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quicksilveris there any way to add a file in two branches (same file) so they won't conflict when merged?15:44
jelmerquicksilver: they'll probably still conflict, but not in the annoying way where ever subsequent merge will cause file id conflicts.15:47
* quicksilver nods15:51
quicksilverwell I normally end up deleting one copy15:52
quicksilverso there is only one left15:52
quicksilverjelmer: seems it doesn't conflict if you merge immediately15:54
quicksilverwhich I have now done.15:54
quicksilvermerge "the other way" if you follow15:54
ggherdovhi all. Is bzr still under active development?22:11
jelmerggherdov: 2.6.0 was released a couple of days ago23:17
Luke-Jrjelmer: do you plan to fix bzr-svn?23:40
jelmerLuke-Jr: fix what specifically?23:40
jelmerlinking against libsvn > 1.7 ?23:40
Luke-Jrpretty much every distro is removing it completely because it no longer works with current software23:41
jelmerI might - most of the work is actually in subvertpy, which I still maintain23:43
Luke-Jrhrm, seems my bzr still breaks even after I remove bzr-svn :|23:45
jelmerLuke-Jr: with what error?23:45
Luke-JrImportError: cannot import name CommittedQueue23:45
jelmerLuke-Jr: looks like you still have bzr-svn installed in that case. does "bzr plugins" still list it?23:45
jelmersounds like it's still installed then. "bzr plugins -v" will tell you where23:46
Luke-Jrlooks like the .pyos remain23:46
Luke-Jroh well, bzr-svn was basically all I used bzr for anymore anyway :x23:47
jelmerI'm not planning to do more work on bzr-svn itself23:52

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