shoosahI just got this error >00:12
shoosahsudo: >>> /etc/sudoers.d/shoosah: too many levels of includes near line 28 <<<00:12
shoosahsudo: parse error in /etc/sudoers.d/shoosah near line 2800:12
shoosahsudo: no valid sudoers sources found, quitting00:12
shoosahsudo: unable to initialize policy plugin00:12
shoosahso how I am supposed to change sudoers.d/shoosah00:12
shoosahmeanwhile I dont have root password in order to run it through recovery mode00:13
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robotdevilwhere are the alternate images not the desktop ones01:07
yahyaaI have a weird question concerning kubuntu, I went to settings, then login screen (lightdm), and I browsed to the image I wanted to use for my login screen01:32
yahyaahowever, the screen keeps showing up all white!!!01:33
yahyaaany suggestions, anybody???01:33
sithlord48yahyaa:  the file should be in some place like /usr/share/kde/wallpapers01:33
sithlord48yahyaa:  can you please pastebin your /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf file and lightdm-kde-greeter.conf01:35
yahyaawhere do i find those files01:49
yahyaaI tried to put the file there but when I go to paste it, its not letting me paste it there???01:55
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Alex_Zionhi guys, I'm trying to installa kubuntu 13.04 on my dell xps15z but even following this procedure https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Machines/Laptops/Dell/XPS/15z , I can't even boot the live , getting a kernel panic, some idea !?05:48
veduhello. i tried to install nvidia driver but it didnt work out. now i am stuck with 640x480 resolution. plz help06:55
evgenОООу кто здесь?08:02
Tm_T!ru | evgen08:03
ubottuevgen: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.08:03
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evgenhello users08:43
evgenну, есть поклонники red orchestra08:44
evgenэй парни, я что не в теме?08:45
evgenнарод вы где все08:46
evgenЮзеры вы где08:48
evgenмдя уж08:49
evgen_freeв Red Orchestra кто нить рубится?09:05
tonythomas01can anyone suggest a cool chat client to use in KDE ?09:36
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.10:03
BluesKajHi folks10:10
zeahi, which firewall should i use for kubuntu?12:07
BluesKaj!fw | zea12:19
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo12:20
chachanhey guys, trying to install 13.04 but my SSD is not being recognize, any test, workaround, tool, etc?12:21
BluesKajchachan, is this a new machine with windows 8 ?12:23
chachanBluesKaj: no, it had 7 and I had kubuntu with a normal HD, just migrating to SSD12:23
BluesKajok , chachan, make sure that your ssd is first in the boot sequence in the bios12:24
chachanBluesKaj: forgot to mention, I'm running a live session now12:25
chachanBluesKaj: and I saw the problem when I tried to install and it said me that I have no space for installation12:26
BluesKajchachan, did you format the ssd to ext3/4 with a partition manager12:27
chachanno, I haven't, should I?12:27
chachanBluesKaj: I thought installer would allow me to make it easier12:28
chachanI did: (parted) print devices12:28
chachanand got: Error: Can't have a partition outside the disk!12:29
BluesKajchachan, the installer should see the ssd if you format it to ext3/4 first12:30
chachanok, that makes sense. Now, trying to look on /dev, parted and fdisk and I don't see the device anywhere12:32
chachanbrb, I had to restart since I disabled AHCI for testing purpose12:34
ziemhow can i stop internet when my vpn (openvpn with network-manager) disconnects?12:37
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BluesKajziem, if you're torrenting . use vuze , it has that capability , so your real IP isn't displayed12:39
ziemit's not for torrent but that's good to know thanks12:40
BluesKajyeah sure :)12:40
BluesKajziem, are you using commercial vpn servers or is this for work?12:43
ziemfree vpns, not for work12:43
ziemBluesKaj: there is a trick which consists in only allowing in/out packets for the VPN with a firewall, but it's a bit tedious12:43
chachanBluesKaj: I'm back12:45
BluesKajziem, ok , I've heard of that but I haven't bothered with it since openvpn on kubuntu doesn't work here , I'm using L2TP /ipsec12:46
ziemwhy doesn't openvpn work?12:47
BluesKajzie I setup th eips , parameters etc ,. but kvpnc just errors out , everytime12:48
BluesKajthe IPs12:48
ziemdid you install network-manager-openvpn?12:48
BluesKajno I don't use NM12:49
ziemah ok12:49
chachanBluesKaj: the disk should appear in /dev/sdX even if you don't have a partion or format, right?12:49
ziemi import ovpn files in the gui of network-manager and it works fine12:49
BluesKajchachan, yes it should show in /media in dolphin12:50
slatenailsyou need to mount it first for it to show there12:51
BluesKajyeah i have those openvpn conf files for each server as well12:51
slatenails#define there /media12:51
chachanBluesKaj: I have nothing about it :(12:51
BluesKajslatenails, root12:51
chachanI have nothing as /dev/sdX and nothing in dolphin, nothing anywhere12:51
slatenailswhat kind of peripheral is this?12:52
BluesKajchachan, choose root in dolphin , it should show12:52
slatenailsoh, ssd12:52
chachanSamsung SSD 840 Series. 120GB12:52
yofeldoes it show up in 'dmesg' somewhere?12:53
slatenailsyou might want to look into dmesg- -- yea12:53
BluesKajchachan, did it show in the bios ?12:53
chachanI don't see in root12:53
chachanBluesKaj: no, but I'm not sure if that should appear in the bios12:54
slatenailsif the kernel sees the ssd connecting it should show in dmesg12:54
slatenailsso looking in there should tell you whether it's recognized12:54
BluesKajuhm , it should show in the bios , as a drive along with all the others12:54
yofellook for something like I see here (from kern.log):12:54
yofel   7 Aug  5 18:01:36 yofel-T510 kernel: [    1.591450] ata1.00: ATA-9: SAMSUNG SSD 830 Series, CXM03B1Q, max UDMA/13312:54
chachanyofel: where?12:55
yofelrun 'dmesg'12:55
slatenailschachan, fire up a terminal and run dmesg12:55
chachanI did, greping and nothing...12:55
yofelcan you pastebin what it prints?12:55
chachanso, I'm going to open my laptop again and check it out again12:55
yofelcan you grep for ata instead? so we see what's recognised at all12:57
yofelor just pastebin the whole thing12:57
* yofel would expect it to be connected on ata1, which is empty there12:58
chachanentire output: http://dpaste.com/1335587/12:59
chachanok, let me shutdown and ckeck it physically13:00
chachanbut I must admit that seeing you are running 830 Series give me hopes :)13:01
BluesKajdon't think he checked the bios to see if it shows up13:04
yofelI doubt it does13:05
yofelif the ata port shows up as empty then the disk isn't giving any kind of response, otherwise the kernel would show *something* there13:06
BluesKajwhat is the default format fs on ssds?13:08
yofelNTFS mostly I think, though when I had to RMA one the replacement was unpartitioned13:09
BluesKajntfs , i bet13:10
yofelbut I had 2 dead SSDs from OCZ, and none were compeletely DEAD. The first responded with a wrong size and was useless, the other one hung the ATA system up in AHCI, and threw ata errors in IDE mode13:11
slatenailsmaybe it's not getting powered up properly13:11
yofelI would tend to agree13:12
BluesKajare ssds using sata connections ? I hope so13:14
yofelthey do13:15
BluesKajhmm, I added an esata external drive and it was recognized immediately . but it's not ssd13:17
BluesKajolder pc here , tho13:17
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ziaahi everyone, i'm having a firewall problem; i'm trying to only allow connections to and from my vpn; so i set ufw default deny for both incoming and outgoing, and then added four rules (one by one): sudo ufw allow (in|out) (to|from) VPN_IP, but when i do that, i cannot surf anymore. i can ping VPN_IP, but not google.fr; my VPN is connected with network-manager with openvpn13:49
BluesKajziaa, firewall rules can be tricky , especially with vpn , make sure you have the vpn default ports open for tcp and udp13:51
ziaaBluesKaj: i thought that sudo ufw allow in from VPN_IP was allowing for any port?13:52
BluesKajziaa, I don't think such a rule will open any port unless specified , otherwise why use a fw?13:53
ziaaBluesKaj: to restrict by IP13:53
BluesKajI don't bother with a fw , I use application support ports on my router/modem13:54
BluesKajthe router already has a fw13:55
ziaaBluesKaj: from what i understand over there: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW when you allow an IP, it allows every port for that IP13:58
BluesKajziaa, sorry , my knowledge of iptables and ufw is practically nonexistent , since I rely on my router firewall settings.14:00
ziaaok np14:01
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[Relic]Something crashed on shut down yesterday and the task manager bar is now blinding white; where are the settings to but that back to the normal color scheme?15:31
dnivraHello! I'm running Kubuntu 12.04.2 and the desktop effects aren't working. Could someone point me to a guide that'll help me troubleshoot this?15:31
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dnivra(the desktop effects stopped working when I installed python-pyopencl.)15:32
dnivraAny suggestions anyone :)?15:37
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johnfluxRiddell: hey15:58
[Relic]Is there any way to see a log file from before turning on the computer?  I am trying to figure out what crashed on shut down yesterday so I can fix the system tray bars colors16:02
[Relic]need to figure out how it went from nice color coordinated with the normal color theme to a blinding white which I can't find any setting to fix16:03
zigmunshould i type the two commands: "sudo ufw allow X on tun0 from any to any" with X=in and X=out, in order to allow all connections from and to my VPN (openvpn with network-manager)?16:31
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djokicahi how to install properity ati drivers wheni go addonisanal drivers it dosent show my ati like in ubuntu18:24
OerHeksI wanted to help you by asking what videocard you have, now i don't.18:26
djokicain ubuntu it shows normal18:27
djokicabut in kubuntu in addonisanal driwers dosent show nothing more18:28
djokicaand in open gl it seys i am usig galium 0.4 amd rv 73018:29
OerHeksati 2xxx 3xxx 4xxx are no longer supported in the fglrx ATI driver, use the legacy driver like you are using now.18:30
djokicabut doom3 bfe dosent work whit it18:32
djokicai am using 9.1.1 is ther some bether thet will make my doom3 work18:33
djokicawtf to dooooooooo18:35
skritehey all18:58
BluesKajhi skrite19:00
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skritehey if i wanted to use kubuntu (like i am) and i want to run openbox, what is an app i can run in openbox that allows me to configure the network like i have in Kubuntu ?19:47
BluesKajskrite, are you using networkmanager?19:51
skriteBluesKaj: yes, the networkmanager that comes with Kubuntu and resides in the tray20:01
BluesKajskrite, does openbox use a similar network manager app ? I'm just thinking how one would transfer the network settings whatever they might be.20:03
skriteyeah, i don't think that it does, i used to just not use the network manager and did everything from the /etc/network/interfaces, but that was before i bought a usb wireless adapter.20:05
skritei suppose i could try installing the gtk version of the nm-applet or network manager like they have in xubuntu.20:06
skritethen use it when in openbox and use the networkmanager in KDE20:06
BluesKajunless you require wireless settings , you can run your network ethernet on any winow manager or desktop from  /etc/network/interfaces , like so : http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/setting-up-an-network-interfaces-file/20:10
BluesKajskrite, ^20:10
BluesKajwithout and need for a network manager , which you can remove from your OS20:11
BluesKajany need20:12
exosusHello, when i have 2 guis (ctrl alt f7/f8) running on the same machine, what happens to the one which is in the background? Does it still work or is it frozen?20:36
OerHeksexosus it is still active, open konsole: uptime # and you see 3 users, 2 x wm and 1x konsole20:38
skriteBluesKaj: thanks for the link21:00
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MichaelPWednesday, August 7, 2013: KDE SC 4.11 Final Tag...    August 14, 2013: KDE SC 4.11 Release ..... When does kubuntu get other then beta 2 ?22:51
MichaelPAnyone alive ?23:02
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slatenailsMichaelP, #kubuntu-devel maybe?23:03

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