xrandrhello. Does Ubuntu One use the Openstack Cloud software?03:32
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Lighthouse Day! :-D09:14
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c^^c^^Any word of two form factor auth being implemented?16:44
dobeyit's implemented on the web site16:51
c^^c^^I'm signed on now to the website16:52
c^^c^^Personal detailsApplications is all i see16:52
dobeygo to https://login.ubuntu.com and under the "Authentication devices" header at the bottom, select "Always require an authentication device"16:52
c^^c^^I wonder if its only for the paid plans16:54
c^^c^^I don't see Authentication Devices16:54
dobeyuh, no16:54
c^^c^^i'm at the url you provided16:56
dobeyalso 2fa isn't required to log in to login.ubuntu.com, even with 2fa enabled16:56
dobeyc^^c^^: ah, you need to join https://launchpad.net/~sso-2f-testers16:56
c^^c^^oh is it under beta?16:57
dobeyi guess so16:58
dobeyi don't know16:59
dobeyanyway, join the team and you can use 2fa17:01
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c^^c^^ah once i joined the team the option appeared17:28
c^^c^^perfect you're awesome <317:28
c^^c^^Wait I don't get it why doesn't it prompt me to auth when I sign in17:34
c^^c^^what purpose does it serve then17:34
dobeywhen you sign in to where?17:35
c^^c^^ubuntu one17:37
dobeywhat url?17:37
dobeysigning in to login.ubuntu.com is not the same as signing in to one.ubuntu.com17:37
dobeylogin.ubuntu.com can't require 2fa to log in to it, because of chicken vs. egg17:38
c^^c^^well one.ubuntu.com when signing in just forwards to login.ubuntu.com17:38
c^^c^^I thought it would prompt me for 2fa once i signed in17:38
dobeyit should if you set it to "always prompt" on login.ubuntu.com17:38
c^^c^^oh i see17:39
c^^c^^thanks now it is17:39
dobeywith that set, any site that uses login.ubuntu.com to let you log in, should result in you getting asked for a 2fa key17:40
c^^c^^yeah I didn't realize there was an option that must be turned on to require it17:41
c^^c^^-for each login17:41
irc4can anyone scroll up and give me the launchpad url20:22
irc4for 2 form factor auth20:22
irc4nvm i got it20:23

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