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ivi_im new in ubuntu studio14:33
ivi_I have a little question14:33
smartboyhwivi_, hello14:33
cubWe all were at some point.14:33
ivi_I used VST's on windows14:33
cubaudio plugins14:34
ivi_I can use it in linux?14:34
cubYes, but it requires some fiddling.14:34
cubwhat DAW are you using?14:35
ivi_I have too a Midi controller, a keyboard, and I use it with FL Studio in my desktop PC14:35
ivi_on linux, ardour14:35
ivi_on windows Reaper14:35
ivi_or Ableton, because my amp includes a license of ableton live 814:36
cubyou could keep running Reaper through Wine, some do. But Ardour is really nice.14:36
ivi_on my laptop14:37
ivi_I hate windows14:37
ivi_I like learn things about linux14:37
cub"It requires a special build of Ardour that is fundamentally very different from normal builds."14:37
ivi_it will support plugins likes amplitube?14:37
cub"The dependence on Wine makes it almost impossible for the Ardour project to support this feature. " so it not really recommended.14:38
cubAre there certain VST you want to use? Have you looked around in Ardour to see what's available through LADSPA and/or LV2?14:39
ivi_I will use guitar amp simulator14:39
cubyou might find similar plugins there.14:39
cubYou could take a look at Guitarix14:40
ivi_I dont understand JACK xDD14:41
cubAh. :) It's quite fundamental to get audio working properly for recording.14:41
ivi_in linux, I can play without latency?14:42
ivi_on windows I use ASIO4All14:42
cubwhich sound card do you have?14:43
ivi_the card of my laptop14:43
ivi_I have a Behringer guitar link14:43
cubThe Help wiki have some good documentation that will get you up and running on JACK14:45
ivi_the ardour wiki, the ubuntustudio wiki or the jack wiki?14:45
cubhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio :)14:45
cubwhich also contains the pro audio intro link I just posted14:46
ivi_ah ok14:46
cubIt will require some reading and testing but once you get it you'll be happy.14:47
cubAlso check http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1457334 which is about the Behringer guitar link14:47
ivi_is not verry difficult14:47
ivi_I will use Guitar Pro too14:48
ivi_the version I ude (5.2)14:48
ivi_is only for windows14:48
ivi_I use wine, true?14:48
ivi_on wine14:49
cubor find a similar native linux application14:49
ivi_i don't like the sounds14:49
ivi_Can I change it?14:50
ivi_the DirectX sounds midi aren't bad14:50
cubOh, I have no experience with that14:50
ivi_hi again15:10
ivi_sorry for disconnect15:10
ivi_the last question15:10
ivi_alternatives to FlStudio?15:10
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