hatchok well past EOD00:08
hatchcya in the am00:08
hatchfriggen CI failures00:52
rick_hvaluechange sucks for CI00:53
hatchwell IE passed but now FF is failing on two different tests00:53
hatchwell ok not two totally different00:53
hatchbut different none the less00:54
hatchsome which shouldn't have even been changed...00:54
hatchlike the textarea autosize plugin??00:54
rick_htiming sensitive based since it's based on valuechange00:55
rick_hremember when we were tinkering with the 50ms poll time?00:55
hatchremember when I jsut deleted the tests from VC history like they never existed....00:56
hatchoh I wish00:56
hatchbzr branch trunk friggen-damn-ci-failures00:58
hatchumm what01:02
hatchTypeError: can't convert undefined to object01:02
hatchbcsaller: still around?01:13
bcsallerhatch: yes01:13
hatchso in inspector.js you had created a wrapper for handlers.push called watch01:13
hatchyeah....firefox didn't like that...01:13
hatchlol wth01:13
bcsallerhatch: is watch a reserved word in 'future js'?01:15
hatchI'll try and create a repro01:16
bcsallerI guess that is the type of thing CI should catch, but why would we expect that to fail01:16
hatchsee if it's something else in our code01:16
hatchor FF just being wako01:16
bcsallerthat was just an alias IIRC, I guess just call the push directly when its used01:17
hatchyup that's what I did01:17
hatchyeah it was just an alias01:18
hatchprobably to save chars01:18
hatchbcsaller: http://jsbin.com/ipehec/1/edit01:19
hatchupdating FF to see if it fixes it01:20
hatchnope 23 does the same01:21
bcsallerhandlers.push is fine01:23
bcsallernot sure that even works in chrome01:23
bcsallerhatch: ^01:24
hatchwhatabout it?01:24
bcsallerits empty in the jsbin01:25
hatchshows you the prototype01:25
hatchyou can't alias any protoype methods on an array in FF01:26
bcsallernot working in chrome for me either, I think it was failing silently 01:28
hatchodly enough it works just fine with objects01:28
hatchignore the comments01:29
hatchi just forgot to remove them01:29
bcsallerthe sad part is I didn't really need the alias 01:30
hatchhaha right01:30
hatchthat's some interesting stuffs01:30
bcsallerhandlers.push it is01:30
hatchI've already got it fixed and proposing01:31
hatchwana give it a review once it's done so I can get it in tonight? :)01:32
hatchprobably be a few minutes before lbox is done01:33
hatchbcsaller: https://codereview.appspot.com/1264004301:36
bcsallerhatch: LGTM, thanks01:37
hatchgreat thanks01:38
hatchCI back to normal....awww yeahh03:14
hatchhuwshimi: you around?04:08
huwshimihatch: Yeah, I was, sorry I missed your message. Guessing you're gone now?05:23
gary_posterhey frankban. :-) good news: we do not need to support pyjuju for bundles.08:37
teknicogary_poster: good news indeed :-)08:40
gary_posterteknico, :-) .  Also, mramm expects that we can stop supporting pyjuju at 13.1008:41
gary_posterbut that's not official yet08:41
teknicomourning its untimely demise already ;-)08:42
frankbangary_poster: great! so, IIUC, we don't need to add a pyAPIenv to the deployer, correct?08:46
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adeuringabentley: could you please have a look here: https://code.launchpad.net/~adeuring/charmworld/1204899-report-json-value-error/+merge/179181 ?13:28
abentleyadeuring: sure.13:30
abentleyadeuring: Are you planning to update the staging revno so that you can QA your previous branch?13:31
adeuringabentley: can you helpme to set up the juju environment?13:32
abentleyadeuring: Okay, how can I help?13:33
adeuringabentley: for a start: what do I need to put into environments.yaml?13:34
abentleyadeuring: You should have a mail from me called "Accessing staging".  That has the environments.yaml that you need.13:34
adeuringabentley: ah, thanks, need to look again...13:34
hatchjujugui looking for 2 more reviews/qa's on this branch https://codereview.appspot.com/12627043/13:37
benjihatch: looking13:37
hatchit'll need a deep qa13:38
hatchin fact I'll merge trunk into it again13:38
hatchproposing with the newest trunk merged in now13:39
abentleyadeuring: Is it possible for start_date or end_date to be bogus?  If so, what happens?13:40
adeuringabentley: that should be set by our code. The worst I can imagine is that the end date is in the past..13:41
abentleyadeuring: What if the start date is after all the subsequent dates?13:41
adeuringabentley: without looking too close, I'd say that we get an empty report. but let me check...13:42
hatchbenji: updated13:42
adeuringabentley: yes, we get an empty report. Basically, it boils down to a call of range(-3) or similar to generate the "buckets"13:44
abentleyadeuring: However, IIUC, the start_date and end_date is typically not supplied, so we should get a range of 2011/05/1 to now.13:46
adeuringabentley: right, and that looks reasonable13:46
abentleyadeuring: I thought it might come from user-supplied data, in which case we'd need another bug report.13:47
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benjihatch: the code changes look fine, doing QA now13:49
abentleyadeuring: r=me.13:51
adeuringabentley: thanks13:51
=== schwuk_away is now known as schwuk
rick_hjujugui review time. qa instructions are included. https://codereview.appspot.com/1262104313:56
rick_hhatch: I'll peek. 13:57
hatchI'd really like to get it landed asap13:57
hatchso we can start working with the new yui finally13:58
rick_hugh, I get nervous when shrinkwrap updates things13:58
hatchrick_h: you can thank module authors for not locking down their dependencies for that :/13:59
gary_posterjujugui, we can stop supporting pyjuju as soon as we stop testing it in CI :-)14:01
hatchfor reals?14:01
frankbangary_poster: let's fix CI! ;-)14:01
hatchoh c'mon I just got it working again last night14:02
gary_posterhatch, for IE 10 drag target bug, sinzui suggested making the "drag a charm here" thing in the middle disappear when you start a drag14:02
gary_posterI like that14:02
hatchgary_poster: yeah - I was also going to look into why it's not a drop target14:02
hatchalso, are you ok with the odd drag proxy?14:02
hatchit may not be supported in IE10 like in chrome14:03
frankbanbcsaller: ServiceUpdate is in juju-core trunk14:03
gary_posterhatch, yes14:08
gary_posterfrankban, did you see me (try to) tell you that you don't need to support pyjuju in deployer at all?14:09
frankbangary_poster: yes, a good news14:09
gary_postercool frankban 14:09
rick_hhatch: the confirm button in the service inspector (after editing a config setting) isn't working? known issue?14:09
rick_hhatch: also saw the expose button one, but you said that was expected. 14:10
hatchrick_h: yeah I think it was introduced by huws branch14:10
hatchI made a comment in his review but he must have left it14:10
rick_hhatch: hmm, yea neither cancel/confirm work14:10
rick_hhatch: ok, but sounds like we don't have a card/anyone on it then? Should I add a card to inspector?14:11
hatchrick_h: I'll create a ticket and a card14:12
rick_hhatch: cool thanks14:12
hatchqaing your branch now14:13
rick_hhatch: thanks14:13
hatchrick_h: I see the options requests are still slow :)14:18
adeuringabentley: I'm getting the error "exceptions.ValueError: Missing config 'username', 'password', 'project-name' required for userpass auth14:21
rick_hhatch: yes, bug is still out on that14:21
abentleyadeuring: It sounds like you might not have sourced the openstack config-- the novarc in the credentials I gave you.14:22
adeuringabentley: maybe. When did you send it?14:24
benjihatch: sorry, unity crash caused me to delay my QA a bit; still looking14:25
* hatch thinks benji needs new hardwares14:25
rick_hsays the man that needs new hardwares...14:26
abentleyadeuring: I believe I gave you the openstack credentials on a USB stick at the Oakland sprint, but I can mail them to you now.14:26
hatchrick_h: hey mine doesn't crash :D14:26
hatchit's just slow lol14:26
adeuringabentley: OK, THANKS14:26
benjiunfortunately I think my issues (computer-wise at least) are all software-induced14:28
abentleyadeuring: Please associate GPG keys with your canonical acccount.14:28
frankbangary_poster: IIRC, we try to avoid installing packages from pypi in the charm, correct?14:31
gary_posterfrankban, y14:32
frankbangary_poster: ok thanks14:32
hatchyui 3.11 being merged in to trunk14:35
hatchjujugui ^14:35
adeuringabentley: ? There is a key associated with my LP account. What do you mean?14:35
benjiis that Canadian for "hold onto your butts"?14:35
hatchgary_poster: on the IE DD task now14:37
gary_posterhatch, cool thx14:37
hatchgary_poster: also curtis's branch is hanging out in maintenance review - could you ask him next time you see him what's up with it?14:38
rick_hhatch: where's "above the click handlers" that you wanted a comment? 14:38
abentleyadeuring: Not your lp account.  Your canonical email account, abel.deuring@canonical.com.  It needs to be listed on your GPG key so that programs can pick that key automatically when sending mail to that account.  Right now, only your gmx.net and satzbau-gmbh.de accounts are listed.14:39
hatchrick_h: well I'm assuming the a's had another click handler on them else where would they link to?14:39
rick_hhatch: well, it's in the Y.Views and such. 14:39
hatchohh right pjax garbage14:39
adeuringabentley: ah, right, I'll do it14:39
rick_hhatch: and this is only overriding this in the context of the widgets in the autocomplete results14:39
rick_hhatch: huh? pjax garbage? no, it's Views listening to events from widgets 14:40
gary_posterhatch, benji said he approved it if he added a test for the nagios external master script.  Neither he nor anyone in webops knows how to write that test.14:40
hatchoh haha ok, what should we do with the card? :)14:41
* benji looks at it.14:41
hatchrick_h: so there is a view which is navigating on clicking those a's?14:41
rick_hhatch: the charm-token widget is used EVERYWHERE so some places watch for that click to open the charm details/etc14:41
rick_hhatch: in this view, clicking on the charm triggers teh autocomplete selection event and we don't want to do anything else with it14:42
rick_hhatch: the tokens render with a <a> and a link in there. We just have to kill that for autocomplete to work. 14:43
hatchok I gota pop this open again14:43
hatchone sec14:43
benjigary_poster/hatch: they either misunderstood my request or have suffered a collective brain aneurysm.  The test is not of the script but of the endpoint the script gets as a liveness test. I.e., it would asssure that the URL the script hits stays there and continues to contain the text that the script expects.14:43
gary_posterbenji, cool thanks, sinzui says he can do that!14:44
hatchrick_h: ohh now I see, it has a path in the href14:44
rick_hhatch: right14:44
rick_hhatch: so we're killing that, that's all14:44
hatchcould that be removed in favour of the charmid ?14:44
hatch(not in this branch)14:45
Makyojujugui emergency vet trip in a few, but will bring laptop.  Still aiming to land the go-sandbox-deltas branch today14:45
hatchuh oh! Hope puppy is ok14:45
rick_hhatch: then we get into special casing, adding css for acting like a hover/clickable, etc14:45
BradCrittendenMakyo: good luck14:45
=== BradCrittenden is now known as bac
MakyoConjunctivitis, nothing too bad, but sure is gross :P14:45
rick_hhatch: I don't think killing link clicks in a specific case is bad. 14:45
hatchno but it's impossible to find out where it's being blocked if you want it to14:46
hatchthat's what my comment was about14:46
rick_hbut we don't want to. How in the world would an autocomplete option have an <a> you want to follow?14:46
rick_hI'm missing how this causes any grief for later on trying to figure out "why is my click blocked"?14:47
sinzuibenji, gunoy deployed your changes. Do they looks good?14:47
benjisinzui: cool!  looking14:48
benjiCache-Control: max-age=0, public, must-revalidate14:48
benjigary_poster: ^14:48
hatchwe probably wouldn't want to follow an a in an autocomplete (at least in this case)14:49
rick_hhatch: I've updated the comment to call out the <a> part to help14:49
hatchbut prevented events in the middle of a script aren't clear when you're stepping through the code trying to find out wth is going on14:49
rick_hhatch: but I want to keep the same css, :hover, dom structure as other charm tokens and would prefer to not tweak the template on it. 14:49
rick_hhatch: understand. 14:50
hatchso that's why I was commenting about putting a note on the real listener14:50
hatchbut those don't exist14:50
rick_hand been there done that14:50
rick_hhatch: trust me, it took me a bit yesterday to figure out why things kept navigating :)14:50
hatchugh anchors!!14:51
hatchsemantic this!!14:51
hatchI still think the search is broken14:51
rick_hstop calling it search14:52
rick_hthen it'll stop being broken14:52
rick_hit's not search14:52
hatchthen don't have a description that says 'Search for charms'14:52
rick_hand when you complete your search it works just like you expect14:52
hatch'Autocomplete charm name here'14:52
sinzuibenji, The release was delayed because the stable branch diverged when the developer branch was merged. r69 was replaced with an identical but different revision and bzr choked.14:53
hatchsorry you aren't going to convince me this time :)14:53
benjisinzui: yes, yes... I understand some of those words14:53
rick_hhatch: that's ok. It's good to be completely wrong somtimes and carry that with a badge of honor on your chest :)14:53
hatchrick_h: http://yuilibrary.com/yui/docs/autocomplete/ look at the example image even!14:53
hatchthis is even used on Yahoo's own homepage!14:54
rick_hhatch: and they do evvvvverything right :P14:54
sinzuiWe need to think about the process to ensure we merge into stable, not replace stable. Your weren't  involved in the mixup BTW. It just happened and it block your request14:54
* hatch can't wait for the first public bug that the search is broken14:54
hatchrick_h: ok I'm a little confused by your response about the empty left column14:58
rick_hhatch: k14:58
hatchI type ceph into the input14:58
hatchhit enter14:58
hatchit clears out the left column14:58
rick_hhatch: you've done a search now14:58
rick_hfor the term "ceph"14:58
rick_hit's showing you the search results14:58
hatchoh man even I'm confused about this interaction, so it's a dual purpose input?14:59
hatchit autocompletes from the start of a string and acts as a search box?14:59
rick_hno, it's a search input. 14:59
rick_hit's always been a search box14:59
rick_hyou've just autocompleted a search term for the user15:00
rick_hthis is why autocomplete != search15:00
hatchbut you haven't because if I click that it opens the charm not fills in the input15:00
rick_hif I use google autocomplete on their search box "hatch is" it gives me suggestions, and then when I select one it does that search for me15:00
rick_hhatch: second, need more details then. It should fill in the input, do a search, and show you the details 15:01
rick_hhatch: it's search autocomplete15:01
hatchohhh NOW i see15:01
hatchthere is a bug in here somewhere15:01
rick_hok, I'm willing to admit there might be :/15:02
hatchit was causing the sidebar to be emptied and then just showed the charm15:02
hatchlike....empty as in nothing in it15:02
rick_hyea, that shouldn't happen 15:02
hatchok now how did I get it to do that15:02
hatchman that was confusing for both of us there lol15:02
hatchyou thought I was an idiot, I thought you had gone crazy15:03
rick_h"doctor it hurts when I do this." "stop doing that"15:03
teknicoand you both were right! ;-)15:03
hatchrick_h: ok I don't know what's up here but probably 20% of the time it has an empty sidebar ..... ugh worst bugs ever15:05
rick_hhatch: ok, working on other parts of your review now. I'll peek at it in a sec15:06
rick_hhatch: watch the network tab in the debugger and see if the search call is going out/has response15:06
hatchyeah now I can't get it to do it at all15:07
adeuringabentley: new problem:; "File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/juju/providers/common/connect.py", line 43, in run15:07
adeuring    client = yield self._internal_connect(share)15:07
adeuringError: [('PEM routines', 'PEM_read_bio', 'no start line')]"15:07
hatchat least when it's working it makes sense :P15:08
abentleyadeuring: My guess is the paths to the included PEM files are wrong.  You should extract the contents of orangesquad.zip to a single directory and source the script from there.15:09
abentleyadeuring: No, wait...15:09
abentleyadeuring: Yes, look into the PEM file paths.15:09
adeuringabentley: yeah, thanks!"15:10
adeuringabentley: did not help; the files which the env vars point to exists...15:14
abentleyadeuring: Do the sha1 sums match? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5962937/15:17
adeuringabentley: yes15:18
hatchjujugui call in 10 kanban now15:19
abentleyadeuring: That's very weird.  I don't know what to suggest.  I don't know how it could claim those files have no start line.15:19
abentleyI've only seen that when the path was wrong.15:19
* Makyo returns.15:24
adeuringabentley: sooo... could you update staging for me?15:26
abentleyadeuring: Sure.  What revno?15:26
adeuringabentley: 339 please15:27
rick_hhatch: updates to the other issues uploading now. If you can dupe please let me know and I'll try to fix. I'm working on trying to dupe it now.15:27
hatchrick_h: ok after call15:27
rick_hhatch: rgr15:27
abentleyadeuring: config changed.  Should be updated in a minute.15:28
hatchjujugui guichat in 215:28
hatchrick_h: \o/15:43
rick_hhatch: yea, autocomplete/click a category, then go and autocomplete a charm not in that category15:43
rick_hhatch: and you end up with empty results because the search for that charm name + category (from earlier) has no results15:44
abentleyhatch: are jujugui and guichat the same thing?15:44
Makyoabentley, yes, but jujugui pings in irc.15:44
rick_habentley: yes, just that the second one doesn't ping the channel so easier for others not using it15:44
bacbut when you use both in the same message it is moot15:45
hatchabentley: there are jujugui and guihelp which ping the whole channel (if you set it up in your configs) and we changed to using guichat to reference the guichat boardroom so we woudln't ding everyone with it's old name (jujugui)15:45
MakyoAnd now you have three pings \o/15:46
rick_hwill someone please smack him?15:46
hatchrick_h: CHOO CHOOO15:46
hatchrick_h: lgtm'd15:49
rick_hhatch: thanks15:50
hatchI'm really glad you were able to dupe the bug haha15:50
rick_hyea, better to catch it now while my head is in the code15:50
hatchthat was a pretty obscure one too15:50
hatchrick_h: this was me trying to repro that error http://nodejsreactions.tumblr.com/post/57620383823/var-result-fs-readfile-data-json-function15:54
rick_hlmao, that's awesome15:55
rick_hman, I can leave that running all day15:56
hatchhaha yeah I laughed15:56
rick_hhatch: ok, bug fix upload fyi15:56
hatchheh such a easy fix15:58
Makyogary_poster, ping for docs/vids meeting?16:03
hatchhe forgot about us :'(16:09
Makyogary_poster, we ducked out, ping if it's moved.16:20
hatchman native drag and drop is needlessly complex16:22
gary_posterjujugui, Makyo, hatch, sorry.  Was suddenly called into meeting with Mark.  I'm exhausted so that's ok that we will not be calling. :-P  Lots more to talk about...our schedule will be changing more. :-)  CLI work is huge.  Will give more details soon.16:31
hatchno problem :)16:32
hatchright now I'm trying to decide if I hate virtualbox or windows 816:33
hatchone is buggy16:33
hatch[object Object] THANKS IE!16:37
rick_hgo IE go!16:39
rick_hisn't IE12 out yet to make dev work not suck? 16:39
hatchwith all the praise IE11 is getting you know it's gona suck somehow16:40
hatchit's the same hype they had with IE1016:40
hatchI actually got IE to drop on that empty canvas element16:42
hatchbut only by causing a type error16:42
gary_posterteknico, ping?16:46
rick_hthanks for the review bcsaller 16:49
hatchwhy does the media wiki icon always take way longer to load? :)16:49
rick_hgary_poster: landing updated autocomplete now. Would love to get UX to look at if it's passible enough to un-feature flag it while we tweak the ui a little bit more. 16:49
rick_hsince people love it so much, let em have it :)16:50
gary_posterrick_h, cool, let me know when it is on comingsoon and I'll call 'em over.  will that be good, or do you want me to merge?16:50
rick_hgary_poster: yea, I'll let you know16:50
rick_hgo my little lboxes go!16:51
gary_posterrick_h, if you could prep me with answers to "why does this not look like UX?"16:51
gary_posterthat would probably help the conversation along ;-)16:51
rick_hgary_poster: sure thing, basically 'it's not in a google doc and rick couldn't find the place the mockup was at'16:52
rick_hgary_poster: that + 'rick hasn't figured out how to do a seperator cleanly16:52
rick_hshould sum it up16:52
gary_posterrick_h, heh :-) cool16:52
MakyoWe can switch to this: http://tinysubversions.com/gaunt/17:02
frankbanMakyo: that should work beautifully as a template engine for whitespace: http://compsoc.dur.ac.uk/whitespace/17:07
Makyofrankban, Hah: https://twitter.com/tinysubversions/status/36547809363009536017:10
hatchbcsaller: is the drap/drop import script supposed to support IE10?17:18
bcsallerhatch: uhh sure, I guess. I don't remember if that was verified as that feature was never officially published17:19
bcsallerhatch: I'm going to be changing the import stuff to be deployer format files in the next day or so if all goes well17:20
bcsallerbut that was my only plan there, at that point though I think it will be a 'real' feature 17:20
hatchok because IE10 doesn't support custom strings in getData()17:21
hatchand that's causing other stuff to fall over17:21
hatchvar dataType = evt._event.dataTransfer.getData('dataType');17:21
hatchso that needs to be 'Text'17:21
hatchbut then I think that'll break the actual functionality in modern browsers?17:21
hatchya know what though...it might not matter17:25
hatchgetting D&D to work with multiple drop targets in IE breaks it in chrome17:25
hatchooo I got it dropping now in chrome and ie17:31
hatchnow ff?17:31
rick_hyou wish!17:31
hatchhey I didn't say the drop worked....just that it's actually 'dropping' lol17:32
hatchbut you are correct17:32
hatchit doesn't work in FF at all17:32
hatchoh wait17:32
hatchit never did work in FF here17:32
* hatch switched to other FF17:33
hatcherrors in all 3 browsers17:33
rick_hhah, you broke them all now?17:35
hatchDD WORKS IN ALL 3 DD WORKS IN ALL 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!17:44
hatchit took 3 hours and probably broke every test we have but its working!17:44
hatchwell I'm going to take this time to review bc's branch17:45
hatchautocomplete fail17:46
hatchbcsaller: .... slice = [].slice does that actually work? ;)17:47
bcsallerhatch: with call it gets context18:01
bcsalleror apply18:01
abentleybac: Do you have a minute to hang out?  I'd like to make sure we're not treading on each others' feet.18:01
bachi abentley, yes i was just about to ask you the same18:09
abentleybac: guichat open.18:10
hatchbcsaller: I was referencing the FF issues of yesterday18:10
bacabentley: i just saw you then you disappeared!18:10
hatchrick_h: https://plus.google.com/u/0/109440437666972345229/posts/SN6PnrYV3d618:15
hatchman I'm so pumped DD works in all 3 browsers now18:29
rick_hguihelp anyone a master of :nth css fun?18:29
hatchrick_h:  http://fromanegg.com/post/57464448123/css-selectors-the-next-level ;)18:30
rick_hk, hatch volunteers to help18:30
rick_hyay hatch 18:30
rick_hI really want a :last-with-class :/18:32
rick_hhatch: got a sec for guichat?18:32
hatchrick_h: nth-last-of-type18:32
hatchguichat is busy18:32
rick_hhatch: k, invite otw18:33
* hatch lunching19:07
abentleybac: Could you please review https://code.launchpad.net/~abentley/charmworld/separate-text-queries/+merge/179261 ?19:16
bacabentley: sure19:16
bacabentley: r=me19:18
abentleybac: Should land in 5 minutes.19:19
abentleybac: Delayed due to testing of https://codereview.appspot.com/1263404519:35
=== schwuk is now known as schwuk_away
benjiabentley: I'm struggling to understand why UpdateCharmJob.run() has this line of code payload['_id'] = payload['branch_spec']20:02
benjiI would have expected the _id to be consistent with (if not actually use) construct_charm_id()20:02
abentleybenji: construct_charm_id would cause the charm id to include the revision.  That's the plan, but we're not there yet.20:03
benjiabentley: so... construct_charm_id doesn't actually construct an ID for a charm?20:05
abentleybenji: It will.  I landed it first because other branches needed it.20:06
benjiI'll add a comment to that effect.20:06
* hatch shakes fist20:30
hatchdamnnn you multi dispatch20:30
hatch6 out of 1104 tests failing....not bad....not bad at all21:00
hatchbcsaller: are you still hanging around?21:02
bcsallerhatch: yeah21:02
hatchhave a few minutes to look at my dd ie work?21:02
bcsallerhatch: sure21:02
hatchhttps://code.launchpad.net/~hatch/juju-gui/ie-dd-fix commented out code still needs to be added back in and the tests need to be fixed21:03
hatchjust wanted to see if you had any negative comments about the approach taken21:03
bcsallerhatch: pulling it down now and looking at diff21:05
bcsallerhatch: chat for a sec, its basically fine but I wanted to mention something21:09
* Makyo dogwalks.21:14
hatch*warning your site may look like absolute garbage if the user accidentally turns on 'compatibility mode'*22:19
hatchjujugui looking for 2 reviews and a qa in IE https://codereview.appspot.com/12683044/ plz and thx22:45
hatchmorning huwshimi23:29

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