wgrantStevenK: Bug #1208866 might be of interest01:52
_mup_Bug #1208866: PackageDiff.requester not set properly for recipe build uploads <package-diff> <recipe> <soyuz-upload> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1208866>01:52
StevenKwgrant: Because the uploads are unsigned01:56
wgrantStevenK: Yes01:57
wgrantsigning_key is none; you need to go through SPR.SPRB.requester instead01:57
wgrantNot sure of the best place to do that01:57
StevenKwgrant: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5961229/03:55
StevenKwgrant: I was also pondering destroying IPerson.isUploader() and subsuming it into its remaining callsite03:56
wgrantStevenK: That would seem reasonable; it never belonged on Person anyway.03:57
wgrantDistribution, potentially03:58
wgrantBut if there's only one callsite then inline it.03:58
StevenKWhich was my plan, yeah03:58
StevenKlib/lp/registry/doc/person.txt, lib/lp/registry/interfaces/person.py, lib/lp/registry/model/person.py, lib/lp/soyuz/adapters/notification.py03:58
StevenKSo inline it goes03:58
jtvHi StevenK, hi wgrant.  It's a shame we never meet up any more.  I'm rapidly going through a kilo bag of drop bears and mint crosses.04:19
wgrantjtv: What's a mint cross?04:21
jtvSimilar, but more sweet than salty (still sugar-free in this case, like the drop bears) and with mint in it.04:21
lifelessjtv: o/04:22
jtvHi there lifeless!04:22
jtvHow are the various kittens?04:22
lifelessthey are cats now; and great fun04:23
jtvToo many yappy dogs around here.  Don't see the cats much any more.  :(04:23
lifelessit's winter here, so we're waking up at 5:30/6am to cats climbing in bed for warmth04:23
jtvThat's always sweet.04:23
jtvI knew these two sisters in the Northeast (Siamese) who would do that.  We had 9 degrees one winter night.04:24
stubSquirrels and cats here04:25
stubAnd rats and cockroaches :)04:25
jtvYou have squirrels too?  Bastards steal my mangoes.04:27
jtvEat 'em right off the tree.04:27
jtvI have a bat, too.04:27
stubI cook my squirrels first04:33
jtvWhat was that joke I saw the other day...  Bat father putting his son to bed.  His son makes him check that Ozzie Osbourne isn't under the bed.04:37
stubLooking at feature flags, to discover lib/lp/services/features/doc/features.txt is 0 bytes...04:40
StevenKTempted to drive-by delete that in the branch I have up04:42
stubShould I be attempting to use a feature flag from twisted, or just stick with a config value?04:43
wgrantShould work fine from the librarian04:43
lifelessstub: there was docs for the feature flags; no idea why that file is empty04:46
stubStevenK: Or pull the docs in from lib/lp/services/features/__init__.py - seems to be in there04:46
stubwgrant: I'll need to ensure it is all populated somehow before starting the reactor, or we will end up blocking on db calls.04:47
wgrantstub: But only once.04:48
wgrantSo it's not that bad.04:48
lifelesswgrant: eh04:48
lifelessonce per flag context04:48
lifelessyou're not proposing to have to restart to activate changes?04:48
wgrantWe've not much choice. We can't sanely query every time.04:49
lifelessloopingcall once a minute? call into db from a thread?04:49
wgrantIf we want to do that, yeah.04:49
lifelesswell, not my problem :)04:50
lifelessbut, restarting services on config change is a bit of a PITA04:50
lifelessyou're not putting creds in the feature flags are you?04:50
lifelesscause that would be bad :)04:50
StevenKwgrant: https://code.launchpad.net/~stevenk/launchpad/sprb-findpersontonotify/+merge/17909304:52
stublifeless: it needs to be restarted to reload flags, or it will block.04:54
stubUnless I do a largish refactor to allow me to make the flag lookup deferToThread, but since the purpose of the flag would be to avoid using the new code path and instead stick to the antique and stable one...04:56
stubioc, yeah, separate task to refresh the flags04:59
stubDo we care if the Librarian supports range queries? It should be irrelevant now all access is via squid?05:00
lifelessstub: squid will pass on range queries if it is a miss05:00
stub'Cause I can't support range queries without cargo culting a pile of code from twisted.web05:01
lifelessstub: you can reply with the full content, but if that's not cachable for some reason you'll waste a bunch of in-dc bandwidth05:01
lifelessI think it's probably fine to not support them05:01
stublifeless: yeah, but if squid passes on the range query and receives the entire file, will it chop it up and send only the requested bits to the client?05:02
lifelessit will try05:02
lifelessbastard clients can cause issues,.05:02
lifelesslike, if they ask for the last byte, then the first byte, then the middle, then the second last, then ...05:02
lifelessin one request05:03
stubI'd trust squid's implementation over the twisted one in any case...05:03
lifelessanyhow, if you give squid the whole file, and it's cachable, squid can cache it and then satisfy from the cache05:03
stubespecially as I'm not going to allow rewinding my swift stream ;)05:03
lifelessI *think* that still happens on misses, but if it doesn't, the client is required to deal anyhow.05:03
lifelesssince swift data can be compressed I think that's very wise.05:03
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