llutzsure it does08:36
llutzhere (12.10) it says .. Candidate: 1:2.0.6-1ubuntu4 ..08:37
krzllutz: what version of mongodb is that?08:37
krzoh 2.0.6?08:37
llutzkrz: i'd guess08:38
krzerr i need 2.2 at least08:38
histokrz: apt-cache showpkg packagename08:38
histo!info mongodb08:39
ubottumongodb (source: mongodb): object/document-oriented database (metapackage). In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.2.4-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 5 kB, installed size 41 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; armhf)08:39
krzshould i do sudo-apt get mongodb or mongodb-server?08:39
sirstoniussooo do i have to purchase steam to download it via ubuntu software center?08:39
ActionParsnip!info mongodb08:39
somsipkrz: apt-get madison packagename can also give helpful info08:39
histosirstonius: no08:39
DJonessirstonius: YOu have to go through the purchase process, but the price is Nil08:39
sirstoniusdo i have to enter billing/cc info?08:39
DJonessirstonius: No08:40
krzk. 2.2.4 is good enough08:40
LEGENDThere is ubuntu 11.04 already installed on /dev/sda7. Now i would like to install ubuntu 12.04 LTS on that extended drive by replacing 11.04. Should i delete all files of 11.04 manually or i would get the option to format /dev/sda7 at installation time?08:40
sirstoniusDJones, histo, thanks. was curious about that.. on to install it now08:40
iceroot_LEGEND: use the way with the partiton08:40
LEGENDiceroot_: I don't get it. Do you mean formatting during installation time?08:41
LEGENDBtw, i don't know where the grub stage 2 files are kept.08:41
LEGENDI have four operating systems currently on grub: Windows XP, Windows 7, Backtrack and Ubuntu 11.04.08:42
LEGENDAnd i assume that partition info is kept on /dev/sda08:43
marko-_-does ubuntu know of any gui program that lets me sync data on my portable HD? What i want it to do is when i plug in my HD it automaticly copies some files from the pc on to the hd08:43
LEGENDSo if touch /dev/sda7, would i be good to go?08:43
iceroot_LEGEND: yes08:44
iceroot_LEGEND: remove the partitons you dont need anymore and use that free space for the new installation08:44
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wiehanOk, ubuntu/nautilus/samba thinks it's really cool to have stored my samba credentials for a network share, but now because of that it says "Permission denied" when I try to access said share, I really really really need  a way to clear all stored samba credentials... I have tried the google.,08:48
=== zz_DenBeiren is now known as DenBeiren
ActionParsnipwiehan: tried 'passwords' in Dash?08:49
wiehanActionParsnip, yup.. there's only stored chrome passwords in there08:51
uttergleehello folks08:52
uttergleeI want to push to my server08:52
uttergleeI've set up ssh and can login to the server08:52
uttergleebut all combinations I've tried for the git-remote URL have failed so far08:52
uttergleegit remote server username@dev.server.com:/var/www/dev-repo.git08:53
uttergleeand so on08:53
uttergleewhat's the right URL format? I've googled but can't find the precise info08:53
nbros652does anyone know of a command that would let me take a screenshot at set intervals of a remote computer running a VNC server to be saved as a simple graphic?08:54
=== DABoss is now known as Jankum
ActionParsnipwiehan: seems to be handled by the gnome-keyring-daemon08:55
ActionParsnipnbros652: you can do it using ssh08:55
wiehanActionParsnip, how do I clear the gnome-keyring-daemon08:55
nbros652ActionParsnip: strictly ssh or ssh and another program?08:55
ActionParsnipnbros652: You can then run a bash loop to run: DISPLAY=:0.0 import -window root /tmp/shot1.png     you will need imagemagick installing08:56
ActionParsnipnbros652: simple bash loop to increment the number if needed08:57
InFlameshow can i reassign my root partition to another partition on the same drive?08:57
nbros652ActionParsnip: thanks. that's exactly what I needed.08:57
InFlamesmy original partition was too small, and resizing it required moving the entire /home, so i decided to simply move it after /home08:57
ActionParsnipwiehan: http://askubuntu.com/questions/65281/how-to-recover-reset-forgotten-gnome-keyring-password   it'll removed stored credentials for the other stuff you have stored from Nautilus etc08:58
nbros652ActionParsnip: increment is not necessary... It's going in a conky script so I can see the status of a remote computer.08:58
DJonesInFlames: http://askubuntu.com/questions/3402/how-to-move-boot-and-root-partitions-to-another-drive08:58
ActionParsnipnbros652: nice, then the image can stay the same :)08:58
InFlamesthanks DJones08:59
DJonesInFlames: This is a bit more detailed on how to move a partition https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MovingLinuxPartition08:59
InFlamesi need to update fstab and grub08:59
InFlamesyea, thanks09:00
marko-_-I am looking for a solution for copying all the files from a specific directory on the hard drive, to a specific directory on a USB memory device, once this device is connected.I am using ubuntu 13.0409:00
InFlamesnow to determine if it's grub 1 or 209:00
WezykeOla bruda09:01
WezykeOla ikonia bruda09:01
InFlamesmarko-_-, automatically?09:01
marko-_-InFlames, yes09:02
InFlamesi only know you can do that manually with dd09:02
marko-_-i mean09:02
marko-_-i bought my portable hdd because of that09:03
pneftalihi guys - any other recommendations on ways to install apache 2 in ubuntu 12.04 64bit box ? is apt-get install apache2 the only way to do it ?09:03
marko-_-i want to use it as a backup which automaticly transfers what i pre-selected to it09:03
k1lpneftali: that is the supported way, yes09:03
InFlamesyou could use some 3rd party gui tools if you like09:03
InFlameslike crashplan, might make life easier09:03
InFlamesa bit more bloated though09:03
k1lmarko-_-: what about the backup programs like dejadub?09:04
pneftalik1l: are they any other ways besides that ?09:04
greyhatpythonhey guys i can access share folder from other computer via Samba but my share folder is not accessible to others, i have given full permission. What might be the problem?09:05
llutzmarko-_-: google for "udev rule backup", there should be a solution for that in the wiki09:05
k1lpneftali: there are, but 1. why do you want that, 2. that is not recommended and not supported in here09:05
ActionParsnipgreyhatpython: what OS is the server? What OS is the client?09:05
marko-_-llutz, thanks09:05
greyhatpythonUbuntu 13.0409:05
greyhatpythonboth are Ubuntu09:05
llutzmarko-_-: basic idea: you write an udev-rule which will call a backup-script when a special usb-device is plugged in09:06
Left_Turnwhat do i open pdfs with.. the default09:06
ActionParsnipgreyhatpython: what do yo usee when you access the share?09:06
marko-_-llutz, yeah this makes sense, thanks. But i really thought this was everyday work09:06
marko-_-so i thought it was just a few clicks09:06
marko-_-in the gui09:06
marko-_-to get it working09:07
DJonesLeft_Turn: As far as I know, the default pdf viewer is Evince09:07
Left_Turnok thank DJones09:08
llutzmarko-_-: there might be GUI-solutions, but i don't know any (i'm not much of a GUI-guy).09:08
greyhatpythonActionParsnip: I press Alt + F2 and type smb://ip address it shows "OOPS! Something went wrong. Unhandled error message: Failed to retrieve share list from server: connection timed out09:09
marko-_-llutz, thanks09:09
quackgyverI just installed Ubuntu and can't get my Terminal window to overlap the sidebar09:10
quackgyverhow can I fix this?09:10
k1lgreyhatpython: im not sure its ment to work that way. i think you need to start nautilis first and then give it the smb url09:10
ActionParsnipgreyhatpython: try from nautilus09:11
greyhatpythonWell nautilus will keep on searching... but no results09:12
ActionParsnipquackgyver: if you use terminal a lot, I can recommend guake (or yakuake if you use KDE)09:12
ActionParsnipgreyhatpython: type the servername and the share name in the details box.09:12
greyhatpythonThe error message is also from nautilus09:12
pneftalik1l: okay thanks.. i thought there's a better way than that..09:14
k1lpneftali: what should be "better"?09:14
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pneftalik1l: like you can configure options to make it more secure etc...09:14
pneftaliso securing apache2 is done after installation i suppose09:15
k1lpneftali: yes09:15
pneftalik1l: gotcha09:16
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quackgyverActionParsnip: Does that solve my issue?09:18
ActionParsnipquackgyver: it will go over the Unity launcher bar...09:22
trijntjeIs there a way to get older daily builds of saucy? I need to investigate a kernel panic that only triggers while updating, so I need an old image to start from09:22
quackgyverOk, will consider that. However, I'd prefer to use the native terminal. Is there any way to make Unity not overlap applications when applications are maximized?09:22
quackgyverOh, maybe it doesn't.09:23
somsip!13.10 | trijntje09:25
ubottutrijntje: Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) will be the 19th release of Ubuntu. Announcement: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1252 - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+109:25
quackgyverwtf, file manager crashed09:25
quackgyver5 minutes into a fresh installation09:25
quackgyvera quality os shouldn't do this09:25
lesshaste_ sudo apt-get update09:26
lesshaste_E: Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)09:26
lesshaste_what can I do about that?09:26
vijacdblzanyone using nvidia gtx-540m09:26
trijntjequackgyver, you were using the file manager during installation?09:27
quackgyvertrijntje: No afterwards. I booted into desktop, updated, upgraded then tried to unpack an archive09:28
vijacdblz@lesshaste try this   sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/lock09:28
quackgyverand it crashed09:28
k1llesshaste_: close all programs that use the packages system like softwarecenter, updates-program, etc09:28
lesshaste_k1l, I can't see any open!09:29
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lesshaste_vijacdblz, thanks!09:29
vijacdblzyou are welcome :)09:29
trijntjequackgyver, if it is reproducable, please file a bug. Also, you can set the unity launcher to autohide if you want to use the full screen09:29
quackgyverI just submitted a report via the crash dialogue box.09:30
quackgyverAnd yeah I know it can autohide, but I prefer to have it visible as long as an app isnt fullscreen09:30
quackgyverBut yeah, it's not a huge issue.09:30
trijntjethere used to be an option to do that, intellihide. Which version of ubuntu are you using?09:31
quackgyverThe latest non-LTS desktop version09:31
quackgyverdownloaded it yesterday09:31
greyhatpythonTried all the steps mentioned in this link but still didn't work: http://askubuntu.com/questions/74789/failed-to-retrieve-share-list-from-server-error-when-browsing-a-share-with-nau09:32
trijntjequackgyver, I think that option was removed from the settings, I cant find it now09:32
ActionParsnipquackgyver: it is the native terminal in functionality, you can show and hide it with a shortcut key (F12 by default)09:32
quackgyver trijntje That's a shasme.09:33
quackgyverActionParsnip: I'm using a keyboard where F keys are alt, so that'd be really annoying for me. I think the most logical approach is to show the application bar when applications aren't maximized, and hide it if the user tries to maximize09:34
quackgyverin which case autohide would be an okay solution09:34
quackgyverSo this is what I'd like to have, if possilbe09:34
ActionParsnipquackgyver: its changable, the default is not hard coded09:38
sirstoniusjust installed xubuntu.. cannot lock my laptop mousepad now.. any ideas?09:39
trijntjequackgyver, go to appearances -> behaviour09:40
HexagoniteWhat's the best 'bs=M' for 'dd'-ing a Xubuntu ISO?09:42
HexagoniteNevermind, 8M.09:44
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MuZeHi, i'm currently using window's 7, and i'm primarily a gamer, and i'v heard alot of good things about linux/ubuntu, i was wondering if i could switch to ubuntu, for gaming? would this work? could i play the games i play on my pc now, on ubuntu? etc.09:45
ActionParsniphexdepends on the device, there is no single best or it would be the default for everything09:45
quackgyvertrijntje: Thanks. :-)09:46
blzMuZe, you'll be globally disappointed with gaming under ubuntu (although things are getting better)09:46
vijacdblzsirstonius, what model?09:46
blzMuZe, but you can very easily set up a dual-boot system if you're curious about ubuntu09:46
MuZeis there anyway i can use linux for gaming? i wanna switch from windows. :(09:46
MuZei heard ubuntu is more safe & security etc etc & faster09:46
vijacdblzMuZe, what graphics card?09:47
sirstoniusvijacdblz, hp envy m6 i believe09:47
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ActionParsnipMuZe: depends on the game09:47
MuZeNvidia GeForce GTX 670, 4GB Overclocked09:47
blzMuZe, I just answered your question...09:47
blzMuZe, but steam is available for linux now09:47
blzMuZe, just don't expect every (or even most) games to work09:48
MuZealright thanks blz, btw i heard something about ''Wine'' which can run windows applications, could this not work for gaming?09:48
vijacdblzMuZe, expect powermizer setting always clocking to max after installing nvidia driver, Not good for battery..09:48
blzMuZe, you *can*, but again you'll probably be disappointed09:48
blzMuZe, older games will probably work well09:48
ActionParsnipMuZe: yes but again, depends on the game09:48
blzMuZe, I play BroodWar on wine quite often09:49
blzMuZe, but it really depends on the game09:49
ActionParsnipMuZe: some games run well, some run beter than in windows, some wont even install09:49
ActionParsnip!appdb | MuZe09:49
ubottuMuZe: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help09:49
ActionParsnipMuZe: some games are native and run with Linux binaries09:49
blzMuZe, you should look at WineHQ.  It's a database of software that runs on wine, along with ratings for how well it runs09:49
MuZebtw the games im talking about, are the ''latest'' games09:52
MuZesoo, i guess maybe not09:52
zimboi can see that there is a webserver running when i nmap localhost or type http://localhost in my browser. how can i find out which webserver it is and remove it? when i try to apt-get remove apache it says apache isn't installed09:52
MuZeand btw iv got a Desktop btw09:52
llutzzimbo: sudo lsof -i :8009:52
blzMuZe, yeah, linux might not be for you09:53
blzMuZe, but again, dual-booting is trivially easy with the graphical installer09:53
MuZehow do i go about this ''Dual-booting'' option, got any links for a tutorial etc?09:55
nice_hazehello, I had ubuntu 12.04 only on my device, I shrinked partition, to get 200 gb for windows09:55
nice_hazeinstalled windows on those 200 gb09:56
blzMuZe, download an ubuntu .iso image and burn it to a cd (or stick it on a usb key.  The ubuntu website has details).  Then, boot from that medium and the graphical installer will walk you through it.  A drunk 3-year-old could do it.09:56
nice_hazeand now It doesn't loads GRUB boot loader09:56
DenBeirennice_haze: always install windows first,.. bunt after09:56
blznice_haze, yes, that's because windows has overwritten the bootloader.  You just have to boot from a livecd and reinstall grub09:56
blznice_haze, after that you should be fine.  Google will guide you through the steps (as I can't recall them exactly... but it's like one or two commands)09:57
zimbollutz: it's apache2 how can i remove it09:57
llutzzimbo: sudo apt-get purge apache209:57
nice_hazehow to reinstall grub, cause I don't want to loose any files09:57
nice_hazeor software09:57
blznice_haze, see my answer09:58
zimbollutz: it says apache2 is not installed09:58
nice_hazehow to blz?09:58
blznice_haze, boot into a live cd.  Google "reinstall grub" and you'll find your answer09:58
llutzzimbo: dpkg -l|grep apache            check the list, remove the packages09:58
nice_haze+ I don't have network card working in windows09:59
blzthen use whatever you're using to connect to IRC ...09:59
blznice_haze, clearly you're on the internet...09:59
zimbollutz: thanks09:59
nice_hazeblz, doh09:59
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nice_hazesudo grub sudo: grub: command not found10:00
blznice_haze, JFGI10:00
nice_hazeThe program 'grub' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing: sudo apt-get install grub10:01
blznice_haze, why are you hell-bent on not googling "reinstall grub" ?10:01
DJones!google | blz10:01
ubottublz: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.10:01
blzDJones, following the conversation is typically recommended as well.  I told him exactly what to look for10:02
nice_hazeI am not a newbie, but you seriously think with your googles10:02
HexagoniteNeed help; I made a Ubuntu USB drive using DD and I wanted to format it now; I opened GParted and it popped-up 'The driver descriptor says the physical block size is 2048 bytes, but Linux says it is 512 bytes', what does that mean?10:02
blznice_haze, http://lmgtfy.com/?q=reinstall+grub10:02
DJonesblz: It may be, but please don't tell people to google, its not considered appropriate in the Ubuntu channels10:02
HexagoniteThe USB's size is now also 15GB when the USB is really only 4GB10:03
blzDJones, sure it is.  "Google 'reinstall grub' and you'll find your answer to your problem" is absolutely appropriate10:03
blzBut here's a link anyway:  http://lmgtfy.com/?q=reinstall+grub10:03
VictorCLcan anyone tell me what does  useradd -g www-data -d /dev/null -s /etc ftpuser    that /etc does ?10:04
DJonesblz: No its not, If you find a link thats appropriate, then give the link rather than saying google it10:04
VictorCLis it the home folder of the user?10:04
garthkHaving already tried all the solutions on askubuntu.com: anyone know why I'm getting this "signatures were invalid" error trying to use the basho.com APT? W: GPG error: http://apt.basho.com precise Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG F933E597DDF2E833 Basho Technologies (Debian / Ubuntu signing key) <packager@basho.com>10:04
llutzVictorCL: man useradd (-s shell), /etc makes no sense to me there10:04
garthkFailed "solutions" included all these: http://askubuntu.com/questions/1877/what-is-the-easiest-way-to-resolve-apt-get-badsig-gpg-errors10:05
garthkIn short, I've tried re-getting the key and blowing away /var/lib/apt/lists.10:05
blzDJones, no the issue with google is that, as mentioned in the bot's message, user's google-fu is sometimes lacking.  This is understandable.  Suggesting search terms is immensely helpful and doesn't hinder them in any way10:05
blzDJones, the issue here is when somebody won't lift a finger to solve their own problem.  I'm willing to help, but I'm busy as well10:05
MxScoutjoin #pad10:11
babinlonstoncant remove fail2ban .. im now in root and using apt-get remove fail2ban ... but still the configuration files are there10:16
babinlonstoneven i have used apt-get purge fail2ban10:16
babinlonstonapt-get autoclean also done but still the fail2ban there and i cant uninstall it10:17
babinlonstonhisto: u there10:17
llutzbabinlonston: sudo aptitude purge '~c'10:18
apozhow can i encrypt my home directory? which tutorial should i follow? is it better to encrypt just the home or the whole hard drive?10:18
babinlonstonllutz: oh u man done :)10:19
babinlonstonllutz:  when ever im installing fail2ban its gives me error not starting .. im using ubuntu 12.04 server ,10:20
somsipbabinlonston: if you amend anything, they won't get removed. Just sudo rm -rf /etc/fail2ban10:20
babinlonstonsomsip: did it after that only i faced and now its cleared as llutz instruction10:21
babinlonstonguide me to get ride of fail2ban10:21
ss_hazeI was here as nice_haze10:21
ss_hazeI got grub back10:21
ss_hazebut it's weird cause on windows I don't get internet working10:22
ss_hazeasus k35e drivers finding on google10:22
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llutzss_haze: /join ##windows10:22
Semen_DickmanYOOO WAZZUP PPLLLL10:23
nick878How would I stream a file to the standard input of an executable?10:31
apozcat file | exefile10:32
nick878so cat is not just for ascii?10:32
llutzhave fun with catting a mp310:33
llutznick878: the answer depends on your executable10:33
nick878my executable is ent10:33
nick878it does tests to see how random binary data is10:33
llutznick878: ent file           doesn't work?10:34
nick878llutz: It does work, but I need to run ent on separate blocks of my file10:34
llutznick878: dd if=file -|ent10:34
llutznick878: maybe "dd if=file -|ent -"  depends10:35
nick878llutz: awesome, thanks. So what does the - do?10:35
llutznick878: dd writes to stdout (-), ent reads it10:36
nick878llutz: ok, got it. i suppose i choose which block by providing options to dd10:36
llutznick878: yes, bs=, skip= count=  should be the options you need10:37
ak5hi guys what are the security repos for?10:38
Deepfriediceak5, Security updates?10:40
ActionPa1snipak5: http://bethesignal.org/blog/2008/03/31/understanding-the-ubuntu-package-repositories/10:41
DJonesak5: As far as I know, they contain patches for security vulnerabilities rather than updating the complete package in the normal repo's10:41
k1lak5: Patches for security vulnerabilities in Ubuntu packages. They are managed by the Ubuntu Security Team and are designed to change the behavior of the package as little as possible -- in fact, the minimum required to resolve the security problem. As a result, they tend to be very low-risk to apply and all users are urged to apply security updates.10:41
JoanetHi all! how can I share a folder in ubuntu 12.04 to other ubuntu machines?10:42
Joanetonly using smb?10:43
nick878llutz: thanks again (belayed)10:43
karthik__how to display hidden files in current directory using ls command?10:45
k1lkarthik__: take a look at -a10:46
zykotick9Joanet: NFS is the historic standard for sharing between *nix boxes10:50
HypnotiXIs there any software that integrates into the shell a command that can open the current folder location in the terminal? for example i right click in a folder and select open in terminal10:53
Joanetzykotick9: thanks10:54
ActionPa1snipHypnotiX: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue10:54
MonkeyDustHypnotiX  you mean in nautilus? there's nautilus-scripts10:54
zykotick9HypnotiX: see if nautilus-open-terminal is available / still works???10:54
HypnotiXin the file browser10:54
ActionPa1snip!info nautilus-open-terminal10:54
ubottunautilus-open-terminal (source: nautilus-open-terminal): nautilus plugin for opening terminals in arbitrary paths. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.20-1 (raring), package size 67 kB, installed size 801 kB10:54
HypnotiXActionPa1snip: Ubuntu 13.04 \n \l10:55
ActionPa1snipHypnotiX: you will need to restart nautilus to take effect (or log off and on)10:55
ActionPa1snipHypnotiX: I believe it is:   nautilus -q    (might be -k, see man page) to restart it in the same session10:57
HypnotiXok i have the command now thanx :)10:58
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Left_Tur1is it ok to read a linux guide from 1983.. or is this too outdated?11:02
ActionPa1snipLeft_Tur1: depends what it is for11:02
Left_Tur1normal usage and also programming ActionPa1snip11:03
Left_Tur1shell usgae11:03
ActionPa1snipLeft_Tur1: should be ok, some stuff may have changed subtly11:05
Left_Tur1oh ok great. thanks:)11:06
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robertzaccourIs it possible to partition a small part of my hard drive for mounting .iso files for booting into live session?11:11
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ActionPa1sniprobertzaccour: you could have a small partition to hold the ISO and tell Grub2 to boot from the ISO11:13
robertzaccourActionPa1snip: Is that easy to do?11:13
Ben64i don't even think you need a small partition for it11:13
jribrobertzaccour: do you need a separate partition? Are you sure you can't just ask to boot from an iso sitting anywhere?11:13
robertzaccourjrib: I don't even know. I'm just wondering about it in case I wanna boot an iso and don't have a usb flash or dvd handy.11:14
ActionPa1sniprobertzaccour: not had to do it, but I know Grub2 can boot ISO files11:15
kohvihoorrobertzaccour: you can find some info about doing this here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot/Examples11:15
axgbWhat command would I use to convert a whole folder and the subfolders of music from mp3 to ogg, with FFMPEG11:15
ActionPa1snipaxgb: converting from one lossy type to another lossy type will reduce quality11:16
Ben64axgb: why not oggenc? and you can use xargs and find, or a while loop in bash11:16
robertzaccourlooks complicated11:16
ActionPa1snipaxgb: http://askubuntu.com/questions/147944/bulk-batch-convert-mp3-files-to-ogg-via-command-line11:17
axgbI'm not sure which format would be best, I want it to be a free format11:17
ZIPYpress F13 and see what happens...11:17
Ben64ActionPa1snip is right though axgb, you should go to ogg directly from the source if possible11:18
k1lZIPY: be helpfull in this channel, thanks11:18
axgbWhat is the purpose of lossy?11:18
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garthkActionPa1snip: everyone cites your answers on this kind of error… but flushing out /var/lib/apt/lists et al isn't helping in my case. Any ideas? W: GPG error: http://apt.basho.com precise Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG F933E597DDF2E833 Basho Technologies (Debian / Ubuntu signing key) <packager@basho.com>11:19
john87can some one explain the reason for "sudo"11:20
k1l!sudo | john8711:20
ubottujohn87: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo11:20
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garthkjohn87: it forces admins to spend most of their time as normal users, and escalate to root only as necessary. When they do so, their actions are logged. It's also possible to restrict certain users to certain superuser actions.11:20
k1ljohn87: you dont need to be root all the time. think of it running with a unlocked gun. most beginners will break stuff with it. so be a user and get root-rights wenn needed11:21
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ActionPa1snipgarthk: sudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com F933E597DDF2E83311:21
john87k1l: but is it the same as "su root" ?11:22
k1ljohn87: not the same, but it has the same effect: you can give commands the root rights11:22
garthkActionPa1snip: this is a fresh precise clone, using the same entry in sources.list.d… yep. Checked the key. Thrown it out and fetched it again, both directly from Basho and from the key server. Still getting BADSIG on apt-get update.11:22
john87k1l: oh okay thanks11:23
ActionPa1snipgarthk: http://docs.basho.com/riak/latest/ops/building/installing/debian-ubuntu/    also shows how to import the key...on their own page....imagine11:23
garthkActionPa1snip: yep. And, I've done that. And, I'm still getting BADSIG.11:23
rankoA silly question: can any please tell me how to apply this patch? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/blktap-dkms/2.0.91-1ubuntu0.111:23
thelames1can i transparently remount / to turn on ACLs? not disrupting anything on production11:24
ActionPa1snipthelames1: sudo mount -o rw,remount /11:24
ActionPa1snipgarthk: tried my fixpackage script?11:25
john87one more question, what dose it mean when "packages cannot be authenticated"?11:25
ActionPa1snipjohn87: you added a PPA and not the GPG key for it11:25
john87is that hard to add?11:25
garthkActionPa1snip: nope. I have tried your 2012-04-19 advice from here, though: v11:26
ActionPa1snipjohn87: once you run:  sudo apt-get update     you will see a 16 hex character code, what is it?11:27
ActionPa1snipjohn87: you can then run:  sudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver CODEHERE     and import the key11:27
garthkActionPa1snip: found; running…11:27
ActionPa1snipgarthk: sweet11:28
ActionPa1snipgarthk: its the commands from the synaptic fix broken packages commands, in a script cos I'm lazy11:28
garthkActionPa1snip: … and, nope. Still getting BADSIG. To what degree is that possible because of what I'm getting back from http://apt.basho.com rather than some kind of local filesystem cruft?11:28
ActionPa1snipgarthk: plus dropbox makes it easy to distribute11:29
ActionPa1snipgarthk: wget https://dl.dropbox.com/u/8850924/fixpackage; chmod +x ./fixpackage; sudo ./fixpackage11:29
garthkActionPa1snip: that's the one I ran.11:29
garthk… and the proxy work-arounds don't help, either: sudo aptitude -o Acquire::http::No-Cache=True -o Acquire::BrokenProxy=true update11:30
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ActionPa1snipjohn87: su root won't work in Ubuntu by default11:31
garthkAha! Finally found someone else with the problem: http://riak-users.197444.n3.nabble.com/GPG-error-in-Apt-td4028731.html11:32
coachie96I'm a Ubuntu beginner and I have a serious problem after the use of an external screen, anybody got time to give some advice?11:32
sina2Hey. One of my friends has made something wrong by typing  typing “chmod  744 /...”. he's not sure about the path. Is it anyway to restore the mount options to default for whole system ?11:33
john87i accidentally did "dpkg --archetecture-add l386" and now it looks for l386 instead of i38611:33
quackgyvercoachie96: Just ask the question instead of asking to ask. Imagine all the people coming here for advice, and having to tell them it's OK to ask before getting to the problem. It would be twice as many messages in the channel. :-)11:33
qualiahi, i just upgraded to 13.04 from 12.10 and my touchpad sensitivity has changed... ideas ?11:33
quackgyverGo for it.11:33
john87and "dpkg --remove-architecture l386" dose not remove it11:34
ActionPa1snipgarthk: tried: curl http://apt.basho.com/gpg/basho.apt.key | sudo apt-key add -11:34
Lopeanyone here running dropbox?11:34
Lopeis it best to run the dropbox installer or find some repo and let apt manage it?11:34
k1lLope: alot users do, and now?11:34
garthkActionPa1snip: yes. About eight times, now. (I don't know why I keep doing it. It's a bit like the way developers keep pulling up directory listings while thinking, I guess.)11:35
coachie96I just installed ubuntu 12.04 and checked whether I can set up my external screen to it. It worked. However, I couldnt get back to the laptop screen afterwards. So now I'm stuck with two black screens. Can't start my laptop anymore. Well, it starts but doesn't give my anything on the screen, nor does the external one. Im really at a loss here11:35
terretz /join #/r/nyc11:36
k1lLope: install nautilus-dropbox?11:36
quackgyvercoachie96: What's your GFX card?11:37
john87dpkg: warning: cannot remove non-foreign architecture 'l386'11:37
OerHeksjohn87, there  is no architecture l386, so there is nothing installed, proceed with "dpkg --archetecture-add i386"11:37
jribjohn87: 'i' not 'l'11:38
OerHeksjohn87, error: try dpkg --architecture-add l38611:38
john87i am aware that l386 dose not exist, but it added it anyway and now my apt looks for it xD11:38
OerHeksarchetecture is a typo11:38
OerHeksjohn87, no it doesn't. archetecture is not a command/option11:39
quackgyvercoachie96: 1) Where is your computer from? 2) Is there a sticker on it describing the hardware details?11:39
coachie96it's an Asus eeePC 1005HA bought three years ago in Germany11:39
quackgyverAre you from germany?11:40
coachie96I can't even enter the BIOS anymore11:40
quackgyverWhat happens when you turn the computer on?11:40
quackgyverDo you see anything at all?11:41
coachie96no, blank screen11:41
quackgyvercoachie96: http://www.asus.com/Notebooks_Ultrabooks/Eee_PC_1005HA_Seashell/ <-- Is this the one?11:41
john87apt-get update looks for  L386 packages lol11:41
john87how do i fix that11:42
coachie96yeah, thats it11:42
jribjohn87: dpkg --remove-architecture l38611:42
jribjohn87: or L386 if you used 'L'.  You keep switching11:43
john87it says i cant remove it11:43
quackgyvercoachie96: Do you know if you have 1005HA or any of the later versions, like 1005HA-B?11:43
jribjohn87: pastebin full input and output11:43
napscif i create an alias such as update='sudo apt-get update', is it possible to edit sudoers file to skip password by creating a command alias in sudoer file that references that bash alias and then reference that command alias with: <user> ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: <command alias>11:44
coachie96next thing I tried was to reinstall from an external drive, same result, no screen11:44
coachie96it says 1005HA on the sticker11:44
coachie96doesnt say "seashell" though11:44
jribjohn87: dpkg --print-foreign-architectures; cat /var/lib/dpkg/arch11:45
john87ok http://pastebin.com/KfFBXLjw11:46
jribjohn87: now read what you've pastebinned and consider investing in better fonts ;)11:46
john87oh wow11:46
k1ljohn87: its 1368 and not l36811:47
john87yeah i figured that out just now11:48
ActionPa1snipgarthk: its not a bad thing to not have the key, but the package system wil just moan11:48
garthkActionPa1snip: quite. I'm grabbing the package from their front page and installing it manually while I find out what's going on.11:50
ActionPa1snipgarthk: you can still use apt-get as yuo have the PPA added, you will just get a warning which you will need to say OK to11:52
Lopethe nautilus-dropbox is a bit of a con. they tell you its open source and as soon as you get it they tell you you must download their proprietary daemon.11:52
ddsscanyone else using avg antivirus here?11:52
k1lLope: dropbox is prop, there is no way around if you want to use dropbox11:53
garthkActionPa1snip: yep. Thanks anyway. :)11:54
ddsscusing avg on ubuntu and it's taking up 800 megs of memory....11:54
ddsscseriously wtf11:54
auronandaceddssc: for the most part antivirus isn't really necessary on linux11:55
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus11:55
coachie96quackgyver: I do have the big screen up again now, but it just wont switch back to the original laptop screen11:55
zimbotrying to burn an .iso using braserio, stuck at the beggining for over ten minutes with "Please wait until the estimation of the size is completed." and no progress in the progress bar11:55
ddsscauronandace: yes it is. I could forward malware to non linux computers in my network and not know it.11:55
zimboof that window, the one saying it is estimating the size11:55
quackgyvercoachie96: give me a sec to do some research11:56
quackgyvercoachie96: Do you have the package?11:56
quackgyverDid you buy it just now?11:56
zimbo"All files need to be analysed to complete this operation." there's no indication thought that it's doing anything. is that how it is?11:56
ActionPa1snipddssc: try something like clamav or similar. You only need AV if you run a file server with Windows clients (to save them from each other) or a mailserver etc etc.11:56
coachie96what do you mean by "the package"11:57
ActionPa1snipzimbo: there should be a button to skip estimating11:57
coachie96the laptop is over three years old, ran on Windows XP until today, just made the switch to ubuntu, so no, i dont have the original packaging11:57
ActionPa1snipzimbo: I recommend you try xfburn, ive personally never had a success with brassero11:57
zimboActionPa1snip: only a cancel button, which closes11:58
zimboActionPa1snip: okay thanks i'm installing freebsd, need a real os lol11:58
lkthomashey guys11:58
quackgyvercoachie96: Ok, PM me.11:58
zimboActionPa1snip: i'll try xfburn11:58
lkthomasdoes anyone connect ubuntu to ldap server ?11:58
ActionPa1snipzimbo: pcbsd is a little friendlier, its like the ubuntu of the bsd world :)11:59
zimboActionPa1snip:  yes but i want something light so i can only install exactly what i need12:00
MonkeyDustzimbo  then there's mini ubuntu12:01
elimikmy brother has this problem with ubuntu. in firefox, if he wants to go back one page, he uses the "backspace" key, but under ubuntu it is "alt + left". I am fine with it, but my brother is used to windows. how can he change the hotkey back to "backspace" like under windows?12:01
vishnu_anyone knows download link for django1.712:01
MonkeyDust!find django12:01
zimboMonkeyDust: mini ubuntu, i'll check it out thanks12:01
ubottuFound: python-django, python-django-doc, python-django-horizon, python-django-maas, python-django-nose, python-django-openstack, python-django-piston, python-django-south, django-ajax-selects, django-filter (and 63 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=django&searchon=names&suite=raring&section=all12:01
ActionPa1snipzimbo: ubuntu mini ISO will install a tiny OS and you can build up frm there. My favourite is mini iso + openbox + xdm + tint2 :)12:02
burlapHello How Can I , Please Install A Desktop Wallpaper ? :/12:02
ActionPa1snipburlap: right click desktop.... or in system settings cog in top right12:03
burlapthx :))12:03
MonkeyDustburlap  right click on the desktop, select Change Desktop Background12:03
ActionPa1sniptoo obvious? Its the same in Windows12:04
vishnu_buddy will u help me , i am now reading. documentation of django 1.7 to further lesson i needed 1.7 version i am currently working on 1.3 please12:04
ZIPYis that a movie?12:05
vishnu_any one has download link12:05
ikillcypherhi guys my date/month/year at the taskbar is in different lang12:05
MonkeyDustburlap  keep it in the channel please12:05
DJonesvishnu_: django 1.7 isn't included in Ubuntu as far as I can see, you could look for a ppa to see ifs available, otherwise you may need to look at their own website for support12:06
ikillcypherhi guys my date/month/year at the taskbar is in different lang??12:06
ikillcypherany idea12:06
DJones!ppa | vishnu_ Be aware that ppa's aren't supported in this channel,12:06
ubottuvishnu_ Be aware that ppa's aren't supported in this channel,: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge12:06
ikillcypherany idea????12:07
ikillcypherhi guys my date/month/year at the taskbar is in different lang??12:07
DJonesikillcypher: No need to repeat so often, maybe every 5 minutes would be better to give people in the channel time to connect12:08
k1l!patience | ikillcypher you know the rules already12:08
ubottuikillcypher you know the rules already: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/12:08
DJonesikillcypher: I'm not on Ubuntu at the minute so can't check settings, but it may be worth checking your language/data/time options in system settings, there might be something obvious in there12:09
kohvihoorikillcypher: are your regional settings correct?12:09
NikPHey Guys!12:12
kohvihoorikillcypher: maybe this will help: http://askubuntu.com/questions/265753/how-to-change-date-time-format-to-english-in-ubuntu-13-0412:12
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karthik__how to send folder local to remote system12:34
limebusterubuntu is so beautiful12:34
limebusterwish i could use it12:34
anders__karthik__: Right click, share folder would be one way.12:35
MonkeyDustlimebuster  what goes wrong when you try12:35
limebustertoo much to learn12:35
limebusteri mean i dont even know how to install an app12:35
limebusterother than the app store12:35
anders__limebuster: sudo apt-get install <application>12:36
limebusterwhy dont ubuntu guys make it easy12:36
limebusterso i drag the app to terminal?12:36
karthik__how to send folder local to remote system using scp12:36
anders__limebuster: Is it a .deb file?12:36
DJoneslimebuster: Using software centre is the recommended method of installing software, it doesn't get much easier than that12:36
limebusterno andres12:37
MonkeyDustlimebuster  what's easier than the software center?12:37
limebusternothing monkey12:37
limebusterbut not eveything is there12:37
ActionPa1snipMonkeyDust: apt-fast :)12:37
Picikarthik__: scp -r folder user@remotesystem:/path/to/dest12:38
MonkeyDustlimebuster  maybe you have to activate additional sources, universe, 3rd party ...12:38
DJoneslimebuster: What software is it you're trying to install?12:38
ZIPYkarthik__: scp userx@server1:/pathtofolderorfile usery@server2: /pathtofolderorfile12:38
ActionPa1sniplimebuster: what are you wanting to drag to the terminal?12:38
ActionPa1sniplimebuster: in your 'ideal world'?12:39
limebuster15:36 anders__: limebuster: sudo apt-get install <application>12:39
limebusterdo i drag the app to (application)<<12:39
limebusteror what12:39
limebusterim a complete noob guys12:39
DJoneslimebuster: What are you trying to install12:40
limebustervlc lets say12:40
anders__limebuster: replace <application> with the name of the app.12:40
limebusterand the app can be anyplace? i.e desktop?12:40
usr13limebuster: apt-cache search <something-else>12:40
k1llimebuster: vlc is in the repos12:40
anders__limebuster: Example: sudo apt-get install firefox12:40
limebusterjust put its name12:40
k1l!info vlc12:40
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.8-0ubuntu0.13.04.1 (raring), package size 1058 kB, installed size 3356 kB12:40
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Muon (KDE) or !Apper (KDE)12:40
MonkeyDustfoctoid overload ;)12:41
ActionPa1sniplimebuster: why would you use terminal if you have software centre open?12:41
k1llimebuster: please read what the package system is before you judge on it.12:41
ActionPa1sniplimebuster: apt-get will also fail as the packages are locked12:41
ActionPa1sniplimebuster: by software centre12:41
codeoasisi'm trying to build a system that has a chat feature, i'm using node and trying to figure out the mechanism for redis+socket.io , the chat is not a public chat but only between a client which does not belong to my db (an anonymous user), and a client that does belong to my db of users. i see only example out there on how to build a public chat. anybody?!12:41
ActionPa1sniplimebuster: so it makes no sense12:41
ActionPa1snipcodeoasis: like, for LAN?12:42
usr13limebuster: In other words, you have the option to use apt-get or the GUI Software Centre (just can't do both at the same time).12:43
=== rew1red|away is now known as rew1red
ActionPa1sniplimebuster: you'd have to drag it to terminal, then close software cente, why bother when you are so close with the GUI app?12:43
Picicodeoasis: this really isn't on-topic for #ubuntu.  Perhaps try ##programming or a channel for whatever language you plan to do this in.12:44
anders__limebuster: Lets take a step back for a sec. What are you trying to install, and where did you get the file?12:46
PiciWhy don't we wait for limebuster to respond before we all jump in.12:46
limebusterGuys I dont have ubuntu right open right now, thanks for everyone trying to help.12:47
limebusterwhat im trying to know12:47
limebusteris how to install any app from the web12:47
limebusternot from the app center12:47
limebusterI just dont know much about ubuntu12:47
limebusterI remmber trying to install a firefox addon and that was a struggle12:47
k1llimebuster: first way should be to use the packages system. not to download anything anywhere12:48
limebusteri come from macs which are pretty easy12:48
anders__limebuster: You can add the applications repository to your system, and itsall it like any other app.12:48
usr13limebuster: You mean, you want to learn to use the command line interface to install apps, (rather than the GUI).  Right?12:48
k1llimebuster: firefox addons work the same like on windows or mac12:48
ZIPYlimebuster: firefox addons be installed the same way12:48
MonkeyDustlimebuster  programs from outside the repos are not screened and may be corrupt, they can harm your system12:48
usr13limebuster: http://linux.die.net/man/8/apt-get12:48
GoatmanUbuntu Software Center is like the iTunes store12:49
limebusterkll, packages system? repos?12:50
GoatmanYou can also use it to install downloaded packages12:50
limebusterdude ur talking to a noooobb12:50
auronandace!repo | limebuster12:50
ubottulimebuster: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.12:50
limebusterok ill check this link12:50
ZIPYlimebuster: what application are you looking for12:50
GoatmanA repository is a special site dedicated to packages12:50
Goatmanpackages contain the program12:51
MonkeyDustlimebuster  in short: restrict yourself to the software center or to apt-get, if you want to safely install programs12:51
usr13ZIPY: He's not, just asking hypothetical question(s).12:51
limebusteryes usr1312:51
limebusterok ill do some readings on the links posted12:51
GoatmanIf you want to download a specific app, almost always instructions are included on how to do so12:51
limebusterthanks guys ur so helpfull12:51
limebusterafter the PRISM stuff im really thinking of install linux12:52
anders__limebuster: Here's my 2¢... Install Ubuntu, then cross this bridge when you get to that point.12:52
Goatmanusually people use the command line because it’s faster12:52
ZIPYif u know the package name :)12:53
GoatmanTo install VLC movie player, you type sudo apt-get install vlc12:53
usr13limebuster: It is best to use the Software Centre at first, it is easiest and shows discriptions for the app before you install it and is a feature rich application.12:53
limebusterspecifically ubuntu its stunning12:53
Goatmanyes certainly12:53
usr13limebuster: Good luck and have lots of fun.12:54
wilee-nileelimebuster, This is support NOT CHAT, go to #ubuntu-offtopic if you need that.12:54
Left_Turnguys i want to move 'ubuntu.txt' from 'OS' to its sub-directory 'linux' .. ive tried "mv ubuntu.txt linux/"  but no luck.. why?12:54
snustry two dots12:55
snus"mv ubuntu.txt .."12:55
Left_Turnoh i see12:55
usr13Left_Turn: You must have been in the wrong directory, or did not give complete path to destination directory.12:55
_kasHi All.  Can someone take a look at this error (http://paste.ubuntu.com/5958777/) and point me in the right direction for resolving it?12:56
Left_TurnOS has more than 1 sub directory.. i used tab to complete the names:(12:56
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auronandaceLeft_Turn: .. is for moving to a parent directory (not sub directory)12:57
Left_Turnusr13 u were right i had the wrong name12:58
Left_Turnsorry guys12:58
Left_Turnthanks auronandace  ill make a note of that also12:59
usr13Left_Turn: The tab key is your friedn.12:59
bfmt048how to install sublime text 2 in ubuntu12:59
bfmt048i tried several ways installing sublime text 2 , nothing works13:00
auronandacebfmt048: ask the developers13:00
_kasHi All.  Can someone take a look at this error (http://paste.ubuntu.com/5958777/) and point me in the right direction for resolving it?13:00
usr13_kas: ls /var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-image-*list  | pastebinit    #Send URL here13:01
ActionPa1snipbfmt048: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/sublime-text-2; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install sublime-text13:01
bfmt048it  shows expired13:01
ActionPa1snipbfmt048: http://www.typecastexception.com/post/2013/04/23/Installing-Sublime-Text-2-on-Linux-MintUbuntu-%28for-Linux-Newcomers%29_.aspx#Install-Sublime-Text-First-Method   better method used (you may need to symlink the files in the second part as given)13:01
ActionPa1snipbfmt048: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue13:02
bfmt048ubuntu 11.10 \n \l13:02
auronandacebfmt048: no longer supported13:03
_kasusr13: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5958802/13:03
janellebHi , I installed 13.04 on a laptop, my processor is core i5-480M (it is a dual-core processor) but Ubuntu and /proc/cpuinfo is only detecting one core.. how do I install 13.04 to detect/use both cores?13:03
bfmt048what can i do to get it13:03
ActionPa1snipbfmt048: the PPA supports Oneiric, but Oneiric itself is EOL and no longer supported13:03
ActionPa1snipbfmt048: the official repos are dead but I suggest you upgrade in some way to Precise which is LTS and supported til April 201713:03
bfmt048you mean , theres no way i get to install it13:03
usr13_kas: uname -r   #What does that say?13:03
ActionPa1snipbfmt048: yes, like I said, the PPA supports Oneiric according to the PPA site13:04
ActionPa1snipbfmt048: but your release is no longer supported by the official community13:04
bfmt048can i update my os13:05
auronandacejanelleb: what makes you think it is only detecting one core?13:05
usr13_kas: uptime  #What does that say?13:06
_kasusr13, 09:06:17 up 18 min,  1 user,  load average: 0.00, 0.07, 0.1713:06
usr13_kas: So you just rebooted 18min ago, .... after _________________?13:07
_kasusr13, yes.  Tried 'sudo dpkg --configure -a'13:08
usr13_kas: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade   #What does that say?13:08
usr13_kas: Did you get errors after command 'sudo dpkg --configure -a'?13:08
_kasusr13, yes - http://paste.ubuntu.com/5958822/13:10
quackgyverWow, what an annoying person. Why do people insist on resisting straight-forward instructions on how to literally fix their issue.13:11
usr13_kas: ls -l  /var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-image-server.list  #What is the date on that one?13:11
_kasusr13, -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 159 Aug  7 08:35 /var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-image-server.list13:12
quackgyver"Can you please do X and Y" / "hmmm would it help if i did Z????" / "No please just follow the steps. It'll fix your problem. If you don't want my help, just say so." / "ok bye *quits*"13:12
quackgyverNvm. Sorry.13:13
usr13_kas: pastebinit /etc/issue13:14
usr13k1l: cat /etc/issue   #Just show us.13:15
_kasusr13, Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS \n \l13:15
jacks_coolHello~ Yesterday I was facing a problem of a cursor blinking with black screen on boot up! I set nomodeset permanently via terminal! I am again facing same issue! UBUNTU 12.03 LTS13:15
MonkeyDustjacks_cool  typo: it's 12.04 LTS13:16
jacks_coolYesterday I was able to login once I set nomodeset.13:16
jacks_coolMonkeyDust: sorry~12.04 LTS13:16
auronandacejacks_cool: how did you set it permanently?13:16
ActionPa1snipjacks_cool: what GPU?13:16
jarcoHello. I have ubuntu 13.04 64 bit with unity. When I get a warning that there are software updates and I click the icon (in the left panel) the windows doesn't appear. How can I make it work again?13:17
usr13_kas: sudo upgrade linux-server13:17
auronandaceusr13: you missed apt-get in there13:17
jacks_coolMonkeyDust: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5958836/13:17
usr13_kas: sudo apt-get upgrade linux-server  | pastebinit  #Show URL to us.13:18
_kasauronandace, its ok, i knew what he meant ;)13:18
jacks_coolauronandace: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5958836/13:18
jacks_coolActionPa1snip: ATI.13:18
labsinI have a problem with the keyboard repeat in Ubuntu. When I press a key and hold it, it repeats itself after a sertain time. But if I then press an other key, it stops repeating and only send an up event after that.13:18
_kasusr13, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5958841/13:18
jacks_coolActionPa1snip: To be specific ATI RADEON HD 547013:19
auronandacejacks_cool: why do you have that section there twice? nomodeset isn't in the top one13:19
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jacks_coolauronandace: First is the code before setting. Second is the code after setting.13:20
auronandacejacks_cool: ahh, i see13:20
ActionPa1snipjacks_cool: did you install the proprietary video driver?13:21
mikeashi, my mouse has stopped working after updating from 12.04 to 12.10 (kde). lsusb shows it in the list and the mouse is not defect.13:21
mikeashow do i fix this13:21
jacks_coolActionPa1snip: yes. I installed it few weeks ago by following online commands.13:21
auronandacejacks_cool: if you installed it from the website you'd have to redo it every time there is a kernel update13:22
jacks_coolauronandace: I update my software center daily.13:23
usr13_kas: You might try http://pastebin.com/TqVe47FQ  (which is from http://askubuntu.com/questions/252777/how-can-i-resolve-dpkg-dependency )13:23
MonkeyDustjacks_cool  yes, but what you downloaded is not in the software center13:23
auronandacejacks_cool: how did you install the driver?13:23
usr13_kas: Or just uninstall and then re-install linux-server13:23
usr13_kas: Basically same thing...13:24
_kasusr13, I'll give it a go.  Do you know if any configs will be lost during that process?13:24
jacks_coolauronandace: I dont remember it but I followed some ubuntu forum13:24
jacks_coolMonkeyDust: what are other things to do?13:25
usr13_kas: I don't know. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1435818&p=12180959#post1218095913:25
_kasusr13, that fixed it.  removed and reinstalled linux-server13:26
_kasusr13, thanks for your help.13:26
jacks_coolauronandace: I downloaded some package called ATI catalyst and den installed following instructions on internet.13:27
mikeasis their a way to reinstall usb mousedrivers on ubuntu13:27
usr13_kas: Ok, good.  I was thinking that would be all it would take.  I would follow up by uninstalling unused kernels, (just something I usually do).13:27
_kasusr13, will do.  boot is getting close to full13:28
uvalahello, I've been getting a partial upgrade message again for a while. how can I get rid of it? when I open update manager, the "install updates" button is greyed. I tried command line update and upgrade, but it didn't upgrade13:28
jacks_coolIt did start yesterday. But today when I started it again , it is showing same thing.13:28
usr13_kas: Sorry it took me so long to come up with an idea, but I just kept searching and finding discussions, (sometimes it's best to just use common sense).13:28
_kasusr13, no apology necessary.  Your help is appreciated.13:29
auronandacejacks_cool: then you need to install the drivers again (and every time the kernel gets updated afterwards)13:29
michael87ok I got a question. I really love clementine music player. but I want a more fun an intuitive way to flow through my music albums with slick animations. This there away to do this with clementine or do I need to keep searching?13:29
usr13_kas: ...sometimes people take a long drawn out method to accomplish what should have been fairly easy task.13:29
jacks_coolauronandace: What is the solution to boot it up?13:29
auronandacejacks_cool: this is why we only support the drivers from the repos13:29
_kasusr13, sometimes that is how you learn13:30
usr13_kas: ... anyway, I think *we* learned something here....13:30
jacks_coolauronandace: I want to start it so that I can follow all the instructions you told.13:30
usr13_kas: Yea. Agreed.13:30
auronandacejacks_cool: see if you can boot the older kernel13:30
jacks_coolauronandace: How can I do that?13:31
auronandacejacks_cool: select it in grub13:31
hplci've been trying to install ubuntu with raid during install, but i cant find that option13:31
jacks_coolauronandace: There is an option of previous versions on boot up, shall I select it?13:31
jacks_coolauronandace: Can you link me to something where I can find how to boot older kernel?13:31
Alabuliehi. ubuntu is cool, but ... has ubuntu any SDK  like Visual Studio?13:31
auronandacejacks_cool: do you intend to use the drivers from the repos or from the website again?13:32
jacks_coolauronandace: from repos as you suggest!13:32
mikeascan jacks_cool and auronandace go into private chat13:32
mikeasyou are flooding13:32
auronandacejacks_cool: then boot into the previous kernel from grub13:32
auronandacemikeas: this is a support channel, this is where the support belongs13:33
usr13hplc: Sotftware Raid?13:33
mikeasauronandace it seems that you are willing to give him detailed steps to help his problem.13:33
hplcanyone?, how do i create md during ubuntu install, i cant find the option13:33
hplcusr13: yes13:33
hplcusr13: raid1+0 preferred13:34
usr13hplc: On the "Partition Disks" page, do you see something like "Configure Software RAID" at the top?13:34
hplcusr13: no13:34
usr13hplc: If not, I dono13:34
hplcusr13: using live cd, (if it matters)13:35
usr13hplc: Yea, I assumed that....13:35
KerimWhen do you guys think will I be able to buy a piece of hardware and it will "just work™ " ? Am really about to give up Linux in my private life (can't stop using it at work) *sigh13:35
Rampage__Does anyone know wether all laptops with an Intel cpu and Nvidia gpu come with the Optimus technology?13:35
auronandaceKerim: learn to identify manufacturers who don't make open source drivers13:36
Kerimauronandace: Like all GPU manufacturers?13:36
Kerimauronandace: Guess no GPUs for me anymore13:36
usr13hplc: To tell the truth, I'm just not a fan of Software Raid and haven't messed with it really.  Maybe someone else will have some advise for you. (But I'm thinking they've just omitted the option.)13:36
auronandaceKerim: intel makes open source drivers13:36
hplcusr13: yes, that was my thought as well13:37
Kerimauronandace: grmbl :/13:37
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anachronickhello, I've created a ubuntu partition using wubi... now I want to get rid of it, shall I delete it from C: using win file explorer?13:37
anachronickor there is another procedure for it?13:37
Kerimanachronick: No. Go in your system settings13:37
hplcusr13: i just dont understand why not include it? i mean, ubuntu server, but no way to create md during install......13:37
auronandaceKerim: i tend to stick with nvidia due to the awesome work the guys at nouveau do13:37
Kerimanachronick: and uninstall it via "Programs and blah"13:37
usr13Kerim: You just learn to be a wise shopper. (Linux wise.)  I would also complain to vendor or manufaturer.13:37
trijntjeanachronick, you should remove it from the configuration center13:38
=== Jankum is now known as Jenkem
anachronickwhrere's that? in windows?13:38
trijntjeanachronick, yes13:38
usr13hplc: I just don't know. (I was hoping someone else would chime in here.)13:38
anachronickwhere do I find it?13:38
hplcusr13: ah ok, well ill step down for now then :)13:38
Kerimauronandace, usr13 : I did check beforehand. That's what's frustrating about it. Bought the Radeon HD 7770 after seeing that AMD has Linux driver support for that card. Well, tough luck for me I guess13:39
trijntjeanachronick, in windows, it depends on the version where. I dont use windows so I would'nt know13:39
anachronickok, thank you13:39
jacksauronandace: I have successfully booted up in my ubuntu!13:39
jacksNow what shall I do13:39
wilee-nileeanachronick, wubi is a file in windows I would be curious as to how you created a partition and where it is at.13:39
usr13Kerim: So if thre is a Linux driver for it, what is the problem?13:39
mikeasDoes anyone know how i can reinstall mouse drivers in ubuntu, they stopped working after 12.04>12.10 update. i have a feeling this is gonna be one of those days nothing gets ever done but bugtracking.13:39
Kerimusr13: Mostly it not working13:40
ActionPa1snipmikeas: does the system have a make and model?13:40
auronandacejacks: you need to find out how to remove the driver you installed then install the one from the repos13:40
Kerimauronandace: Just click on the start orb in windows, type Add/Remove13:40
usr13Kerim:  cat /etc/issue   #What does that say?  (What version of Ubuntu are you on?)13:40
jacksauronandace: Do I need to  look in ubuntu forums for that?13:40
mikeasuhm not really, its a normal desktop, my mouse is g400, #lsusb shows it in the list. but it simply wont work (kde)13:41
auronandacejacks: that would be a good idea13:41
mikeasLast night was busy installing 32bitlibs. today it stopped working13:41
Kerimauronandace: it should show you the system settings installer thingie for windows. There you can look for wubi13:41
Kerimauronandace: and just uninstall13:41
wilee-nileemikeas, Are you rooting the terminal to run that command?13:41
auronandaceKerim: i don't run wubi, never have never will, perhaps you meant somebody else13:42
mikeaswillee-nilee if by root you mean sudo then yes.13:42
wilee-nileemikeas, You don't run lsusb with sudo13:42
jacksauronandace: amd-driver-installer-12-1-x86.x86_64.run I installed this.13:42
Kerimauronandace: Oh snap. Sorry, meant anachronick13:42
Kerimanachronick: do what I said lol13:42
hplci guess i could run ubuntu virtualized on top of BSD, but is there any difference in stability between virt engines? VBOX, KVM?, QEMU?, what to prefer?13:42
Goatmanmikeas: can you see the mouse in /dev/input/by-id/13:43
mikeaswilee-nilee: oke. but the mouse is showing either way. optical laser is on. its just not working13:43
Kerimusr13: Can't. Once installed I get a black screen upon reboot. Have to go into recovery, then uninstall the drivers from the root shell13:43
mikeasyes, /dev/input/mouse/13:43
auronandacejacks: i can't help you uninstall it sorry, i've never done that13:43
Kerimusr13: am on Ubuntu 13.0413:43
Goatmanmikeas: if you cat the /dev file do you get any output?13:44
jacksauronandace: do you know anything about fglrx?13:44
usr13Kerim: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak13:44
adamkhplc: The only real virtualization option to run Ubuntu on top of FreeBSD is VirtualBox.13:44
adamkjacks: There should be an uninstaller in /usr/share/amd/ or /usr/share/ati/13:44
Kerimusr13: will try13:44
wilee-nileemikeas, Sure but you want to be sure you understand when and where you run sudo, in this case no biggie in others you can have stuff get root permissions that should not exposing you to dangers.13:44
auronandacejacks: no13:44
czxczxok so13:45
mikeasGoatman: i havnt tried that but im looking for a nuke like approach, have tried to troubleshoot it. reinstalling xserver-xorg. reinstalling kdm updating from 12.04 to 12.10 to 13.04. deleting xorg.13:45
wilee-nileemikeas, YOU had # showing which makes me think you are rooting the terminal to avoid the password use if this is the case same type of possible exposures.13:45
mikeasiam so lost :(13:45
jacksadamk: there is a folder for ati, but I don't know how to uninstall it.13:46
usr13Kerim: Once you get back to GUI, you'll have an easier time of installing software for your new Video Card.13:46
czxczxhow to make ctrl+<something> work in a game13:46
Kerimusr13: I do not seem to have an xorg.conf13:46
adamkjacks: There should be some uninstall script in that directory. You need to run that script as root (or with sudo)13:46
Kerimusr13: I am currently in gui, it's running in software mode13:46
jacksadamk: In usr/share/fglrx I have a catalyst center which on running gives http://paste.ubuntu.com/5958962/13:47
Goatmanmikeas:  You should cat that dev file and see if the mouse is giving input.  If it is, then you know it’s an xorg issue13:47
=== Jenkem is now known as Godless
usr13Kerim: Oh, I must have missunderstood you.13:47
Goatmanmikeas:  if it doesn’t, then you need to look elsewhere13:47
=== Godless is now known as Jankum
usr13Kerim: But, what is "software mode"?13:48
adamkjacks: OK...13:48
jacksadamk: Screenshot of that folder http://imgur.com/71ftnUU13:48
uvalahello, I've been getting a partial upgrade message again for a while. how can I get rid of it? when I open update manager, the "install updates" button is greyed. I tried command line update and upgrade, but it didn't upgrade13:48
Kerimusr13: No hardware acceleration, the GUI is drawn via CPU13:48
jacksadamk:  It is screenshot of ust/share/ati13:48
mikeasGoatman: sure will try that, im on a live cd right now. though. what do i need to grep inside dmesg to find all the usb listings13:48
wilee-nileeuvala, What are the non ticked upgrades any kernels?13:49
jacksadamk: http://imgur.com/rpFy0UD screenshot of fglrx13:49
KerimIs ANYBODY here using a Radeon HD 7xxx ?13:49
adamkjacks: I said the uninstall script should be in /usr/share/ati/ . I did not say /usr/share/ati/amdcccle/13:49
czxczxdoes anyone know? how to make ctrl hotkeys work in a game... they apparently don't work because ctrl+<something> is regarded as system hotkeys or something13:49
jacksadamk: There is only one folder inside usr/share/ati13:49
Goatmanmikeas:  on my system this works sudo cat /dev/input/by-id/usb-17ef_Lenovo_Optical_Mouse-mouse13:49
usr13Kerim: Just a sec13:50
adamkjacks: Run 'ls -la /usr/share/ati/ | pastebinit' (You may have to install pastebinit first)13:51
Goatmanmikeas:  you need to check your /dev/input/by-id/ folder13:51
usr13Kerim: lspci | pastebinit13:51
wilee-nileeKerim, The anybody thing is not used here, you have been getting help, details and hardware info are all that is needed.13:51
ActionPa1snipKerim: just ask your question13:51
TeeemoooooooooHey i have problem?13:52
KerimActionPa1snip: That was a question.13:52
Kerimusr13: One second13:52
mikeasGoatman: yes, i heard you. hehe, iknow what to do. Im just trying to conceptualize my problem. im on a live cd right not in my system.13:52
jacksadamk: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5958976/13:52
usr13Kerim: lspci | pastebinit  #Show us resulting URL13:53
GoatmanWell, you should be getting output in your broken system from that file.13:53
mikeasGoatman: if cat /dev/input/ doesnt show me anything.13:53
wilee-nileeTeeemooooooooo, Don;t we all, state yours for help.13:53
Kerimusr13: Yup, will do. Just need to undo something I tried13:53
adamkjacks: You've created quite a mess of your system...13:53
mikeasGoatman: what should i do?13:53
ActionPa1snipKerim: so its a hybrid GPU? Intel + Ati?13:53
Goatmanmikeas: That’s not  the full path13:53
mikeasGoatman: yes.13:53
mikeasGoatman: iknow13:53
jacksadamk: Any solution to revert back? I have got some important data in this.13:54
ActionPa1snipjacks: your backups will ensue data integrity13:54
mikeasGoatman: i should have said cat /dev/input/...13:54
Goatmanmikeas:  But if there is no output, you have driver issues13:54
jacksActionPa1snip: Is format only way to get out of this?13:54
KerimActionPa1snip: Depends on what exactly you mean by hybrid, if you mean something like what laptops have that you can switch then no. But the CPU is a i5-3570K (or something along the lines) that does come wih an iGPU13:54
jacksadamk ActionPa1snip: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Oneiric_Installation_Guide#Installing_Catalyst_Manually_.28from_AMD.2FATI.27s_site.29 I followed this for installation13:54
TeeemoooooooooWhy if woman is whit a "black" man she is soiled beyond any cleansing?13:55
Goatmanmikeas: Does your mouse work with the live-cd?13:55
adamk jacks: The installation program should have put an uninstall program somewhere on your computer.13:55
mikeasGoatman: and if it does give me output, it would be xorg. how can i completely reinstall xorg, not just the manifest so to speak13:55
adamkjacks: It *used* to be in /usr/share/ati/ but they might have moved it.13:55
jacksadamk: What shall be done now? Any restore point or something like removing few last updats?13:56
Goatmanmikeas:  Did you use the apt-get purge command?13:56
Kerimusr13, ActionPa1snip : pastebin.com/eBurKyJE13:56
adamkjacks: You should try to find the uninstall program.  Barring that, you can try to manually remove the files the install program created and, if necessary, reinstall the packages those files overwrote./13:56
mikeasGoatman: no what does that, tried apt-get install -f, dpkg-reconfigure -a, autoremove,clean. but not purge13:57
mikeasGoatman: all with sudo ofc13:57
ActionPa1snipKerim: there is no intel, so your CPU cannot draw anything13:57
ActionPa1snipKerim: what is teh output of:  sudo lshw -C display; lsb_release -a      Thanks13:57
ActionPa1snipjacks: no idea what the issue is13:57
Goatmanmikeas: That should remove the configuration files.13:58
ActionPa1snipjacks: but 'important data' is in a backup of some sort...right?13:58
jacksActionPa1snip: yes it is.13:58
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Goatmanmikeas:  You should cat that dev file right quick.13:58
mikeasok yer, brb13:58
Goatmanmikeas:  Just to make sure you aren‘t chasing your tail13:59
ActionPa1snipjacks: then who cares :)13:59
jacksActionPa1snip: Shall I format it again? :-/13:59
ActionPa1snipjacks: if all else fails, yes13:59
usr13Kerim: Did you try the "Additional Drivers"  option?14:00
jacksActionPa1snip: Few months ago I had wubi installer. I removed that and installed a fres one with out wubi.14:00
jacksActionPa1snip: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Oneiric_Installation_Guide#Removing_Catalyst.2Ffglrx14:00
jacksActionPa1snip: This returns an error.14:00
jacksActionPa1snip: Shall I try to reinstall the drivers from this link?14:00
KerimActionPa1snip, usr13 : pastebin.com/LdSHF4th14:00
Kerimusr13: Yes, same problem. I could chose from fglrx-updates and just fglrx but neither one seems to help.14:02
usr13Kerim: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade14:03
KerimActionPa1snip, usr13 : Frustrating fact: I got the same problem with the ATI Radeon HD 6630m on my notebook but luckily I do not need much GPU power on that thing and can simply rely on the Intel on-board graphics14:03
mikael_Goatman: oke tried to cat /dev/input/by-id/14:06
mikael_Goatman: but By-id doesnt exist14:06
Kerimusr13: It's updating, I need to go somewhere for just a few minutes. In any case, thank you very much. If I'm coming off like a douche it's because I'm really frustraed, was up all night because of this. Do appreciate your help.14:06
mikael_Goatman: Im inside my system rgith now.14:07
usr13Kerim: I understand your frustration.14:07
raubInteresting thing happened to this laptop. I installed 12.04 off the alternate image since I wanted control of the lvm and encryption.14:07
raubThe main reason for this post is now pushed because I let it sleep while driving here and when i opened the laptop, the lights and cpu fan came on but nothing on the screen14:08
raubSo i did crtl-alt-f1 and got the terminal screen14:08
raubbut cannot type on it14:08
raubnor switch back tot he graphics one14:08
jacksadamk: Ran some commands and those folders got vanished ;)14:08
usr13raub: Ctrl-Alt-Del14:09
usr13raub: ... to reboot...14:09
raubSo, unless someone has a suggestion, I will need to do a Windows maneuver on it14:09
mikael_Goatman: But after #apt-get purge it said, 9xx packages not upgraded, so im upgrading them see if it helps14:09
jacksadamk: Following this http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Oneiric_Installation_Guide#Installing_Catalyst_Manually_.28from_AMD.2FATI.27s_site.29  to install again !14:09
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usr13raub: Did you do  updates after install?14:09
raubusr13: exactly what I was going to do. Which is too Windows for me14:09
raubusr13: not really; that is related to the original question14:09
usr13_ruben: "too Windows"?14:10
usr13_ruben: How much RAM does it have?14:10
wilee-nileeusr13, You beat me to it. ;)14:10
raubDid not respond to crtl-alt-del14:10
airportyhHello all, I and trying to setup VPN using network-manager-vpnc14:10
raubWillneed to power off14:10
airportyhbut I cannot create a vpn config because the ¨Save¨ button is greyed out14:10
airportyhany ideas/help would be appreciated14:11
Goatmanmikael_:  What is in /dev/input folder14:11
* wilee-nilee wonders what a "windows maneuver and too windows" is.14:11
mikael_airportyh: i think you need to open gnome-network-manager with sudo. the network manager could be called diffrent though14:11
usr13_ruben: What size swap partition are you using?14:11
mikael_airportyh: cant remember14:11
usr13raub: What size swap partition are you using?14:11
airportyhmikael_: thanks, I´ll try14:12
usr13(Sorry ruben, wrong nick.)14:12
mikael_Goatman: by-path, event0,event1,event2,mice14:12
raubraub: no swap. We usually never use swap at work14:12
usr13raub: I see.  Well, that is more than likely the problme.14:12
usr13raub: Why do you not use swap?14:12
raubI have 4GB of ram14:13
Goatmanmikeal:  There should be a listing in /dev/input/by-path/ for your usb mouse14:13
mikael_Goatman: ill check14:13
Goatmanmikeal: if there isn’t then that’s a big problem14:13
Kerimraub: depending on the kinds of applications you run, that might not be enough. Firefox with a few tabs open already occupies a good part of your RAM14:13
usr13raub: I suggest use 4G swap partition.  (Probably won't have that problem any more.)14:13
Kerimraub: Unless you're using an SSD I don't see why you wouldn't use Swap14:14
raubKerim: bingo14:14
mikael_it only shows my keyboard i think <string>-kbd14:14
raubI am using a 60GB SSD14:14
xirreI have an urgent question as to how I would use iptraf & iftop as well as iptables to mitigate against DoS and DDoS attacks. I'm experiencing problems and I want to handle them before they occur again.14:15
mikael_Goatman: yer its freaky man, the lights are on. but nobody is home :'(14:15
usr13raub: And you think not having a swap partition will make your SSD last longer?14:15
raubMy LVM usage right now is small; I am using 1/3 of the disk14:15
raubSSDs seem to like ot stay under 80% of capacity14:15
usr13raub: Really?14:15
Goatmanmikeal_: So what you are saying is that there is no listing for your mouse in the /dev/input folder?14:15
raubSo I can probably throw a swap partition if I want14:15
raubI am not against it14:16
airportyhmikael_: cannot find the network manager on the commandline14:16
usr13raub: Yea, do it.14:16
nbubuntuhi anyone know whether freshly install 12.04 will erase the grub from my old 10.04 ?14:16
raubAt work we never use them because of PCI14:16
mikael_Goatman: yer, im upgrading 900 packages right now so lets see what that does.14:16
ikonianbubuntu: it will update it14:16
usr13raub: Because of PCI?14:16
trijntjeraub, you can also look at zram-config, it lets you use more RAM in exchange for some processing power14:16
Kerimusr13: Update done. What next. Should I try the fglrx drivers?14:16
raubusr13: PCI compliance; we deal with credit cards14:16
mikael_airportyh: yea i dont know what the network manager is called exactly. maybe someone here.14:16
altinI wrote a script to notify me when capslock is ON or OFF14:17
raubAlso, our servers have in average 128GB of RAM14:17
altinI need to change the capslock key behavior14:17
raubWhich is not that much compared to what modern desktops can handle14:17
altinI went to custom shortcuts14:17
nbubuntuikonia : 10.04 using non gui grub .I wanted to retain back normal non-gui 12.0414:17
altinand selected CAPSLOCK to run the script14:17
ikonianbubuntu: non-gui grub ?14:17
ikonianbubuntu: grub does not have a gui, it's a boot loader14:17
altinbut when I hit capslock it doesn't run the script14:17
altinanyon knows why >14:18
shaderhow does one view details about a service that can be run with 'service <name> start'? I want to know what script it's using for a particular service14:18
raubaltin: I thought that you can configure grub not to do gui14:18
nbubuntuikonia : yeh bootloader14:18
ikonianbubuntu: what is your question ?14:18
ikonianbubuntu: the grub version from 10.04 will be updated to the grub version from 12.0414:18
raubshader: I think those scripts are just in /etc/init.14:18
ikonianbubuntu: what is the issue ?14:18
nbubuntuikonia : can I retain back the grub ? i dont like the bootloader14:18
shaderraub: ok14:19
ikoniashader: they are not scripts in /etc/init.d - ubuntu uses upstart, not sysvinit14:19
raubAs opposite to init.d14:19
ikonianbubuntu: don't like the bootloader ?? it's a boot loader, you should see no difference14:19
ikonia!upstart |shader14:19
ubottushader: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/14:19
altinraub: wasn't asking for grub !?14:19
raubikonia: I thought they were moving away from upstart.14:19
nbubuntuikonia : and also can I install 12.04 along with 10.10 ? because I am installing 12.04 on other partition.Extended partition.Can I install into it ? thanks because Iam a newbie on it14:20
mikael_airportyh: try this #ls /usr/bin | grep "network"14:20
ikoniaraub: not at the moment14:20
ikonianbubuntu: why are you doing this ?14:20
ikonianbubuntu: 10.10 is EOL and dead14:20
nbubuntuikonia : some of the item not backup14:21
ikonianbubuntu: I'm sorry, I don't understand what you are trying to say14:21
usr13raub: It is my opinion that even if you have SSD drive, you should also have a swap partition at least as large as your RAM.  If you have enough RAM, the swap partition will rarely be used, but when needed it is there.  (Just my 2c.)14:22
daftykinsor put the swap on mechanical because you don't care about the capacity there14:24
raubusr13: I see your point. I just created the lv and did mkswap on it. Now I am going to add it to the fstab so I can swapon it14:24
usr13Kerim: Does it say that a Reboot is needed?14:24
Kerimusr13: No it didn't but I rebooted anyway.14:25
raubJust deciding between uuid or path to device14:25
raubOnce that is done, back to figuring out why trackpad and wireless are inop14:25
usr13Kerim: Try "Additional Drivers"14:25
jacks_cooladamk ActionPa1snip: thanks. Installed the driver again and it's working fine! ;)14:26
Kerimusr13: I did just a minute ago. Rebooted, black screen lol. Going to reboot into recovery root shell and check out xorg.conf and uninstall drivers14:27
=== BadLarry_ is now known as BadLarry
Kerimusr13: Don't even have an xorg.conf but an xorg.conf.fglrx-014:29
raubusr13 (and others): swap is enabled14:29
usr13Kerim: If I were you, I'd complain to the folks at AMD for telling you that they had Drivers for it, (I just looked at their website and see no evidence of their offering any Linux Drivers for that card, maybe I missed it, but, well, I dono....)_14:30
purezen Hey guys ! I recently purchased an EVDO data card, Teracom T-U500.. It's working perfectly fine under Windows but doesn't work in Linux.. The modem does not get detected at all.. Seemingly, it can't perform a successful 'usb_modeswitch' operation.. Please help..!14:30
Kerimusr13: http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/Pages/index.aspx14:30
raubNow to find out why the trackpad is inop and netowrk manager claims the wireless card is disabled by hardware switch14:30
raubI probably should do another Windows maneuver again just in case14:31
Kerimusr13:  Desktop graphics > Radeon HD > 7xxx series > x86_6414:31
Kerimusr13: But yeah, think I'll complain (and give up). Seems like a lost cause.14:32
usr13Kerim: "Radeon 7000 Series"?14:33
Kerimusr13: Yes14:34
usr13Kerim: Do not see anything for Linux14:35
Kerimusr13: I get this http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/linux/Pages/radeon_linux.aspx?type=2.4.1&product=
Kerimusr13: and compatibility list http://support.amd.com/us/kbarticles/Pages/amdcatalyst13-4linreleasenotes.aspx14:36
usr13Kerim: PCIe?14:37
Kerimusr13:  Yes14:37
usr13Kerim: You are 64bit?14:38
adamkKerim: Maybe I missed it, but have you checked your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file to see what the problem is?14:38
Kerimusr13: Yes, I did try that one. I also tried the beta driver.14:38
Kerimadamk: Will do.14:38
usr13Kerim: uname -r14:39
arshHi, i'm struggling with this bug : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1172852 , can someone help me out14:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1172852 in linux (Ubuntu) "USB keyboard and mouse don't work" [High,Incomplete]14:39
Kerimusr13: 3.8.0-19-generic, how do I check xorg version?14:39
dragoonisI am using ubuntu liveCD on my macbook pro. I have mounted my mac's filesystem to /dev/sda and can browse the files. However when i browse to /Users/dragoonis/Documents/ it says "You do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents of "Documents"."14:40
dragoonisHow can I get permissions to read the "Documents" contents folder?14:40
klikiniyou have to boot into os x and change the permissions to public14:40
usr13Kerim: I suggest that it may not work with the 3.8.0-19 kernel. (May work fine on a Ubuntu 12.04 system just not on 13.04.)  (I just use LTS, so not all that knowledgable on a 13.04 system.)14:41
Kerimadamk, usr13 : pastebin.com/sWz2VdsB14:41
usr13dragoonis: What is it now?  ls -l |grep Documents14:42
raubAny suggestions why a trackpad would stop working after reinstalling 12.04 (or running 13.04 livecd)?14:42
raubI believe xinput list shows it as "SynPS/2 Synaptics Touchpad"14:42
foo357Hello, is there some way to replace a directory with an archive, the directory is large and I have a limited amount of free disk space.14:43
adamkKerim: First, getting fglrx working on a laptop with hybrid graphics is hit-or-miss.  Some GPUs seem to be supported, some aren't.  However, you don't even appear to have the fglrx driver installed at the moment.14:43
=== xgoo is now known as Guest14191
klikiniraub: my laptop has a bios option to enable/disable the trackpad. check yours?14:43
Kerimadamk: It's a desktop and yes, I uninstalled fglrx drivers just now because I get a black screen after grub with all of the possible drivers I could find.14:44
raubklikini: Mine does not seem to have. I can check again14:44
foo357so the archiving would have to incrementally remove files in the directory (to free up disk space) while the archive is being created14:44
klikiniraub: what brand of laptop?14:44
raubklikini: toshiba14:44
nbubuntuikonia : I mean there are quite some files not yet backup , rather than formating the 10.10 partition , I'd like to install 12.04 on a extended partition alongside with 10.10.I just worry it replace the bootloader to gui version.14:44
Kerimusr13, adamk : According to AMD the 13.4 driver only work swith 12.10. I migh try that. The 13.8 beta driver supposedly works with 13.04 but it's a beta driver so expecting that to work flawlessly is silly in the first place14:45
raubfoo357: how about splitting the tgz into more than one?14:45
dragoonis--- How can I boot up the ubuntu file explorer with ROOT proviledges ?14:45
usr13Kerim: Look at lines 5-714:45
dragoonisI have a folder than I can access from Terminal with root only.14:45
klikiniraub: have you tried this? http://askubuntu.com/a/19959214:45
adamkKerim: Well the Xorg log file isn't going to tell you anything helpful if you're not looking at it when fglrx is installed.14:45
adamkKerim: Are you trying to use both the intel and radeon GPUs at the same time?14:45
foo357raub: splitting the archive wouldn't help much I think14:46
usr13Kerim: Yea, try the beta again.14:46
ikonianbubuntu: you are making a terrible design decision14:46
christos_can i do a question?14:46
ikonianbubuntu: backup the files from 10.10 - upgrade/install 12.04 in it's place14:46
Kerimadamk: No. It's a desktop and I'm just trying to get the dedicated GPU to run.14:46
raubfoo357: I mean more than one tgz, So the temp space needed is not as much14:46
ikonianbubuntu: dual booting an unsupported distro when you openly admit you are new to linux is unwise going forward, it's is better to backup what you need, upgrade/replace 10.10 with a single supported 12.04/13.04 install14:46
Kerimusr13: What's with those?14:47
foo357raub: Hm ok14:47
usr13Kerim: Try the beta driver again.14:47
Kerimusr13: Alrights14:48
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k1l!details | christos_14:49
ubottuchristos_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."14:49
Kerimadamk: I can't pastebin the log once I install fglxr. Because I get a black screen after grub and will only be able to go into recovery root shell14:49
adamkKerim: Setup ssh so you can log in remotely from another machine.14:49
christos_i   have doanload wire shark14:49
adamkKerim: And make sure you create an xorg.conf file where the intel GPU is disabled.14:50
christos_but cant find my ethernet what can i do14:50
Picichristos_: you need to run it with sudo in order to see your interfaces and capture packets.14:50
Kerimusr13: Nope :/ , sigh.14:50
Picichristos_: or gksudo since its a gui application.14:50
Kerimadamk: The Intel GPU is not connected to the screen but okay14:50
adamkKerim: It doesn't matter if it's connected or not.  Xorg is clearly trying to use it as you can see in your Xorg log file.14:51
nbubuntuikonia : but I had a lot programs on old distro , going for dual boot actually able to help me to copy the file directly and install rather than download the program again on new 12.0414:51
nbubuntuikonia : I'll try and see what I can do14:51
wilee-nileeAsked this on the #firefox channel they seem to have no real viable answer. So as of late, upon removing a yahoo password while using FF 23 sync'd when I login I get no option to save in sync. I want to re-add the password.14:52
wilee-nileeYahoo is blocking browsers from saving passwords in other words, same in IE 10 in W814:53
ikoniaubottu: it won't help you14:54
ubottuikonia: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:54
ikonianbubuntu: it won't help you - it will cause you problems14:54
ikonianbubuntu: you're saying you're new, and asking for advice, I'm advising you not to do what you want to do but approch it different, and you're ignoring it14:55
ikonianbubuntu: I very very strongly advise you not to try to dualboot 10.10 and 12.04 - but do it properly, backup what you need and upgrade or replace 10.10 with 12.0414:55
maxiPad3gswill we be able to install saucy salamder from 13.04 from terminal?14:55
Sk1Specialwhy is dual booting two different ubuntus bad?14:56
wilee-nileemaxiPad3gs, When?14:56
maxiPad3gsi mean once its released can we install from terminal/14:56
MonkeyDustmaxiPad3gs  #ubuntu+1 for 13.10 support14:56
Kerimadamk: How do I explicitly disable Intel in the xorg.conf?14:57
wilee-nileemaxiPad3gs, There is a cli command for upgrading14:57
rog3rWhen I've dual booted two ubuntus that share the same home, the dotfiles became a problem.14:57
MonkeyDustmaxiPad3gs  like you would do any upgrade14:57
christos_anyone who can know  about my problem?14:57
nbubuntuikonia : ok , i'll try , takes times to backup :)14:57
Ampelbeinchristos_: Start wireshark with "gksu wireshark". Do the network devices show up then?14:58
adamkKerim: You create an xorg.conf file that specifies *just* the radeon GPU.14:58
wilee-nileechristos_, Getting wireshark we c an help with, but I believe actually using it may be not supported14:58
christos_how can i do it  to start with this mode14:58
Sk1Specialso would dual booting two ubuntus within the same pc but on separate drives be a problem?14:59
wilee-nileechristos_, If you are registered you might try ##linux14:59
Kerimadamk: But the driver does that. I just checked out the xorg.conf before uninstalling the beta drivers and it only contained the ati stuff. Wait, lemme pastebin it14:59
Ampelbeinchristos_: http://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/collab-maint/ext-maint/wireshark/trunk/debian/README.Debian?view=markup has an explanation what you need to do.14:59
Kerimadamk: pastebin.com/sdQaghp6315:00
adamkKerim: That paste has been removed.  In any case, the Xorg log file you posted showed that it wasn't using an xorg.conf file that prevented the intel GPU from being used.15:01
christos_thank you very much15:01
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Kerimadamk: pastebin.com/sdQahp63 (accidently typed a letter into link earlier)15:03
rog3rSk1Special: I imagine another problem would be managing grub configurations, because of the added complexity of having one in sync with both.15:04
adamk OK, but that clearly wasn't the xorg.conf file you were using for the Xorg log file you posted.15:04
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
Kerimadamk: I have no other xorg.conf, infact after uninstalling the drivers I have no xorg.conf at all15:04
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Kerimadamk, usr13 : Anyhow, thank you for your help guys. I will try to install the 13.4 drivers on Ubuntu 12.10 and if that doesn't work without all too much hassle I'll just give up :/15:06
purezenAlso guys, my Vostro 5460 which came pre-loaded with Ubuntu is producing very low audio output.. While it works fine on Windows.. Please help..!15:11
neyderHi there, can some help me with huawei modem e303c, AT command to change usb-cd behavior doesnt work, or where can I ask ?15:12
purezenI had been discussing it here, previously.. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2152776&highlight=546015:13
Slagwaganyone knows if there is a current ubuntu step-by-step walkthru to train someone on the OS? I am trying to setup something for other users and there was something for 8.x15:14
ken-the-whizso everythings working in my isp end but my ethernet seems to not want to connect linux boxes15:16
MonkeyDustSlagwag  8.x is no longer supported and the best way to learn an OS, is by using it and reading some15:16
ken-the-whizany clue? it worked in till restart15:16
MonkeyDustdo some reading, even*15:16
Pici!manual | Slagwag15:17
ubottuSlagwag: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/15:17
Kerimadamk, usr13 : Oh! I just noticed that the driver requires GlibC 2.2 ot 2,3 and I have 2.1715:17
Kerimadamk, usr13 : Can't find a glibc package in the repos, how to remedy that?15:17
WaryDevKerim, it's known as libc6 and you will need to search old repos to get a lower version15:18
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
KerimWaryDev: Oh snap. I just misread 2.17 as 2.1.7 ... so I already do have a higher version. Oh man, bummers. Thanks mate.15:19
whoeverKerim:  so what do them temp sensors read when you run then, (system monitor)15:21
Kerimwhoever: Nothing. Ubuntu just "kills" the process or crashes.15:21
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Kerimwhoever: I mean when I run any software that is supposed to show the temps. In System Monitor it simply shows nothing.15:22
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whoeverKerim:  install psensstor,15:25
whoeverKerim: when you start it you will have to check the boxes  for the sensors you want15:26
snoopybbthello there!!15:27
snoopybbti'd need a virtual machine with something like 4 gigs of ram, but my computer only has 4 gigs of ram15:27
snoopybbtso i thought i could so some "light" virtualmachine15:27
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Kerimwhoever: Okay. Will try it later. Trying to fix something else first. One thing at a time and maybe I'll have at least one functioning system by next week lol15:27
MonkeyDustsnoopybbt  the question is the answer: you need more ram15:27
snoopybbtby installing ubuntu inside ubuntu, the way i used to install debian inside debian15:27
snoopybbtthat is, by using debootstrap15:28
snoopybbtnow, i've been using deboostrap successfully in the past with debian15:28
snoopybbtdoes debootstrap works for ubuntu too ?15:28
O-PumpkinHello / Salut !15:28
MonkeyDustsnoopybbt  you mean chroot, fake root?15:28
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ubottudebootstrap is used to create a !Debian or Ubuntu base system from scratch, without requiring the availability of !dpkg or !APT. It does this by downloading !.deb files from a mirror site, and carefully unpacking them into a directory you can eventually !chroot into.  See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot for more information15:29
snoopybbtMonkeyDust: yes, but using an as standard as possible ubuntu system15:29
snoopybbtuh thanks Pici15:29
snoopybbtPici: imma give it a look15:29
whoeverKerim: what are you workin on now15:29
Kerimwhoever: Graphics drivers on my desktop machine.15:30
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__oz__I've atempted installing lamp on my lubuntu laptop a few times. But now i think i have installed various types (lamp, xampp, ect.) various times. any help?15:31
daftykinssnoopybbt: you can overprovision with virtualisation software, it'll just start to page eventually15:31
daftykins__oz__: what are you trying to do? learn how to manage a web server?15:31
__oz__daftykins: install lamp server and cleanup the other installations15:32
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=== paracetamol is now known as ACETAMINOPHEN
snoopybbtdaftykins: i've alredy done something similar using virtualbox and it was SLOOOOOOW, so slow it took away all the fun of running a reddit instance :P15:32
=== ACETAMINOPHEN is now known as acetaminophen
adamkKerim: Did you grab the Xorg log file yet from when you are running the catalyst driver?15:32
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daftykinssnoopybbt: perhaps you used an inappropriate distro?15:33
Pici!away > BlackoutIsHere15:33
ubottuBlackoutIsHere, please see my private message15:33
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Kerimadamk: That's an impossible task, mate... Mostly because I cannot run x or anything for that matter once I install the driver. I have to first go into recovery root shell and uninstall the drivers to be able to boot into the operating system15:34
adamkKerim: As I suggested above, install ssh and log in remotely once the machine starts up.15:35
snoopybbtdaftykins: nope, i used all the recommended software, and it actually worked, it was just slow to death15:35
__oz__daftykins: i need it just to test php code, i think i have more than one mysql/ apatche/ php. I need to clean it up15:35
snoopybbtdaftykins: and no, i wasn't running it on and encrypted fs15:35
daftykinssnoopybbt: no as in like a nasty modern memory hungry DE or similar15:36
snoopybbtdaftykins: DE as development environment ?15:36
Kerimadamk: alrights15:36
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daftykinssnoopybbt: desktop15:37
ken-the-whizhey my router wont connect my linux box15:37
daftykinssnoopybbt: so more the xfces and the lxde's than the unitys etc.15:37
mikael1_Goatman: So yeah, have my system upgraded but my mouse is still  not getting assigned to a hid15:38
snoopybbtinterestingly, in "the unix programming environment" home directories are in /usr ... i wonder why then they were moved to /home15:38
Goatman<ken-the-whiz> what do you mean?15:38
mikael1_Goatman: also installed: sudo apt-get install hwinfo &&hwinfo -mouse15:38
snoopybbtdaftykins: i run 2d unity, and honestly i don't wanna bother with other DEs15:38
mikael1_Goatman: shows no device files15:38
gordonjcpsnoopybbt: it's been /home as long as I can remember15:38
gordonjcpsnoopybbt: waaaaaaay before Linux ;-)15:38
Goatman<mikael1_> does the mouse work in other OSes?15:39
mikael1_Goatman: yea. live cds and anything else.15:39
mikael1_Goatman: the mouse works15:39
mikael1_Goatman: i think its dbus15:39
ubottuThe official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com15:39
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 9 months to 5 years. More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases15:39
ken-the-whizGoatman, well it worked in till restart15:39
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snoopybbtdaftykins: nope, this book is from 1991 and dates from ls in pics are dated 198315:39
snoopybbtsorry it was for gordonjcp15:40
ken-the-whiznow my computer detects eth0 but wont connect15:40
babinlonstonPlease give me any link for step by step installing Kaltura , goggled a lot but not getting success installation Every time :(15:40
Sk1Specialis there a ubuntu smartglass/smartglass equivalent?15:41
__oz__i ran ' sudo apt-get purge mysql-server apache2 php5 '  but after when i point my browser to localhost it shows the the test page. so the web server is still running. I want to get rid of the server :/15:41
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__oz__i think i have more than one apatche /mysql/ php . help?15:42
Goatman<ken-the-whiz>  Look in the kernel log and see it says.  It is a USB mouse right?  use, cat /var/log/kern.log | grep usb15:43
mikael1_Goatman: grep -i mouse /var/log/dmesg, gives me: usb 2-1.1: Product: Gaming Mouse G40015:44
mikael1_but no /dev/input file or anything, weirdest stuff ever.15:44
mikael1_i think i should reinstall but idont want 215:44
mikael1_maybe kernel rebuild15:44
mikael1_but that takes a shitload of time also15:44
Goatmanyeah, but check the kernel log15:44
denis__where i may ask about 'usbmon' module ? (about usb sniffing)15:45
Ether_EchoesI'm having a bit of trouble with my panels (gnome fallback (no effects) on 13.04). I installed an update earlier today and now certain items make panels useless. I tried following this guide: http://ubuntugenius.wordpress.com/2012/01/12/missing-applications-places-or-system-menus-how-to-reset-ubuntus-classic-gnome-23-panel/ with no success.15:45
Goatmanmine assigns a USB mouse.[    3.824856] input: Lenovo Optical Mouse as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.7/usb1/1-6/1-6.4/1-6.4:1.0/input/input515:46
Ether_EchoesAdding certain menu items causes the panel to go all-black and I can't do anything with it other than delete or move it around15:46
Dave257Hello. Anybody here could point me to where I can get help with a "Failed to schedule IB" crash?15:46
Ether_Echoes(Also, for some reason I can't get my terminal with ctrl+alt+T, though I can with alt+F2 and entering gnome-terminal)15:46
mikael1_Goatman: yer, thats whats so strange. it should give a assignment15:46
mikael1_Goatman: but so far have not seen any errors15:47
Goatmanreplace the kernel with a .deb, see if that helps15:47
Ether_Echoestrying to add clock, menu bar, logout button... it all kills the panel15:48
Ether_EchoesI can add things like Show Desktop or Workspaces no problem15:48
babinlonstonhisto: Please give me any link for step by step installing Kaltura , goggled a lot but not getting success installation Every time :(15:48
wilee-nileeEther_Echoes, that page is dated January 12, 2012 8 months ago I have to wonder if it is accurate it is using gconf when dconf is used now15:49
Dave257Hello. Anybody here could point me to where I can get help with a "Failed to schedule IB" crash?15:49
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__oz__can anybody help me remove my webserver?15:49
Ether_Echoesyeah, probably not as up-to-date as I'd like15:49
adamk!details | Dave25715:49
ubottuDave257: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."15:49
__oz__so i can install lamp15:49
mikael1_Goatman: What do you mean by replacing kernel with .dev15:49
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Ether_EchoesHad an internal error earlier, lemme dig it up... in /usr/bin/gnome-panel15:51
Dave257Running Ubuntu 13, every now and then my screen freezes and when I go to a terminal I get the error Radeon  0000:01)00.0 couldn't schedule ib  drm:radeon_cs_ib_chunk *error* failed to schedule ib. I can't do anything and have to do a REISUB15:51
DJonesbabinlonston: Can't say I've heard of Kaltura, but this link kiijs qyure detailed https://github.com/instructure/canvas-lms/wiki/Kaltura-setup-instructions15:52
MonkeyDustDave257  what's IB ?15:52
whoeverken-the-whiz: you still here15:52
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babinlonstonDJones: ok15:52
DJoness/kiijs qyure/looks quite/15:52
Dave257I have no clue. just that the screen freezes. There's still sound and I guess everything works but the graphics. Can't do anything but do a hard reboot.15:53
adamkDave257: Well what I can say is that there's definitely an error with the radeon kernel driver. Are you using the latest kernel available for 13.04?15:53
Goatman<mikael1_>take a look at this: http://linuxg.net/how-to-install-kernel-3-10-on-ubuntu-linux-mint-debian-and-derivates/15:53
holstein!tty | Dave257 try this next time, and see if you can "sudo reboot" instead15:53
ubottuDave257 try this next time, and see if you can "sudo reboot" instead: To get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution15:53
adamkDave257: And is there anything you know that triggers the freeze?15:53
babinlonstonDJones:  :D i Give my office Peoples Link alreay we tried and stored in git ...15:54
ikoniamikael1_: do not do what Goatman is saying15:54
babinlonstonSorry you give15:54
whoeverkermit: what wrong with your graphics15:54
whoeverkermit: what card do you have15:54
Dave257I do get a terminal with alt+f1, where the error goes on repeating. I do have the latest update. Nothing so far. When I click the left button for a menu. But yesterday it happened while watching a video.15:54
Goatman<mikael1_> You can install other kernels as well15:54
ikoniamikael1_: again - do not do what Goatman is suggesting15:54
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DJonesbabinlonston: Thats about all I could see, its not software I know, so I'd just be guessing at anything else, good luck getting it installed though15:55
babinlonstonDJones: thank you sir15:55
mikael1_ikonia: hows that?15:55
Ether_Echoesis there any way I can troubleshoot my gnome panels? I can use Alt+F1 to access the menu, certainly, but it would be nice to fix thi15:55
mikael1_goatman: thanks, ill will check that out def. alot easier then building it l000l15:56
ikoniamikael1_: what do you mean "hows that"15:56
mikael1_goatman: debian ftw15:56
Dave257sudo reboot. That works? good. Any way I can reboot only the graphics card or something? I tried a service lightdm restart. but the screen gets all garbled and it still won't work.15:56
holsteinDave257: i would try different graphics drivers15:57
wilee-nileeEther_Echoes, Have you tried a reboot?15:57
mikael1_ikonia: you said "Do not do what Goatman suggested" and i say hows that?15:57
mikael1_ikonia: why?15:57
holsteinDave257: i think someone already suggested trying an older kernel..15:57
ikoniamikael1_: because you are randomly updating kernels to out of support kernels for no valid reson15:57
Dave257where can I get a different driver? been looking but ATI no longer does a driver for ubuntu or linux.15:58
Kerimadamk: http://pastebin.com/d2Ngy6U115:58
mikael1_ikonia: its pretty old indeed15:58
ikoniamikael1_: it's not old15:58
holstein!ati | Dave257 this is what i refer to15:58
ubottuDave257 this is what i refer to: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto15:58
ikoniamikael1_: the kernels are new, but they are not in support15:58
Ether_Echoeswilee-nilee, Yes15:58
holsteinDave257: there should be an open driver in use after install.. and a proprietary driver from the defaul repos.. and also one from the AMD site that might be different than the one in the repos15:59
wilee-nileeEther_Echoes, Have you done any modifications like using compiz...etc?15:59
holsteinDave257: a very easy thing to try is booting an older kernel.. from grub15:59
Ether_EchoesI've installed compiz but have not done anything with it yet15:59
adamkDave257: What GPU is this?  The radeon driver does have a function where it is supposed to reset if it detects a lockup.  Apparently that's not working in your case15:59
Ether_EchoesI have done theme tweaks15:59
Dave257well, I've been looking for drivers for a radeon x1600 with no luck15:59
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adamkKerim: You stil don't have the catalyst driver installed...  At least not properly.15:59
lpapp_hi, is there any ubuntu version using LTS kernel version16:00
ikonialpapp_: all the lts releases use lts kernel16:00
holsteinDave257: there are 3.. and the link i gave will tell you how to search for the ones to try16:00
adamkDave257: yeah, there are no other drivers for that GPU other than the open source ones.16:00
wilee-nileeEther_Echoes, Not sure but that desktop does not use compiz I believe, so did any of this startaround the time of what ever you did with compiz?16:00
holsteinDave257: adamk seems to have first hand experience with that hardware, i would refer to his posts16:00
lpapp_ikonia: 12.04 does not use 3.416:00
MonkeyDustlpapp_  that's a bit too soon, IIRC, 3.10 LTS kernel is only a release candidate16:00
lpapp_nor 3.016:00
adamkDave257: I would definitely report this as a bug to Ubuntu and it's probably worth asking about in #radeon.16:00
Ether_EchoesNo. I've never touched it, actually. It started when I did a partial update earlier today16:00
ikonialpapp_: what ?16:00
Dave257figured as much. an older kernel would it work on 13 or do I have to install ubuntu 11 or something? on previous ubuntu versions the error happened constantly and wouldn't let me try a terminal16:00
lpapp_MonkeyDust: 3.4 is an LTS kernel version.16:01
ikonialpapp_: you didn't say 3.4 - you said "LTS" kernel16:01
mikael1_goatman: gonna try this one, http://linuxg.net/how-to-install-3-9-kernel-on-ubuntu-13-04-12-10-12-04-and-linux-mint-15-14-13/16:01
lpapp_which is 3.0 and 3.416:01
holsteinDave257: 13.04.. an older kernel will be listed in grub.. you select it at boot16:01
mikael1_Goatman: the one you linked was Saucy16:01
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lpapp_and 3.216:01
lpapp_what does ubuntu 12.04 use?16:01
ikoniamikael1_: why are you changing the kernel16:01
wilee-nileeEther_Echoes, Ah a partial update, never do that, that is the problem, it is partial because npt all dependencies are there.16:01
Kerimadamk: I did install it16:01
ikonialpapp_: LTS kernels are the kernels provided in the main repos from the long term support distros16:01
Ether_Echoes~ Any way to walk it back or do I need to do a fresh reinstall?16:01
MonkeyDustlpapp_  12.04 uses 3.216:01
ikonialpapp_: so 10.04 will use the 10.04 LTS kernel, 12.04 will use the 12.04 LTS kernel, so I'm not why you are referencing kernel version numbers16:02
wilee-nileeEther_Echoes, Those dependencies show up, and if you are lucky will be installed, you may need to run a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade to get them if possible.16:02
Ether_EchoesI tried that earlier, no changes16:02
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
wilee-nileeEther_Echoes, dependencies can take a day or longer to catch up.16:03
adamkKerim: [    18.110] (EE) Failed to load module "fglrx" (module does not exist, 016:03
Dave257Ok I'll try looking for a driver and thanks for the sudo reboot advice! that will be useful. On GRUB I'll try a different kernel. see how it goes. Thank you so much everyone!16:03
Ether_Echoesso patience, see what happens16:03
adamkKerim: You may have installed it, but it's definitely not installed properly then.16:03
LrdArchow can i delete file with special character name via cli?16:03
wilee-nileeEther_Echoes, And we can only assume they will get loaded and fix this if this is the actual problem.16:04
Memphiscan somebody help me with my brightness issue on Lenovo G580 laptop.16:04
Kerimadamk: Well, then it's not installable. I tried every possible way and it never works.16:04
MemphisThe hotkeys don't seem to respond.16:04
adamkKerim: How did you install it?16:04
Serp3ntfinally got ubuntu on virtualbox whew!!16:05
Ether_EchoesIf there's no fix in a day or two, what would you recommend, wilee-nilee?16:05
lpapp_ikonia: then check kernel.org16:05
MemphisPlease help. I've been trying to get over this issue for over three months.16:05
Memphisnothing helps.16:05
Kerimadamk: This time I downloaded the 13.8 driver, generated distro specific driver package and installed the resulting .deb files16:05
Ether_EchoesAlso, in the future, when I see it asking about a partial update, should I just ignore it?16:05
wilee-nileeEther_Echoes, Hard to say really, it is all in the ether what has happened we are only assuming at this point.16:06
ubuntivityHello, is there a free simple software that shows the angle of the moon in the sky? (I use Linux as OS)16:06
wilee-nileeEther_Echoes, partial upgrades are generally one of two possibilities, missing dependencies or a security update that needs a dist-upgrade.16:07
LrdArchow can i delete file with special character name via cli? it shows "logs^M^J.20130805.txt" when i tabbed :316:07
researcher123PC suddenly closes. cant run Synaptic.Please help16:08
Ether_EchoesAh hah - how do I use them without murdering my system next time?16:08
wilee-nileeEther_Echoes, Get used to using nicks, not sure what you mean exactly.16:09
__oz__Can someone help me remove my web-server?16:09
researcher123I tried sudo apt-get autoremove. Then PC suddenly closed.Since then cant run Synaptic.Shows error.Plz help16:09
wilee-nilee!details | researcher12316:10
ubotturesearcher123: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:10
Ether_Echoeswilee-nilee, I mean how do I avoid these problems in the future when it gives me a partial update?16:10
mikael1___oz__: sudo apt-get remove apache216:10
ikonia__oz__: just remove the package16:10
wilee-nileeMemphis, state your issue16:10
Memphiscan anyone help me with the issue of brightness on myp?? lapto16:10
=== michael_ is now known as MickStep
adamkKerim: Did you create a new xorg.conf file with 'aticonfig -i' ?16:11
MoPacHello; I'm having trouble with chmod and chown for files mounted on an smb share in my home folder (many of which are old windows files with high permissions). Running chmod 777 -R -v or chown -R -v makes all the changes, but they all seem to instantly revert. Nautilus can't actually delete the directories.16:11
wilee-nileeEther_Echoes, Wait for a good update, I.E. the dependencies added or use the terminal and a dist-upgrade and look at what it is offering before hitting Y for yes.16:11
mikael1_goatman: brb16:11
MoPac(clarifying above: chown from root to my user)16:11
Memphiswilee-nilee thanks! I'm on lenovo G580. when I'm on windows7 I can use the hotkeys to adjust the brightness [Function key + the up/down arrow].16:11
wilee-nilee!anyone | Memphis16:12
ubottuMemphis: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.16:12
Ether_EchoesThanks, I'll be headin' off now, gtta get back to work16:12
Shadowandlightcan i use the gparted live CD to resize my main HD partition to make it smaller?  Its current;y 50 gb but only using 12... I want to make the disk 20gb total16:12
Kerimadamk: http://pastebin.com/Mx3D8P5H16:12
Memphiswilee-nilee I can't do that when I'm on ubuntu.16:12
wilee-nileeMemphis, To the channel not me, no problem as far as getting the actual issue.16:12
Memphiswilee-nilee Sorry, I didn't get you..16:13
wilee-nileeMemphis, No biggie, I use the slider to adjust the screen in power16:13
Memphiswilee-nilee what slider. there's none in my distro. ubuntu 12.10.16:14
streulmahello, I tested Ubuntu 13.04 today on a Macbook Pro Retina, some problems: very high resolution, could change with Nouveau driver, but not bright enough. Second point: could not change the brightness.16:14
__oz__ikonia, mikael1_: thanks guys!16:14
wilee-nileeMemphis, Yeah there is look in settings for display I believe.16:14
raubSo my trackapd was disabled in bios. It is called "internal tracking device". Thanks to all who suggested that! Now onwards to the wireless device16:15
Memphiswilee-nileeand I don't have a graphics card on my laptop. I can however change the volume. But not the brightness. However i downloaded a package from the Ubuntu software centre to have the hotkeys run. But how do i run that program?16:15
raubSymptom: network manager reports it is disabled by hardware switch16:16
wilee-nileeMemphis, No idea.16:16
mikael_Goatman: Thanks for sticking with me, mouse finally works16:16
SnowmanX11Any of you has an Alienware mx17 R2 laptop?16:16
wilee-nileeSnowmanX11, No polling16:17
SnowmanX11I am looking for proper sound card adjustment for 5.1 sounds16:17
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
raubrfkill list all agrees with it: http://pastie.org/821563516:17
thesebhelp! can't seem to get nautilus+MIME settting right for .tex files.....nautilus can open them with "Open With" but not using the default "Open"..why?16:18
raubDid not find anything mentioning the wifi device in the bios16:18
Memphiswilee-nilee thanks anyway for not trying !16:18
SnowmanX11wilee-nilee: this not a polling, but thanks for being a voluntier policeman16:19
wilee-nileeSnowmanX11, Cool I suspected that, your computer does not matter if needed it is the hardware the channel wants.16:19
adamkKerim: With fglrx installed, run      find /usr/ -iname "fglrx_drv.so"16:19
adamkKerim: And pastebin the results.16:19
Memphiswilee-nilee its volunteer btw.16:19
* wilee-nilee loves projecting users, always a pleasure to actually help and be bitten.16:20
SnowmanX11wilee-nilee: the computer matters, because if anyone has than we can turn to the hardware level16:20
kdawgis it easy to put multiple version of ubuntu into one bootable iso?16:20
=== jhenke_ is now known as jhenke
kdawgon a windows pc currently if that helps16:20
wilee-nileeSnowmanX11, Your first question was polling.16:20
raubwilee-nilee: projecting out of a cannon?16:20
wilee-nileeraub, Projecting their perceptions from there own reality.16:21
Kerimadamk: No results.16:21
SnowmanX11OK wilee-nilee just for your sake : Audio device: Intel Corporation 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 05)16:21
daftykinskdawg: universal usb installer from pendrivelinux.com should do that16:21
wilee-nileeraub, It's a psych term16:21
SnowmanX11What audiocards should be adjusted in confs?16:22
kdawgreason is i use SARDU and as far as i am aware it can only put one copy of it on  the usb stick16:22
kdawgso if i can make the iso have all of them then i can use SARDU put it on the USB stick16:22
wilee-nileeSnowmanX11, To the channel not me, honestly do what you want I have been helping here for a long time there are norms and channel technically rules, if you want best help you learn them.16:22
daftykinskdawg: i have no idea what that is.16:22
__oz__ikonia: the related folders are still in /var, many are empty. Does that matter?16:23
whoeverKerim: so what is it , why do you think it isn't working16:23
kdawgits like pendrive for linux but it looks like it has more options16:23
whoeverKerim: most graphics on ubuntu work otb16:23
ikonia__oz__: delete them16:23
SnowmanX11wilee-nilee: I try to stop this meaning less discussion and turning to question mode. I have specified the card but non of the googled card adjustment worked in the conf file16:24
SnowmanX11I want to have 5.1 sound out on jacks16:24
SnowmanX11The max, that I could have gained is 4.116:24
Kerimwhoever: I am not really sure. We're trying to figure it out. I haven't slept all night last night becausw of this. I got a Radeon HD 7770 after checking whether there are drivers for it on Linux and there are but none of the drivers work16:24
__oz__ikonia: which ones?16:25
ikonia__oz__: the ones you no longer want16:25
Kerimwhoever: Black screen after boot loader16:25
daftykinsKerim: does the liveCD give a display?16:25
=== smithkm_ is now known as smithkm
SnowmanX114.1 was also not perfect so the only thing that worked for me is stereo. :-(   This is why I started with quiery on specific laptop, because I as tried on many linux forum and channels, nobody has a similar audiocard16:25
__oz__ikonia: thanks16:25
SnowmanX11maybe it is laptop specific, I do not know...16:26
Kerimdaftykins: Yes but with really slow and crappy graphics. When I run the Mint LiveCD it tells me that hardware acceleration isn't enabled and that it's running on software rendering16:26
SnowmanX11So wilee-nilee, do you have any good advise?16:26
daftykinsKerim: which driver is enabled at that point? radeon?16:26
Kerimdaftykins: Not fglxr, some open source radeon one. Can't remember exactly16:27
daftykinsyeah, 'radeon' then16:27
wilee-nileekdawg, There are multi-iso loaders for usb's16:27
daftykinsKerim: this is 13.04 64-bit i take it?16:27
Kerimdaftykins: yes16:28
daftykinsKerim: what kind of computer?16:28
adamkSadly 'radeon' does not yet have any acceleration for HD7xxx and higher GPUs in Ubuntu.16:28
Kerimdaftykins: Desktop computer16:28
daftykinsKerim: custom build, or?16:28
Kerimdaftykins: Yes16:28
adamkActually, I take that back...  It might now have acceleration.  In any case, fglrx *should* work, but it clearly isn't installing properly.16:28
whoeverKerim: do you still get the black screen after logon with the dafaults that are loaded by ubuntu16:28
__oz__i'm trying to delete a folder in the var/ folder - www: Unable to trash file: Permission denied16:29
__oz__what should i do?16:29
kdawgwilee-nilee not sure what your trying to tell me that there are multiple programs that can make bootable usb stick, or multiple i don't no16:29
Kerimwhoever: Well, by now I doubt much of my installation is default lol. If I want to avoid the black screen I have to go into recovery root shell and disable/uninstall the drivers16:29
wilee-nileeKerim, You aware of nomodeset?16:30
Kerimwilee-nilee: No, I am not16:30
__oz__I dont know my root password. I'm trying to run the 'su' command...16:31
wilee-nilee!nomodeset | Kerim16:31
ubottuKerim: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter16:31
whoeverKerim:  i assume you tried this http://askubuntu.com/questions/296743/problems-with-my-graphiccard-radeon-hd-777016:31
ikonia__oz__: you shouldn't know your root password16:31
ikonia!sudo | __oz__16:31
ubottu__oz__: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo16:31
Kerimwhoever: I have, basically one of the first things I did naturally16:31
__oz__ubottu: thanks16:32
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)16:32
raubNow, the interesting part of my wireless issue is that if I add a useb-to-wireless thingie, network-manager will also report it is disabled by hardware switch (?)16:32
whoeverkermit: are you on 13 or 12.x16:32
ActionPa1snip__oz__: use:  sudo -i     if you want a root prompt16:32
ActionPa1snip__oz__: there is no root password in Ubuntu16:32
daftykinsKerim: with the AMD drivers installed have you provided the X logs to see what is making it freak out? have you also tried installing without updates so as to try different kernels?16:32
whoeverkermit: for what its worth it should work otb on 13.0416:33
adamkdaftykins: He's posted his Xorg log file...  Which sadly shows that fglrx is not installed.16:33
daftykinsadamk: that's... interesting16:34
daftykinsadamk: tried a forced xorg.conf i take it?16:34
ActionPa1snip__oz__: if you stick to using sudo (and gksudo for GUI apps) you will have fewer issues16:34
adamkdaftykins: I've tried to get him to pastebin a search for fglrx_drv.so, but he hasn't done that yet, as far as I can see.16:34
adamkdaftykins: Yes, a newly generated xorg.conf file with 'aticonfig -i'16:34
Kerimadamk: I did. It yielded no results16:34
__oz__"www: Unable to trash file: Permission denied" i'm getting this... how do i delete the folder?16:34
ikonia__oz__: how are you trying to delete it ?16:35
adamkKerim: Then you definitely did not install the driver.16:35
__oz__though the file manager16:35
ikonia__oz__: how did you launch file manager ?16:35
Kerimadamk: Then the installer is broke lol16:35
adamkWell I'm trying it right now... So far, no errors.16:35
adamkKerim: Frankly, I'm more inclined to believe it's your system that's broke.16:35
ActionPa1snip__oz__: why do you want rid of it?16:35
__oz__ikonia: the icon next to the menu button in the bottom left hand corner16:36
ikonia__oz__: ok - so that means you are not launching it as the super user16:36
ikonia__oz__: hence why you don't have permissions16:36
ActionPa1snip__oz__: the folder is 4Kb here..... is yours16:36
__oz__ikonia: to later install lamp server16:36
kdawgdoes pendrivelinux seperate the menu's similiar to sardu like one for antivirus one fore linux and one for windows and one for utilities16:36
ikonia__oz__: I'm sorry pardon ? what has the a lamp server got to do with this ?16:36
ActionPa1snip__oz__: your call,   sudo rm -r /var/www      will delete it (If you REALLY want to remove it)16:37
ikoniakdawg: pendrivelinux is not ubuntu, so not supported in this channel16:37
kdawgin that case i will go back to my original question16:37
Kerimadamk: Well, I will install 12.10 and see what's what16:37
kdawghow to boot multiple Ubuntu iso in one bootable iso16:37
ActionPa1snipkdawg: do you mean to make a multiboot ISO from many ISOs?16:38
__oz__ikonia: well, i want to install a webserver16:38
ikoniakdawg: look at linux format magazine, they ship multi-boot CD/DVD roms16:38
ikonia__oz__: then why are you deleting the web server16:38
ikoniakdawg: they document th eprocess16:38
ikoniakdawg: it's not "hard" but it does require a good understanding of quite a few things16:38
ActionPa1snipkdawg: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/tag/multiboot-iso/16:38
daftykinsKerim: can you just clean install 13.04 and go through it step by step with someone first?16:38
daftykinsKerim: i think something obvious is going awry16:38
__oz__ikonia: because i dont have it installed16:38
Kerimdaftykins: Alright16:38
ikonia__oz__: then why are you deleting it ?16:39
adamkKerim: You downloaded the latest release from AMD, built a package with the '--buildpkg Ubuntu/raring' option, and then installed the deb it created?16:39
adamkdebs, rather.16:39
Kerimadamk: Exactly.16:39
__oz__ikonia: do you recomend leaving it there for now?16:39
ikonia__oz__: I don't understand why you deleted the package, and trying to delete the directories if you actually want a web server ?16:40
kdawgiknonia google linux format magazine let you no how things go16:40
adamkKerim: And you didn't receive *any* errors from any of the commands you ran?16:40
ikoniakdawg: pardon ?16:40
kdawgi meant to say i am googling16:40
kdawgthat should help peace that together better16:40
ikonia__oz__: you've just deleted the webserver, and now you are trying to delete the configs, but you say "I want a web server" - then why delete one ?16:40
__oz__ikonia: i thought i had more than one apatche installed16:41
Kerimadamk: I did get glibc errors ( I have glibc version 2.17) but at the end an "installation complete" or something way too optimistic like that16:41
ikonia__oz__: why did you think that ?16:41
ActionPa1snipkdawg: after a lot of Linux use, you dont need magazines so much16:41
kdawgyou its always hard when you are trying to learn something new16:41
adamkKerim: Run those same commands again, and this time pastebin the commands and their full output.16:42
adamkKerim: I just did the same thing on my computer and the drivers installed without any problems and without any errors.16:42
daftykinsKerim: do it with no internet connection so not applying updates first i would say16:42
kdawgfirst you is yeah tired been up all night16:42
__oz__ikonia: i ran sudo apt-get purge mysql-server apatche2 php516:43
Kerimadamk: Hah, kinda late. I'm doing a fresh install of 13.04 as daftykins suggested. I'll message you two once I got things ready16:43
ikonia__oz__: why ?16:43
ikonia__oz__: you are saying "I want these products" - so why are you deleting them ?16:43
kdawgwas this the website you were trying to point me to http://www.linuxformat.com/?16:43
__oz__ikonia: so i intended running that, then installing lamp again16:43
ikoniakdawg: thats the one16:43
ikonia__oz__: why ?16:43
MoPac[30 min bump] Hello; I'm having trouble with chmod and chown for files mounted on an smb share in my home folder (many of which are old windows files with high permissions). Running chmod 777 -R -v or chown username -R -v makes all the changes, but they all seem to instantly revert. Nautilus can't actually delete the directories.16:44
ikonia__oz__: why are you deleting lamp packages, to install lamp packages,16:44
MoPacI believe this is a FUSE mount16:44
daftykinsadamk: sorry to muscle in there16:44
kdawgsee if i can find anything on here about multiboot ubuntu16:44
ikoniaMoPac: you need to change them on the server, not the client16:44
ross`what's the name of the proprietary adobe flash package?16:44
__oz__ikonia: i thought i installed two different server packages for some reason16:44
daftykinskdawg: did you not look at the thing i suggested when you first came in?16:44
ikoniakdawg: not multi-boot ubuntu, multi-boot in general cd/dvd's16:44
ikonia__oz__: why do you think that ?16:44
MoPacikonia: The server is just a FAT-formatted NAS, though, not a whole machine16:45
ikoniaMoPac: FAT does not have permission support16:45
__oz__ikonia: i was googling terminal commands to install lamp16:45
MoPacikonia: hm, maybe it's NTFS; I can check16:45
dabbishwhat is the name of this syntax/design pattern: assert bazz('foo')('bar') == 'foobar'16:45
ikoniaMoPac: then you need to set the permissions on the server16:45
ubuntu_newbieHello there. I am currently in ubuntu 12.04 LTS live session and want to install it on /dev/sda7 alongside backtrack, windows xp and windows 7. The problem is that in this live session ubuntu installation utility is showing that there is no operating system. What should i do?16:46
kdawgthe basics are the same but aren't there specidics to each individual distro?16:46
ubuntu_newbieScreenshot: http://i.imgur.com/FTIdrVf.png16:46
ikonia__oz__: sorry, you make no sense, you've suggested no reason why you think you had multiple versions installed16:46
daftykinsubuntu_newbie: use 'something else' to partition manually16:46
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sumtingwong煃 粞絧 鍹餳駷 鼥儴壛 瀷瀹藶, 澂漀潫 踥踕踛 甀 挸栚 嫀 寔嵒 鶷鷇鶾 蜦賕踃 礯籔羻 滆 譋轐鏕 璈皞緪 嵉愊, 憢 釢髟偛 獝瘝磈 岯岪弨 莋莥, 諙 鼚巕 鍆錌雔 鶀嚵巆 腶 躆轖轕 縸縩薋 饇馦 鋑鋡 鳱 斪昮朐 烍烚珜, 觶譈譀 轞騹鼚 鑴鱱爧 鼀齕 踣, 潣 顤鰩鷎 姴怤昢 焟硱筎 魦魵  滆 裌覅詵 鑳鱨鱮 踛輣, 銆銌 綧緁緅 溮煡煟 螒螝16:46
ikoniaubuntu_newbie: you're going to have problems managing dual boot16:46
__oz__ikonia: it had something to do with me executing more than one installation in terminal. it doesnt make sense now i know16:47
ubuntu_newbieikonia: I can manage to restore grub later on.16:47
bhaveshI have a USB device which is detected in windows but not in ubuntu, dmesg gives different kinds of errors each time, ex:  usb 1-6: device descriptor read/64, error -71,  hub 2-0:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 6 etc16:47
ikoniaubuntu_newbie: backtrack and ubuntu use different grub designs, this is going to cause you problems16:47
__oz__ikonia: is it ok to install lamp now?16:48
ikonia__oz__: you already had it installed16:48
bhaveshI tried connecting in all usb ports16:49
__oz__ikonia: yes, i'm new to ubuntu. thought i could have installed it twice16:49
ubuntu_newbieikonia: I was already running these four Operating systems for two years without any conflict. Now i want to replace ubuntu 11.04 by ubuntu 12.04 LTS on /dev/sda7.16:49
__oz__ikonia: two different types16:49
__oz__ikonia: i wanted lamp, thought i had installed another type16:49
ikoniaubuntu_newbie: yes, and the grub designs changed in 12.04 - hence why I'm warning you16:49
Pici__oz__: which two types?16:49
__oz__ikonia: lamp and xampp16:49
Pici__oz__: Well, if you installed xampp, we wouldn't be able to help you.  That is an unsupported method of installing a web server.16:50
MoPacikonia: So even though a file's owner is "root" on my NAS, there is no way for me to sudo chmod or sudo chown it over smb?  Would it be possible via FTP/gigolo or somesuch perhaps?16:50
ActionPa1snipubuntu_newbie: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?16:51
ikoniaMoPac: none of those tools change permissions,16:51
ikoniaMoPac: the point is the permissions are set on the server, however if it's a "fuse" mount as you said, I'm suprised it's not mounted as your current user16:51
ubuntu_newbieActionPa1snip: Yes16:52
daftykinsbhavesh: are we to guess the device?16:52
ubuntu_newbieikonia: Any feasible soln.?16:52
MoPacikonia: It is mounted as my current user. There are only certain files that are edit-locked...apparently ones that were protected files back when they were on a Windows hard drive16:52
MoPacikonia: chmod doesn't change permissions for a file?16:52
ikoniaMoPac: there you go then, you need to fix that at the server as it's just exporting the data16:52
ubuntu_newbieCan i replace old grub with new grub?16:53
ikoniaubuntu_newbie: to be honest, you're using a dead distro, with a current distro with a different boot method, it's a bad mix16:53
failmastahhey guys, i assume that i will end up with bricked system, due to the fact that 13.04 server doesn't want to use a keyfile for luks authorization during boot process, i came to this conclusion after i left only Slot 0 with a key file on /boot device (which works flawless for non-root partitions) and initramfs warned me that "target [luks_disk_root/] uses a key file, skipped"16:53
ikoniaubuntu_newbie: the designs for how ubuntu 12.04 uses grub is not good for dualbooting multiple linux distros sadly16:53
failmastahthis thing was working perfect on 12.0416:53
failmastahi desperately need some tips on my case16:54
ActionPa1snipfailmastah: then why fix it?16:54
daftykinsfailmastah: using a non-LTS server release was quite possibly mistake #216:54
daftykinsin fact it was so big it was #2 as well :(16:54
MoPacikonia: There is no way for me to fix it at the "server", since it's just a NAS with a very minimal managemeent interface16:54
failmastahActionPa1snip, i don't, this is another box16:54
ikoniaMoPac: then take the disk out of it and fix t16:55
ross`what is the flash plugin package?16:55
ross`can someone tell me?16:55
ikonia!flash | ross`16:55
ubottuross`: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash16:55
failmastahand i already configured pretty much a lot of stuff16:55
MoPacikonia: It's sealed16:55
failmastahdaftykins, yeah, probably you're right16:55
ikoniaMoPac: what's sealed ?16:55
Kerimadamk, daftykins : Okay guys. I got a fresh non-updated 13.04. What do?16:55
ActionPa1snipfailmastah: then install the LTS on the misbehaving system. Raring is only supported tol Jan uary 2014, forcing a upgrade...16:55
adamkKerim: First, try the driver offered by the "Additional Drivers" program.16:55
MoPacikonia: The NAS. The thing is buttoned-up like an iPhone; disks aren't swappable16:56
daftykins^ sounds good to me16:56
ikoniaMoPac: then how did you put the windows disk in ?16:56
ubuntu_newbieikonia: I am ready to lose backtrack. Can i still  retain windows bootloader in newer grub?16:56
failmastahso is it a solution just wipe all the stuff16:56
failmastahno, i don't think so16:56
ikoniaubuntu_newbie: the windows boot loader is totally seperate from grub16:56
MoPacikonia: It's just backup files copies from an old Windows disk16:56
Kerimadamk, daftykins : No additional drivers listed16:56
ikoniaMoPac: then copy them off and fix them16:57
daftykinsadamk: isn't there some kind of thing you have to force sometimes when it fails to detect certain cards?16:57
adamkdaftykins: Not that I know of...16:57
MoPacikonia: that's the problem: they're protected! I can't delete them16:57
ross`ikonia: ahhh, damn multiverse :p16:57
ActionPa1snipfailmastah: its my advise, non-lts for servers you intend to run for a long time is pretty daft imho16:57
ross`that's why i couldn't find it16:57
ActionPa1snipfailmastah: are there any bugs reported?16:58
failmastahActionPa1snip, i don't plan to run it for a long time16:58
failmastahActionPa1snip, https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+question/37176 this came up pretty fast but...16:58
bhaveshdaftykins: Transcend 8GB image : http://img.misco.eu/Resources/images/Modules/InformationBlocks/1210/TSD/TSD-1/188830-Transcend-8GB-JetFlash-350-USB-Flash-Drive.jpg16:58
adamkKerim: OK, let's try the driver from AMDs website then...16:59
Kerimadamk, daftykins : No additional drivers, no xorg.conf. lspci does show the GPU.16:59
Kerimadamk: okay16:59
daftykinsbhavesh: is it one of those 'too clever' ones that emulates a CD drive to give access to a device decryption utility?16:59
adamkKerim: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI#Installing_upstream_drivers_directly_from_AMD.27s_website16:59
daftykinsKerim: sounds good, what's the lspci entry?16:59
adamkKerim: When you get to the point where you run 'sh amd-driver-installer' make sure you pastebin the output of hte command.17:00
adamkI'll be back in a few minutes.17:00
kdawgikonia using google site search function to search the site I am finding forum posts that seem to talk a lot of geber gaber not partaining to my guestion specifically and dvds to download but i don't no if they will contain anymore info then i am already readying17:00
kdawgunless these dvd.iso17:01
kdawgactually have how they created the cd on it17:01
bhaveshdaftykins: nope\17:01
ubuntu_newbieikonia: Atleast the ubuntu 12.04 LTS installation utility should detect partitions. It isn't even detecting 9 partitions. Is this problem also due to conflict?17:01
daftykinskdawg: you're still going on about this topic and yet you've still yet to respond to what i kept saying =|17:01
ikoniaubuntu_newbie: where is it not detecting the partitions ?17:02
kerim2daftykins:  : http://pastebin.com/PgtZ0gqZ17:02
kdawgi believe i did daftykins17:02
kdawgbut i will scrule up and double checl17:02
daftykinskdawg: you must not have highlighted17:02
kdawgprobably not sorry daftykins17:03
Kerimadamk: Are you sure you want me to install 13.4 and not 13.8 ?17:03
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daftykinsKerim: 13.8 appears to be a beta17:04
adamkKerim: Given that 13.8 is beta, it's more likely to be broken.  I wouldn't suggest using it unless we know for a fact that your GPU doesn't work with 13.4.17:04
Kerimdaftykins, adamk : alrights17:04
tete_hi, can someone help me how to install in textmode ubuntu with luks and full system encryption? do i have to first create the lvm or first configure encrypted volumes?17:04
tete_i dont want to enter my password at boot time twice17:05
Aku506Hello! I've installed netflix-desktop and flash to watch HBO but it doesn't recognize my flash. What should I do?17:05
kdawgdaftykins SARDU "[09:23] <kdawg> its like pendrive for linux but it looks like it has more options"17:05
failmastahActionPa1snip, it's not lvm, but still i guess it can be realted to my situation http://us.generation-nt.com/answer/bug-659688-cryptsetup-lvm-cryptsetup-wont-boot-help-206417722.html17:05
daftykinskdawg: ah i see - sorry i missed that one then. was pendrivelinux's one not functional for your task?17:06
kdawgpendrivelinux seems to have more versions of linux it can add17:06
ubuntu_newbieikonia: When i click on "Something else" here, http://i.imgur.com/FTIdrVf.png  ; i am presented with this,  i.imgur.com/VjLQBxN.png17:06
daftykinswell you just feed it custom ISOs17:06
daftykinsno need to use its' built-in downloading function17:06
ubuntu_newbieIt's just showing /dev/sda. And no partitions, absolutely nothing.17:06
kdawgthats the feature i am thinking of using17:06
daftykinsubuntu_newbie: and that's the only HDD?17:07
ubuntu_newbieOnly one HDD which is /dev/sda17:07
daftykinsubuntu_newbie: if you run a terminal, does 'sudo fdisk -l' show partitions or the same?17:07
ubuntu_newbie160 GB17:07
daftykinsalso gparted17:07
kdawgdaftykins sardu has an extra location you can add iso and stuff but you have to script it urself17:07
failmastahhey guys, i assume that i will end up with bricked system, due to the fact that 13.04 server doesn't want to use a keyfile for luks authorization during boot process, i came to this conclusion after i left only Slot 0 with a key file on /boot device (which works flawless for non-root partitions) and cryptsetup warned me during initramfs-update that "target [luks_disk_root/] uses a key file, skipped"17:07
daftykinsfailmastah: so you decided to ignore all the LTS server advice? :)17:08
Kerimadamk, daftykins : Heh, sudo apt-get update just crashed my system. Did a reboot and now black screen (as in purple for Ubuntu) after bootloaer17:08
failmastahdaftykins, it's too late for this advice, seriously17:08
ikoniaubuntu_newbie: is that the right disk, a 160GB disk ?17:08
daftykinsfailmastah: it's really not. if you get it working, you have until January then it's done. do you want this to work after that time?17:08
kdawgspaming this cause its what the word on topic just not to my problem http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ubuntu-edge17:09
ubuntu_newbiedaftykins: Gparted is showing unallocated space. Whereas "sudo fdisk -l" is showing my 8 partitions17:09
ubuntu_newbieikonia: Yes, it is.17:09
kdawgwho doesn't want that phone, cause i do17:09
adamkKerim: 'apt-get update' crashed your entire system? I'd run a memory check on that computer then.17:09
failmastahdaftykins, i suspect that the only way to deal with problems is to split them into chains and deal with the most relevant and actual ones17:09
ikoniakdawg: why are you posting that here ?17:09
kdawgyou alll use ubuntu17:09
ikoniaubuntu_newbie: I suggest rebooting, and seeing if your machine still boots17:09
tete_can someone please tell me whats the "correct" order in how to partition the layout with this ugly installer? i dont want to enter my encryption password two times :X want to have luks with lvm, or is there some way to force the installer to use my self-made (with terminal) partition layout?17:09
ikoniakdawg: yes, but why are you randomly posting that link, what do you want us to do with it ?17:09
kdawgfigure i would give it more attention since it only has 15 more days17:09
Kerimadamk: Well, it didn't crash per se. Unity disappeared and I merely had the background and the mouse17:10
ikoniakdawg: we are all aware of it, please don't spam it again in ubuntu channels17:10
failmastahdaftykins, i know that it is a bad idea, but deal is done, i will finish it no matter what, but the first attempt after nothing came up on my mind fast - to come here17:10
ubuntu_newbieikonia: I already have rebooted many times and noticed the same results (including that of Gparted)17:10
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ikoniaubuntu_newbie: thats not what I meant17:11
ubuntu_newbieI have no problem booting to any of four OS17:11
ubuntu_newbieYes, i can still boot.17:11
ikoniaubuntu_newbie: could you boot one of the linux OS's, and do "sudo (if it's ubuntu based) fdisk -l" and put it in a pastebin please.17:11
kdawgu sure all of the people in here visit the webpage everyday? i haven't visited ur sited in months first time i found out about it. spammed my fb already. think its an awesome idea. think well worth the effort incase on of the 1689 users didn't see it that are in here.17:11
daftykinsubuntu_newbie / ikonia i'm vaguely recalling a ubiquity partitioner issue that might be what's going on17:11
ikoniadaftykins: yes, I also remember this17:11
ikoniakdawg: please don't post it again17:12
Kerimadamk: Running memtest now.17:12
daftykinsikonia: do you remember what it was?17:12
ubuntu_newbieA sec17:12
ikoniadaftykins: not fully no, I'm searching, but I want to check a few easy things first17:12
daftykinsikonia: roger that, will leave you with that one17:12
ikoniadaftykins: no no, wade in all help appreciated17:13
daftykinsikonia: ah i'd only be looking it up too :)17:13
ubuntu_newbieikonia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5959601/17:14
ikoniadaftykins: I'm struggling to find it, too many useless "my ubuntu won't boot" bugs that reference the installer17:14
daftykinsikonia: found one referring to it being GPT, but i doubt he'd have XP installed on a GPT disk17:14
ikoniaubuntu_newbie: perfect, thank you, lets see if we can find that bug report17:14
ikoniadaftykins: nah, look at the paste, it's ms dos partition table17:14
daftykinsmy point exactly17:14
ikoniaubuntu_newbie: there are only 7 partitions there not 9 as you expected, is that ok ?17:15
ubuntu_newbieYes, it was a slip of tongue. Sorry about that.17:15
ikoniaubuntu_newbie: thats fine, as long as it's what you expected17:15
daftykinsmotherboard in RAID mode / 'Host Protected Area' present17:15
ikoniadaftykins: that should show up as a device mapper id though17:16
failmastahhey guys, i assume that i will end up with bricked system, due to the fact that 13.04 server doesn't want to use a keyfile for luks authorization during boot process, i came to this conclusion after i left only Slot 0 with a key file on /boot device (which works flawless for non-root partitions) and cryptsetup warned me during initramfs-update that "target [luks_disk_root/] uses a key file, skipped"17:16
ikoniadaftykins: hence why I'm not looking at "raid"17:16
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ubuntu_newbieSo what should i do, so that ubiquity installer recognize my older partitions? :)17:20
ActionPa1snipubuntu_newbie: you could update ubiquity online if you have a web connection then run it17:21
ikoniaubuntu_newbie: just having a look for the bug report that lists this problem17:22
calwigPrinter Sharing on Ubuntu is simple since the menu is available, however that menu isnt available in Kubuntu, how is the Printer Share accessible?17:22
failmasterhey guys, i assume that i will end up with bricked system, due to the fact that 13.04 server doesn't want to use a keyfile for luks authorization during boot process, i came to this conclusion after i left only Slot 0 with a key file on /boot device (which works flawless for non-root partitions) and cryptsetup warned me during initramfs-update that "target [luks_disk_root/] uses a key file, skipped"17:22
daftykinsdon't repeat so often, it's really frustrating17:23
ro9how to hide another partition so i wouldn't accidentaly mount it17:23
failmasterdaftykins, sorry, can i make it less frustrating somehow? =)17:23
daftykinsreinstall with 12.04.2 LTS? ;)17:23
failmasterdaftykins, too late and it's not a solution17:24
daftykinsi'm curious, how's it ever too late?17:24
Scriptonautcould somebody help me configure my wireless17:25
ScriptonautI have a broadcom card B432217:25
Scriptonautand it's nonfree17:25
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx17:25
ScriptonautI tried a few things like b43 and b43-fwcutter17:25
daftykinsScriptonaut: are you following the above link?17:25
ubuntu_newbieActionPa1snip: I think ubiquity is already shipped updated enough in ubuntu 12.04 LTS. I downloaded that ISO today.17:25
daftykinsubuntu_newbie: did you get 12.04.2?17:26
ScriptonautI will try again17:26
ActionPa1snipubuntu_newbie: is it the daily iso?17:26
failmasterdaftykins, it's late because everything i wanted is already working there but this one tiny problem :/17:27
Shadowandlightanyone able to help me shrink a partition in unbutu, i am booted into the live CD... I have the following partitions.... http://i.imgur.com/wg1JDSt.png ... i want to shrink /dev/sda2 from 50gig to 20gig (only 11.8 is being used atm) but every method i've tried is failing17:27
usr13Shadowandlight: What is on it?17:27
ubuntu_newbieI can recall last time, i was successful in installing older version of ubuntu from ubiquity.17:28
ActionPa1snipShadowandlight: is the partition mounted right now?17:28
ubuntu_newbiedaftykins: Yes it is17:28
Shadowandlightusr13: the partition is the root17:28
usr13Shadowandlight: You are trying to shrink the wrong partition17:28
ubuntu_newbieActionPa1snip: Can this problem arise due to some bad sectors in hard disk?17:29
ShadowandlightActionPa1snip: umm i ran sudo mount -n -o remount,ro -t ext2 /dev/sda2 /17:29
usr13Shadowandlight: sda2 is the extended partition, (containing sda5)17:29
Shadowandlightwhat partition do i shrink? and how?17:29
Shadowandlightsda5 is mounted i believe17:30
Shadowandlightbut there is no option in gparted to reduce it17:30
usr13Shadowandlight: What are you trying to do?17:30
Shadowandlighti have a 50gig partition with 11.8 gigs of data17:30
Shadowandlightand i want it to go to 20gigs17:30
usr13Shadowandlight: Other than to delete partitions, you have only two options, sda1 or sda517:31
usr13Shadowandlight: You can either shrink sda1 or sda5.17:31
counterglitchhey everyone17:31
Shadowandlightok i want to shrink sda 5 then...17:32
usr13Shadowandlight: What is it you are tying to do?  Make room for Ubuntu install?17:32
Shadowandlighti am working on moving this server to a VPS17:32
Shadowandlightbut at 50gigs its wasted space17:32
counterglitchI just installed steam, it downloads the runtime and starts up, I'm at the window with the option to log-in but I can't click anything or move the window. I have to force close it. I've tried removal and reinstallation and I've tried adding the steam repo to ubuntu and installing from there using apt-get as well17:32
CharlieSuWhen installing the tomcat7 package, is there a way to have it not install openjdk6?  I've already installed JAva7 from Oracle.17:33
ActionPa1snipShadowandlight: if the partition you want to resize is mounted then you will not be allowed. That  is the entire point of using the livecd17:34
Scriptonautguys, so I installed (and activated) the broadcom sta driver17:34
Scriptonauthowever it's not working17:34
ScriptonautI don't have the option to search for wireless networks17:34
ActionPa1snipScriptonaut: if you run:  sudo  iwlist scan     do you see wireless networks?17:34
ShadowandlightActionPa1snip: i was trying to follow guides to do this - http://ianozsvald.com/2012/07/26/using-zerofree-to-shrink-a-virtualbox-linux-image/ .... which recommended using zerofree on the drive 1st17:34
daftykinsikonia: there's an idea that the second NTFS partition being a primary within the extended could be breaking things17:35
Shadowandlightanother guide, similar process - http://www.fidian.com/programming/shrinking-vm-disk-images17:35
ScriptonautActionPa1snip: I get eth0: Interface doesn't support scanning. eth1: Interface doesn't suupport scanning: Network is down17:35
ikoniadaftykins: never heard that17:36
Scriptonautunder system settings it says the driver is activated and currently in use17:36
ActionPa1snipdaftykins: partitions in extended partitions are logical partitions, not primary partitions17:36
daftykinsActionPa1snip: this is the point17:36
ActionPa1snipScriptonaut: sudo ifup eth117:36
Scriptonautthen I get "ignoring unknown Interface eth1=eth1"17:36
failmasterhey guys, i assume that i will end up with bricked system, due to the fact that 13.04 server doesn't want to use a keyfile for luks authorization during boot process, i came to this conclusion after i left only Slot 0 with a key file on /boot device (which works flawless for non-root partitions) and cryptsetup warned me during initramfs-update that "target [luks_disk_root/] uses a key file, skipped"17:37
ActionPa1snipScriptonaut: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue17:37
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ScriptonautUbuntu 12.04.2 LTS \n \l17:37
ActionPa1snipfailmaster: bricked is an irretrievable system, like a botched BIOS update17:38
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ActionPa1snipfailmaster: a disk can be wiped and used again, so its not bricked17:38
failmasterActionPa1snip, sorry for my english, how should i call it in a proper way?17:38
ActionPa1snipfailmaster: unusable17:38
gordonjcpyay, disk encryption, the fastest way to lose all your data17:38
ActionPa1snipScriptonaut: if you run:   sudo lshw -C network    what is the product line for the wifi?17:38
failmasterokay, any suggestions related to the main point of situation?17:38
ActionPa1snipgordonjcp: +117:39
failmasterno encryption may be fastest way to get into jail17:39
ActionPa1snipfailmaster: no encryption here, no problems17:40
zerickAnybody knows about the lpi-ubuntu certification ? How could I get it ?17:40
failmasterActionPa1snip, lucky you17:40
ActionPa1snipfailmaster: yeah, lucky for 13 years now...17:40
ActionPa1snipzerick: ask in #ubuntu-offtopic  this is OS support :)17:40
ScriptonautActionPa1snip: http://dpaste.com/1334538/17:41
failmasterguys, advices as "get rid of 13.04" or "get rid of encryption" is not quite solution17:41
Scriptonautit appears to be disabled17:41
ActionPa1snipScriptonaut: do you dual boot?17:42
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ActionPa1snipScriptonaut: ok, run:   dmesg | grep -i firm     what is the output?17:42
oz__i've installed lamp . does anyone know the stop terminal command?17:43
usr13Scriptonaut: ActionPa1snip https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx17:43
Scriptonautusr13, yes I followed this17:43
Scriptonautinstalled the correct driver17:43
Scriptonautand it says it's activated17:44
ActionPa1snipScriptonaut: disable the sta driver and use the b4317:44
ActionPa1snipScriptonaut: you will also need the b43-fwcutter package for that one17:44
Scriptonautwhere is the etc file that blocks things again?17:44
ScriptonautI have b43 blocked17:45
ActionPa1snipScriptonaut: you can still manually modprobe it :)17:45
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daftykinsubuntu_newbie: did you use some kind of partition resizing program at any point?17:49
uvalahello, how can I get rid of "partial upgrade" messages? I don't wanna partial upgrade as it earlier messed up my desktop (and of others', as I'd read of back then)17:50
_andyj_is there a way to sign your own kernel with an ubuntu signed x509 so it will work with secure boot?17:50
holsteinuvala: igrnore the message if you dont want to upgrade.. i would open a terminal and run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" and share errors17:51
lsdjf123I know I am going to get beat up for this, but I need a linux server that has gui to run virtualbox.  It has dual nics.  Any ideas?  Using it to run basically untangle VM and freenas VM so far. 1TB hdd17:52
Scriptonautso how do I get to System/Administration/Hardware/Additional Drivers17:52
ubuntu_newbiedaftykins: Yes, i did two years ago. I manually resized partitions using partition magic live CD. I recall that after that i was not able to boot anymore. Then i ran ubuntu live CD and restored grub. After that, i was able to access the four Operating systems.17:52
CharlieSuWhen installing the tomcat7 package, is there a way to have it not install openjdk6?  I've already installed JAva7 from Oracle.17:52
ScriptonautI installed b43-fwcutter17:52
usr13Scriptonaut: Search "driver"17:52
oz__i installed lamp but i dont know what folder the htdocs is in.17:52
Scriptonautand under additional drivers it still lists sta drivers despite me removing it17:52
stevenqhey everyone17:52
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holsteinlsdjf123: you might wnat lubuntu as a base.. some light GUI17:52
usr13Scriptonaut: SO it's working now?17:53
uvalaholstein, I tried normal update-upgrade, without dist-upgrade, and the upgrade part wasn't done (saying nothing to upgrade)...if I tried dist-upgrade, I'd probably end up with 12.10 or higher, wouldn't I? but I wouldn't want to leave 12.04! :)17:53
Scriptonautno it's not. I clicked remove for the sta driver17:53
Scriptonautit's not longer activated17:53
usr13Scriptonaut: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5959722/  (From: From: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx )17:53
Scriptonautbut it's still there17:53
usr13Scriptonaut: "To load a specific driver use *one* of the following commands:"17:54
holsteinuvala: "dist-upgrade" doesnt do that.. feel free and either take a volunteers suggestion, or research the command on your own17:54
daftykinsubuntu_newbie: i think the partitioning is too broken for an install with ubiquity (the graphical installer) to work17:54
lsdjf123holstein: you are awesome.  Thanks.  Wonder why its not part of Ubuntu proper?17:54
holsteinuvala: "dist-upgrade" should resolve your issue, and *will* *not* upgrade a 12.04 to 12.1017:54
uvalaholstein, I do take your suggestion :)17:54
Scriptonautso, I used that and nothing has seemed to change17:54
uvalaholstein, I'll apply that now17:54
ScriptonautI did sudo modprobe b4317:55
usr13Scriptonaut: iwconfig17:55
usr13Scriptonaut: (does it show wlan0? Or________?)17:55
usr13Scriptonaut: You are correct. NOt working yet.17:56
ScriptonautI didn't install b4317:57
ScriptonautI only installed b43-fwcutter17:57
Scriptonautis that a problem?17:57
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usr13Scriptonaut: Yep17:58
Scriptonautso I should install b43, modprobe again, and then report back17:59
uvalaholstein, I was asked if I want to install some packages without verification, and I said yes..will that be ok so?17:59
usr13Scriptonaut: sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source17:59
Scriptonautisn't that for sta?18:00
ubuntu_newbiedaftykins: I am also thinking of the same. I tried to install gdisk on ubuntu which contains of utility "fixparts", but this package doesn't seem to be available.18:01
ubuntu_newbieDoes ubuntu 12.04 not support it anymore?18:01
failmasterhey guys, i assume that i will end up with "unusable" system, due to the fact that 13.04 server doesn't want to use a keyfile for luks authorization during boot process, i came to this conclusion after i left only Slot 0 with a key file on /boot device (which works flawless for non-root partitions) and cryptsetup warned me during initramfs-update that "target [luks_disk_root/] uses a key file, skipped"18:02
usr13Scriptonaut: Actually, looks like what you need is:18:02
ScriptonautI installed bcmwl-kernel-source, still not working18:02
Scriptonautshould I remove anything before installing it?18:02
usr13Scriptonaut: Are you 12.04?18:02
ubuntu_newbiedaftykins: Yes, i used partition magic live cd to manually resize my partitions hapahazardly two years ago.18:03
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daftykinsubuntu_newbie: yeah i think you might have to start again :( hope your OSs don't have much data18:03
ubuntu_newbieAnd i highly believe it is the main culprit!18:03
ikoniaubuntu_newbie: why do you think that's the issue ?18:03
daftykinsikonia: there's a primary inside the extended, it's out of spec18:04
daftykinsso ubiquity is probably throwing a fit18:04
ikoniadaftykins: ahhhhh I totally missed that18:04
ikoniagood eyes18:04
daftykinsikonia: i had backup in -uk to be honest :)18:05
ubuntu_newbieikonia: This person had the same problem and he fixed it by using "fixparts", http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=196614818:05
ubuntu_newbieBut i am not somehow able to either run it or install it.18:05
daftykinsubuntu_newbie: nah his partition layout is fine, but yours is pretty darn broken18:05
usr13Scriptonaut: I'm seeing "The BCM4313, BCM43224 and BCM43225 chips are alternatively supported by the brcmsmac driver"  on: https://wiki.debian.org/wl18:05
ubuntu_newbielol. I can take a chance.18:06
Scriptonautwait so which one do I do?18:06
failmasterbroadcom is not a good idea in terms of support18:06
Scriptonautfailmaster, I know it's given me *so* much trouble over the years18:06
Scriptonautit always takes me like a full day to remember how to get it to work18:06
Scriptonautunfortunately they come in all the laptops I own18:06
usr13Scriptonaut: ..."As of Debian 7.0 "Wheezy", the BCM4321 and BCM4322 chips are alternatively supported by the b43 driver"18:06
failmasterScriptonaut, is there any problem that makes it hard to replace it with ateros?18:06
ubuntu_newbieGive me fixparts containing package name.18:06
MercX_I am having problems with a 12.04 LTS install, cannot get dual monitor setup to work properly, display control panel locks up and xrandr is repoting "can't open display"18:06
=== aaaaaaaaaaaadx is now known as Moe
Kerimadamk, daftykins: Memtest done, no errors. Wonder why sudo apt-get update crashed my system18:07
Scriptonautusr13, I usually use debian, I installed 7.1 yesterday and b43 didn't work18:07
usr13Scriptonaut: But if it is the b43 driver, it should have just worked, (I think...).18:07
ScriptonautI thought ubuntu tended to ahve better driver support18:07
daftykinsKerim: oh wow that sounds really bad. did you only do one pass?18:07
=== MercX_ is now known as MercX
usr13Scriptonaut: Is your 12.04 system fully updated?18:07
Kerimdaftykins: 218:07
ubuntu_newbieI am getting error,   ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get install gdisk     Output= E: Unable to locate package gdisk18:07
Scriptonautmy repos are18:08
ScriptonautI'm running the update manager now18:08
Scriptonautthe problem is now I feel like I have 3-4 drivers installed18:08
Kerimadamk, daftykins : System booted, no black screen. No additional drivers listed, doing another apt-get update, done no errors, no crash18:08
counterglitchsudo apt-get install vlc18:08
counterglitchoops haha18:08
usr13Scriptonaut: My googleFoo is a bit lacking.  Between https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx & https://wiki.debian.org/wl#Broadcom_BCM4311.2C_BCM4312.2C_BCM4313.2C_BCM4321.2C_BCM4322.2C_BCM43224.2C_BCM43225.2C_BCM43227.2C_BCM43228_devices_.28wl.29  I'm a bit confused ;)18:09
Scriptonautalso fail, I dunno what asteros is18:09
Kerimadamk, daftykins : Will install drivers according to adamk 's link18:09
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ScriptonautI suppose I'll try debian again and make sure I install the b43 correctly18:10
usr13Scriptonaut: It says b43 is what you need to make it run, *but* the others must be unloaded, (uninstall / modprobe -r them).18:10
usr13Scriptonaut: It won't matter, you'll have the same problems you have here.18:11
usr13Scriptonaut: Once you get the right module loaded and unload the conflicting ones, you'll be good to go.  (But it's up to  you.)18:12
ScriptonautI noticed it says: blacklist bcm43xx18:12
Scriptonautin my blacklist.conf file18:12
=== aaaaaaaaaaaadx is now known as Moe
JingleNiggaYooooo sup nerd lifeless booring idiots18:12
usr13Scriptonaut: /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf ?18:13
Scriptonautcould that be a problem18:13
usr13Okey Dokey  There you go...18:13
lpappsomeone claimed here Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is using an LTS kernel18:13
usr13But that is to set it permenantly.18:13
ikonialpapp: it is, hence the name "LTS"18:13
lpappikonia: no no18:13
lpappyou are confused.18:13
ikonialpapp: the problem is the difference in meaning between ubuntu "LTS" and the new kernel naming "LTS"18:14
lpappUbuntu LTS is a different project than kernel LTS18:14
ikonialpapp: yes, I'm aware of that, however you didn't make that clear in your initial question18:14
lpappLTS kernel means LTS ubuntu in your opinion? o_O18:14
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)18:14
ikonialpapp: and as ubuntu picks a kernel at "release" time and sticks with it until EOL - you'll find that the kernel "LTS" is out of sync with kernel "LTS"18:14
Scriptonautwell, I removed that line, still no luck unfortunately18:15
ikonialpapp: to the majority of users asking "LTS kernel" means a "kernel from the LTS release"18:15
lpappikonia: nope, kernel LTS18:15
lpappand I have been told here 3.2 would be that.18:15
ikonialpapp: I know this now, which is why I'ave answered18:15
lpappbut there is this, https://plus.google.com/u/0/+Linux/posts/JCA6uZYiXzg18:16
ikonialpapp: ubuntu is not using those kernels18:16
usr13Scriptonaut: Wait!  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5959741/  That was from you.  Right?18:16
usr13Scriptonaut: Well it appears to be working, (or was...)18:17
ScriptonautI just checked18:17
usr13Scriptonaut: Did you look at the network manager?  Or iwlist ?18:17
Scriptonautit says the same thing18:17
usr13Scriptonaut: What does it say?18:17
Scriptonautit says the same exact thing as that paste18:18
usr13Scriptonaut: iwlist eth1 scan18:18
Scriptonautfailed to read scan data, network is down18:19
usr13Scriptonaut: Connect to wired again and do lsmod18:19
ScriptonautI'm sorry what do you mean connect to wired18:20
lpappwhat kernel will 13.10 use?18:20
failmasterhey guys, i assume that i will end up with "unusable" system, due to the fact that 13.04 server doesn't want to use a keyfile for luks authorization during boot process, i came to this conclusion after i left only Slot 0 with a key file on /boot device (which works flawless for non-root partitions) and cryptsetup warned me during initramfs-update that "target [luks_disk_root/] uses a key file, skipped"18:20
lpappand what does 13.04 use?18:20
usr13Scriptonaut: lsmod  #What does that say?18:20
usr13Scriptonaut: Are you connected to a wired network?18:21
lpappwhat is planned for 13.10?18:21
ikonialpapp: 3.10 is current with it18:21
Scriptonautsays that18:21
lpappikonia: sorry? You mean 13.10 will include 3.10?18:21
ikonialpapp: that's it's current kernel tabled yes18:22
lpappikonia: will 13.10 be LTS?18:22
ikonialpapp: no18:22
lpappikonia: 13.04 is though?18:23
lpappevery two years.18:23
kerim2adamk, daftykins : http://pastebin.com/Vkgwm9rP18:24
usr13Scriptonaut: So you have wl, ssb, bcma and b43  (All loaded.)18:24
Scriptonautdo I use modprobe -r18:25
Scriptonautto get rid of them?18:25
usr13Scriptonaut: Yea, leave only b43  (from what I understand).18:25
Shadowandlightif anyone not tied up can look at this partition issue that would be great - http://askubuntu.com/questions/32985418:25
ScriptonautFATAL: Module ssb is in use18:26
usr13Scriptonaut: sudo iwconfig eth1 down18:26
Scriptonautunknown command down18:27
Scriptonautlol wow this just doesn't want to work18:27
daftykinskerim2: sudo sh amd...18:27
daftykinskerim2: probably need to sudo apt-get install libdpkg-perl too18:28
usr13Scriptonaut: sudo ifconfig eth1 down18:28
Scriptonautno such device18:29
usr13Scriptonaut: ifconfig18:29
Scriptonautapparently onlhy eth0 and lo18:29
kerim2daftykins: http://pastebin.com/FLbXPzL918:29
kerim2daftykins: "libdpkg-perl is already the newest version."18:30
Scriptonautusr13, I have to leave to work now, thanks a lot for sticking through with it, I'll be back later18:30
usr13Scriptonaut: iwconfig18:30
usr13Scriptonaut: Ok18:30
Scriptonautstill just eth0 and llo18:30
usr13Scriptonaut: modprobe b4318:30
daftykinskerim2: were you able to get it to perform a 'sudo apt-get update' at any point?18:30
kerim2daftykins: Yes, after the memtest I simply rebooted and tried again, this time without any problems18:31
daftykinskerim2: "sudo apt-get install dpkg-dev" doesn't work i take it?18:33
juniorsaHi I just installed ubuntu server 13.04 - Is there a way to convert to an LTS install or must I re-install?18:33
kerim2daftykins: No, it just points me to libdpkg-perl18:33
=== sirriffsalot is now known as sirriffsalot|afk
PETRUCCIANIhey guyes, which is german channel?18:33
daftykinskerim2: ok, perhaps that's because the driver is for Ubuntu 12.10 - you might have to use the beta after all18:33
kerim2daftykins: Alright18:34
daftykinsadamk: any thoughts?18:34
=== jackie is now known as Guest29007
daftykinskerim2: will the end result be to run games in Steam or something?18:35
Sk1Specialdoes steam work on ubuntu?18:36
daftykinsproper Linux version available these days, plenty of games too18:37
kerim2daftykins: If it will be possible, then cool. But it's not the main goal, no. I also work with Blender and would just in general like to have a working GPU18:37
daftykinsmore are constantly in the process of being made available18:37
Sk1Specialah nice. do you know if the ms games work too? i get its different for each game.. but it each one auto blacklisted or do they genrally work?18:38
daftykinskerim2: i'm quickly getting under the impression that AMD aren't caring about making 13.04 work - but 12.10 is probably ok. may as well try the beta though18:38
daftykinsSk1Special: look at that steam site18:38
Sk1Specialyeah mmk lol.18:38
kerim2Sk1Special: What exactly do you mean by MS games?18:38
kerim2daftykins: Yeah, will try the beta and if that's not working, I guess I'll just go with 12.1018:39
Sk1Specialkerim2,  ah just any of the games for windows titles.18:39
Sk1Specialms flight, halo, aoe\18:40
kerim2Sk1Special: Ah. Well, I guess you might think it's like two different sets of games. It's not entirely correct. Valve, for instance, is porting most of their games to Linux18:40
kerim2Sk1Special: OHH18:40
kerim2Sk1Special: I don't think so, no.18:40
daftykinsc^^c^^: good work18:40
kerim2Sk1Special: AoE II HD is a farce, anyway. Worst 18€ ever18:40
Sk1Specialkerim2, oe Online. ( im broke atm)  :]  . c^^c^^ , daftykins t/y t/y im looking.18:41
kerim2Sk1Special: Isn't AoE online a browser game?18:42
guest789456123hello, I'm not new to Linux but newish to ubuntu, I've just installed the latest version & having the following problems: cannot remote desktop & cannot change the number of workspaces despite following the guide18:42
Shadowandlightif i have 2 servers..... who are hosting different user data but I want to have the exact same packages / updates etc.... can i use rsync or another method for that?18:42
Sk1Specialkerim2, i dont think so? it boots through the games for windows xbox live looking platform thing..i just know its on steam too. im new to pc gaming in general. beyond like crazymonkeygames years ago.. or a old copy of h2.18:43
saiarcot895guest789456123: what version of ubuntu?18:43
saiarcot895guest789456123: 13.04?18:44
kerim2Sk1Special: Oh alright. Well, I wouldn't know, I jus thought it's a browser game running via some plugin, my bad.18:44
guest789456123downloaded today...18:44
=== brainwash_ is now known as brainwash
kerim2daftykins: http://pastebin.com/e5q6zvns , this is jsut really weird18:44
saiarcot895guest789456123: 12.04?18:45
kerim2Well, 12.10 here I come18:45
daftykinskerim2: yeah it just looks like dpkg-dev doesn't exist in there, lemme confirm with my VM18:45
[erk]hackermy linux is backtrack based distro in ubuntu18:46
DJones!backtrack | [erk]hacker18:46
ubottu[erk]hacker: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)18:46
kerim2daftykins: It's just weird though, I didn't get these errors before. I did get some glibc errors but did end up with some .deb packages18:46
saiarcot895guest789456123: did you change the system settings or did you use Ubuntu Tweak?18:46
saiarcot895guest789456123: or something else?18:47
daftykinskerim2: wait i've got an idea18:47
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto18:47
guest789456123didn't change anything, i copy pasted the command lines to change number of colums & rows, nothing happened18:48
saiarcot895guest789456123: what command lines?18:48
daftykinskerim2: did you enable the source code repo as per the guide?18:48
kerim2daftykins: Yes, it was already enabled.18:48
daftykinskerim2: my 13.04 VM has the dpkg-dev package fine. something's up18:49
guest789456123I tried to connect using Remote Desktop Client using the same IP as I used with PC Linux previously, couldn't connect...18:49
kerim2daftykins: Probably related to the crash. Something broke.18:49
failmasterhey guys, i assume that i will end up with "unusable" system, due to the fact that 13.04 server doesn't want to use a keyfile for luks authorization during boot process, i came to this conclusion after i left only Slot 0 with a key file on /boot device (which works flawless for non-root partitions) and cryptsetup warned me during initramfs-update that "target [luks_disk_root/] uses a key file, skipped"18:49
daftykinskerim2: hrmm, can you do "sudo apt-get update" then "apt-cache search dpkg-dev" and pastebin them?18:50
guest789456123in the help section for workspaces18:50
PETRUCCIANIHi guys, I'm with Xubuntu 13.04 and use Skype When my Xubuntu ist on my skype ist also on. I have make the setup, but that not help me. Can someone help me?18:50
kerim2daftykins: http://pastebin.com/iK5nrDwY18:51
kerim2daftykins: Does your VM have Canonical Partner Source Packages enabled?18:51
daftykinskerim2: top two tickboxes under 'other software' in 'software & updates' ? nope18:52
PETRUCCIANIOr with other words: I can;t stop Skype's autorun on my Xubuntu 13.0418:52
kerim2daftykins:  Exactly and yeah, same here.18:52
daftykinskerim2: our results are totally different, one sec18:53
th0rPETRUCCIANI, shut down skype and anything else you do not want starting automatically. Log out of xfce, make sure Save Session is checked.18:53
uvalaholstein, thank you for your support!18:54
daftykinskerim2: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5959900/18:54
th0rPETRUCCIANI, log in again and make sure skype doesn't start, the log out making sure Save Session is NOT checked18:54
PETRUCCIANII will try. 10x18:54
kerim2daftykins: This is just so weird, I don't get it. Did you do sudo apt-get upgrade,yet?18:55
daftykinskerim2: my VM is newer than from the CD, but older than fully updated as it's offering me packages18:55
kerim2daftykins: Hmm, alright18:55
daftykins3.8.0-22-generic kernel18:56
kerim2daftykins: I'm on 3.8.0-1918:56
kerim2daftykins: It's offering me about 219Mb of updates18:57
guest789456123guess I'll have to revert to PC Linux Full Monty...18:58
daftykinskerim2: mmm, thing is updating won't affect what packages are available and returned by an apt-cache search18:58
wilee-nileeguest789456123, And that relates to ubunto how?18:58
kerim2daftykins: Yup. This is just odd. Well, I'm using the German repos, maybe that makes a difference?18:59
guest789456123if I can't remote desktop then ubuntu is no good to me...18:59
DJoneswilee-nilee: guest789456123 has been asking questions but not had any replies yet, so the comment is understandable18:59
wilee-nileeDJones, I see that now thanks.18:59
daftykinskerim2: it wouldn't hurt to experiment18:59
=== Spec[x] is now known as Spec
daftykinskerim2: you should mostly be seeing hits and gets too; e.g. mine - http://paste.ubuntu.com/5959929 (wow all the 9's)19:01
kerim2daftykins: Not sure what you mean by that19:03
kerim2daftykins: Also can't use pastebin anymore lol, reached limit for today19:03
daftykinskerim2: change to paste.ubuntu.com ?19:04
guest789456123no help here then?19:04
daftykinskerim2: look at my paste, on 'sudo apt-get update' it should be happily fetching19:04
kerim2daftykins: So the hits and gets are bad?19:04
daftykinskerim2: nah that's normal19:05
kerim2daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5959942/19:05
kerim2daftykins: After changing to main server and sudo apt-get update19:05
daftykinswoohoo now you have dpkg-dev!19:05
daftykinskerim2: go back to the non-beta19:05
daftykinsand try installation again19:05
kerim2daftykins: Someone oughta fix this, though. Kinda odd to not have certain packages for certain languages. How weird!19:06
lduroshi, I just installed ubuntu on a MacBookPro retina display, and the average CPU temp that lm-sensors gives me is 62celsius degrees at the moment, with the cores in the upper 60s. My question is: is this normal? I have an Asus with Ubuntu that usually has the temperature in the upper 40 or low 50s19:06
daftykinskerim2: indeed! i would be most angry at that german repo maintainer - do you have the URL it was using? de.archive.ubuntu.com maybe?19:06
kerim2daftykins: Exactly.19:06
daftykinskerim2: that's the very repo?19:07
daftykinsi'm going to give it a go to confirm19:07
kerim2daftykins: Well, it just said "German server", Ubuntu installer picked it during installation process19:07
klrmni have an ubuntu desktop question. if i have more than one firefox window open, it shows me two little things next to the icon in the toolbar, but i can't figure out how to switch from one window to the other19:08
daftykinskerim2: hrmm ok, it'd be very helpful if you could find out19:08
kerim2daftykins: Will do. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5959952/19:08
=== daek_ is now known as Daekdroom
daftykinskerim2: hrmm was that 'sudo sh...' ?19:09
guest789456123thanks for nothing guys, bye19:09
kerim2daftykins: Nope, but according to the help.ubuntu.com link it needn't be19:09
kerim2I'm checking the repo real quick, will try with sudo in a minute19:10
daftykinsah yes indeed19:10
daftykinsweird it can't do anything in /tmp/19:10
daftykinskerim2: ah maybe it's a misnomer - it says packages 'debclean' 'dpkg-buildpackage' are possibly not installed?19:11
kerim2daftykins: It wasn't de.archive.ubuntu.com, not sure if you care about the others.19:11
daftykinsi'm on the list at the moment pondering which repo it may have been19:11
daftykinskerim2: if you clicked 'Select Best Server' i wonder if it would go back to the bad one?19:12
kerim2I'm near the Dutch border, I think it might actually select a server from the Netherlands if I pick "Best Server" lol19:13
kerim2daftykins: Hah, I knew it19:13
kerim2daftykins: Got me a Dutch server19:13
wilee-nileeklrmn, I believe one is on the left of the icon and one on the right, carefully click on one or the other.19:14
kerim2daftykins: If it's really important, we could go through the list. I'll start at the top and you at the bottom. Though, I feel like there ought to be a better way than this lol19:15
jefgyI'm using mdadm raid1. I have grub2 install on the MBR /dev/sda and /dev/sdb.  I recently had a failure and had to replace sdb.  I reinstalled grub and ran update-grub on sdb.  Can anyone tell me if I need to update the the initramfs as well?19:16
kdawgthink i am downloding this for nothing ikonia looks like some of this may involve doing this on said linux machine some kinda make iso script19:16
failmasterhey guys, i assume that i will end up with "unusable" system, due to the fact that 13.04 server doesn't want to use a keyfile for luks authorization during boot process, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/238163/comments/18 anyone?19:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 238163 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "keyfile doesn't work in initramfs" [Undecided,Invalid]19:20
kerim2daftykins: omg omg omg, packages generated, I'm actually getting excited!19:23
=== funkyHat_ is now known as funkyHat
kerim2Doesn't work lol19:23
saiarcot895failmaster: you might want to try #ubuntu-server19:23
daftykinskerim2: generated ok but then...?19:24
failmastersaiarcot895, thanks!19:24
kerim2daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5960004/19:24
daftykinskerim2: sudo apt-get install lib32gcc1 libc6-i38619:25
kerim2daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5960013/19:27
kerim2doing apt-get -f install19:27
daftykinskerim2: ah, you'll need to dpkg -r fglrx prior to my recommendation above, perhaps19:28
daftykinskerim2: nah -f install won't help i don't think19:28
daftykinskerim2: oh scratch that, change to "sudo apt-get install lib32gcc1 libc6-i386 dkms"19:28
motaka2Hell I have a PDF book which is the result of scanning, can anyone help me convert it to text PDF book on ubuntu ?19:29
Psil0cybinHey does anyone know anything about what is going on with the TBB? I have a question if someone can PM me.19:29
vivekanandahey everyone is histo here19:29
kerim2daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5960026/19:29
vivekanandahisto, ?19:29
failmastermotaka2, why not to read the pdf19:29
kerim2Dependency mess :/19:30
=== Psil0cybin is now known as Psil0Cybin
daftykinskerim2: sudo dpkg -r fglrx-dev fglrx-amdcccle fglrx19:30
vivekanandaI set up the dns as you had advised but today none of my other computers connect to internet via the psk key ( as they did before )19:30
vivekanandawhat do I do now ?19:30
daftykinskerim2: painless process right? XD19:30
kerim2daftykins: Totally lol.19:31
RojodSometimes while I am using Youtube, with headphones or something, my sound disappear...19:31
tertl3my sister gave a an old dell celeron laptop, cant wait to get some openbox linux on it and :)19:31
RojodSomebody who knows a solution?19:31
kerim2daftykins: After running that command I lost my wallpaper lol19:31
kerim2daftykins: Yah, it turned black. And :19:32
kerim2daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5960039/19:32
daftykinsoh. my. tux. they're already on.19:32
daftykinsurge to kill rising...19:33
daftykinskerim2: ok pastebin of trying to install the deb's again please?19:33
kerim2daftykins: This is just nuts man, I'm tellin' you, nuts! I've officially spending over 20 (almost)consecutive hours to get this running. If it ever gets to run, I'll be scared to death with every major update...19:34
daftykinskerim2: indeed :( i think this is AMD's doing though really.19:34
daftykinskerim2: i sense they don't have many staff working on Linux drivers19:35
Psil0Cybinanyone know whats going on with the Malware with TBB?19:35
Psil0Cybinfor people who tried to access Tormail.19:35
kerim2daftykins: Yeah. I'm wondering if things went smoother if I had bought an Nvidia. Oh buggers.19:35
daftykinssorry, that's unrelated to ubuntu support Psil0Cybin19:36
RojodSometimes while I am using Youtube, with headphones or something, my sound disappear... Any solution? << I can't live long without music :(19:36
daftykinskerim2: oh it totally would've...19:36
daftykinsnvidia are a fair bit better19:36
kerim2daftykins: Still? vucking zucks19:36
kerim2daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5960068/19:37
daftykinskerim2: it's on O_O19:37
daftykinskerim2: can you reboot, and if it doesn't come up, pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?19:37
daftykinsor actually pastebin that file no matter what19:38
kerim2daftykins: Well, according to the help.ubuntu page there's more to do19:38
kerim2daftykins: Need to run sudo aticonfig --initial and all19:38
daftykinsoh yeah to setup xorg.conf etc etc19:38
failmasterhey guys, i assume that i will end up with "unusable" system, due to the fact that 13.04 server doesn't want to use a keyfile for luks authorization during boot process, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/238163/comments/18 anyone?19:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 238163 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "keyfile doesn't work in initramfs" [Undecided,Invalid]19:39
kerim2daftykins: Okay, restarting19:40
daftykinsthe suspense... i can't take it19:40
* daftykins bites down on his desk19:40
kerimdaftykins: Oh my Krishna....19:41
kerimit's ...beautiful19:41
daftykinskerim: :O we have liftoff?19:42
kerim...can't stop maximizing and minimizing windows ;_;19:42
kerimdaftykins: Yeah. Thanks big time man. How can I repay you?19:42
daftykinskerim: don't worry :) the warm fuzzy feeling i have right now is my payment. now, i've heard talk of fans possibly not ramping up on AMD cards when under load, so i don't know if there is any way to monitor temperatures but maybe try and read up on that ahead of doing anything too load-inducing ok?19:43
=== DenBeiren is now known as zz_DenBeiren
daftykinskerim: of course the true test would be to apt-get dist-upgrade now... D:19:43
daftykinsbut i have confidence it would work ^_^19:43
kerimdaftykins: The success made me idiotically brace, of course, so I'm gonna do it right fricking now!19:44
daftykinskerim: 8D19:44
failmasterdaftykins, amd cards shut down before overheating, lm-sensors?19:44
=== zz_DenBeiren is now known as DenBeiren
daftykinsmeh, a user woud want to know ahead of warning limits being reached i'd think failmaster :D19:44
killerI tried umount /proc/ in chrooted environment but got /proc : device is bussy19:44
kerimIs there a light-weight graphics benchmark perhaps?19:44
kerimAs in a small package.19:44
kerimOh wait19:45
kerimMicrosoft got those HTML5 fishbowl thing19:45
failmasterdaftykins, yeah, but from what i know there is nothing to be afraid of in case of semi-modern radeons19:45
daftykinsno idea i'm afraid19:45
daftykinsfailmaster: fair enough19:45
kerimdaftykins: http://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/performance/fishbowl/ , it's not great but I don't really want to download a game just to benchmark19:46
daftykinsSO MANY FISH19:46
daftykinsi still get 60fps at 750 fish19:47
daftykinsaww yeah19:47
daftykins(pretty old PC)19:47
guntbert!enter | daftykins19:47
ubottudaftykins: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!19:47
* Aww yeah19:47
daftykinsnot fullscreen though XD19:47
=== makukasu is now known as mkasu
daftykinsguntbert: i am a long term channel member, i do not need direction. thank you.19:48
killerI tried umount /proc/ in chrooted environment but got /proc : device is bussy19:48
adamkMost 3D drivetrs now sync-to-vblank, so 60fps is normal in most cases.19:48
=== Abd_Allatif_ is now known as Abd_Allatif
kerimdaftykins: That's killer, my second gen sandy bridge laptop is roaring like it's gonna take off to the moon at 750 fishies lol19:49
guntbertdaftykins: ? you obviously do - look at your backlog please and don't scroll the channel so fast19:49
daftykinskerim: :)19:49
daftykinsguntbert: do not waste my time.19:49
daftykinsi am helping people, we are high from succeeding19:49
kerimguntbert: Sorry mate. We just kinda managed to fix something after hours of fiddling around. Just partying nerd-style19:50
failmasterhey guys, i assume that i will end up with "unusable" system, due to the fact that 13.04 server doesn't want to use a keyfile for luks authorization during boot process, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/238163/comments/18 anyone?19:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 238163 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "keyfile doesn't work in initramfs" [Undecided,Invalid]19:50
daftykinskerim: is it downloading the updates?19:50
kerimdaftykins: Yup.19:50
kerimdaftykins: Te iubesc man19:51
daftykinskerim: XD19:52
kerimdaftykins: Had a RO girlfriend once. She's a professional handball player lol. Melinda Geiger.19:52
daftykinskerim: whoa, fame! i guess she had to travel a lot?19:53
thunder-stormhello, someone there who uses konqueror in gtk/unity environment?19:54
guntbert!ot | daftykins kerim19:54
ubottudaftykins kerim: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:54
thunder-stormi have a question regarding color-configuration in krusader with gtk-environment19:54
thunder-stormthis exactly my problem: http://kde.6490.n7.nabble.com/Bug-301034-New-Rename-input-field-doesn-t-respect-text-NORMAL-when-GTK-theme-is-used-td806429.html19:54
thunder-stormhow its possible to change that colour, that i can see the text?19:55
kerimdaftykins: Yup. Anyhow, before guntbert explodes: The upgrade went on perfectly, will do dist-upgrade now19:55
daftykinsguntbert: seriously? you're going to keep this up?19:55
daftykinskerim: great, hopefully you see entries of DKMS rebuilding a module for the new kernel that gets installed19:55
daftykinskerim: my VM just updated to 3.8.0-2719:56
kerimdaftykins: Hah, neat. My machine's updating to 3.8.0-27.4019:57
=== Delirium is now known as delirus
Dr_WillisHmm. updateing now.. noticeing a 'unity unity-2d unity-2d-common unity-2d-panel19:58
Dr_Willis' in the updates.. :) thought those got removed in 13.04+19:58
=== delirus is now known as De1irium
trismDr_Willis: the transitional packages are still there for the moment, but they are empty, mostly19:58
Dr_Willisseems weird they would have a update. ;)19:58
motaka2Dr_willis:  Hello I have a PDF book which is the result of scanning, can anyone help me convert it to text PDF book on ubuntu ?19:59
trismDr_Willis: they are in the unity source package, that's why we got the update recently, new unity version19:59
Dr_Willismotaka2:  if its all IMAGE files you will need to get it back to jpg/png i imagine - one image per page. and use an OCR package on it.19:59
=== san is now known as Guest98121
trismwhich reminds me to purge those packages here19:59
Dr_Willistrism:  ok. ;)  makes sence to me.19:59
ubottuFor OCR (optical character recognition) software in Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OCR for packages and instructions.20:00
woltercan somebody help me troubleshoot unity? Its not starting anymore20:02
=== DenBeiren is now known as zz_DenBeiren
Dr_Williswolter:  first test. go to console. make a new user 'sudo adduser testuser'  and see if it works for them. if it DOES - then that points to an issue with your problem users setting files. and you can then reset unity. likely your ~/.Xauthority file is incorrect and needs removed20:04
Slart_2Hello! I've got an ubuntu-server running.. ahem.. latest LTS I believe... and I'm using iptables to forward network traffic to my desktop, running a torrent client.. when I check I get port forwarding via udp working but not tcp.. but the iptables entries are basically the same. What could be wrong?20:04
wolterDr_Willis: yesterday I removed a bunch of .Xauthority files :S I'll test it20:04
wolterDr_Willis: yeah its settings related, how can I get a correct .Xauthority file?20:05
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echo_dev_hi i have a network problem with linux mint and the intel centrino wireless-N 100 wifi card, anyone think they might be able to help?20:07
failmasterecho_dev_, expand the problem first20:08
Dr_Williswolter:  just delete/rename it20:08
echo_dev_I have linux mint 12 running on an acer aspire one with the said chipset and it randomly drops internet connection after a few minutes of being logged onto the network or also when throwing any heavy traffic at it20:09
echo_dev_it stays connected to the network but..20:09
echo_dev_anything having to do with internet just hangs, loading a page, pinging, etc, it doesnt fail it just hangs20:09
Slart_2echo_dev_: since it's linux mint you shouldn't really look for help in the ubuntu channels.. but you might want to include what the network chipset is called.. output from lspci or similar20:09
Marleneei update my ubuntu and still old vesion : VERSION="12.04.2 LTS, Precise Pangolin"20:09
Dr_Willismatanya:  updated how exactly?20:10
daftykinsMarlenee: LTS releases tend to only update to newer LTS, there hasn't been one yet20:10
Slart_2Marlenee: there are settings for updating to newest release, or update to newer LTS release only20:10
echo_dev_Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Wireless-N 10020:10
dwarderwhat the point in sudoers list if anyone can su?20:11
Marleneethe latest is 1320:11
echo_dev_slart_2 Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Wireless-N 10020:11
Slart_2dwarder: you *can* limit who can use sudo.. it isn't configured that way by default though20:11
Dr_Willisdwarder:  su is very differnt then 'sudo' also20:12
Dr_Willisyou cant 'su' to root by default in ubuntu. a user could su to another user.20:12
zykotick9Slart_2: ahhh, i thought only the initial user was automatically added to the "sudo" group?  unless things have changed (which is certainly possible).20:13
Slart_2echo_dev_: I have the same problem but that's because of a known regression in another network chipset20:13
echo_dev_so what should i do about it? buy an adapter?20:13
Dr_Willisecho_dev_:  its possivble a fix is being worked on and may come out in a kernel update. but that may take time to happen20:14
Dr_Williszykotick9:  only the first user has sudo rights as far as i know.20:14
Slart_2zykotick9: hmm.. I'm not sure what ubuntu does with additional users any more.. I was just assuming it kept on going the way it did with the first one.. it makes sense to not add everyone as a sudo user by default though20:14
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teo2013Seems I have installed openSUSE 11.3 ( a long time ago in this laptop  ) but doesn't appear on the grub menu. Ubuntu appears and boots ok. Any links I can read what to do or anyone can help me?20:16
zykotick9teo2013: try running "sudo update-grub2" and see if it gets automajically added.20:17
Dr_Willisteo2013:  dependind on how its setuop 'sudo update-grub' might see it and add it.. if not you can make a custom entry for it in the ubuntu grub files  /etc/grub.d/40_custom20:17
ctx144khello all20:19
knownasilyaLooking to switch user in a shell script, so su [user] [pass]?20:19
Slart_2Hello! I've got an ubuntu-server running.. ahem.. latest LTS I believe... and I'm using iptables to forward network traffic to my desktop, running a torrent client.. when I check I get port forwarding via udp working but not tcp.. but the iptables entries are basically the same. What could be wrong? iptables settings http://paste.ubuntu.com/5960166/20:19
lonewulf85Help me I do not have /swap20:19
Dr_Willislonewulf85:  you mean a swap partiton?20:19
Dr_Willisthere is no /swap directory20:19
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info20:19
lonewulf85Dr_Willis, yes I should but it is not there20:19
Dr_Willislonewulf85:  there is no /swap/ directory. the swap partion does not get mounted to /swap/20:20
zykotick9lonewulf85: there is no mount for swap, ie. no /swap.  use "free" to verify if it is present or not.20:20
knownasilyaso, su [user] [pass] doesn't work and man su doesn't show anything.. is there some way to do this, maybe using |20:21
lonewulf85Dr_Willis, I have installed conkylua and my setup also monitors my swap percent but it says no swap20:21
Dr_Willislonewulf85:  then your conky config file is doing it wrong would be my guess.20:21
Dr_Willislonewulf85:  see what the 'free' command uses20:21
Slart_2knownasilya: are you sure there isn't another way of doing what you're doing?20:21
Dr_Willisor says about swap lonewulf8520:22
lonewulf85Dr_Willis, It says Swap: 0 0 020:22
zykotick9knownasilya: ahhh, using passwords in terminal is a bad idea, in scripts even worse.  the command would be "su user -" then you'd enter the password, when prompted.20:22
motaka2Dr_Willis: it's not all image files, it is a PDF made of images, but I need the text? is there an automated solution?20:22
killerhow can i edit a file (text) in iso20:22
Slart_2knownasilya: there are ways of entering a password to su/sudo via script but if I recall correctly they are all moderately to crazy dangerous/unsafe20:22
teo123zykotick9, sudo update-grub2 didn't work. Dr_Willis how can I make a custom entry ?20:22
lonewulf85Dr_Willis, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5960217/20:23
knownasilyaSlart_2 im using Vagrant and provisioning with shell, not sure how to work around this..20:23
Dr_Willisteo2013:  . if not you can make a custom entry for it in the ubuntu grub files  /etc/grub.d/40_custom20:23
Dr_Willislonewulf85:  your swap seems to be off.20:24
failmasterhey guys, i assume that i will end up with "unusable" system, due to the fact that 13.04 server doesn't want to use a keyfile for luks authorization during boot process, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/238163/comments/18 anyone?20:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 238163 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "keyfile doesn't work in initramfs" [Undecided,Invalid]20:24
lonewulf85Dr_Willis, Is there a way to fix it?20:24
Slart_2knownasilya: why do you need to use su? can't you change permissions somewhere else? what are you trying to do?20:25
Dr_Willissee if you have a swap partion. make sure its properly made swap. enable it20:25
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info20:25
xmetalhmm pondering if RiData is a good brand for disc media20:25
xmetalreading reviews atm20:25
Dr_Willisxmetal:  optical dvd media?20:25
netlarHow can I use the volume rocker to control the volume on the volume settings?20:26
xmetallooking at DVD+R or DVD-R (really doesn't matter honestly)20:26
xmetalbut yes20:26
Dr_Willisxmetal:  im not sure brand really matters much. :)   stick to the major brands.20:26
failmasterwhy on earth someone still needs dvd20:27
Dr_Willisall the premium media ive seen in the past seems to be discontined. Used to be some i liked that was more scratch proof20:27
Dr_Willisfailmaster:  to rip movies. ;)20:27
xmetaltrue ... i can get a pack of ridata (100) for 16.99 or a pack of TDKs for 26.00 (I have used dvds  and cds from TDK for years ... almost no coasters)20:27
failmasterDr_Willis, why rip when others do, just seed it20:28
netlarThe volume setting let you go past 100%, but the volume rocker only lets you go to 100%20:28
xmetal(power outages or dying burners = doesn't count)20:28
xmetalthat is not the emdia's fault if you ask me20:28
Dr_Willisfailmaster:  i perfer to not get the feds on me.. and finding the movies the wife has on torrents  are impossible.20:28
xmetali am leaning toward the TDK's20:28
xmetaljust for the "trust factor" .. even though they are ten bucks more20:28
failmasterDr_Willis, ripping is also illegal in ur lands or.. not?20:29
Dr_WillisBeen converting VCR tapes to Video file for the last 2 weeks for her also.20:29
lonewulf85Dr_Willis, when I try to run sudo swapon --all i get this swapon: cannot find the device for UUID=c438570c-ad85-40db-9431-d6f264221f1920:29
Dr_Willisfailmaster:  its the only way i can watch these LEGALLY bought DVD's   they refuse to play in my LEGALLY bought DVD player.20:29
xmetali tried that "dazzle" usb thing for that ... never got good results20:29
Dr_Willislonewulf85:  your fstab for swap is incorrect20:29
xmetal(vcr ~~> dvd)20:29
zykotick9lonewulf85: update your /etc/fstab with the correct UUID of your swap partition20:29
emrhello, i dont, its right ask here, but i have problem with oracle12c installation on my ubuntu, here where i'm trouble, app/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1/lib//libnnz12.so: could not read symbols: Invalid operation20:29
Dr_Willisxmetal:  got one by haupage a 610 - for $40 works well in linux no issues.20:29
failmasterDr_Willis, you got tough laws in there, man20:30
lonewulf85Dr_Willis, Can I correct it?20:30
xmetalmany of the things i have on vhs i bought on dvd20:30
xmetalthough there are a few expections20:30
xmetali missed a 16.99 (total) sale on TDK's (sold out and by the time they were in sale was off) though i am almost 100% sure i will stick with them20:31
Dr_Willislonewulf85:  make a proper entry in the fstab file. should correct it.20:31
xmetalridata's may be fine, but i have seen some "they use to be great, now i am getting alot of coasters .. .with a burner that burns other discs just fine" type reviews20:32
xmetalanyway, gotta go :) thanks for the input, guys20:32
lonewulf85zykotick9, How can I do that when I run blkid I get this http://paste.ubuntu.com/5960242/20:32
zykotick9lonewulf85: looks like you don't have a swap partition...20:32
lonewulf85there should be a /dev/sdb5 there for my swap20:33
gerald3092is there a joli os channel...20:33
gerald3092it is based on ubuntu20:34
zykotick9lonewulf85: what "should be" and "what is" is not always the same ;)20:34
lonewulf85zykotick9, Yeah tell me about it can I fix this using a live boot usb?20:34
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zykotick9lonewulf85: depends?  you may need to create a swap partition, if you REALLY don't have one - and it looks like you don't...20:35
zykotick9lonewulf85: gparted from livemedia may shed some light on the matter though20:36
lonewulf85zykotick9, Can I make the swap partition from inside ubuntu now ?20:36
zykotick9lonewulf85: try and see.20:36
Marleneeany log cleaner for ubuntu like ccleaner on windows20:37
ezechlonewulf85, you can, you can make it with file20:37
lonewulf85Marlenee, Depends on what you need. There is janitor that works like ccleaner.20:38
kariHello. I would want to get flash player working in my 10 year old desktop. I installed xubuntu 12.04  and i have  /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/flashplugin-alternative.so. It just don't show flash.20:39
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karii have ubuntu-restricted-extras package installed also20:40
karifirefox doesn't say that i dont have flash player.20:41
gr8hi. I have two routers in my network that somehow conflict; when I set a static IP address in my network settings it happens that I get no internet access. when I enable DHCP, it selects the wrong router to get an IP assignment. how do tell my Ubuntu which router to use?20:45
daniel_2013hey out there, does any 1 have a few seconds to help out a linux noob ?20:45
lonewulf85Success my swap indicator now reads 0%20:45
gr8daniel_2013: to read that took me 2 seconds, so: NO!20:45
lonewulf85That also fixed my conkylua clock hands weird lol20:46
zykotick9!anyone | daniel_201320:46
ubottudaniel_2013: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.20:46
lonewulf85daniel_2013, Maybe what is up?20:46
daniel_2013lol.. ok here is my question, am running Ubuntu 12.04 x64 Unity, on a Toshiba Satellite L745d.  The only thing i cannot get to work is the battery indicator.  I would like to be able to see how much charge i have left20:47
daniel_2013i have tried every battery monitor i could find, and none indicate anything.  and acpi -b shows nothing at all20:47
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kariwhen i go to youtube. Firefox is writing to console this: ###!!! [Parent][RPCChannel] Error: Channel error: cannot send/recv20:48
daniel_2013Ubuntu does tell me that the "defailt20:48
kariso maybe its not flash error?20:48
daniel_2013ubuntu does tell me that the default battery monitor is installed but it does not show up on the panel, i have tried uninstalling and re-installing it20:48
Andre_designermaybe someone can help me. i want to switch over to ubuntu but the breakpoint is the browsertesting. firefox in ubuntu looks different (different font(size) and bolder) and i don't actually not quit good how to do to test different IE-versions read/try/hear to install different IE-virtual machines in virtualbox but they are big and you must what read activate each 30 days. Do somebody how to handle this?? with different broswers. any20:49
NOOPSSTATUsIs there a problem i can help anyone with?20:49
Dr_WillisNOOPSSTATUs:  wait for someone to actally ask a question20:50
Andre_designermaybe someone can help me. i want to switch over to ubuntu but the breakpoint is the browsertesting. firefox in ubuntu looks different (different font(size) and bolder) and i don't actually not quit good how to do to test different IE-versions read/try/hear to install different IE-virtual machines in virtualbox but they are big and you must what read activate each 30 days. Do somebody how to handle this?? with different broswers. any20:50
alamihello, i want to create a hotspot, to connect my samsung to internet, but i don't see my created hotspot on my samsung20:50
NOOPSSTATUsok burn your computer then i till be a (HOT SPOT!)20:51
Andre_designerhave somebody a  answer on this??20:51
Dr_WillisAndre_designer:  firefox can have its own font settings that override that the system/web site suggests. as for ie, there that ies4linux thing for wine to test them out in wine20:51
daniel_2013you still with me GR8 ?20:51
NOOPSSTATUsGR8? Where are you?20:51
xentity1xIs there anyway to preview a pdf file by hovering over it20:52
Andre_designerie browsers in ie4linux is crapp and unstable20:53
compdocheh, never heard of ie4linux20:53
Marlenee apt-get install janitor = E: Unable to locate package janitor20:54
lonewulf85daniel_2013, Have you tried to go to system settings> Power and tell it to always show battery?20:54
Andre_designeri thry that already20:54
daniel_2013Help needed to enable/show battery status in Ubuntu 12.04 unity on a toshiba laptop.  Acpi -b gives no output, any other battery monitor reads 0% yet battery is good.  Any 1 have any ideas ?20:54
NOOPSSTATUsWhere is a channel that supports Alinux?20:54
lonewulf85Marlenee, have you tried just using sudo apt-get install janitor ?20:54
gr8daniel_2013: your "acpi_toshiba" kernel module is not loaded.20:56
McDefficeHi, how can I choose to use the graphics driver in Ubuntu 13.04 raring for AMD / ATI Cypress XT [Radeon HD 5870]? "ubuntu-drivers devices" display : fglrx-13 fglrx-12, fglrx-updates, fglrx, xserver-xorg-video-ati. It seems to me that I would have xserver-xorg-video-ati default and removed the other, right?20:57
daniel_2013thank you gr8, i will look look up solution..20:57
lonewulf85Marlenee, I have just run the command and it cannot find it for me either one moment and I will send you a link to a very useful app.20:58
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lonewulf85Marlenee, http://www.noobslab.com/2013/06/ubuntu-tweak-085-released-install-it-in.html20:59
lonewulf85Marlenee, Let me know if that works for what you need.21:01
strixUKi've inherited a machine (mostly LAMP server) based on centos + cpanel.  it now looks likely that we'll move to a new host, which means i get to choose distro.  centos is out, so it's between debian and ubuntu.  why would you choose ubuntu over debian?21:01
kapostedesshello, what does this error mean? pastebin https://bitly.com/15bKjEE21:02
cowbaconstrixUK: may we know why centos is out of the question? also I would use debian for server since its rock solid and you rather want rock solid than cutting edge on servers21:02
kariGeForce4 MX 440 that gpu i have :)21:02
karimaybe the problem is in the driver21:02
gr8guys, if daniel_2013 tell him there is nothing that he can do to fix it... acpi_toshiba does not exist anymore.21:03
gr8I mean if he comes back...21:03
lonewulf85kari, I have that gpu what is the problem?21:03
McDefficetrism -> Hello, you are on ?21:03
strixUKcowbacon: because centos pisses me off in many little ways, plus i'm more familiar with ubuntu because i use it on my research and my home machines21:04
strixUKcowbacon: but yes, definitely, stable is good21:04
sk1specialhow do i drag windows that are locked to the taskbar?21:05
RumPointwhat is new in ubuntu?21:06
k4t434sisthe name21:06
daftykinsRumPoint: looking up the release notes can be useful to tell you that21:06
k4t434sislots, should check their changelog21:06
strixUKcowbacon: also centos in my experience is old (but i'm prejudiced, since it's not always been possible to upgrade to the latest centos)21:06
karilonewulf85,  i can't watch youtube flash videos21:09
karilonewulf85,  this is fresh install 12.04 lts21:09
lonewulf85kari, Have you tried to download flash?21:09
Dr_Willissk1special:  locked to the taskbar makes no sence.  you can always alt-click and drag windows around21:10
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash21:10
karilonewulf85,  firefox doesn't say that install flash. so it can see i have it, but it just don't show anything21:10
RumPointdaftykins:  which linux distro is best for a brand new network21:11
RumPointin a foreign nation21:11
karilonewulf85,   nvidia-settings is empty.21:11
Dr_Williskari:  check the package manager to be sure the flash plugin is installed.21:11
kariDr_Willis,  it is installed21:11
Dr_Williskari:  if you go to youtube what do you see in the browser window exactly then?21:11
lonewulf85kari, just to make sure try going to adobe.com21:11
RumPointdaftykins:  need a network for a new business21:11
daftykinsRumPoint: what do you mean by 'brand new network' ?21:12
sk1specialSorry got disconnected.. how do i drag windows from the taskbar that are locked into it?21:12
RumPointdaftykins:  Establishing business offshore and need computer with OS21:12
Dr_Willissk1special:  locked to the taskbar makes no sence.  you can always alt-click and drag windows around21:12
daftykinsRumPoint: so for desktop use?21:12
RumPointbut I don't want to use microsoft or NSA tieins21:12
kariDr_Willis,  90% white in that video area and sometimes there comes black screen for 2-4 secs and again white.21:12
RumPointdaftykins:  which linux is customizable21:12
lonewulf85sk1special, Hold down the click and drag it off21:12
daftykinsRumPoint: ubuntu/xubuntu/lubuntu should be fine then. every one is customisable21:12
Dr_WillisRumPoint:  they all are customiuzeable.21:12
sk1specialDr_Willis, thats exactly what i ment..where they merge by default. but that works so t/y :]21:13
RumPointdr_willis i mean that can be custom compiled21:13
kariDr_Willis, it will be just black no video or sound. and when i start firefox at console i get that send/rcv error21:13
Dr_WillisRumPoint:  err.. all of them include source. so all of them21:13
RumPointgentoo i think?21:13
sk1specialDr_Willis, like when i open terminal.. its top menu bar becomes part of the ubuntu menu bar.. when i open xchat its all in its own windows... but alt+click lets me pull the ones out that merge so21:13
RumPointis that the most configurable21:13
Dr_WillisRumPoint:   flip a coin..  all linux's are configurable..21:14
Dr_WillisRumPoint:  #ubuntu channel will reccomend ubuntu. ;)21:14
LoshkiRumPoint: cowbacon: IMO, ubuntu has the best support (e.g. this channel) if you are not very familiar with linux21:14
daftykinsunless they want to get kicked ;)21:14
Dr_WillisIf you know enough to use gentoo, then you should know enought linux to know all this stuff.21:14
RumPointdr_willis lolz21:14
RumPointthen why arent i a millionaire yet21:14
kariDr_Willis,  when i go to youtube. Firefox is writing to console this: ###!!! [Parent][RPCChannel] Error: Channel error: cannot send/recv21:15
Dr_Williskari:  check askubuntu.com to see if others have seen a similer message and what it means. means nothing to me.21:15
lonewulf85Is there a command to tell me full output of all process?21:15
k4t434sisdoesn't gentoo require you to build your entire system from source?21:15
GoatmanHow can I use the mouse in the tty terminal21:15
Dr_Willisk4t434sis:  somthing like that..21:15
Dr_WillisGoatman:  install 'gpm'21:16
GoatmanI’d like to use the middle button21:16
Goatmanto paste21:16
Dr_Willis!info gpm21:16
ubottugpm (source: gpm): General Purpose Mouse interface. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.20.4-6ubuntu1 (raring), package size 205 kB, installed size 496 kB21:16
Goatmannice, thanks21:17
daniel_2013ok, tried finding a solution, but as much as i could see, the only patch was taken out about 1 - 2 years ago.  Problem is : required kernel toshiba support not enabled21:18
daniel_2013am somewhat of a noob when it comes to linux, how do i enable / load the toshiba-module in the kernel ?21:19
daftykinsdaniel_2013: is that the exact name of it? open a terminal and try 'sudo modprobe toshiba-module'21:20
daniel_2013not even sure if this is the right name for it : toshiba_acpi kernel module21:21
daniel_2013modprobe toshiba_acpi gives no output21:22
daftykinsdaniel_2013: you'll soon see an error :) is a guide recommending you to enable that to make something work?21:22
daftykinsdaniel_2013: no it'll not say anything to signify success, it should've asked for your password though21:22
RumPointCant this come with Ubuntu?21:23
daniel_2013not even asking for password, and i was told i would need this activated to be able to see my battery level on the unity panel21:23
daniel_2013ok, i closed the terminal and tried again, this time did ask for password and then no more output.21:24
RumPointis ubuntu good for work environments?21:24
daniel_2013am gonna log out and back in to see if this will give me the battery indicator that already is installed21:24
RumPointif i want to create a business will ubuntu do everything i need it to do21:24
RumPointor does ubuntu have limitations over other operating systems21:25
danielwell that didn't work21:25
=== daniel is now known as Guest95864
zykotick9can someone, other then the person who did it, tell me who did the "info gpm" above for daniel_2013?21:25
Guest95864<--- daniel_201321:26
jmbellHi, I'm having issues getting a Dell Inspiron 1501's internet capabilities to function properly with Ubuntu 12.04. I've tried installing drivers from a live USB, blacklisting native drivers in favor of the Broadcom drivers necessary for the machine, and even attempted to update the "nonfree" firmware, but none of this has worked. I'm about ready to give up, but I've had great success with Linux before and hope to stick with it21:26
jmbell. Any advice?21:26
daftykinsjmbell: you may have seen this already but just in case...21:28
RumPointjmbell:  12.04 has LTS?21:28
daftykins!broadcom | jmbell21:28
ubottujmbell: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx21:28
daniel_2013Toshiba_acpi kernel module not loaded, modprobe toshiba-acpi = NOTHING.  am trying to get battery status on toshiba laptop.  SOS. am in over my head.21:29
galaI've having trouble.. I want to use awesome wm, so I've installed it. But it doesn't show up in the log in screen. Any ideas?21:29
jmbellyeah, I've tried this fix, but haven't had any luck...the problem is that I can't sudo apt-get update since I'm not connected to the internet at all. Ironically I have an ip-address in the ifconfig...so it's recognizing that I've got a connection, but it's not allowing me to use it.21:29
[1]Rapid2214got a default gateway?21:30
daftykinsjmbell: that's odd. is it capable of pinging a LAN based machine at that point? also for an update, can you not temporarily use a wired connection?21:30
jmbellNo, I can't ping anything. Nor can I use a wired connection. That'd make it much easier! ;)21:31
daftykinsjmbell: what's up with wired? laptop not have it?21:31
jmbellI've tried to connect via ethernet, but it's not recognizing when I plug in the cable.21:32
mindprodigyhello, just downloaded ubuntu 13.04 32bit to install on my netbook. If I extract direct to a USB Pendrive will it boot and work?21:32
jmbellIt's got drivers for it...namely the broadcom BCM4311 and BCM 4401 (the latter is for ethernet, fyi)21:32
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zykotick9mindprodigy: not sure what "extract" means... but cat/dd-ing to USB will work.21:33
kariDr_Willis, it seems i can't even watch video with VLC. So its not only flash problem :)21:33
kariDr_Willis, i think i have wrong nvidia drivers21:33
mindprodigyzykotick9 I mean unzip the file *.iso to a pendrive...21:33
daftykinsmindprodigy: no it doesn't work like that.21:34
jmbellBut these drivers don't seem to function on Ubuntu out of the box. Even after blacklisting ssb and adding the B43 drivers to the boot list, I don't think the OS understands what I'm asking of it21:34
zykotick9mindprodigy: i HIGHLY doubt that will work.21:34
Dr_Williskari:  vlc has options for differnt 'video out modes' also  one may work. but it does sound like some odd driver issue21:34
mindprodigyI see21:34
zykotick9mindprodigy: the ISO is hybrid iso/usb to begin with...21:34
mindprodigyany program tip to make the bootable USB of ubuntu on win8? plz.21:35
kariDr_Willis,  well how to check my video driver settings? "nvidia-settings" is empty21:35
Dr_Willismindprodigy:  should be several tools to make live usbs in win8 at the  pendrivelinux web site21:35
Dr_Williskari:  what do you mean 'empty'21:35
jmbellmindprodigy: if you haven't already, try Unetbootin21:36
Dr_Williskari:  if the nvidia driver was not in use that tool would say so and not run i belive21:36
Dr_Williskari:  theres also the nvidia-xconfig tool21:36
Dr_Williskari:  whichis a cli tool21:36
mindprodigyok, I'll study that zykotick9. Ok Dr_Willis21:36
McDefficeHi, how can I choose to use the graphics driver in Ubuntu 13.04 raring for AMD / ATI Cypress XT [Radeon HD 5870]? "ubuntu-drivers devices" display : fglrx-13 fglrx-12, fglrx-updates, fglrx, xserver-xorg-video-ati. It seems to me that I would have xserver-xorg-video-ati default and removed the other, right?21:36
mindprodigythank you21:36
g_byersBloomberg, the financial information, analytics and news leader, pledged $80,000 towards the Ubuntu edge O_o21:37
mindprodigysee ya21:37
kariDr_Willis,  what repository ihave to install to get that nvidia-xconfig?21:37
kariDr_Willis, i dont have it now21:37
Dr_Williskari:  its part of the nvidia drivers package so it should be there21:37
Dr_Willis!find nvidia-xconfig21:37
ubottuFile nvidia-xconfig found in nvidia-173, nvidia-304, nvidia-304-updates, nvidia-310, nvidia-310-updates, nvidia-313-updates21:37
karii dont have any of those21:38
kariDr_Willis,  ok i try to install 173 drivers21:38
jmbelldaftykins, ubottu, RumPoint...any ideas?21:38
daftykinsjmbell: oh crikey the wired is in the same situation? nasty :S21:39
kariDr_Willis, ahaa! its depency problem. i need xorg-video-abi-11 and xserver-xorg-core21:39
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
raubWhat would make ubuntu think both the built-in and an external (usb) wireless card are "disabled by hardware switch"?21:39
daftykinsjmbell: hrmmph, what's the closest you've gotten? i guess you could manually obtain packages and transfer them to that system for manual installation, that's be so painful though :(21:39
raubDon't think that can be bios related21:40
jmbellI've actually already tried that...it was painful lol21:40
jmbelland unproductive, at least as far as I've determined21:40
derrikwhats the closest thing to windows device manager in linux? and is there any way to know if some driver is not working properly, like !-symbol in windows?21:42
daftykinsjmbell: is your network using encryption?21:42
Dr_Willis!info hwinfo21:42
ubottuhwinfo (source: hwinfo): Hardware identification system. In component universe, is optional. Version 16.0-2.2 (raring), package size 17 kB, installed size 99 kB21:42
MonkeyDustderrik  don't say the name of that other OS too often, please, it's very disturbing21:43
rauband rfkill only reports one of the devices21:43
jmbelldaftykins: No encryption that I know of. I'm able to get internet (wired and wireless) on my dell XPS, so I don't think it's a network side issue.21:43
derrikthanks willis21:44
daftykinsjmbell: so completely open wireless network, no key needed to join?21:44
jmbelldaftykins: Yeah, at least the wired connection is. The wireless has a key, but I cannot see any wireless connections. In fact, the "Enable Wireless" is missing from the upper right menu21:45
jrtappersAnyone know any causes of chmod: changing permissions of ‘/etc/sudoers’: Operation not permitted?21:46
daftykinsjmbell: oh right - typically network-manager can't manage an interface if it's being referred to in /etc/network/interfaces21:46
jrtappersIt is blocking me from fixing an audio problem21:46
tonesI just started to install lubuntu 13.04 and it says minimum of 4gigs hd space needed. I thought it was 2 gigs minimum. My ssd is 4gigs21:46
daniel_2013i was informed my problem is that the toshiba-acpi module is not loaded into the kernel, sudo modprobe toshiba-acpi returns nothing and nothing happens, i wish to see my battery charge level, acpi -v outputs : acpi 1.621:47
daniel_2013Copyright (C) 2001 Grahame Bowland.21:47
daniel_2013              2008-2012 Michael Meskes.21:47
daniel_2013This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is NO21:47
daniel_2013warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  I do not know enough to fix this.. any one can help me ?21:47
FloodBot1daniel_2013: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:47
jrtappersNever mind, I have an idea21:47
daftykinstones: O_O this an ancient netbook?21:47
tonesdaftykins, yes and lubuntu runs great on it21:47
tonesfrom the usb21:47
tonesso I want to install it21:47
daftykinstones: you might be able to try and find a minimal install version21:48
daniel_2013toshset is installed but shows not enabled.21:48
daftykinstones: i think you'll really struggle on that though21:48
jmbelldaftykins: the contents of that file are "auto lo21:48
jmbelliface lo inet loopback"21:48
daftykinsjmbell: ah, that's ok then. i'd imagine you've done a restart since getting the driver going21:49
jmbellyeah, each change I've made has been followed by a hopeful sudo reboot. ;)21:50
tonesdaftykins, is there a site that lists valid minimal hd installs of previous versions of ubuntu?21:50
daniel_2013i was informed my problem is that the toshiba-acpi module is not loaded into the kernel, sudo modprobe toshiba-acpi returns nothing and nothing happens, i wish to see my battery charge level, acpi -v outputs : acpi 1.6 . Am somewhat new to linux, can any1 help ?21:51
tones3gis max would be good21:51
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
daftykinstones: none i know of for spins such as lubuntu i'm afraid21:52
daftykinstones: although it might be an option to use a generic ubuntu minimal ISO then install parts of lubuntu slowly - could be hard though21:52
daniel_2013tones might be better off with arch if he needs a low hd install.21:53
daniel_2013how do i enable / install toshiba-acpi kernel module, and where do i find it.21:55
jmbelltones: There is also DSL (Damn Small Linux), which takes something like 50 MiB if I remember correctly. Not sure what kind of support it provides though.21:55
Dr_Willistones:  tiny core linux = 13mb :)21:55
daniel_2013i would go with puppy linux before goin damn small.21:56
daftykinspuppy that's the one i was thinking of21:56
=== james is now known as Guest60858
tonespuppy for some reason doesnt work will on this machine21:56
Dr_WillisPuppylinux is rather.. weird. :) tiny-core is also very unusual in ways21:56
daniel_2013had an old laptop with 256mb ram running on that21:56
tonestiny core I didnt get the hang of21:56
daniel_2013true, they are, but effective21:56
Dr_WillisTinycore has rather unusual design goals. ;)21:57
tonesoh well, crunchbang I guess21:57
daniel_2013like i said, puppy has everything you could need and is a rather small install.21:57
daniel_2013now, any toshiba laptops out there that have solved this toshiba-acpi kernel module thing.... am stuck, cannot see my battery charge level21:58
staykovhey - im using amavis with postfix/dovecott/etc, following the wiki page21:58
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
staykovgetting an odd "Alias expansion error" after upgrading postfix: http://pastie.org/821640321:59
Guest60858i keep getting DBus error org.gtk.Private.RemoteVolumeMonitor.NotFound: The given volume was not found when trying to format usb stick for a startup disk21:59
Guest60858anyone know why?21:59
ikoniastaykov: upgrading postfix how ?21:59
failmasterhey guys, i assume that i will end up with "unusable" system, due to the fact that 13.04 server doesn't want to use a keyfile for luks authorization during boot process, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/238163/comments/18 anyone?21:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 238163 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "keyfile doesn't work in initramfs" [Undecided,Invalid]21:59
daniel_2013guest60858 did you try using gparted and creating a new partition table on the usb stick ?22:00
Guest60858daniel_2013, no gparted doesnt reconise the usb stick22:02
Guest60858oh hang on it gives me format option now....do i format in ext4 or fat16?22:02
sk1specialhow do i make the workspace switcher work as two on top of two instead of four in a row?22:03
daniel_2013if you can go fat3222:03
daniel_2013are you using the flash key as install disc or as install hd ?22:03
Guest60858daniel_2013, thanks ...ill try that also in diff usb port22:03
daniel_2013ur welcome.22:04
Guest60858daniel_2013, install disc22:04
daniel_2013then fat32 should be fine, don't forget to flag partition as bootable.22:04
Guest60858also its an 8gb stick, would that make any difference?22:05
daniel_2013i have a 32g as fat3222:05
daniel_2013sorry not true.. its ntfs22:05
jmbelldaftykins: think there is another distro with better broadcom support? Or should I seek further support and wait it out? I've read so many forums citing success with the inspiron 1500 series, but I've had no such luck.22:06
daniel_2013am but should still work22:06
Dr_Willisi dont think you can use ntfs for a live-usb  but it may be changed these days22:06
phoxbefore I go an write it to a USB flash drive, can anyone confirm if the default install ISOs will boot from USB?22:06
Dr_Willisphox:  you can image the iso to flash straight and it should boot fine22:06
fellayaboyis there a migration tool to migrate all info and programs to an new computer from an old computer?22:06
Dr_Willisphox:  but im not clear on what you are doing exactly22:06
phoxDr_Willis: cool thanks.22:06
phoxDr_Willis: what you said22:06
daftykinsjmbell: i'm too newb with that question i'm afraid - not enough experience cross-distro22:07
=== jono is now known as Guest48557
daniel_2013sounds like he copying linux iso to flash key.22:07
Guest60858daniel_2013, srt do i format b4 creating partition?22:07
phoxdd, yes.22:07
daniel_2013no after22:07
daftykinsjmbell: i'd be up for helping go through it but tonight i am absolutely exhausted :)22:07
derrikif i use lshw to list hardware as html.. and then i open html file and some hardware is red, what does that mean?22:07
phoxwhenever it finishes downloading :P22:07
phoxit apparently picked me a crap mirror, yay22:07
phoxso much for being in I222:07
=== shuck is now known as pixelshuck
fellayaboyis there a migration tool or a easy transfer software for ubuntu?22:08
james4kif i have an ubuntu desktop install and i want to remove all packages but what you get from mini.iso basically... is there a way to do so?22:08
Dr_Willisfellayaboy:  not that ive ever noticed.22:08
pixelshuckHi guys, is there any way to install ubuntu using only Linux Mint? No boot media22:08
daniel_2013REQUEST FOR HELP, toshiba-acpi kernel module not loaded.. how do i do this if sudo modprobe toshiba-acpi seems to do nothing22:08
fellayaboysimilar to migration-assistance in mac and windows easy transfer22:08
Dr_Willispixelshuck:  debootstrap. or setup grub2 to boot the ISO from hard drive22:08
=== acrocity_ is now known as acrocity
* phox suggests option #2 there22:09
jmbellNo problem. Thanks daftykins. Anyone else have a suggestion for making the dell inspiron 1501 connect to the internet? All necessary drivers are installed, but none appear to be functioning properly.22:09
phoxgrub's imgboot stuff is cool22:09
holsteinjmbell: i would say, it will be easier to get the mini.iso and install22:09
MercXwhat hardware do you have?22:09
holsteinjmbell: sorry.. james4k ^^22:09
daniel_2013jmbell if you have a usb wireless adapter, install it and use it to do updates and upgrades, and hopefully that'll work22:10
MercXi have the broacom and the intel hardware working with the dell inspiron 1500 series laptops22:10
jmbellI don't have one on hand. I've been loading via another computer (the one I'm on now). But even with the updated drivers and firmware it doesn't seem to work22:10
jmbellI've got broadcom as well22:11
Guest60858do i make partition in msdos? it doesnt work and wont let me format22:11
MercXyou have tried the b43 drivers?22:11
holsteinGuest60858: you are using dos?22:11
jmbellMercX: The wired and wireless connections don't show up. I've tried the b43 drivers and a few others as well22:11
holsteinGuest60858: i use gparted from a live CD22:11
MercXfresh install of 13.10?22:12
james4kholstein: yeah, you're probably right22:12
Guest60858holstein, no...sry was using wrong thing22:12
daniel_2013jmbell are you using the linux drivers or are you using ndiswrapper and the windows drivers ?22:12
pixelshuckWhich one is fastest/Easiest?22:12
jmbelldaniel_2013: I've tried to use the ndiswrapper, but I first started with the linux drivers and a firmware update22:12
Guest60858is working now22:12
jmbellMaybe I didn't use the ndiswrapper correctly? Likewise for the firmware/installed drivers? I've only been using linux for a few months now.22:13
MercXi have never used ndiswrapper so i couldn't help you there22:14
=== dpac is now known as dpac|away
daniel_2013jmbell, comming from a noob who just figured out how to use ndiswrapper about 3 months ago, you are doing the ndiswrapper -m, ndiswrapper-ma and modprobe ndiswrapper right ?22:14
MercXrun this "lspci | grep Network"22:14
holsteinthere is an ndis-gtk gui frontend22:14
daniel_2013i find the terminal ndiswrapper easier22:15
daniel_2013can anyone help me with toshiba-acpi kernel module22:15
holsteindaniel_2013: in what way?22:16
Guest60858daniel_2013, im not sure22:16
jmbellI am not exactly sure, daniel_2013. Mercx, if you've gotten yours to work, let me know how.  The output from the lspci is Broadcom Corp. BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN (rev 01)22:16
holstein!broadcom | jmbell22:16
ubottujmbell: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx22:16
holsteinjmbell: i always refer to that and just install,manually, whatever is needed22:17
daniel_2013i am trying to get my battery charge level to show, and i was told that apparently i don't have the toshiba-acpi kernel module loaded.  yet when i try modprobe kernel-acpi, i get no output and nothing to show bat level even tho the monitors are install22:17
benkillindoes anybody have any examples of people using ubuntu for professional audio usage such as live concerts and studio recording?22:17
holsteinbenkillin: yes22:17
MercXlas ttime i got it to work i used similar instructions22:17
daniel_2013when i do acpi -v it does say that acpi version 1.6 is installed and everything else on this laptop works fine22:17
holsteinbenkillin: http://holstein.bandcamp.com/album/open22:17
Guest60858is there a better prog to make start up usb with?22:17
jmbellholstein: I've installed all drivers necessary to make this work...but none seem to solve the problem I'm having.22:18
holsteinbenkillin: http://byronhedgepeth.mikeholstein.info/22:18
daniel_2013yes there is.. called startup disc creator22:18
Guest60858is that the one thats pre installed?22:18
holsteinbenkillin: check #opensourcemusicians for more examples22:18
Guest60858ok thats not working22:19
holsteinjmbell: did you reference the wiki?22:19
benkillinthanks holstein22:19
Guest60858but its not booting22:19
Guest60858ive tried twice22:19
failmasterhey guys, i assume that i will end up with "unusable" system, due to the fact that 13.04 server doesn't want to use a keyfile for luks authorization during boot process, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/238163/comments/18 anyone?22:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 238163 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "keyfile doesn't work in initramfs" [Undecided,Invalid]22:19
jmbellholstein: yeah, I've been through it with no luck. I don't think I've deviated from the instructions there.22:20
holsteinjmbell: sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer is what i use for that chip.. are you sure the chip is functional?22:20
daniel_2013guest60858 take the flash key and open gparted and check to make sure its flagged as bootable22:20
holsteinjmbell: you can always try a live CD, and run sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer ...it works for me without rebot22:20
Guest60858daniel_2013, yeh it was the 2 previous times i tried22:21
Guest60858it wont let me create partition table...only format now22:21
daniel_2013is your bios set to boot from flash key, and is it able to do so22:21
daniel_2013guest60858 : it will only let you creat a partition if you delete the partition that is there22:22
Guest60858i use 1 time start up from usb22:22
Guest60858daniel_2013, says unallocated