micahgOvenWerks: now is good :)00:51
OvenWerksmicahg: ok.02:00
OvenWerksmicahg: did I miss you?02:08
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holsteini have someone in PM asking me how to search users for files ;)02:41
holsteini should have /q'd the bot..02:41
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cubOvenWerks, I'm dropping the copyright thing as per zequence's latest mail.07:05
zequencecub: you're welcome to work at it. I'd be happy to assist07:48
zequencegotta go. bbl07:48
cubI'd like to, but would probably take a little longer as I need to learn what to do. 07:49
zequencecub: This would be a good start https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/SetupDeveloperEnvironment07:50
cubyes I have those set up, except for git.07:52
smartboyhwzequence, let others to try:P08:10
cubDo or do not. There is no try. ;)08:11
smartboyhwcub, well, try:P08:11
smartboyhwThis is your first attempt, after all08:11
smartboyhwHey ttoine :)08:13
ttoinehello smartboyhw 08:16
smartboyhwcub, which package are you going to help with?08:34
cubI don't know yet. I need to read up on the debian copyright page first, which won't happen until lunchtime in a couple of hours since I'm back at work08:37
zequencettoine: hi08:54
zequencettoine: I got the t-shirt. Looks very good. Going to get the cup soon08:55
zequencettoine: The new cup you did, I feel the CoF is too low. Is it not possible to center it?08:55
zequencettoine: Also, I think it would be good (as you probably read from a previous quote) if we offered one cheaper alternative for the t-shirts08:56
zequenceAbout sizes: I got the smallest one, medium. And though I'm skinny, it would seem there are smaller people around than me (180cm), but you said there are no smaller sizes for that model?08:57
zequencecub: Do you have resources for learning Debian packaging?09:01
zequencecub: http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/09:01
zequenceyou can read about the files there09:01
zequenceAlso this http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/09:01
zequenceThere's https://wiki.debian.org/Packaging09:02
zequence..which includes previous links09:02
cubzequence, I got some of the links from smartboyhw and OvenWerks  yesterday. I have not had a chance to read through them all yet though09:05
zequencecub: Since you're just focusing on a few details, it shouldn't be much work learning about it. Don't know about possible problems in our copyright files though, but I'm sure it's not much of a problem09:07
cubyeah, I'm just going to look at the copyright to start out with09:07
ttoinezequence, it is actually centered automatically on the printing zone. I will try to make it manually09:11
ttoinezequence, yes, for the organic cotton shirt, and most of male shirt, the smallest is M09:12
ttoineI will see if I can do a cheap one, with basic shirt quality09:12
ttoineby the way, it is good to have your feedback that the shirt you get is good stuff. How the printing looks like ?09:13
zequencettoine: The printing is very good. I recognize this modern printing quality. I have t-shirts my friend had made with the same style of printing, and it is quite durable09:22
smartboyhwzequence, how do you suppose we can do all testcases mentioned in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual-tests/+bugs?field.tag=ubuntu-studio ?09:24
smartboyhw57 oh god09:24
knomesmartboyhw, how do you think xubuntu did all the testcases?09:25
knomesmartboyhw, call for testcase writers.09:25
ttoinezequence, this is digital printing, not serigraphy like traditional printed shirt in big quantities. Glad to know this is fine too09:25
smartboyhwknome, I know, but how to ask:P09:26
smartboyhwSince Xubuntu got more testers than us09:26
knomesmartboyhw, send an email to your mailing lists?09:26
knomethat's a false assumption09:26
smartboyhwknome, that's a true assumption.09:26
ttoinezequence, would you have a picture of the shirt, so maybe we can put an article about the shop on the blog ?09:26
knomebesides, the testcase writers aren't necessarily testers09:26
smartboyhwknome, ok...09:27
smartboyhwzequence, can you write the email to the mailing list?09:28
zequencettoine: Yes, it would be good to blog about it. We should have articles on all our sites, and I will blog about it too myself09:28
zequencesmartboyhw: Yes. Been very busy lately09:28
zequencesmartboyhw: The bug reports have descriptions on how to do them09:28
smartboyhwzequence, OK:009:28
zequenceI was actually not aware of these bugs before09:28
zequencevery good they exist09:28
smartboyhwzequence, yeah sure:)09:28
zequencewe should form a simple routine on how to deal with them in our development cykle09:29
zequenceI'll add a page about it on our wiki under testing09:29
zequenceand then write a mail about it on the list09:29
zequenceknome: How do you deal with these test cases?09:31
knomezequence, in what sense?09:31
zequenceAh, sorry I just read what you wrote09:31
smartboyhwUm, we put it in packages.qa.ubuntu.com09:31
zequenceso, each application needs its own testcase09:31
smartboyhwzequence, yes.09:31
zequenceI think we should focus on the most important applications. It sometimes happens a package is missing a build dependency, and then a whole feature is not functional09:33
zequencethe people who write the tests need to know what to look for09:33
zequence..functionality wise for each application09:33
zequencesmartboyhw: Well, there you have it, thanks to knome's advice :)09:34
knomenp. and feel free to ask again (though i will be mostly gone before mon)09:35
zequenceknome: No one in Xubuntu team going to debconf?09:35
knomei don't think so09:36
smartboyhwzequence, go and learn a lot:009:36
smartboyhwShould be :) sorry:P09:36
smartboyhwzequence, the power of smartphones: http://smartboyhwubuntu.wordpress.com/2013/08/07/ubuntu-edge-target-too-high-but-a-phone-that-one-will-want/09:47
smartboyhwActually, phablets;P09:47
smartboyhwzequence, yeah09:52
smartboyhwzequence, I mean, the bottom part is the key of my blog post:p09:52
zequenceLooks like they will have trouble reaching their goal, but maybe they have a few aces in their pocket, who knows09:53
zequencejust got the mug from the post. opening the package now09:53
knomezequence, i was thinking maybe mark just pops in on the last day.09:54
zequenceknome: That was my thought as well :)09:55
zequencethose phones will need to be sold nevertheless, and I'm sure they will be09:55
knomewell if they have them09:56
ttoinezequence, I took some time to fix the mug and create a basic and cheap t-shirt. I added description to the products, too.09:56
zequencettoine: Just took a look at the mug09:56
zequencettoine: The CoF doesn't look round, more like an egg :P09:56
cubzequence, most important, how much coffee can the mug contain?09:56
ttoinezequence, this is the rendering. don't forget that the mug is not flat09:57
zequencenot really an egg, but not perfectly round09:57
ttoineoh, you mean the true mug ? you get it ?09:57
zequencettoine: Maybe we should make it wider. Perhaps it is common to do that for mugs?09:57
zequencettoine: Yes, I have the mug in my hand right now09:57
zequencelet me measure09:58
ttoineI think there may be a problem with the rendering of spreadshirt for non flat products like the mug09:58
cubI have a Starbucks mug and their logo look a bit egg-shaped too09:58
ttoinemaybe it is just a visual impression10:00
zequenceThe measurements are correct. About 6cm across in any direction, but, it looks just a little off to the eye10:00
ttoinebecause it is not flat10:00
ttoinezequence, is the printing good ?10:00
cubI just sketched the starbucks mug logo to a paper…and when flat it looks normal. :D10:01
knomere: rendering logos: i would probably just let it render a bit weird than trying to modify the original art; it's both really hard to get it absolutely right and it will look weird if somebody starts thinking about it10:01
cubit would also only look right when looked at the exact angle10:01
cubwhich you don't do that often10:01
zequencettoine: It's a little bit grey, but it looks good. The placement of the text is not perfect, it's a little tilted. Not something you think about without studying it in details10:02
zequenceIt looks a bit strange from any angle right now I think10:02
cubzequence, which mug did you buy?10:02
zequencecub: the one where both text and CoF are on the same side10:02
zequencethe other mug was created afterwards10:03
cubhow much was the delivery costs?10:03
zequencecub: About 40-50kr I think10:04
cubgreat. I'll put in an order later today for a couple of shirts and the other mug then.10:05
ttoinezequence, I finally found where to import vectorial graphism. But I will have to re export and redo the products. By the way, it means we may be able to make to nice embrodey10:09
cubhmm the prices just went up?10:11
cub€20.10 for the shirt now. :D10:11
ttoinecub, the prices didn't change at all10:12
cubwasn't' it €20 before?10:12
ttoinecub, I created a very cheap and basic shirt10:12
ttoinewas 20,1010:12
ttoineI change for ubuntustudio.spreadshirt.net10:17
ttoineinstead of .fr10:17
zequencettoine: Ah, yes. That makes it seem more international10:18
cubttoine, does that change where the items actually ship from?10:22
ttoinecub, i don't think so10:23
cubit would make quite a difference if it was shipped outside of the EU when buying from Sweden.10:23
ttoinecub, why ??10:30
cubit will land in customs and you get an extra customs fee plus additional taxes upon10:31
cubI never buy outside of the EU anymore because it makes deliveries take much longer and more expensive10:32
cub"(1) For customers ordering from EU states, the prices as given are the gross prices and include the statutory incidental taxes, in particular Value Added Tax." So it seems it's shipped from the EU, most likely Germany10:34
zequencettoine: This is the new version of the text logo http://www.ubuntustudio.mousike.me/wp-content/themes/ubuntustudio-wp-devel/img/us-logo.png11:00
zequencettoine: white, so you don't see it until you download11:00
zequencettoine: We will change all our sites to have that later11:00
zequencettoine: So, you could change it for the webshop as well already11:00
zequenceYou can see it in action here http://www.ubuntustudio.mousike.me/11:01
ttoinezequence, you must see with madeinkobaia to have a version on dark background. It is hard to use a white logo on white paper, for example11:59
zequencettoine: The background needs to be dark for that logo, or the color of the logo needs to be changed14:21
zequencettoine: The default is white color for the text. I don't see any reason for us to change that14:21
zequencettoine: How about design for the website? What can you do? html?14:22
ttoinezequence, just that sometime, we might use the logo on websites or other places/media where the background is white14:54
ttoineso we should have a version for this case14:55
ttoineit is just my experience about communication stuff14:55
TheDrums"<zeq|uence> GNUdru: We don't have our own DE, so it's not really up to us"   As far as I know, you have your own seed file, so you can run Xfce on xMir or X.org, just may not be in your favor to since you basically build atop Xubuntu.21:24
OvenWerksTheDrums: That was my thought too. With the user base we are serving X.org looks like the proper choice right now. (my opinion, not ubuntustudio's) Stability is prority one.23:12
OvenWerksMusic software is still moving fast enough (xfce too for that matter) to make it worth keeping non-LTS releases stable.23:13
OvenWerksStill it is nice to be able to deflect the question :)23:13
OvenWerksPersonally, not sure about zequence, I feel we need to be a little bit more conservative on this question.23:15
OvenWerksI think 14.10 might be a good time to look at MIR. That skips both xMIR and the first release of MIR.23:17
TheDrumsI'm with you as well, I'd prefer we stick with Xorg for this release and 14.04 as it's an LTS, then go with the testing platform since by then it'll be more mature, and generally right after a LTS is the time to do crazy stunts.23:18
OvenWerksIt also avoids any FUD problems. We are thankful for all the work Xubuntu is doing testing things.23:18
OvenWerksIf we go for MIR, I want it to already be a solid platform23:19
TheDrumsI quite agree.  I could spin up a XMir ubuntustudio image, but I personally wouldn't see the point.23:20
OvenWerksActually, we have the stuff now to install studio direct on an xubuntu mir iso :)23:20
OvenWerksOur menu and metas have an installer for other flavours.23:21
OvenWerksIts personal PPAs now, but waiting for micahg to upload.23:23
OvenWerksTheDrums: Speaking of which, what is the link to the xubuntu xMir ISO? I should try it out.23:26
OvenWerksThank you.23:27
OvenWerksI have a spare partition... I'll try it as is first and then drop in the lowlatency kernel23:28
OvenWerksthen our workflow apps23:28
TheDrumsThat ISO is based on the r898 packages.23:28
OvenWerksr898 doesn't have meaning to me.23:29
micahgOvenWerks: can you file a needs packaging bug for the -installer?23:38
micahgI'll poke someone to review tonight, it looks good from my end23:38
OvenWerksmicahg: ok.anyone I should address it to?23:39
micahgfeel free to subscribe me23:39
OvenWerksWill do.23:40
OvenWerksmicahg: which one of your addresses should I drop it on?23:46
OvenWerksnever mind bug #1209414 23:47
ubottubug 1209414 in Ubuntu Studio "ubuntustudio-installer needs packaging" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120941423:47
OvenWerksI sent it to the one that has micahg 23:47

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