pajamieezHey guys!00:25
pajamieezAnyone home?00:25
pajamieezI was wondering if anyone could help me out with a wireless issue?00:26
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.00:30
Poisoned_Dragon"Does anyone really know what time it is?" - Chicago00:33
Poisoned_DragonJust throwing it out there00:33
pajamieezDoes anyone have experience getting a latitude d600 wireless nic card to be recognized by xubuntu?00:52
pajamieezI'm having trouble getting it recognized00:52
pajamieezby the operating system ><00:52
Poisoned_Dragondo you know the wifi chip of the card?00:53
Poisoned_Dragonwouldn't surprised me if it was broadcom but, let's find out first.00:53
pajamieezon the card itself it says its BCM94309MP00:53
Poisoned_Dragonare you on the laptop, and the card is installed?00:54
pajamieezYeah I'm on the laptop right now00:54
pajamieezI did an apt-get for firmware-b4300:55
pajamieezit went through but it's not showing up in wiconfig00:55
Poisoned_Dragonin terminal type lspci | grep Ethernet00:55
Poisoned_Dragonpaste me the results in paste.ubuntu.com00:55
Poisoned_Dragonis that the firmware-b43-installer?00:56
Poisoned_Dragondid you modeprobe in term after install?00:56
Poisoned_Dragonmodprobe b43?00:56
Poisoned_DragonI think that's right00:56
pajamieezhmm I don't think so00:56
pajamieezlet me try00:57
pajamieezI don't think anything's happening00:57
pajamieezno results are popping up00:57
Poisoned_Dragonoh, don't forget to sudo00:58
Poisoned_Dragonsudo modprobe b4300:58
pajamieezi did00:58
pajamieezit's just sitting there00:58
Poisoned_Dragondid you check the network mamanger?00:58
pajamieezit shows my wired network00:59
Poisoned_DragonOh, you naver pasted me the output for lspci00:59
pajamieezbut not wireless00:59
pajamieezpajamieez@Scrivner:/etc/modprobe.d$ lspci | grep Ethernet00:59
pajamieez02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5705M Gigabit Ethernet (rev 01)00:59
pajamieezthat's it00:59
Poisoned_Dragonoh, your wifi doesn't even show up01:00
Poisoned_Dragontry: lspci | grep Broadcom01:01
pajamieezhow do I make the modprobe stop again?01:01
Poisoned_Dragonif it doesn't show up then, the system isn't even seeing it.01:01
Poisoned_Dragonit stops on it's own01:01
Poisoned_Dragonif you want to unload it, it's modprobe -r b4301:01
pajamieezpajamieez@Scrivner:~$ lspci | grep Broadcom01:02
pajamieez02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5705M Gigabit Ethernet (rev 01)01:02
pajamieez02:03.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4306 802.11a/b/g (rev 03)01:02
Poisoned_DragonThere it is01:02
pajamieezThat's gotta be good01:02
Poisoned_Dragonas a hail mary, I would restart, just to see if it tries to connect to something at login.01:02
Poisoned_DragonThen we can investigate further01:03
pajamieezit hangs when I modprob though01:03
pajamieezis that good?01:03
Poisoned_Dragonhangs how?01:03
pajamieezlike I can't enter another command01:03
Poisoned_Dragonoh, weird01:04
Poisoned_Dragondid you ctrl+c it?01:04
pajamieezand I have to close the terminal window and open a new one01:04
Poisoned_DragonI would restart.01:04
pajamieezokay brb01:04
Poisoned_Dragonif the system doesn't load it, at that point, we'll look into it harder01:04
pajamieezI have returned01:07
pajamieeznada -_-01:07
Poisoned_Dragonmight have found something. In the software manager, can you find firmware-b43legacy-installer01:08
Poisoned_DragonIf it's a thing, uninstall the firmware-b43-installer and try the legacy driver.01:08
pajamieezis that the same as software center?01:10
Poisoned_Dragonsorry. so many distros, so many names. :)01:10
pajamieezI know01:11
pajamieezI don't see it under installed01:12
pajamieezshould I look through "All Software"01:12
Poisoned_Dragonoh, it wouldn't be under installed :01:12
Poisoned_DragonI want you to see if it's a thin. Do all software01:12
pajamieezwell it shows up in history01:12
pajamieezits a thing01:13
Poisoned_Dragonyay, install b43legacy-installer and try that.01:14
Poisoned_Dragonit's referenced here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/44659/how-do-you-get-the-broadcom-bcm4306-wireless-card-working01:14
pajamieezwow, had I known this was a thing01:14
pajamieeznot showing up in the network manager01:15
Poisoned_Dragonbroadcom is a funny chip maker. There are so many ways to get their stuff working.01:15
Poisoned_Dragonyou installed it already?01:15
pajamieezyeah it finished01:15
Poisoned_Dragongeez, that ethernet is hot.01:15
Poisoned_Dragondat ethernet. :)01:15
Poisoned_DragonI wonder if you can modprobe b43legacy. Otherwise, reboot again01:15
pajamieezSo according to all software so far I have firmware for b43legacy driver and installer for firmware for the b43 driver01:16
pajamieezthere's one more "Installer package for firmware for the b43 driver (LP-PHY version)01:16
pajamieezI could control with driver get loaded with modprobe right?01:16
Poisoned_DragonI think LP-PHY is for a specific model. Your's doesn't meet that criteria01:17
pajamieezI see01:17
pajamieezso try to modprobe it?01:17
Poisoned_Dragonit's like 4312 or 431301:17
Poisoned_Dragonyeah. or reboot01:17
pajamieezi'll reboot01:18
Poisoned_Dragondoes it even show up in the network applet?01:25
pajamieezIt doesn't even have wireless option01:26
pajamieezor an option to enable it01:26
JudgeJoeBrownpajamieez, Is this install on a laptop?01:26
pajamieezWhoa, JudgeJoeBrown01:26
pajamieezyour honor01:27
JudgeJoeBrownpajamieez, my laptop has a option of disable in bios. Make sure it is enabled.01:27
pajamieezyeah I double checked that01:27
Poisoned_DragonYou "may" have to install the sta drivers.01:28
pajamieezwhen I first installed01:28
pajamieezI was notified to do so01:28
pajamieezso I did01:28
pajamieezI hit enable01:28
JudgeJoeBrownI hve a Dell Inispiron and if I hit the wifi off switch on the outside it won01:28
Poisoned_DragonSo, the STA has been installed the whole time?01:29
pajamieezI think so, the thing is, when I hit enable, the screen hit black and a bunch of lines came up01:29
pajamieezthen it hung01:29
pajamieezso I restarted01:29
pajamieezthen it didn't show up in the additional devices window01:30
Poisoned_Dragonhmm... may have to see if it's still there and remove it.01:30
pajamieezI have a FN+F2 option for switching it on and off01:30
JudgeJoeBrownit will not come back on in Linux, I have to go ito bios, switchit off then switch it back on(within bios) the physical switch won't toggle,just off01:30
JudgeJoeBrownwhy, I don't know.01:31
pajamieezI'll switch it off and on through the bios01:31
pajamieezwell I'll switch if off01:31
pajamieezthen switch it back on01:31
Poisoned_Dragonstill might have to see if STA is installed.01:31
Poisoned_Dragonin fact, according to the description, STA isn't even for the bcm430601:32
pajamieezbut no cigar01:35
pajamieezjust shows wired connection 101:35
pajamieezI think I'm just gonna reinstall again ><01:36
Poisoned_Dragon:( you might have to. And just don't install the sta drivers.01:36
Poisoned_Dragonthey're not even meant for the bcm430601:36
pajamieezcan't I just remove them?01:36
Poisoned_Dragonif you can find them in the software manager01:37
Poisoned_DragonSince they don't show up in the additional drivers anymore.01:37
JudgeJoeBrownpajamieez, I wired mine and Installed the broadcom drivers ,had both working before I switched eth0 off and removed the wire01:38
pajamieezI did that, but I never made it past taking the wire off01:39
pajamieezI can't find it in software01:40
JudgeJoeBrownI found my driver by just typing broadcom in search01:41
pajamieezreinstall -_-01:43
pajamieezThanks for all the help guys, I'll dodge the STA drivers at start up next time and see if that works01:44
Poisoned_Dragonsorry, pajamieez01:44
Poisoned_Dragonwas hoping to avoid that01:44
pajamieezme too01:44
pajamieezmy linux isn't good enough to avoid it yet.01:44
SunStarhave him message me if he gets back. i've gotten pretty good with that POS b43xx chipset02:10
Poisoned_Dragonwill do02:11
Poisoned_DragonBCMs are evil02:12
JudgeJoeBrowntwo of the big troubles with Linux install 1.) no default install of wifi or ethernet drivers. 2.) no easy command line repair of a failed video driver.02:48
holsteinJudgeJoeBrown: consider getting hardware with linux support02:48
holsteinJudgeJoeBrown: intel hardware is typically "out of the box" fuctional02:49
JudgeJoeBrownholstein, yep always look before you leap02:49
holsteinJudgeJoeBrown: im just saying, with most all my linux installs, i have wifi/ethernet and graphics out of the box02:50
JudgeJoeBrownholstein, its getting better. Some day it will work on Linux first02:50
Poisoned_DragonSome day....02:51
Poisoned_DragonUntil then, we do our best with what we have, and pass the info along.02:51
JudgeJoeBrownI fondly remember WinModems....02:56
Poisoned_Dragonoh gosh02:57
Poisoned_Dragondon't remind me02:57
Poisoned_Dragondumbest idea ever, just for an easy buck.02:57
JudgeJoeBrownnow I have broadband. DSL and now cable broadband02:57
JudgeJoeBrownI would say xubuntu is an easy install for the most part03:21
lgcHi, I installed 12.04 on a Gateway laptop and more often than not, while watching videos on VLC, it overheats and turns off. What gives?03:41
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num7hi i have no sound on my xubuntu. If i search in my system-settings there are no sound setting or audio. At the top right corner of the panel is also no sound symbol. Do i have to install a missing package?06:55
TheSheepnum7: does your computer have a sound card?07:09
num7TheSheep, i have a laptop i dont think so07:10
elfynum7: and what version of xubuntu have you installed?07:10
TheSheepif your hardware doesn't support sound, then no software will fix that07:10
num7TheSheep, i had sound on this pc with ubuntu, so i guess i have a sound card07:11
TheSheepnum7: can you check what kind? the 'lspci' command in terminal should list it07:12
TheSheepnum7: if it doesn't, then try lshw07:13
num7TheSheep, Audio device: Intel Corporation 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 04)07:13
TheSheephmm, seems to be supported07:14
num7elfy, i think 13.0407:15
elfynum7: ok - just checking you weren't using 13.10 - indicator-sound is broken in that, you could check you have the indicator plugin on the panel and indicator-sound is installed07:16
elfyyou could use pavucontrol as well if necessary07:16
num7elfy, so i just try sudo apt-get install indicator-sound?07:17
elfythat would tell you :)07:18
elfyI'd right click panel - panel - prefs - items and make sure indicator-plugin is there as well07:19
num7there is Indicator plugin but in brackets (external)07:21
num7sorry i have to go i will come back i have internet again07:22
xubuntu906Hi, hola09:15
xubuntu906help me please09:15
xubuntu906unable to launch startxfce4 x session startxfce4 not found !!09:18
xubuntu906Can you help me, please?09:20
xubuntu906unable to launch startxfce4 x session startxfce4 not found falling back to default session09:20
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/09:22
xubuntu906ok, sorry09:22
koegswhat are you trying to do anywhay?09:22
Sysido you have package xfce4 installed?09:23
kingnick42erase xfce?09:24
xubuntu906yes, I was erase apps09:24
sirstoniuswhat apps did you uninstall and how were you uninstalling them? via ubuntu software center?09:30
MilcaJust a little concern before testing, would it be a bad idea to install a second window manager to test it ?09:31
Milcalike i3 ?09:31
Sysixubuntu906: if you have trouble with english, try LoCo-channel like #ubuntu-es09:32
xubuntu906!!, well, yes, I am going to reinstall09:32
ubottuxubuntu906: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:32
xubuntu906theank you09:32
SysiMilca: shouldn't break anything and you can always switch back to xfwm409:32
MilcaI'll take a try09:33
xubuntu906no problems09:33
xubuntu906bye, thanks09:34
sirstoniushow do i go about disabling my touchpad while typing? keeps messing me up and scrolling when typing09:42
TheSheepsirstonius: there is a daemon for that09:46
Sysisirstonius: run »synclient -l | grep PalmD« is last character zero?09:46
TheSheepsirstonius: palm detection is something else09:46
sirstoniusclickpad is 009:46
SysiTheSheep: well, it's one way to do it, but if there's better, go ahead09:47
sirstoniusbut yeah palmdetect was 009:48
sirstoniusall i know is this is driving me nuts...09:49
sirstoniusi should be able to double tap the upper left corner of my laptop to lock it09:53
sirstoniuswould this be the LTCornerButton param?09:53
sirstoniusBtw. found a super easy solution in the settings manager to disable touchpad while typing :)10:09
knomeMilca, please do not shout10:10
sirstoniusMilca, to disable touchpad while typing.10:11
Milcaoups sorry caps lock fail11:18
Milcasistronius, how did you manage it ?11:19
Sysithere's an option in settings manager (in new enough xubuntu version)11:28
Milcaho ok I didn't see it, Ill check that thanks11:44
bgardnerNotSoGood: Hello13:18
NotSoGoodIm having trouble with lightdm13:18
NotSoGoodi cant log in to my primary user13:18
NotSoGoodWell i can in console terminal13:19
bgardnerNotSoGood: More details, please - any messages you receive, behavior, etc.13:19
NotSoGoodbut when i log in through the dm.... it breefly shows me a dark screen then the login screen pops back up13:19
NotSoGoodi can log in just fine with other usernames13:20
NotSoGoodso is it my xfce conf is nuts13:20
NotSoGoodor my personal xinit stuff is nuts13:20
NotSoGoodnot that ive messes with either13:20
NotSoGoodjust shut down as usual last night and its like this when i start up now13:21
bgardnerNotSoGood: Log into a terminal and paste.ubuntu.com the output of:  tail -n 50 .xsession-errors13:22
NotSoGoodfile is empty13:23
SysiNotSoGood: remove ~/.ICEauthority from terminal13:24
NotSoGoodnot helping13:25
bgardnerNotSoGood: Have you tried logging in with other session types besides Xubuntu yet, just as a diagnostic?13:29
NotSoGoodXubuntu ans Xfce is all i got and i tried both13:30
NotSoGoodi imagine it may be a corupt xfce config13:30
NotSoGoodbut where they hide those these days_13:30
NotSoGoodAlso i had an external monitor attached when it failed13:32
NotSoGoodi mean when i shut down last nigh13:32
NotSoGoodmaybe its some user spesific monitor setting thats nuts13:33
Sysisettings are stored in ~/.config/xfce4/13:34
NotSoGoodso i tried to delete the xfce confing info13:34
NotSoGoodand that did nothing13:34
NotSoGoodSo where would user specific  monitor setting be hiding13:34
bgardnerNotSoGood: Grasping at straws a bit here, but please show us this:  dir ~ -rAt | tail -n 3013:35
NotSoGoodah never mind13:39
bgardnerNotSoGood: What did you find?13:40
NotSoGoodthat line did not directly help but indirectly i noticed some permissions being off on the Xautority stuff13:40
bgardnerNotSoGood: That was my hope - glad it helped you.13:41
NotSoGoodthank you13:42
theghostHi, I have a problem with Xubuntu 13.04 and 13.10. I use lightdm with autologin and want my gnome-keyring unlocked but it does not work. Gnome compab is activated. It's working perfectly if I logout and re-login but not with autologin. Where's the trick ?13:42
NotSoGoodAny suggestion on how to make remote X  terminals preform better?13:43
Sysiwhat remote protocol you are using?13:44
NotSoGoodjust straight up X for now13:45
ochositheghost: with autologin activated the keyring can generally only be deactivated by setting an empty keyring password (which results in unencrypted storage e.g. of your wlan-passwords)13:45
Sysiyou could try vnc or x2go13:45
ochositheghost: and with "deactivated" i meant "unlocked" :)13:45
NotSoGoodwhich work ok for text editors and other mundane stuff but rather jittery for browsing modern websites13:45
bgardnerNotSoGood: See also: http://www.vigor.nu/dxpc/ (although I don't have any experience with it)13:46
NotSoGoodIm intending to run 10-20 x terminals13:47
theghostsecurity does not matter in this case, i use luks. i will try empty password in seahorse. thx13:47
NotSoGoodSo it need to be something where its just one port that accept login for multiple concurent individual sessions13:48
NotSoGoodNot some VNC where you have to set up each individual server/display on a separate port13:48
Sysissh x-forwarding should be pretty good if you have fast enough lan, nx which x2go is based on is pretty popular too13:51
NotSoGood1gb card in the server and 100mb clients conected to gb switch13:52
NotSoGoodbut its really low power Allwinner A13 based clients13:53
Sysihave you thought about setting up LTSP?13:53
NotSoGoodprobably not a bad idea13:53
Sysiit's literally made for that kind of stuff13:54
NotSoGoodive seen some pretty high performing X terminals13:55
NotSoGoodSo i know what i want to achieve is possible13:56
theghostOk, tried setting a blank password, but it did not work. gnome-keyring is still locked after autologin13:59
theghostAnyone has an idea how I get gnome-keyring unlocked using lightdm with autologin. Keyring-Password is already blank and Gnome-Compability mode is activated. Is the keyring not started properly ?14:04
peyamHow do I install a xfce theme?14:49
peyamlike this14:49
Sysidownload, extract and move folder containing "xfwm4" folder to hidden folder .themes in your home directory14:51
Sysiyou might need to create .themes14:51
peyamIve done it14:52
peyambut where do I set it as default14:52
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xubuntu359what osd does xubuntu use for it's volume up and down when using hotkeys on a keyboard?17:47
ochosixubuntu359: xfce4-notifyd17:50
xubuntu359ochosi: thanks I got that one, but what else calls the display to show up. I've looked at xfce4-volumed but it is different to my brightness osd17:50
ochosixubuntu359: the brightness osd is currently hardcoded in xfce4-powermanager (that'll be different in the next release)17:51
xubuntu359ochosi: is there a way to invoke the brightness osd to show up with different key combinations?17:52
xubuntu359basically my fn key is fried, so i cannot use the brightness fn up and down17:52
ochosiyou can try to remap your fn key to a different key or key-combination with XModMap (maybe)17:53
xubuntu359volume osd even17:53
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peyamHow do I install this theme19:50
w30peyam, that's a lot of work. Instructions on the url say install the stuff on links at the bottom. Four links20:01
w30peyam, just off hand it looks like you need Gtk, Emerald, and compiz20:02
peyamthen I don want it20:04
w30peyam, I have no idea if you can find a emerald .deb you can install. Probably you will have to compile it. My last attempt at compiling Emerald failed20:05
w30peyam, just keep looking for something similar color wise w/o the extra 's20:10
Sysiyou'll soon figure out almost all themes are for other version of something or just broken20:12
peyamI found something better20:13
w30or the thems won't be consistent for all apps.20:14
Sysithat goes for broken20:14
Sysimoebuntu versions are pretty sweet, though they'd need pink faenza or something20:17
mario_Hi there, is there an applet for system tray for removable devices?20:19
peyammario_, I dont think so20:25
Andre_designermaybe someone can help me. i want to switch over to ubuntu but the breakpoint is the browsertesting. firefox in ubuntu looks different (different font(size) and bolder) and i don't actually not quit good how to do to test different IE-versions read/try/hear to install different IE-virtual machines in virtualbox but they are big and you must what read activate each 30 days. Do somebody how to handle this?? with different broswers. an21:37
gregor3005hi, i have installed xubuntu and configured the network from the gui but it didn not starts up. when i run "sudo dhcpclient eth0" in the shell i get a internet connection21:56
SysiAndre_designer: there's http://browsershots.org/ but if you want to test locally, for windows you of course need windows licence, for firefox you might need to install microsoft fonts and edit font settings21:59
ArthurZeyI've got what I hope is a quick question. I booted the installation ISO in a VirtualBox VM in order to install it on the virtual hard drive, and after it gives me an indication that I have enough hard drive space etc. and asked me whether I wanted to download updates from the internet and include third-part applications, it dumps me into a login screen. This seems wrong to me, but are there credentials I can use?23:00
pmjdebru1jnArthurZey: sounds like teh installer crashed23:22
pmjdebru1jnbut that's just a quick guess23:22
ArthurZeyI tried twice...23:24
ArthurZeyFrom a cold reboot of the VM23:24
pmjdebru1jnmight just be VirtualBox23:29
pmjdebru1jnworks fine on a real system here23:29
pmjdebru1jnat least IIRC23:29
ArthurZeyhmm. Okay. I just used default settings. I haven't had a problem installing Ubuntu 13.04 in VirtualBox, or even (gasp) Windows 7.23:42
ArthurZeyHas anybody else tried this? Are there default credentials that I might try anyway?23:42
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